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From Newspaper Records from Tioga County PA , Volume Six, Births, Deaths & Marriages abstracted from the Mansfield Advertiser 1888 through 1895 by Mary Kingsley. Originally published 1984.  All data copied from newspaper file as it appeared in the record using their spelling.  Permission for reprinting on the Tri-County Web Sites given by Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd, series coordinator, in 1997. Retyped by Elaine Frey, Formatted and published by Joyce M .Tice 2004

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Date    M Name Notice
Date  Issue M Name Notice
1890 23-Apr B Metcalf Dau. to H. E. of Mansfield, Apr 20th
1890 08-Jan D Milikin, Mr. Ulysses Grant d. Wellsboro Sun. in railroad bridge accident, former res. Middlebury, age 23, left 1 child
1890 30-Apr B Miller Son to Frank L. yest. (at Mansfield?)
1890 02-Jul D Miller Son of Frank of Wellsboro d. Mon. of diphtheria
1890 30-Jul B Miller Dau. to S. S. of Arnot (no date)
1890 16-Jul D Miller Dau. of Fred, d. Wellsboro of bowel ailment, age 2 (no date)
1890 03-Dec M Miller, Belle Of Chatham twp. and Bert R. Warren, to be m. today at Sylvester Treat in East Charleston
1890 03-Dec M Miller, Charles And Winnie Turner of Blossburg m. Nov 26th
1890 22-Oct M Miller, Fred D. Of Watkins and Miss Carrie Howell of Blossburg m. her home last Thur.
1890 29-Oct D Miller, Henry J. d. Spring Valley, Minn., Oct 12th, bro. of J. H. and J. B. Miller of Millerton and Mrs. Amanda Smith of Elmira
1890 30-Jul D Miller, Jacob R. d. Jackson twp. Jul 16th, age 78, bro of W. L. Miller and Mrs. Robert Campbell of Millerton and Joshua Miller and Mary Ann Kinner of Jackson twp.
1890 17-Sep M Miller, Jesse W. And Miss Lena Miller, both of Millerton, m. there (no date); she dau. of J. H. Miller
1890 21-May M Miller, Lemuel And Clara Purvis m. May 9th (Blossburg items)
1890 17-Sep M Miller, Lena And Jesse W. Miller, both of Millerton, m. there (no date); she dau. of J. H. Miller
1890 01-Jan M Miller, Mary Of Brown twp. and Charles F. Brown of Cedar Run, m. Brown twp. Dec 25th 1889
1890 19-Mar M Miller, Rena Of Cherry Flats and Evan Howells m. Mar 4th
1890 12-Nov D Milliken, B. F. d. Wellsboro last Fri., age 38, complication of diseases, left 1 dau.
1890 24-Dec M Milliken, Joseph H. And Miss Net (tie?) Hall m. yest. At Wellsboro
1890 18-Jun M Mitchell, W. E. Of Elkland and Miss Ida Elmer m. her home, Addison, NY., last Thur.
1890 29-Oct M Moore, Marion M. And Alfred C. Walbridge, both of Stony Fork, m. Corning, NY., Oct 22nd
1890 01-Jan M Moore, Wilbern T. And Miss Huldah L. DeVoll, both of Delmar twp., m. Stony Fork Dec 25th 1889
1890 01-Jan D Moriarity, Michael d. Blossburg Dec 25th 1889, age 70, left 5 grown children
1890 10-Sep M Morris, Anna And Herbert Shannon m. Aug 26th at Trenton, NJ, she well-known in Mansfield
1890 03-Sep D Mosher, (Mrs.) Lucy A. d. at Little Marsh, age 64, paralysis
1890 10-Dec M Mosher, Flora Of Wellsboro and George W. Houk of Ithaca, NY. m. Owego, NY., last Thur.; she dau. Edward H. Mosher of Blossburg
1890 12-Nov D Moyer, J. L. d. Walla Walla, Wash. Oct 12th, age 42 yrs. 5 mos., 10 das., formerly of Stony Fork
1890 26-Feb M Mrs. Stewart (age 55) And Mr. Sechrist (age 60) m. recently at Blossburg
1890 15-Oct D Murdock, Miss Carrie d. Tioga last week, age 19
1890 30-Jul D Murray Infant son of John of Elkland d. (no date)
1890 26-Nov M Murray, Martin Of Blossburg and Mary Hurlburt of Covington m. at Blossburg Nov 12th by Fr. Connelly
1890 29-Oct D Myers, Lewis d. Arnot recently, left 6 children
1890 19-Feb M Narber, Charles And Miss Minnie Sheffer m. Liberty today
1890 02-Apr D Nearing, Mrs. W. S. (Mary) d. Morris Run last Sun., age about 57, pneumonia, left 2 sons – Frank and Lewis, been here 26 yrs., buried in New Jersey
1890 01-Jan B Newell Dau. to George D. of Mansfield, Dec 28th 1889
1890 25-Jun M Newell, Charles Knecht Of Philadelphia and Harriet Bixby Pitts of Mansfield m. Shamokin, Pa., May 10th by Rev. W. Watkins
1890 11-Jun M Newell, Harry E. Of Mansfield and Miss Lydia M. Sayre of Bath, NY., m. last Sat. at Bath by Rev. M. Preston
1890 22-Jan M Newell, Lizzie And Meade Thomas m. her home Troy, Jan 15th
1890 27-Aug D Nichols, Mrs. Melinda d. Austinville last Thur., age 87
1890 01-Jan B Niles Son to Jasper of Niles Valley Dec 17th 1889
1890 22-Oct B Niles Son to George of Crooked Creek Oct 14th
1890 12-Mar D O’Brien, Michael d. Blossburg a few das. ago in railroad accident
1890 23-Apr M O’Connell, Maggie And Joseph Rocks m. Blossburg, Apr 16th
1890 15-Oct M O’Day, Katie And Thomas Powers m. Union twp. (no date)
1890 16-Apr D O’Neill, Mrs. John d. Tioga last Wed., age about 57, left 3 dau’s. and 1 son (Miss Lizzie res. in Mansfield), burial at Elmira, NY
1890 13-Aug D Odell Infant son of John of Mansfield D. Sun. of cholera infantum
1890 26-Feb D Offord 2 children of Sidney d. Delmar twp of diphtheria (no date)
1890 01-Jan M Ogden, Hattie And George W. Wheeland, both of Roaring Branch m. Dec 25th at R. Branch
1890 01-Jan B Orcutt Dau. to Mrs. Frank of Lawrenceville (no date)
1890 22-Oct B Orvis Son to Elisha Orvis of Sullivan twp. last Sun., grandson to Hon. Isaac Squires of Sullivan
1890 27-Aug D Orvis, Mrs. Eleazar (Marinda) d. near Covington at her bro’s. (Bradley Wilkins), age 69, been here since 1844; had 5 children, 2 left; William and Everett of Michigan, funeral State Road Ch., Sullivan twp.
1890 29-Oct B Osborne Son to W. P. of Mansfield Oct 25th
1890 28-May D Overton, Mrs. William d. Arnot recently, age 55
1890 05-Mar D Packard, D. W. d. Kingsbury, Ohio, Feb 10th, of pneumonia, nephew of J. H. and A. F. Packard of Covington twp.
1890 22-Oct   Packard, Mrs. Rebeckah Of Covington was 95 last week Tue., children present were: Ashley of Portville, NY.; John, Covington; Albert, Cherry Flats; James, Ulysses; N. R.. Mainesburg; Mrs. Lydia Smith, Sylvania; Mrs. M. A. Ingraham, Richmond twp.; Mrs. E. R. Ford, Ebenton; Mrs. Peleg Doud, Mainesburg (not present) and late Daniel of Monroeville, Ohio’s widow.
1890 29-Jan D Page, Mrs. Eunice d. at her dau’s. (Mrs. C. H. Jacobs) at Austin, Pa., Jan 4th, formerly of Covington
1890 10-Dec M Palmer, Clara L. And Adam H. Schuger, both of Sullivan twp., m. Mainesburg Dec 5th by Rev. F. Warner
1890 09-Apr M Palmer, Manley And Miss Unice Comfort m. last week (Mainesburg items)
1890 13-Aug D Parcells Eldest son of Rev. D. A. of Westfield d. (no date)
1890 11-Jun M Parker, Eugene Of Bath, NY., and Luella Mather of Lawrenceville to be m. next week Tue.; she dau. C. S. Mather
1890 24-Dec D Parker, Louis d. Delmar twp. Mon of diphtheria, age 12, son of George
1890 29-Oct B Parkhurst Son to L. K. of Reed City, Mich (no date)
1890 29-Jan D Parkhurst, John d. Elkland last week Mon., b. Richmond, NH Feb 13th 1823, came here 1844, m. 1852 and had; L. K. of Elkland; Mrs. W. E. Williams, Montrose; J. W. of Reed City, Mich.
1890 19-Nov D Parkhurst, Mrs. Baldwin (nee Delia E. Maine) d. Mainesburg, Nov 9th; born there Jul 23rd 1836 to H. S. Maine who d. 1871; oldest of 8 – left: Malcolm T. Maine of Brooklyn, NY.; Melville S., Tampa, Fla.; Mrs. R. G. McKay, Concordville, Pa.; she m. about 1856 and he d. 1888; foster mother of her nephew, Charles L. Maine
1890 12-Nov D Parkhurst, Mrs. Celia d. Mainesburg Mon. of stomach ailment (see 11/19 for more)
1890 15-Oct M Parmenter, Mary Of Granville Summit and Frank Fitch m. recently
1890 19-Nov B Parsons Son to E. B. of Troy (no date)
1890 08-Jan M Passmore, Edwin Of Mansfield and Miss Velma Peck of Harford, Pa., m. in Elmira, NY., Jan 1st
1890 19-Nov M Patterson, Mrs. Jennie Of Covington and Loren F. Allen of Mansfield m. Elmira, NY., Nov 13th by Rev. L. Price
1890 22-Jan B Pease Dau. to Frank of Crooked Creek (no date)
1890 22-Oct B Pease Son to Walter of Osceola (no date)
1890 05-Nov M Pease, Lillian E. Of Westfield and Carrol E. Reynolds of Binghamton, NY., m. her home Oct 22nd
1890 08-Jan M Peck, Velma Of Harford, Pa. and Edwin Passmore of Mansfield, m. in Elmira, NY., Jan 1st
1890 23-Apr D Pedrick, Mrs. J. B. d. Dartt Settlement last Fri., age 66, left 1 son and 2 dau’s., former resident of Blossburg
1890 08-Jan M Pell, Joseph Of Antrim and Miss Annie Wilson, Blackwells, m. Lindley, NY., Dec 24th 1889 by Rev. F. Van Keuren
1890 07-May B Peters Dau. to G. Adolphus of Mainesburg, Apr 23rd
1890 24-Sep M Phelps, Lizzie M. Of Franklin, NY., and Rev. E. J. Balsley, formerly of Antrim, m. (no date)
1890 23-Apr M Philbrick, Carrie R. And Pearly C. Potter, both of Charleston twp., m. Chaarleston Apr 15th by Rev. W. Porter
1890 08-Oct D Phillips, Mrs. Was eldest dau. of Frederick and Margaret Crooker of Lafayetteville, NY., m. 3 times and mother of 9 (7 living), with 3rd husband Leonard Phillips res. in Sullivan twp 29 yrs., buried Mainesburg
1890 01-Oct D Phillips, Mrs. Nancy M. d. Mansfield Sep 29th, age 84, mother of Mrs. Frank Kohler (see 10/8)
1890 15-Oct M Phillips, Oscar Of Middlebury and Mrs. Hattie Ferris of Mill Creek m. a few weeks since
1890 26-Mar M Pierce, Theodore And Miss Mary Seely, both of Brookfield twp., m. Knoxville, Mar 18th
1890 09-Apr M Pierce, Theodore And Miss Mary Seely, both of Brookfield twp., m. at Knoxville Mar 18th by Rev. C. Gardner
1890 05-Mar M Pierson, William Of Fall Brook and Miss Jeanette Revie of Blossburg m. last Thur. (Revie or Reeves?)
1890 26-Mar B Pitt Dau. to Frank and Hattie Beach Pitt (no date) of Elmira, NY.
1890 25-Jun M Pitts, Harriet Bixby Of Mansfield and Charles Knecht Newell of Philadelphia m. Shamokin, Pa. May 10th by Rev. W. Watkins
1890 09-Jul D Pixley, Ruby d. Millerton (no date), age 15, dau. of Frank
1890 22-Jan M Platt, R. D. Of West Burlington and Miss Alice Guild of Troy, m. Elmira, NY., Dec 30th 1889
1890 26-Mar D Plumley, J. L. Of Stony Fork, d. Erie Soldiers’ Home, age 50, (no date)
1890 02-Jul M Pollock, Alexander Of Antrim and Miss Mary Gregory to be m. “soon”
1890 24-Sep M Pond, Byron G. And Miss Minnie Sweeney m. her home, Elmira, NY., recently; she formerly of Mansfield
1890 29-Oct D Post, Henry d. Covington last Wed., age 51, left 1 adopted child
1890 09-Jul B Potter Son to Joseph of Keeneyville (no date)
1890 26-Feb M Potter, Edgar C. And Miss Gertrude Baker of Lawrence twp., m. Feb 16th at Lindley, NY.
1890 23-Apr M Potter, Pearly C. And Miss Carrie R. Philbrick, both of Charleston twp., m. Charleston Apr 15th by Rev. W. Porter
1890 26-Feb B Pound Son to Dennis of Elkland (no date)
1890 15-Oct M Powers, Thomas And Miss Katie O’Day m. Union twp. (no date)
1890 29-Jan D Pratt, Wirt D. d. near Mansfield last Sat., accident with machinery, son of V. R. Pratt, age 16, buried at Whitneyville
1890 15-Oct M Preston, Christina And Joseph Jaquish m. Union twp. (no date)
1890 12-Nov D Preston, Miss Laura d. Troy twp. Nov 5th, consumption
1890 23-Apr D Prutsman, Andrew M. d. Tioga last Wed., buried Evergreen Cem., Tioga, a life-long resident
1890 21-May M Purvis, Clara And Lemuel Miller m. May 9th (Blossburg items)
1890 27-Aug D Putnam, Cornelius V. d. Blossburg, Mon. last, burial at Mansfield today (Wed.), found dead in bed at his son-in-law’s (William Butler)
1890 31-Dec D Putnam, Grace d. Blossburg Dec 19th, age 20, dau. of Jerome Putnam
1890 01-Jan M Queal, Nellie And Burt Tiers (Tears?), both of Elk Run, m. Dec 25th 1889
1890 12-Mar B Quondt Dau. to William and Jennie Leonard Quondt of Corning, NY. (no date)
1890 20-Aug   Ramsdell, Burton And Mrs. of Mansfield m. 29 yrs. last Fri.
1890 09-Apr M Raub, Nora M. Of Harrison Valley and Sylvester of Osceola m. Mary 27th
1890 14-May D Ray, Mrs. Jason D. (Nee Laura P. Brown) d. Knoxville Apr 29th of pneumonia, burial at Osceola, eldest dau. of late B. S. Brown of Deerfield twp.
1890 05-Feb M Reay, John P. And Miss Agnes Tate m. in Corning, NY. (no date) Blossburg items
1890 01-Jan M Regman, William J. Of Ebenton and Jennie Lockwood of Leetonia m. Corning, NY., Dec 24th 1889
1890 24-Dec D Resfoed, Mrs. ____ Of Harrison Valley d. _____, sis. Of Harry Ellis of Mansfield
1890 05-Mar B Resford Dau. to J. C. of Richmond twp., Feb 24th
1890 05-Mar M Revie, Jeanette Of Blossburg and William Pierson of Fall Brook m. last Thur. (Revie or Reeves?)
1890 23-Apr M Revie, John And Lizzie Jones, both of Blossburg, m. at Elmira, NY., last Wed.
1890 24-Dec D Rexford, Mrs. Chloe d. Harrison Valley (no date), wife of ex-Commissioner Rexford
1890 01-Jan B Reynolds Son to Frank of Mainesburg Dec 27th 1889
1890 30-Jul B Reynolds Dau. to Frank of Elkland (no date)
1890 19-Feb D Reynolds, Bennett d. Rutland twp., last Fri. of paralysis in 83rd yr., been there 62 yrs., b. Rutland Co., Vt. Aug 11th, 1807, came here 1828, left 3 sons and 2 dau’s. and 2 sis. – Mrs. P. V. Van Ness, Mansfield and Mrs. John Smith, Rutland twp., funeral at Elk Run
1890 05-Nov M Reynolds, Carrol E. Of Binghamton, NY., and Lillian E. Pease of Westfield m. her home Oct 22nd
1890 29-Oct M Reynolds, Helen Of Tioga and Arthur Combs of Jamaica m. in Elmira, NY., Oct 21st
1890 29-Oct   Reynolds, Van Buren Was 56 Mon. (where?)
1890 30-Jul D Rhinesmith, Godfrey d. Elmira, NY., of heart trouble, father of Stephen of Millerton
1890 18-Jun D Rhinevault, Seymour G. d. Mansfield Jun 17th, b. Duchess Co., NY. Sep 1st 1815, 1st wife (m. 1835) was Miss Mary Crandall; m. 2nd 1871 Miss Margaret S. Arvis; left: Mrs. Herrick, Andover, NY.; N. S. of Monroeton; Mrs. Mary Robbing, Peublo, Col.; Mrs. M. A. Whiting, Mainesburg; and W. A. of East Saginaw, Mich.; burial at Mainesburg (6/25)
1890 09-Apr D Rhodes, Mrs. W. T. d. _____, buried at Lawrenceville last Sat.
1890 17-Dec M Rice, George H. Of Wellsboro and Miss Zillah X. Whiting m. Wellsboro Dec 11th by A. Brewster, Esq.
1890 05-Mar D Rice, Mrs. Catherine d. Stony Fork Feb 23rd, age 48, pneumonia
1890 26-Feb D Rice, Mrs. S. N. d. Stony Fork of pneumonia (no date)
1890 10-Sep   Richter, George, Sr. And Mrs. of Blossburg m. 50 yrs. last week
1890 09-Apr M Riley, Mertie And Joseph Jaquish m. at Nelson (no date)
1890 22-Jan D Ripley, Mrs. Alfred (nee Nancy Shepard) d. Armenia, Jan 10th, age 50
1890 01-Jan M Ritchie, Lyman B And Miss Emeretta Clark, both of Roaring Branch, m. there Dec 25th 1889
1890 09-Apr D Robb, Mrs. John C. (Susan) d. Tioga Sun., age 72, buried Farmington Hill Cem.
1890 08-Oct D Robbins, George W. Of Robbins Settlement d. yest. Of grippe, age 34, funeral at Mainesburg, left 1 child
1890 29-Jan B Robeerts Dau. to C. H. of Westfield (no date)
1890 06-Aug D Roberts, Benjamin d. Arnot, age 19, head injuries
1890 26-Nov M Roberts, L. S. Of Osceola m. _____ (no date)
1890 01-Jan D Robinson, Blaine d. Wellsboro last Thur., age 5, fell in a ditch, son of Rollin
1890 27-Aug D Robinson, John d. Knoxville, age 62, bowel ailment (no date)
1890 22-Jan M Robinson, Lena Of Blossburg and Lewis Horton, same, m. _____(no date); she dau. of Charles R.
1890 10-Dec D Robinson, Miss Ella d. Blossburg of consumption, age 23 (no date)
1890 23-Apr M Rocks, Joseph And Miss Maggie O’Donnell m. Blossburg, Apr 16th
1890 21-May D Rockwell, Marvin d. West Burlington Man 11th, brother-in-law of Mrs. C. G. Smith of Mansfield and A. M. Perry of Richmond twp., age 70
1890 09-Apr D Rockwell, Mrs. Sophia W. d. last night at her son’s (Levi E.) in Sullivan twp., age 77, mother also of S. S. Rockwell, Charleston twp. and Mrs. J. B. Potter of Washington, DC, sister of Col. N. A. Elliott of Mansfield, funeral at Cherry Flats
1890 12-Mar M Rockwell, Rose S. And Samuel F. McInroy, both of Charleston twp., m. Wellsboro Mar 1st by Rev. O. Chamberlayne
1890 02-Jul B Rodman Son to High of Blossburg (no date)
1890 31-Dec D Roe, Hannah d. Keeneyville Dec 16th, dau of T. E. Roe
1890 12-Feb M Rogers, S. R. And Lizzie Connelly of Covington m. her home Feb. 4th
1890 19-Nov B Rolison Dau. to H. C. of Troy (no date)
1890 21-May B Rose Dau. to J. E. of Richmond twp. last Sun.
1890 18-Jun D Rose, Mrs. Leonard d. Blossburg last week, age 37

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