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From Newspaper Records from Tioga County PA , Volume Six, Births, Deaths & Marriages abstracted from the Mansfield Advertiser 1888 through 1895 by Mary Kingsley. Originally published 1984.  All data copied from newspaper file as it appeared in the record using their spelling.  Permission for reprinting on the Tri-County Web Sites given by Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd, series coordinator, in 1997. Retyped by Elaine Frey, Formatted and published by Joyce M .Tice 2004

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Date    M Name Notice
1888 24-Oct M Carl, Ella Of Deerfield twp. m. George Ransom of Chatham twp at Little Marsh Oct 17th
1888 18-Jan M Carlton, Hiram Of Hammond
1888 23-May M Carner, Evans Of Athens, m. Miss May Rosengrant, formerly of Mansfield, at Waverly, NY., May 20th
1888 01-Feb M Carpenter, Mary Belle m. C. Ellsworth Clark at her home in Deerfield twp., Jan 25th by Rev. J. Hayes
1888 11-Jul B Carr Dau. To Rev. C. S. of Blossburg, Jul 3rd
1888 05-Sep D Carr, Mrs. d. Tioga “last Wed”, age 80, buried Evergreen Cemetery, mother of Daniel Carr of Tioga
1888 07-Mar D Carr, Mrs. Marilla d. Osceola, Feb. 23rd, age 69
1888 26-Sep M Casement, Nell m. Adelbert Rice, both of Little Marsh, at Troupsburg, NY., Sep 16th by Rev. J. Stevens
1888 31-Oct D Catlin, Ernest d. Charleston (no date), age 18, only son of S. W. and Caroline, rheumatic fever
1888 04-Apr D Caton, Mrs. H. T. d. Lawrenceville Mar 25th, age 46, dropsy
1888 19-Sep M Channell, Att. J. F. Of Wellsboro m. Miss Lizzie Fairman, same, “today”, by Rev. Shaw
1888 02-May D Charles, L. R. d. Sugar Hill, Schuyler Co., NY., Apr 13th, age 85, formerly of Brookfield twp.
1888 04-Jul B Cheeseman Dau. To Victor of Knoxville
1888 28-Mar D Christian, Orlando d. Camp Brook, Mar 21st, age 40
1888 09-May M Churchill, Mrs. Emma m. U. S. Hunt, both of Westfield at Addison, NY apr 28th by E. Wade, Esq.
1888 30-May D Churchill, Philo d. Keeneyville May 17th, age 86, “one of the oldest residents”
1888 18-Jul B Clark Son to F. A. of Mansfield, Jul 12th
1888 17-Oct B Clark Son to George of Blossburg, Oct 8th
1888 17-Oct B Clark Son to James of Lambs Creek (no date)
1888 25-Apr D Clark, Amanda d. Sabinsville Apr 9th, age 69
1888 01-Feb M Clark, C. Ellsworth m. Miss Mary Belle Carpenter at her home in Deerfield twp., Jan 25th by Rev. J. Hayes
1888 19-Sep M Clark, Martha V. m. Oscar L. Webster “today”, he son of Solomon Webster of Sullivan twp., she dau. Of Mott V. Clark of Richmond twp.
1888 02-May M Clark, Mrs. Mary A. Of Chatham twp m. Hiel Peake of Charleston at Troupsburg, NY., Apr 29th by Elder Hunt
1888 27-Jun D Clarkson, Mrs. David d. Morris Run “last week”, cancer
1888 18-Apr M Clarry, Francis M. Of Cherry Flats m. Miss Rilla Heeley of Troupsburg, NY. At Troupsburg Apr 5th by O. McFarland, Esq.
1888 11-Apr M Clemens, Minnie M. m. Adelbert E. Kittle, both of Charleston, at her home Apr 4th by Rev. H. Wolf
1888 22-Aug D Clemons, Charles d. Mardin, Richmond Twp., “Mon”, age about 49, unmarried, died in slee;
1889 02-Jan D Clemons, Charles d. Mitchell Creek Dec 31st, left 2 children, log accident
1888 17-Oct M Clemons, Lillie m. Philander Husted, both of Covington, at Ithaca, NY., Oct 4th
1889 02-Jan D Clemons, Mrs. Nicholas d. Mansfield “last night” at home of Henry Precit, age 44, left husband and several small children, apoplexy
1888 15-Feb B Cleveland Child to Martin of Mardin, Richmond twp.
1889 02-Jan M Cleveland, Luman m. Mary Hoag of Mansfield at Lawrenceville (no date)
1888 18-Jan D Cleveland, Mrs. Saphrona d. Mann Creek (Richmond twp) “last Wed.”, age 73, at son Orson’s, buried Whitteker Cemetery Canoe Camp
1888 22-Feb D Cleveland, Otis d. Canoe Camp “Fri” age 16, buried Frost Settlement Cemetery “yest”, son of Mrs. Amasa Cleveland, log accident
1888 26-Dec D Clohessy Child of Mike d. Blossburg “Thur”, age 3 mos.
1888 22-Feb M Close, Edd G. m. Miss Ella L. Marks, both of Round Top (Delmar twp), at her home Feb 15th by Rev. A. Cole
1888 01-Feb M Cobb, Cora m. Sydney Woodard, both of Richmond twp. Jan 17th 1887 (?)
1888 01-Feb D Cochran, Rev. Wesley d. Mansfield Jan 29th, age 74, b. Peru, NY, to Enos Jan 13th 1814, m. Sep 6th 1837 elizabeth Gleason, had dau. Mary E. (Mrs. Daniel S. Bacon) and Frances A. (Mrs. Dyer J. Butts) of Mansfield; heart
1888 26-Dec B Colby Dau to George of Lawrencville (no date)
1888 07-Mar M Cole, Alpheus B. m. Ell Synder Heckman, both of Elkland, at Elkland Feb 27th by Rev. S. Moon
1888 29-Aug M Cole, Anna m. Jerry Stebbins at Sabinsville “recently”
1888 29-Feb D Cole, John d. Alton, Kansas, Feb 27th, age 77, at son W. L.’s, former resident of Richmond twp., several other children went west about 1876
1888 29-Aug D Cole, Mrs. A. D. Of tioga d. “Thurs”, age 84, buried Evergreen Cemetery, Tioga
1888 10-Oct D Collins, George d. East Charleston “last Sat.’, age about 68, 4 sons, 1 dau.
1888 18-Apr D Collins, Joseph d. Corning, NY., “last Tue”, age 43, unmarried, father resident of Lindley, NY., Joseph worked at Gaines, suffocated
1888 31-Oct D Collins, Minnie d. Bloossburg “last Thurs”, age 15 yrs., 2 mo., dau of Mrs. E. L.; typhoid
1888 19-Dec D Conevery, Florence d. Wellsboro (no date), age about 2, dau. Of Frank Conevery
1888 16-May B Connelly Son to Ben of Mainesburg, May 4th
1888 05-Dec M Connelly, Henry m. Miss Agnes Shearer, both of Arnot, at Arnot Nov 24th by Rev. Joseph Murray
1888 21-Nov D Connelly, William d. Mainesburg, Nov 15th, age 46, 3 sons, 1 step-dau, 3 brothers, 2-3 sisters and mother survive
1888 05-Sep D Connelly, Willie d. Mainesburg sep 3rd, age 4 mos., son of B. F. Connelly
1888 01-Aug M Cook, James H. Of Delmar m. Miss Frances E. Mack of Ithaca, NY, at Tiadaghton Jul 26th by D. Raynard, Esq.
1888 02-May M Cook, John Of Northumberland Co., m. Mrs. Hannah Howell of Charleston at Wellsboro Apr 16th by Rev. S. Mathews.
1888 23-May M Coon, Mr. Of Addison, NY, m. Miss Hattie Wilcox of Tioga “this past week”
1888 28-Mar B Cooper Dau. To Rev. F. H. of Mansfield, Mar 24th
1888 04-Jul M Cooper, H. N. Of Westfield m. Miss Florence Squires of Mitchellsville, NY., Jun 20th
1888 11-Jul M Cooper, Joseph J. Of North Chemung, NY, m. Mary N. Johnson of West Covington at Elmira, NY, Jul 5th, by Rev. M. DeWitt
1888 16-May B Copley Son to William of Crooked Creek, May 11th
1888 26-Sep M Cornelius, F. M. m. Miss Myra Edwards, Both of Elkland, Pa., there “today”
1888 30-Jun M Costley, Byron J. Of Mansfield m. Miss Elizabeth W. Reismyer of Harrisburg, Pa. at Harrisburg Jun 12th by Rev. G. Stewart
1888 08-Feb M Costley, Clara Of Chatham twp. m. C. Taft of Westfield, at Troupsburg, NY., Jan 22nd by O. L. McFarland, Esq.
1888 11-Jan M Cottrell, Mrs. Amy D. Of Mansfield m. Rev. William D. Taylor of Binghamton, NY., “last Wed.” in Mansfield by Rev. J. Woodruff
1888 24-Oct B Coveney Son to George of Mardin (Richmond twp) (no date)
1888 21-Nov D Coveney, Miss Ann d. Wellsboro “last week Tue.”, age 53, apoplexy
1888 05-Sep D Craft, Mrs. Elizabeth d. Mansfield Sep 3rd, age 70, at son’s J. R. Cornell, came from Moravia, NY. Sep 5th, 1 other son there, 2 daus. There, 1 dau. Nelson, Pa., old age
1888 25-Jul M Crippen, A. W., m. Hattie Seely, both of Richmond twp., at Mansfield by Rev. F. H. Cooper (no date)
1888 18-Apr D Crippen, Mrs. Julia Ann d. Rutland twp. Apr 11th, age 66, b. Sullivan twp. Nov 16th 1821 to Joseph M. and Parmelia Harding, who came from Vt. 1816 with his father, Samuel Harding. She was oldest of 13 – left: E. A. Harding, Harbor Springs, Mich., Darwin, Nelson, Pa., Dr. J. M. of Oil City, Pa., I. N., Whitney, Neb., Mrs. Wm. J. Crane, Arlington, Neb., L. D., Goshen, Ind., and J. H. of ? She m. Jan 1st 1842 Roswell Crippen, 1 son deceased, buried Roseville; rheumatic fever
1888 01-Feb D Crippen, Mrs. Louisa d. Rutland twp., Jan 21st, widow of George, consumption
1888 18-Jul M Criton, John Of Arnot m. Mary Sinclair of Mansfield Jul 3rd
1888 18-Apr M Crooks, Thomas Of Blossburg (age 64) m. Miss Jennie Smezley of Arnot (age 26) (no date)
1889 02-Jan M Crumm, George H. Of Blossburg m. Minnie E. Lawrence of Tioga at Elmira, NY., Dec 24th by Rev. M. DeWitt
1888 01-Aug D Cruttenden, Lewis d. Lambs Creek Jun 29th, age 75, b. Westfield, Sussex, Eng. – a pioneer here since 1838, bro. of late Nelson of Covington; late Thomas of Brooklyn, NY; Tilden of East Charleston; Mrs. William Hollands of Mansfield; he had 5 sons, 2 daus., wife nee Ann Waters; he buried Hope Cemetery, Mansfield
1888 02-May D Cruttenden, Thomas d. Brooklyn, NY., Apr 11th, age 78, 2 sons, bro of Lewis of Lambs Creek, Tilden of Mardin, Mrs. William Hollands, Mansfield
1888 04-Apr D Cunningham, Dau of John of Hardtmore (Somerville), d. Mar 31st, age about 4, buried Jackson Summit
1888 18-Jan M Curran, Anna Of Waverly, NY, m. Charles Curran of Blossburg, at Waverly (no date)
1888 18-Jan M Curran, Charles Of Blossburg m. Miss Anna Curran of Waverly, NY., at Waverly (no date)
1888 14-Nov D Curran, Michael d. “last Sat.” at Cooks Run, formerly of Antrim, left 7 children and brother John of Antrim, buried Cath. Cemetery Wellsboro; in mines
1888 06-Jun D Dacy, Mrs. Ellen Of Covington, d. Warren, Pa. “Wed.”, buried Blossburg
1888 27-Jun B Daggett Son to Norman of Mansfield, Jun 22nd
1888 03-Oct D Daggett Infant son of Norman of Mansfield d. sep 30th, cholera infantum
1888 21-Mar M Daggett, Seth O. Of Wellsboro m. Miss Jessie E. Brown of Watkins, NY., at Watkins Mar 14th by Rev. B. Douglass
1888 11-Jul D Dailey, Nelson E. d. Manistique, Mich. “recently”, former resident of Middlebury, drowned
1888 04-Apr M Dangle, Samuel Of Wellsboro m. Susie Gilkey of Austinville at Lindley, NY., Mar 27th
1888 29-Feb M Dann, Eugene W. m. Miss Addie E. Stull, both of Ogdensburg at Elmira, NY., Feb 15th by Rev. W. Henry
1888 02-May D Dartt, Miss Emma A. Of East Charleston, d. Troy, Pa. “Mon.”, buried E. Charleston, dau. Mrs. Harriet Dartt; erysiphilis
1888 21-Mar B Davis Dau to G. B. of Westfield Mar 13th
1888 10-Oct M Davis, Harry Of Mansfield m. Miss May Warren of Centreville, Wisc., there Sep 28th
1888 10 & 17 Oct M Davis, Harvey W. Of Mansfield m. Miss Addie M. Rumsey of Mainesburg at Elmira, NY, Sept 29th by Rev. G. Ferguson
1889 02-Jan D Davis, Jerome d. Jamestown, NY., age 27, former resident of Wellsboro, consumption
1888 16-May M Davis, John R m. Miss Susie L. VanHorn, both of Charleston, at her home May 10th by Rev. F. Mathews
1888 11-Jul M Davis, Laura M. Of Delmar twp. m. Dennis Whaling of Duncan twp. at residence of Martin Davis, Delmar, Jul 2nd by Rev. W. Young
1888 28-Mar M Davis, Maggie E. Of Lansing, m. R. S. Watrous of Gaines, at Lansing Mar 15th by Rev. S. Bovier
1888 25-Apr D Davis, Robert d. Westfield Apr 11th, age 81
1888 01-Feb D Davis, Warren Snow d. Mansfield Jan 18th, age 68, b. Windham, VT. Jul 6th 1819, came here 1838, m. Feb 19th 1851, Miss Laura Graves, 3 sons: Wm. H., Gunnison, Col., Sharon A., Mansfield, Charles –died young. She d. 1861, h.m. Jan 21st 1864 Miss Sarah Job, had: Harry L., Corning, NY., Harvey W., Richmond twp., Frances W. died. He buried Hope Cemetery.
1888 29-Aug D Davison, Mrs. Mary d. Westfield Aug 15th, age 56, wife of Rev. Alva Davison
1888 01-Aug M Day, Alonzo Of Lambs Creek m. Mrs. Jennie Rankin at Lambs Creek Jul 25th by C. P. Fuller, Esq.
1888 30-May M Day, Celestia Of Middlebury m. William Babcock of St. Paul, Minn. at Locey Creek, Pa., May 10th by Rev. N. Shirey
1888 30-May M Day, Charles m. May Austin, both of Sylvester, at Troupsburg, NY., May 13th
1888 15-Aug D Dean, James H. d. near Milwaukee, Wisc., Aug 2nd, formerly of East Chatham, went west 12 yrs. Ago, suicide (?)
1888 28-Nov D Decker, Mrs. E. B. d. Richmond twp. “last week Wed.”, age about 40-50, left son Henry Goodall and dau. --- Decker; burned in fire.
1888 18-Apr M DeCoursey, Kate m. Clarence N. Ellis, both of Roaring branch at her home Apr 3rd by Rev. T. Faus
1888 28-Mar M Delong, Marvin J. m. Miss Ida M. Knights, both of Mill Creek, at Lindley, NY., Mar 20th
1888 28-Mar M Derbyshire, Eva m. John Hasker, both of Delmar twp., at her home by Rev. S. Mathews (no date)
1888 16-May B Dewey Dau. To Raymond of Blossburg, May 12th
1888 01-Aug D Dewey, “Uncle Silas” d. Cherry Flats Jul 24th, buried Sullivan twp.
1888 07-Nov M Dewey, Addie V. m. George N. Mason, both of Hardtmoor, at Wellsburg, NY., Oct 30th by Rev. Van Tuyler
1888 26 Dec. B Dexter Dau. To Norman of Harrison Valley, Dec. 5th
1889 02-Jan M Dickinson, Alice O. Of Farmington twp. m. Horace G. Smith of Shippen twp. at Wellsboro (no date)
1888 27-Jun D Dickson, William H., Jr. Of Wellsboro d. “last week”, age 61, cancer
1888 27-Jun D Dimon, Mrs. J. B. d. VanEttenville, NY., “recently”, former resident of Niles Valley, suicide
1888 12 & 19 Dec D Doane, Mrs. Hannah d. Knoxville Dec 9th, age 63, wife of John, buried Riverside Cemetery Knoxville, paralysis
1888 06-Jun M Dodge, Mrs. Asa Of Ansonia m. Isaac Stryker of Colesburg at Spring Mills, NY., May 27th by Rev. S. Pickett
1888 27-Jun D Doney, Daniel d. Liberty “during past month”
1888 21-Nov M Donning, Nathan m. Miss Josie Johnson, both of Wellsboro at Corning, NY., Nov 16th by Rev. J. Bacon
1888 15-Feb M Donovan, James m. Maggie Ryan, both of Arnot, at Blossburg Feb 8th
1888 25-Jul D Doty, Jane W. d. Farmington twp. Jul 20th, in 75th year
1888 11-Apr B Doud Dau. To L. H. of Richmond twp. (no date)
1888 18-Apr D Doud, Mrs. Lucien’s Funeral at Canoe Camp “Sun.”
1888 15 Feb. D Doud, R. H. d. Mainesburg, Feb 11th, age 74, “one of the oldest residents”, had 2 daus.; Mrs. A. T. Smith, Wellsburg, NY., and Mrs. J. A. Boyce, Wellsboro
1888 22-Aug D Dougherty, John Of Union twp., d. “recently”, said to be 100 years old
1888 21-Nov D Douglass, Mrs. D. A. d. Covington “last week”, left several small children
1888 30-May M Drake, Ahara m. Dr. H. F. Webster of Potter Brook at Watkins, NY., (her home) May 9th, she sister to Mrs. Dr. Nye of Roseville
1888 20-Jun D Drawbridge, John d. near Antrim “last week Thurs.”, log accident
1888 19-Dec D Drew, Mrs. Julia Ann d. Keeneyville Dec 8th, age 76 yrs., 10 mos., 8 das., widow of John Drew
1888 01-Aug D Driscoll, Stephen d. Union twp. “last week”, “an old resident”
1888 25-Jan M Duell, Mary m. Chester Van Woert, both of Delmar twp., at Elmira, NY., Jan 17th
1888 31-Oct D Duell, William E. Of Shippen twp., d. “last week”, former resident of Wellsboro
1888 29-Feb D Dunn Son of Robert of Morris Run d. (no date), age 1 yr., 9 mos.
1888 30-May B Dunsmore Dau. To M. L. of Covington (no date)
1888 15-Feb D Dunsmore Child of W. J. of Blossburg d. Feb 6th, age 9 mos. 24 das.
1888 18-Apr B Dwyer Dau. To Landlord Dwyer of Fall Brook (no date)
1888 14-Mar D Dwyer, Patrick d. Fall Brook Mar 8th, age about 70, buried Blossburg
1888 11-Apr B Dyke Son to A. R. of Mansfield Mar 31st
1888 14-Nov M Earley (Farley), James M. Of Gaines m. Anna L. Bates of Savannah, NY., at Corning, NY. By Rev. C. Perkins (no date)
1888 07-Nov B Eaton Son to Henry J. of Wellsboro, Oct 30th
1888 29-Feb D Ebereny (Eberenz) Infant of William B. of Wellsboro d. “Mon.”
1888 19-Sep M Edgcomb, Alfred m. Miss Ada Roberts of Knoxville at Knoxville Sep 9th by Rev. C. Gardner; she dau. Of Giles Roberts
1888 02-May D Edwards Dau. Of William of Fall Brook buried “last Fri.”, age 10 mos.
1888 26-Sep M Edwards, Myra m. F. M Cornelius, both of Elkland, Pa., there “today”
1888 13-Jun B Eldridge Dau. To Edward of Sabinsville, Jun 1st
1888 13-Jun D Eldridge, Benjamin d. Sabinsville “last Fri.”
1888 20-Jun D Elliott, Anna Eliza d. Mansfield “last Fri.”, age 77 yrs., 27das., buried Mansfield; mother of Miss Olive Elliott
1889 02-Jan D Elliott, Mrs. Mary d. Mansfiled Dec 28th, b. Lisle, Broome Co., NY., Dec 23rd 1804 – hence age 84 yrs., 5 das., she m. Sep 9th 1821 Larman H. Elliott, deceased; 2 children; S. B. and C. V. survive
1888 25-Apr D Elliott, Sadie d. Harrison Valley Apr 19th, age 18 mos., dau of Levi Elliott
1888 08-Aug M Ellis, Anna C. m. Clarence E. Martin, both of Westfield there Aug 1st by Rev. D. Parcells
1888 18-Apr M Ellis, Clarence N. m. Miss Kate DeCoursey, both of Roaring Branch at her home Apr 3rd by Rev. T. Faus
1888 11-Jan D Ellis, Mr. d. Tioga, funeral “last week Sat.”, father of Jared Ellis of Lawrence Corners
1888 18-Jan B Ellsworth Dau to Joseph of Wellsboro, Jan 5th
1888 09-May M Ely, Charles F. Of Covington m. Miss Ellen Mary Faul of Beaver Falls, Pa., to be at New Brighton, Pa., May 16th
1888 09-May D Emberger Baby (probably of Joseph) of Mardin (Richmond twp.) buried Catlin Hollow Cemetery “last Fri.” (see below)

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