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From Newspaper Records from Tioga County PA , Volume Six, Births, Deaths & Marriages abstracted from the Mansfield Advertiser 1888 through 1895 by Mary Kingsley. Originally published 1984.  All data copied from newspaper file as it appeared in the record using their spelling.  Permission for reprinting on the Tri-County Web Sites given by Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd, series coordinator, in 1997. Retyped by Elaine Frey, Formatted and published by Joyce M .Tice 2004

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Date  Issue M Name Notice
1890 15-Jan D Thomas, Mrs. Ssamuel (Lydia Permelia) d. Troy twp., Jan 6th, age 76, paralysis
1890 22-Oct D Thomas, Mrs. W. T. d. Blossburg Mon.
1890 13-Aug B Thompson Son to Mrs. Mary b. at Fort Davis, Texas, Jun 14th, great grandson of Dr. Morris of Mansfield
1890 02-Jul D Thompson, Miss Mary d. Osceola in flood, body found last Sat., her mother also died but body not located (Mrs. Tripp? – see 8/6)
1890 12-Nov D Thompson, Mrs. W. I. d. Blossburg Oct 23rd, age 44
1890 25-Jun B Thornton Son to William of Tioga a few das. Ago
1890 02-Jul B Thornton Son to William of Tioga (no date)
1890 13-Aug M Thornton, Edward Of Morris Creek, Pa., and Lydia Vandegrift of Stony Fork m. Corning, NY. (no date)
1890 01-Jan M Tiers (Tears?), Burt And Miss Nellie Queal, both of Elk Run, m. Dec 25th 1889
1890 08-Jan M Tingley, Francis H. And Miss Hannah Leigh m. at Blossburg by Fr. Conley (no date)
1890 01-Jan Tome, Matthew G Of Slate Run and Miss Ella J. F. English, m. Lindley, NY. (no date) by Rev. F. Van Keuren
1890 26-Nov   Towle, Mrs. Maria Of Lawrenceville was 80 last Wed., mother of Mrs. C. S. Mather, Lawrenceville
1890 25-Jun M Towles, George H. Of Waverly, NY., and Miss Bertha M. Angel of Knoxville m. yest.; she dau. W. D. Angel
1890 12-Mar M Townsend, George W. Of Wellsboro and Miss Helen G. Kennedy of Delmar twp., m. Lindley, NY., Feb 27th by A. Hill, Esq.
1890 30-Jul M Trahey, Mary Of Wellsboro and George Young of Elmira (formerly of Antrim m. Wellsboro by Fr. Manley (no date)
1890 30-Jul D Traver, Solomon  Of Jackson twp., d. at county home near Wellsboro (no date)
1890 26-Feb D Tremain, Mrs. Arthur d. near Knoxville of pneumonia (no date)
1890 29-Jan D Trim, William d. near Westfield Wed., kicked by horse
1890 06-Aug D Tripp, Mrs. _____ d. Osceola Jun 17th in flood; body found at Lindley, NY., a few das. ago, returned to Osceola
1890 26-Nov D Truax, Mrs. W. W. d. Tioga, age 60, left 4 sons (no date)
1890 04-Jun D Truman, Lucius d. Wellsboro May 23rd, age 72
1890 12-Nov D Tubbs Infant of Charles and Kate d. Osceola (no date)
1890 01-Oct D Tubbs, Philip d. near Elkland last week Sun. from a fall, left 4 children, was b. in Elkland twp., age 66
1890 03-Dec M Turner, Winnie Of Blossburg and Charles Miller m. Nov 26th
1890 04-Jun B Tuttle Dau. to Charles of Wellsboro May 20th
1890 16-Apr B Unger Son to S. of Wellsboro, Apr 4th
1890 18-Jun D Van Dyke, Aaron Of Nelson d. at Richard Schoonover’s there “dead in bed”
1890 17-Sep B Van Horn Dau. to Cashier Van Horn of Wellsboro Nat. Bank (no date)
1890 08-Oct B Van Keuren Son to F. E. of Mansfield “yest.”
1890 22-Oct M Van Mater, Emma L. Of New Monmouth, NJ. And Robert K. Young of Wellsboro to be m. Thurs. her home; he son of Hon. Hugh Young
1890 13-Aug B Van Ness Son to Henry of Richmond twp. Aug 7th
1890 09-Apr D Van Valien Child of A. of Lambs Creed d. Sun., age about 2
1890 19-Nov D Van Valien, Daniel E. d. Lambs Creek last Tue. (or Wed. Nov. 12th?) age 6 mos., son of Richard (or Robert?-another item).
1890 14-May B Van Valion Son to R. H. of Lambs Creek, May 12th
1890 19-Feb D Van Wey, John d. Mitchells’ Creek (no date)
1890 22-Oct M Van Wort, Esther Of Stokesdaly and Willis E. Baker, same, m. Wellsboro Oct 20th by A. Brewster, Esq.
1890 13-Aug M Vandegrift, Lydia Of Stony Fork and Edward Thornton of Morris Creek, Pa. m. Corning, Ny. (no date)
1890 12-Mar   Vedder, Mrs. Sophronia C. Of Mansfield was 73 on Mar 8th
1890 10-Sep M Vickers, Joseph Of Jackson twp. and Mrs. Edgar (Emily) Benson of Richmond twp. m. Aug 11th
1890 07-May M Viel, Florence And William Besanceny (Besauency) m. her home Blossburg by Rev. J. Matthews; she dau F. A. Viel (no date)
1890 04-Jun B Vosburgh Son to Harry of Lawrenceville (no date)
1890 27-Aug M Waddell, Lizzie Of Maple Hill and Benjamin J. Keagle of Blossburg to be m. (no date)
1890 29-Oct M Walbridge, Alfred C. And Miss Marion M. Moore, both of Stony Fork, m. Corning, NY., Oct 22nd
1890 13-Aug M Walker, H. F. Of Covington and Miss Louise Kelley of Nelson m. “today”
1890 15-Oct D Walker, Nelson S. d. Richmond twp. last Sat., age 52, pneumonia, left 1 son and 2 dau’s.
1890 10-Dec M Warden, Minnie And Clarence Hill, both of Sylvania m. there (no date)
1890 03-Dec M Warren, Bert R. And Miss Belle Miller, of Chatham twp., to be m. today at Sylvester Treat in East Charleston
1890 02-Apr M Warriner, Ida W. Of Liberty and Amos W. Dibble of Stony Fork, m. Liberty Mar 26th by Rev. A. Miller
1890 11-Jun D Warriner, John d. Delmar twp. last week Tue., “dropped dead”
1890 17-Sep D Washburn, Frank C. d. Wellsboro of heart disease (no date), left 5 children
1890 17-Sep D Watkins, William B. d. Austinville Sep 14th, age 81 yrs., 4 mos., left 4 children – Justice of Sullivan twp.; John and Joel of Columbia twp. (Bradford Co) and Mrs. C. L. Strait, Mansfield
1890 17-Dec D Watts, Mrs. Harriet d. Tioga (no date), buried today, had son John and other children in west, sis. of H. H. Goodrich of Philadelphia
1890 15-Jan D Way, John H. d. last week Corning, NY. (no date)
1890 26-Mar D Weaton, Lewis d. Chatham twp., Mar 19th, age 90
1890 04-Jun D Weaver, Michael Formerly of Blossburg d. in Arizona last Thur.
1890 29-Jan D Webb, Frank W. d. Elmira, NY., last Sat., railroad accident, once res. of Blossburg
1890 16-Apr D Webb, Mrs. _____ d. in Tuscarora, NY., last Thur., father of E. G. Webb of Elkland
1890 29-Jan B Webster Son to Oscar L. of Richmond twp., Jan 24th
1890 06-Aug D Webster Child of D. F., d. Lambs Creek, age about 2 (no date)
1890 08-Oct B Webster Dau. to D. F. of Lambs Creek, Sep 5th
1890 19-Feb D Webster, Daniel d. Hills Creek last Wed., age about 70, had 7 children, 6 survive – Mrs. Henry Cruttenden, Upper Lambs Creek; Mrs. Lewis Kohler, Mardin; Mrs. Thomas Lester, Covington; another dau. in west; Fletcher, Gilbert and Newell Webster
1890 08-Oct D Webster, Hugh d. Wellsboro of diphtheria, age 6
1890 05-Nov B Welch Dau. to C. H. of Covington twp. Oct 26th
1890 01-Jan M Weller, George A Of Keeneyville and Miss Fannie M. Ludington of Delmar twp., m. Wellsboro Dec 24th 1889
1890 15-Oct D Wells Frederick d. Fall Brook (no date), funeral “tomorrow”, bro. of Mrs. D. S. Dewey of Mainesburg
1890 07-May D Wentworth, Mrs. John B. d. Buffalo, NY., Fri., burial at Median, NY. Mother of John B. Wentworth, Jr. of Elmira, NY., and Mrs. Fred M. Allen of Mansfield
1890 16-Jul M Wert, Minnie A. Of Knoxville and Emery D. Goodwin of Westfield m. (no date)
1890 22-Jan B West Son to Ira of Crooked Creek (no date)
1890 27-Aug B Westbrook Son to J. T. of Covington (no date)
1890 19-Feb D Westbrook, Mrs. E. D. d. Olean, NY., this morning of typhoid (husband formerly of Mansfield)
1890 02-Apr D Westmiller, Mrs. Mary d. Delmar twp. Mar 23rd, age 25, blood poisoning
1890 01-Jan M Wheeland, George W. And Miss Hattie Ogden, both of Roaring Branch m. Dec 25th at R. Branch
1890 04-Jun B Wheeler Dau. to Lloyd of Rutland twp. (no date)
1890 01-Oct D Wheeler, Charles  Of Tioga D. of consumption in Buffalo last week
1890 12-Feb D Wheeler, Philip d. Jackson twp. (no date), age 72
1890 01-Oct M Whipple, Lettie And W. F. Johnson, both of Covington, m. at Lindley, NY., Sep 22nd or 23rd (2 items)
1890 09-Jul B Whitcomb Dau. to H. T. of Lambs Creek Jun 30th
1890 06-Aug M Whitcomb, Jennie Of Mansfield and J. D. Catlin of Catlin Hollow m. last Tue. her home by Rev. D. Keppel
1890 29-Jan B White Dau. to M. D. of Richmond twp., Jan 11th
1890 26-Feb B White Dau. to B. E. of Hammond, Feb 15th
1890 23-Apr B White Son to N. R. of Tioga (no date)
1890 02-Jul M Whitehead, Emily Of Elmira, NY. and Edward C. Bunnell (formerly of Lawrenceville), m. (no date)
1890 02-Apr B Whiting Dau. to William H. of Wellsboro, Mar 29th
1890 08-Jan B Whiting  Son to Fred of Troy (no date)
1890 17-Dec M Whiting, Zillah X. And George H. Rice of Wellsboro, m. Wellsboro Dec 11th by A. Brewster, Esq.
1890 10-Sep B Whitney Son to Dick of Crooked Creek (no date)
1890 15-Jan D Whitney, Mrs. Lizzie Of Scranton, d. Mansfield S.N.S., Jan 12th, age 18, acute laryngitis, burial at Scranton
1890 09-Apr B Wilcox Mrs. P. had twins (1 each) today, Apr 9th (Corrected 4/16)
1890 09-Jul B Wilcox Dau. to Asa of Mosherville (no date)
1890 15-Oct B Wilcox Son to Erwin D. of Covington Oct 8th
1890 16-Jul M Wilcox, Emma Of Morris and Abram Marquart of East Point m. (no date)
1890 23-Apr D Wilcox, Mrs. Patrick d. Covington yest., left several children including infant son and dau. (twins b. Apr 9th?)
1890 01-Jan M Wilcox, Sidney  Of East Charleston and Miss Diffie Lockwood of Leetonia m. Lindley, NY., Dec 23rd 1889 by Rev. F. Van Keuren
1890 27-Aug D Wilhelm, Samuel d. recently at Jersey Shore, Pa., father of Mrs. A. C. Roland of Wellsboro
1890 27-Aug B Wilkins Dau. to L. T. of Covington (no date)
1890 15-Jan   Willard Sketch of Dr. William Willard, founder of Tioga, b. 1762 Lenox, Mass., came 1798, m. Mary Rathbone (b. Providence, R.I. Apr 4th 1770), he died Tioga Oct 28th 1836, buried near the “old cemetery”; she d. Tioga twp. Feb 29th 1864; their children; 1) William, Jr., b. Troy, NY. Jul 6th 1792, d. 1842; 2) Mary Ann, b. Troy, NY. Sep 19th 1793, d. 1874; 3) Henry, b. Middletown, Vt. Apr 3rd 1796, d. 1858
1890 25-Jun D Williams, George d. Blossburg of lung ailment, age 14, son of Benjamin
1890 12-Mar D Willson, Thomas Formerly of Covington, d. at Magdalena, New Mexico (no date), bro. of Mrs. J. C. Bunnell
1890 08-Jan M Wilson, Annie Of Blackwells and Joseph Pell of Antrim, m. Lindley, NY., Dec 24th 1889 by Rev. F. Van Keuren
1890 15-Jan D Wilson, Mrs. Lucretia d. at Daniel Clark’s near Mansfield last Fri., mother of George and William Wilson, Mansfield and Mrs. Dorance Slingerland, of Kellytown
1890 17-Dec M Wilson, Nellie And Roy Bush, m. her home, Wells twp. (no date)
1890 12-Mar M Windom, William Henry Of Williamsport and Laura Foulkrod of Liberty m. (no date)
1890 12-Feb D Wood 2 children of Henry of Wellsboro d. of diphtheria, one age 10, other younger
1890 28-May B Wood Dau to E. E. of Roseville May 18th
1890 27-Aug M Wood, Libbie E. Of East Smithfield, Pa. and Rev. S. H. Bartlett of Hiram, Ohio (formerly of Mansfiled) m. her home Aug 20th by Rev. E. Manley; she dau of Charles T. Wood
1890 10-Sep   Wood, Mrs. Elizabeth Of Sullivan twp. is in her 83rd yr., has 4 sons and 4 dau’s. (one Mrs. William Hall of Kansas), reunion held Aug 30th at C. Hall’s in Rutland twp., her sis. Is Mrs. Sarah Watkins
1890 21-May   Wood, S. L. Of Elk Run was 52 last Fri.
1890 29-Jan D Wood, Walter,  d. Sullivan twp. Jan 13th, age 4, son of Burr and Sylvia Wood
1890 23-Jul D Woodhouse, Rodney R. d. Blackwell’s of paralysis, age 66 (no date)
1890 05-Mar M Wooster, Rose Of Tioga and Samuel D. Stage of East Smithfield m. Elmira, NY., last week by Magistrate Galatian
1890 26-Feb D Wright, James d. Roseville Sat., age 81, b. Rutland twp., a life resident
1890 18-Jun M Wynn, Minnie  Of Brandon, Miss and J. C. Baldwin of Texas, m. Jun 7th her home; he son of W. W. Baldwin of Mansfield and a former res. of Charleston twp.
1890 30-Jul M Young, George Of Elmira (formerly of Antrim) and Miss Mary Trahey of Wellsboro m. Wellsboro by Fr. Manley (no date)
1890 22-Oct M Young, Robert K. Of Wellsboro and Miss Emma L. Van Mater of New Monmouth, NJ., to be m. Thurs. her home; he son of Hon,. Hugh Young

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