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From Newspaper Records from Tioga County PA Multiple Volumes, Abstracted by Ruth Wetherbee, Julia Wetherbee, Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd, William A. Ladd. Also additional submissions sent in by Tri Counties Web Site Volunteers

All data copied from newspaper file as it appeared in the record using their spelling. The original copies of the newspapers are on file at the Green Free Library located in Wellsboro. Published 1981. Permission for reprinting on the Tri-County Web Sites given by Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd in 1997.

Tioga County Agitator 1866-1872

Reprinted with permission of Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd from Tioga County Newspaper Records Volume ONE . Thank you Diane Bender for retyping these.

1871 11 JAN D Taber, Alice see Bunnel, Alice (married name)
1870 2 MAR M Tatlor, Charles R. m in Osceola 17th Feb by Rev. John Cairnes, Capt. Charles R. Tatlor to Miss Stella A., dau of Morgan Seeley, Esq, all of Osceola.
1871 11 JAN M Taylor, Erissa m at Stony Fork 30th Dec 1870 by Charles Houghton, Esq, Mr. Joseph U. Willard of Delmar to Miss Erissa Taylor of Shippen.
1872 3 DEC M Taylor, Esther A. m in Westfield by Francis Strang, Esq, at the Graves Hotel, Mr. Elmer Allen & Esther A. Taylor, both of Chatham.
1871 12 JUL M Taylor, George m in Delmar 5th Jul by Rev. A. Dodge, Mr. George Taylor to Miss Ada Fuller, both of Chatham.
1871 6 DEC M Taylor, Silas m in Westfield 28th Nov by J.C. Thompson, Esq, Mr. Silas Taylor of Farmington to Miss Alice Bacon of Charleston.
1866 1 AUG M Teed, Adaline m 4th Jul by A.S. Brewster, Esq, Mr. Stephen A. Campbell & Miss Adaline Teed.
1870 11 MAY D Tharp, Michael R. Michael R. Tharp lately residing with his dau, Mrs. McCullough of Tioga, died 4th May, upwards of 90 yrs old.
1871 10 MAY N Thatcher, C. Otis Rev. C. Otis Thatcher preached his farewell sermon at Tioga and accepts a call from Union, NY.
1872 28 AUG D Thayer, Luke d at the County Poor House 25th Aug, Mr. Luke Thayer, aged 57 yrs.
1870 5 OCT M Thomas, Evan A. m in Charleston 27th Sep by the Rev. C.A. Stone, Mr. Evan A. Thomas of Charleston & Miss Colista E. Keeney of Middlebury.
1869 22 SEP M Thomas, G. W. m in Covington 12th Sep at the M.E. Church by Prof.. L.D. Watson, Mr. G.W. Thomas & Mrs. Sarah McCoy both of Covington.
1869 17 FEB M Thomas, Joseph m in Tioga PA 10th Feb by the Rev. C. Otis Thatcher, Mr. Joseph Thomas of Tuscarora NY to Miss Ella M. DeGroat of Tuscarora.
1867 15 MAY M Thomas, Maine M. m in Morris 2nd May by Rev. M.L. Drum, Mr. Charles Willson of Liberty to Miss Maine M. Thomas of Morris. (Note: no np date given, entries seem to be between Apr 17th to May 6th)
1869 16 JUN M Thomas, William m in Lawrenceville 6th Jun at the residence of Chester White, Esq, by Rev. J.J. Turten, Mr. William Thomas of Lawrenceville & Miss Sally A. White of Lawrenceville.
1870 6 JUL M Thompson, Charles O. m at the residence of the bride's father, 20th Jun by Rev. J.F. Calkins, Prof. Charles O. Thompson of State Normal School, Mansfield, & Clara A. Archer, dau of Henry S. Archer, Esq, of Wellsboro.
1871 31 MAY M Thompson, Emily m 13th May in Mansfield by Rev. W. Beach, Mr. Edwin E. Maynard of Elk, and Miss Emily Thompson of Gaines.
1871 1 NOV M Thompson, George W. m at the residence of the bride's father in Jackson 17th Oct by the Rev. M. Rockwell, Mr. George W. Thompson of Wyoming Co. PA to Miss Alice J. Pike of Jackson.
1870 12 JAN M Thompson, Hattie m in Mansfield 25th Dec 1869 by the Rev. Whiting Beach, Mr. Jay Canfield to Miss Hattie Thompson.
1872 13 MAR M Thompson, Lorinda m in Charleston at the M.E. Parsonage 6th Feb by Rev. G.S. Transue, Mr. David Hart & Miss Lorinda Thomspn, both of Charleston.
1869 20 JAN M Thompson, Sophronia m in Westfield 25th Dec 1868 by Elder Thomas, Mr. Benjamin Mulford & Miss Sophronia Thompson, all of Westfield.
1872 15 OCT M Thorpe, Adrian m in Jackson 1st Sep by Rev. M. Rockwell, Mr. D.W. Stout & Miss Adrian Thorpe, all of Rutland.
1872 21 AUG M Tillotson, Mary E. m at the residence of Henry S. Drake, Esq, Corning NY on the 14th inst. by the Rev. Anson G. Chester, Mr. David S. Drake & Miss Mary E. Tillotson, all of Corning NY.
1869 5 MAY M Tipple, Abram A. m Apr 26th by the Rev. C.A. Stone, Mr. Abram A. Tipple & Miss Mary Whitney all of East Charleston.
1869 3 MAR D Tipple, Jennie d in Charleston 10th Feb, Jennie, only dau of Andrew & Ann Matilda Tipple, aged 5 yrs.
1865 18 JAN D Toles, Alfred Died, Alfred Toles.
1869 10 MAR M Toles, Barbara A. m at the house of W.O. Wakely in Westfield Boro 28th Feb by Francis Strang, Esq, William D. Knox of Knoxville & Barbara A. Toles of Deerfield.
1870 17 AUG M Tomes, Albert m in Brown Twp, Lyc. Co. PA 7th Aug by Rev. N. Hart, Mr. Albert Tomes to Miss Alice Broton [Broughton].
1867 15 MAY M Tomes, Margaret m in Wellsboro, at Holidays Hotel by Rev. J.F.. Caulkins, Mr. Cornelius Herritt & Miss Margaret Tomes, both of Brown Tsp., Lyc. Co. PA. (Note: no np date given, entries seem to be between Apr 17th to May 6th)
1871 13 SEP M Towle, Olive R. m at the residence of Mr. C.S. Mather of Lawrenceville, PA, 6th Sep by Rev. J.F. Calkins, assisted by Rev. N.L. Reynolds, Mr. William Horton of Wellsboro to Miss Olive R. Towle, Bath NY.
1870 9 MAR M Towner, B. F. m at Mitchell's Creek, Tioga PA 3rd Mar by Rev. A.B. Chase, Mr. B.F. Towner of Williamsport PA & Miss Esther J. Mitchell of Tioga PA.
1867 20 FEB M Townsend, Clarrissa m in Charleston on the 6th inst by J.D. Houghton, Esq, at the home of Jacob Townsend, Mr. Warren Lawton & Miss Clarrissa Townsend.
1869 28 APR M Townsend, Daniel W. C. B. m in Brooklyn NY at the residence of Mr. T. Cruttenden, by Rev. S.H. Meeker, Mr. Daniel W.C.B. Townsend of Brooklyn & Miss Della, 3rd dau of William Hollands of Mansfield PA.
1871 18 JAN M Traver, Franklin m at the house of the bride's parents 23rd Dec by M.K. Retan, Esq, Mr. Franklin Traver to Miss Sarah Westlake, all of Jackson PA.
1866 31 OCT D Treat, Sylvester d in Chatham 5th Oct, Mr. Sylvester Treat, b 14th Apr 1802 Middlefield, Otsego, NY; m Madison Co. NY, moved to Chatham, raised a family of 7 children. Surviving are widow & 5 children.
1867 6 FEB N Treat, Sylvester Letters of Adm. notice on estate of Sylvester Treat, late of Chatham, to settle with Lucinda Treat. 30 Jan 1867.
1869 9 JUN M Tremain, G. H. m in Knoxville 26th May by Rev. William P. Omans, Mr. G.H. Tremain & Miss Adelia King, both of Westfield, Tioga Co. PA.
1871 11 JAN M Trobridge, John C. m in Elk Jan 4th by Rev. W. Beach, Mr. John C. Trobridge of Clymer to Miss Carrie E. Maynard of Elk.
1871 25 JAN M Trull, Rachel S. m at East Charleston 12th Jan by Rev. C.A. Stone, Mr. James V. Ives to Miss Rachel S. Trull, both of Charleston.
1871 9 AUG M Trull, Theodosia m in Wellsboro 16th Jul by Rev. N.L. Reynolds, Mr. Frank Adams & Miss Theodosia Trull of Charleston.
1870 19 OCT M Truman, Elizabeth M. m in this village 13th Oct by the Rev. D.D. Buck, Mr. William P. Bigoney of Elmira to Miss Elizabeth M. Truman of Wellsboro.
1872 5 JUN M Truman, Harriet A. m at the M.E. Church in this village May 30th by D.D. Buck, D.D., Mr. James W. VanValkenburg & Miss Harriet A. Truman, both of this place.
1870 21 DEC M Truman, L. F. m 15th Dec at the St. Paul's Church by Rev. John K. Karcher, Mr. L.F. Truman to Miss Louisa M. Bache, dau of John Bache, Esq, all of Wellsboro.
1870 30 NOV M Turner, Joseph m 19th Nov by Rev. B. Hartley at home of bride's father, Mr. Joseph Turner of Fall Brook, to Ruth, eldest dau of Mr. John Martin, all of Blossburg.
1871 11 JAN M Tuttle, Ida A. m in Canoe Camp 21st Dec 1870 by Elder I.R. Spencer, Mr. Roland Sanders to Miss Ida A. Tuttle, all of Canoe Camp.
1871 10 MAY M Updike, Herman m in Mansfield 19th Apr by Rev. G.P. Watrous, Mr. Herman Updike & Miss Charlotte L. Squires, both of Sullivan.
1870 10 AUG M Van Gelder, Charles J. m in Wellsboro on the 3rd inst Aug at the residence of the bride's parents by Rev. J.F. Calkins, Mr. Charles J. Van Gelder & Miss Clara Forsyth, all of Wellsboro.
1872 17 JAN M Van Ness, Hattie m at the residence of the bride's father, Mr. Charles O. Loveless & Miss Hattie Van Ness, both of Rutland.
1872 17 APR D Van Zile, David d at the County House 13th Mar, David Van Zile of Osceola, aged 86 yrs.
1871 5 APR M Vanderhoof, Susanna m in Keenedyville 5th Mar by G.D. Keeney, Esq, Mr. Jacob Roosa to Miss Susanna Vanderhoof, both of Middlebury.
1872 29 OCT M VanDusen, G. A. m at the residence of the bride's parents 23rd Oct by Rev. W.H. Rumsey, Mr. G.A. VanDusen & Miss Martha Mowrey all of West Farmington.
1869 3 MAR M Vandyn, Permelia m at Knoxville 13th Feb by the Rev. W.P. Omans, Mr. David Nudd of Brookfield PA to Miss Permelia Vandyn of Jasper NY.
1869 10 MAR D VanHorn, Saida d in this village 1st Mar Saida, dau of Rankin & C.E. VanHorn, aged 1 yr 14 das.
1872 17 JAN D Vansice, Emma see Wallace, Emma (married name)
1872 17 JAN D Vansice, John N. d in Charleston 14th Dec 1871 Mr. John N. Vansice, aged 84 yrs 6 mos 19 das.
1872 5 JUN M VanValkenburg, James W. m at the M.E. Church in this village May 30th by D.D. Buck, D.D., Mr. James W. VanValkenburg & Miss Harriet A. Truman, both of this place.
1871 29 NOV M VanWey, Emma m in Tioga 19th Nov by Rev. A.b. Chase, Mr. Joseph Vicker of Jackson to Miss Emma VanWey all of Tioga PA.
1869 1 DEC M Varner, J. m at the M.E. Parsonage 16th Nov by Rev. O.L. Gibson, Mr. William T. Hurd & Miss J. Varner, all of Wellsboro.
1871 3 MAY M Vaughn, Flora m in Jackson 13th Apr by Rev. M. Rockwell, Mr. Edward Crumb of Jackson of Miss Flora Vaughn of Rutland.
1872 7 AUG M Vaughn, James m in Arnot 17th Jul by Rev. F. Tilo Evans of Blossburg, Mr. James Vaughn & Miss Sarah Woodhouse of Morris Run.
1872 3 DEC D Vedder, Addie H. see Ballard, Addie H. (married name)
1869 5 MAY D Verill, Orilla d in East Corinth ME, Orilla, wife of Prof.. Charles H. Verill, aged 26 yrs 24 das.
1869 10 MAR M Vermelyea, A. R. m at the house of William H. Edmister, Erwin NY, 25th Feb by Rev. H.P. Burkhardt, Mr. A.R. Vermelyea of Rochester NY & Miss Alice B. Seely of Erwin NY.
1871 11 JAN M Vermilyea, Synthia A. m in Gaines 5th Jan by Rev. W. Beach, Mr. Edward E. Maynard & Miss Synthia A. Vermilyea of Gaines.
1871 10 MAY M Verrill, Charles H. m at the residence of the bride's parents in Blossburg by Rev. N.L. Reynolds, Prof. Charles H. Verrill, Principal of Mansfield Normal School, to Miss Emma J. Shuttuck.
1871 29 NOV M Vicker, Joseph m in Tioga 19th Nov by Rev. A.b. Chase, Mr. Joseph Vicker of Jackson to Miss Emma VanWey all of Tioga PA.
1870 5 JAN M Vincent, Darwina E. m in Mansfield 14th Dec 1869 by Rev. G.P. Watrous, Mr. Morgan H. Scott of Towanda to Miss Darwina E. Vincent of Mansfield.
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