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From Newspaper Records from Tioga County PA , Volume Six, Births, Deaths & Marriages abstracted from the Mansfield Advertiser 1888 through 1895 by Mary Kingsley. Originally published 1984.  All data copied from newspaper file as it appeared in the record using their spelling.  Permission for reprinting on the Tri-County Web Sites given by Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd, series coordinator, in 1997. Retyped by Elaine Frey, Formatted and published by Joyce M .Tice 2004

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Date  Issue M Name Notice
1890 14-May M Everett, W. C. Of Knoxville and Miss Lora M. Avery of Chatham twp. m. last Thur. her home
1890 31-Dec M Eves, Etta And Dr. John Bruner of Roaring Branch m. (no date)
1890 27-Aug B Fanning Dau. to A. C. of Troy (no date)
1890 05-Nov D Fanning Child of Mrs. G. W. of Michigan, d. at Harrison Copp’s near Covington, age 18 mos.
1890 05-Feb D Fanning, Mrs. Amos B. (Josephine H.) d. Troy, Jan 25th, age 52 yrs., 8 mos., grippe
1890 10-Sep D Farr Infant child of Pearl of Crooked Creek d. last Fri., burial at Hammond
1890 15-Oct D Farr, Eli S. d. Tioga last Wed. from a fall, age 76, came here from VT. Yrs. ago, left 4 sons; W. O. of Tacoma, Wash.; Abram of Niles Valley; c. B. of Tioga and Leroy at home.
1890 18-Jun M Farrer, Jane E. And Albert H. Avery m. Mansfield “last evening”
1890 02-Apr M Farrer, W. S. And Miss Lorah Kohler, both of Mansfield, m. today in Philadelphia, Pa.
1890 25-Jun M Faulkner, John W. (formerly of Mansfield) and Alice R. DeFever of Marionville, Mo., to be m. her home next Sun.
1890 23-Jul D Fellows, James A. d. Sullivan Twp. Jun 11th, was b. Poultney, VT. Jun 30th 1803, came to area 1809 and resided Sullivan since 1815, m. 1829 Mary dau. of Thomas Ballard of Troy, left: Mrs. George Fletcher, Springfield, Pa.; B. A. of Oregon; James of Henrietta, NY. and F. W. of Sullivan twp.
1890 29-Oct B Ferris Twins (1 each) to Joseph H. of Little Marsh Oct 25th
1890 15-Oct M Ferris, Mrs. Hattie Of Mill Creek and Oscar Phillips of Middlebury m. a few weeks since
1890 07-May D Fields, Henry d. Mainesburg May 3rd, age 15, injured in mill accident, son of George & Lois
1890 12-Nov D Fields, Mrs. Elizhaz d. Chicago, Ill., last week, former res. of Wellsboro
1890 26-Nov M Finch, Lerney L. And Miss Lily Bliss, both of Nelson, m. at Addison, NY., Nov 9th
1890 17-Dec B Fischler Son to Charles of Wellsboro Dec 14th
1890 29-Jan D Fischler, John, Sr. d. Wellsboro Jan 22nd, age 87
1890 16-Jul D Fischler, Urban G. d. Wellsboro (no date), age 50
1890 10-Dec D Fitcer, Mrs. d. Indian Castle, NY., recently, age 70, mother of C. Fitcer of Mardin
1890 15-Oct M Fitch, Frank And Mary Parmenter, of Granville Summit, m. recently
1890 26-Mar M Flinn, Joseph Of Sabinsville and Miss Angeline George of Brookfield twp. m. Troupsburg, NY., Mar 16th
1890 01-Jan D Ford Infant dau. of D. O. of West Covington d. _____, age 6 mos.
1890 02-Jul   Ford, J. C. And Mrs. Of Knoxville m. 20 yrs. Jul 4th
1890 12-Nov M Forest, Archie And Miss Clara Lovel m. her home Sullivan twp. Oct 30th by Rev. M. Frick
1890 12-Mar M Foulkrod, Laura Of Liberty and William Henry Windom of Williamsport m. (no date)
1890 10-Dec D Fralic, Mrs. d. Mansfield last Thur., “aged mother of Mrs. William Hutchinson”
1890 22-Oct D Francis Dau. of Wade of Wellsboro d. last week of diphtheria, age 8
1890 26-Nov M Freeman, James Of Alba and Miss Susie Struble of Troy m. at Benjamin Knights’ on Nov 20th
1890 05-Nov M Friends, Monroe M. And Minnie D. Everett m. her home, Jackson twp. Oct 20th (or 29)
1890 26-Nov D Fritz Son of F. W. of Wellsboro d. Stokesdale Mon. on railroad, age 16, burial at Wellsboro
1890 06-Aug D Fulkerson, Mrs. Levi d. Blossburg last Wed., age 20
1890 15-Oct M Fuller, Nora Of Knoxville and D. F. Ash m. in Addison, NY., recently
1890 01-Jan D Furman, Mrs. James d. Austinville, Sun., age about 35, left 1 son and 1 dau.
1890 09-Apr M Furman, Mrs. Sarah M. Of Austinville and W. S. Ingalls of Spring Valley, Minn., m. Elmira, NY., by Rev. M. DeWitt (no date)
1890 07-May D Gamble, Mrs. Nora d. E. Troy last Thur.
1890 23-Apr M Gardner, David H. (age 80) Of Chatham twp. and Miss Jane Cowan of Delmar twp., m. (no date)
1890 30-Apr D Gardner, Lois d. at her sis’ (Mrs. C. H. Copp) Upper Lambs Creek, age 15, dau. of F. L. Gardner of Mansfield, funeral at Canoe Camp, had a bro., also
1890 12-Feb D Gardner, Mrs. David (Melina) d. Covington Tue., Feb 4th, age 57, buried Gray Cemetery; he d. Civil War
1890 08-Oct D Gardner, Rosanna R. d. Mansfield Oct 4th, age 34
1890 05-Nov M Garrison, Jason Of Jobs’ Corners and Miss Della Shaw of Mansfield m. Pine City, NY., Oct 26th by Rev. Meyers
1890 17-Sep M Gavigan, Lizzie And John W. Hyde to be m. Corning, NY., Sep 23rd
1890 03-Dec D Gavigan, Samuel d. near Fall Brook on Mon., railroad accident, age 24, funeral at Corning, NY.
1890 22-Oct D Gaylord Child of Henry d. last Fri., Mansfield
1890 31-Dec   Gaylord, Mrs. Deborah Of Tioga is 78 (Dec 26th), mother of Mrs. O. P. Barden
1890 06-Aug D Gaylord, William Riley d. on Pine Creek last Sun., age 67, heart disease, burial at Hope Cemetery, Mansfield, unmarried, son of late Alvin Gaylord and bro. of Henry of Mansfield
1890 24-Dec D Geer, S. M. d. tioga Sun., age 71, left 5 children – one Joe H.; twice married
1890 26-Mar M George, Angeline Of Brookfield twp. and Joseph Flinn of Sabinsville m. Troupsburg, NY., Mar 16th
1890 22-Oct M Gernert, Stephen And Miss Bertha Ingham m. on Thur. (Columbia X Roads items)
1890 29-Jan B Gerould Son to P. B. of Covington (no date)
1890 17-Sep M Gibbony, Clarence And Miss Ella Goodall (formerly of Blossburg) m. recently at Homer, NY.
1890 22-Jan D Gibson, Mrs. Isabella d. Dec 27th 1889 Short Hills, NJ., b. Newburgh, NY., buried Albany, NY., mother of Mrs. N. Barrows, formerly of Mansfield, age 96
1890 16-Apr D Gifford, Mrs. Eunice d. last Wed. at Mansfield at Dau’s. (Mrs. Plinn Davis), age 84 yrs., 5 mos., stroke, had res. Farmersville, NY., where husband d. about 1853, left another dau. at Medina, NY., and 2 sons – H. H. and Benjamin S. of Roscommon, Mich.
1890 16-Jul B Gilbert Son to E. E. of Covington last week Sun.
1890 17-Sep M Goodall, Ella (formerly of Blossburg) and Clarence Gibbony m. recently at Homer, NY.
1890 08-Jan D Goodall, Mrs. Ellen d. Fri., funeral and burial at Covington (East Charleston items)
1890 20-Aug D Goodrich, John M. d. at Chicago, Ill. Last week, age 56, formerly of Tioga
1890 16-Jul M Goodwin, Emery D. Of Westfield and Minnie A. Wert of Knoxville m. (no date)
1890 03-Dec D Gordon, Amasa d. Tioga result of amputation after hunting accident last Thur., left wife
1890 03-Sep D Gordon, Mrs. William d. Ulysses, Pa. (no date), suicide, burial at Hornellsville, NY
1890 13-Aug M Gorton, Amsby And Daisy Hathaway, both of Tioga, m. (no date)
1890 01-Oct D Gould, Henry d. Jackson Summit last week Tue., age about 55, suicide
1890 16-Jul M Grant, Kate Of Morris Run and William Hutchinson of Blossburg (no date)
1890 03-Sep B Graves Son to F. L. of Mansfield (no date)
1890 01-Oct M Graves, Ella And Will Soper, both of Covington, m. in Lindley, NY., Sep 15th
1890 15-Jan D Graves, Miss Mary d. Tioga _____, buried Sun. in Evergreen Cem. there, had 1 bro. and 2 sis.; consumption
1890 06-Aug D Graves, Miss Nellie d. Millerton yest. Of consumption, age 17, dau. of Harry T. and Niece of Mrs. Edward Doane of Mansfield
1890 22-Jan D Graves, Mrs. Harry T. d. Millerton
1890 31-Dec B Gray Son James Lafayette b. Petaluma, Cal., to Fred L. Gray (no date)
1890 22-Jan D Gray, Augustus d. Ward twp., Jan 2nd, of consumption, age 40
1890 08-Jan M Greenbalgh, Mary And Arthur J. Evans, both of Morris Run, m. Blossburg recently
1890 09-Apr M Greeney, Carrie Of Lawrence Twp. and James Barrett of Jackson Summit m. Elmira, NY., Mar 29th
1890 02-Jul M Gregory, Mary And Alexander Pollock of Antrim to be m. “soon”
1890 29-Jan D Grover Child of Giles, d. Wellsboro of diphtheria, age 3 (no date)
1890 22-Jan M Guild, Alice Of Troy and R. D. Platt of West Burlington, m. Elmira, NY., Dec 30th 1889
1890 30-Jul B Guiles Dau. to A. G. of Lawrenceville (no date)
1890 24-Dec D Gul __uer (Gulliver?) Infant dau. of J. C., d. Blossburg recently (paper torn)
1890 05-Mar D Guyiski, Mrs. Frank d. Arnot from a fall, buried at Blossburg Fri.
1890 04-Jun D Hacket, S. W. d. Middlebury last Wed., age 41, left 4 children
1890 28-May D Hackett, Samuel d. Middlebury last wed. of Bright’s disease, buried near Keeneyville
1890 09-Jul   Hagar, J. L. And Mrs. m. 12 yrs. Jul 4th, res. Richmond twp.
1890 30-Jul M Haight, Cora Of Burlington, Pa., and J. M. Smiley m. recently, she MSNS ‘90
1890 08-Jan D Hakes Infant dau. of Edward of Niles Valley d. last week
1890 23-Jul M Hakes, Dr. S. P. Of Tioga and Miss May Cole of Hammond m. recently
1890 04-Jun M Hakes, Edith And A. R. Brown, both of Mansfield, m. Elmira, NY., May 24th
1890 26-Feb D Hall, Mrs. Sarah d. Blossburg Feb 19th, consumption, age 38
1890 24-Dec M Hall, Net (tie?0 And Joseph H. Milliken m. yest. At Wellsboro
1890 15-Oct D Hall, Samuel d. Blossburg (no date)
1890 17-Sep D Hammond, Robert d. Osceola Sep 8th, left 2 dau’s. and 2 sons (J. W. and M. F. of Osceola)
1890 21-May D Hancock, Oliver d. last Thur. at Westfield of grippe
1890 29-Jan D Hanson, Edward d. Mon., injured “week before last” in logging accident on Mann Creek
1890 21-May B Hanwell Son to John of Morris run (no date)
1890 16-Apr D Harding, Josiah d. recently in Sullivan twp. of pneumonia
1890 18-Jun M Harding, Luna And Byron Cornelius m. Elkland last Wed.
1890 17-Sep D Hardt, Mrs. Anton d. Wellsboro, age 48 (no date)
1890 08-Oct D Hardy, Adelbert d. Round Top (no date)
1890 05-Mar M Harrer, Frank And Miss Kittie Jones m. at Antrim (no date)
1890 01-Jan D Harrington (or Herrington), Horace d. Ansonia last week, bro. of Mrs. J. T. Purvis of Niles Valley, run over by train, left 2 children.
1890 19-Nov D Harris, Seth W. d. Westfield twp. (no date) consumption
1890 15-Oct D Harrower, Porter d. Tioga last Wed. of fever, left several small children
1890 21-May Hart, Adam And Mrs.of Schodac m. 25 yrs. on May 10th
1890 10-Sep D Hart, Alfred Of Nauvoo d. (no date), suicide
1890 19-Feb D Hart, Mrs. Abram d. Charleston twp. of typhoid-pneumonia, age 75 (no date)
1890 23-Jul D Hart, Mrs. Wellington d. Cherry Flats last Sun., prob. Effects of childbirth, nee Luch Crowley, funeral in Wellsboro; he bor. of Frank P. Hart of Mansfield
1890 13-Aug M Hathaway, Daisy And Amsby Gorton, both of Tioga m. (no date)
1890 02-Apr M Hatherill, George T. And Miss Addie M. Kerr, both of Delmar twp., m. in Delmar Mar 20th by Rev. William Young
1890 29-Oct D Hazlett, Miss Ella d. Nelson, funeral Sun., niece of Mr. and Mrs. James Hardenburg of Crooked Creek
1890 21-May B Hegland Son to G. of Morris Run recently
1890 07-May M Herrington, Myra Of Elmira, NY., and Freedson Roselle of Crooked Creek, m. recently
1890 17-Sep D Herrmann, Mrs. John (nee Mattie Le Valley) d. Covington Fri. of heart trouble, left infant son of 10 das.
1890 08-Jan D Hill Adelbert d. Elmira, NY., Wed. last, result of railroad accident at Columbia X roads, Tue., age 23
1890 10-Dec M Hill, Clarence And Minnie Warden, both of Sylvania m. there (no date)
1890 23-Jul D Hill, Lee d. Lawrenceville last week Mon., fell out a window, age about 20
1890 21-May B Hills Twins to Thomas of Morris Run recently
1890 16-Jul D Hoagland, Mrs. James Formerly of Covington, d. at Marion, Iowa, a few das. ago
1890 15-Oct B Hoard Son to Joseph S. of Mansfield Oct 12th
1890 29-Oct M Hogaboom, C. E. And Letta King m. Columbia X Roads (no date); she dau. of J. L. King
1890 22-Oct M Hogaboom, Ed. And Miss Lettie Brenchley m. on Wed. (Columbia X Roads items)
1890 26-Mar   Hogaboom, Floyd F. Of Jobs Corners was 39 on Mar 10th
1890 09-Jul B Holbert Son to Charles of Knoxville (no date)
1890 01-Oct   Holiday, Daniel Of Crooked Creek was 80, Sep 26th, children present; D. D. of Wellsboro; Mrs. S. O. Putnam, Covington; Mrs. Helen blanchard, Elmira; Mrs. Addie Maswell, Penn Yan; and V. B. of Crooked Creek
1890 22-Oct D Hollands Young son of S. H. of Blossburg d. Thur.
1890 11-Jun   Hollands, Henry And Mrs. Of Blossburg m. 50 yrs. last week Mon., he bro. of William of Mansfield
1890 04-Jun M Holt, Mary Of Morris Run and Abner Bunn of Blossburg m. last Thur. by Rev. Kay
1890 22-Oct B Horning Son to Giles of Columbia X Roads (no date)
1890 08-Oct B Horton Dau. to O. A. of Mansfield Oct 2nd
1890 02-Apr D Horton, Hiram d. near Lawrenceville Mon., age nearly 80, pneumonia, been there 20 yrs., came from Springfield, Bradford Co., left 2 sons and 4 dau’s.: Clarence of Mansfield; Edward of Canton; Mrs. M. A. Porter, Canton; Mrs. Mattocks, Springfield; Mrs. W. B. Krumm, Ithaca, NY., and Mrs. L. G. Brant, Lawrence twp.
1890 22-Jan M Horton, Lewis Of Blossburg and Lena Robinson, same, m. _____(no date); she dau. of Charles R.
1890 05-Mar D Horton, Thomas d. Pine City, NY. (formerly of Rutland twp.), burial at Roseville Thur.
1890 07-May D Hotchkiss, Charles d. _____, funeral at Niles Valley last Fri.
1890 10-Sep D Hotchkiss, Harris d. Lambs Creek Mon., burial at Tioga
1890 06-Aug D Hotchkiss, Mrs. Harris d. Lambs Creek, buried last Fri. at Tioga
1890 24-Dec M Hotchkiss, Rose And Nelson M. Rumsey m. her home, Wellsboro, last Thur.
1890 10-Dec M Hotchkiss, Rose M And Nelson L. Rumsey to be m. her home, Wellsboro, Dec 18th
1890 26-Feb D Houghtaling, Mrs. Elias d. Osceola (no date) grippe and pneumonia
1890 10-Dec M Houk, George W. Of Ithaca, NY. and Miss Flora Mosher of Wellsboro m. Owego, NY., last Thur.; she dau. Edward H. Mosher of Blossburg
1890 08-Jan D Howard, Dannie P. (Daniel) d. Wellsboro Sun. in bridge accident, former res. Middlebury, age 24, left 3 children; railroad bridge accident
1890 12-Nov M Howard, John F. And Miss Mary McEntee, both of Blossburg, m. there Nov 4th by Fr. Connolly
1890 08-Oct B Howe Dau. to Hez of Mansfield Oct 1st
1890 22-Oct M Howell, Carrie Of Blossburg and Fred. D. Miller of Watkins m. her home last Thur.
1890 19-Mar M Howells, Evan And Miss Rena Miller of Cherry Flats m. Mar 4th
1890 22-Jan M Howland, Jennie Of Westfield and Orrin L. Mack of Chatham twp., m. Troupsburg, NY., Dec 25th 1889 by O. L. McFarland, Esq.
1890 12-Nov M Huber, Theodore C. Of Washington, D.C. and Miss Edith M. Darling of Lawrenceville m. there last week; she dau. late Thomas V. Darling
1890 28-May D Hughes, Mr. J. Of Blossburg d. recently of a fall
1890 23-Apr M Hunt, Elizabeth R. Of Troy and Milo Kennedy of Austinville m. Troy Apr 10th by Rev. H. Andrews
1890 24-Dec M Hunt, Grace And Ernest L. Teeters to be m. Austinville next week Wed.
1890 04-Jun M Huntley, Addie L. Of Milwaukee, Wisc. And W. C. Crossley of Mansfield m. May 26th
1890 26-Nov M Hurlburt, Mary Of Covington and Martin Murray of Blossburg m. at Blossburg Nov 12th by Fr. Connelly
1890 26-Nov M Hurley, Mamie Of Morris Run, and Michael J. Dolen (or Dolan) m. last Wed. (Nov 19th)
1890 24-Dec B Husted Son to Henry of Richmond twp. Dec 14th

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