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From Newspaper Records from Tioga County PA Multiple Volumes, Abstracted by Ruth Wetherbee, Julia Wetherbee, Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd, William A. Ladd. Also additional submissions sent in by Tri Counties Web Site Volunteers

All data copied from newspaper file as it appeared in the record using their spelling. The original copies of the newspapers are on file at the Green Free Library located in Wellsboro. Published 1981. Permission for reprinting on the Tri-County Web Sites given by Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd in 1997.

Wellsboro Agitator 1880 to 1881

from Tioga County Newspaper Records Volume ??? .
Date Day/Month   Name Text
1881 12-Apr M Abbey, Mary Married in Gaines Mar 19th 1881 by Rev. J. W. Miller, Mr. E. C. Graves of Westfield and Miss Mary Abbey of Clymer, Pa.
1881 12-Apr M Abbey, Willet Married in Gaines Mar 19th 1881 by Rev. J. W. Miller, Mr. Willet Abbey and Miss Nellie M. Thompson, both of Clymer, Pa.
1880 03-Aug M Abbott, Laura Married at Troupsburgh Jul 18th 1880 by O. L. McFarland, Esq., George Heysham of Osceola, Pa. And Miss Laura Abbott of Troupsburg, NY
1881 22-Nov D Ables, Charles Died in Farmington Nov 10th 1881 of congestion of the brain, Charles, infant son of James and Elvira Ables, aged 2 mos
1881 24-May D Acornly, Mrs. Died; the mother of Rev. D. Acornly of Morris Run, an aged lady, fell last Fri., and died within a few moments
1881 27-Dec M Adamy, Kate Married at Wellsboro Dec 24th 1881 by Rev. E. H. Latimer, Mr. Versal Ives and Miss Kate Adamy both of Niles Valley, Pa.
1881 10-May M Ademy, Belle Married at the residence of J. H. Hammond in Middlebury May 6th 1881 by Rev. S. L. Bovier, Mr. Henry Sweet and Belle Ademy, both of Niles Valley, Pa.
1881 16-Aug M Agney, Jennie Married at Canoe Camp Jul 29th 1881 by M. R. Goodall, Esq., Mr. R. F. Moore and Miss Jennie Agney both of Canoe Camp, Pa.
1881 26-Jul M Alexander, Janet Married at the residence of Mr. Henry Daughtery of Arnot Jul 21st 1881 by David T. Evans, Esq., Mr. Ezra Daugherty and Miss Janet Alexander both of Arnot, Pa.
1880 05-Oct M Alford, Horatio N. Married Tioga news Oct 2 1880. Horatio N. Alford and Mary Doane both of Tioga were married on Wed of this week at the residence of the bridegroom on Broad Street. Rev. Harvey Lamkin performed the ceremony.
1880 19-Oct M Alford, Horatio S. Married at Tioga Sep 30th 1880 by Rev. H. Klamkin, Horatio S. Alford and Mary E. Doane both of Tioga, Pa.
1881 11-Jan M Allen, Belle Married at Arnot Dec 30th 1880 by Rev. F. K. Fowler, Mr. Charles Husted and miss Belle Allen both of Arnot, Pa.
1881 04-Oct M Allen, Frederica B. Married at Mansfield Sep 30th 1881 by Rev. E. E. Morris, Mr. George A. Clark of Richmond twp., and Miss Frederica B. Allen of Mansfield, Pa. (long article)
1881 15-Feb D Allen, Margaret Died at Tioga Jan 23rd 1881 Margaret Allen, aged 86 years
1880 14-Sep M Allen, Mrs. Anna Married at the Baptist parsonage at Stony Fork Sep 12th 1880 by Rev. J. A. Boyce, Mr. C. W. Moyer and Mrs. Anna Allen both of Delmar, Pa.
1881 01-Feb D Allen, Mrs. Margaret Died news from Tioga dated Jan 29th 1881. Mrs. Margaret Allen of Tioga died last week Fri. The funeral was held last Sun. Mr. Allen Rose of Detroit was present at the funeral
1881 09-Aug D Allen, Robert Died at Fall brook Jul 29th 1881 of scarlet fever, Robert, son of Walter and Rebecca Allen, aged 3 yrs
1881 15-Feb D Allen, Seth Died Seth Allen, a former resident of Jackson, died at the residence of his father-in-law, Jacob R. Miller of Millerton, Pa., last Tue. Morning. Mr. Allen's first wife, daughter of Mr., died about 5 yrs ago, leaving two little boys, who have since resided with their grandparents. About 3 mos., ago he married a second wife, a Miss Beers of Wells, Bradford Co., who survives him. Interment was at Caton Center
1881 22-Feb D Allis Died; it is reported that a little child of Geo. Allis of Lamb's Creek died a few days ago of malignant scarlet fever
1880 08-Jun M Allison, William M. Married at Blossburg June 2nd 1880 by Rev. F. K. Fowler, Mr. William M. Allison of Centre Co., and Miss Lurana B. Higman of Blossburg, Pa.
1880 19-Oct D Alvord, Lyman Died Brookfield news Oct 15th 1880. Mr. Lyman Alvord was buried last Mon. Burial in cemetery on Troup's creek.
1881 29-Mar M Anderson, Anna Louise Married at Wellsboro Mar 21st 1881 at the rectory of St. Paul's Church by Rev. Charles Breck, D. D., Mr. Jan Peter Larson and Anna Louise Anderson of Antrim, Pa.
1881 21-Jun M Anderson, George M. Married at the Lutheran parsonage, Liberty, Pa., May 31st 1881 by Rev. A. B. Miller, Mr. George M. Anderson of Jackson, Lycoming Co., and Miss Alice Wheeland of Liberty, Tioga Co., Pa.
1880 16-Nov M Andrews, Clara E. Married at Kendall Creek, McKean Co., Pa., Oct 7th 1880 by Rev. Charles F. Goos, Mr. George A. Sturrock of Wellsboro and Miss Clara E. Andrews of Middlebury, Pa.
1880 12-Oct M Andrews, F. M. Married in Chatham Sep 15th 1880 by Rev. Whiting Beach, Mr. F. M. Andrews of Iowa and Miss Ella Chamberlain of Chatham, Pa.
1880 12-Oct D Ansley, William Died Mr, William Ansley, proprietor of the popular resort known as "Ansley's" on Pine Creek, died at his home last Tue. Mr. Ansley was extensively engaged in lumbering. Interment was in Geneva, NY
1880 23-Nov D Anthony, William Died, the dead body of William Anthony, a married man, was found at the bottom of a tank of oil at Niles' Hollow near Bradford a few das. Ago
1880 14-Dec D Archer, Mrs. R. H.  Died Dr. R. H. Archer of Darlington, Md., was called to Wellsboro by the sudden death of his wife, which occurred last Fri. She died of malarial fever at the residence of her sister, Mrs. John Dickinson, Wellsboro. She was 58 yrs of age. The funeral will be held today at Mrs. Dickinson's residence. Dr. Archer was for many yrs., actively engaged in the practice of medicine here. He left with his family for a home at Montoursville, Pa. about 18 yrs ago. For the past 8 yrs he had lived in Maryland
1880 12-Oct D Argue, Thomas Died Thomas Argue, the well known porter at the Dickinson House, Corning, for more than a score of years past, died on the 1st inst.
1881 01-Mar M Ashley, Alice M. Married at the Baptist parsonage at Stony Fork, Feb 26th 1881 by Rev. J. A. Boyce, Mr. William A. Morsman and Miss Alice M. Ashley both of Delmar, Pa.
1881 15-Mar M Ashley, Kate A. Married at the residence of the bride's parents in Sullivan, Pa. Mar 1st 1881 by Rev. A. D. Finch, Mr. Loren B. Mudge and Miss Kate A. Ashley both of Sullivan, Pa.
1880 13-Jul M Atherton, G. C. Married at the Baptist parsonage in Charleston Jul 5th 1880 by Rev. De W. T. VanDoren, Mr. G. C. Atherton of Charleston and Miss Maggie F. McInroy of Wellsboro
1881 12-Jul D Atwood Died: The Woodhull "Sentinel" says a lady from the West passed through Academy Corners a few days ago accompanied by a child who had just recovered from diptheria. They stopped at the hotel and a child of the landlord, Mr. C. Atwood, caught the disease and died from its effects. Two other children by the name of Newman also took the disease, one of whom has since died
1880 22-Jun M Augst, Katie Married at Wellsboro, Jun 18 1880 by I. M. Bodine, Esq., Frederick Minken and Katie Augst, both of Germania, Pa.
1881 06-Dec B Austin Born in Brookfield Nov 28th 1881 to the wife of Mr. E. H. Austin, a son
1880 28-Sep B Austin Born Brookfield to Mr. & Mrs. William Austin, a child (no date)
1881 03-May M Austin, Caleb S. Married at East Charleston, Pa. Apr 24th 1881 by Rev. F. D. Goodrich, Mr. Caleb S. Austin and Abbie L. Boyce both of Charleston
1881 06-Dec M Austin, Martha C. Married at Mansfield Nov 27th 1881 by Wm. Adams., Esq., J. B. Dyke and Martha C. Austin both of Mansfield, Pa.
1881 13-Sep M Austin, Nellie Married at Wellsboro Sep 9th 1881 by Rev. E. H. Latimer, Mr. Ellsworth A. Bly of Wellsboro and Miss Nellie Austin of Charleston, Pa.
1880 23-Nov M Austin, Robert G. Married at Wellsboro at the house of the bride's father Nov 16th 1880 by Rev. Charles Breck, D. D., Mr. Robert G. Austin and Miss Ada E., daughter of James S. Coles, both of Wellsboro
1881 08-Mar D Austin, Sarah Angeline Died in Charleston, Pa., Feb 14th 1881 Sarah Angeline, daughter of Mr. And Mrs. Charles Austin in the 19th yr of her age
1880 28-Sep D Autes Died Nuavoo news Sep 20th 1880. On Thu., a child of Mrs. Mary Autes was buried. She was drowned in the spring at her home.
1880 02-Nov M Avery, Waldo Married at Mansfield Oct 23rd 1880 by Rev. H. C. Moyer, Mr. Waldo Avery of Roseville and Miss Ella J. Hakes of Marden, Pa.
1881 13-Dec M Ayers, A. C. Married at Covington Nov 27th 1881 by Rev. G. W. Headley, Mr. A. C. Ayers of Covington twp., and Miss Jennie E. Sweet of Mansfield, Pa.
1881 11-Oct M Ayers, A. E. Alpharett Married at the Baptist parsonage in Stony Fork Oct 1st 1881 by Rev. J. A. Boyce, Mr. James D. Campbell and Miss A. E. Alpharett Ayers both of Morris, Pa.
1881 06-Dec M Babb, Mary Married at the Coles House, Wellsboro, Pa., Nov 30th 1881 by Rev. E. H. Latimer, Mr. David Sherman of Troy, Pa., and Miss Mary Babb of Morris, Pa.
1881 25-Jan M Babcock, Robert Married news from Chatham dated Jan 20th 1881. Mr. Robert Babcock has just married the same woman the second time. They were divorced some time ago and last week they were again married.
1881 10-May M Bache, Nellie Married at Wellsboro Apr 28th 1881 by Rev. Charles Breck, D. D., Mr. Frederick W. Graves and Miss Nellie, daughter of John N. Bache, Esq., both of Wellsboro
1880 09-Nov D Bagley, Joe Died Tioga news Nov 6th 1880. Mrs. Joe Bagley died very suddenly on Wed. evening of this week
1880 24-Aug M Bailey, Edith A. Married at Stony Fork Apr 28 1880 by Rev. J. A. Boyce, Mr. Edmund A. Masius and Miss Edith A. Bailey
1880 21-Dec D Bailey, Henry Died in Charleston Nov 16th 1880 Mr. Henry Bailey aged 67 yrs 10 mos 9 das
1880 31-Aug D Bailey, Justus M. Died Mr. Justus M. Bailey who has lived at Antrim for some years, went to Eldorado, Kansas, about three months ago, intending to engage in the business of stock-raising. Last week the sad intelligence was received by relatives in this county of the sudden death of both Mr. Bailey and his wife, and the alarming illness of their daughter. Mrs. Bailey was a daughter of Mr. Hilyer of Mansfield. It is reported that they were stricken with a peculiar type of fever which terminated their lives in three days.
1880 28-Dec D Bailey, Lotta B. Died at Mansfield Dec 17th 1880 Lotta B., wife of Clark B. Bailey, in the 25th yr of her age
1880 12-Oct D Bailey, Mrs. Dell Died at Mansfield Sep 29th 1880 Dell, wife of Burr R. Bailey, in the thirtieth year of her age
1881 06-Dec B Baker Born in Brookfield Nov 28th 1881 to the wife of Mr. Marion Baker, a son
1881 18-Oct M Baker, Anna Married at the residence of the bride's parents Oct 13th 1881 by Rev. Charles Breck, D. D., rector of St. Paul's Church, Wellsboro, Mr. Henry Noelk and Miss Anna, daughter of Frank Baker, Esq., all of Wellsboro, Pa.
1880 15-Jun M Baker, J. M. Married at Elkland, May 31st 1880 by Rev. W. D. Taylor, Mr. J. M. Baker of Brookfield and Mary Kibbe of Harrison Valley, Pa.
1881 12-Apr D Baker, Mary Ann Died at Elkland Mar 31st 1881 Mary Ann Baker, mother of Mrs. R. K. Skinner, aged 76 yrs
1881 31-May D Baker, William F. Died at Lathrop May 23rd 1881 of brain fever, William F., eldest child of Levi and Amy Baker, aged 11 yrs 5 mos 5 days
1881 24-May D Balcom, Lyman Died Lyman died at Painted Post last Thu. He was an old resident of the place.
1881 28-Jun D Baldwin, Aaron Died Mr. Aaron Baldwin, one of the oldest residents of Mansfield, died on the 18th inst., at the age of 83 yrs
1880 23-Nov M Baldwin, Filona M. Married at Westfield Nov 4th 1880 by W. H. Parsons, Esq., Mr. Horace S. Toombs of Sweden, Pa., and Miss Filona M. Baldwin of Hector, Pa.
1880 21-Dec D Baldwin, Lelia M. Died at Cherry Flats Nov 24th 1880 of consumption Lelia M. Baldwin aged 25 yrs
1880 10-Aug M Baldwin, Lottie S. Married at the residence of Rev. Charles Fuller, in Chatham Jul 28th 1880, Mr. DeWitt C. Smith of Gaines and Miss Lottie S. Baldwin of Delmar, Pa.
1881 01-Nov D Baldwin, Mrs. Maggie A. Died at Lawrenceville Oct 23rd 1881 Maggie A., wife of M. S. Baldwin, aged 31 yrs
1881 12-Jul M Balfour, Richard Married at Wellsboro Jul 3rd 1881 by Rev. E. H. Latimer, Mr. Richard Balfour and Miss Alice Fisher both of Delmar, Pa.
1880 15-Jun D Balfour, Robert W. Died at Wellsboro June 13th 1880, Robert W., son of George W. and Julia Balfour, aged 6 yrs 5 mos and 33 days
1881 08-Feb D Bannerman Died a little child of Mr. J. H. Bannerman of Arnot was scalded so severely last Sat., by sitting down in a pail of hot water that it died within a few hours
1880 03-Aug D Barber, Henrietta Died in Tioga Twp., Jul 25th 1880 of consumption, Henrietta Barber, aged about 23 years
1880 10-Aug D Barber, Henrietta Died at Mitchell's Creek Jul 25th 1880 of consumption, Henrietta, daughter of Mr. John Barber, aged 23 years
1881 08-Nov M Barker, John W. Married in St. Paul's Church, Wellsboro Nov 7th 1881 by the rector, Rev. Charles Breck, D. D., John W. Barker and Mary A., daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth Garland both of Antrim, Pa.
1881 12-Apr D Barker, Mrs. Died news from Elkland dated Apr 8th 1881. Mrs. Barker, mother of R. K. Skinner, died last Fri. Burial was in Bath.
1881 03-May B Barnes Born in Wellsboro May 2nd 1881 to the wife of Mr. A. F. Barnes, a son
1880 21-Dec D Barnes, Addie Died in Covington Dec 1st 1880 of diptheria Addie, eldest daughter of Melvine and Elizabeth Barnes, aged 8 yrs
1880 07-Sep D Barnes, Amos Died at Lanesboro, Pa Aug 8th 1880 Amos Barnes aged 82 yrs and 9 mos. Born Nov 7th 1797 in Litchfield, Conn., being the youngest son of Oliver Barnes. The brothers of Amos were Abijah, Bela, Jacob and Salma, and the sisters Mabel, Olive and Milla. The family came to Colesville, Broome Co., NY in the year 1800. Jul 3rd, 1823 he married Mary P. Walton of Colesville NY., who was born in Plymouth, Litchfield Co., Conn. She died Aug 10th 1849 leaving five children, all now living. Aug 12th 1850 he married Mariah T. Orcutt of Binghamton NY., who still survives him. He moved to Lanesboro, Pa., in the fall of 1843. In the year 1850 he and his oldest son, Simon H. became associated in the manufacturing of castings and general machinery at Lanesboro, under the name of A. & S. H. Barnes, and he continued a partner in the business until 1875 when he retired. (No other children named. Long article)
1881 20-Dec M Barnes, William E. Married at Millerton Dec 10th 1881 by Rev. Paul Smith, Mr. William E. Barnes and Miss Sallie Miller both of Millerton, Pa.
1881 06-Dec D Barnhart, Jasper Died news from Gaines dated Nov 28th 1881. Mr. D. K. Barnhart, recently received a letter from Fort Wayne, Ind.,m announcing the death of his son Jasper
1881 04-Jan D Barr, Christian Died Mr. Christian Barr of Pinegrove twp., Schuylkill Co., died a few days ago in his 88th yrs
1881 18-Oct M Bartle, Carrie D. Married at the house of the bride's parents Oct 11th 1881 by Rev. J. A. Boyce, Mr. William B. Eberenz and Miss Carrie D. Bartle both of Delmar, Pa.
1881 20-Sep M Bartle, Eli Married at Wellsboro Sep 14th 1881 by Rev. E. H. Latimer, Mr. Eli Bartle of Stony Fork, Pa., and Miss Clara A. Frost of Round Top, Pa.
1881 28-Jun M Bartle, Frankie A. Married at the house of the bride's parents Jun 21st 1881 by Rev. J. A. Boyce, Mr. Charles M. Hotchkiss and Miss Frankie A. Bartle both of Stony Fork, Pa.
1881 07-Jun M Bartle, Nellie Married at the residence of the bride's parents at Stony Fork by Rev. A. C. Shaw, Mr. Wilbur West of Stony Fork and Miss Nellie Bartle
1880 24-Aug M Bartlett, Effie M. Married at Mansfield Aug 4th 1880 by Rev. H. C. Moyer, Augustus A. Cass and Effie M. Bartlett both of Mansfield, Pa.
1880 20-Jul D Baxter, Daisy Lee Died at Tioga Jul 11th 1880 of gastric fever Daisy Lee Baxter aged 2 years
1881 04-Jan M Beach, Jennie M. Married at the house of the bride's parents Dec 23rd 1880 by Rev. H. C. Moyer, Mr. Harry S. Pitts of Corning, NY and miss Jennie M. Beach of Mansfield, Pa.
1881 04-Oct D Beach, Mrs. C. Died news from Knoxville dated Oct 1st 1881. On Sun evening, Mrs. C. Beach died, leaving 5 children, the youngest only about a week old
1880 24-Aug M Beach, Prof. Charles A. Married in Sullivan Aug 12th 1880 by Rev. H. C. Meyer, Prof. Charles A. Beach of Mansfield and Miss R. Belle Smith of Sullivan
1881 08-Feb M Beagle, Florence E. Married in Brookfield, Pa., Feb 2nd 1881 by Elder E. H. Eggleston, Mr. Oliver B. Jordan of Deerfield and Miss Florence E. Beagle of Brookfield, Pa.
1881 29-Mar M Beagle, James J. Married in Deerfield Mar 19th 1881 by Rev. Charles Weeks, Mr. James J. Beagle of Brookfield and Miss Sarah Alice Everett of Deerfield, Pa.
1881 08-Feb M Beagle, Vina A. Married at the residence of the bride's father in Brookfield Feb 2nd 1881 by Elder E. H. Eggleston, Mr. Grow Hunt of Deerfield and Miss Vina A. Beagle of Brookfield, Pa.
1881 01-Mar M Bean, Eben A. Married at the Union church, Knoxville, Feb 23rd 1881 by Rev. J. E. Hayes, Eben A. Bean and Ollie G. Closson both of Knoxville, Pa.
1881 01-Nov D Beard, Mrs. Martha Died news from Chatham. A fatal accident happened at East Chatham on the 24th Oct., in which Mrs. Martha Beard lost her life. Her brother, Mr. H. E. Chamberlain, was leading his horses and Mrs. Beard brought some salt out for them. One horse whirled part way around and kicked, striking her in the stomach and injuring her so that she died about midnight of the same day. She leaves a husband and two children.
1880 13-Jul M Belknap, C. E.  Married at Tioga Jul 2nd 1880 by L. H. Tuttle, Esq., Mr. C. E. Belknap and Miss Cora Van Dusen, both of Niles Valley, Pa.
1881 01-Feb M Benedict, Eva E. Married at East Charleston Jan 17th 1881 by Rev. F. D. Goodrich, Mr. Waldo Spear of Richmond and miss Eva C. Benedict of East Charleston, Pa.
1881 19-Jul D Benedict, John Died John Benedict an old resident of Columbia, Bradford Co., died at his home Jul 5th. Funeral services were held at the Austinville church on the 7th
1881 29-Nov D Benedict, Lucy J. Died at East Charleston Sep 28th 1881 Lucy J., wife of Marcus Benedict, aged 72 yrs and 15 das
1881 14-Jun D Benjamin, Mrs. Died a Mrs. Benjamin, a widow living at Antrim, died on the 4th. Burial was at Addison. Mrs. Benjamin was the mother-in-law of Mr. Ira Grinnell
1880 24-Aug M Benn, Edward J. Married at Knoxville Aug 14th 1880 by Rev. P. Reynolds, Mr. Edward J. Benn and Miss Flora O. Gill both of Mansfield, Pa.
1881 10-May D Benn, Mrs. Mary Died in Gaines twp., Apr 29th 1881 Mrs. Mary Benn, aged 98 yrs 1 mo and 18 das
1881 04-Oct D Bennet, Betsy Died at Elkland Sep 26th 1881 Betsy, relict of John W. Bennet, deceased, aged 85 yrs
1881 16-Aug M Bennet, Lizzie Married in Union, Pa., Jul 30th 1881 by J. W. VanDyke, Esq., Daniel Worden and Miss Lizzie Bennet both of Union, Pa.
1881 28-Jun M Bennett, Ann Married at Troupsburgh, NY Jun 14th 1881 by Rev. R. J. Kellogg, Mr. Ellery Cady of Brookfield, Pa. And Miss Ann Bennett of Troupsburgh NY
1880 05-Oct M Bennon, Kate Married at the residence of Mr. Lewis Parmeter at Wells, Pa., Sep 26th 1880 by Rev. S. F. Sanford, Mr. Orrin J. Furman of Roseville and Miss Kate Bennon of Sullivan, Pa.
1881 27-Sep M Benson, Adelbert Married at Wellsboro Sep 20th 1881 by Rev. E. H. Latimer, Mr. Adelbert Benson of Antrim, Pa., and Miss Belle Sprague of Wellsboro, Pa.
1880 13-Jul D Benson, Elijah Died at Roseville, Pa. Jun 26th 1880, Elijah Benson, aged 52 yrs 1 mo and 16 das
1880 16-Nov M Benson, George S. Married at Roseville Nov 11th 1880 by Rev. M. Rockwell, Mr. George S. Benson of Roseville, Pa., and Miss Sarah A. Hibard of Elmira NY
1881 01-Mar M Benson, Helen Married at Roseville, Pa., Feb 24th 1881 by Rev. M. Rockwell, Mr. Lyman McLure and Miss Helen Benson both of Columbia Co., Pa.
1881 02-Aug M Bernauer, Clarence E. Married at Westifeld Jul 21st 1881 by Rev. J. Knapp, Mr. Clarence E. Bernauer and Miss Carrie J. Davies both of Westfield, Pa.
1881 30-Aug M Berry, Etta A. Married at Lawrenceville Aug 21st 1881 by Rev. N. N. Beers, Burdett Stone of Symphonia, NY and Miss Etta A. Berry of Caton, NY
1881 04-Jan M Berry, George L. Married in Shippen at the house of the bride's parents Jan 1st 1881 by Rev. J. A. Boyce, Mr. George L. Berry and Miss Fannie S. Houghton both of Shippen, Pa.
1880 10-Aug D Berwart, G. Frederick Died Mr. G. Frederick Berwart, Wellsboro died Aug 9th 1880. Mr. Berwart was a German-Swiss. He was 67 years of age. On coming to this country, he stopped for a time in Philadelphia and followed his trade as a painter. He came to Wellsboro over thirty years ago. He leaves a widow and an adopted daughter, the latter being Mrs. O. G. Padgett
1881 01-Mar M Besley, Esther B. Married at Roseville, Pa. Feb 24th 1881 by Rev. M. Rockwell, Mr. Luther C. Palmer and Miss Esther B. Besley both of Columbia, Bradford Co., Pa.
1880 03-Aug M Bethel, Mary A. Married at LeRoy Jul 14th 1880 by H. K. Mott, Esq., Mr. Henry E. Madison of Liberty and Miss Mary A. Bethel of Union, Tioga Co., Pa.
1880 14-Dec D Biddle, Chapman, Esq. Died Chapman Biddle, Esq., died in Philadelphia on the 9th inst., in the 59th year of his age. He was a prominent member of the bar of that city
1881 27-Sep M Bixby, Frank D. Married at Mansfield Sep 1st 1881 by Rev. H. C. Moyer, Mr. Frank D. Bixby of Mansfield and Miss Mary S. Palmer of Tioga, Pa.
1881 10-May D Bixby, Mrs. Alpharetta Died Mrs. Alpharetta Bixby, of Painter's Lick near Sylvania, died last Wed. She was 30 yrs of age and leaves a small family
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