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Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Diaries & Letters of Tri-Counties
1859 - 1873
Jane E. Bradford Autograph Album
Jane E. Bradford Autograph Book
Township: Smithfield? Township, Bradford County PA
Year: 1859-1873
Transcribed by Kim Rossiter
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Note from Joyce M. Tice : Jane E Bradford may have been of the Sullivan Township (Tioga COunty PA) Bradford Family. This family lived on theh North Road in Sullivan which had a Sylvania, Columbia Township PO address. I do not have her in my SRGP database as part of this family, so can not confirm this. 
Brown Leather Book Titled, "Gift Album" That Belonged To Miss Jane E. Bradford
Dedicatory, For Miss Jane E. Bradford.

Upon these pages now so pure and white,

May Friendship its best offerings indite;

A prized memento may each offering be,

Pure and sincere, from sichening Flattery free;

Yes-may the true-_____ here their tribute bring,

Each one a pure a heartfelt offering.

Prized much in Youth, and prized still more in Age,

When your dim eyes shall rest upon each page.

Prized not so much for fine, poetic art,

As for sincerity, and for their soul and heart!



April 14, 1859

Columbia Feby. 20th 1859

To Miss Jane E. Bradford

O what though I’ll _________us

If those we love are nigh

To smorthe browe of Sorrow

And calm in the heavenly sigh

Our loving Smile will banish

The clouds of care and pain (?)

Our loving word will bring us

Joye sunshine back againe

Our best and brightest treasure

Our ______for every pain

Is in the hearts that love us

A linked and golden chain

And with that chain to guard us

A chained and shining ________

O what though ill __________us

I caused ____________ ________.

C.H. Ballard

Columbia. April 14, 1859

For Mifs Jane E. Bradford

Trust in Heaven

Dark may sometimes seem our ________grim way,

Yet Gospel Hope can change our Night to Day;

Oft may our souls be towed in grief and sorrow,

Yet Faith apures us of a smiling morrow;

No longer need our souls ‘ mi’d dark______ grope,

For Faith supplies us with the Camp of hope;

Heaven hath a balm for every grief or ill;

It holy truths each aching void can fill;

Faith too, can rob death of its sting and gloom,

And paint a bow of brightnefs o’er the tomb!

For all life’s ills, Heaven hath a healing balm;

Anchored our souls in Christ, we may be calm

E’en mid the wreck of worlds-a sweet ______find

That brings a present hearun unto the human mind.

Then hope in God! Oh’neer distust his love!

Each seeming ill may yet a blefsing prove;

God hath the power of coining good from ill;

Then let us meekly bow before the Father’s sill!

His love is mingled with each gridf or wo,

In love he smiles, though staggering seems the blow.



Abiel Palmer

Denver Colorado

Yours, with kind wishes

Mollie Blackwell

Mansfield Pa
May 29, 1870

Josie Palmer

Loasalle Co. Illinois
March 9, 1873

Abiel Palmer

Denver City May 9th 1873 Colorado Teritory

William B. Palmer

Frankstown (?)

Douglas County

March 9, 1873 Colorado

N. Lou Alger



July 7th 1873

Aggie E. Mc Cormick

Lalona (?)

Clinton Co Penna

Sept 8th 73

Mifs Nell McCollum (?)

Sylvania Penna

Jan 27th 1895

Mifs M.L. Furman (?)

Sylvania Pa Jan 27th 1875

To Mate

Through black be the clouds that often float over us,

Casting dark Shadows in the pathway before us,

Lets never give away to their Shadings in Sorry,

Not allow them to bury our bosoms in gloom,

There’s a sun who’s rays will beam brightly tomorrow,

And flowers, eve long, in that pathway will bloom.


April 12, 1876

Fannie of Scranton

Sylvania. Bradford Co. Penna

May 8th/69

When the rocks and hills

Divide us.

And your face no more I see.

Remember it was Jennie

Who wrote these lines to thee.

Your loving cousin

Jennie E. Bradford

Aug 18th 1879 Geneva NY

In this page is a cut-out of a hand with colored paper glued to it to make it look like a glove. There is a blue, white and gold heart on it with a piece of blue and gold strip of paper woven through cut-outs in the wrist to give the appearance of a cord threaded through fabric to cinch the glove at the wrist.

On the back it says; " My New Year’s gift to you." Effie C. Taylor

Cora Palmer


Lasalle Co Ill.

November 8, 1877

Mary A. Ballard

November 2d 1880

"There is a "Divinity" that

shapes our _________,

Rough how _______ as we ________"

Robbly (?) McDowall

July 23d 1877

Ellen Robinson


From one who appreciates female




Mifs Nellie McCollum

Sylvania Penna

Anna Sharpe

Waverly. NY

Aug 11. 1874

Remember a Friend

Columbia March 21th 1889

To Mifs Jane E. Bradford.

By many a word, by many a smile,

Thy young heart Lady may be wou

Than let not words alone beguile

Though breathed in music every one

And let not the smiles that play

In circling wreaths of beauty charm

Neath pleased words and smiles may strong

Dark thoughts to work thee Lady harm

------------ ----------- ---------

When wit and geniere (?) tell of love

In passing kindling eloquence

Should o’er they warm affections move

__ drive the sweet emotions thence

For womans hopes and warmest heart

Ane never filled alone by these

Beneath the glow such fires impart

Look ________ for moralities

L.I. Ballard

Mifs Loll. Chaffee

Waverly NY

August 11th 1874

May 1st 1875

Mary A. Ballard

Alice M. Watkins

France (?) Palmer


Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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By Joyce M. Tice
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