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From Newspaper Records from Tioga County PA , Volume Six, Births, Deaths & Marriages abstracted from the Mansfield Advertiser 1888 through 1895 by Mary Kingsley. Originally published 1984.  All data copied from newspaper file as it appeared in the record using their spelling.  Permission for reprinting on the Tri-County Web Sites given by Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd, series coordinator, in 1997. Retyped by Elaine Frey, Formatted and published by Joyce M .Tice 2004

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Date    M Name Notice
1888 23-May D Price, Martin d. Nauvoo May 10th, age 77
1888 01-Aug D Price, Mrs. d. Covington Jul 24th, age 88, at home of dau. Mrs. A. L. Johnson
1888 08-Aug D Purcell, Mrs. James d. Arnot, Jul 30th
1888 04-Jan M Purtle, Thomas Of Mann Creek m. Miss Linnie Schaffer of Mansfield at Lindley, NY., Jan 1st 1888, she dau. Of Joseph Schaffer
1888 29-Feb M Putnam, Vial A. m. Miss Bertha Bergin, both of Wellsboro at Ansonia Feb 23rd by Rev. A. Shaw
1888 16-May B Putram Dau. To V. of Wellsboro, May 4th
1888 23-May D Quimby, Robert L.  Of Delmar twp. d. “Fri.”, age 50, 9 children, buried Stony Fork Cemetery; kicked by horse.
1888 05-Dec Randall, Mrs. S. d. Blossburg Nov 28th, age 55
1888 01-Aug M Rankin, Jennie m. Alonzo Day of Lambs Creek at Lambs Creek, Jul 25th by C. P. Fuller, Esq.
1888 24-Oct M Ransom, George  Of Chatham twp. m. Miss Ella Carl of Deerfield twp. at Little Marsh Oct 17th
1888 16-May D Ransom, George L. d. Williamsport “recently”, age 68, former resident of Lawrenceville
1888 22-Aug M Ransom, Lucy L. Of Chatham Twp m. W. R. Longstreet of Mansfield at Watkins, NY., Aug 16th by Rev. B. Douglas
1888 23-May B Ray Son to Edward of Lawrenceville, May 15th
1888 02-May D Redington, Mrs. Caroline d. Elmira, NY., “Sat.”, buried Crooked Creek, widow of John
1888 04-Apr D Redinton, John d. Elmira, NY., Feb 19th, age 78, buried Crooked Creek; came there in 1851, to Elmira in 1866, 3 sons and 1 dau
1888 29-Feb M Reed, Minnie m. James Hallinan, both of Morris Run, at Blossburg Feb 14th by Father Murphy
1888 18-Apr M Rees, Mary A. Of Morris Run m. Arthur Jenkins of Antrim at Elmira, NY., Apr 7th by Rev. W. Henry
1888 02-May M Reese, Anna m. James Sommerville at her home, Fall Brook, “last Thurs.”
1888 23-May D Reese, Bertha d. Knoxville May 11th, age 13, dau. Of Dr. C. A. Reese
1888 18-Jan D Reese, Frederick  d. Tioga Jan 12th, “at advanced yrs.”
1888 12-Dec D Reid Young dau. Of John of Fall Brook buried “last Thur.”
1888 30-Jun M Reismyer, Elizabeth W. Of Harrisburg, Pa., m. Byron J. Costley of Mansfield at Harrisburg Jun 12th by Rev. G. Stewart
1888 11-Apr M Reitter, John  Of Brookfield twp., m. Miss Susie Gilkey of Austinburg at Troupsburg, NY., Apr 2nd by Rev. J. Stevens
1888 15-Aug D Revie, John d. Blossburg “last Wed.”, age 54, several children
1888 18-Jan B Rexford Dau to J. C. of Richmond twp., Jan 3rd 1888
1888 19-Sep M Rexford, Mary Of Gaines m. Robert K. Jones “today”
1888 12-Dec D Reynolds, Ezra d. Lawrence Corners, funeral “last Wed.”
1889 02-Jan M Reynolds, Millie Of Sullivan twp., m. George Rose, at her home Dec 31st by Rev. Trapp; she dau. Of Van Buren Reynolds; he son of R. B. Rose.
1888 15-Aug D Reynolds, Mrs. G. C. d. Tioga “last Wed.”, 48 yrs. Old, buried Evergreen Cemetery Tioga, had children
1888 14 & 21 Mar D Reynolds, Mrs. Margaret d. Rutland Mar 3rd, funeral Mar 9th, left 2 sons, 4 daus, 1 deceased; age 72, b. Homer, NY., came Pa 1839, m. 1831 Bennett Reynolds; buried family cemetery
1888 02-May B Rhodes Son to Charles of Tioga (no date)
1888 26-Sep M Rice, Adelbert m. Miss Nell Casement, both of Little Marsh, at Troupsburg, NY., Sep 16th by Rev. J. Stevens
1888 06-Jun M Rice, Anna m. Fred Paul, both of Knoxville, at Woodhull, NY., May 27th by Rev. G Abrams
1888 21-Nov M Rice, Diantha J. Of Richmond twp. m. Ethelbert Forrest of Sullivan twp. at Mansfield Nov 15th by Rev. S. Rhinevault
1888 19-Dec Rice, Frank m. Miss Annie Hall, both of Arnot, at Wellsboro Dec 13th by Rev. A. Shaw
1888 03-Oct M Rice, Grace Of Union twp. m. Melvin Gage of Roaring Branch, at Elmira, NY., Sep 20th
1888 24-Oct D Rice, Hiram d. near Knoxville “last week Mon.”, resident of Troupsburtg, NY.; accident
1888 11-Jul M Rice, Ira m. Miss Kate Symonds, both of Stony Fork, at Wellsboro Jul 4th by Rev. J. Boyce
1888 24-Oct D Rice, Mrs. James d. Little Marsh, Oct 16th, age 37
1888 08-Feb D Riley, Mrs. John  Of Nelson d. Jan 29th, 4 children
1888 06-Jun D Ripley, Amelia Gray d. Sylvania May 24th, age 86, b. Hartwick, Ny., Apr 10th 1802 to James Gray (1 of 9), pioneer of Sullivan twp. 1810, she had 7 children, 1 dau. Mrs. James Bristol of Sylvania; husband in War 1812, stroke
1888 06-Jun D Ripley, Mrs. Phillip S. d. Richmond twp. “last Sun.”, age 70 yrs., 11 mos., 10 das., nee Lorena Webster, b. Sullivan twp. Jun 24th 1817, m. Dec 28th 1837, 10 children (7 survive), sister of R. D. Webster, Mansfield; typhoid; left: Hobert, Homer J., Ezra, Volney, Roswell P., Crescen C., Philander W.; buried family cemetery
1888 10-Oct M Ripley, P. S. m. Mrs. Levi Miller, both of Richmond twp., at Mansfield “last week Tue.”
1888 19-Sep M Ritter, Dr. F. H. S. Of Elkland m. Miss Clara Sheffel of Williamsport “tomorrow”
1888 25-Jul D Robbins Mrs. E. B d. Lawrenceville “Fri”, age 22
1888 08-Feb M Robbins, Francis N. m. Miss Cora E. Jackson, both of Sullivan twp., her home Feb 2nd by Rev. H. King
1888 13-Jun D Robbins, Mrs. Amos  d. Sullivan twp., funeral “last Sun.”, b. 1858 to O. D. Rumsey of Wellsboro, left 1 son; consumption
1888 11-Apr B Roberts Dau. To John of Wellsboro, Apr 3rd
1888 29-Feb B Roberts Son to L. of Sabinsville, Feb 19th
1888 19-Sep M Roberts, Ada Of Knoxville m. Alfred Edgcomb at Knoxville sep 9th by Rev. C. Gardner; she dau. Of Giles Roberts
1888 29-Aug D Roberts, Ethel d. Sabinsville “last week Fri.”, age 4, dau of Richard; poisoning
1888 11-Apr D Robertson, Bessie d. Little Marsh “last Mon.”, age about 7, dau. Of Mrs. C. L. Robertson, Memb. Croup.
1888 02-May D Robertson, George W. d. Knoxville Apr 23rd, age 43yrs., 7 mos., 22 das.; paralysis
1888 02-May M Robertson, Levina E. Of Hoytville m. Eugene Ayres of Lloyd at Corning, NY., Apr 19th by Rev. J. Bacon
1888 18-Jul M Robinson, Charles m. Miss Maggie Hyde, both of Blossburg, at Blossburg, Jun 30th
1888 20-Jun D Robinson, Mrs. J. L.  Of Wellsboro d. “last week Wed.”, age 78, buried ______; been there since 1834; had son Jesse M. and dau. Mrs. Azuban Smith
1889 02-Jan B Robottom, Percy Kent b. (no date) to Rev. P. J. of Tioga
1888 17-Oct M Roche, Winifred Of Milwaukee, Wisc., m. Daniel O’Connor of Arnot, at Arnot Oct 10th by Rev. P. Murphy
1888 23-May D Roe Infant son of Erastus of Westfield d. “last Fri.”
1888 15-Aug B Roff Son to Charles of Lawrenceville (no date)
1888 07-Mar M Rogalsky, Jennie E. Of Montreal, Can. (formerly of New York) m. L. Sumner of Mansfield, to be Mar 13th
1888 30-May D Roland, Robert Delmar twp. “last Thur.”, age 64, 4 children
1888 22-Feb B Root Dau to George of Crooked Creek “Sat.”
1888 11-Apr B Root Dau to Joseph of Wellsboro, Apr 1st
1888 01-Aug B Rorapaugh Dau to Clarence of Mansfield, Jul 30th
1888 15-Feb B Rose Son to Leonard ob Blossburg, Feb 7th
1889 02-Jan M Rose, George m. Miss Millie Reynolds of Sullivan twp. at her home Dec 31st by Rev. Trapp; she dau. Of Van Buren Reynolds; he son of R. B. Rose
1888 23-May M Rosengrant, Mary Formerly of Mansfield, m. Evans Carner of Athens at Waverly, NY., May 20th
1888 28-Mar M Rosser, Robert m. Miss Ida Patterson at Morris Run Mar 16th by Rev. J. Evans
1888 01-Feb M Rounseville, Lizzie m. Charles Wheeler, both of Painter Run, at Roseville Jan 29th by C. B. Hanyen, Esq.
1888 14-Nov D Rowe, John Mitchell  d. St. Paul, Minn., age 11 yrs., 2 mos., 16 das., son of Chauncey and Nettie, formerly of Mitchell Creek, buried Tioga Cemetery
1888 14-Mar M Roy, Mary A. m. Ford R. Knapp of Elmira, NY., formerly of Tioga at Elmira, Mar 8th by Rev. T. Beecher; she dau. Of Mrs. Deborah Austin
1888 25-Jan D Rozelle Infant son of Fred buried Crooked Creek “wed.”
1888 18-Jan D Rozelle, Mrs. Ollie Knight d. Lawrenceville, buried Crooked Creek Jan 3rd, wife of Fred
1888 08-Jan M Ruggles, Eva M. m. J. A. Beach, both of Wellsboro at Elmira, NY., Jan 4th by Rev. W. Henry at residence of Dell Smith
1888 29-Feb M Ruggles, Mabel m. Thomas A. Sweet, both of Niles Valley, at Corning, NY., Feb 20th by Rev. G. Brigham
1888 07-Mar Rumsey Son to N. K. of Knoxville, Feb 27th
1888 10 & 17 Oct M Rumsey, Addie M. Of Mainesburg m. Harvey W. Davis of Mansfield at Elmira, NY., Sept 29th by Rev. G. Ferguson
1888 19-Sep M Rumsey, Kate M. Of Mainesburg m. George A. Holcomb of Troy at Elmira, NY., Sep 13th by Rev. C. Ferguson
1888 15-Feb D Rumsey, Mrs. Cyrus d. Mainesburg “today” (item dated 2/14), age 57
1888 09-May M Russell, E. L. m. Miss Genie Miller, both of Blossburg at her home May 1st
1888 09-May M Ryan, Ellen m. Frank McCann, both of Fall Brook, there “last Wed.’
1888 15-Feb M Ryan, Maggie m. James Donovan, both of Arnot, at Blossburg Feb 8th
1888 27-Jun M Ryan,Thomas Of Fall Brook m. Miss Maggie Kane of Painted Post, NY., “last Wed.”
1888 12-Sep B Sabin Dau to Charles of Stony Fork, Sep 5th
1888 02-May B Sabins Dau to L. of Sabinsville, Apr 17th
1888 05-Dec B Sampson Dau to James of Fall Brook, Dec 1st
1888 18-Jul M Sampson, Henry  Of Copp Hollow m. _______
1888 13-Jun M Sanford, Cora Of Blossburg, m. Calvin Hungerford of Corning NY., at Corning, June 6th
1888 07-Mar B Satterlee Dau. To D. L. of Jackson twp., Feb 23rd
1888 14-Mar B Savacool Son to Joseph of Kelleytown (Richmond twp.) (no date).
1888 05-Sep D Scaife, John Of Covington twp. d. “last week Wed.”, age 50
1888 04-Jan M Schaffer, Linnie Of Mansfield m. Thomas Purtle of Mann Creek at Lindley, NY., Jan 1st 1888, she dau. Of Joseph Schaffer
1888 02-May B Schermerhorn Son to Elmer of Mainesburg, Apr 29th
1888 31-Oct M Schmelze, Helen m. William Watkins, both of Union Twp., at Elmira, NY., Oct 25th by Rev. M. Dewitt
1888 11-Jan D Schoff, Mrs. Clarissa d. Elkland, Jan 5th, age 82
1888 02-May D Schofield, Cora d. Potter Brook, Apr 12th, age 23
1888 25-Jul M Schoonover, Charles m. Miss Libbie Briggs, both of Deerfield twp., at Troupsburg, NY., Jul 14th by U. Atwood, Esq.
1888 26-Sep M Schoonover, Marion R. m. Miss Alice J. Zimmer, both of Tioga Co., Pa., at Troupsburg, NY., Sep 15th by Elder D. Hunt
1888 30-May D Schumpf Child of George of Charleston d. “last week”, diphtheria
1888 05-Sep D Scott, Luke  Of Potter Brook d. Aug 26th, age 60, 2 children
1888 18-Jan M Scott, Will O. m. Miss Lizzie McNinch, both of Westfield, at her home Jan 1st by Rev. D. Parcells
1888 18-Apr M Seafore, Lizzie J. m. Claud S. Green, both of Blossburg, at Corning, NY., Apr 2nd by Rev. Millspaugh
1888 3 & 10 Oct B Seagers Son to S. S. of Charleston twp., Sep 24th, named Marrison Morton
1888 3 & 10 Oct M Seagers, Clara E. Of Tioga m. Judd (Jud D.) Voorhess (Voorhis) of Athens Oct 4th at her home by Rev. A. Shaw (she a Seeger?)
1888 18-Apr M Sebring, Grant m. Miss Emma Hartsock, both of Liberty, at Elmira, NY., Apr 5th by Rev. W. Henry
1888 21-Nov D Sechrist, David d. East Point (Liberty Twp.) Nov 12th
1888 15-Feb D Secor, Mrs. ____ d. Westfield “last Wed.”, mother of Mrs. Ambrose Close
1888 07-Mar D Seely, Henry d. Osceola Feb 25th, age 68
1888 25-Jan D Seelye, Miss Helen d. Lawrenceville Jan 14th at sister’s (Mrs. Dyer Powers)
1888 04-Jan D Sensabaugh, Mrs. P. J. d. Knoxville, Jan 1st, left 3 children
  21-Nov M Sensabaugh, Peter Of Knoxville m. Miss Lena Watts of Mansfiled at Elmira, NY., Nov 9th, by Rev. M. Dewitt
1889 02-Jan M Seymour, Clayton H. m. Minnetta Welch of Sullivan twp. at Covington (no date); she dau. Of Nelson Welch
1888 12-Sep D Seymour, Harry d. Mansfield Sep 5th, age about 82, lived here 40 yrs., father of Mrs. Charles Owens; heart ailment
1888 12-Dec M Shaffer, Charles Of Wellsboro m. Miss Nettie Blanchard of Covington at Lindley, NY., Dec 5th
1888 07-Nov D Shattuck, Levi Hubbard d. Mansfield Nov 1st, b. Fayston, Vt, about 1846, in this area since 1852, supt. Railroad; had: Henry F., Hornellsville, NY.; Alfred J., Wellsboro’ Mrs. Chas. H. Verrill, Franklin, NY.; Mrs. W. F. Fox, Albany, NY.; Mrs. Chas. L. Shattuck, Elmira, NY.; buried Hope Cemetery Mansfield
1888 03-Oct D Shaw, Carrie d. Wellsboro Sep 30th, age 14 mos., dau of Alfred, cholera infantum.
1888 08-Feb D Shaw, Mrs. Myrtie d. Niles Valley Jan 23rd, age 18, wife of William H. Shaw; dau. Edward VanDusen
1888 05-Dec M Shearer, Agnes m. Henry Connelly, both of Arnot at Arnot Nov 24th by Rev. Joseph Murray
1888 19-Sep M Sheffel, Clara Of Williamsport m. Dr. F. H. S. Ritter of Elkland “tomorrow”
1888 17-Oct B Sheffer Son to John of Blossburg, Oct 12th
1888 29-Feb M Sheffer, Ida m. Murray Mase, both of Liberty, at Elmira, NY., Feb 16th by Rev. W. Henry
1888 17-Nov D Sheive, Mrs. Daniel  Of Daggetts Mills d. “last week”, consumption
1889 02-Jan M Shelly, Jennie M. m. Albert Vanderhoef, both of Gaines, at Corning, NY., (no date)
1888 01-Feb D Shepard, James K. d. Columbia (Rutland twp.?), Jan 24th, age 70 yrs.
1888 03-Oct B Sherman Dau. To Charles of Richmond twp., Oct 1st
1888 14-Nov B Sherman Son to L. D. of Shippen twp. (no date)
1888 28-Nov M Sherman, Eugene m. Miss Maude Baker, both of Rutland twp., at State Line, NY., Nov 23rd by Rev. H. Barber
1888 13-Jun D Sherman, Mrs. Matilda C. d. Roseville “last Fri.” (Jun 9th), age 78; b. in Mass., m. there Charles Sherman, came here early, buried Roseville; has: Mrs. Timothy Smith, Benjamin Sherman, Mansfield; Charles and Hirman of Rutland twp., Jessie at home; dropsy
1888 28-Nov B Sherwood Dau. To Clark of Mansfield, Nov 22nd
1888 20-Jun M Sherwood, Minnie A.  Of Mansfield m. Frank W. Orcutt of Warenceville at Lindley, NY., by Rev. L. Ayres (no date)
1888 24-Oct M Shoemaker, C. B. Of Corning, NY., formerly of Lawrenceville, m. Miss Ollie May Alexander of Elmira, NY., “last week”
1888 01-Aug D Short, David d. Chatham twp. “recently”, age 68, supposed to be first white child b. there
1888 16-May D Short, John, Jr. d. Chatham Valley, Pa., May 1st in 79th yr.
1888 28-Mar M Short, Mary C. m. Leroy H. King, both of Tioga Co., Pa., at Wellsboro Mar 24th
1888 29-Feb M Simmonds, Mattie L. m. Arthur G. Hammond, both of Middlebury, at Corning, NY., Feb 22nd by Rev. R. Hammond
1888 10-Oct D Simpson, Joseph d. Wellsboro, buried “yest” at Sylvania, former resident of Mainesburg
1888 17-Oct B Sinclair Dau. To George of Blossburg, Oct 7th
1888 18-Jul M Sinclair, Mary  Of Mansfield m. John Criton of Arnot Jul 3rd
1889 02-Jan D Skinner, William  Of Sabinsville d. (no date), age 18, son of late Elijah Skinner, logging accident
1888 20-Jun B Slingerland Son to John of Richmond, Jun 17th
1888 18-Apr M Smezley, Jennie Of Arnot (age 26) m. Thomas Crooks of Blossburg (age 64) ( no date)
1888 18-Jul B Smith Dau to Charles A. of Cherry Flats (no date)
1888 15-Feb B Smith Dau to George W. of Middlebury, Feb 5th 
1888 29-Aug D Smith Child of Patrick d. “last Fri.” at Tioga, buried Evergreen Cemetery there
1888 18-Jan D Smith Infant dau. Of Thomas of Morris Run d. Jan 4th
1888 21-Nov D Smith James E. d. Wellsboro Nov 14th, age 62 yrs., 1 mo., 14 das., fever
1888 28-Mar M Smith, A. G.  Of Cowanesque m. Phebe Woodcock of Clymer, Pa., at Troupsburg, NY., Mar 16th
1888 25-Apr D Smith, Abner Of Armenia d. Apr 15th, age 62, bowel ailment
1888 05-Sep M Smith, Clare E. Of Mainesburg m. Burton Z. Holcomb of Mainesburg at Elmira , NY., Aug 22nd by Rev. M. DeWitt (SRGP 9849 / 8406)

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