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From Newspaper Records from Tioga County PA , Volume Six, Births, Deaths & Marriages abstracted from the Mansfield Advertiser 1888 through 1895 by Mary Kingsley. Originally published 1984.  All data copied from newspaper file as it appeared in the record using their spelling.  Permission for reprinting on the Tri-County Web Sites given by Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd, series coordinator, in 1997. Retyped by Elaine Frey, Formatted and published by Joyce M .Tice 2004

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Date    M Name Notice
Date  Issue M Name Notice
1890 29-Jan D Campbell, Duncan W. d. Williamsport Jan 21st, formerly of Charleston twp.
1890 23-Jul D Campbell, E. B. d. Williamsport of Bright’s disease (no date) age 70
1890 18-Jun D Campbell, Robert d. Delmar twp. last Wed. of paralysis, age 81
1890 15-Jan D Capps, Mrs. Elizabeth d. Wellsboro, age 62 (no date)
1890 19-Nov D Carpenter, Clarence d. Niles Valley from injuries in a fall, buried N. Valley Cem. last Fri.
1890 07-May M Carpenter, Hanson And Miss Fannie Brundage m. in Scranton, Pa., Apr 26th; he MSNS ‘88
1890 11-Jun M Carr, H. E. Of Covington and Miss Minnie Kelley of Mansfield m. Elmira, NY., last week Tue.
1890 26-Nov D Carroll, John d. Roaring Branch, age 70, kicked by a bull
1890 19-Mar M Cassady, Eva Of Webbs Mills and Rev. Mr. Rosengrant of East Troy m. recently
1890 06-Aug M Catlin, J. D. Of Catlin Hollow and Miss Jennie Whitcomb of Mansfield m. last Tue. her home by Rev. D. Keppel
1890 26-Feb M Catlin, Lillian And Fred V. Cooper m. Feb 16th (Niles Valley items)
1890 12-Feb D Champlain, Mrs. Tabitha B. d. Knoxville, Feb 4th, age 98
1890 17-Sep B Chapin Twins to D. D. of Harrison Valley (no date)
1890 26-Nov D Chapin, Bernice L. d. Westfield Nov 13th, infant dau. of D.D. and Orpha Chapin
1890 30-Jul D Clark Dau. of Frank of Elkland Jul 18th, age 3
1890 10-Sep B Clark Son to George A. of Richmond twp. last Thur.
1890 10-Sep B Clark Son to Jay H. of Sugar Notch, Pa., Jul 31st
1890 24-Dec B Clark Dau. to Frank A. of Hornellsville Dec 11th
1890 26-Nov D Clark, Dennis d. Chatham twp. Nov 19th, infant child of Dennis and Annie of Delmar twp., age 1 yr., 5 mos., 19 das.
1890 01-Jan M Clark, Emeretta And Lyman B. Ritchie, both of Roaring Branch, m. there Dec 25th 1889
1890 26-Nov D Clark, Mary d. last Thur. at Niles Valley, age 18 mos., dau. of Dennis Clark
1890 23-Jul D Clark, Mrs. J. B. (Susan H.) d. near Mansfield of paralysis, Jul 21st, age 51 yrs., 3 mos., she was dau. of James Lucas, m. 1856, left 1 son George A. Clark, sister and brother’s left; Mrs. Silar Davy, Richmond twp.; Mrs. Noah Grady, Cherry Flats; Lewis B. Lucas of Mainesburg; Furman L. of East Troy and Mrs. J. B. Strong, Mainesburg (dec’d); burial at Mansfield
1890 15-Oct D Clemons, Mrs. George d. Covington (no date), sis. Of E. L. Nash of Rutland twp.
1890 09-Apr D Cleveland Infant son of Luman d. Schodac, Mar 30th, age 6 wks.
1890 17-Sep D Cleveland Dau. of G. H. of Covington buried Sep 3rd, age 3 yrs.
1890 05-Nov B Cleveland Dau. to Mrs. Laura of Sullivan twp. Oct 10th
1890 08-Jan M Cleveland, Clara And Samuel H. Steele, both of Covington, m. Lindley, NY., Dec 26th 1889 by Rev. F. Van Keuren
1890 26-Nov D Cleveland, George H. d. near Covington Thur., “dropped dead”, age about 30, left several children
1890 02-Jul D Cline, Mr. _____ d. at Williamsport (no date), father of John G. Cline of Blossburg
1890 29-Oct M Clute, Frank L. Of Corning and Miss Louise V. Saks of Blossburg to be m. Nov 5th
1890 18-Jun D Coe, S. N., d. Canton a few das. Ago of blood poisoning
1890 03-Sep M Coffin, Rose And Fred A. Brown m. her home, Brookfield twp., Aug 20th
1890 29-Jan D Cogswell, Dr. N. J. Of Sesson, Bradford Co., Pa., d. (no date) in 67th yr., left son H. E. of Mansfield and dau. Mrs. S. S. James, Wilkes-Barre
1890 29-Oct B Colby Son to George of Lawrenceville (no date)
1890 05-Nov B Colby Son to Station Agent Colby of Lawrenceville (no date)
1890 14-May D Cole, Dr. A. J. d. Burdet, Kan., formerly of Mansfield (see 5/21 for more)
1890 21-May D Cole, Dr. A. J. Was b. Wysox, Pa., and d. Kan. last week Mon. of apoplexy, age 66, lived Mansfield 1866-86, m. Miss Mary B. Adams in 1848 and had: Mrs. F. W. Clark and Eugene B. Cole of Mansfield; Mrs. T. R. Hewitt, Penfield, Pa., and Charles of Kan.; also 2 sisters – Mrs. S. B. Wells, New York City and Mrs. Geo. B. Dailey of Elmira, NY.
1890 23-Jul M Cole, May Of Hammond and Dr. S. P. Hakes of Tioga m. recently
1890 09-Apr M Cole, Sylvester Of Osceola and Miss Nora M. Raub of Harrison Valley m. Mar 27th
1890 17-Dec D Collins, Mrs. Patrick d. Troy last Fri., left 6 children
1890 29-Oct M Combs, Arthur Of Jamaica and Miss Helen Reynolds of Tioga m. in Elmira, NY., Oct 21st
1890 09-Apr M Comfort, Unice And Manley Palmer m. last week (Mainesburg items)
1890 09-Jul D Compton, W. T. d. Crooked Creek Sun., burial in New York State
1890 17-Dec B Conevery Son to Frank of Wellsboro Dec 11th
1890 12-Feb M Connelly, Lizzie Of Covington and S. R. Rogers m. her home Feb. 4th
1890 26-Feb D Connor, Miss Mary d. Troy Feb 23rd of consumption, age 25
1890 16-Apr D Conway Infant dau. of Tim., d. Waterbury, Ct. (no date), formerly of Wellsboro
1890 19-Nov B Cook Son to George of Blossburg (no date)
1890 28-May Cook, Gideon And Mrs. Of Wellsboro m. 60 yrs., May 15th
1890 26-Mar D Cook, Mrs. Luther d. Jackson twp. Mar 16th, funeral at Jackson Centre
1890 19-Feb D Coolidge, Charles d. Round Top of influenza (no date)
1890 23-Jul D Coolidge, D. K. d. Delmar twp., of paralysis, age 76 (no date)
1890 26-Mar B Cooper Dau. to F. H. of Mansfield, Mar 20th
1890 26-Feb M Cooper, Fred V. And Miss Lillian Catlin m. Feb 16th (Niles Valley items)
1890 16-Apr D Copley, George Of Hills Creek d. at Warren State Hospital Mar 26th, brain ailment
1890 18-Jun M Cornelius, Byron And Miss Luna Harding m. Elkland last Wed.
1890 12-Nov M Cornelius, Carrie And F. S. Smith to be m. Elkland today
1890 29-Oct B Corwin Dau. to A. J. of Millerton (no date)
1890 15-Jan M Costello, M. J. Of Elmira and Miss Mattie Smith of Mansfield m. Thur. last her home by Rev. D. Keppel; her twin bro’s are Brant and Grant Smith
1890 08-Oct B Costley Son to Benjamin of Knoxville (no date)
1890 22-Jan D Costly, Stephen d. Elkland recently of heart disease, age 37, left 1 dau.
1890 01-Oct M Cottrell, Mrs. _____ Of Rochester, NY., and Timothy Smith of Mansfield, m. (no date)
1890 19-Mar B Cowan Twins (1 each) to Edward of Covington last Thur.; the boy d.
1890 23-Apr M Cowan, Jane Of Delmar twp. and David H. Gardner (age 80) of Chatham twp. m. (no date)
1890 05-Nov M Crain, Netlie (sp.) Of Canton and Walter Davidson m. in Corning, NY., Oct 27th
1890 10-Dec B Crandall Dau. to F. W. of Elkland (no date)
1890 15-Oct M Crawford, Emma Of Elmira, NY., and Frank Dunkle of Jersey Shore (formerly of Wellsboro), m. (no date)
1890 02-Jul M Crippen, Seth Of Austinville and Miss Maud Stacy of Springfield, m. Elmira, NY., Jun 18th
1890 09-Apr D Crooker, Lawson d. Eden Valley, NY., Mar 17th, age 82, bro. of Mrs. C. C. Bigelow and Uncle of Mrs. Frank Kohler of Mansfield
1890 30-Jul B Crooks Son to Thomas of Blossburg (no date)
1890 04-Jun M Crossley, W. C. Of Mansfield and Miss Addie L. Huntley of Milwaukee, Wisc. m. May 26th
1890 08-Jan B Crum, Walter b. Jackson twp. to William (William bro. to Geo., below)
1890 08-Jan B Crum, Walter b. Blossburg to George (George bro. to William, above)
1890 12-Nov B Cruttenden Son to William, Jr., of Lambs Creek (no date)
1890 24-Sep M Cruttenden, Katie Of Upper Lambs Creek and Edward Dorsett m. Jan 8th 1890 – just announced
1890 03-Sep D Cruttenden, Tilden d. Wellsboro Sat., age 85, former res. Charleston twp., b. Sussex, Eng. Feb 18th 1806, came US 1841, had 11 children, 4 left: Spencer of Charleston, Alfred of Walla Walla, Wash.; Herbert, Binghamton, NY.; and Lewis A. of Johnstown, N. dak.; 1st wife d. 1872; funeral at E. Charleston; 1 sis. Left Mrs. William Hollands of Mansfield
1890 24-Sep M Culligan, Kate Of Lawrenceville and Frank Maxner of Corning m. (no date)
1890 23-Apr M Culver, Lou And William H. Lewis, both of Charleston twp., m. Wellsboro Apr 15th by Rev. O. Chamberlayne
1890 01-Oct M Cummings, George Of Mechanicsburg, Pa., and Miss Ida May Bailey of Mansfield m. last Sat. by Rev. D. Keppel; she niece of T. H. Bailey
1890 12-Nov D Curran, Mrs. _____ d. Deerfield twp. (no date)
1890 16-Apr B Daggett Dau. to Norman of Mansfield, Apr 12th
1890 01-Oct B Daly Son to M. of Covington (no date)
1890 23-Jul D Daniles, Will J. Of Tioga d. Wed. on railroad near Dresden, NY., age 23
1890 01-Jan B Dann Son to John B. of Elk Run (no date)
1890 16-Apr M Dann, Meade And Miss Lillie Sauers, both of Mansfield, m. Elmira, NY., by Rev. DeWitt (no date)
1890 19-Feb D Darling 2 dau’s. of George of Delmar d. of diphtheria “since last issue”
1890 12-Nov M Darling, Edith M. Of Lawrenceville and Theodore C. Huber of Washington, D. C. m. Lawrenceville last week; she dau. late Thomas V. Darling
1890 01-Oct D Darling, Velpo d. Lawrenceville last week Sat., “an old resident”
1890 29-Jan B Dartt Son to Frank of Arnot (no date)
1890 13-Aug M Dartt, Belle And John Brown, both of Canton m. Mon
1890 08-Jan D Dartt, Mrs. George Of Charleston d. last week at her dau’s. in Duncan twp., funeral at Dartt Settlement Church
1890 16-Apr M Dates, Dell Of Tompkins, Pa., and Miss Cora Roselle of Crooked Creek m. at Lindley, NY., Apr 1st
1890 26-Nov D Davidge, Mrs. E. G. d. Westfield Nov 17th
1890 05-Nov M Davidson, Walter And Miss Netlie (sp.) Crain, of Canton m. in Corning, NY., Oct 27th
1890 12-Feb D Davies, Mrs. _____ d. Troy Feb 5th of nervous prostration, age 54, wife of Baptist pastor
1890 09-Jul M Davis, E. W. And Nora Dennison m. Jul 3rd her home, Charleston twp.; she dau. of Commissioner G. D. Dennison
1890 02-Jul M Davis, Elwin Of Morris and Miss Nora Dennison of Charleston twp. to be m. her home next Fri. (see 7/9 for more)
1890 05-Feb D Davis, Mrs. John J. d. Blossburg (no date), age 62, grippe
1890 12-Feb D Davis, Plinn d. Richmond twp. Feb 5th, age 59 yrs., 8 mos., dropsy of heart, b. South Londonderry, VT. Apr 3rd 1831, came here 1838, m. 1853 Miss Julia ‘gifford, had 5 children; Fanny (dec’d), Mrs. Frank Gillett, Canoe Camp; Nett E., Edwin W. and Fred M., at home, buried Hope Cem., Mansfield
1890 05-Mar D Davis, Reese d. Cherry Flats, (no date), age 80, left 7 adult children
1890 19-Feb D Davix, Reese L. d. Charleston twp. of pneumonia, age 89
1890 29-Jan B Davy Dau. to Norman Davy of Westfield (no date0
1890 09-Jul M Day, George Of Middlebury and Miss Lettie Kennedy of Shippen twp., m. Wellsboro Jul 4th by Rev. O. Chamberlayne
1890 12-Nov D Day, Loren d. Keeneyville Nov 9th, age 70
1890 28-May M Decker, George E. And Miss Alma Argetsinger m. in Mansfield May 23rd by Rev. D. Keppel
1890 26-Nov D Deegan, William d. near Buffalo, NY., recently on the railroad, former res. Niles Valley, age 20
1890 25-Jun M DeFever, Alice R. Of Marionville, Mo. And John W. Faulkner (formerly of Mansfield) to be m. her home next Sun.
1890 15-Jan D Deming Dau. of L. B. of Jackson twp., d. age 4 (no date)
1890 02-Jul M Dennison, Nora Of Charleston twp. and Elwin Davis of Morris to be m. her home next Fri. (see 7/9 for more)
1890 09-Jul M Dennison, Nora And E. W. Davis m. Jul 3rd her home, Charleston twp.; she dau. of Commissioner G. D. Dennison
1890 08-Jan D Derow, Miss Mary d. Blossburg Dec 30th 1889, age 74, had lived tioga yrs. ago
1890 01-Oct D Desmond, Michael d. Liberty (no date)
1890 01-Jan M DeVoll, Huldah L. And Wilbern T. Moore, both of Delmar twp., m. Stony Fork Dec 25th 1889
1890 15-Jan D Dewey, James B. d. Sullivan twp. “this morning”, typhoid pneumonia, b. Jan 19th 1805, a Pioneer, father of Sanford of Fall Brook, Mrs. I. N. Whiting of Crooked Creek (see 1/22 for more)
1890 22-Jan D Dewey, James B. d. Jan 19th (Wrong mk), left 5 sons; James, Sanford, Henry and Addison, and Emery of Minn.; 2 dau’s. Fanny and Mrs. I. N. Whiting
1890 02-Apr M Dibble, Amos W. Of Stony Fork and Miss Ida M. Warriner of Liberty m. Liberty Mar 26th by Rev. A. Miller
1890 15-Oct D Dininny, Mrs. George E. d. Elkland (no date) of consumption
1890 26-Mar B Doane Son to J. C. of Blossburg, Mar 24th
1890 12-Nov D Doane Son of Prof. of Blossburg d. last Thur., age 8 mos., burial at Leona, Pa.
1890 05-Nov D Dodge, A. A. d. Sunderlinville (no date), formerly of Westfield
1890 26-Nov M Dolen (or Dolan), Michael J. And Miss Mamie Hurley, of Morris Run, m. last Wed. (Nov 19th)
1890 12-Feb M Dorrance, G. Gersham Of Elkland and Miss Carrie Buckley of Osceola m. Feb 6th her home by Rev. J. Jarman
1890 24-Sep M Dorsett, Edward And Miss Katie Cruttenden of Upper Lambs Creek m. Jan 8th 1890 – just announced
1890 17-Sep D Doud, Mark d. Covington last Sun., age 6, drowned, son of I. R. Doud, nephew of J. F. and W. P. Rose of Mansfield
1890 09-Apr D Drake, Mrs. Rebecca d. at her dau’s. (Mrs. M. E. Harding) in Harbor Springs, Mich., Mar 17th, buried at Goshen, Ind., b. Rebecca Wortendyke in Sussex Co., NJ., May 20th 1804, m. Isaac Drake and had 9 children, 4 left when she went west in 1857 – J. R., Mrs. H. Wood, Mrs. Harding, and James W.; had res. Mansfield where husband had woolen mill.
1890 23-Apr B Dulso Dau. to Joe of Elkland (no date)
1890 22-Jan d. Dunbar, Alvira d. East Troy, Jan 11th, age 6 wks., influenza, dau. of A. Dunbar
1890 15-Oct M Dunkle, Frank Of Jersey Shore (formerly of Wellsboro) and Miss Emma Crawford of Elmira, NY., m. (no date)
1890 22-Oct M Dunning, George W. Of Corning, NY., and Eva L. Kelsey of Wellsboro m. Corning Oct 14th
1890 09-Apr M Dunsmore, W. D. And Mrs. Lydia Barrows of Covington m. Mansfield today by Rev. D. Keppel
1890 10-Dec D Eastman, Mrs. A. B. d. Wellsboro (no date), age 35
1890 17-Sep D Edwards, Miss Edith d. Osceola of consumption, age 15, dau. of Prof. Edwards (no date)
1890 13-Aug D Elliott Infant dau. of Bert d. Sullivan twp. Aug 8th, age 14 mos.
1890 05-Nov M Elliott, Ward Of Reynoldsville and Miss _____ of Brookville, Pa., m. recently; he son of Hon. S. B. Elliott, formerly of Mansfield; she niece of Gen. D. H. Hastings.
1890 18-Jun M Elmer, Ida And W. E. Mitchell of Elkland m. her home, Addison, NY., last Thur.
1890 08-Jan D Ely Infant son of Andrew Ely, Jr., d. Blossburg, Dec 30th 1889
1890 30-Jul B Ely Dau. to C. F. of Covington Jul 22nd
1890 19-Mar D Ely, Andrew d. Blossburg last Sat., bro of late Michael Ely of Covington
1890 29-Jan D Ely, Delos d. near Cherry Flats a few das. Ago of pneumonia, age 48, left 2 children, b. on his farm
1890 08-Jan D Ely, Michael d. Covington last Wed., age 60, consumption, left 10 children, res. Covington 9 yrs.
1890 26-Nov M Emms, Lottie N. And Robert Baxter, both of Morris Run m. Nov 17th
1890 14-May D Engle, Mrs. Michael d. near Canoe Camp yest.
1890 07-May D English 3 children of John of Wellsboro have d. with diphtheria this spring
1890 01-Jan M English, Ella J. F. And Matthew G. Tome of Slate Run, m. Lindley, NY. (no date) by Rev. F. Van Keuren
1890 12-Feb D English, William Of Delmar twp., age 76 or 70, d. near Tioga, Feb. 4th
1890 24-Dec B Evans Dau. to Frank of Sylvania (no date)
1890 08-Jan M Evans, Arthur J. And Miss Mary Greenbalgh, both of Morris Run, m. Blossburg recently
1890 30-Apr M Evans, Maggie Of Danville, Pa. and Francis J. Jones of Blossburg to be m. today
1890 08-Jan D Evans, Richard d. Morris Run Jan 1st, age 70
1890 05-Nov M Everett, Minnie D. And Monroe M. Friends m. her home, Jackson twp. Oct 20th (or 29)

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