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From Newspaper Records from Tioga County PA , Volume Six, Births, Deaths & Marriages abstracted from the Mansfield Advertiser 1888 through 1895 by Mary Kingsley. Originally published 1984.  All data copied from newspaper file as it appeared in the record using their spelling.  Permission for reprinting on the Tri-County Web Sites given by Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd, series coordinator, in 1997. Retyped by Elaine Frey, Formatted and published by Joyce M .Tice 2004

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Date    M Name Notice
1889 04-Dec B Doud Son to G. E. of Mainesburg, Nov 24th
1889 18-Dec B Doud Son to Lemy of Mainsburg, Dec 16th
1889 17-Jul M Doughty, Thomas, Jr. And Miss Jeannette McLaughlin, both of Morris Run, m. there (no date)
1889 27-Nov D Douglass, George A. Of Covington d. Cedar Run Thur., body found last Fri., drowned, age about 40, left 1 child, burial at Savona, NY., son of George, Sr., of East Charleston
1889 20-Feb D Dowling, Mrs. B. d. Morris Run (no date) left several children.
1889 04-Dec D Dowling, Mrs. Sarah d. Elk Run Valley last Wed., buried Catholic Cem., Blossburg
1889 18-Sep M Drew, Caroline E. And Frank A. Klock, both of Charleston twp., m. at residence of H. M. Badger, Elmira, NY., Sep 12th
1889 23-Jan B Duggan Son to Daniel of Morris Run (no date)
1889 04-Sep B Dunmore Son to W. L. of Covington (no date)
1889 30-Oct M Dunn, Samuel And Miss Kate Ryan of Wellsboro m. (no date)
1889 30-Oct M Durfee, John And Miss Henrietta Ames, both of Mansfield, m. Lindley, NY., Oct 27th by Rev. F. Van Keuren
1889 10-Jul M Dutton, Dana D. Of Rochester, NY., and Miss Dora Stewart of Nelson m. at Elmira, NY. (no date)
1889 27-Feb M Eaton, Hattie And William Francis m. at Lewisville (Potter Co.) last week
1889 03-Jul M Eddy, Lora Blanche And Prof. E. D. Westbrook m. Olean, NY., Jun 26th, he formerly of Mansfield
1889 15-May M Edgar, Samuel And Miss Ada Doane, Covington, m. last week
1889 01-May M Edgcomb, John Of Westfield and Minnie Melvin of Galeton m. Elmira, Apr 24th
1889 18-Dec M Edgecomb, Minnie Of Gaines and Walter G. Stevens of Elkland m. (no date)
1889 30-Jan D Edwards Infant twins of Morgan d. Arnot (no date)
1889 17-Jul M Eggleston, Miles Of Elkland and Miss Bessie Daily of Nelson m. (no date) at Addison, NY
1889 23-Oct M Eighmey, Lawrence W. Of Bradford, Pa. (formerly of Troy) and Miss Lovina I. Spencer of Canoe Camp, m. her home Oct 17th by Rev. M Blair; she dau. of A. M. Spencer
1889 18-Sep M Elliott, Arthur H. And Miss Mattie Doane, Mansfield, m. there Sep 11th by Rev. F. Cooper; she dau. of Edward Doane, he son of Hon. C. V. Elliott
1889 26-Jun D Elliott, John W. d. Cherry Flats, Tue., pneumonia, age 59, left 7 children, bro. of Col. N. A. Elliott of Mansfield; H. J. Elliott, Cherry Flats and Mrs. Sophia W. Rockwell of Sullivan twp.
1889 09-Jan D Elliott, L. H. d. Charleston Yest (Tue) of pneumonia, in 74th yr., left 4 adult children, funeral at Cherry Flats
1889 23-Jan B Ellsworth Twins (1 each) to J. Ellsworth of Galeton (no date)
1889 27-Feb B Ely Dau. to John F. of Blossburg (no date)
1889 06-Mar B Ely Child to C. F. of Covington (no date)
1889 31-Jul   Ely, Michael Of Covington was 60 last Wed.
1889 09-Jan D Ely, Mrs. Andrew (Sarah) d. Blossburg Dec 27th 1888 of typhoid, left 3 sons and 4 daus., buried Odd Fellows Cemetery, Blossburg, b. at Mt. Morris, NY. Dec 31st 1831
1889 10-Jul B English Dau. To Samuel S. of Washington, DC, Jul 3rd
1889 13-Nov D English, William d. near Hammonds “the other day”, “aged”
1889 12-Jun D Ensworth, Samuel E. d. Wellsboro, age 81 (no date)
1889 09-Oct M Erwin, Jennie And C. A. Sweet, both of Wellsboro, m. Corning, NY., a few das. ago by Rev. J. Bacon
1889 08-May D Evans, David Y. d. Blossburg last Thur., age 58, left 1 son and 2 daus.
1889 08-May D Evans, John L. d. Antrim (no date), age 84
1889 25-Sep D Evans, Squire d. Arnot of consumption (no date), age 57, left 6 children
1889 02-Oct M Farnham, Ella Of Westfield and Mr. Perry of Baltimore m. (no date)
1889 01-May D Farnham, Miss Martha G. d. Mansfield Mon. Apr 29th, burned in a fire, sis. Of Miss Harriet Farnham and Mrs. Emily Fuller and aunt of Mrs. Milton Strait, in her 64th yr., burial Onondaga Co., NY
1889 25-Dec M Farr, Jack Of Hammonds and Miss Maggie Brown of Crooked Creek m. Elmira, NY. (no date)
1889 20-Feb D Faulkner, Edward L. d. near Mansfield Feb 19th, age 34, son of late Lyman Faulkner, left 2 children, 1 bro., and 1 sis. Here and 1 bro. and 1 sis in Marionville, Mo., burial Hope Cemetery, Mansfield
1889 13-Mar D Fellows, Asahel d. Delmar twp. Mar 2nd, age 85
1889 19-Jun D Fellows, Mrs. Erastur d. Wellsboro last week, b. Otsego Co., NY. 1795, been here since 1819, mother of late Mrs. A. M. Spencer of Canoe Camp
1889 10-Apr B Ferguson Son to William of Blossburg (no date)
1889 18-Sep M Field, Ella M. And Charles W. Benauer, both of Delmar twp., m. her home Sep 3rd by Rev. Chamberlayne
1889 18-Sep M Finch, Nellie Of Phillips Station, Pa., and Orin Guile of Westfield, m. Troupsburg, NY., Sep 8th by Rev. A. Hurd
1889 16-Jan D Fischler, Mrs. Margaret d. Delmar twp., Jan 5th, age 84
1889 20-Nov D Fish, George W. d. Troy Nov 9th, age 62
1889 23-Jan D Fisher, John d. at Arnot (no date)
1889 05-Jun M Fisher, Lola M. Of Tioga and John C. Johnson of Elmira, NY. m. at Elmira, NY (no date)
1889 31-Jul D Fisk, W. H. d. Wellsboro last week of old war injuries, age 57
1889 06-Nov M Fitzpatrick, N. N. Of Canton and Miss Kate McDermott of Union twp. to be m. Nov 16th
1889 24-Apr M Flaitz, Carrie And William R. Mott, both of Wellsboro, m. Antrim Apr 15th by J. Vandegrift, Esq.
1889 23-Jan B Flynn Dau to M. Flynn of Antrim (no date)
1889 23-Oct B Ford Son to Dan of Cherry Flats, Oct 13th
1889 23-Jan D Ford, Ella May d. Covington Jan 21st, age 7 mos., dau. Of John Ford.
1889 04-Dec D Forrest, John d. Antrim Nov 24th, age 82
1889 05-Jun B Forsythe Son to Andrew of Wellsboro, May 27th
1889 22-May M Foster, Julia Of Corning and Frank Guernsey to be m. tomorrow her home, she dau. G. W. Foster, formerly of Tioga
1889 14-Aug D Fralic, Mrs. M. H. d. Lambs Creek Aug 2nd, sis. Of Edward and Eugene Doane of Mansfield
1889 20-Feb M Francis, E. E. Of Charleston and Ettie Petrie of East Charleston m. Feb 17th
1889 11-Dec D Francis, Mr. _____ d. Bath, NY., age 74, father of Dr. Francis of Westfield
1889 27-Feb M Francis, William And Miss Hattie Eaton m. at Lewisville (Potter Co.) last week
1889 27-Nov D Frank, Nicholas Of Sebring, d. _____, log accident
1889 16-Jan D Freeman, William d. last Fri. at his dau’s., Mrs. D. Rogers, Knoxville, age 77
1889 30-Oct B French Son to J. E. of Keeneyville (no date)
1889 17-Jul B Frost Dau. To A. C. of Morris Run (no date)
1889 27-Nov B Fuller Son to George of Lambs Creek (no date)
1889 06-Mar D Fuller, John R. d. _________, funeral at Lambs Creek last Thur.
1889 23-Jan D Fuller, Loran d. Somers Lane of bilious fever (no date), age 21
1889 14-Aug D Fuller, Mrs. _____ d. Allegany Co., NY., last Fri., mother of J. C. Fuller of Mansfield
1889 21-Aug D Furman, Mrs. Harriett d. _____, funeral at Roseville Sat., d. suddenly of bowel ailment
1889 27-Feb M Gale, Will Of Potter Co., and Miss Alsameda Colegrove of Farmington twp. m. Crooked Creek Tue. By Rev. O. Moon
1889 02-Oct D Gaylord, Samuel H. d. Blossburg last week Mon., age 70, dead in bed, left 2 children – Mrs. B. M. McCoy and Eugene
1889 26-Jun B Gee Son to Morgan of Crooked Creek (no date)
1889 06-Mar D Gee, Mrs. Joseph d. March Creeek, Tue.
1889 17-Jul B Geer Dau. To Joe H., b. Mansfield Jul 16th
1889 27-Nov D George, Mrs. William d. Otego, NY., (no date), formerly of Brookfield twp.
1889 24-Apr M Gibson, Agnes And John Russell m. Fri. at her sis. (Mrs. Armstrong), Fall Brook
1889 25-Dec D Gifford, O. R. d. Osceola Dec 16th, cancer, over 80, been there 30 yrs.
1889 17-Apr B Gillett Son to O. E. of fall Brook, Apr 8th
1889 29-May B Gillett Dau. To Fred. Of Roseville (no date)
1889 30-Jan D Gillett, Mrs. Nancy d. last week at her Dau’s in Charleston (Mrs. Noah Wheeler), age 82, buried at Cherry Flats.
1889 04-Sep D Gleason, Floyd d. Osceola (no date), age 9, spinal meningitis, son of James
1889 29-May M Gleason, Kate Of Tioga and A. L. Argus of Hammondsport, NY., m. last week, she dau. Of John
1889 14-Aug B Goodnough Son to L. C. of Ulysses
1889 13-Mar B Goodrich Son to G. E. of Mansfield (no date)
1889 25-Dec D Goodrich, Mrs. ____ d. Tioga last week
1889 03-Jul M Goodrich, O. D. Of Elmira, NY., and Miss Dora Woodruff of Scranton to be m. next week Thur. (Jun 27th) in Scranton; she formerly of Mansfield and Wellsboro
1889 06-Mar B Goodwin Son to George of Mardin last Wed.
1889 16-Jan M Goodwin, Addie And Leon West, both of Middleburg, m. at Tioga (no date)
1889 21-Aug D Goodwin, Patrick d. Corning last week Wed. of heart disease, been there 50 yrs., b. in Ireland Mar 17th 1818, buried St. Mary’s Cemetery, Corning. Father of Mrs. D. M. Fitzpatrick of Mansfield and Mrs. Michael Clohessy of Elmira
1889 25-Sep D Goodwing (sic), Mrs. Adelbert Of Middlebury had triplets (no date), all died
1889 18-Sep B Graves Dau. to F. L. of Mansfield, Sep 13th
1889 25-Sep D Graves Infant dau. of Fred. L. of Mansfield d. Sep 23rd
1889 06-Nov B Graves Dau. to G. G. of Mansfield, Nov 2nd
1889 06-Feb M Graves, George G. And Miss Fannie L. Taylor, both of Mansfield, m. “today”
1889 11-Dec D Graves, Mr. _____ d. Addison, NY., Wed. last week, age 30, apoplexy, bro. of Nathan Graves of Elkland
1889 23-Jan M Graves, Thomas Of Millerton and Mrs. John Mitchell of Mitchell Creek m. Jan 5th
1889 12-Jun M Gray, Fred L. Formerly of Sullivan twp., and Florence Lucy Rose of Lakeville, Cal., to be m. Jun 19th, she dau. Of J. R. Rose
1889 09-Jan D Gray, Mrs. Charles Of Mitchell’s Creek, d. Dec 25th 1888, of paralysis
1889 25-Dec D Gray, Mrs. Robert Formerly of Elkland, d. at Corning, NY., age 57, paralysis of heart, left 5 children
1889 06-Mar B Green Son to Melvin of East Charoleston, Feb 2nd
1889 27-Mar B Green Dau to Claude S. of Blossburg (no date)
1889 13-Mar D Green, Mrs. Melville d. East Charleston last Wed. of blood poisoning (nee Susie Jennings, b. in E. Charleston) left baby 2 wks old and adopted child age 2
1889 09-Oct B Greenfield Son to M. Jay of Wellsboro, Oct 5th
1889 29-May D Greenman, Lester C. A res. Of Hebron twp., Potter Co., recently drowned at Eldred, Pa.
1889 05-Jun D Gregory, John d. Mitchells Creek Sat. in the “June Flood”, burial at Tioga
1889 18-Dec M Grover, Cassie And Henry Mase both of Liberty, m. Wellsboro Dec 12th by A. Brewster, Esq.
1889 06-Mar M Grover, S. A. Formerly of Mansfield and Miss Vernie Munn of Athens m. Feb 13th
1889 27-Feb B Guernon Son to Joseph of Blossburg (no date)
1889 22-May M Guernsey, Frank And Julia Foster of Corning to be m. tomorrow her home, she dau. G. W. Foster, formerly of Tioga
1889 18-Sep M Guile, Orin Of Westfield and Miss Nellie Finch of Phillips Station, Pa., m. Troupsburg, NY., Sep 8th by Rev. A. Hurd
1889 10-Apr D Gustin, Jesse L. d. Stokesdale last Tue., age 6, drowned
1889 24-Jul M Hager, Gertie And Burt Strait, both of Sylvania m. there Jul 7th
1889 16-Jan B Haight Dau. To O. T. of Mansfield, Jan 8th
1889 30-Jan M Haight, Anna M. Of Mansfield (age 28) and Phineas C. Brown of Spencer, NY., (age 73) m. last Sat at Mansfield by Rev. D. Keppel
1889 16-Oct D Hall dau. of Frank of Roseville d. (no date)
1889 16-Oct M Hall, Ida M. And Arthur J. Crippen of Rochester, NY. m. today at Wellsboro; she formerly of Mansfield
1889 17-Jul D Hall, William N. d. Sat. at his sister’s in Lambs Creek (Mrs. Ralburn Cannedy) of heart disease and dropsy, age 53, burial at Mansfield
1889 27-Feb D Hallinan, Bridget d. Morris Run last week, age 100 yrs. And 7 das.
1889 14-Aug M Hammond, Belle Of Elkland and A. H. Knapp of Westfield, to be m. (no date); he MSNS ‘88
1889 04-Sep M Hammond, Clara Of Ridgeberry and Lyman B. Slade of Columbia X Roads m. Wellsburg, NY., by Elisha Knapp, J. P.
1889 21-Aug M Hammond, Myra Belle Of Elkland and Allen H. Knapp of Westfield m. her home Aug 14th by Rev. S. Moon; she dau. J. G. Hammond, Esq.
1889 24-Apr D Hancock, Frank d. Sabinsville last Sat., suicide, killed 4 of his children, left 1 son age 1
1889 13-Mar B Hanson Dau. To Fred. Of Mansfield (no date)
1889 24-Apr B Hanson Triplets to Funder of Blossburg last Wed. (1 died at birth)
1889 27-Mar M Hanwell, John Of Arnot and Miss _____ Hewitt of Morris Run m. at Morris Run (no date)
1889 05-Jun M Harper, Robert M. Of Gaines and Miss Fanny F. Sweetly of Larry’s Creek m. at Elmira, NY. (no date)
1889 26-Jun D Harris, Aleck d. Jobs Corners Mon., Uncle of Al H. Rosell of Mansfield.
1889 06-Mar M Harris, Henry And Miss Hattie Clements of Morris Run m. at Lawrenceville (no date)
1889 27-Feb D Harris, Mrs. Charles d. Stokesdale last Sun., left 2 children, burial at Troy
1889 27-Mar M Havie, Jennie And James Little, both of Arnot m. there (no date)
1889 16-Jan M Haxton, May Of Granville and George Bruce of Leona m. in Canton (no date)
1889 27-Feb D Hay, Robert, Jr. d. Wed. at Fall Brook in mine accident, age 16
1889 16-Oct D Hayes, Mrs. Julia d. Troy, Oct 6th, age 60
1889 02-Oct M Head, Job And Miss Lillian Herrit, both of Gaines, m. Addison, NY., Sep 17th by H. Birdsall, Esq.
1889 20-Feb D Henry, Barney d. near Millerton last week Fri., cerebral hemorrhage
1889 09-Jan D Henson, Morrell d. Troy a few das. Ago, suicide, age 35
1889 27-Mar B Heron Dau. To Samuel of Fall Brook (no date)
1889 27-Mar B Heron Dau to Thomas of Arnot (no date)
1889 03-Apr D Heron Infant dau. Of Samuel of Fall Brook buried there Wed.
1889 17-Jul M Herrington, _____ Of Corning and Miss Myrtle Schoner of Tioga m. Lindley, NY. (no date)
1889 02-Oct M Herrit, Lillian And Job Head, both of Gaines, m. Addison, NY., Sep 17th by H. Birdsall, Esq
1889 18-Dec M Hervey, Sophia Of Arnot and Henry Husted of Mansfield, m. Lawrenceville, Dec 12th
1889 27-Mar M Hewitt, Miss ___ Of Morris Run and John Hanwell of Arnot m. Morris Run (no date)
1889 09-Jan D Heyler, Daniel d. Liberty Sat., fell from wagon, age over 60, left 2 daus. And 3 sons
1889 31-Jul D Hickok, Mrs. (see 8/7) d. last Thur. at her dau.’s (Mrs. A. C. Young) Roseville, buried at Troy
1889 07-Aug D Hickok, Mrs. Sarah d. Roseville Jul 25th, b. Mar 18th 1821, m. Jan 8th 1842 Leander Hickok, had 5 children, 2 left – Mrs. H. C. Gernert of Troy and Mrs. A. C. Young of Roseville, buried Troy
1889 17-Jul M Hickox, Evalina Of Springville, NY., and Samuel Pearson of Stokesdale m. Watkins, NY. Jul 10th
1889 16-Oct B Hicks Dau to Newell of Troy, Oct 5th
1889 27-Feb D Hicks, Mrs. Esther Maria d. St. Louis, Mich., Feb 9th, age 42 yrs., 23 das., sis. Of Mrs. Henry Van Ness and Mrs. Asa Bullock, Richmond twp., went west 23 yrs. Ago, left 11 children

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