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From Newspaper Records from Tioga County PA , Volume Six, Births, Deaths & Marriages abstracted from the Mansfield Advertiser 1888 through 1895 by Mary Kingsley. Originally published 1984.  All data copied from newspaper file as it appeared in the record using their spelling.  Permission for reprinting on the Tri-County Web Sites given by Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd, series coordinator, in 1997. Retyped by Elaine Frey, Formatted and published by Joyce M .Tice 2004

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Date    M Name Notice
1888 11-Apr D Mahonski, Mrs. John d. Mansfield “Thur.”, age 39, b. Austria, came here 1872; had 8 children including week-old baby; funeral at Blossburg; pureial fever
1888 01-Aug B Mallon Dau. To John of Fall Brook (no date)
1888 07-Nov B Maloney Dau. To Michael of Blossburg (no date)
1888 24-Oct D Maloy, Mrs. Of Fall Brook d. Dubois, Pa., “last Wed.” buried Blossburg
1888 10-Oct M Managan, Susie Of Elk Run m. Mark Smith “last Tue.” At Timothy Smith’s in Mansfield; he son Northrup Smith of Sullivan
1888 03-Oct D Mann, Gurdon C. (Gurd) d. Corning, NY., “last Thur.”, former resident of Tioga, buried Evergreen Cemetery, Tioga, left children
1888 29-Feb D Mann, Janett Lamb d. Romeo, McComb Co., Mich., Jan 29th, age 54 yrs., 7mos., 19 das.; b. in Tioga Co. Jun 11th 1833, m. 1859 H. J. Mann and went to Mich.; no children living; sister Mrs. Thomas Warters and Mrs. Horace Kelts, Lambs Creek
1888 03-Oct D Manning, Lewis d. Westfield Sep 25th, age 85, left 2nd wife and 7 children, been there in Harrison Valley 50 years
1888 12-Dec D Mansfield, Rev. Amos d. Rutland twp. “Fri.”, b. Dumertan, Windham Co., VT. Mar 2nd 1800, m. 1825 Miss Eliza Thompson of Dewitt, NY., 2nd m. Miss Hettie Dewitt, dau. Of Rev. John Dewitt of Roseville; donated land for Rutland Hill Church
1888 17-Oct M Margraff, Fred Of Wellsboro m. Miss Kate Blake of Antrim at Wellsboro Oct 10th by Rev. M. Laynott
1888 22-Feb M Marks, Ella L. m. Edd G. Close, both of Round Top (Delmar twp), at her home Feb 15th by Rev. A. Cole
1888 08-Feb M Marlatt, Hannah N. Of Troupsburg, NY., m. Ulysses H. Jackson of Lansing, at Troupsburg Jan 29th by O. L. McFarland, Esq.
1888 07-Mar M Marlatt, Nancy M. Of Bingham, Pa. m. Silas B. Niver of Sabinsville, at Addison, NY., Mar 1st
1888 08-Aug M Martin, Clarence E. m. Miss Anna C. Ellis, both of Westfield there Aug 1st by Rev. D. Parcells
1888 01-Aug M Martin, Delbert D. Of Blossburg m. Miss Mary J. Harris of Morris Run at Elmira, NY., Jul 26th by Rev. M. Dewitt
1888 18-Jul M Martin, John B. m. Miss Matilda Stanton, both of Westfield, at Addison, NY., Jul 6th by E. Wade, Esq.
1888 11-Jan M Marvin, Frank Formerly of Covington m. Miss Jean F. Pollock of Antrim (no date)
1888 13-Jun B Mascho Dau. To Vell. Of Brrokfield twp., Jun 4th
1889 02-Jan B Mase Dau. To Daniel of East Point (Liberty twp) – no date
1888 29-Feb M Mase, Murray m. Miss Ida Sheffer, both of Liberty, at Elmira, NY., Feb 16th by Rev. W. Henry
1888 14 & 21 Nov B Mason Son to E. H. of Knoxville, Nov 6th
1888 02-May B Mason Son to William of Morris Run (no date)
1888 07-Nov M Mason, George N. m. Miss Addie V. Dewey, both of Hardtmoor, at Wellsburg, NY., Oct 30th by Rev. Van Tuyler
1888 14-Nov B Mastin Son to N. W. of East Charleston, Nov 6th
1888 01-Aug D Matson Son of Ed. Jr. of Marsh Creek d. “last week”, age 4, burned
1888 06-Jun M Matthews, Myrtle Of Liberty m. George Johnson of Roaring Branch at Wellsboro May 25th by A. S. Brewster, Esq.
1888 04-Jul B Mattison Dau. To S. of Knoxville (no date)
1889 02-Jan M Mattoon, Gilbert m. Isabel McConnell of Summit at Wellsboro (no date)
1888 16-May D Maurer, Mrs. Adam d. Philadelphia “last week”, former resident of Lawrenceville; heart
1888 28-Nov B Maynard Son to Albert of Mann Creek, Nov 19th
1888 27-Jun M Maynard, Louise P. Of Williamsport m. Edwin M. Baldwin of Tioga at Williamsport Jun 21st by Rev. G. Foley, she dau. Of Guy B. Maynard
1888 10-Oct M McAllaster, David m. Miss Ruth Adams of Tioga (no date)
1888 09-May M McCann, Frank m. Miss Ellen Ryan, both of Fall Brook, there “last Wed.”
1888 29-Aug D McCarling Young son of Widow McCarlin of Osceola d. “last Wed.”
1888 28-Nov D McCarthy, Mrs. Elizabeth d. Blossburg Nov. (no date), age 74
1888 28-Mar D McCarty, Edward Of Arnot d. “last Sat.” near Blossburg, railroad accident
1888 25-Jul D McClelland, Mrs. Marth d. Wells, Bradford Co. “recently”, former resident of Millerton
1889 02-Jan M McConnell, Isabel Of Summit m. Gilbert Mattoon at Wellsboro (no date)
1888 24-Oct M McCoy, Frank Of Covington m. “a few das. Since”
1888 05-Dec M McDermott, Anthony Of Blossburg m. Miss Libbie Austin of Ogdensburg at Blossburg Nov 28th by Rev. P. Murphy
1888 13-Jun M McEntee, E. A. Of Fall Brook m. Miss Mary Adams of Charleston at Charleston Jun 6th by Rev. A. Shaw
1888 05-Dec M McEntee, John m. Miss Maggie Woods, both of Blossburg at Blossburg Nov 28th
1888 24-Oct D McEwen, James d. Fall Brook “a few das. Since” of consumption
1888 05-Sep M McIntyre, David Formerly of Blossburg m. Miss Kate Truman, formerly of Wellsboro, at Ithaca, NY. (her home) Aug 22nd
1888 26-Dec D McIntyre, Patrick Of Clearfield Co., d. Williamsport “Tue.”, buried Blossburg “Fri.”; had brother in Blossburg; left children
1888 20-Jun M McKeel, Huldah Of Leroy m. Herman P. Welch of Mainesburg at Leroy, Jun 7th
1888 28-Nov M McKinney, H. B. Of Jersey Shore m. Miss Ella Leib of Wellsboro at her home Nov 22nd
1888   B McLean Dau. To E. J. of Brookfield twp., Apr 18th
1888 17-Oct M McNiel, John T. Of Westfield m. Miss Kate Newcome of Galeton at Elmira NY., Sep 20th
1888 18-Jan M McNinch, Lizzie m. Will O. Scott, both of Westfield, at her home Jan 1st by Rev. D. Parcells
1888 9 & 16 May M Meridth, Francis Of Picture Rock m. Miss Lizzie Estep of Ward twp. at her home May 2nd by Rev. D. Porter
1888 16-May M Merrick, A. R. Formerly of Millerton m. Nellie Miller of Lock Haven, Pa., at Elmira, NY., Apr 11th
1888 23-May D Messing, Mrs. Walter d. Millerton “last week”, left 6 children
1888 25-Jul D Messner, Jacob Of East Point d. Cogan Valley, Pa., age 60
1888 25-Jan M Metcalf, Zoa M. Of Westfield m. Rufus Camp of Academy Corners at Addison, NY., Jan 19th by Rev. W. Searles
1888 29-Aug B Middaug Son of Oscar of Fall Brook (no date)
1888 11-Jul M Middaugh, Arthur G. m. Jennie Stratton, both of Ogdensburg, at Elmira NY., Jul 3rd by Rev. M. Dewitt
1888 07-Mar M Middaugh, Benjamin Of Union twp. m. Martha M. Furman of Canton at Elmira, NY., Mar 1st
1888 02-May D Middaugh, Mrs. Margaret d. Tioga Junction Apr 20th, age about 50, wife of John, left 1 son and 1 dau.; drowned.
1888 18-Jul M Miles, Lant m. Miss Minnie Brown, both of Nelson, at Addison, NY., Jul 11th by E. Wade, Esq.
1888 22-Aug B Milld Dau. To Dr. J. N. of Fall Brook, Aug 19th
1888 09-May M Miller, Genie m. E. L. Russell, both of Blossburg at her home May 1st
1888 15-Feb M Miller, Motte Of Horseheads, NY., m. Miss Mabel Warner of Aspinwall, at her home Feb 8th by Rev. H. Armstrong
1888 10-Oct M Miller, Mrs. Levi m. P. S. Ripley, both of Richmond twp., at Mansfield “last week Tue.”
1888 16-May M Miller, Nellie Of Lock Haven, Pa. m. A. R. Merrick formerly of Millerton at Elmira, NY., Apr 11th
1888 13-Jun D Mitchell Son of Austin Mitchell of Mitchells Mills d. (no date)
1888 01-Aug D Mitchell, Mrs. A. N. d. Hornellsville, NY., Jul 29th, age 83, funeral in Elmira, NY., mother of Mrs. H. H. Lamb, Mansfield; Mrs. Daniel Bergott, Hornellsville, NY.
1888 18-Jan M Moffat, Mrs. Anna J. Of Titusville, Pa., m. D. C. Ford of Lawrenceville at Painted Post, NY., Jan 14th by Rev. Wakeman
1888 17-Oct M Moon, Nellie m. Walter Parkhurst, both of Elkland, there “tomorrow”
1888 03-Oct D Moore Infant dau. Of Jennie of Blossburg d. Sep 25th, buried Jobs Corners
1888 07-Nov D Morris, Rev. Joseph d. East Point “last week”, “aged and esteemed”
1888 28-Mar D Munn, Edward d. Mansfield “Fri.”, age 38, 2 children, resident in Potter Co.
1888 25-Apr B Myers Son of Fred of Wellsboro, Apr 14th
1888 15-Aug D Nash, Mrs. Phebe d. Sullivan twp Aug 11th, mother of Mrs. A. Lownsbery of Covington, grandmother of Miss Dora Dewey of Sullivan twp.
1888 18-Aug B Nearing Dau. To L. of Morris Run (no date)
1888 24-Oct B Nelson Dau. To Cass W. of Antrim, Oct 20th
1888 09-May D Neson, Two children of Jonathan of Wellsboro d. May 5th, Oliver Robert, age 13, Mazie Adele, age 2; spinal meningitis
1888 17-Oct M Newcome, Kate Of Galeton m. John T. McNiel of Westfield at Elmira NY., Sep 20th
1888 15-Aug D Newell, Mrs. Henry d. Armenia Aug 4th, age 35, dropsy
1888 18-Jan M Newmans, Will m. Miss Alta Lamb, both of Academy Corners, at Troupsburg, NY., by U. Atwood, Esq., Dec 24th 1887
1888 27-Jun B Nichols Son to George of Richmond twp., Jun 20th
1888 25-Apr D Nichols, Julius C., d. Apr 20th Richmond twp., age 30, adopted son of Gardner Longwell, buried Mansfield, consumption, he had 6 brothers.
1888 07-Nov D Nichols, Mrs. Josephine Morley d. near Mansfield Nov 3rd, age 30, wife of G. P., left 1 child living; consumption; step-dau. Of Mrs. Gardner Longwell.
1888 15-Feb B Niles Son to Aaron R. of Wellsboro, Feb 7th
1888 28-Nov M Niles, George m. Edith Tipple of Charleston at her home Nov 21st by Rev. Wolfe; she dau. Of Elias Tipple
1888 07-Mar M Niver, Silas B. Of Sabinsville m. Nancy M. Marlatt of Bingham, Pa., at Addison, NY., Mar 1st
1888 15-Aug M Norgren, Matilda m. Gustaf Anderson, both of Antrim, at Wellsboro Aug 13th by Rev. W. Ware
1888 17-Oct B Nowakowski Dau. To Andrew, Blossburg, Oct 7th
1888 18-Jan B Nowiski John, Jack, Andrew father of triplets at Morris Run (no date)
1888 17-Oct M O’Connor, Daniel Of Arnot m. Miss Winifred Roche of Milwaukee, Wisc., at Arnot Oct 10th by Rev. P. Murphy
1888 08-Feb D Odell, Alexander d. Mansfield Jan 30th, age 87 yrs., 7mos., b. Jul 11th 1801 Dryden, NY., m. 1832 Anna Beaty of Spencer, NY., been here since 1844; children (1st wife): Horace of Mansfield, Judson, deceased; Kate (Mrs. Frank) Maynard, Mansfi8eld; Charlotte (Mrs. Mart) Smith, Canoe Camp; Julia (Mrs. O.) Cleveland, Mann Creek; Louise (Mrs. Edward) Maynard, Mansfield; Marilla Austin, Troy, was his 2nd wife, had: Emaline (Mrs. Wm.) Lamphier, Owego, NY; Lafayette, Mansfield; Jane (Mrs. Chas.) Lovell, Mann Creek; Effie, Mansfield; Elsie (Mrs. E. N.) Bentley, Mansfield; Oscar, Mansfield; he buried Frost Settlement Cemetery.
1889 02-Jan M Odell, Lafayette Of Mansfield m. Jennie Hoag of Arnot at Elmira, NY., Dec. 26th by Rev. M. Dewitt
1888 22-Aug M Ogden, Eugene Of Corning, NY., m. Bridget Kelly of Morris Run at Blossburg “Wed.” by Father Murphy
1888 14-Nov M Ogden, Mertie Of Blossburg m. Albert Jenkins, same (when and where?)
1888 18-Apr M Oliver, Lewis Of Blossburg m. Miss Anna Swartwood of Mitchells, Pa., at Elmira, NY., Apr 7th by Rev. W. Henry
1888 25-Jan D Oppenheim Infant of A. of Blossburg d. Jan 15th
1888 20-Jun M Orcutt, Frank W. Of Lawrenceville m. Miss Minnie A. Sherwood of Mansfield at Lindley, NY., by Rev. L. Ayres (no date)
1888 18-Apr B Osborn Son to Albert of Stony Fork, Apr 1st
1888 13-Jun M Osborn, FrankB. Of Delmar twp., m. Miss Martha Batz of Wellsboro at Wellsboro Jun 6th by A. S. Brewster, Esq.
1888 02-May B Osborne Dau. To William of Mansfield, Apr 28th
1888 02-May B Ouderkirk Son to Mrs. Of Elkland (no date)
1888 11-Jul M Overfield, Nan Of Meshoppen, Pa., m. Waldo Bailey of Mansfield Jun 27th
1888 25-Jul D Overhart, Fred Of Corning, NY., d. “Thur.” at Ansonia, age 23, drowned in fall off train
1888 28-Mar D Owens, Mrs. Mark, d. Arnot, Mar 20th
1888 09-May D Packard, Frederick L. Of Oakland, Calif., May 2nd, son of S. S. of Covington, brother Mrs. Chas. B. Wing of Lawrenceville.
1888 07-Nov D Packard, Robbin d. Mainesburg “Sat.”, age 11, only child of N. R. Packard, gun accident
1888 08-Aug B Padgett Dau. Ot O. G. of Wellsboro, Aug 2nd
1888 10-Oct M Page, Kittie Of Elkland m. Wolfe, Edward C. of St. Joseph,s, Missouri (no date)
1888 17-Oct M Palen, Frederick P. m. Miss Mary Gilbert, both of Leetonia, at her home Oct 10th by Rev. Mathews
1888 18-Jan M Palmer, E. S. Of Trout Run m. __________ from New Jersey
1888 02-May M Palmer, Matie Of Millerton, m. Fred L. Jennings of Elmira, NY. “today”
1888 11-Jul D Palmer, Mrs. Leonard d. “recently” at Lindley, NY., buried Wellsboro Cemetery, a former co. resident
1888 29-Aug D Parker, John d. Sunderlinville Aug 15th, left 3 sons and 2 dau.
1888 01-Feb D Parkhurst, Baldwin d. Mainesburg Jan 26th, age 56, son of Dexter, brother of P. D., Painted Post, NY.; Philemon of Auburn, NY.; Frank, Mainesburg; late Joel of Elkland; he was b. Mansfield, had wife, no children
1888 23-May D Parkhurst, Mrs. J. C. d. Lawrenceville “last week Mon.”, 3 children
1888 17-Oct M Parkhurst, Walter m. Miss Nellie Moon, both of Elkland, there “tomorrow”
1888 19-Sep D Parshall, Hazel d. Westfield, infant dau. Of J. W. Parshall
1888 28-Mar M Parsons, Charles Of Cherry Flats m. Lelia A. G. Gilbert, same, (no place or date)
1888 14-Nov D Partridge, Mrs. Rachel, d. Charleston Nov 7th, age 68, widow of Chester Partridge; mother of Mrs. Ransom Bailey, Miss Eva P. of Charleston; Mrs. McKane of Watsontown; Albert Partridge of Wellsboro
1888 12-Sep D Partt Dau of John of West Lawrence d. (no dates), age 11
1888 28-Mar M Patterson, Ida m. Robert Rosser at Morris Run Mar 16th by Rev. J. Evans
1888 04-Jul B Paul Dau to Mr. _____ of Knoxville (no date)
1888 06-Jun M Paul, Fred m. Miss Anna Rice, both of Knoxville, at Woodhull, NY., May 27th by Rev. G. Abrams
1888 02-Aug B Paulhamus Son to James of Fall Brook, Aug 2nd
1888 02-May M Peake, Hiel Of Charleston m. Mrs. Mary A. Clark of Chatham twp. at Troupsburg, NY., Apr 29th by Elder Hunt
1888 23-May D Pease, Cynthia Of Westfield d. Sunderlinville May 11th, age 88, pheumonia
1888 04-Apr M Pease, Frank m. Kit West, both of Crooked Creek, Mar 25th
1888 12-Dec B Peck Son to H. L. of Blossburg (no date)
1888 23-May B Peck Dau. To John of Tioga “last week”
1888 30-May D Peck, Andrew d. at brother Emerson’s in Mardin “last Fri.”, consumption
1888 04-Jul D Pedalty, Mrs. James d. Morris Run “last week”
1888 02-May D Peters, Mr. d. Crooked Creek “Sun.”, age 75 – 80, father of James Peters; heart
1888 12-Sep D Peters, Mrs. Clarinda E. d. Mainesburg Sep 10th, age 59; left 3 sons, 4 daus., wife of D. S. Peters
1888 21-Nov M Peterson, Carrie m. Aurdo Anderson, both of Arnot, at Elmira, NY., Nov. 6th by Rev. M. DeWitt
1888 16-May D Phelps, George A., d. Osceola “last Sun.”, age 80, funeral Nelson “yest.”, he d. at granddau. Mrs. Will Humphrey’s, brother of late Gilbert and Oliver Phelps of Mansfield; resident of Nelson
1889 02-Jan M Phelps, Lena Of Tioga m. Harry Smith, same, at Tioga “last week Wed.” by Rev. P. Robottom; she dau of W. C. Phelps; he son of C. E. Smith
1888 26-Sep M Phelps, Wellington L. m. Miss Nan E. Lloyd of Mansfield at Elmira, NY., “last Tue.” By Rev. M. Dewitt
1889 02-Jan D Phillips, Libbius d. Addison, NY., “recently”, former resident of Fall Brook
1888 22-Feb B Pierce Son to William of Nelson (no date)
1888 11-Apr M Pitts, Levi W. Of Wellsboro m. Hannah Evans of Welsh Settlement at Wellsboro Mar 28th; she dau. Of Evan Evans
1888 18-Apr M Plank, John m. Miss Anna Aldrich, both of Tioga, at Elmira, NY., Apr 4th by Rev. W. Henry
1888 07-Mar D Poley, George d. Knoxville, Feb 28th, age 2 yrs., son of George
1888 11-Jan M Pollock, Jean F. Of Antrim m. Frank Marvin formerly of Covington (no date)
1888 22-Aug M Porter, Geary m. Sarah Anderson, both of Elkland, at Canton, Pa., Aug 9th by Rev. B. Tracy
1888 13-Jun B Potter Son to Charles of Westfield, Jun 4th
1888 22-Feb M Potter, Fred Of Middlebury m. Miss Jessie G. Beach of Little Marsh Feb. 15th by Rev. W. Rice (where?)
1888 19-Sep D Powers, William d. Richmond twp. Sep 13th, b. Rensselaer Cp/. MU/ Aig 20tj 1912. m. Jan 1st 1839 Jane A. Vedder of Trexton, Cortland Co., NY; had 8 children, left; Spencer C. of Elmira, NY.; Orville F., Stony Fork; W. Vedder, Nicholas D., Mrs. Jennie H. Vedder of Mansfield; Walker E., Rincon, Cal.; he came here 1849 from Cayuga Co., NY.
1888 21-Nov B Pratt Dau to Vine R. of Mansfield, Nov 17th
1888 26-Dec B Pregor Son to Louis of Blossburg (no date)
1888 02-May M Price, Isaac m. Miss Sarah Broughton, both of Morris, at Wellsboro Apr 19th, by A. S. Brewster, Esq.

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