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From Newspaper Records from Tioga County PA , Volume Six, Births, Deaths & Marriages abstracted from the Mansfield Advertiser 1888 through 1895 by Mary Kingsley. Originally published 1984.  All data copied from newspaper file as it appeared in the record using their spelling.  Permission for reprinting on the Tri-County Web Sites given by Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd, series coordinator, in 1997. Retyped by Elaine Frey, Formatted and published by Joyce M .Tice 2004

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Date    M Name Notice
1889 23-Jan D Spencer, Hugh d. last week at Corning, NY., age 25, son of Judge George T. Spencer
1889 23-Oct M Spencer, Lovina I. Of Canoe Camp and Lawrence W. Eighmey of Bradford, Pa. (formerly of Troy), m. her home Oct 17th by Rev. M. Blair; she dau. of A. M. Spencer
1889 11-Sep M Sprague, Hattie Of Montoursville and Reuben W. Dann of Mansfield m. last Fri. at Elmira, NY.; she dau. of Alonzo Sprague, formerly of Wellsboro
1889 27-Mar D Squires, Mrs. Jennie d. Cochranton, Chester Co., Mar 15th, sis. Of G. d. Spurr, Mansfield
1889 10-Apr B Stacy Dau to A. J. of Leona, Apr 7th
1889 12-Jun D Stafford, Jerome Of Stone Mills, Pa.; drowned at Hoytville
1889 09-Oct M Starkey, Frank And Miss Emma Dennison, m. last Thur. her home, Catlin Hollow; she dau. of G. D.
1889 02-Oct B Steele Son to Frank of Hammond, Sep 22nd
1889 27-Mar B Stevens Son to C. H. of Hammond (no date)
1889 23-Jan D Stevens, Andrew R. d. Knoxville last Thur. of o’dose of morphine
1889 27-Feb M Stevens, Louis Of Tioga and Miss Julia Brundage m. “across the line” at Lawrenceville Thur. (Stokesdale Junction Items)
1889 18-Dec M Stevens, Walter G. Of Elkland and Minnie Edgecomb of Gaines m. (no date)
1889 10-Jul M Stewart, Dora Of Nelson and Dana D. Dutton of Rochester, NY. m. at Elmira, NY. (no date)
1889 11-Sep M Stewart, Gregg J. And Miss Martha L. Bowen m. Wellsboro; Gregg Stewart from Wellsboro; she dau. of ex-recorder Bowen
1889 04-Sep B Stickler Dau. to Grant of Lawrence Corners (no date)
1889 18-Sep M Stiles, H. A. And Miss Jennie Ballard of Troy to be m. Sep 26th
1889 18-Dec D Stoats, Willie d. Delmar twp. Dec 12th, age 1 yr., 8mos., son of William
1889 09-Jan B Stone Son to Will, Jan _______ (Mansfield locals)
1889 08-May M Stout, Jacob And Miss Emma Shepard, of Mansfield, m. State Line, NY. (no date)
1889 06-Feb M Stradley, Shedrick Of Cammal, Pa., and Miss Myrtle Thomas of Hoytville m. Wellsboro, Jan 25th
1889 02-Oct B Strait Son to George of Roseville (no date)
1889 13-Nov B Strait Son to Bert of Sylvania (no date)
1889 24-Jul M Strait, Burt And Miss Gertie Hager, both of Sylvania m. there Jul 7th
1889 21-Aug M Strang, Emma And Benjamin Swanson, of Morris Run, m. at Elmira, NY., last week
1889 07-Aug M Strange, Mary Esther Of Sullivan twp. and Morrison F. Rose of Mainesburg m. Aug 6th her home by Rev. Trapp; she dau. Charles Strange
1889 18-Dec D Strange, Mrs. Hannah Burrit d. Grays Valley Nov 27th, age 71, b. Rehobeth, Mass. Jun 21st 1808, m 1828 Marcus Strange of Freetown, Mass., came here 1837, had – Marcus, Charles, Ezekiel, Joseph, Esther (dec’d), Junna (Adams), Hannah (Richmond), Julia (Rockwell), and Ellen (Burley)
1889 17-Jul D Stratton, Mrs. Bertha A., d. Arnot, age 23 (no date)
1889 26-Jun D Sunderlin, Joseph d. Tioga last wed., age 64, left 1 son and 2 daus.
1889 12-Jun D Sutton, Mrs. William d. Little Marsh, drowned in the flood of Jun 1
1889 02-Oct D Swain, Mrs. Charles N. d. Troy last Wed., funeral Sun., bowel ailment, dau. of late Lt. David Tears
1889 21-Aug M Swanson, Benjamin And Miss Emma Strang, of Morris Run, m. at Elmira, NY., last week
1889 30-Jan D Swartwood, Mrs. Hannah Gould d. ____ funeral and burial at Lawrence Corners last Fri.
1889 13-Mar M Swartwood, William Of Mitchells Creek and Miss Hattie Queal of Rutland twp. m. Lindley, NY., Feb 24th by Rev. Ward
1889 30-Oct D Sweeny, Joseph d. Westfield twp., Oct 17th, age 77
1889 12-Jun B Sweet Son to William of Mansfield, Jun 10th
1889 09-Oct M Sweet, C. A. And Miss Jennie Erwin, both of Wellsboro, m. Corning, NY., a few das. ago by Rev. J. Bacon
1889 05-Jun M Sweetly, Fanny F. Of Larry’s Creek and Robert M. Harper of Gaines m. at Elmira, NY. (no date)
1889 11-Dec D Tassey, Henry d. Wellsboro last Tue. Of lung hemorrhage, about 25, left 2 children, wife dau. of Andrew Ely of Blossburg
1889 24-Apr B Taylor Son to E. H. at Smethport, Pa. (no date)
1889 24-Jul M Taylor, Emma And Ed. A. Rundell m. her home Mansfield last Thur. by Rev. D. Keppel
1889 06-Feb M Taylor, Fannie L. And George G. Graves, both of Mansfield, m. “today”
1889 31-Jul D Taylor, Frank E. d. Canton, last week, age 21
1889 16-Oct   Taylor, H. B. Of Mansfield was 33 last Sat.
1889 25-Sep D Taylor, Horace S., d. Corning, NY., (no date) burial Odd Fellows Cem., Blossburg; son of Horace D.
1889 27-Mar D Taylor, Mr. ____ d. last night at West Chester, Pa., father of H. B. Taylor of Mansfield
1889 29-May D Thomas, Mrs. Betsey d. East Point last Wed., age 82
1889 09-Jan M Thomas, Mrs. Mary And Thomas Nichol, both of Ogdensburg, m. Roaring Branch (no date)
1889 06-Feb M Thomas, Myrtle Of Hoytville and Shedrick Stradley of Cammal, Pa., m. Wellsboro Jan 25th
1889 21-Aug D Thompson, Elijah d. Westfield last week Mon., age 53
1889 04-Dec D Thompson, Mrs. Emma A. d. Wellsboro (no date)
1889 30-Jan B Tice Son to Harvey of Rutland Hill
1889 13-Mar B Tickner Dau to F. P. of Richmond Twp., Feb 21st
1889 10-Apr M Tillinghast, Charles L. And Estella J. Bly of Millerton m. Elmira, NY., Apr 7th
1889 24-Apr M Tillinghast, Harry C. And Miss Martie Retan to be m. today at Millerton
1889 24-Jul D Toles, Rensselaer d. Little Marsh Mon., “an old resident”
1889 04-Dec M Toley, Nellie And Edward Lemner m. Troy by Fr. Comerford (no date)
1889 10-Apr D Tompkins, T. B., d. Elmira last week age 68, once prominent Tioga Co. lumberman
1889 24-Jul D Torrance, Floyd d. Avon, NY., Jul 19th, son-in-law of Rev. J. F. Calkins, formerly of Wellsboro
1889 10-Apr D Town, Mrs. ____ Formerly of Blossburg, d. Findlay, Ohio, last week
1889 03-Jul M Tremain, County Commissioner And Miss Florence Beardsley of Tioga m. last week Sat. in Elmira, NY., by Rev. M. DeWitt
1889 09-Oct D Trimble, Mrs. Thomas d. Blossburg last Mon., age about 45, left 14 children, 4 bros. and 1 sis.; injured in the Tioga Junction train wreck
1889 10-Apr M Tuller, Lillian Of Tioga and William F. Delamater of Geneva, NY., m. Tioga Mar 29th by Rev. J. Woodward
1889 09-Jan M Tussing, Rev. W. H. Formerly of Tioga and Lawrenceville m. recently at Tiffin, Ohio, to Miss Cora B. Seemuth
1889 02-Oct M Vain, William Of Addison and Miss Hattie B. Price of Nelson, m. Addison, NY., Sep 18th
1889 06-Nov M Van Horn, _____(ed. Of Elkland Journal And Miss Margaret L. Wisner of Palmyra, NY., m. (no date)
1889 03-Apr D Van Kirk, Mrs. Joseph d. East Troy last week, age 73
1889 01-May B Van Ness Dau. To Thu of Mill Creek, Apr 28th
1889 30-Oct B Van Ness Dau. to W. H. of Bartlett Hill Oct 22nd (Rutland items)
1889 23-Jan D Van Zile, Mary d. Elkland, Jan 16th
1889 31-Jul B VanDusen Dau. To Frank of Farmington twp., Jul 22nd
1889 20-Nov D Vandyke, Charled d. Tioga in railroad accident Thur., left 3 children (residence?)
1889 24-Jul D VanWie, Mrs. Lewis T. Of Mills, Potter Co., d. Mon. at Harrison Valley of apoplexy, former res. Tioga.
1889 29-May B Vedder Son to Lloyd of Roseville (no date)
1889 04-Dec D Vunck, Emory d. Rutland twp. (no date), father of George
1889 27-Feb M Waggett, Rose A. Of Van Etten and Samuel A. Ransel of DuBois, Pa., m. at Wilber Nichols’ in Van Ettenville, NY., Feb 19th by Rev. H. King
1889 18-Sep D Wahaak, Mary d. Blossburg last Tue., age 7, hit by train
1889 02-Oct M Walbridge, Bertha A. And Charles E. Olmstead, both of Delmar twp., m. her home Sep 24th by Rev. J. Boyce
1889 30-Jan D Walbridge, Mrs. Horace d. Delmar Twp., Jan 21st, age 47
1889 26-Jun D Walker Infant son of Isaac of Mainesburg d. Jun 20th
1889 24-Apr D Walker, Mrs. Catherine d. Blossburg last week, age 88, left 3 daus. Mrs. Z. T. Witter, Blossburg; Mrs. Elias Horton, Ulysses; and Mrs. Michael Hough, Battle Creek, Mich.
1889 08-May M Walker, Thomas And Miss Mary Ann Lewis, both of Fall Brook m. Wellsboro last Mon.
1889 29-May B Walters Dau. To Henry of Richmond twp., May 27th
1889 22-May D Walters, George A. d. Harrison Valley Tue. In mill accident
1889 20-Mar D Warriner, Clarence d. Delmar twp. last week
1889 30-Jan D Warriner, Samuel B. d. Wellsboro, age 71, consumption of kidneys (no date)
1889 29-May D Wass, William d. Chatham twp. last week, age 96
1889 23-Jan D Wass, William Of Chatham twp. is 95; been there 64 yrs., vet of 1812
1889 18-Sep B Watkins Dau. to Eugene of Covington (no date)
1889 27-Feb D Watkins, A. J. d. Covington last Tue. Of throat disease, age 59, left 3 children, buried Gray Cemetery
1889 16-Jan D Watkins, Squire C. d. Frost Settlement, Covington twp., last Sun., age about 55, left 2 daus. And 1 son, and aunt, Mrs. C. Brown of Mansfield
1889 06-Mar D Watson, Daniel Esq. d. Roseville yest., age 65, lung ailment, left 3 dau’s.: Mrs. H. H. Smith, Mrs. E. E. Wood, and Miss Ida R., and 1 son – Daniel, Jr.
1889 18-Sep M Wattaski, Lena Of Blossburg and Prof. S. Kwimlinski, same, m. and gone to Minnesota (no date)
1889 28-Aug D Webb, Dr. Wellington W. d. Wellsboro last Sat., been here since 1840, left 1 dau. And 1 son; Mrs. George M. Spalding and Dr. C. W. Webb, both of Wellsboro
1889 16-Oct D Webber, Edward d. Canton of typhoid, age 25, had a bro. in Liberty
1889 28-Aug D Webster, Roswell D. d. Mansfield last Thur. of Cholera morbus, b. Sullivan twp. Aug 3rd 1823 to Roswell Webster, m. 1853 Mary J. Soper of Sullivan, came Mansfield 1873, had 5 children, 2 survive – Dr. Eugene E. Webster, Woodhull, NY. and Mrs. Florence E. McDougal, Neligh, Neb. (now here); had 4 bros. and 4 sisters – Joel of Rutland, Allen of Charleston (dec’d), Cyrus (dec’d) and Philander (dec’d), Mrs. Warren Miller, Cherry Flats; Mrs. Amelia Reynolds, Mrs. Hulda Dodge and Mrs. Philip Ripley (all dec’d); funeral at State Road Ch.
1889 02-Oct M Weeks, Charles E Of Belmont, NY., and Miss Chloe Schoonover of Knoxville m. Addison, NY., Sep 15th by H. Birdsall, Esq.
1889 27-Nov D Weeks, William d. at his son-in-laws ( S. g. Crandall) in Knoxville, age 84 (no date)
1889 06-Mar D Welch, Charles H. d. near Mansfield Mar 3rd, age 39, heart disease, left mother Mrs. Lucy A. Welch, 4 bro.; Stephen, Mansfield; Frank, Arnot; Bert and Willis, Blossburg; and 1 sis. Mrs. Howard (Mary) Welch of Canton
1889 27-Nov D Welch, Dora d. _____, buried at State Road Cem., dau. of Nelson Welch (Covington items), age about 4
1889 25-Sep M Weller, Ernest Of Blossburg and Lena Lonsberry of Elmira, m. Elmira, NY., Sep 16th; she dau. of Let. Lonsberry
1889 05-Jun D Wells, Miss Jennie d. at Johnstown, Pa., in the flood, dau of Mrs. Bernard Taber of Tioga
1889 24-Apr B West Son to Orrin of Crooked Creek (no date)
1889 24-Apr B West Dau. To Richard of Crooked Creek (no date)
1889 04-Dec B West Son to Leon of Crooked Creek, Nov 29th
1889 16-Jan M West, Leon And Miss Addie Goodwin, both of Middleburg, m. at Tioga (no date)
1889 20-Nov D West, Mrs. Orrin d. Crooked Creek Nov 11th, age 42 yrs., 7 mos., burial at Niles Valley, left 3 sons
1889 20-Nov D West, Mrs. Otis d. Holidaytown Nov 13th, buried Niles Valley, dau. of late Parshal Keeney of Middlebury
1889 23-Oct M Westbrook, Mrs. Bertha Formerly of Arnot and John Wilkinson of Gran Rapids, Mich., m. recently; she niece of Co. Treasurer Horton
1889 03-Jul M Westbrook, Prof. E. D. And Miss Lora Blanche Eddy m. Olean, NY., Jun 26th, he formerly of Mansfield
1889 23-Oct M Westgate, B. H. Of Canton and Miss Ora M. Andrews of Troy m. recently
1889 16-Jan M Westlake, Nellie Of West Jackson and William Hughes of Mitchell Creek m. at West Jackson, Jan 9th
1889 06-Nov M Weston, Nettie And H. C. Rolison, both of Troy, m (no date), she dau. elder W. M. Weston
1889 18-Sep D Wheeland, (Mrs.) Mary K. d. Liberty recently, mother of Gen. R. C. Cox
1889 20-Feb B Wheeler Dau to Merritt of Troy, Feb 12th
1889 13-Nov M Wheeler, Mrs. Betsy And Merrick Barnhart m. at Jackson twp., Nov 7th
1889 06-Feb M Whipple, Warren Of Jackson twp. and Miss Lodema Howard of Susquehanna Co., m. Neff’s Mills, NY., Jan 25th
1889 02-Oct M Whiting, Gena And James H. Kendrick of Frost Settlement, m. Sep 26th her home by Rev. G. Trapp, she dau. of Joseph Whiting
1889 27-Nov D Whiting, Timothy W. d. Wellsboro of paralysis (no date), age 72
1889 17-Jul B Whitmarsh Twin daus. To J. B. of Westfield (no date)
1889 02-Oct B Whitney Dau. to Frank of East Charleston, Sep 26th
1889 11-Sep D Whitney, Fannie B. d. Wellsboro (no date) of Cholera infantum, dau. of W. H.
1889 11-Dec M Whittemore, Frank Of West Covington and Miss Mary Simerson of Troy m. Covington by L. Smith, Esq. (no date)
1889 17-Jul M Wicks, Alice Of Farmington twp and Clarence Kizer of Deerfield twp., m. at Addison, NY. (no date)
1889 26-Jun B Wilcox Son to L. of Crooked Creek (no date)
1889 16-Oct M Wilcox, James F. Of Wells (Bradford Co.) and Bertha Sherman of Roseville m. Oct 8th by Rev. H. Barber; she dau. of Charles W. Sherman
1889 18-Sep D Wilcox, Jessie d. Sep 5th at Keeneyville of dip0htheria, son of R. E.
1889 10-Jul M Wilcox, Lillian Of Delmar twp and John Dort of Shippen twp. m. Corning, NY., Jul 2nd
1889 11-Dec D Wilcox, Mrs. Edwin H. (Madge D.) d. Delmar twp. Dec 2nd, of throat cancer, age 24
1889 27-Mar D Wilcox, Mrs. J. P. d. Tioga last week of cancer, left 3 dau’s and 1 son, burial at Charleston
1889 19-Jun D Wilcox, Mrs. Jennie d. at her mother’s (Mrs. Walter Bullard) in Wellsboro last week, age 28
1889 23-Oct M Wilkinson, John Of Gran Rapids, Mich., and Mrs. Bertha Westbrook formerly of Arnot, m. recently; she niece of Co. Treasurer Horton
1889 17-Jul B Williams Son to C. C. of Westfield (no date)
1889 09-Oct M Williams, Charles A. And Miss Lovina Longwell, both of Charleston, m. Welsh Settlement, Oct 7th by W. R. Jones, Esq.
1889 17-Jul D Williams, Charles H. d. Wellsboro Mon., ill with parplysis, b. Troy, Pa., Apr 18th 1816
1889 10-Apr D Williams, Mrs. H. N. Formerly of Wellsboro, d. Towanda last week of pneumonia, sis of Robert G. Austin of Wellsboro
1889 10-Apr D Williams, Mrs. William Of Corning d. suddenly in Blossburg (no date)
1889 06-Mar B Wilson Dau. To Edgar of Roseville (no date)
1889 27-Nov B Wilson Dau. to Mrs. Mary Wilson of Fall Brook, Nov 20th
1889 06-Feb M Wilson, Gertrude And John W. Robertson, both of Knoxville, m. Knoxville Jan 31st by Rev. C. Gardner
1889 27-Mar D Wilson, Mrs. Robert d. Covington last week
1889 16-Jan M Wilson, Stephen A. Of Columbia twp. and Miss Flora A. Dewey of Austinville m. her home (no date)
1889 14-Aug D Winsor, Dr. Charles C. d. Blossburg last Thur., in 30th yr. of age, left 2 sons
1889 06-Nov M Wisner, Margaret L. Of Palmyra, NY., and _____ Van Horn (ed. of Elkland Journal), m. (no date)
1889 01-May M Wittaker, William And Miss Helena Putnam, both of Covington, m. at Lawrenceville last Wed.
1889 20-Feb B Wood Son to Emitt of Richmond twp. (no date)
1889 06-Nov M Wood, Andrew And Mrs. Alzina Smith m. last Wed. (Lawrence Corners items), both of Rutland twp.
1889 20-Nov M Wood, Edgar C. And Miss Maggie Landergan, both of Mansfield, m. Wellsboro last Wed. by Fr. Lynot; she dau. Mrs. John Landergan of Lambs Creek
1889 01-May D Woodford, Joseph d. Elmira last week Tue., age 59, former res. Tioga Co., father of James of Elmira
1889 03-Jul M Woodruff, Dora Of Scranton and O. D. Goodrich of Elmira, NY., to be m. next week Thur. (Jun 27th) in Scranton; she formerly of Mansfield and Wellsboro
1889 24-Jul D Woodruff, Rev. William G. d. recently at Veteran, Chemung Co., NY., a native of Tioga
1889 26-Jun M Woodward, Clinton L. Of Carpenter and Ruhanna S. Matson of Union twp., m. Elmira, NY., Mon.
1889 02-Oct M Wouther, Rosella And Adolf Doser, both of Westfield, m. Addison, NY., Sep 10th by H. Birdsall, Esq.
1889 25-Dec D Wright, Ellis G. Formerly of Mansfield, d. Elmira, NY., recently, bowel ailment, left several children, bro-in-law of Samuel and Lemuel Wilson of Mansfield
1889 25-Sep D Wright, Morrill d. Canton last Wed., age 33, suffocated in cave-in, left 3 children, bro. of Ira Wright of Mansfield
1889 27-Feb M Wylie, Elizabeth Of Sugar Notch, Pa. and Jay H. Clark of Mansfield m. her home last Fri. (22nd), he son Col. M. L. Clark, both MSNS ‘85
1889 10-Jul M Young, Casper Of Hoytville and Miss Attie King of Liberty m. at Elmira, NY. (no date)
1889 20-Mar M Young, Philip E. Of Corning and Miss Lou. Campbell of Nelson m. at Corning (no date)
1889 06-Mar M Young, William And Miss Mary J. Davies m. Morris Run (no date)

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