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From Newspaper Records from Tioga County PA , Volume Six, Births, Deaths & Marriages abstracted from the Mansfield Advertiser 1888 through 1895 by Mary Kingsley. Originally published 1984.  All data copied from newspaper file as it appeared in the record using their spelling.  Permission for reprinting on the Tri-County Web Sites given by Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd, series coordinator, in 1997. Retyped by Elaine Frey, Formatted and published by Joyce M .Tice 2004

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Date    M Name Notice
1888 13-Jun M Adams, Mary Of Charleston m. E. A. McEntee of Fall Brook at Charleston Jun 6th by Rev. A. Shaw
1888 10-Oct M Adams, Ruth Of Tioga m. David McAllaster (no date)
1888 18-Apr M Addison, Belle Of Tioga m. Charles Jackson of Blossburg at Lindley, NY., Apr 5th
1888 22-Feb M Adee, Frank E. Of South Haven, Mich. M. David Y. Logan of Jackson, Pa., at Webbs Mills, NY., Feb 9th by Nathan Pedrick, Esq.
1888 18-Apr M Aldrich, Anna m. John Plank, both of Tioga, at Elmira, NY., Apr 4th by Rev. W. Henry
1888 18-Jul M Alexander, Lloyd m. Miss Rose Burdick of Roseville at Elmira, NY., Jul 4th.. (SRGP 10006-10007)
1888 24-Oct M Alexander, Ollie May Of Elmira, NY., m. C. B. Shoemaker of Corning, NY, formerly of Lawrenceville, “last week”
1888 11-Jan D Allen, Henry, Esq. d. Mansfield Jan 4th 1888, age 64 yre., 14 mos., b. E. Smithfield, Pa. Aug 10th 1823, m. 1851-2 Elizabeth Fralic, dau. Of Benjamin of Richmond twp., came to Mansfield 1855. She d. 1858, m. Jean Butts, dau. Of Loren of Mansfield – 1 dau. Mrs. George A. Clark, his brothers E. P. of Athens, Marinus N. of Titusville, W. H. of Waverly, J. W. of Coudersport. (SRGP 68422)
1888 28-Nov D Ames, Mrs. Hannah d. Millerton “last week Tue.”, age 82, at her son’s home.
1888 01-Aug M Anderson, Anna C. m. Andrew Johnson, both of Blossburg, at Elmira NY., Jul 25th by Rev. M. Dewitt
1888 21-Nov M Anderson, Aurdo m. Miss Carrie Peterson, both of Arnot, at Elmira, Ny., Nov. 6th by Rev. M. DeWitt.
1888 15-Aug M Anderson, Gustaf m. Miss Matilda Norgren, both of Antrim, at Wellsboro Aug 13th by Rev. W. Ware.
1888 07-Nov D Anderson, Maj. T. B. d. Morris Run Nov 2nd, age about 77, buried Syracuse, Ny. Beside wife who d. “a few weeks since”, left son N. J. of Morris Run, dau. Mrs. R. A. Bonta of Syracuse; he ran the “company store”.
1888 22-Aug M Anderson, Sarah m. Geary Porter, both of Elkland, at Canton, Pa., Aug 9th by Rev. B. Tracy
1888 12-Dec D Argetsinger, Mrs. Clara M. d. Elmira, NY., age 52, formerly of Rutland, no date.
1888 04-Jan M Ashley, Stern E. m. Miss Melvina Austin, both of Mainesburg at her home Jan 2nd by Elder McGennis. (SRGP 6697-6696)
1888 29-Feb B Atherton Dau. To C. D. of E. Charleston “10 das. ago”.
1888 13-Jun M Atkins, Adelia Of Westfield m. Freeman L. Entrott of Sunderlandville at Addison, NY., Jun 2nd
1888 05-Dec M Austin, Libbie Of Ogdensburg m. Anthony McDermott of Blossburg at Blossburg Nov 28th by Rev. P. Murphy
1888 04-Jan M Austin, Malvina m. Stern E. Ashley, both of Mainesburg at her home Jan 2nd by Elder McGennis  (SRGP 6696-6697)
1888 30-May M Austin, May m. Charles Day, both of Sylvester, at Troupsburg, NY., May 13th
1888 08-Aug M Avery, William m. Miss Livinia E. Robertson of Hoytville at Corning, Ny., Apr 19th by Rev. J. Bacon.
1888 02-May M Ayres, Eugene Of Lloyd m. Miss Levina E. Robertson of Hoytville at Corning, NY., Apr 19th by Rev. J. Bacon.
1888 30-May M Ayres, Laura N. m. Joseph N. Whiting, both of Covington, there “last Wed.”, by ‘ Rev. G. Warters of Knoxville
1888 30-May M Babcock, William Of St. Paul, Minn., m. Miss Celestia Day of Middlebury at Locey Creek, Pa., May 10th by Rev. N. Shirey.
1888 19-Sep D Bacon, Archie d. Devizer, Kansas Aug 24th, age 2 yrs., 5 mos., son of Asa and Alice, formerly of Mansfield
1888 26-Dec D Bacon, Dr. Daniel d. Wellsboro “Wed.”, b. Delmar twp. 52 yrs. Ago last May, had 1 adopted child, Civil War vet., spinal meningitis.
1888 06-Jun B Bailey Dau. To L. L. of Wellsboro, Jun 1st.
1888 01-Feb M Bailey, Arthur Ward Of Mardin m. Miss Mollie E. Urell of E. Charleston at Mansfield Jan 28th by Rev. W. Hermans (SRGP 8349 / 17060)
1888 07-Nov M Bailey, Mortimer B. Of Wellsboro m. Miss Wilkins of Fair Play, Col., he now resides there. (SRGP 31858)
1888 11-Jul M Bailey, Waldo Of Mansfield m. Miss Nan Overfield of Meshoppen, Pa., Jun 27th
1888 29-Feb B Baker Son to E. M. of Westfield, Feb 19th
1888 25-Jul B Baker Twins to Edward of Lawrenceville (no date)
1888 05-Dec B Baker Dau. To Henry of Knoxville, Nov 21st.
1888 01-Aug M Baker, Adelbert A. Of Osceola, m. Miss Eliza A. Hawley of Woodhull, NY., Jul 25th by Rev. G. Varnum
1888 14-Mar D Baker, Dr. A. H. d. Elmira, NY “Last Sat.”, b. Jackson twp. 31 yrs. Ago, MSN Class of “77, spinal meningitis
1888 12 &19 Sep M Baker, John A. Of Corning, NY., m Miss Retta Strait of Wellsboro at Corning, NY by Rev. C. Millespaugh, no date.
1888 28-Nov M Baker, Maude m. Eugene Sherman, both of Rutland twp., at State Line, NY., Nov 23rd (SRGP 38443 / 18447)
1888 18-Jul D Baker, Miss Lydia d. Mansfield “last Sat.”, age 44 yrs., 11 mos., buried Grays Valley Cemetery, her mother was Mrs. Joseph Ballard, sister Mrs. Card of Sylvania, heart attack (SRGP 7193)
1888 11-Apr D Baker, Miss Viola d. Sabinsville, Mar. 27th
1888 21-Nov D Baker, Mrs. Hollister d. Westfield “Last week”, “aged and respected”
1888 27-Jun M Baldwin, Edwin M. Of Tioga m. Miss Louise P. Maynard of Williamsport at Williamsport Jun 21st by Rev. G. Foley; she dau. Of Guy B. Maynard
1888 18-Jul Balt, Carrie May m. Alvin Fields, both of Armenia, at Armenia Jul 4th by H. Case Esq.
1888 12-Sep M Banaut, Catherine m. August Yochman, both of Slate Run, at Wellsboro Sep 4th by J. Shaw, Esq.
1888 03-Oct M Bartlett, Lewellen G. m Miss Katie Hughes, both of Leetonia at Wellsboro Sep 25th by Rev. W. Ware
1888 15 Feb. D Bartlett, Mrs. Laura d. Mansfield Feb 8th, age 54 yrs., 6 mos., wife of Clark Bartlett, dau. Of V. Bailey of Chandlersburg; had: Manford of Colegrove, Pa., Effie (Mrs. Augustus Cass) of Mansfield, John of Knoxville; buried Hope Cemetery, Mansfield (SRGP 4875)
1888 06-Jun M Bastian, Dell M. Of Liberty m. R. Linn Hughes of Williamsport at Elmira, NY., by Rev. M. Dewitt (no date)
1888 14-Nov M Bates, Anna L. Of Savannah, NY., m. James M. Earley (Farley) at Corning, NY, By Rev. C. Perkins (no date)
1888 11-Jan M Bates, Cora E. Of Nelson m. Samuel R. Heysham of Hornellsville, NY., at Addison, NY., by Rev. J. Blades (no date)
1888 04-Jul D Bates, John d. Little Marsh Jun 23rd, age 81, a pioneer of Chatham twp.
1888 13-Jun M Batz, Martha  Of Wellsboro m. Frank B. Osborn of Delmar twp., at Wellsboro Jun 6th by A. S. Brewster, Esq.
1888 28-Mar D Baxter Infant of Mrs. Harry of Osceola d. Mar 21st
1888 11-Jul D Baxter, Mrs. C. S. d. Nelson Jun 30th, wife of Dr. C. S. Baxter
1888 26-Sep M Bazey, Charles A. Of Hector m. Miss Jennie A. King of Westfield at Troupsburg, NY., Sep 6th by O. L. McFarland
1888 11-Jan D Beach Infant dau. Of Lyman of Mansfield d. “Tue.”, at grandparents in Moshoppen, Pa., age 9 mos.
1888 29-Aug M Beach, George D.  Of Little Marsh m. Miss L. Belle Yeomans of Knoxville at her home Aug 16th by Rev. J. Hayes
1888 08-Jan M Beach, J. A. m. Miss Eva M. Ruggles, both of Wellsboro at Elmira, NY., Jan 4th by Rev. W. Henry at residence of Dell Smith
1888 22-Feb M Beach, Jessie G. Of Little Marsh m. Fred Potter of Middlebury Feb. 15th by Rev. W. rice (where?)
1888 04-Apr D Beach, Mrs. Lyman J. d. at her parents’ in Meshoppen, Pa. “Last Thur.” age 34, 3 sons, funeral at Mansfield, consumption.
1888 14-Nov M Beach, Nettie Of Westfield m. F. G. Bristol, same at Elmira, NY., “Election Day”
1888 12-Sep M Beers, James L., M.D. m. Miss Cora B. White, both of Holiday at Elmira, NY., by Rev. M. DeWitt (no Date)
1889 02-Jan B Bellinger Son to Cassius of Stokesdale, Dec. 30th
1888 09-May D Bellinger, Mrs. Mary d. Wellsboro at her brother’s Asa Smith, age 64, May 1st
1888 31-Oct M Benger, Christine Of Fall Brook, m B. F. Hall of Elmira, NY., at Dundee, NY., “last Wed.”
1888 16-May B Benn Son to Marcene of Westfield, May 5th
1888 29-Feb M Bennett, Edwin m. Miss Clara A. Brown, both of Charleston at Charleston, Feb 22nd by Rev. H. Wolf
1888 12-Sep D Bennett, George d. Morris Run last week, age 43, miner’s consumption
1888 18-Apr B Benson Son to John of Rutland (no date)
1888 22-Feb M Benson, Rosetta m. Peter Stout, both of Rutland, Pa., at State Line, NY., Feb 5th by Rev. J. Van Kirk
1888 15-Feb M Bentley, Frank J. Of Corning, NY., m. Miss Louise M. Walz of Lawrenceville at Corning, NY., Feb. 9th
1888 29-Feb M Bergin, Bertha  m. Vial A. Putnam, both of Wellsboro at Ansonia Feb 23rd by Rev. A. Shaw
1888 29-Aug B Bernard Son to Joseph of Wellsboro, Aug 19th
1888 01-Aug B Bertch Son to Guthold of Brookfield twp., Jul 22nd
1888 16-May M Betts, Anna Of Washington, D. C., m. Samuel S. English, formerly of Wellsboro (no date)
1888 04-Jul B Bigsby Dau to Elmer of Keeneyville (no date)
1888 18-Jul M Bishop, Allie E. Of Corning, NY., m. Mott Wetmore of Wellsboro, at Corning Jul 8th by Rev. J. Benham
1888 22-Aug D Bixby, Arthur d. Sullivan twp. Aug 18th, left 1 dau., blood poisoning (SRGP 19779)
1888 07-Mar B Blair Son of Elder Blair of Covington (no date)
1888 09-May D Blair Child of John of Fall Brook d. “Fri”, age 5 mos.
1888 27-Jun M Blair, W. E. Of Wellsboro m. Miss Delia Boyce, same, m. there “yest” by her father, Rev. James A. Boyce
1888 17-Oct M Blake, Kate Of Antrim m. Fred Margraff of Wellsboro at Wellsboro Oct 10th by Rev. M. Laynott
1888 12-Dec M Blanchard, Nettie Of Covington m. Charles Shaffer of Wellsboro at Lindley, NY., Dec 5th 
1888 02-May D Blenis, William Coleman d. Mansfield Apr 27th, age 24 yrs., 10 mos., 21 das., came here from Cobeskill, NY. May 1886, m. 1886 Eva Holden of Mansfield, parents and 3 bros. left in Scholarie Co., NY, buried Hope Cemetery Mansfield, consumption.
1888 27-Jun M Bloomer, Edith m. Charles Taylor, both of Elkland, at Addison, NY., Jun 20th
1889 02-Jan D Borat, Henry d. Colorado “last week” in railroad accident, buried Wellsboro
1888 31-Oct M Borden, Minnie m. Frank H. Smith, both of Wellsboro, “today”
1888 11-Apr D Borden, Mr. Bela d. Little Marsh, Mar 26th, age 63, pneumonia
1888 25-Apr D Bordon, Mrs. Lucretia d. Wellsboro Apr 10th (19?), age 54 yrs., 11 mos.
1888 17-Oct D Bostwick Infant dau. Of Will and Vina of Knoxville d. “last Tue.”, age about 4 mos., cholera infantum
1888 23-May   Boughtin Adopted son to Ed of Tioga (no date)
1888 07-Nov M Bowen, Isaac m. Miss Many Husted, both of Charleston at Blossburg Oct 29th by Rev. A. Jones
1888 27-Jun M Boyce, Delia Of Wellsboro m. W. E. Blair, same, m. there “yest” by her father, Rev. James A. Boyce
1889 02-Jan M Boyce, Julia Of Mill Creek m. Demetrius Jones at Lawrenceville (no date)
1888 11-Jan D Boyd, Jeanette d. Morris Run, Jan 3rd, mem. Croup
1888 25-Jan B Boyden Son to Sanford N. of Wellsboro, Jan 15th
1889 02-Jan M Boynton, Lillie Of Elmira, NY., m. Will H. Jackson of Wellsboro, at Elmira Dec. 26th by Rev. M. Dewitt
1888 20-Jun B Brace Son to John of Lawrence Corneres (no date)
1888 30-May B Bradshaw Son to David of Blossburg (no date)
1888 12-Sep M Breully, Jane m. William Brooks, both of Blossburg, at Elmira NY., “recently”
1888 13-Jun D Breunig, Mrs. A. J. d. “recently” in Minneapolis, Minn., buried Wellsboro, dau. Of Benjamin christnot of Wellsboro.
1888 01-Feb M Brewer, Minnie M. Of Mosherville m. Charles S. Jones of Seeley Creek at her home Jan 18th, she dau. Of William Brewer
1888 10-Oct D Brewer, Mrs. J. R. d. Corning, NY., Sep 2nd, age 30, nee Ada Radeker of Elkland, Heart
1888 17-Oct B Briggs Son of E. R. of Mansfield (?) Oct 14th
1888 25-Jul M Briggs, Libbie m. Charles Schoonover, both of Deerfield twp., at Troupsburg, NY., Jul 14th by U. Atwood, Esq.
1888 02-May D Briggs, Miss Flora Of Crroked Creek, d. Buffalo, NY (no date), buried near Keeneyville
1888 05-Sep D Brink, S. W. d. Armenia Aug 25th, age 52, dropsy
1888 14-Nov M Bristol. F. G.  Of Westfield m. Miss Nettie Beach, same, at Elmira, NY., “Election Day”
1888 18-Jul B Brooks Dau to Mrs. James of Morris Run (no date)
1888 14-Nov M Brooks, Helen J. m. Frank I. Johnston, both of Charleston, at her home Nov 7th, she dau. Of George D. Brooks
1888 17-Oct M Brooks, Walter m. Miss Mettie E. Wheeler, both of Wellsboro, at Wellsboro Oct 11th by Rev. S. Lloyd
1888 12-Sep M Brooks, William m. Jane Breully, both of Blossburg, at Elmira, NY., “recently”
1888 07-Mar B Broom Son to Charles of Knoxville, Feb 22nd
1888 02-May M Broughton, Sarah m. Isaac Price, both of Morris, at Wellsboro Apr 19th, by A. S. Brewster, Esq.
1888 23-May B Brown Child to Fred of Knoxville, May 17th
1888 20-Jun D Brown, Charles Of Chatham Twp., d. Jun 10th, age 37
1888 29-Feb M Brown, Clara A. m. Edwin Bennett, both of Charleston at Charleston, Feb. 22nd by Rev. H. Wolf
1888 21-Mar M Brown, Jessie E. Of Watkins, NY., m. Seth O. Daggett of Wellsboro at Watkins Mar 14th by Rev. B. Douglass
1888 18-Jul Brown, Minnie m. Lant Miles, both of Nelson, at Addison, NY., Jul 11th by E. Wade, Esq.
1888 01-Feb D Brown, Thomas D. d. Wellsboro, Jan 29th, age 50, former Fall Brook, railroad conductor.
1888 8 & 15 Feb B Buck Dau to Willie of Richmond twp., Jan 17th
1888 09-May M Buck, John H. Of Elk Run m. Miss of Sullivan Co.
1888 09-May B Buckbee Son to J. of Knoxville (no date)
1888 02-May D Buckbee, Mrs. Catharine d. Farmington twp., Apr 29th, age 84, cancer
1889 02-Jan M Bullard, Percy M. Of Newberry, Pa. m. Miss Kate E. Horlacher of Montoursville “recently”. He formerly of Wellsboro, she of Mansfield.
1888 4 & 11 Apr D Bullard, Rev. Walter d. Armenia, Bradford Co., Mar 30th, age 85, b. Holliston, Mass., Jul 17th 1803, had 7 children incl. Lloyd & Cora at MSNS, a Universalist minister. Bright’s disease.
1888 15 & 22 Aug M Bullock, Minnie Of Mardin m. Rev. John Kimball of Bethel, Vt., Aug 15th at Mardin by Rev. J. Alvord; she dau. Of A. A. Bullock
1888 08-Feb D Bullock, Stephen d. Columbia, Bradford Co. in 84th year., funeral Jan 26th, came from Rehobeth, Mass. 1817, a pioneer; Uncle of Asa Bullock of Mardin, Richmond twp.
1888 27-Jun B Bunnell Son to Deck of Wellsboro (no date)
1888 08-Aug D Bunnell Infant son of Deck of Wellsboro, d. Aug 5th, cholera infantum
1888 18-Jul M Burdick, Rose m. Lloyd Alexander at Elmira, NY., Jul 4th  (SRGP 10007-10006)
1888 12-Dec D Burgett, George d. Lawrenceville “Mon.”, age 14, left mother and 2 – 3 sisters, shooting accident
1888 11-Apr D Burr, Mrs. Funeral “yest” at Roseville, buried Baker Cemetery, mother of Mrs. Lewis Seeley of Roseville
1889 02-Jan B Burton Dau. To Clark of Mansfield, Dec 24th
1888 26-Dec B Burton Dau. To Edward of Mansfield, Dec 24th
1888 27-Jun B Burton Dau. To M. W. of Richmond Twp., Jun 25th
1888 9 & 16May  D Burton, Mrs. Charles d. Lawrenceville, May 2nd, age 75-6, pneumonia
1888 6 & 13 Jun M Butler, Florence L. m. J. J. Johnson, both of Wellsboro, at Elmira, NY., May 21st by Rev. M. Dewitt
1888 11-Jul M Butler, Mary S. m. Richard Whitney, both of Farmington twp., at Pleasant Valley, Troupsburg, NY., Jul 2nd by Rev. A. Hurd
1888 24-Oct D Butler, Mrs. Selden d. Deerfield twp., Oct 19th, age 82
1888 04-Apr M Bystrom, John m. Christina Laftsman, both of Arnot, at Wellsboro Mar. 30th by I. M. Bodine, Esq.
1888 22-Aug M Calhoun, Lizzie  Of Caton, NY., m. Fred F. Knapp of Lawrenceville, at her home “last Tue.” By Rev. H. Vosburg
1888 25-Jan M Camp, Rufus Of Academy Corners m. Miss Zoa M. Metcalf of Westfield at Addison, NY., Jan 19th by Rev. W. Searles.
1888 30-May M Campbell, Anna m. Frank Lockwood, both of Hoytville, at Wellsboro May 12th by Rev. C. Rowley
1888 27-Jun M Campbell, David Of Addison, NY., m. Etta Hitchcock of Covington at Addison, Jun 20th
1888 02-Jan M Campbell, George W. m. Mary A. Stone of Delmar twp. at Wellsboro (no date)
1888 25-Jul D Campbell, Lucius d. Stony Fork Jul 17th, fell off hay wagon
1888 16 & 23 May D Campbell, Mrs. Robert d. Nelson, May 9th, cancer
1888 17-Oct M Campbell, Stella  Of Deerfield twp. m Edwin W. Toles of Little Marsh at Delmar twp. Oct 10th
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