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From Newspaper Records from Tioga County PA Multiple Volumes, Abstracted by Ruth Wetherbee, Julia Wetherbee, Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd, William A. Ladd. Also additional submissions sent in by Tri Counties Web Site Volunteers

All data copied from newspaper file as it appeared in the record using their spelling. The original copies of the newspapers are on file at the Green Free Library located in Wellsboro. Published 1981. Permission for reprinting on the Tri-County Web Sites given by Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd in 1997.

Wellsboro Agitator 1880 to 1881

from Tioga County Newspaper Records Volume ??? .
Date Day/Month   Name Text
1881 30-Aug D Soper, G. W. Died at Roseville Aug 20th 1881 of dropsy, G. W. Soper aged 60 yrs
1880 07-Dec M Soper, Ward B.  Married at the residence of the bride's parents Dec 1st 1880 by Rev. M. Rockwell, Mr. Ward B. Soper and Miss Isabel Clark both of Columbia, Bradford Co., Pa.
1880 02-Nov M Soter, Augustus Married: The Register of last week contains a notice of the marriage of Mr. Augustus Soter and Miss Emma Thompson, daughter of Dr. C. K. Thompson formerly of this borough. The ceremony was performed by Rev. Father Murphy at St. Andrew's Church, Blossburg. They will live at Buffalo.
1881 08-Nov M Sours, William G. Married at Mansfield Oct 23rd 1881 by Rev. G. M. Righter, Mr. William G. Sours of Mansfield and Mrs. Maggie Williamson of Arnot, Pa.
1881 15-Feb M Southworth, Elnora Married at Knoxville, Feb 1st 1881 by Rev. E. F. Mott, Mr. William O. Curtiss of Chatham Valley and Miss Elnora Southworth of Clymer, Pa.
1881 01-Feb M Spear, Waldo Married at East Charleston Jan 17th 1881 by Rev. F. D. Goodrich, Mr. Waldo Spear of Richmond and miss Eva C. Benedict of East Charleston, Pa.
1881 13-Dec D Spencer, Armena Died in Delmar Nov 20th 1881 Armena, wife of Mr. Almandrus Spencer, aged 45 yrs
1880 28-Dec M Spencer, Della Married at Wellsboro Dec 23rd 1880 by A. S. Brewster, Esq., Mr. Darwin Shumway of Charleston and Miss Della Spencer of Delmar, Pa.
1880 05-Oct D Spencer, May Letitia Died at Wellsboro Sep 27th 1880, May Letitia, infant daughter of Joseph L. and Anna C. Spencer, aged 2 mos.
1881 27-Sep M Sprague, Belle Married at Wellsboro Sep 20th 1881 by Rev. E. H. Latimer, Mr. Adelbert Benson of Antrim, Pa., and Miss Belle Sprague of Wellsboro, Pa.
1881 19-Apr D Squire, Hosea Died in Richmond Mar 30th 1881 Hosea Squire, aged 83 yrs
1880 27-Jul D Stafford, Warren Died Warren Stafford of Westfield about 25 yrs of age, died in Chatham township last Sunday
1880 19-Oct M Stanley, Thomas Married at Addison, NY Oct 1st 1880 by H. W. Birdsell, Esq., Mr. Thomas Stanley of Buffalo, NY and Miss Martha Joseph of Elkland, Pa.
1881 29-Nov D Stanton Died news from Brookfield dated Nov 24th 1881. Mr. Charles Stanton buried the remains of his eldest daughter in our cemetery last Mon.
1881 12-Apr M Stanton, Henrietta Married at the Baptist parsonage in Stony Fork, Apr 10th 1881 by Rev. J. A. Boyce, Mr. Harlan I. Plumley of Delmar, Pa., and Miss Henrietta Stanton of Lebanon Lake, NY
1881 25-Oct M Starkey, Mary E. Married at the residence of the bride's parents Oct 18th 1881 by George D. Keeney, Esq., Mr. George Lent and Miss Mary E. Starkey both of Middlebury, Pa.
1881 20-Sep M Starkey, Samuel Married at the rectory, Wellsboro, on Sep 18th 1881 by Rev. Charles Breck, D. D., Mr. Samuel Starkey and Miss Eliza Ann, daughter of Joseph Gates, Esq., both of Wellsboro, Pa.
1881 04-Jan D Stebbins, Elijah H. Died Mr. Elijah H. Stebbins of Sabinsville died recently of consumption
1880 19-Oct D Stebbins, Orrin Died Mr. Orrin Stebbins of Sabinsville died last week
1881 05-Jul D Steele, Gurdon Died Mr. Gurdon Steele, a well known resident of Delmar twp., died yesterday of bilious fever
1881 15-Nov M Steele, Agnes Married at Morris Run Oct 26th 1881 by Rev. J. H. Acornly, Mr. Robert Gourley and Miss Agnes Steele
1881 06-Sep D Steele, Gurdon Died in Delmar Jul 4th 1881 of bilious fever, Gurdon Steele, in his 55th yr
1881 09-Aug D Steele, Jennie E. Died at Pennfield, Pa., Jun 5th 1881 of typhoid fever, Jennie E., daughter of James and Hannah Steele, aged 33 yrs 6 mos 6 das
1880 20-Jul B Steinman Born at Blossburg Jul 10th 1880 to the wife of C. L. Steinman, a son
1881 10-May D Steinmann Died at Blossburg, a son of Charles and Mrs. Steinmann, aged 9 months
1881 11-Oct M Stevens, Ada B. Married at the Stevens mansion, Middlebury Oct 6th 1881 by Rev. S. D. Merrick, John A. McLean and Ada B. Stevens
1881 19-Apr M Stevens, Charles Married at the M. E. parsonage in Osceola Mar 19th 1881 by Rev. W. D. Taylor, Mr. Charles Stevens of Lawrenceville, Pa., and Miss Anna Utter of Woodhull, NY
1880 26-Oct M Stevens, Horace Married at Tioga Oct 16th 1880 by Rev. S. D. Merrick, Horace Stevens of Tioga and Laura Button of Jackson, Pa.
1881 11-Oct D Stevens, Mildred Died at Harrison Valley Oct 1st 1881 Mildred, youngest daughter of J. W. and Rilla R. Stevens, aged 3 yrs 4 mos and 14 das
1881 20-Dec M Stevens, Nettie Married in Tioga Dec 3rd 1881 by Rev. S. A. Rawson, Mr. David Porter Harrower of Elkland and Miss Nettie Stevens of Tioga, Pa.
1881 27-Dec M Stever, N. W. Married at Wellsboro Dec 19th 1881 by A. S. Brewster, Esq., Mr. N. W. Stever and Miss Mary C. Deneen both of Wellsboro, Pa.
1880 05-Oct M Stewart, Charles Married in Lawrence Sep 22nd 1880 by Rev. L. D. Ayers, Mr. Charles Stewart of Jackson and Miss Sarah J. Judson of Lawrence, Pa.
1881 22-Mar M Stewart, Clarence A. Married at the Baptist parsonage in Stony Fork Mar 17th 1881 by Rev. J. A. Boyce, Mr. Clarence A. Stewart of Delmar and Miss Aurilla M. Mills of Round Top, Pa.
1880 29-Jun D Stewart, Henry W. The funeral of Henry W. Stewart was attended by the Odd Fellows of this borough last Friday forenoon. He was a member of Tioga Lodge, No. 230.
1880 16-Nov M Stewart, Maria Married at the residence of F. Rolfe in Lawrenceville Nov 1880 by Rev. N. N. Beers, Mr. James Colder of Lindley NY and Miss Maria Stewart of Lawrenceville
1881 18-Oct D Stewart, Mrs. Betsey Elizabeth Died Mrs. Betsey Elizabeth Stewart died in the Warren hospital on the 27th inst. She was formerly of Lawrence twp., and the wife of Samuel Stewart
1881 01-Feb D Sticklin, Mrs. Maria Louise Died at Wellsboro Jan 31st 1881 Mrs. Maria Louise, wife of J. J. Sticklin, aged 51 years
1881 29-Mar M Stickney, Geo. D. Married at Plano, Kendall Co., Ill., Mar 23rd 1881 by Hector Bacon, Esq., Mr. Geo. D. Stickney and Miss Jennie Gale both of Plano
1880 06-Jul M Stilson, Andrew M. Married at the residence of Mr. George Abrams in East Charleston Jul 1st 1880 by Rev. M. S. Kymer, Mr. Andrew M. Stilson of Corning NY and Miss Florence E. Wilkins of Morris, Pa.
1881 11-Jan M Stilwell, Saline M. Married at the residence of the bride's mother, Jan 3rd 1881 by Rev. S. F. Sanford, Mr. C. H. Sheive and Miss Saline M. Stilwell both of Daggett's Mills, Pa.
1881 08-Mar D Stock, Mrs. John Died at Arnot Feb 26th 1881 Mrs. John Stock, aged about 20 yrs
1881 14-Jun M Stokes, Jennie A. Married at Antrim Jun 1st 1881 by Rev. Ross Ward, Mr. Samuel B. Wilkins and Miss Jennie A. Stokes both of Covington, Pa.
1881 30-Aug M Stone, Burdett Married at Lawrenceville Aug 21st 1881 by Rev. N. N. Beers, Burdett Stone of Symphonia, NY and Miss Etta A. Berry of Caton, NY
1881 06-Sep M Stone, Thomas Married at Wellsboro Sep 1st 1881 by Rev. E. H. Lattimer, Mr. Thomas Stone of Wellsboro, Pa., and Mrs. S. L. Jordan of Liberty, Pa.
1881 01-Nov M Stout, Mrs. Martha Married at Roseville Oct 23rd 1881 by Rev. M. Rockwell, Mr. Jacobs Williams and Mrs. Martha Stout both of Rutland, Pa.
1881 29-Mar M Stowell, Ama N. Married in Shippen Mar 20th 1881 by John W. English, Esq., Mr. Charles Wilson and Miss Ama N. Stowell, both of Delmar
1880 08-Jun D Stowell, Ebenezer Ebenezer Stowell, who formerly lived on Pine Creek, died at Hallock, Peoria Co., Ill., the 7th of last month, at the age of 72 yrs 6 mos 18 das. (Sketch of his life is given). He was born in Bainbridge, NY on Oct 19th 1807. In 1833 he married Pauline Bridgeman, who died the following year, leaving an infant son, Orson B. In 1835 he married Laura Bridgeman, who survives him. Seven children, five sons and two daughters also survive. (Names of children are not listed)
1881 03-May D Straight, Thomas Died at Sabinsville Apr 20th 1881 Mr. Thomas Straight, aged 82 yrs 9 mos and 10 das
1880 17-Aug B Strait Born Nelson news Aug 10th 1880. The Journal last week said our worthy townsman, Mr. Manigan, was happy because it was a boy. The correspondent should have completed the list and named Perry Strait and Luther Rice, Jr., as among the happy ones too. The youngsters were all boys. 
1881 25-Oct B Strang Born in Westfield Oct 19th 1881 to Mrs. F. D. Strang, a daughter
1881 13-Dec D Stratton, Daniel Died news from Ogdensburg dated Dec 5th 1881. Mr. Daniel Stratton, an old resident of Union Twp., died at the residence of his son-in-law Cornelius Dibble, about 3 weeks ago, after a long illness
1880 16-Nov M Sturrock, George A. Married at Kendall Creek, McKean Co., Pa., Oct 7th 1880 by Rev. Charles F. Goos, Mr. George A. Sturrock of Wellsboro and Miss Clara E. Andrews of Middlebury, Pa.
1881 23-Aug D Sturrock, Jane Died at Wellsboro Aug 20th 1881 Jane, wife of Mr. David Sturrock in her seventieth year
1881 30-Aug D Sturrock, Mrs. David Died Mrs. David Sturrock, who died of paralysis last Sat., was one of the oldest residents of our village. Her maiden name was Jane Shand, and she was a native of Panbride, Forfarshire, Scotland where she was born the 25th of Aug 1811. She was married to Mr. Sturrock in her native country on the 2d of Sep 1833 and the same month she came with her husband to the United States, landing at New York City, where they remained until the following April, when the young couple came to Wellsboro. Mrs. Sturrock was the mother of 8 children, all of whom attained adult life and 5 of whom, together with her husband, survive her
1881 14-Jun M Sullivan, William B. Married at St. Peter's Church, Wellsboro Jun 12th 1881 by Rev. J. C. McDermott, Mr. William B. Sullivan and Miss Nora Moriarty both of Wellsboro, Pa.
1881 06-Sep D Supple, Mrs. Hanora Died at Morris Run Aug 29th 1881 Mrs. Hanora Supple, aged 76 yrs
1880 26-Oct M Sutton, Ellen E. Married at Tioga Oct 7th 1880 by Rev. S. D. Merrick, William Colgrove of Woodhull, NY and Ellen E. Sutton of Tioga, Pa.
1881 24-May D Sutton, Henry Died last Saturday Henry Sutton the railway section boss at Niles Valley was killed by a train near Niles Valley. Mr. Sutton's wife died 5 or 6 weeks ago, leaving 3 children, 2 of whom are grown up.
1880 08-Jun D Sutton, Henry Last Tues. evening Henry Sutton, aged about 20 yrs of age, was struck by a train just below Middlebury. He died from a broken neck. Interment was in Elmira.
1880 07-Sep D Sutton, Mrs. William H. Died Mrs. William H. Sutton of Brooklyn died at the residence of Mr. E. J. Purple in Wellsboro, last Sunday
1881 26-Jul M Swagler, Jacob Married at Wellsboro Jul 11th 1881 by Rev. J. C. McDermott, Jacob Swagler and Lily Labar both of Westfield, Pa.
1881 25-Jan M Swan, Marian Married at Westfield Jan 15th 1881 by Rev. J. Knapp, Mr. Orrin Newman and Miss Marian Swan both of Osceola, Pa.
1881 10-May M Sweet, Henry Married at the residence of J. H. Hammond in Middlebury May 6th 1881 by Rev. S. L. Bovier, Mr. Henry Sweet and Belle Ademy, both of Niles Valley, Pa.
1881 13-Dec M Sweet, Jennie E. Married at Covington Nov 27th 1881 by Rev. G. W. Headley, Mr. A. C. Ayers of Covington twp., and Miss Jennie E. Sweet of Mansfield, Pa.
1881 01-Nov M Sweet, Mary Married at Osceola Oct 21st 1881 by O. S. Kimball, Esq., Mr. Barney Gee and Miss Mary Sweet both of Osceola, Pa.
1880 29-Jun D Sweet, Rosa May Died at Niles Valley Jun 11th 1880 of diptheria, Rosa May, daughter of Jude and Mary Sweet, aged 8 yrs 5 mos and 13 das
1881 29-Nov D Sweetland, Joseph Died at Lawrenceville Nov 23rd 1881 Joseph, youngest child of Mr. J. E. Sweetland, aged 6 yrs
1881 11-Oct M Swetland, Chester A. Married at Lawrence Mills, Pa., Sep 26th 1881 by Rev. B. Thomas, Chester A. Swetland and Katie E. Doud both of Lawrence Mills
1881 19-Jul D Swimlar, Marvin Died Marvin Swimlar of Clymer died last week Sun. He had lived in Clymer ever since he was 17 years old. He married Miss Henrietta Ladd by whom he had 5 children, 4 daughters and 1 son, all of whom survive him. His funeral was held on the 11 inst., Rev. J. E. Hayes officiating
1881 04-Jan M Swope, Ella E. Married at Elmira NY Dec 28th 1880 by Rev. H. F. Spencer, Mr. Eugene Furman and Miss Ella E. Swope both of Gaines, Pa.
1881 27-Sep M Swope, Melvin Married at Wellsboro Sep 20th 1881 by Rev. O. C. Hills, Mr. Melvin Swope and Miss Nellie Woodruff both of Ansomia
1880 26-Oct M Swope, Owen L. Married at the Baptist parsonage at Stony Fork Oct 24th 1880 by Rev. J. A. Boyce, Mr. Owen L. Swope and Miss Mary L. Newkirk both of Wellsboro, Pa.
1881 01-Mar D Taber Died; news from Ogdensburg dated Feb 17th 1881. Mr. J. M. Taber has lost one of his little girls by scarlet fever
1881 07-Jun M Taber, George Married news from Union dated Jun 2nd 1881. There was a wedding in town last Sun., the parties being George Taber and Miss Helen Rathburn, the only daughter of William Rathburn
1881 07-Jun M Tallman, L. W. Married at Binghamton, NY, Jun 2nd 1881 at the residence of the bride's mother by Rev. S. F. Sanford of Daggetts Mills, Pa., Mr. L. W. Tallman of Wellsboro, Pa. And Miss Louise, daughter of the late S. D. Wood of Binghamton, NY
1881 01-Nov M Tator, Harrison Married at Wellsboro, Pa., Oct 29th 1881 by Rev. E. H. Latimer, Mr. Harrison Tator and Miss Cora Downing both of Charleston, Pa.
1881 29-Mar M Temple, Russell B. Married at Tioga Mar 23rd 1881 by Rev. H. Lamkin, Mr. Russell B. Temple and Alice V. Doan both of Farmington, Pa.
1880 08-Jun D Terbell, Dr. Wm.  Died on of Corning's oldest and most respected citizens, Dr. Wm. Terbell, last Thursday, at the age of 82. He was a native of Bridgehampton, Long Island
1881 08-Mar M Terrell, Harriet Married in Delmar Mar 5 1881 by A. S. Brewster, Esq., Mr. Nelson J. Miller and Miss Harriet Terrell both of Delmar, Pa.
1880 06-Jul M Thomas, John O. Married at Morris Run Jun 24th 1880 by Samuel Woodhouse, Esq., Mr. John O. Thomas of Morris Run and Mrs. Catharine James of Rondda Valley, Glamorganshire, South Wales
1880 28-Sep D Thomas, Mrs. Mary Died at Lawrenceville Aug 23rd 1880 Mary, widow of the late Asahel Thomas, aged 83 yrs
1880 08-Jun D Thomas, Mrs. Reese Died at Blossburg, Jun 3rd 1880, Mrs. Reese Thomas, aged 58 yrs
1880 02-Nov M Thompson, Emma Married: The Register of last week contains a notice of the marriage of Mr. Augustus Soter and Miss Emma Thompson, daughter of Dr. C. K. Thompson formerly of this borough. The ceremony was performed by Rev. Father Murphy at St. Andrew's Church, Blossburg
1881 12-Apr M Thompson, Nellie M. Married in Gaines Mar 19th 1881 by Rev. J. W. Miller, Mr. Willet Abbey and Miss Nellie M. Thompson, both of Clymer, Pa.
1880 22-Jun M Thompson, Robert Married at Wellsboro, Jun 14th 1880 by Rev. A. C. Shaw, Mr. Robert Thompson of Cedar Run, Lycoming Co., and Hannah Addie Merrell of Liberty, Tioga Co., Pa.
1880 26-Oct B Tillinghast Born Millerton news Oct 22nd 1880. Mr. Ambrose Tillinghast's house has been recently blessed by the advent of a daughter
1880 17-Aug D Tillinghast, William Died in Jackson Aug 6th 1880 Amelia, wife of Mr. William Tillinghast, aged 41 yrs 5 mos and 28 das
1880 28-Dec M Tobey, Luther Married at Millerton Dec 22nd 1880 by Rev. H. B. Troxel, Mr. Luther Tobey of New Milford and Mrs. Maria Gustin of Millerton, Pa.
1881 30-Aug M Tomson, Adelaide L. Married at Christ Church, Corning, NY Aug 17th 1881 by Rev. W. D. Doty, rector of Christ Church, Rochester, NY., Rev. Peter H. Milliken of Montgomery, Orange Co., NY and Miss Adelaide L., eldest daughter of Charles H. Tomson, Esq., of Corning, NY
1881 13-Dec D Tongue, Betsey M. Died in Rutland, Pa., Nov 8th 1881 Betsey M., wife of Orlando Tongue, aged 38 yrs
1880 27-Jul D Tongue, Sarah Died in Jackson Jul 17th 1880 of diptheria, Sarah, wife of George Tongue, aged 18 yrs
1880 23-Nov M Toombs, Horace S. Married at Westfield Nov 4th 1880 by W. H. Parsons, Esq., Mr. Horace S. Toombs of Sweden, Pa., and Miss Filona M. Baldwin of Hector, Pa.
1881 05-Apr M Torpey, Fanny Married in Delmar Mar 27th 1881 by Job W. Symonds, Esq., Mr. Hurbert Wood and Miss Fanny Torpey both of Delmar, Pa.
1881 13-Sep D Towner, Mrs. Deborah Died at Blossburg Sep 4th 1881 Mrs. Deborah Towner, aged 71 yrs
1881 29-Nov D Treat Died news from Chatham dated Nov 25th 1881. R. G. Treat lost a child by diptheria. He was about 12 yrs old
1881 19-Jul D Treat, Russell Died Russell Treat of Shippen twp., died last Tue. He was 72 years old and leaves a wife and family of children
1880 24-Aug D Tremain, Mrs. Sophia Died at Westfield Aug 10th 1880 Mrs. Sophia Tremain aged 93 yrs 11 mos and 16 das. She left 4 children, 33 grandchildren and 35 great-grandchildren
1881 22-Mar D Tripp, C. H. Died at Osceola Mar 10th 1881 Mr. C. H. Tripp in his 61st year
1880 23-Nov D Troutman, Daniel Died Daniel Troutman, a farmer, 70 yrs old., residing near Uniontown, Dauphin Co., died on the 14th inst. He leaves a wife and fourteen children
1880 08-Jun M Trowbridge, Samuel Married at Sabinsville, May 16th 1880 by V. R. Gee, Esq., Mr. Samuel Trowbridge of Sabinsville and Miss Cora Putnam of Knoxville, Pa.
1881 18-Jan D Troxel, Edward Ray Died at Millerton Jan 12th 1881 Edward Ray, son of Henry B. and Lottie E. Troxel, aged 10 months
1881 05-Apr M Tubbs, Charles H. Married at Osceola Mar 24th 1881 at the house of the bride's parents by Rev. H. C. Moyer, Mr. Charles H. Tubbs and Miss Kate Bucher both of Osceola, Pa.
1881 04-Jan M Tubbs, Emma R. Married in Troupsburgh, NY Dec 25th 1880 by J. D. Bennett, Esq., Mr. Albert J. Welch and Miss Emma R. Tubbs both of Westfield, Pa.
1881 20-Dec M Tubbs, James Married at Chicago, Illinois Dec 15th 1881 at the residence of the bride by Rev. Dr. A. E. Kittridge, Mr. James Tubbs of Osceola, Pa., and Mrs. Laura Wiggins
1881 24-May M Tubbs, Silon Married at the residence of the bride's father, Philip Tubbs, Esq., in Elkland May 12th 1881 by Rev. S. H. Moon, Mr. William Hunt of Caton, NY and Miss Silon Tubbs of Nelson, Pa.
1880 31-Aug D Twitchell, Mrs. J. F. Died in Shippen Aug 25th 1880 Mrs. J. F. Twitchell, aged 41 years.
1881 04-Jan M Updike, Loretta C. Married at the residence of the bride's parents Dec 26th 1880 by Rev. M. Rockwell, Mr. Joel H. Clark and Miss Loretta C. Updike both of Rutland, Pa.
1880 05-Oct M Updyke, Welby A. Married at the home of the bride's father at Wells, Pa., Sep 26th 1880 by Rev. S. F. Sanford, Mr. Welby A. Updyke and Miss Lena Parmeter of Wells, Pa.
1881 19-Apr M Utter, Anna Married at the M. E. parsonage in Osceola Mar 19th 1881 by Rev. W. D. Taylor, Mr. Charles Stevens of Lawrenceville, Pa., and Miss Anna Utter of Woodhull, NY
1881 01-Nov D Utter, Geo. W. Died in Lawrence Oct 21st 1881 of typhoid fever, Geo. W. Utter, aged 33 yrs
1880 19-Oct D Utter, Mrs. Betsey Died at Elkland Oct 10th 1880 Mrs. Betsey Utter aged 74 yrs
1881 29-Mar M Utter, Solomon W. Married at Tioga at the house of the bride's father by Rev. H. Lamkin, Mr. Solomon W. Utter of Farmington and Edith A. Lawrence of Tioga, Pa.
1881 22-Nov D Utter, Stella Died in Lawrence Nov 16th 1881 of typhoid fever, Stella, eldest daughter of Mrs. G. W. Utter, aged 12 yrs
1881 12-Apr D Van Dusen, Benny Died in Deerfield Apr 4th 1881 Benny, son of D. L. and Maria Van Dusen, aged 9 yrs
1880 13-Jul M Van Dusen, Cora Married at Tioga Jul 2nd 1880 by L. H. Tuttle, Esq., Mr. C. E. Belknap and Miss Cora Van Dusen, both of Niles Valley, Pa.
1880 07-Sep M Van Order, Augusta Married at Blossburg Sep 2nd 1880 by Rev. F. K. Fowler, Mr. Francis E. Schenk of Bradford and Miss Augusta Van Order of Blossburg, Pa.

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