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Tri County Clippings- Page Three Hundred One
Clippings from Unknown Newpaper about Riggs
Riggs was a small settlement in Smithfield Township., located between Smithfield and Ulster
Submitted by Pat Smith Raymond

I have no idea what papers these clippings are from, but the dated ones are dated anywhere from 1891 to 1895, and I will put the date on any that are on the clippings. These clippings had to have been kept by either my great grandmother, Bertha Killey Oliphant or her mother, Ellen Johnson Killey

Died at Ulster, on Jan. 18, 1895, Carl A., son of Mr. And Mrs. Lantie Oliphant, aged eleven months and six days.

Quite a serious accident happened here lately. L. E. Oliphant and John Mace were at Ulster and when returning home the horse became fractious and threw both boys out. Lanta was quite badly cut and bruised about the head. They had to cut off a piece of his tongue. He was attended by Dr. Blair of Ulster. Jan.22,1894.

Miss Jennie French, closed her winter term of school last Wednesday at Red schoolhouse. March 25, 1894

Miss Jessie Forest went Monday to Laurel Hill to teach the ???? school. March 25, 1894

Several from this place attended the donation at Mr. Hyde’s on Thursday evening at East Smithfield. March 25, 1894

Born to Mr. And Mrs. Ira Burlingame, a son. March 25, 1894

Mr. Otis Burlingame of this place met with a sad accident Wednesday. While driving between Athens and Waverly, his horses became frightened and ran away throwing him out and hurting him very badly. He was taken to the Sayre hospital. March 25, 1894

Mr. John Walker and wife are visiting friends in this place

Our school is progressing finely under the management of Jennie French.

Mrs. Charlie Marvin is in very poor health, as is also Mrs. Dora Phelps.

Mr. Merl Brown and wife spent Tuesday with Mrs. A.L. Case.

Miss Polly Tracy is still caring for her brother, who is a little better.

Miss Alice Palmer attended the social at Alvin Arnold’s at Laurel Hill last Tuesday night. Sept. 30, 1893

The old Christian church is being repaired and everybody seems to be doing their duty. There are many of the aged people who will be glad to see the church fixed up as it was a few years ago, where they gathered to attend church and Sabbath school, instead of going to Smithfield, as many of the younger ones do now. Just across the road from this church sleep nearly all the congregation that used to gather there week after week. This makes the place sacred, especially to the older people.

Mrs. Allen Califf, Mrs. Phelps, Mrs. Case and Mrs. Morrison visited at Rev. Califf’s Saturday.

Sylvanus French is preparing to build a new barn.

About fifty friends and neighbors of Alvin Palmer made him a call last Friday night in honor of his birthday. All report a pleasant time. He might have been surprised if his wife had not made so many biscuit and he found them.

F.R. Marvin, the butcher, goes to Towanda twice a week with all kinds of fresh meat.

Ida Weed of Laura Hill spent Sunday afternoon at P. Phelps’.

Gertie Dibble of Pleasant Hill is working for Mrs. Case.

Charles Marvin and Alvin Palmer returned Sunday morning from Chicago. They were very much pleased with the beautiful sights of the White City.

We are glad to say that Bert Rich, who has been struggling through typhoid fever, is getting better.

Albert Hall will build S. French’s barn.

Mr. And Mrs. Ben Thomas went over to the turnpike Sunday to see Mr. Levi Armsbre, who is only just alive. His wife, who has been sick for a long time, died Friday; funeral was Sunday.

Mrs. Marshall Smith is suffering with rheumatism.

Mr. And Mrs. B. K. Gustin entertained his father and mother and some other relatives from Luther’s Mills the first of the week.

Mr. Lon Marvin spend Sunday with his parents, Mr. And Mrs. Charlie Marvin.

We are sorry to learn that Mrs. R. L. Case is going to move to Athens. She has rented her place to Mr. Add Phelps. She will be missed by her many friends.

Born to Mr. And Mrs. Lantie Oliphant, twins, also to Mr. And Mrs. G.M. Thomas a daughter.

Misses May French and Effie Kelly visited Smithfield Tuesday.

Misses Kittie Phelps and Nellie Moore were calling at Joe Hubbard’s a few days ago.

Captain Wise and six young ladies were out sleigh riding a few evenings ago.

Death has again entered the home of Joseph Hubbard and taken his daughter Ethel, aged 10 years and 10 months after a short illness of that dread disease diphtheria. The funeral was at her home Monday at 11 o’clock. The services were conducted by Rev. S. Califf of Riggs. Ethel was laid to rest in the Smithfield cemetery. A father and mother, three sisters and a brother are left to mourn her loss. She was loved by all who knew her. The parents have the sympathy of the entire community in their sad bereavement.

Miss Lulu Aumick is working for Mrs. Charlie Marvin.

Miss Carrie Burlingame is working for G.M. Thomas.

Mr. Charlie Marvin drives a span of colts that he can well feel proud of.

Mrs. Mat Palmer has been spending a few days with her daughter, Mrs. Sam Rich, on Laurel Hill.

Mr. Riley Heminway of Lycoming county was visiting his son Will and calling on his many friends a few days ago.

Mr. Rice Palmer and wife of Athens are visiting at their son Alvin’s this week. Oct.14, 1893

Mr. B. W. Gustin was on the sick list last week. Oct. 14, 1893

Miss Alice Marklin of Philadelphia has come to spend the winter at Sylvanus French’s. Oct. 14, 1893

Little Marian Rice of Elmira is spending a few weeks with her aunt, Mrs. B.K. Gustin. Oct. 14, 1893

Miss Kittie Dibble and little sister Eva, daughters of Edgar Dibble, are on the sick list, and are attended by Dr. Blair of Ulster. Oct. 14, 1893

Mr. George Rich’s family are seriously afflicted, as several members have been sick. Bert is still very sick with typhoid fever. Dr. Cranmer of Smithfield was called and then Dr. Cowell of Athens was sent for. Oct. 14, 1893

Mr. C. A. Marvin and Alvin Palmer started for the World’s Fair Thursday. Oct. 14, 1893

We wish the Riggs boys would wear their own ???? in the future. Oct. 14, 1893

Mr. Manville of Towanda spent one day last week at Plynn Phelps’. Oct. 14, 1893

Ensign Wheeler and family of Luther’s Mills spent Sunday at her father’s. Oct. 14, 1893

It is reported there was a young man came to Riggs not long ago, stayed quite late, went home and put his umbrella to bed and stood himself up behind the hall door, and they say he isn’t absent minded either. Oct. 14, 1893

That death loves a shining mark, was verified Saturday evening, the 4th instant, when the silent messenger entered the home of Mr. And Mrs. Jefferson Smith and claimed as a victim their youngest daughter, Verna, aged twelve years. The funeral was at the Christian church at one o’clock and was largely attended. The services were conducted by Rev. F. (I?) B. Hyde of Smithfield. Verna was laid at rest in the Christian church cemetery. A father and mother, three brothers and two sisters are left to mourn her loss. A bright light has not only gone out of that home, but a dark shadow has been cast over the school and Sabbath school where she was a member. The parents have the sympathy of the entire community in their bereavement. Feb. 9, 1894


Miss Ella French spent a few days at East Smithfield last week. Aug. 11, 1894

Miss Kittie Phelps is spending a few days at Sylvania this week. Aug. 11, 1894

Mr. Oldfield of Athens was calling on friends in this place Saturday and Sunday. Aug. 11, 1894

There was a dance at Mr. Kniffin’s Monday evening. All had a pleasant time. Aug. 11, 1894

Mr. Elisha Rich and wife of Waverly spent Saturday and Sunday in this place. Aug. 11, 1894

Mr. Willis Ames is quite poorly. Aug. 11, 1894

Mr. George Hall and Frank Elsbree visited East Smithfield Monday evening. Aug. 11, 1894

Jay Phelps and his sister Lena visited their brother, Mr. Addison Phelps Thursday. Aug. 11, 1894

Mrs. Amos Kelley and Mrs. William Hemenway visited at Mr. Elmer Forest’s Thursday. Aug. 11, 1894

Mrs. Luke French of Wilkesbarre is visiting friends in this place. Aug. 11, 1894

Mr. B. C. Thomas and his grandson, Everitt Phelps, are visiting friends in Athens and Waverly. Aug. 11, 1894

RIGGS Mar. 10, 1894

There was a dance at Ed Dibble’s last Saturday evening.

Mrs. Minnie Dibble is sick with diphtheria.

Several from this place attended the World’s Fair lecture at East Smithfield Tuesday evening.

Mr. Fred Wakeley and wife spent Sunday at Mr. Plynn Phelps’s.

Mrs. Kittie Weed spent Friday with her parents, Mr. And Mrs. Ed. Dibble.

There have been a number of changes in our place this spring; Mr. Ed Dibble has moved to Burlington. Mr. Jason Fassett has moved back onto his farm. Mr. George Hall has moved from his father’s to his own farm. Mr. John Palmer has moved from East Troy onto his father’s (Mr. Rice Palmer) farm.

Mrs. Nettie Weller from Waverly is visiting her parents, Mr. And Mrs. B.I. Thomas.

The people are busy making maple sugar.

RIGGS – Aug. 23, 1894

Mr. Ernest Hall of Burlington has been visiting friends in this place.

Ernest Weller of Waverly has been visiting his grandparents, Mr. And Mrs. Ben Thomas.

Miss Delight Thomas is spending a few days at Waverly.

Mr. Richmond Bailey and family of Leona visited at Mr. Addison Phelps’ Saturday.

Mr. Geo. Rich and wife visited at Waverly Tuesday.

Irving Brown has got a new buggy. Look out, girls.

Verne Doane of Windham has been visiting at Mr. Ira Burlingame’s.

Mrs. Ben Denton of Athens is visiting friends in town.

Mrs. Minnie Dibble is spending a few days at Springfield.

Mr. Fred Wakely and family, Burt Guild and family and Mrs. Port Phelps of Mansfield were visiting at Mr. Plynn Phelps Saturday.

Mrs. Charlie Marvin has been visiting her daughter, Mrs. Ensign Wheeler, at Luther’s Mills.

Several couples from this place visited Mountain Lake Sunday.

Miss Rose Kelly is visiting in town.

The Pleasant Hill and Schill Sunday schools and the school from this place held a picnic in Mr. Clint Califf’s grove Tuesday. Mr. Hyde gave a very pleasing address. Had singing from the choir. All had a pleasant time.

The young people had a party up at Mr. George Rich’s Tuesday evening; all report a pleasant time.

RIGGS – April 16, 1894

Diphtheria still keeps ……….vicinity; those sick at this writing are …. Dibble’s two little daughters, May and …., and Fred Wakely’s little girl, also Maude Rundell. (…. Indicates words missing due to torn page)

  1. Palmer’s family and Johnnie Palmer’s family who have been sick are recovering.



    Mrs. Legget, who has been suffering with pneumonia, is convalescing.

    Mr. Tate of Towanda visited at M. Balmer’s on Saturday.

    Ernest Weller of Waverly has been spending the past week with friends here.

    C.A. Wise has gone to Wilkesbarre where he expects to work the coming season.

    Mr. And Mrs. Oscar Wells of Armenia are visiting relatives at our place.

    L.C. Thomas and wife of Athens spent Saturday and Sunday with his father.

    Frankie Hall of Burlington has been stopping a few days with her grandfather.

    Miss Mary French is working at Johnnie Palmer’s.

    Percy Balmer and Ed Rich attended services at Oak Hill Sunday afternoon.

    Miss Gertie Dibble was called home last week to care for her sick sisters.

    Jim Stanton and family of West Burlington were guests at Mr. Balmer’s Sunday.

    George Hall has been repairing his house.

    Pa??? Brown is happy over the arrival of a little daughter.

    Birthday Party in Home at Riggs – Nov. 18, ????

    Mrs. Lottie Rich was very pleasantly surprised at her home Wednesday, November 9, when her friends and neighbors gathered to help her celebrate her birthday. At noon a bounteous dinner was served to which all did ample justice. The tables were very prettily decorated with a large bouquet of chrysanthemums presented her by Elizabeth Driesbaugh and a beautiful birthday cake made by Alice Dibble. She also received other nice gifts. After dinner a fine program of speaking and singing was enjoyed by all. Those present were Mrs. Jane Stanton and granddaughter, Natalie Bailey, Mrs. Miles Stone of Springfield, Mr. And Mrs. Irvin Brown and grandson Charles of West Burlington, Mrs. Minnie Dibble and daughter Alice, Mrs. Percy Balmer, Mrs. Laverne Shill and son Ernest of Burlington, Mrs. Andrew Phelps of Ulster, Mrs. Nathan Hall and daughter Sarah, Mrs. Albert Hall, Mrs. Mary Hall and Mrs. Luke Hall of Smithfield, Mrs. Adam Keir, Mrs. Mahlon Thomas, Mrs. Clare Grenell, Mrs. John Wittig, Mrs. Mattie Phelps, Mrs. Fred Wittig, Mrs. Harmon Blow and children Betty and Nathan, Mrs. Jennie Blow, Mrs. Lura French, Mr. And Mrs. Thomas Fosburgh, Carrie Fosburgh, Alice Califf, Mrs. Elvie Driesbaugh, Mrs. Gilbert Keir, Mr. And Mrs. Leo Rich. She had another surprise in the afternoon when her cousins, Mrs. George Wood and Mrs. Joe Baker and son Fred of Towanda drove in to see her at a late hour. All left for their homes wishing Mrs. Rich many more happy birthdays.

    RIGGS May 19, 1894

    Mr. George McClelland is sawing lumber for Mr. E. McClelland.

    Our popular dressmaker, Miss Kittie Phelps, is quite busy nowadays.

    The Ames Brothers are sawing shingles for Mr. Joe Hubbard.

    We hear that Percy Balmer is going to the back woods to peel bark.

    Miss Polly Tracy of Laurel Hill is taking care of her sister, Mrs. Henry Wittig.

    The remains of Mrs. Elsada Hammond passed through this place for burial at East Smithfield last Thursday.

    RIGGS May 1894

    Robert McKinney and brother Hugh of Oak Hill attended the Good Templars’ lodge here on Tuesday night.

    Miss Florence Rich has been visiting her brother in Waverly.

    Jay Phelps of Burlington has been spending a few days with his brother.

    J. T. Fassett is carrying his milk to the Smithfield creamery.

    Joseph Hubbard is preparing to build a new house. A. H. Hall is engaged to do the carpenter work.

    Programme for Memorial Day at Smithfield:

    7:00 a.m.—Draping of soldiers’ monument and placing flags on soldiers’ graves

    9:00 a.m. –Decoration services at Christian cemetery; remarks by Rev. S.A. Califf

    10:30 a.m. – Decoration services at Turnpike cemetery

    1:30 p.m. – Assembling of Phelps Post and all soldiers and sailors at G.A.R. building

    2:00 p.m. – Address at Disciple church by Col. Overton

    3:00 pm.m – Line to reform and march to First cemetery for decoration services and to Union cemetery, after which the column will march to the soldiers; monument for closing ceremonies.

    All Sabbath schools are invited, and all the ministers of the place are expected to take part in the ceremonies. Henry Wittig, ?.V. Commander

    RIGGS – No date

    Percy Balmer has removed to his new home. He has made quite extensive repairs on the house, including a coat of paint and it will not be known as "Red House" any more.

    Mr. And Mrs. G.W. Hall of Bustin Hill, were calling on friends here Sunday.

    The young people of this place, spent Saturday evening at C.F. Grennell’s; they reported a very pleasant time.

    Erastus Fassett of New York State, was home Sunday, visiting his mother and brother.

    Mrs. Robert Templeton and sister, Miss Kate Rosengrant, are visiting relatives in Potter county.

    Mr. And Mrs. F. C. Thomas visited friends on Pleasant Hill Sunday.

    The Riggs skimming station will close Friday, Nov. 29.

    Mrs. Cora Baker, who was taken to Danville from this place, we are sorry to say, is no better. The sympathy of the entire community is with her.

    The financial crisis has not reached this place yet. Business is booming, and our snow banks are quite substantial.

    RIGGS –March 31, 1894

    Mr. Herbert Grace of Pleasant Hill and Miss ???? Swingle of Burlington attended the entertainment at this place Saturday evening.

    Mrs. Wilber Baker has hired out to work for Mr. Edward French for the coming season.

    Mr. Otis Burlingame, who was injured at Athens last week was brought to his brother’s Mr. Chester Burlingame’s Thursday.

    Mr. Ed Rich, who has lived on Mr. Edward French’s farm for some time, has moved up with his father, Mr. George Rich.

    The entertainment given Saturday evening by the Good Templars lodge of this place, assisted by the Ulster lodge, was a grand success.

    Miss Jennie French will continue her school at the Red schoolhouse.

    Mr. Fred Wakely and family spent Sunday at H.I. Thomas’s.

    Miss Kittie Phelps is spending a few days with friends at Burlington and Bourne’s Mills.

    Miss Polly Tracy of Laurel Hill spent Sunday with her sister, Mrs. Henry Wittig.

    Mr. Ernest Hall of Burlington spend Saturday and Sunday at his grandfather’s Philander Hall.

    Mr. Andrew Phelps has rented a farm over to Sheshequin and will move this week.

    The Wakely brothers will move back on the old homestead which has been occupied by Mr. Andrew Phelps.

    Mr. George Blow has moved onto Mr. Eben McClelland’s farm.

    Mr. Lon Rich has moved onto the Ballard farm.

    Mrs. Lantie Oliphant spent Saturday and Sunday with her parents, Mr. And Mrs. Amos Kelly.

    RIGGS – No date

    We are sorry to learn that N. F. Baker is in very poor health.

    G. M. Thomas was in Waverly last Monday.

    Rumor says a wedding but we don’t believe it; it is only a year since we had one. Can’t be another one so soon.

    Several strangers passed through this place last Sunday.

    B.K. Gustin is getting out timber for a large barn.

    Lon Marvin and father attended the Mansfield fair this week.

    The Misses Jennie and Ella French are boarding with Lois Tracy at Smithfield.

    A surprise party was given for Geo. Rich, Wednesday. There were a good many there and the day seemed to be enjoyed by all.

    Mr. And Mrs. C. F. Grenell of Burnt Ridge attended the party at A. Palmer’s.

    They say Captain has rented a farm. Does that mean that he too will keep bachelor’s hall? We don’t think so. (Rest of this article cut off).

    RIGGS July 22, 1893

    Mrs. Case and Mrs. Phelps, who have been visiting at Orwell, returned home Sunday.

    Mrs. Alvin Palmer is on the sick list.

    Jarvis Kelly had a valuable cow killed by lightning one day last week.

  3. K. Gustin’s house presents a fine appearance with a new coat of paint. Millard Norton of Mountain Lake did the work and he is certainly a good painter.



    Albert Hall has B. Thomas’s barn completed.

    Mrs. Homer Tuttle is spending the summer with her parents, Mr. And Mrs. B.K. Gustin.

    Mr. And Mrs. John Hayes and baby Margaret who have been visiting at George ??vie’s have returned to their home in Wyoming.

    Ida Weed spent Saturday and Sunday home.

    Gossip says that Smithfield chap will not get rich coming to Riggs.

    L.T. Marvin has a very fine piece of tobacco. Lou is an enterprising young farmer and success seems to follow his undertakings.

    Miss Mary Marklin and Miss Bertha Skinner of Philadelphia are visiting at Sylvanus French’s.

    Plynn Phelps has filled up his grocery store with new and desirable goods.

    Haying and harvesting are now in order, everybody improving the fine weather, working early and late, looking forward to the good time coming when man’s work shall be done.

    Mrs. Marvin is staying a few days with her daughter, Mrs. Palmer.

    One of Ed Rich’s horses dropped dead while drawing a load of hay Monday afternoon.

    Will Hemenway is suffering with rheumatism.

    Mrs. Polly Tracy is staying with her brother Albert who is seriously ill.

    A ten-pound girl was added to Ed. Dibble’s family last week.

    It is with pleasure we hear that the young men of this place who are taking a course in French will enter the graduating class after vacation. Riggs should be proud of the boys that wear the laurels.

    George Weed of Smithfield was calling at Ed Dibble’s Sunday.

    Ira Northrup lost a good horse last week.

    RIGGS –Sept. 2

  5. A. Wise is home on a vacation.



    Mrs. Henrietta French, who has been confined to the house for over five years, is visiting her daughter, Mrs. Enos Hubbard.

    Mrs. R.L. Case is slowly improving.

    Miss Anna Long is spending a few weeks at Burlington.

    William Hemmenway, who has been suffering with rheumatism for a long time, was able to attend lodge Thursday night for the first time since elected president.

    Miss Ella French began teaching at Smithfield last Monday.

    Mrs. Willet Brown, who has been seriously ill, is slowly improving under the treatment of Dr. Crammer of Smithfield.

    Wonder if Wilber is having a fine time at the fair?

    Warren Baker and Luke French went a fishing one day last week.

    The soil must be shallow or there would be larger weeds than pigweed grown at Riggs.

    Mrs. A. Kelley and daughter, Mrs. Lantie Oliphant, have been visiting friends at Athens.

    George Hall and Mark Dibble left last Monday for the lumber woods.

    We hear that one of our young men got in the wrong pew which seemed very annoying to Fred. He thought it would be decidedly better if he would sit on the other side of the house.

    John Blackwell spent Monday and Tuesday with friends at this place.

    The girls are all wearing a smiling countenance, cause Captain has returned.

    Miss Alice Palmer will take music lessons this fall of Miss Addie Wood of Smithfield.

    B.K. Gustin and family, Charles Mason and son Lee and Henry Wittig and several others attended the Encampment at Towanda last week.

    Miss Kittie Phelps spent part of last week with friends in Towanda.

    Mr. Smith, wife and daughter of Troy have been visiting with Geo. Rich this week.

    Perley and Will Ames have purchased a nice threshing machine which does very fine work. Percie Balmer is working for them.

    Burt Gustin and sister, Miss Lulu and Everet Phelps are attending school at Smithfield.

    Alvin Palmer has a new hired man, we think his name is Wise.

    RIGGS – No date

    Mrs. John Phelps and Miss ???? Phelps visited at Phyla (sp?) Phelps Saturday.

    Mrs. Nettie Conrad of East Smithfield spent Sunday at Sylvan French’s.

    Miss Mary Sullivan is working for Mr. Pachal Brown.

    Miss Carrie Burlingame has hired out to work for Mr. Will Carpenter of Laurel Hill

    Mr. Elmer Forrest has moved from the farm of Mr. Edward French which has been occupied by Mr. Ed. Rich.

    Miss Mary French is spending a few days with Mrs. Charlie Marvin.

    Miss Gertie Dibble of Pleasant Hill (piece missing)

    Mr. Sam Mahood of South Creek spent Saturday and Sunday at Mr. Max Balmers.

    Mrs. Nettie Weller of Waverly is visiting her parents, Mr. And Mrs. Ben Thomas.

    Mr. Frank Mitchell has moved into Mr. Elmer Forrest’s farm on Pleasant Hill.

    The Patrons of industry of Riggs had a debate last Thursday evening. Subject, "Which is the most profitable, a horse team or an ox team". They decided in favor of the horse.

    About ten o’clock Tuesday morning the house of Joe Hubbard was discovered to be on fire, but was saved by the perservance of the neighbors although it was badly damaged.

    RIGGS – Oct. 1893

    Mrs. J.D. Kelley of Smithfield spent the last of the week at Alvin Palmer’s.

    Mrs. Mell Thomas and three little daughters visited her parents Wednesday.

    Miss Dickie, sister of Rev. Dickie, was a pleasant visitor at our Sabbath school last Sunday.

    Mr. Rex Brown of Towanda took tea at Plynn Phelps’ Saturday.

    B.W. started for the fire Sunday night, but it was extinguished before he got there.

    Miss Polly Tracey has stayed most of the time with her mother since her brother’s death.

    We are sorry to hear that Geo. Rice is sick and it is feared he has typhoid fever.

    Lantie Oliphant has moved onto James Olmstead’s farm. Mr. Olmstead will leave the home made so desolate by the death of his wife and daughter.

    Not very far from the city of Riggs, Lives a man who deals in cattle and pigs. The ladies think their dinner is not complete, Without a piece of Fred Marvin’s meat. He serves them all in a genteel way, And says he will have a wife of his own some day.

    RIGGS – No Date

    The farmers are about done haying. The wheat is very good but the oats are very light.

    Miss Nellie Moore is sewing with her friend, Miss Kittie Phelps.

    There were two young couples from this place visited Mount Pisgah Sunday.

    Mr. Eben McClelland lost a horse a few days ago.

    RIGGS – No date

    Mr. Alex Murdock and wife, formerly of this place, but now of Wyoming, were called to Moore’s Hill last week by the death of Mr. Gilmore, Mrs. Murdock’s father. They were calling on friends here Friday.

    We are sorry to learn that Mrs. Case is again on the sick list.

  7. A. Marvin is about to retire from farming, having rented his farm to G. M. Thomas.
Many from this place attended the Thanksgiving services at Smithfield and the soldiers attended the dinner at the G.A.R. hall.

B.W. Gustin visited friends at Herrick last Sunday and Monday.

S. French’s barn is nearly completed.

Joe Hubbard and wife visited at Charles Marvin’s last Thursday.

George Hall’s smiling countenance is seen on our streets again.

Mrs. Will Hemenway is on the sick list; also little Earl Baker.

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Published On Tri-Counties Site 03 SEP 2007
By Joyce M. Tice

Pat SMITH Raymond typed these for us