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Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Diaries & Letters of the Tri-Counties
Cynthia Lodeska to her husband Henry Roberts 1864
Union Township, Tioga County PA
Letters: Cynthia Lodeska "Roberts"
Township: Union Township, Tioga County PA
Year: 1864
Submitted by Lucille Gano
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 June 17, 1864

Union, Pennsylvania

My dear husband,

How I thank our Heavenly Father for His watchful care in shielding you from the death that so many brave men have to die on the field of battle. I hope it will not be your fate, loved one, but if it is the Lord's will to take you out of this wicked world, all I can say wont do any good but I thank Him with all of my heart for His care so far. I have put you in his care and He will save you which I cannot do. I first received a letter from you and I wept for joy and sorrow. I was glad to hear that you was in the land of the living but sorry to hear what situation you was in (after the battle of

Missionary Ridge) and to hear that your comrades was wounded, especially Calvin How. I do pity him but I am glad it was no worse.

Oh Henry do not get discouraged for Jesus is your friend and if you lack for strength on Him you must depend. Be careful of your health.

Henry I do not know what to write only I expect John here today after me to go to Milan. I am agetting tired of having to go so far for letters. When you are in battle I go to the office the most of the time.

Mr. Hurlburt is dead. He was buried last Saturday. And Phoebe Newell is very sick. They have been drafted here. Tom Bennett was drafted and Erastus Putnam. I do not know if they got clear or not. I have not heard. I do not know but Frank or Velt is drafted. They had to draft forty. I will know soon. Pop is a plowing for buckwheat and Mother is a spinning.

I received a letter from Lovilia and Manta has gone home. Charles was ordered to move to Memphis and she went home to see Jane and Eurotus and I and Batty. She expected to find me there or she never would have went. They got there a few days after Manta did if they had good luck.

We have not heard from them yet. Manta started home Monday and they started Wednesday. She will be very much disappointed not to see me. Eurotus wrote to Charles that I was agoing with them. Manta is a going back to the army as soon as she hears where they are. She cannot stay there without Batty. Phoebe said that George Miles was killed. Oh how lonely she will be. I pity the widow and the orphans that is made of by this war. I do not know but I am now but I hope and pray that I am not.

Sam was volunteered in the service. Charlie saw him at Davenport. Sam Sheppard is married.

I cant think of much to wrirte only I am well and enjoy myself as well as I can under trying circumstances and hope you are enjoying the same blessings.

I have got me a new cloaak. It cost me twelve dollars. What do you think of it? I think it is most too much for me to wear. I hope you will gain the day and come off alright long before this. Live in hopes and dont die in despair for if we dont meet in this world we will meet in another. Goodbye, cheer up and do the best you can. This war cannot last always. Blue Eye is well and lively. He calls his left cheek Pa's and every day he will come for me to kiss him. He will turn his left cheek and say Kis Pa's cheek too. And he will kiss me on one cheek and then on the other for Pa. Oh how I wish I could imprint a kiss on those lovely lips!

June 18

Henry I must tell you about my visit. I went to LeRoy Grantiers yesterday and seen some of our old schoolmates. Mary and Lidia and Ellen Sellard. They are all married. Lydia and Ellen has got one girl apiece.

Henry I am very much disappointed for John never came and I am athinking about my soldier who is in danger. How can I content myself with friends when the best friend that I have got is in danger? But I hope the good Lord will protect you and take care of you. I want you to write as often as you can for it is a great consolation to hear from one that we love if we cannot see them.

I have not wrote to you as often as I ought for it is a botherr to get the letter to the office. But then you are worth a great deal of trouble. If I can do you any good by writing but I cant think of anything to write that will interest you. Goodbye dear Henry. I remain your devoted wife.

C.L. Roberts

 Subj:  A letter to Henry
Date:  8/9/2002 11:52:05 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From:    lgano@netins.net (Lucille Gano)
To:    JoyceTice@aol.com

File: DocumentCynthia.doc (10240 bytes) DL Time (26400 bps): < 1 minute

Joyce,  This is a letter written to Henry Roberts while he was away at war in 1864.  It is written by his wife, Cynthia Lodeska Rogers, daughter of Roine (Irvine) Rogers and Hannah Landon.  She sometimes refers to their son, Sebastian, as "Batty" or "Blue Eye."  There are other letters to Henry and some between sisters druing this period of time.  One really  needs to know the circumstances to understand the tale they tell, but even one letter tells a lot.  Probably some researchers on your wonderful site will recognize a name or two in this letter.
  I often feel as if I have lived in the place and time portrayed by the wealth of information on your Tri-County site.  There is surely no other site that paints such a picture of the times, customs and people who lived in any area.  Thank you more than I can say.

Lucille Gano

Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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