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From Newspaper Records from Tioga County PA , Volume Six, Births, Deaths & Marriages abstracted from the Mansfield Advertiser 1888 through 1895 by Mary Kingsley. Originally published 1984.  All data copied from newspaper file as it appeared in the record using their spelling.  Permission for reprinting on the Tri-County Web Sites given by Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd, series coordinator, in 1997. Retyped by Elaine Frey, Formatted and published by Joyce M .Tice 2004

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Date    M Name Notice
1889 27-Mar Calkins, N. E. And Mrs. Of Mainesburg m. 33 yrs. Mar 19th
1889 05-Jun M Cambers, William And Miss Anna Bouncer, both of Arnot, m. at Lawrenceville (no date)
1889 27-Feb B Campbell Son to Sol of Elkland (no date)
1889 06-Mar B Campbell Son to Sol. Of Elkland (no date)
1889 17-Apr B Campbell Dau. To Al. of Fall Brook, Apr 8th
1889 31-Jul D Campbell, James d. Tioga last week Tue., a Civil War vet
1889 04-Dec M Campbell, Jennie M. Of Stony Creek and Sharon A. Davis of Mansfield, m. Elmira, NY., last Fri. by Rev. W. Henry
1889 12-Jun D Campbell, John Of Tioga d. Thur. Jun 4th at Crooked Creek of a wagon accident
1889 20-Mar M Campbell, Lou. Of Nelson and Philip E. Young of Corning m. at Corning (no date)
1889 17-Jul M Campbell, Margaret Of Elkland and Joseph Backer of Bethel, NY. m. Addison, NY. (no date)
1889 02-Oct M Campbell, Mary E. Of Morris and William W. Scott of Antrim, m. Morris Sep 18th by J. Vandergrift, Esq.
1889 30-Oct M Campbell, Maud M. And A. B. Miner to be m. “tomorrow” at Elkland
1889 19-Jun D Card, Robert G. d. Tompson, Conn., Jun 12th, age 64, former res. Mardin; father of Mrs. Oscar Munyan of Thompson
1889 04-Dec M Card, Walter Of Sylvania and Miss Mary Knapp of Austinville m. Waverly, NY. (no date)
1889 09-Jan M Carl, Edgar Of Deerfield Twp amd Miss Lolie Burley of Chatham twp., m. Addison, NY., Jan 1st
1889 17-Jul D Carley, Lena d. Westfield last week
1889 02-Oct D Carpenter Infant dau. of Dr. P. S. of Troy d. (no date)
1889 06-Mar M Carpenter, Rena R. Of Round Top and Birney E. Lake of Brownlee m. Wellsboro Feb 27th
1889 20-Feb M Cary, William H. And Anna M. Kelly, of Wellsboro, m. Feb 14th
1889 23-Jan B Case Son to Milton of Troy (no date)
1889 20-Nov M Catlin, Edison And wife held wedding reception last week Mon. at her parent’s (John A. Atherton of Charleston) (Nile Valley items)
1889 30-Oct M Catlin, Lavern A. And Miss Gertrude E. Moore, both of Charleston, m. her home Oct 28th by Rev. H. Wolf
1889 20-Feb d. Caton, John B. d. veterans home, Bath, NY., recently, former res. Lawrenceville
1889 02-Oct B Chamberlain Son to T. H. of Covington (no date)
1889 06-Feb D Chamberlain, Mrs. Rufus d. Jackson twp., Jan 25th
1889 01-May M Chandler, Charles And Miss Jennie Corbin, both of Corning, NY., m. last Thur
1889 02-Oct D Chebbuck, John R. d. Hudson, Wisc., Sep 3rd, age 56, bro. to Mrs. R. L. Van Horn of Wellsboro
1889 04-Dec D Chibon, Mrs. Stephen G. d. Troy (no date), age 80, hit by train, mother of W. E. Chibbon (sic) of Troy; Dr. Rufus Chibon and Mrs. Alice Roberts of Wellsburg, NY.; Norton of Chicago and Ferdinando of St. Louis
1889 13-Nov M Chilson, Alice Of Troy and Miles Roberts of Wellsburg, NY., m. Troy, Nov 6th
1889 24-Jul D Churchill, Asa G. d. railroad accident Jul 8th, formerly of Wellsboro
1889 08-May D Clark Child of Oscar of Lambs Creek d. yest. Age about 1 yr.
1889 11-Sep D Clark Infant son of William d. Osceola (no date) of cholera
1889 25-Dec D Clark, Chester A. d. Covington Mon., age 64 yrs., 9 mos., lung ailment, left 4 children; Clarence of Covington; Mrs. Dr. Brace of Lawrenceville; Mrs. C. H. Harding, Covington; and Mrs. E. H. Murphy of Elmira; widow is niece of Albert and Hiram Sherwood; he related to Mansfield Clarks
1889 23-Oct M Clark, Horace S. Of Kan., and Miss Nellie M. Clark of Tioga, m. Tioga last Thur
1889 20-Feb D Clark, James d. Zanesville, Ohio, recently, age 42, formerly of Covington where mother resides and sister is Mrs. H. H. Clayson of Blossburg
1889 27-Feb M Clark, Jay H. Of Mansfield and Miss Elizabeth Wylie of Sugar Notch, Pa., m. her home last Fri. (22nd), he son Col. M. L. Clark, both MSNS ‘85
1889 26-Jun D Clark, Mr. _____ d. Van Ettenville, NY., father of J. C. Clark of Mansfield
1889 27-Feb D Clark, Mrs. J. Miller (nee Tillie F. Fox), d. Harford, Pa., Feb 21st pneumonia and pleurisy. Youngest dau. Of late John Fox, m. Sep 12th 1866, 1 son Colie M. b. Jul 4th 1867, d. Apr 8, 1886; buried Hope Cem., Mansfield, left 3 sis.; Mrs. Philemon (Rozilla) Parkhurst, Auburn, NY.; Mrs. A. C. (Henrietta) Witter of Troy, Pa.; Mrs. Clarence H. (Amelia A.) Horton of Mansfield
1889 28-Aug D Clark, Mrs. Olive d. Mansfield Aug 24th, age 61, at home of George D. Newell, cholera morbus, left 2 sons in west and 2 daus. – Mrs. W. L. Perry of Knoxville and Mrs. David Cupp of Caton, sister of Leander and Nelson Love of Mansfield, John Love of Mitchells Creek, Abel of Michigan and Mrs. Edward Faulkner of Caton; formerly resided Tioga
1889 23-Oct M Clark, Nellie M. Of Tioga and Horace S. Clark of Kan., m. Tioga last Thur.
1889 06-Mar M Clements, Hattie And Henry Harris of Morris Run m. at Lawrenceville (no date)
1889 09-Jan D Clemons, Charles Killed at Mitchell’s Creek last Mon., burial at Tioga
1889 09-Jan D Clemons, Mrs. Nicholas d. ____, funeral last Thur. (Mansfield locals)
1889 26-Jun B Cleveland Dau. To S. T. of Covington (no date)
1889 18-Sep B Cleveland Son to Ora of Covington (no date)
1889 18-Dec B Cleveland Son to John of Covington, Dec 1st
1889 31-Jul M Cleveland, Addie R. And Corbin I. Bush, both of Sullivan twp. m. Wellsboro, Jul 29th
1889 06-Feb D Cleveland, Charles d. last Sun. in Canoe Camp, typhoid, age 15, son of Lewis and Eunice
1889 20-Nov M Cleveland, Maryetta Formerly of Mansfield and Miles E. Seamans of Aspen, Col., m. Aspen, Col., Nov 8th
1889 16-Jan M Cleveland, Stephen J. Of Richmond twp. and Rose B. Kent of Mansfield to be m. today at M. V. Smith’s in Canoe Camp
1889 24-Jul D Close, Peter M. d. Farmington twp. last week, b. in Genoa, NY, been here many yrs.
1889 12-Jun M Cloud, Frederick E. Of Custer City, Pa., and Miss M. Agnes Degen of Limestone, NY., to be m. Jun 20th in Limestone
1889 28-Aug D Clough, Mrs. Z. R. d. Canton Aug 19th, age 53
1889 28-Aug M Cochran, Dora And Dan Hollenbeck, formerly of Lambs Creek, m. at Corning, NY., Aug 17th
1889 29-May D Cole, Daisy d. Niles Valley last Sun., age 11, dual of Lafayette Cole
1889 17-Jul M Cole, Lydia Of Elkland and Frank Brewer of Addison, NY., m. Addison, NY (no date)
1889 24-Apr D Cole, Rev. S. W. d. Laceyville of pneumonia, age 56, uncle of Mrs. F. W. Clark of Mansfield
1889 27-Feb M Colegrove, Alsameda Of Farmington twp and Will Gale of Potter Co., m. Crooked Creek Tue. By Rev. O. Moon
1889 18-Sep M Colestock, Emerson D. And Miss Effie D. Spaulding, both of Middlebury, m. at Knoxville, Sep 16th
1889 30-Jan B Collins Dau. To Erwin of East Charleston (no date)
1889 18-Sep M Collins, E. D. Of Hazleton (formerly of Charleston twp.) and Miss Amelia Dartt of Wellsboro, m. Wellsboro Sep 7th by Rev. F. Cooper
1889 17-Jul M Colony, William And Miss Carrie Baker, both of Tioga, m. Lindley, NY. (no date)
1889 27-Mar   Comfort, Mrs. Josesh Of Mainesburg was 46 on last Mon.
1889 18-Dec B Compton Dau. to Jesse of Crooked Cree, Dec 14th
1889 03-Apr D Conley, Mrs. Michael d. Sullivan twp. ____, buried last Wed.
1889 18-Sep M Cook, George E. And Mary Sechrist m. at Blossburg (no date)
1889 18-Dec B Coolidge Dau to Edward D. of Delmar twp., Dec 6th
1889 28-Aug M Coolidge, Lewis D. Of Delmar twp and Miss Ella Lee of Chatham twp. m. Chatham Aug 21st; she dau. of Charles
1889 16-Jan B Cooper Son to F. H. of Mansfield, Jan 11th
1889 07-Aug D Cooper, John (age 7 mos.) and Rachel (17 mos.) Children of Rev. Frank H. Cooper of Mansfield, d. Sun. and Tue. Of cholera infantum, buried Mansfield
1889 04-Sep D Cooper, Mrs. Joseph d. Little Marsh (no date), age 35
1889 30-Jan B Copp Son to “Carl” of Mardin recently
1889 27-Nov B Copp Son to Mrs. James of Elk Run Valley b. Nov 16th, youngest of 8 boys
1889 10-Apr D Copp, Mrs. Frank d. Lawrenceville, age 40 (no date)
1889 01-May M Corbin, Jennie And Charles Chandler , both of Corning, NY., m. last Thur
1889 14-Aug B Cornelius Son to E. M. of Elkland (no date)
1889 29-May D Cornwell, Mrs. Alva (Laura) d. near Covington May 25th, age 81, left 2 sons and 2 daus.; Horace Welch of Minnesota; Thaddeus Welch of Ridgway, Pa.; Sophia Watkins of Covington; and Susanna Mann of Tioga
1889 09-Jan D Corwin, Seth d. Millerton Dec 31st 1888, age 72, left 2 sons and 2 daus., been there 55 yrs.
1889 13-Mar D Corwin, Willis R. d. East Lawrence (no date) in a hunting accident age 11
1889 20-Mar D Corzette, Mrs. Jacob d. Millerton, age 63 (no date)
1889 25-Dec M Costello, M. C. Of Elmira, NY., and Mattie Smith of Mansfield to be m. Jan 9th; she dau. of Mrs. C. W. Smith
1889 04-Dec D Costley, James d. Osceola Nov 24th, typhoid, age 40
1889 11-Sep D Covert Child of George of Mann Creek, d. _____, buried at Mandfield last Wed.
1889 27-Feb M Cowan, M. A. And William A Neish, both of Erie, m. at W. H. Cowan’s, Ervin, NY., Feb 21st by Rev. H. King
1889 23-Oct D Cowden, Thomas d. Wellsboro of typhoid (no date), age 32
1889 14-Aug D Cox, Mrs. John d. Houtzdale, Pa., formerly of Blossburg
1889 20-Feb D Crawford, Sarah d. Blossburg (no date), age 3, dau. of James.
1889 27-Nov M Crawford, William And Miss Meda Andrews m. (no date) at her home in Canton
1889 18-Dec D Crayton, William Of Granville d. recently, leg amputation
1889 01-May M Crediford, O. E. And Miss Addie L. Reese m. at Antrim, Apr 22nd
1889 16-Oct M Crippen, Arthur J. Of Rochester, NY., and Miss Ida M. Hall m. today at Wellsboro; she formerly of Mansfield
1889 17-Jul M Crowley, Mary Of Arnot and Joseph Birollo (Birrillo) of Blossburg m. Elmira, NY. (no date)
1889 18-Dec B Crum Son to George H. of Blossburg, Dec 7th
1889 24-Apr B Cruttenden Son To Spencer J., b. Arnot, Apr 19th
1889 31-Jul D Cruttenden, Mrs. Nelson (Mary) d. Jul 17th at her son’s in Arnot, of Paralysis, funeral at Covington
1889 10-Apr M Cruttenden, Tilden And Mrs. Mary Hogle of Wellsboro m. Mar 30th
1889 09-Oct B Cudworth Son to J. C. of Mainesburg, Oct 2nd
1889 09-Jan D Cuer, William d. Westfield twp., age 21
1889 23-Jan D Cunningham, Enoch d. Arnot last week, age 21 (prob. Cancer)
1889 03-Apr D Cushing Son of Michael of Covington, buneral last Wed.
1889 10-Apr D Cushing, John d. Covington (no date), age 4, son of Michael C.
1889 30-Oct M Cushing, Michael And Miss Bridgie Kinney of Tioga, m. Corning, NY., (no date); she formerly of Mansfield
04-Sep D Whitlock, Rufus d. Sullivan twp. Aug 25th (or 22nd), age 60, heart and lung ailment, (no children?)  
1889 06-Mar D Daggett Infant dau. Of W. L., d. Lawrenceville (no date)
1889 18-Sep D Daguier, Eugene Of Blossburg, d. Tioga Junction Mon. in train wreck
1889 20-Mar D Daily, Ebenezer d. Lindley, NY., Mon., age about 50, bro. of Mrs Alonzo Whitcomb of Mansfield, burial at Mansfield.
1889 18-Dec D Daniels, Mrs. Clarina Of Mansfield d. in Elmira, NY., last week Sun. at Mrs. Emily Howland’s, age 59, erysipelas
1889 11-Sep M Dann, Reuben W. Of Mansfield and Miss Hattie Sprague of Montoursville m. last Fri. at Elmira, NY.; she dau. of Alonzo Sprague, formerly of Wellsboro
1889 06-Mar D Darling, Parsons L., d. Kansas City, Mo. (no date), buried at Lawrenceville last Fri
1889 18-Sep M Dartt, Amelia Of Wellsboro and E. D. Collins of Hazleton (formerly of Charleston twp.) m Wellsboro Sep 7th by Rev. F. Cooper
1889 11-Sep D Dartt, Mrs. Matilda L. d. Charleston Sep 5th at her dau.’s (Mrs. L. P. Potter), age 74
1889 20-Nov D Dates, Mrs. Dell d. Tompkins, Pa. _____, funeral Nov 8th, dau. of George Roselle of Crooked Creek
1889 06-Mar M Davies, Mary J. And William Young m. Morris Run (no date)
1889 06-Mar D Davis, Harvey J. d. Canandaique, NY., Mon. in railroad accident, age 21, native of Mansfield, son of late Warren Davis, left 3 bros. and wife nee Addie Rumsey of Mainesburg (m. Sept 29th 1888), funeral and burial at Mansfield
1889 18-Dec M Davis, John C And Miss May Sherman, both of Rutland twp., m. Dec. 4th or 11th at her home.
1889 27-Mar D Davis, Mrs. Mary L. d. Mar 19th on Mill Creek at her dau’s. (Mrs. Thu Van Ness), age 83, dropsy, burial at Blossburg
1889 04-Dec M Davis, Sadie P. Of Lansing and W. A. Ritter of Wellsboro, m. (no date)
1889 04-Dec M Davis, Sharon A. Of Mansfield and Miss Jennie M. Campbell of Stony Creek, m. Elmira, NY., last Fri. by Rev. W. Henry
1889 10-Jul D Day, Alonzo d. Lambs Creek (no date), buried last Sun., buried Dorsett Cemetery, Upper Lambs Creek
1889 20-Nov D Deals, Mrs. Adelbert d. Lawrenceville (no date)
1889 27-Nov B Decker Dau. of Abe of East Charleston (no date)
1889 12-Jun M Degen, M. Agnes Of Limestone, NY., and Frederick E. Cloud of Custer City, Pa., to be m. Jun 20th in Limestone
1889 10-Apr M Delamater, William F. Of Geneva, NY., and Miss Lillian Tuller of Tioga m. Tioga Mar 29th by Rev J. Woodward
1889 23-Jan D Dempsey, Patrick d._______, buried at Arnot last week
1889 03-Jul D Denmark, J. B. d. Elmira, NY. (no date), until recently res. Of Wellsboro
1889 30-Jan D Denmark, Leroy d. Delmar twp., age 39 (no date)
1889 09-Oct M Dennison, Emma And Frank Starkey, m. last Thur. her home, Catlin Hollow, she dau. of G. D.
1889 23-Oct D Derrah, Joshua d. Canton last Thur., left 3 sons – 1 Charles D. of the Sentinel.
1889 01-May D Desmond, Mrs. John d. Nauvoo, age 74, been there about 50 yrs.
1889 16-Jan M Dewey, Flora A. Of Austinville and Stephen A. Wilson of Columbia twp. m. her home (no date)
1889 27-Mar D Dewey, Mrs. James d. Canoe Camp Creek Sun. of pneumonia, buried Hope Cem., Mansfield
1889 10-Apr M Dewey, Willard And Miss Dora Dewey, both of Sullivan twp., m. at her mother S in Covington Mar 27th
1889 25-Dec M DeWitt, Miss Of Elmira, NY., and Milton G. Lamb of Chester, Pa. (formerly of Wellsboro) m. last week in Washington, DC; she dau. of Rev. M. DeWitt
1889 19-Jun D Dickinson, Miss Kate d. Troy last week
1889 17-Jul M Diehr, Lucy And William Rees, both of Morris Run, m. there (no date)
1889 09-Jan M Dingman, Mrs. Betsy R. Of Addison, NY and N. Brown of Chatham twp, m., Addison, NY., Dec 29th 1888
1889 15-May M Doane, Ada Covington and Samuel Edgar, m. last week
1889 18-Sep M Doane, Mattie And Arthur H. Elliott, Mansfield m. there Sep 11th by Rev. F. Cooper, she dau. of Edward Doane, he son of Hon C. V. Elliott
1889 18-Sep B Dobbs Son to William of Blossburg (no date)
1889 18-Dec M Dochstader, Lloyd Of East Charleston and S. C. Husted to be m. her home Thurs. (see 12/25 for corrections)
1889 25-Dec M Dockstader, Floy And James C. Husted m. her home, East Charleston, last Thur. by Rev. Cornell
1889 23-Jan M Donaldson, Mrs. William Of Denver, Col. And E. G. Schieffenlin of Tioga m. at Wellsboro Jan 17th
1889 29-May M Doran, James And Minnie E. Marvin m. last week at State Line, NY (Niles Valley item)
1889 18-Sep B Dort Son to Peter of Wellsboro, Sep 9th
1889 10-Jul M Dort, John Of Shippen twp., and Miss Lillian Wilcox of Delmar twp. m. Corning, NY. Jul 2nd
1889 02-Oct M Doser, Adolf And Miss Rosella Wouther, both of Westfield, m. Addison, NY., Sep 10th by H. Birdsall, Esq.
1889 25-Sep M Doty, Benjamin Of Elmira (formerly of Rutland twp.) and Miss Lulu Sawyer m. last week Mon.; she niece of Mrs. H. H. Lamb, Mansfield
1889 30-Jan D Doty, Mrs. James d. Daggetts Mills, Jan 18th
1889 04-Sep B Doud Son to A. H. of Sullivan twp. (no date)
1889 16-Oct B Doud Dau to Benjamin F. of Covington (no date)

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