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From Newspaper Records from Tioga County PA , Volume Six, Births, Deaths & Marriages abstracted from the Mansfield Advertiser 1888 through 1895 by Mary Kingsley. Originally published 1984.  All data copied from newspaper file as it appeared in the record using their spelling.  Permission for reprinting on the Tri-County Web Sites given by Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd, series coordinator, in 1997. Retyped by Elaine Frey, Formatted and published by Joyce M .Tice 2004

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Date    M Name Notice
Date  Issue Event Name Notice
1889 16-Oct M Gaylord, Genevieve L. Of Mansfield and Arthur Leet of Tioga, m. yest. her home by Rev. F. Cooper; she dau. of C. B. Gaylord
1889 27-Mar B Adams Dau to C. M. of Mainesburg, Mar 18th
1889 10-Apr B Adams Dau to John of Tioga (no date)
1889 21-Aug D Adams, Robert d. last Fri., Aug 16th, at Hills Creek of injuries (Fall Brook items)
1889 29-May B Adamy Dau. To George of Niles Valley, May 21st
1889 17-Jul M Aldrich, Helen Of Osceola and Horace F. Ludlow of Cazenovia, NY. m. Tuscarora, NY. (no date)
1889 21-Aug D Alexander, John d. Wellsboro last week
1889 02-Oct D Allen, Mrs. J. W. (nee Mary Bowen) d. Coudersport last week of consumption, age about 53, sis. Of ex-Recorder Bowen, burial at Osceola
1889 04-Sep D Allen, Mrs. L. F. (Pheronia Orpha) d. Mansfield Sep 5th (should be 3rd), age 55 yrs., 2 mos., 5 das., of consumption, b. Jamestown, NY. Jun 11th 1834
1889 30-Oct M Ames, Henrietta And John Durfee, both of Mansfield, m. Lindley, NY., Oct 27th by Rev. F. Van Keuren
1889 27-Nov M Andrews, Meda And William Crawford m. (no date) at her home in Canton
1889 23-Oct M Andrews, Ora M. Of Troy and B. H. Westgate of Canton m. recently
1889 20-Mar D Archer, H. S. d. Wellsboro last week Tue., age 78, left 3 dau’s; Mrs John I. Mitchell and Mrs. Ed. C. Deans, Wellsboro: Mrs. Charles O. Thompson, Rochester, NY
1889 29-May M Argus, A. L. Of Hammondsport, NY., and Miss Kate Gleason of Tioga m. last week, she dau. Of John
1889 10-Apr D Arrowsmith, James d. Gallitzin, Pa., of rheumatism, burial at Blossburg
1889 18-Sep D Asperschlag, William Of Scranton d. Tioga Junction Mon., train wreck, returned home for burial
1889 12-Jun M Aumick, Dora Of Troy and Benjamin P. Leonard of Leona m. Wellsburg, NY., May 30th
1889 27-Mar B Austin Dau. To Alvin of Mainesburg, Mar 16th
1889 09-Oct D Austin Infant dau. of Alvin of Robbins’ Settlement (Sullivan twp) d. Oct 3rd, age about 6 mos.
1889 16-Oct D Austin Dau. of A. B. of Mainesburg buried Oct 5th
1889 18-Sep M Avery, George W. And Miss Sadie I. Ingerick, both of East Charleston, m. her home Aug 28th by Rev. H. Owen
1889 31-Jul D Avery, Waldo d. Mansfield Jul 28th, age 30 yrs. And 9 mos., epilepsy, burial at Roseville, no children, bro. of F. C. of Roseville
1889 24-Apr B Ayers Dau. To A. C. of Covington twp. Apr 15th
1889 30-Oct D Ayers, Ira H. d. Columbia X Roads, funeral last Wed.
1889 25-Dec B Babcock Dau. to C. L. of Nelson (no date)
1889 10-Apr M Babcock, Henry W. And Miss Lizzie E. Kohler, both of Blossburg, m. Corning. NY. (no date
1889 16-Jan D Backer, Horace M. d. Mansfield last Mon. of pneumonia, age 46 yrs., 11 mos. And 24 das., b. Rutland twp. to Peter and Louisa Backer, m. Miss Samantha M. Tabor of Jackson twp. and left 1 son, Adelbert E. of Mansfield; also bro. Elmer R. of Mansfield, 2 hald-bros.; Lafayette of Boston, Mass. and William of Mansfield; 4 sis.: Mrs Myron Mills and Mrs. O. T. Haight, Mansfield; Mrs. James A. Fellows, Rocester, NY.; Mrs Z. U. Weisz, Elmira, NY; buried Hope Cemetery, Mansfield
1889 17-Jul M Backer, Joseph  Of Bethel, NY., and Miss Margaret Campbell of Elkland m. Addison, NY. (no date)
1889 21-Aug D Bacon, Andrew d. Union twp. last week, age 84
1889 28-Aug D Bacon, Andrew d. Union twp. Aug 12th, age 84
1889 07-Aug D Bacon, Mrs. _____ d. Osceola Mon., mother of James Bacon of Elmira, NY
1889 18-Sep B Bailey Son to C. F. of Mansfield, Sep 13th
1889 04-Dec M Bailey, John W. Of Wellsboro and Mrs. C. C. McClelland of Jersey Shore, m. in Elmira, NY., last Thur
1889 28-Aug D Bailey, Lee W. d. Wellsboro Aug 26th, age 25, son of J. W. Bailey
1889 11-Sep D Bailey, Mabel J. d. yest., age 2 mos., dau of A. Ward Bailey (of Mardin?) of near Mansfield
1889 24-Jul D Bailey, Mrs. A. Ward (nee Mollie E. Urell) d. Richmond twp. Jul 18th, age nearly 24, b. Tioga Jul 29th 1866, m. Jan 28th 1888, left twin daus. And 1 sister Mrs. Wallace Robinson of New York and Aunt – Mrs. James Benedict, Charleston
1889 19-Jun D Bailey, Mrs. L. L. d. Wellsboro last week, age 36, left 6 children
1889 17-Jul M Baily, Bessie Of Nelson and Miles Eggleston of Elkland m. (no date) at Addison, NY
1889 25-Sep B Baird  Son to Hugh of Troy (no date)
1889 12-Jun D Baker Child of Peter Baker, age 5; drowned at Hoytville
1889 17-Jul M Baker, Carrie And William Colony, both of Tioga m. Lindley, NY (no date)
1889 03-Apr D Baker, Daniel  d. Potter Co. last Sat., for 16 yrs. Register and Recorder
1889 25-Dec D Baker, George d. Blossburg (no date) of fever, age 29
1889 10-Jul M Baker, Lyman And Miss Carrie Nickerson, both of Wellsboro m. Elmira, NY. (no date)
1889 27-Mar D Baker, Mrs. E. B. d. Morence, Mich. Mar 17th, mother of Mrs. D. C. Thomas of Mansfield
1889 17-Jul M Baker, Rebecca And William Russell both of Tioga, m. Lindley, NY. (no date)
1889 06-Mar D Baker, Russell d. Mardin last Thur., funeral Sat., typhoid pneumonia (see later item)
1889 06-Mar D Baker, Russell Left 1 son – Charles of Mansfield and 4 dau’s. – Mrs. Frank Choate, Binghamton; Mrs. J. F. Pitts, Richmond twp.; Miss Morina, at home; Mrs. Lucius Hunter of Hills Creek; he was 73, buried Sweet Cemetery
1889 18-Sep M Ballard, Jennie And H. A. Stiles of Troy to be m. Sep 26th
1889 02-Oct M Ballard, Julia B. And Cola L. Smith m. Sullivan twp. Sep 11th by Rev. A. Cameron
1889 08-May D Bambury, Mrs. Norah d. Blossburg (no date), age 77, left 3 sons and 2 daus.
1889 22-May D Barber, W. H. d. Hector, Potter Co., last week Sat. in logging accident
1889 12-Jun B Barden Dau. To S. O. of Richmond twp. Jun 1st
1889 05-Jun D Barden, Olive d. last Fri. of fever, buried at Mansfield Sun., dau. Of Samuel
1889 27-Feb M Bardwell, Theodore And Miss Rosina Soper (both of Sullivan Twp.) m. Mansfield Feb 24th by Rev. S. Rhinevault
1889 28-Aug B Barnes Son to Burdette of Ward twp. Aug 18th
1889 13-Nov M Barnhart, Merrick And Mrs. Betsy Wheeler m. at Jackson twp., Nov 7th
1889 10-Apr D Bartlett, Mrs. Charles  d. Olean, NY., (no date), age 24, sis of Mrs. H. K. Brooks of Blossburg
1889 05-Jun B Bartt Dau. To C. F. of Delmar twp., May 19th
1889 12-Jun D Basar, Burt Of Buffalo Run, Centre Co.; drowned at Hoytville
1889 26-Jun Bates, William d. East Canton last week Sun., suicide, age 70
1889 17-Apr D Batterson, Mrs. Sarah Formerly of Tioga, d. last week Fri. at her dau’s in Corning (Mrs. William Quimby), age 61
1889 23-Jan B Beach Son to John S. of Mansfield, Jan 8th
1889 07-Aug M Beach, Coly J. Of Mansfield and Miss Frances L. Rockwell of Monroeton m. “today” her home
1889 20-Feb D Beach, Horatio d. Burlington Feb 19th, age 87, former Register and Recorder, and tavern keeper of Towanda
1889 17-Apr D Beach, Martin Lewis d. Minneapolis, Minn. Mar 29th, age 2 mos. And 21 das., son of John and Sadie, formerly of Mansfield
1889 20-Mar M Beals, Hattie Of Mansfield and James F. Lent m at Lawrenceville last week by Rev. Vosburg
1889 08-May D Beard, Mrs. William R. d. Farmington twp. last week of pneumonia, age 66, left 6 children
1889 03-Jul M Beardsley, Florence Of Tioga and County Commissioner Tremain m. last week Sat. in Elmira, NY., by Rev. M. DeWitt
1889 06-Nov D Beaty (Baity?), Edwin (Edson?) d. Frost Settlement Oct 23rd, pneumonia, age 53, left 5 children
1889 23-Jan D Beaty, Samuel,  d. Wellsboro, age 81, former resident of Keeneyville
1889 09-Jan D Bechitol, Levi d. Jackson twp. Dec 25th 1888, of heart disease, left 1 child
1889 16-Jan D Beckwith, Joseph d. at Corning, NY., last week, bro. of L. C. Beckwith of Covington
1889 27-Mar D Bement, Deacon Bostwick d. Al;der Run, Jackson twp., age 88 (no date)
1889 18-Sep M Benauer, Charles W. And Miss Ella M. Field, both of Delmar twp., m. her home Sep 3rd by Rev. Chamberlayne
1889 10-Jul B Bennett Son to L. C., Jr., of Wellsboro Jul 4th
1889 21-Aug D Bennett Child of W. H. of Fall Brook d. Aug 13th
1889 30-Jan D Bennett, J. C. d. Covington Mon., age in 77th yr., been there since 1849, left 1 son (Albert M. of Covington)
1889 18-Dec D Bennett, Miss Nancy d. Wellsboro, Dec 11th, age 55
1889 27-Feb D Benson, Charles C. d. Rutland twp. Feb 15th of pneumonia, age 5 yrs, 10 mos., son of John
1889 13-Nov D Benson, Edgar d. near Mansfield Nov 9th, funeral at Roseville Tue., age 44 yrs., 9 mos., had 5 children (all deceased), former resident of Rutland twp.
1889 21-Aug D Benson, Jessie d. _____, twin dau. Of W. H. of Roseville, Funeral Mon.
1889 13-Mar M Bentley, Ephriam J. Formerly of Tioga, m. at Ithaca, NY., to Miss Annie More
1889 20-Mar D Berkley, Stephen d. Mitchells Mills, age 35 (no date)
1889 05-Jun M Berling, Carrie L. And Timothy Lyden, both of Galeton, m. Addison, NY. (no date)
1889 23-Oct B Bernard Son to Joseph of Wellsbor , Oct 20th
1889 17-Jul M Birrollo (Birrillo), Joseph Of Blossburg and Miss Mary Crowley of Arnot m. Elmira, NY. (no date)
1889 23-Jan B Birt Dau to Thomas of Blossburg (no date)
1889 11-Sep D Bixby, Mrs. Daniel (Elizabeth) d. at her son’s (Frank) in Van Ettenville, NY. Aug 29th, age 77 yrs. 29das., b. Orange Co., NY. Jul 1st 1812. came to Sullivan twp. about 1825, had 12 children, 8 left, funeral at Bakerburg Church
1889 02-Oct B Blair Dau. to Rev. M. S. of Covington (no date)
1889 13-Nov B Blair Child to Prof. Blair of Tioga (no date)
1889 09-Jan M Blair, Mollie B. Of Shippensburg, Pa., m. Prof. J. H. Miller of Westfield , Dec 25th 1888
1889 10-Apr M Bly, Estella J. And Charles L. Tillinghast and Estella J. Bly of Millerton m. Elmira, NY., Apr 7th
1889 21-Aug D Bodine, Ellis M. d. Wellsboro last week
1889 24-Apr D Bonney Infant of James of Elmira buried at Blossburg last week
1889 25-Sep B Borden Son to I. P. of Wellsboro (no date)
1889 23-Jan D Borst, Henry M. Formerly of Wellsboro, d. in Col. Recently in railroad accident
1889 18-Sep D Bosard, John H. d. Dunkirk, NY., a few das. Ago of inflammatory rheumatism, former of Lawrenceville
1889 04-Sep B Boss Son to Robert of Westfield (no date)
1889 06-Mar B Bottum Dau. To A. L. of Westfield (no date)
1889 05-Jun M Bouncer, Anna And William Chambers, both of Arnot, m. at Lawrenceville (no date)
1889 11-Sep M Bowen, Martha L. And Gregg J. Stewart m. Wellsboro; Gregg Stewart from Wellsboro; she dau. of ex-recorder Bowen
1889 05-Jun D Bowen, Mrs. Sarah Formerly of Wellsboro, d. at Shepherd, Mich. (no date) age 71
1889 06-Feb D Bowers, Fred J. d. Mansfield Feb 2nd, age 28, consumption, left 5 sis. (one Mrs. J. C. Clark of Mansfield) and 1 bro., burial at Horseheads, NY.
1889 20-Feb B Boyer Son to E. A. and Libbie Edwards Boyer at Dodge City, Kans., Feb 14th
1889 03-Jul B Brace Dau. To Dr. and Mrs. Of Lawrenceville (no date)
1889 04-Sep D Brace, Flora d. Lawrence Corners Sun., funeral on Mon., dau. of E. M., had dropsy
1889 10-Jul M Brace, Minnie Of Mitchells Creek and John Phillips of Jackson twp. m. Elmira, NY (no date)
1889 30-Jan D Braerly, Mrs. Frank d. Wellsboro last week, age 35, buried East Charleston, dau. Of Almon Pitts of E. Charleston
1889 27-Nov B Brann Dau. to Thomas of Fall Brook, Nov 20th
1889 15-May M Brann, Maggie  Of Union twp and Tim Kennedy of Fall Brook m. Canton last Wed.
1889 17-Jul M Brewer, Frank Of Addison, NY. and Miss Lydia Cole of Elkland m. Addison, NY. (no date)
1889 20-Mar M Briggs, Lizzie  Of Wellsboro m. today to Harry K. Pratt of Batavia, NY.
1889 14-Aug D Briggs, Mrs. A. B. A. (Sabra) d. near Middlebury last Thur., Aug 8th, funeral Aug 9th, in her 46th yr., left 3 children
1889 29-May D Brigham, P. d. Canton last week, age 73, “old and prominent”
1889 02-Oct M Brooks, Clark W. Of Nelson and Sarah A. Brownell of Chatham twp., m. Chatham Sep 17th by Rev. C. Weeks
1889 01-May M Brooks, Della Of Blossburg and James Calhoun m. Mansfield last Wed by Rev. F. Cooper
1889 16-Oct M Brooks, Grace And Thomas A. Skelley, both of Union twp., m. Corning, NY., last Thur.; she dau. of Joseph Brooks
1889 17-Apr D Brooks, Hiram d. Wellsboro last week, age 83
1889 03-Apr D Brooks, Mrs. ___ d. Morris Run, burial in Union twp. last Sat.
1889 09-Oct M Brown, Catherine Elliott Of Elmira, NY. (Washington, DC, corrected 9/24) and Gains Marcus Brumbaugh, same, to be m. Oct 1st, she dau. Dr. C. W. Brown and granddau. of Hon. C. V. Elliott of Mansfield
1889 01-May D Brown, Frank d. Elkland Tue., son of William, drowned
1889 25-Sep M Brown, Grant Of Lawrenceville and Miss Hattie Wales of Mansfield m. at Lawrenceville Sep 10th by Rev. H. Vosberg
1889 09-Oct D Brown, Henry d. Covington last Thur., age 80, been there about 50 yrs., left; Thomas of Blossburg and Mrs. C. J. Manning, Horseheads, NY.
1889 25 Dec. M Brown, Maggie Of Crooked Creek and Jack Farr of Hammonds m. Elmira, NY. (no date)
1889 03-Jul D Brown, Morris M. d. Mansfield Jun 19th, bro. of Mrs. A. W. Peterson, came from Pittsburgh
1889 09-Jan M Brown, N Of Chatham twp. and Mrs. Betsy R. Dingman of Addison, NY., m. Addison, NY., Dec 29th 1888
1889 30-Jan M Brown, Phineas C. Of Spencer, NY. (age 73) and Anna M. Haight of Mansfield (age 28) m. last Sat. at Mansfield by Rev. D. Keppel
1889 11-Sep D Brown, Robert d. Babb’s Creek last Thur., age 20, gun accident
1889 02-Oct M Brownell, Sarah A. Of Chatham twp. and Clark W. Brooks of Nelson, m. Chatham Sep 17th by Rev. C. Weeks
1889 16-Jan M Bruce, George Of Leona and Miss May Haxton of Granville m. in Canton (no date)
1889 09-Oct M Brumbaugh, Gains Marcus Of Elmira, NY. (Washington, DC, corrected 9/24) and Miss Catherine Elliott Brown, same, to be m. Oct 1st; she dau. Dr. C. W. Brown and granddau. of Hon. C. V. Elliott of Mansfield
1889 20-Mar B Buchanan Dau to Fremont of Millerton (no date)
1889 10-Jul M Buck, George Wallace  Of Elmira, NY., and Mrs. Grace C. Mowrey of Nelson m. at Nelson, Jul 3rd
1889 16-Jan D Buck, William R. d. East Troy last week, age 70
1889 23-Jan D Bunn, Miss Ella d. Blossburg last Wed.
1889 22-May D Bunnell, Sol. d. Wilkes-Barre last Fri. of consumption, formerly of Wellsboro
1889 28-Aug D Burk Infant dau. of M. Burk, d. Canton (no date)
1889 24-Apr D Burk, Mrs. Michael d. Tioga Sun. of stroke, age 65, left several married children, buried Evergreen Cem., Tioga, mother of J. M. Burke (sic) of Mansfield
1889 09-Jan M Burley, Lolie Of Chatham and Edgar Carl of Deerfield twp., m. Addison, NY., Jan 1st
1889 30-Oct D Burman, Mrs. _____ d. New Milford, Pa., recently, mother of Prof. O. W. Burman of Mansfield
1889 27-Feb M Burton, Charles Of Lawrenceville (age 76) and Mrs. Sabrina Smith of Ionia, Mich. (age 60) m. at Lindley, NY., Feb 17th
1889 31-Jul M Bush, Corbin I. And Addie R. Cleveland, both of Sullivan twp. m. Wellsboro, Jul 29th
1889 06-Mar D Butcher, James C. d. Osceola last week, age 21, cerebro spinal meningitis
1889 31-Jul D Butler, Mrs. G. M. (nee Lucy Clemons) d. last Thur. near Covington, consumption, born in Covington twp. Nov 29th, 1830, left 1 dau. Mrs. _____ LeValley of Covington boro
1889 02-Oct D Caldwell, Mrs. Samuel (Cynthia H.) d. Corning, NY., burial at Blossburg last Thur.
1889 01-May M Calhoun, James And Miss Della Brooks of Blossburg m. Mansfield last Wed. by Rev. F. Cooper
1889 23-Jan M Calhoun, Katie Of Caton, NY., and Charles E. Reep of Somers Lane m. Jan 11th (no place)
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