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From Newspaper Records from Tioga County PA , Volume Six, Births, Deaths & Marriages abstracted from the Mansfield Advertiser 1888 through 1895 by Mary Kingsley. Originally published 1984.  All data copied from newspaper file as it appeared in the record using their spelling.  Permission for reprinting on the Tri-County Web Sites given by Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd, series coordinator, in 1997. Retyped by Elaine Frey, Formatted and published by Joyce M .Tice 2004

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Date    M Name Notice
1888 09-May D Emberger, Mrs. Joseph d. Mardin Apr 23rd, age 28, buried Catlin Hollow Cemetery “last Wed.”, left 1 child age 3
1888 20-Jun D English, George  Of Wellsboro d. (no date), age 66, 13 children (7 surviving), bladder ailment
1888 26-Sep D English, Mrs. George d. Stony Fork Sep 12th, widow of George, 4 children
1888 16-May M English, Samuel S. Formerly of Wellsboro m. Miss Anna Betts of Washington, D. C. (no date)
1888 13-Jun M Entrott, Freeman L. Of Sunderlandville m. Miss Adelia Atkins of Westfield at Addison, NY., Jun 2nd
1888 28-Nov M Errickson, Peter m. Miss Thilda Swanson, both of Blossburg, at Blossburg Nov 22nd by A. Schopp, Esq.
1888 9 & 16 May M Estep, Lizzie  Of Ward twp. m. Francis Meridth of Picture Rock at her home May 2nd by Rev. D. Porter
1888 25-Apr B Etner Son to Charles F. of Wellsboro, Apr 15th
1888 02-May B Evans Twins (1 boy, 1 girl) to John W. of Morris Run (no date)
1888 11-Apr M Evans, Hannah Of Welsh Settlement m. Levi W. Pitts of Wellsboro at Wellsboro Mar 28th, she dau. Of Evan Evans
1888 21-Mar B Everett Son to Henry of Knoxville, Mar. 14th
1888 08-Feb B Everett Dau. To W. H. of Mansfield, Feb 3rd
1888 07-Mar M Failing, Emmet C. Of Rexville, NY., m. Mary E. Griffin of Sabinsville at Addison, NY., Feb 27th
1888 19-Sep M Fairman, Lizzie Of Wellsboro m. Att. J. F. Channell, same, “today”, by Rev. Shaw
1888 14-Nov B Farnsworth Son to Curtis L. of Wellsboro, Nov 2nd
1888 31-Oct D Farrer, William d. Mansfield, Oct 24th, age 69 yrs. 8mos., he born Westmoreland Co., Eng. Feb 11th 1819, came here 1837; m. Jul 4th 1846 Elizabeth Edwards of Charleston – 8 children: Mary (Mrs. H.) Kendrick, Covington; Jennie E.; Anna (Mrs. J. E.) Reese; William S.; Libbie M.; John E.; Thomas D. all of Mansfield; 1 deceased; buried Hope Cemetery Mansfield; lung ailment
1888 09-May M Faul, Ellen Mary Of Beaver Falls, Pa, m. Charles F. Ely of Covington, to be a New Brighton, Pa., Nay 16th
1888 18-Jul B Faulkner Dau. To Edward at Richmond twp., resident of Fred Voorhees (no date)
1888 23-May D Field, Moses D. d. Delmar twp. (Upper Stony Fork) “last week”, age 78, “one of the early settlers”
1888 18-Jul M Fields, Alvin  m. Miss Carrie May Balt, both of Armenia, at Armenia Jul 4th by H. Case Esq.
1888 01-Aug B Files Dau. To R. D. of Fall Brook (no date)
1888 22-Aug B Fish Dau. To L. G. of Lawrence Corners (no date)
1888 19-Dec D Fisher, John Of Arnot d. (no date) – mines
1888 25-Jan D Fletcher, Mrs. Mary d. Sullivan twp., Jan 19th, wife of Riley Fletcher, typhoid pneumonia
1888 29-Feb D Force, Mrs. Olaf d. Landrus, left 4 children
1888 18-Jan M Ford, D. C.  Of Lawrenceville m. Mrs. Anna J. Moffat of Titusville, Pa., at Painted Post, NY., Jan 14th by Rev. Wakeman
1888 18-Jul M Ford, D. H.  Of Cherry Flats m. Jul 4th to ________ of Elk Run
1888 18-Jul M Ford, M. B. Of Cherry Flats m. Jul 4th to ________ of Elk Run
1888 01-Feb M Forley, Abbey Of Gaines m. William O. Foster, same, at Addison, NY., Jan 19th by Eugene Wade, Esq.
1888 21-Nov M Forrest, Ethelbert Of Sullivan twp. M. Miss Diantha J. Rice of Richmond twp. At Mansfield Nov 15th by Rev. S. Rhinevault
1888 14-Nov M Forsythe, L. Louise m. Charles E. Jennings, both of Wellsboro there “last Wed.”
1888 01-Aug B Foster Son to D. L. of Fall Brook b. at Mansfield Jul 11th (her father’s P. N. Tuttle)
1888 01-Feb M Foster, William O. Of Gaines m. Miss Abbey Forley, same, at Addison, NY., Jan 19th by Eugene Wade, Esq.
1888 02-May M Fowler, William m. Miss Hary Logan, both of Antrim, there, Apr 24th by Rev. W. Young
1888 11-Jan D Freeborn, Mrs. Cynthia d. Knoxville, Jan 10th
1888 25-Apr D Friends Infant of James of Millerton d. (no date)
1888 23-May M Frost, Frank W. m. Maggie M. Kendrick at Covington May 20th by L. B. Smith, Esq.
1888 08-Aug D Frost, James T. d. Frost Settlement Aug 2nd, age nearly 70; had: Benjamin F. of Blossburg; Thomas W. of Sullivan; Charles D. of Covington; Mrs. Frank Palmer, Sullivan; Mrs. G. N. Welch, Mansfield; buried Frost Cemetery; heart trouble
1888 22-Feb M Fulkerson, Jerry m. Miss Amanda Thomas, both of Liberty, at Lawrenceville, Feb 12th
1888 30-May M Furman, Low B. m. Reuben A. Housberger, both of Gaines, at her home May 16th by Rev. C. Allatt; she dau of A. K. Furman
1888 07-Mar M Furman, Martha M. Of Canton m. Benjamin Middaugh of Union Twp at Elmira, NY., Mar 1st
1888 03-Oct M Gage, Melvin  Of Roaring Branch m. Miss Grace Rice of Union twp. at Elmira, NY., Sep 20th
1888 25-Jul D Gaige, Perry d. Jackson twp (no date)
1888 31-Oct D Galusha Son of Luman of Kelleytown (Richmond twp.) d. “last Thur.” age 22 mos.
1888 06-Jun B Gardner Son to John of Brookfield, May 28th
1888 14-Mar M Gardner, Belle Of Westfield m. Grand Goodenough of Port Allegany at Whitesville, NY., Mar 3rd
1888 08-Feb D Gardner, Sylvanus d. Potter Brook Feb 1st, age 64
1888 24-Oct M Garrison, Jennie Of Steam Valley m. Elmer J. Weiskopff of Liberty (no date or place)
1888 22-Feb D Gass, John C. d. Delmar twp Feb 15th, age 79, at home of Charles Copertick; bright’s disease
1888 11-Jul D Gaylord, Sanford d. Elmira, NY., “last Fri.”, b. Dec 10th 1835 to Alvin Gaylord, m. 1861 Frances Miller of Canandaigua, NY., m. 2nd Sarah Wilkes of Corning, NY. – 1 son; brother of Henry Gaylord of Mansfield; buried Hope Cemetery Mansfield; heart
1888 08-Aug M Geer, Joe H.  m. Mrs. Rachel Anderson at her parents home (William Hollands), Mansfield Aug 7th by Rev. J. Woodward
1888 07-Mar D Geer, Mathew B. d. Tioga “last Wed.”, age 45, Civil War vet
1888 25-Apr D Geer, Seth W.,  d. Monroeville, Pa (no date), brother of S. M. Geer of Tioga
1888 06-Jun D George, Joseph Of Babbs Creek d. “last Sun.”, age 65, at county house
1888 11-Apr M Gernon, Joseph m. Mary J. Harrington, both of Blossburg, at Blossburg Apr 5th
1888 02-May D Getter, Joseph,  d. Tioga “last Thur.”, age 78
1888 07-Nov M Gibbs, Emma E. Of Borden, NY. m. Harry F. Mack of Mansfield, at her home Nov 1st by Rev. J. Jarman; she dau. Of E. H. Gibbs of Borden
1888 14-Mar M Gibbs, William B. m. Miss Ida M. Hosier, both of Delmar twp., at Wellsboro Mar 3rd by A. S. Brewster, Esq.
1888 17-Oct M Gifford, Addie m. Frank Husted, both of Millerton (no date or place)
1888 24-Oct D Gilbert, Henry Of Blossburg d. near Covington “Mon.” had res. Blossburg 20 yrs., railroad accident
1888 28-Mar M Gilbert, Lelia A. G. Of Cherry Flats m. Charles Parsons, same, (no place or date)
1888 17-Oct M Gilbert, Mary m. Frederick P. Palen, both of Leetonia, at her home Oct 10th by Rev. Mathews
1888 04-Apr D Giles, Benjamin d. Jamestown, NY., Mar 27th, age 77, father of Mrs. A. M. Roy of Wellsboro
1888 04-Apr M Gilkey, Susie Of Austinville, m Samuel Dangle of Wellsboro at Lindley, NY., Mar 27th
1888 11-Apr M Gilkey, Susie Of Austinburg m. John Reitter of Brookfield twp. at Troupsburg, NY., Apr 2nd by Rev. J. Stevens
1888 12 & 19 Dec D Gitchell, Miss Ruth d. Mainesburg “last Thur. – Dec. 6th”, pneumonia
1888 31-Oct M Gleason, Fred D. Of Elkland m. Mrs. Amelia Smith of Knoxville at Elkland, Oct 24th by Rev. C. Weeks
1888 21-Mar B Gmaner Son to Perter of East Point (no date)
1888 14-Mar M Goodenough, Grant Of Port Allegany m. Miss Belle Gardner of Westfield at Whitesville, NY., Mar 3rd
1888 08-Aug B Goodspeed Dau. to J. C. of Knoxville, Jul 28th
1889 02-Jan M Goodwin, Addie m. Lee West, both of Crooked Creek, at Tioga “Christmas” by Rev. S. Moon
1888 21-Mar M Goodwin, Matilda m. Eddy Handy, both of Deerfield twp., at Addison, NY., Mar 14th by E. Wade, Esq.
1888 23-May M Graley, Alma m. Samuel Kendrick at Covingotn Apr 15th by L. B. Smith Esq.
1888 16-May B Graves Dau. To Frederick W. of Wellsboro, May 4th
1888 11-Jan B Graves Dau. To Henry of Covington (no date)
1888 10-Oct D Graves, Alfred,  d. Copp Hollow “Wed.”, age about 30 – 1 child; buried “New Cemetery”, Covington
1888 18-Apr M Green, Claud S. m. Miss Lizzie J. Seafore, both of Blossburg, at Corning, NY., Apr 2nd by Rev. Millspaugh
1888 18-Apr M Green, Freemont M. m. Miss Katie E. Hyde, both of Tioga, at Elmira, NY., Apr 3rd by Rev. W. Henry
1888 26-Dec M Grenell, Clarence Formerly of Lawrenceville, m. “recently in Brainerd, Minn
1888 14 & 21 Nov D Griffin, C. H.,  d. Trowbridge (Jackson twp.) “last Fri.”, left 4 adult children; Civil War wounds
1888 07-Mar M Griffin, Mary E. Of Sabinsville m. Emmet C. Failing of Rexville, NY., at Addison, NY., Feb 27th
1888 18-Jan M Griswold, Bertha R. m. Charles W. Teeter, both of Ward, Pa., at Elmira, NY., Jan 3rd by Rev. M. Dewitt
1889 02-Jan M Hackett, Addie C. m. Samuel J. Strawn, both of Niles Valley at Wawrenceville (no date)
1888 21-Mar D Haight, Rosabelle d. Mansfield Mar 15th, age 18, dau. Of O. T. and Sarah M. Haight, b. Mainesburg Oct 15th 1869; consumption
1888 18-Jul D Hall(i)nan, Patrick Of East Union, d. “last wek”, age 96
1888 19-Dec M Hall, Annie m. Frank Rice, both of Arnot, at Wellsboro Dec 13th by Rev. A. Shaw
1888 31-Oct M Hall, B. F. Of Elmira, NY., m. Miss Christine Benger of Fall Brook at Dundee, NY., “last Wed.”
1888 07-Nov D Hall, Emma Elizabeth d. Mansfield Oct 17th, age 21 yrs., 9mos., dau of W. B and Sarah M. Hall, funeral and burial Mainesburg
1888 18-Jan D Hall, P. C. Formerly of Elkland, d. Elmira, NY., “recently”, age 45
1888 03-Oct D Hall, William  d. Rutland twp. “Fri.”, at home of son Leonard, suicide
1888 29-Feb M Hallinan, James m. Miss Minnie Reed, both of Morris Run, at Blossburg Feb 14th by Father Murphy
1888 11-Jul D Hallinan, Mrs. Thomas Buried “recently” in Cath. Cemetery Addison, NY., formerly Miss Rosetta Jane Smith of East Charleston
1888 29-Feb M Hammond, Arthur G. m. Miss Mattie L. Simmonds, both of Middlebury, at Corning, NY., Feb 22nd by Rev. R. Hammond.
1888 21-Mar M Handy, Eddy  m. Matilda Goodwin, both of Deerfield twp., at Addison, Ny., Mar 14th by E. Wade, Esq.
1888 12-Dec D Hanmer, Mrs. Calvin d., buried Tioga “Sat.”, age 82, a former resident
1888 15-Feb D Hanyen, Mrs. Abigail d. Elmira, NY., “last Fri.”, age 86, b. Putnam Co., NY, - to Elmira 1860; mother C. B. Hanyen of Rutland twp.; “a Quaker”
1888 03-Oct D Harding, Edward d. Covington “Mon.”, son of G. S. Harding; buried “New Cemetery”, Covington
1888 29-Feb B Harkins Son to Will of Fall Brook, Feb 21st
1888 02-May D Harkins Son of William of Fall Brook d. “today”. 2 mos. Old.
1888 17-Oct M Harmon, Edith m. Ray S. Houghton, both of Wellsboro, at her home Oct 10th
1888 21-Mar B Harrer Dau. To Jacob of East Point (no date)
1888 11-Apr M Harrington, Mary J. m. Joseph Gernon, both of Blossburg, at Blossburg Apr 5th
1888 14-Nov D Harris, Joseph d. Jackson twp., Lycoming Co. (no date), age 71, pioneer settler Liberty twp
1888 01-Aug M Harris, Mary J. Of Morris Run m. Delbert D. Martin of Blossburg at Elmira, NY., Jul 26th by Rev. M. Dewitt
1888 15-Feb B Hart Son to F. P. of Wellsboro, Feb 13th
1888 14-Nov B Hart Son to Job of Wellsboro, Nov 4th
1888 18-Apr M Hartsock, Emma m. Grant Sebring, both of Liberty, at Elmira, NY., Apr 5th by Rev. W. Henry
1888 28-Mar M Hasker, John m. Miss Eva Derbyshire, both of Delmar twp., at her home by Rev. S. Mathews (no date)
1888 12-Dec M Haven, Byron S. m. Effie L. King, both of Westfield, at residence of George Widger, Troupsburg, NY., Dec 1st by Rev. J. Hayes
1888 01-Aug Hawley, Eliza A. Of Woodhull, NY., m. Adelbert A. Baker of Osceola, July 25th by Rev. G. Varnum
1888 06-Jun D Hawthorne Dau. Of John of Ogdensburg d. (no date)
1888 05-Sep B Hay Dau. To Robert of Fall Brook, Sep 2nd
1888 26-Dec M Hazlett, Frank R. m. Miss Ella M. Taylor, of Osceola “last Thur.” by Rev. S. Moon
1888 04-Apr D Hazlett, Archibald d. Middlebury Mar 16th, age 80-85, brother of Goerge of Tioga, grandfather of Dr. Hazlett of Covington
1888 08-Feb D Hazlett, Samuel d. Nelson “last Sun.”, age 71, a “life-long resident”
1888 07-Mar M Heckman, Ell Synder m. Alpheus B. Cole, both of Elkland, at Elkland Feb 27th by Rev. S. Moon
1888 05-Sep D Hector Child of Jacob of Sabinsville d. “last week Mon.”, whopping cough
1888 18-Apr M Heeley, Rilla Of Troupsburt, NY. m. Francis M. Clarry of Cherry Flats at Troupsburg Apr 5th by O. McFarland, Esq.
1888 01-Aug B Hendry Twin boys to Andrew of Fall Brook (no date)
1888 29-Feb B Herden Son to Henry of Wellsboro, Feb 20th
1888 07-Nov M Herman, Isaiah  Of Blossburg m. Miss Annie Whitehouse of Fall Brook at Blossburg Oct 25th by A. Schopp, Esq.
1889 02-Jan M Herman, John W. m Mattie L. Levalley of Covington at Covington (no date); she dau. Of H. G. Levalley
1888 11-Jan B Herrman Dau to Casper of Covington (no date)
1888 11-Jan M Heysham, Samuel R Of Hornellsville, NY., m. Miss Cora E. Bates of Nelson at Addison, NY., by Rev. J. Blades (no date)
1888 03-Oct D Hickey, George d. Keeneyville “recently”, buried Lawrenceville, “an old citizen”
1888 10-Oct D Hillier, John d. Mansfield Oct 6th, age 74yrs., 10 mos.; natie of England, came first to Jersey Shore, resident of Mansfield area bout 30 yrs., his sons: Samuel W. of Mansfield, W. H. of Mechanicsburg, Pa., : sons-in-law: T. H. Bailey, C. E. Claus, J. A. Elliott all of Mansfield
1888 22-Aug D Hillier, John E.,  d. Sharon, Pa., funeral there Aug 19th, buried there, age 52; father of John of Mansfield; Brother S. W., Mansfield; Mrs. T. H. Bailey, Mrs. J. A. Elliott, Mrs. C. E. Claus, all Mansfield; W. H. Hillier and Mrs. A. B. Cummings of Mechanicsburg, Pa.
1888 27-Jun M Hitchcock, Etta Of Covington m. David Campbell of Addison, NY., at Addison Jun 20th
1889 02-Jan M Hoag, Jennie Of Arnot m. Lafayette Odell, of Mansfield at Elmira, NY., Dec 26th by Rev. M. Dewitt
1889 02-Jan M Hoag, Mary Of Mansfield m. Luman Cleveland at Lawrenceville (no date)
1888 25-Jan B Holbert Son to Charles of Knoxville, Jan 13th
1888 05-Sep M Holcomb, Burton Z. Of Troy m. Clara E. Smith of Mainesburg at Elmira, NY., Aug 22nd by Rev. M. DeWitt (SRGP 9849 / 8406)
1888 19-Sep M Holcomb, George A. Of Troy m. Miss Kate M. Rumsey of Mainesburg at Elmira, NY., Sep 13th by Rev. C. Ferguson
1888 14-Mar B Holiday Son to V. B. of Crooked Creek, Mar 12th
1888 02-May M Holiday, Nettie Of Crooked Creek “over the state line” m. Irvin Lewis (no date)
1888 11-Apr B Hood Dau. To Frank of Farmington twp. (no date)
1888 18-Apr B Hopkins Son to James of Crooked Creek, Apr 8th
1889 02-Jan M Horlacher, Kate E. Of Montoursville m. Percy M. Bullard, of Newberry, Pa. “recently”. He formerly of Wellsboro, she of Mansfield.
1888 14-Mar M Horton, Sylvia Of Dansville, NY., m. W. B. Warren of Marshfield, at Hamden, NY., Feb 29th by Rev. M. Cummings
1888 14-Mar M Hosier, Ida M. m. William B. Gibbs, both of Delmar twp., at Wellsboro Mar 3rd by A. S. Brewster, Esq.
1888 11-Apr M Hotelling, Estella m. William B. West, both of Keeneyville, there Apr 5th by G. D. Keeney, Esq.
1888 17-Oct M Houghton, Ray S.,  m. Edith Harmon, both of Wellsboro, at her home Oct 10th
1888 30-May M Housberger, Reuben A. m. Low B. Furman, both of Gaines, at her home May 16th by Rev. C. Allatt; she dau. Of A. K. Furman
1888 12-Sep D Houser, Xavier Of Mauvoo, d. (no date), age 72, been there 40 yrs.
1888 29-Aug B Howard Dau to E. R. of Lawrenceville (no date)
1888 07-Nov B Howe Dau to H. of Mansfield, Nov 6th
1888 18-Apr B Howe Son to Josiah of Crooked Creek, Mar 12th
1888 07-Mar D Howe, Mrs. J.  Of Farmington twp. d. Feb 21st, nee Hattie Dewitt of Jackson
1888 02-May M Howell, Hannah Of Charleston, m. John Cook of Northumberland Co. at Wellsboro Apr 16th by Rev. S. Mathews.
1888 16-May D Howland Son of David & Minnie of Rutland twp. d. “last Thur.”, age 3; grandson of Stephen Horton of Richmond twp

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