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Diary or Maryett HOWLAND
Township: Columbia Township, Bradford County PA
Transcribed  by Marcia SIMONS Jankowski
Year: 1859-1860
Photo Source : Joyce M. Tice
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Maryett Howland’s DIARY from Jan 1, 1859 - Jan 22,1861

Maryett Howland was the daughter of Malachi (1804-1862) and Jane Mason Howland (1806-1861) of Columbia Township, Pa. She was probably their sixth child, (after Marcus, Maria, Matilda, Prudence, and Orbin and before Richard, George and Avis) and the first to be born in Pennsylvania after her parents moved from Hamden Township, Delaware County, NY.

According to her tombstone, which she shares with her parents in Fries Cemetery, she was born April 4, 1838. By the time she was 20, at the time this diary was started, she was living with her sister Maria, the wife of William Henry Gernert, and their family, who in 1859 would have ranged from about 4 to 11 years of age. Wm Henry was a dairy and stock farmer on a farm about a mile north of Columbia Cross Roads. A family source notes that Maryett was known as "Aunt Mate" to the children, and eventually the grandchildren, in the family. In the 1860 and 1880 census she is listed as a schoolteacher, and this diary makes frequent references to "my school". She appears to have lived with Wm Henry and Maria until at least 1880, where she still appears in the census with them. Maryett died June 16, 1886 at the age of 48.

As for this diary, it was found in things belonging to my great-grandfather, Maryett’s nephew, Arthur Ray Hagerman. I understand that there may be other diaries by Maryett in existence.

This diary is a very thin, a 3" by 5" notebook of about 40 pages written entirely with pencil. At times, it is a bit faded and the writing is sometimes cramped or not neatly penned and difficult to read. I have added some punctuation to aid in interpretation, but tried to keep the spelling and grammar as it is. It is not always clear as to exactly which person she is referring to at times, as she had several friends and relatives with the same first and last names. I have put parenthesis around words that I am not sure of, and used question marks or asterisks to replace indecipherable sections. I have tried to study the people in the neighborhood at that time, but often cannot know the exact reference.

On a personal note, as a descendant of Jane Mason and Malachi Howland and Julia Avis Howland (her sister) and Robert P. Hagerman, Maryett has become a special individual to me, even though she never married and never had any children. As we search for our ancestors’ families, we tend to overlook those who did not contribute to the gene pool. We should remember that they also had their own, very self-important, lives like everyone else and contributed to the family and the community in their own way.

Marcia Simons Jankowski, July 1999


January 1st 1859 I went from my school New Years eve. staid at Wm Henrys after we came from meeting. The 1st went up to father’s. Mother had gone to Delaware Co I staid there till afternoon. Went down to Maria’s and went to meeting.

Sunday 2nd I went to church with Maria and Wm Henry. Went to church in eve.

Mond 3d Wm Henry brought me to my school

Wed 5th Chas Joralomon & Adelia, Ja, & Sarah (R**?) and I went to the cross roads to meeting.

Thur 6th I went with Nelson Wolfs folks to the baptist ch

Sat 8th I went home. Maria went down to the x roads staid over night

Sund 9th was very cold and blistering. we went to church at the x roads

Mond 10th Was a very teetious morning. I went to my school

Tues 11th John Gernert was married

Wed 12th Maria and William Henry went to Mr Gernert’s for the (inf**)

Thurs 13th I went with Nelson Wolfs folks to the x roads to meeting. Sarah and I came from the x roads to Wm H on foot. our wagon broke

Fri 14th DeWitt Wolf took me home. it rained. Maria had gone to meeting

Sat 15th Avis was baptized with a number consisting of thirteen. There was preaching in the morning before baptism

Sun 16 I did not go to church. I wrote a letter to Mary Hendric for Maria

Tues 18th I went to Mr Warner’s and went to meeting with them to the baptist church. Sermon preached by Elder Shiredown

Wed 18th I went to John Wolf’s. Paulina Wolf & David Mclure and I went to George Wolfs

Thurs 20th I went to George Wolfs. (Rodah) & I went to church on foot

Frid 21st It rained very hard in the morning but turned to snowing in the afternoon. I went to George Wolf’s. Dewitt Wolf, Jacob Wolf & David McClure was there in the eve

Sat 22nd Wm Henry came after me. He & Maria and I went to Asa Bullock’s in the evening.

Sund 23d I was sick and did not go to church

Mond 24th Sarah Killgore and I went to the (Besley?) school house to meeting

Tues 25th I went to the baptist church. in the evening also

Wed the night I went to church

Thurs 27 I had company at school. James and (Car?) & Ann Marie Berry and Avis I went home with the Berrys. girls staid over night

Frid 28th Henry Mason, (Cara) Berry & Lucy Johnson came to my school. I went home

Sat 29th I went to Malinda Bullock’s school. there were several others there

Sund 30th Asa Campbell was burried. I went to the funeral. sermon preached by Elder (Y?) Mitchell

==== February ====

Tues 1st (Jake?) Wolf and I went up to Mr Gustins. they were not at home. we came back to Nelson Wolf’s. we had a very pleasant walk. it very much like spring


Thurs 10th I went to the x roads to a donation for Elder Clapp. Mother came home

Frid 11th Mother, father, Maria, Ort(Orb?) & Avis went up to Chas Jeroloman. Jake Wolfe came home with Avis. staid all night

Sat 12th I went to Troy & went to school after I got back - spelldown

Mond 14th went to Mrs. Moors in the evening with Sarah Wolfe, (Jacob?) W, Dewitt W, Lorenzo W, Betsy W & Sarah Killgore

Thurs 17th I went to (Ray?) Gernert’s to a donation for Elder (Bebee?). Wm Henry came from Towanda

Sat 19th I went home. Henry came after me. Malinda Bush was at Maria’s, also father & mother. they staid over night

Sund 20th went to church

Tues 22nd I went to a Mr Lawrence’s to a donation for (***)

Thurs 24th Cleaned school house. went to Mr Gustin’s with George Wolfe & wife

Frid 25th went to George Wolfe's. had warm sugar

Sat 26th was my last day of school. I had a house full of visitors

Sund 27th went to church

Mond 28th Maria & I went up to mothers

(crossed off:) Tues 29th I went up and help pick up things for them to move

1st Tues I went up and helped pick up things for them to ?

Wed 2nd They moved

Sund 6th went to church

Tues 8th Marie & I went to A S Parsons on a visit

Wed 9th We went to Mr B**. Allen Parsons & wife went too. In the evening we went to Orbin's on a surprise party

Thurs 10th Amanda Smith was at Marias in the forenoon and we all went up to mothers in the afternoon

Frid 11th We went to Troy & came back to Eliz (Gustins/Gernerts?)

Sat 12th Maria went to Troy got her bonnet

Sun 13th I went to church in the AM & to the school house to Unevesalist meeting. in the evening we all went up to mothers a little while

Mond 14th Maria started for New York

Tues 15th Avis staid over night with me

Wed 16th Carrie Berry visited me

Thurs 17th I went to Troy with (Henrys?)

Sat 19th Avis staid over night with me & I went to church on Sunday

Mnd 21st Martha Berry visited with me. I went a piece with her. We had a good long talk on past times

Wed 23d Maria came home from New York. Martha Berry & I went up to Nelson Wolfe's on a visit. Dewitt & Jake brought us home

Thurs 24th I went to a quilting at Orbins

Frid 25th I went to Aunt Lydia Anns

Sat 26 To troy

Sund 27 to church. wrote two letters. one to cousin **ite one to M**y

Mond 28th I commenced school by Wm Henrys

Sund 3d I went to meeting. Maria went to hire a girl. engaged Martha Goddard

Mond 4th was my 21st birthday. I went home. staid over night

Sat 9th I went up to Aunt Catherines after School. Jane Taylor & Miss Williams was there also

Sund 10th I went with Wm H after Martha Goddard. Elder Mitchell preached & baptized at the x roads

Frid 15th I went to Mr Berrys. got very badly hurt. Had to be brought home on a bed in the morning. Martha Berry came home with me. I had to close my school for two weeks

25th Malinda came up to see us. She staid till Thursday. I went to Troy with her.

30th Maria & I went to Mr Wm Wells on a visit. There was preaching at the school house by Snyder’s Hole by Wm Henry **

Sunday May 1st There was preaching again at the school house by Snyders Hole. Emma Parsons was baptized. (Kelog) Parsons was hurt. his sermon was preached by Y. Mitchell text Genesis

15 - to 15. I did not attend church my teeth ached so badly.

Sat 4th Martha Goddard went home I went & took her. We called on Elosie Thompson in the evening. Sunday we went to see Susan Wilson & came home.

Thurs 12th I went to A.S. Parsons. Malinda Bullock was there. had a good visit.

Sat 21st Martha, Maria & Wm Henry & I went to Troy.

Sund, Lucy Johnson came to our house

Mond 23 I went to Troy with Loomis Newbury to get my (plind?) silk dress cut

Wed 25th I went to Troy staid over night at (L**? Newburys

Thurs I came home at night with John Wolfe & Electa. it raint very hard. I got my (hiss)? bonnet

Sat I went after my dress

Sund went to church at the x roads

Mond 30th commenced my summer school

""" June """"

Thurs 2nd Asa Bullock wife & Malinda were at our house. Had a heavy hail storm

Sat 4th Orbin & Wm Henry, Em & I went to (Ralston?)

sund came home

Sat 11th I went to Troy with Maria & Orb to get my teeth filled, in the afternoon I went up to Mr B. Mr Wells had a raising. Martha & I went up to Orbs. staid overnight

Sund 12th I went to church at the x roads

Sat 18th Maria & I went to Troy. I went up to to Orbs. took tea. Em Gillette was there I went with Wm Henry up to (I**?) Terrys. he was very sick. WmH sat up with him. I went up to Aunt Cahterines. staid over night

Sund 19th I went to the school house to meeting. Elder Mitchell preached.

Wed 22 I went to Troy after School with Em, Orbin & Emily Gilette

Thurs 23 I went to Mr Gernerts staid over night

Sat 25 I went down to Mr Gernerts with Aurel** M***. We went up to Mr Berrys at night

Sund I went to Universalist meeting at the x roads

mond 26th I staid over night at home

Tuesday 28th I went to Troy after school with Wm Henry, Avis & Carrie Berry

Thurs 30th I went to Troy to the Sabbath school festival. had an excellent time.


Sund 3 I went to ? Wolfe and then to meeting. Elder Mitchell

Mond 4th I went to the celebration at Troy. Went up home. staid over night

Tues 5 I went to ? hill to a sabbath school celebration

Sat Maria went to the x

Sund 10th I went to church

Sat Maria went to the x

Sund 17th Adelia Berry was baptized at the x roads by Elder Mitchell

Thurs 21st Martha Goddard & I went to her folks on South Creek. came back early and in the evening

Sat I went to Troy to get some teeth filled. Maria & Wm Henry went also. After I came back I helped them get in some hay

Sund 24th I attended church at the xroads father was baptized by Elder Clapp

Frid 28th Wm Henry & I went to Troy to get my teeth but did not get them

Sat I went back with Edgar & got them. I went over to Mrs Moors at night. staied over

Sund 31st Andrew & A & I went to meeting at Baptist Hill. also at the Newbury schood house


Wednes 3d Miss ? came to our house to give me lessons in (worsted work?)

Sund 7th I went with her up to Ferdinand Newburys. took tea at mothers

Sat 18th I finished ? Paid $2.62 ct more work 68 ct

Sund 14th I went to meeting at our school house. went up to Aunt Cathe. after meeting

Mond 15th Wm Henry & I took her to Springfield

Frid 26 I went to a Sabbath school celebration in AS Parson grove. Went home with Aunt Lydia Ann. staid over night.

Sat 27 Mary Foster came to our house. staid till night. Wm Henry & Maria & I went and took her to the x roads ?

Sund 28th Attend the funeral of Mrs (Kellog?) Parsons. Went to Asa Bullocks to see Malinda about going to Starkey to school. Went up to fathers. Avis was not very well


Tues 24th Maria went to Troy. I was sick all day and the night. Della Gernert was taken sick. from that time till six after, there was some of the family sick. the disease was scarlet rash & sore throat.

Thurs 26th Began to snow about the time school was out. Snowed very hard

Frd 27th Raymond Gernert & family

Sat 28th I went up to Orbins. I rode down home with Walter & Henry Gernert. snowed hard.

Sund 29th Staied at home & read

February Thurs 2nd James Berry was married

Frid 3rd We all (declaimed?) that day instead of having composition

Sat 4th I went up to Martha Berrys school. Martha Goddard went home. Avis went with her. Maria was sick with the quinsy. Edgar with the scarlet rash.

Sund 5th Aurila & Andrew & John Moore came here. staid short time. I then went to meeting with them at the x roads. Elder Jones preached

Mond 6th I went up got mother. she came down. staid all day & night. I was not well.

Tues 7th There was a ? party at Orbins. I went. staid about two hours. did not enjoy it.

Wed 8th Was sick all day & also the next. Charlie was taken sick that day.

Sat 11th Daniel Mason came from Minnesota

Sund 12th Martha Berry, Martha Goddard & I went to meeting. I drove the horses & sleigh as far as Mr. Parsons. Then went with them. Mr. Jones preached

Mond 13th I went to a party at Allen Parsons. in the evening had popcorn

Tues 14th went to Troy

Wed 15th I was taken sick with the sore throat. Was sick for two weeks so I did not go to school, but could sew just a bit

Frid 24th William Henry , Maria , & I went up to Mr. Wells. He was sick.

Sund 26th Got ready to go to meeting but did not go. Marie & Wm went to Asa Bullock a few mins


Frid 2nd I went up to Wolfe’s Hill on horse back. Took dinner at Nelson Wolfes & supper at Horace Wolfe. did not get home till after dark.

Sat 3rd Martha Goddard & I went up to Mr. Berrys on a visit. Called at Mr Wolf. At night Martha went up to stay over night with Avis.

Sund 4th I was sick all day with the headache

Tues 6th Maria went up home in the forenoon. I staid at home from school. got dinner. Malinda went up there at night. Had a good time reading in a book called Meadow Brook. Had other (company?) Aaron (Haven?), Dewitt Wolfe, (Wm?) & Joseph Newbury & Frank Adams were there.

Wed 7th I awoke in the morning to hear the rain pelting on the panes of the window and beating against the house & was suffering from a severe headache. but after a little I felt better so I came home. Maria was sent for to go down to John Gernerts.

Thurs 8th Malinda & I went up to Orbins after school. took tea. Amelia Taylor, Will (Parsons?) & wife & Amanda Parsons was there. Malinda, Maria, Wm Henry & I went to meeting at the Newbury school house Elder Jones was the speaker.

Frid 9th We all went to a spelling at school at the x roads

Wed 14th Malind Bullock, Martha Goddard, Avis, George & I went over t Mrs Moors in the eve

Thurs 15th Was the last day of school this winter. Was crowded. I staid & went to meeting & preaching.

Frid 16th Martha Goddard & I went to Gordon (Parsons?) in the eve. Mary Ann Mason my cousin from Covington was at fathers. also Henry Mason & Avis & George & (William Soper?)

Sat 7th We took Martha home .came back to the Burmans. made a visit

Sun 15th Listened to two sermons delivered by Snyder’s Hole in the school house, also one in the evening delivered by Mr Brown the universalist pr at th x roads school house.

Mond 19th Went to Troy

Tues 20th Went to Ferdinand Newburys

Tues 20th Went to Orbins to eat supper

Thurs 22nd We all went out to Mrs. (Sally Wolfe’s?)

Frid 23rd Avis & Hannah Newbury was (?)

Sat 24 Frances Drake was at Wm Henrys

Sun 25th went to the meeting on Wolfe’s Hill

Tues 27th Mrs Gernert came to Maria’s. I went to Mr Berrys in the evening with a company of young folks

Wed 28th Maria & Grandma went to Mr Berry's. Mr Bliss &Luke Pitts staid at Wm Henrys. Daniel Mason, Luke Pitts & I went up to Orbins in the evening to eat warm sugar

Thurs 29th Jake Wolfe was at Marias

Frid 30th I went to Ralston. Wm Henry and Avis took me to Troy

Sat 31st was a beautiful day

Sund April 1st stormed all day. I went to a little boy's funeral

Mond 2ond Mrs Clelland & (Hatt?) call at(Bush’s?)

Tues 8th Anna & I went up to Clelland’s

Wed 4th my birthday. it was a lovely morning. I washed then Malinda & I went to Mr Newells

Thurs 5th (Selind?) Newell, Elizabeth Matthews, Hatt Clelland and Mrs Grover was at Bushs

Frid 6th came home.

Sat 7th I went to Troy with Mrs (T**?). Uncle Sam’s folks. mother, Avis, & Aunt Nancy Paine was at Marias

Sund 8th Toward sunset Wm Henry Maria & I went up to Mothers


Sept 2 Wm Henry & I went to Troy after school got me a new brow bonnet

Sat 3rd was my last day of school. Malinda Bullock came up to make arrangements about going to school. I went up home staid with Mother. she was alone. the rest had gone to a camp meeting in Troy

Sund 4th I went down to Wm Henrys. I did not go to church. I wrote a letter to Uncle George

Wed 7th Wm Henry, Marie & I went to Troy. got my bonnet trimmed. Saw (Sister?) Malinda, stopped at Gordon Parsons. went home just at dark alone

Frid 9th Malinda, Mrs Stephens, Shelburg came to Marias, Malin staid over night

Sat 10th Marie, Malind went up home. & at 5 o'clock Martha, Wm Henry & I went too. Wm Henry & I went to Asa Bullocks in the evening

Sund 11th I had to make out my school report. (Lydia?) & (Will?) Bak?, (Fanny?) & Will Woodward, Martha (Murray?) and ? were all at our house. I went up home just at night. I had many sad feelings.

Mond I was all confused getting ready to start. Maria had baked chicken for dinner. Went to the x roads to take the cars, they left us before I got there. We went to Wm Henrys at night. Malinda and I went up to mothers.

Tues 13th We started at 4 o'clock in the morning Wm Henry & Ed Took us to Elmira we had a delightful ride. We are at Elmira at 15 minutes past eight AM. Went to (Mr D*?) to see Mary Hendric. Took dinner. started between two and three for the Depot. Went to the stores. got me a jar of Rasbers, bottle of Indelible ink and I parted with Wm Henry a few minutes before four. at four we got aboard the Canandagua train for (...). arrived there at six PM. in a short time Mr Ingalsbe came for us. we were taken to (Sch...s) Hall and a sad night it was for me

Wed 14th We went up to the Seminary, concluded to stay at the hall. so we went back. I unpacked our trunk, wrote home

Thurs 15th We went up & bought our books & visited the class.

Frid 16th We went to school

Sat 17 was very lonesome day

Sun 18 I went to the Presbyterian church in the afternoon & in the evening I went to the Seminary. Elder (Mack?) a christian minister from Canida preached

Mon 19th I felt bad after I came from school sat down & cried a spell. walked out. came back and was taken with a bluish spell which lasted some time. with the assistance of Mrs Taylor and the girls I got better

Tues 20th Rained.I went to school

Wed 21st I rec'd a letter from Wm Henry

Thurs 22 Went to singing school. Wrote a letter to Wm Henry

Sat 24th I (baked?). was very lonly

Sund 25th Went to seminary to prayers at eight & o'clock then wrote composition

Tues 27th Rec'd a letter from Wm Henry.

Wed night went to Phrenology class

Thurs Rec'd a letter containing three dollars from Wm Henry

Frid 30th felt very lonely in my class. had to leave it. In the afternoon felt better. Had to read a composition

Sat Oct 1st I helped Mrs Taylor quilt a little while. finished my (Calico?) dress shirt

Sund 2nd Tho it's early in the morning I wished I was home, did not feel well got breakfast. eat it, after felt some better. Was very sad. Went to church at two o’clock at the Presbyterian church. felt quite bad during meeting, have just returned. must read a little, get supper, then go to the Seminary to hear an Episcopal clergyman preach.

------ Here I have (passed?) and read over all of my letters which I have rec'd, & now I will lay them by for a spell & get me something to eat.

I liked the sermon very well

Mond 3rd We went down to Mr (Ingalsbe’s?) noon to pick apples

Tues 4th Had a letter as usual with it came one from ?. There was a company went to the Lake.

Wed 5th was Phrenology lesson in the evening. Mr Cooper from ? rec'd a telegraph. departed to attend his father's funeral

Thursd 6th Answered my letters

Frid 7th Was in school in afternoon on account of a fair held at Dundee. W Misses (Hald), Mary (House?), Minerva Hornbeck, Malinda & I got dinner all together. invited Mrs. Ingalsbe up. Had a very nice time. Late in the afternoon we went a chestnuting.

Sat 8th Rained most all day. Louise (Hald?) & I went to Dundee to get some worsted. I learned her to make (bread?). In the evening we attended a lecture delivered by Elder (Ruth?)

Sund 9th I went to the Presbyterian Church. We had a baked chicken.

Mon 10th Staid after school to Phrenology class. Then listened to a lecture delivered by (Coburn) of Saratoga Springs.

Tues 11th I felt quite sad. went to school. read a little in the evening. attended a concert. A Mr. Thomas

Wed 12th I was sick all day

Thurs 13th I went up to settle with Mr. (Cleveland?). He was absent, I went to sing ? in the eve

Frid 14th Took a long walk. I went to school settled. up with them. made preparations for starting home. I read a composition after school. bid them good by. several of the (girls?) came down to the hall to see me. I had my head examined. We all went up to the Lycium Lecture. staid till 8 o'clock then went back to the hall. then after parting with them all, I started for the depot. Malind & Mr Ingalsbe went with me. I started from there at half past nine & arrived in Elmira in between eleven and twelve, went to the American Hotel.

Sat 15th Started at six in the morning was sick. on the way. Arrived at the x roads at seven took breakfast at Mr. Gernert’s. Stephen brought me up home.

Sund 16 night Lucy Johnson came to Wm Henrys. staid over night

Mond 17 I went up houme. staid a little while. Maria went to Troy with Lucy.

Thur 18th I went up home staid till after noon. went down to Aunt Catherines. Mother & Maria was also there. I went home with mother. staid over night

Wed 19th I went up to Orbins. Mother & Aunt Catherine went too. Aunt Margaret was there taking care of the baby

Sund 23 Maria went to Goddards

Mond 24th Grandma Gernert & Mary came up to Maria’s

Tues 25th Marie & Stephen went up to Mrs. Goddards. Their farm was sold. Mrs Goddard came home with them.

Frid 28th Marie, Mrs Goddard & I went up home. Mrs D..... was there. In the evening I went down to Allen Parsons to a party

Sat 29th Will Parson & wife called for me at eight in the morning to go up to Orbins. We staid but a ...

Avis & I went up to Mr Berrys in the afternoon

Sund 30th Avis & I went to take Mrs Goddard home. Went to meeting

Mond 31st I went to Troy with Wm Henry


Tues 1st James Bullock & wife & Mr Brown was at Mariea’s

Wed 2nd I went to Troy with father. went the Academy to his (exe…)

Fri 4th I went to Mr (Slade’s?) to a quilting. Quilt for Elder Clapp

Sat Mother & Mar went up to Berrys

Tues 8th Went with several others to Mrs. Moors for a sort of party

Wed 9th Uncle George, Maria & Mother went to Ralston. I kept home.

Frid 11th They returned at night

Sat 12th Went up to Orbins. Malissa & Emily Gillette were there. Stormed nearly all day

Sund 13 stormed very hard

Mond 14th Went to troy. got me (Aline?) dress. Phebe McL came up to Orbins.

Frid 18th I went up home in the morning. In the afternoon Mother & I went up to Loomis New. was sent for had to go home. Em, Phebe & Orbin was there

Sat 19 Maria went to (Austin South’s?). Rained

Sund 20th Aaron Haven came to our house. staid over night

Tues 22nd Went to Troy with Uncle Sam’s folks

Wed 23 I went to Mr Gernerts - x roads

Thurs 24th was thanksgiving of giving Mother, Avis, father, Aunt Caherine, Mrs Terry was at our house in the afternoon.

Frid 25th Went to Loomis Newburys. Avis & Hannah Newbury went with me. They came home with Mr & Mrs Terry cause they picked us apples

Sat 26th Aunt Lydia ann was at mothers. Mar & I went up there. (Duc.. Wil..?) took dinner at our house. In the eve I went to writing school at the x roads kept by Mr Richards. Went up to Asa Bullock with MWm Henry to see Malinda. She had not come.

Sund 27th went to church at xroads. had a letter read from Henry Mason. In the evening I went with Andrew & Aurelia Moor & Anne Eliza McClelland up to Mr Berrys

Tues 29th Maria went to Aunt Lydia Ann’s. I went to Widow McClellands in the evening. they had a party there

Wednes 30th Deborah Meeker was at our house


Thurs 1st Went to Asa Bullocks with Wm Henry got my thing which Malinda brought from Starkey

Frid 2nd Marie went up home to make bees wax

Satur 3d was very cold

Sund 4 at night Wm Henry & I went aft Melinda to come and teach. Met her with Gordon & (Amos?)

Mond 5th was the first day of school. Went to (Wm’s?) school.

Tues 6th went to school

W 7 "" " " . Also to writing school.

Thurs 8 went to school. Mr Richards staid at our house. Melinda staid thru Tues Wed & Thursday night

Frid 9th was sick all day did not go to ?

Sat 10th was very cold. Wm Henry went to Troy to take his butter

Sund 11th Marie went after Martha Goddard. Andrew ... & Richard were here in the evening.

Mond 12 Went to writing school

Tues 13th I went up home over night. Wm Bush came up Mar. Went to writing school

Wed 14th Had been up but a little while when Henry Mc came up th. he had ?. (Clay?) Gernert & wife, Malinda Bush, Orbin & Em were at Maria’s

Thurs 15th I went to Troy with Wm Henry. Went over to ? house they were trying to get up a school

Sat 17 I went up to Orbins. Maria went to Troy

Sund 18th I went to x roads to church. sermon preached by Elder Jones of Springfield

Weds 21st Marie went with Mrs Gernert to Mrs Moors. I went to writing school

Thur 22nd went to ? Budd’s funeral at the house of his (father?). Sermon preached by Mr (B..?) text "She is not dead but sleepeth"

Frid 23rd Zopher Cornell & wife , Stephen Gernert & wife was at Maria’s.

Sund 25th X mas. went to meeting in the evening at the school house . Mr. Brown preached.

Mond 26th Malinda Bullock, Martha Goddard, Avis, George (Gernert?), (?) & (?) & I went on an evening visit to (? ?)

Tues 27th Mrs. Terry helped Maria make her cape

Wed 28th I went up home in the morning. came back. went to Springfield to Universalist meeting. ? the eveining went to school meeting

Thurs 29th Went to Springfield to meeting. heard two sermons as I did the day before. writing class

Frid 30th Malinda Bush, Reubin Johnson & wife & Luke Pitt staid here

Sat 31st went to Troy with Wm Henry. in the evening went to Springfield to the concert. Mr Rockwell a blind man sang

Sunday January 1st

Another New Years we are glad to hail 1860. I went to church with Maria & Wm Henry

Mrs Gernert & (Lester Mercy?), John & wife, Stephen & wife & Mary were here in the afternoon

Tuesday 3d I attended writing school. Marie went & sat up with Lydia Ann Parsons. Malinda Bush (M ?) staid at Marias.

Wed 4th Went with Maria, Wm Henry & Malinda to Mr Baker’s in the eve

Thrus 5th writing school

Frid 6th Mari & Malinda went to Aunt Catherines

Sat 7th we read compositions

Sun 8th Maria & Martha went to Mr Goddard’s. Evening Malinda & I went up to Orbins a little while. it was a beautiful evening.

Mond 9th Malinda went home

Tues 10th was donation at Yeomans for Elder Jewel

Wed 11th I went to Springfield to Elder Jones donation

Thurs 12th Frid 13th Malinda & I went up home staid over night

Sat cleaned school house

Sund 15th Went to church at the x roads. Eldr Jones preached. In the afternoon, Martha, Avis & I went to the school house to write compositions. Andrew & Don ? & ? came along and stopped. Then? went home.

Mond 16th Malind & I went up home. staid doing x fine ? ? for the donation

Tues 17 Avis & I went to Troy with Wm Henry. Aurelia Moore was at Maria’s when I came home. She staid in writing school. Mr & Mrs Berry was there also in the evening.

Wed 18th was a donation at Uncle Sam’s. I went & Marie & Wm Henry (?)

Thurs 19th We read comp. Mrs Gernerst & sister, Maria & Mother & father, Gordon P. & W.. & Margaret (Budd) were there.

Frid 20th Wm Henry took Martha & I up to Mr Berrys. It was so icy that we had to go down the hill on foot. We had a considerable time

Sat 21st Wm Henry, Marie, Malinda Bullock & I went to Mr Gladdings. There was a house full of company by. It was a beautiful day. looks like Spring

Frid 22nd 10 o'clock AM we've just returned from a walk down on the flats .. Wm Henry, Martha Goddard, Esther & Dell went also. What a lovely morning. Yes, beautiful day.


List on back page of diary:

Fare to Starkey $ 1.63

Books bought $ 2.18

Woodbox 05

Codfish 25

Slate 18 1/2

Milk pint 02

.... for dictionary 06

Braid for dress 05

Bonnett strings 06

... Algebra 42

Phrenology book 25

Fare to Elmira 1.00

... unable to read

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