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1837 - 1840 Albert M. Potter  of Elmira NY
Diary of Albert M. Potter
Elmira, Chemung County NY
Year: 1837-1840
Transcribed by Diane Bender
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Oct 3d 1839 Thursday. Since my last date there has been nearly all kinds of weather from a snow storm to warm sultry air & scorching sun.

Yesterday we rec’d a letter from Mother Sage & were deeply affected in its perusal. Julia seemed quite unwell all the evening & night but is better to-day. Have had an introduction to domestic affairs in getting up our stove. Do not feel very well this evening & so away with all these attempts at journalizing.

Oct 16th [1839] Wednesday. Since my last date Time has not been idle tho’ I may have not done equal justice to my journal as Time to his work. Since Sept 19th the days & weeks have passed very pleasantly away & I have felt my attachments increasing for my partner & wife. Last Saturday we left for Ithaca & about 4 PM was at the door of our home. Then was a happy meeting & there was parental affection with a daughters love & sisters attachment fully seen. I am happy in the thought that I may claim a share in so much affection. I remained at Ithaca until yesterday about 1/2 past 11 oclk AM & reached Elmira about 6 P.M. Travelling is delightful & weather fine. I saw, entirely accidental, at Ithaca my brother Aaron & Cranston, & Pa making all the family. Never was there so much pressure in business as at the present time. Wrote to Caroline this evening & hope soon to get an answer.

Oct 18th 1839 Friday 9 oclk PM. This has been a warm sunny day & seems the precursor of lowery weather. In fact such weather seems misplaced when the trees are stripped (as they now are) of their foliage & warm pleasant days follow each other for a long time. —— This PM about 5 oclk I came to my room & commenced a letter to Mrs AM Potter, the first letter after our wedding one month ago this evening in corresponding dates. I can but chide myself for writing as I did for if she has any sympathy in her heart & I know she has, she will think me lonely beyond measure. That I am indeed lonely & very lonely I am conscious, but I would not detract one iota from her happiness while she remains in the maternal & sisterly circle. In fact I hardly know what to do with myself, especially while in my room where I am all alone. I have had a little respite from my feelings in a call from N Kellogg with his flute & in the pleasure of music for a time last night of my thoughts & myself.

The times are very dull & money was never harder than now to be obtained. The year 1839 will stand prominent in history as a day of trial to those on slender footing.

Oct 21st [1839] Monday. — This evening seems one of Autumn’s last tokens of pleasantness & beauty. The moon is shining in full splendor & the heavens cloudless, the air not chilly & nature all smiling forth in the silvery rays of fair Cynthia — rendering the evening delightful. ————

Oct 26th 1839Oct 26th 1839 Saturday. The weather remains pleasant & summer like except the extremely thick haze. So thick as to obscure the sun & moon from giving a shadow & preventing the distinguishing of a hill a mile or two distant. —— Business more lively with me but in fact harder than ever. A letter from Father this evening winds up our affairs for the present so far as buying is concerned. This country has not for many very many years known times like the present. — I wrote Julia last evening & I am getting more discontented every day I am separated from her. At present I cannot leave & must make myself at ease if possible for a week or two. Had a letter from Wm S F this PM & was gratified for its reception. Anything from a friend comes in season now. — Tho’ crowded to almost distraction in business concerns yet I must feel myself fortunate & favored beyond all I could have expected.

Oct 31st 1839 Thursday. Yesterday I rec’d a paper from Julia & Susan Linn. Julia promised me a letter to-morrow & Susan asked one from myself & I am at a loss how or what to write. Last evening commenced two letters to Miss Putnam but finished neither. The hardest task I have is the opening of a correspondence with even an intimate friend. Rec’d a letter from WmS.F. & am very glad to learn that he is now in Auburn Theo. Sem. May he eventually prove a strong & useful minister in sacred

things. He is about the only one of many that I knew once were expecting to study divinity that have continued their course to his present station. Others may have gone on but without my knowledge. Many look back & not only look but go back. And perhaps it is well they do, for many should never become ministers.

Here ends the month of Oct 1839. The weather during the month has been extremely dry, there being only 12/100 of an inch of rain in the month. Most of the time very hazy & pleasant days. Business affairs good in some respects & never to my memory worse in others. The state of money is continually growing worse. Nobody has any money & no-body can get money. The effect is a complete stopping of business. Election too is close at hand & many are becoming absorbed in the interest & welfare of the nation.

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Published On Tri-Counties Site On 7/27/99
By Joyce M. Tice