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Letter - Asenath LOOMIS Eaton to daughter
Township: Springfield Township, Bradford County PA
Transcribed  by Charlotte Gould
Year: 1846
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Date:  9/16/2001 9:23:31 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From:  Chocybrown  (Charlotte Gould)
To:  JoyceTice  

Hi Joyce,

      Thought you might like to have a copy of the words from an old letter written to Laura Emily EATON MILLER CARLTON my Great Great Grandmother from her mother, Asenath LOOMIS EATON and her sister, Fanny EATON who resided in Springfield, Bradford County, PA.

      Laura and her husband, Lanson MILLER and son, John MILLER left Pennsylvania with a number of Laura's siblings. Somewhere before 1853, Lanson died leaving Laura widowed with three children. Laura owned and lived on the farm next to my Great Great Grandfather Benjamin CARLTON in Long Point Twp.,Livingston Co.,IL. They married 23 Aug 1853 and divorced 7 Mar 1858 in Long Point. They had one daughter, Mary Louise CARLTON who married Royal Rose GOULD son of Philander and Patience M BENSON GOULD from Rutland Twp., Tioga Co., PA.
    There are a number of EATONs buried in the Long Point Cemetery in Long Point Twp., Livingston County, IL  where Laura's grave is located. I have identified some as her family. There is a Valentine MILLER buried in the row with the EATONs and I suspect he belongs to the Lanson MILLER family. I have been unable to find out where Lanson MILLER died and where he is buried.
    Thought this information might help locate someone's family that disappeared from the Tri-County area.

1.4 Asenath LOOMIS

Birth:    20 Aug 1786, Windsor,Hartford Co.,Connecticut
Death:    25 Feb 1858, Springfield, Bradford Co.,Pennsylvania
Burial:    ca 25 Feb 1858, Leona Cemetery,West side of LR 08055-Leona Rd-Leona,Bradford Co.,PA

Marr:    abt 1805, Athens,Bradford Co.,Pennsylvania

Spouse:    William EATON
Birth:    23 Oct 1783, West Springfield, Mass
Death:    24 Feb 1869, Springfield, Bradford Co.,Pennsylvania

    A letter from ASENATH LOOMIS EATON & Fanny Eaton to Erastus Eaton & LAURA EATON MILLER.
    Handstamped Nov 3, 1846; Troy,Pennsylvania.
    To:Mrs. Laura Miller, Paru (Peru),Lasale Co. (sic),Illinois (Letter sealed with wax).

Dear Children

    I am a going to try to write to you I do not now (know) as you can read it for I have not wrote the value of a sheet of paper for more than forty years but I have heard that Adolphus is Ded (dead) We heard the sad news to (two) weeks ago and we have sent to the Post office all most every day sinc (since) to see if we had not a letter and we are afrade (afraid) some of the rest of you is sick is the caws (cause) of you not writing. Oh my dear children how anxious I be for all thos I never attemp to write to you I have not forgotten the days of your childhood and you are as dear to me now as then you have all sest (ceased) to mention my name but I have not forgot to pray for you  If this ever reaches you I want you to write immediatealy and let me now (know) every perticular about Adolphus is sickness and everything he said or did whilst he was with you  I remember how he trembled when he bid me Adue (Adieu)  O how I tryde to not have him go
Children your friends is all anxious for (you) to return to Pencylvania if you can sell (  ) and get back with alittle property it will (be better?) for you to be here without much property (  ) and have your helth than to have riches (  ) out of my numerous family I have but three (   ) Dexter Fanny and Jackson    Almn and (Electa) are in Connecticut  Almon has been there (  )  he works in an ax factory   he makes (m  ) fast and is a Gentleman in apperance   Elec (  ) work in a factory weave in suspenders  (Dexter)   (  ) doing well  he is one of the best farmers we (  )  (  ) our Country  now Laury if you can read (  )   (  ) find out what I want which is to know (    ) about Adolphus sickness and deth and then (   ) the rest off you do not forget to tell (  ) about Louis's Children
                                 Adieu dear (                )
Aseneth Eaton to Laury and Erastus With Betsy

Dear brother Erastus I want to see you very much altho I was a little girl when you left I havent forgoten you   I can remmember the last time I saw you  you stood in the doreyard   you muste write to me we have not received but one leter from you Fanny   Fan   Fanny
(spelling of words, except parenthesis, is as written in letter-blank parenthesis are words missing in letter due to tearing of age)

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 09/16/2001