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In Their Own Words - Diaries and Letters of our Ancestors
Transcribed by Joyce M. Tice

January 1876 - Saturday 1 - We was up to Father Wilsons and I and Father and wilson hall went down to roseville. Wils traided horses. It is a verry warm clear day roads all broke up. Wind in the South.

Sunday 2 - Warm and Clear wind in the west verry mudy. Wesley Wood Git home.

Monday 3 - Clear and pleasant. Wind in the North west. Drawed Stone from the wall. Consert at Bakerburg this evening.

January 1876 - Tuesday 4 - We went to harrison Smith and I bought a Dog of A. T. Smith. Paid five dollars. Frose up south Wind.

Wednesday 5 - I Fodered from the Stack. We went up to loyds. South wind.

Thursday 6 - Berts took Dinner. Wesley went to Singing School.

January 1876 - Friday 7 - I drawed Manure. Wether quite Modert and pleasant. Thawed some.

Saturday 8 - I went to troy . Wesley drawed manure. I got half a pound of tea. Wesley went home and Stayed all Night.

Sunday 9 - Loyd folks here and Henry Dart. Warm and Change. George Smith had my buggy. It rained by spells.

January 1876 - Cold and blustering. Henry went home. We quit Milking/ Churned the last time. Geo. Squires Brought his bob Sleade home.

Tuesday 11 - I and Wesley Went up to the grange. I lent George Smith ten Dollars.

Wednesday 12 - It Snowed Some. We went up to Isaac Squires and We Settled up to date. It snowed about a half a inch.

January 1876 - Thursday 13 - the corn Stalks is gone. I am feeding Buckwheat Straw at Night hay in the morning. Wesley gone home.

Friday 14 - I was up to loyd and Went over to William Robins and Loyd was Down here. Wesley Wood got back.

Saturday 15 - We drawed Mynewer in the fournoon. We Sawed Wood in tha afternoon. South Wind hubs give a little.

January 1876 - Sunday 16 - Mary went to meeting. Wesley went up to postoffice. Hubs give a quite a bit.

Monday 17 - I cut a hickry for ?? I helped george grind his ax. I Split Some Wood. We put three hams to Soak.

Tuesday 18 - I Went to Wellsborough as a Witnes on the will of David Edgertant it rained in the forenoon its warm and verry bad going mud deep.

January 1876 - Wednesday 19 - I Went to Troy to Mill and I See Different Ones a plowing by Spells the Sun Shining Out Bright and Warm and by Spells it rains. offle bad going.

Thursday 20 - I took the ax up to William Robins. I went to mainesburg and got Some butter of antimonia. James Burton and Wesley Burton and minty Smith was up.

Friday 21 - James burton Wesley Burton Went away. Sun Shines Bright. They Cleaned the School house.

January 1876 - Saturday 22 - I Went after my Ax. Wesley Drawed minewer. We Split and piled Wood.

Sunday 23 - Wesley Went home. bats Was hear. Quite Mudey.

Monday 24 - I Ground my Ax and I helped George load a load of Straw to take to troy.

January 1876 - Tuesday 25 - I went to troy with george he took a Load of Straw of twenty two hundred pounds. One half a pound of tea. I got Some Sowlether.

Wednesday 26 - I went to Troy With george with a Load of Straw had on twenty five hundred and Sixty pound. I got a pair of Drawers.

Thursday 27 - I taped my Boot. Uncle Judson Squires and wife Was here it rained and hailed in the Morning. Warm and pleasane in the afternoon.

January 1876 - Friday 28 - It rained in the fournoon. I helped George draw Straw in the after noon. It quite mudy and Warm. Smoked three hams.

Saturday 29 - It rained in the fournoon in the afternoon I and Wesley Went up on the hill and cut three trees and trimed them. Wils Hall and Sary Hall

Sunday 30 - Wesley road Cit home. Wils and Sary Went home.

January 1876 - Monday 31 - Sun Shines bright. Hubs give Some. I went up on the hill and Cut four trees and trimed ready for Sawing.

February 1876 - Tuesday 1 - Mary and Emma Gone to Canton. I and Wesley Went to the grainge. We went up a ?? Back I Went up and worked a While in the woods.

Wednesday 2 -it was verry Blustry the Wind blowed hard. I went up to Clinton Reynoles. George Was over here a while in the evening Sun Shone

February 1876 - Thursday 3 - Mary and Emma Came home. they got Carpet warp. Father and Mother Went home.

Friday 4 - I and Wesley Drawed minewer . I helped George Squires bucher in the afternoon one pig weight 357 the other 315 p. I helped Cut them up.

Saturday 5 - I and Wesley Drawed Buck Wheat Straw in the fournoon. We put the Oat Straw in the bin we drawed hay from the Stack in the after noon.

February 1876 - Sunday 6 - I and Mary and Emma went Down to William Squires. Good going in the roads. Wesley Went home.

Monday 7 - I went up to Mrs. Hills to See liddia about Sowing. I went to troy it was verry mudy. I got some triming for mary Dress.

Tuesday 8 - I went in the Woods in the fournoon. I road Cit up to Wm Robbins and She broke her halter and Went home. I went up$to grange and got Some Tea.

February 1876 - Wednesday 9 - I went up after liddia hill in the fournoon in the afternoon it rained. Verry warm I got a new Shoe put on Charley up to palmers 35

Thursday 10 - it warm and Very muddy. William Johnson and his Wife Was here Stayed all night.

Friday 11 - it rainy to day Isaac and hulday Was here to day. William and Reuben Come by and Settle up

February 1876 - Saturday 12 - I and Wesley Drawed Stone till four o’clock in the after noon. I and Mary and liddia and emma Went Over to Mainesburg. Verry muddy and warm.

Sunday 13 - its very warm and pleasant verry muddy. Went to meeting. Wesley went home road Cit to the post office at night.

Monday 14 - Warm and Mudy. Showery Night dark and rains. Mintta Was here and Stayed all night. Newel brought some S?? home.

February 1876 - Tuesday 15 - It Snowed about Six inches deep. I and several Went over to town Meeting With the Cutter. It Was sploshy. I went to the grange Store and got Some tea.

Wednesday 16 - I fixed the buttry flores in the four noon. Lewis hall and my wife Went from her. Wesley burton Was here I went to the Law Suit in the after noon.

Thursday 17 - I went up to the Law Suit in the after noon.

February 1876 - Friday 18 - I went to mainsburg and got the horses Shod. Steven Peters Shod them to ne Shoes. Got five 1.50. Liddia hill Come here at noon. Taylors Medicon.

Saturday 19 - I went to troy with Isaac Squires. Wesley Drawed Mynewer. Liddia finished Sowing to Day.

Sunday 20 - I took liddia home in the four noon bats took dinner Clark burton and Wesley burton and Went up to Geo smith

Febraury 1876 - Monday 21 - I went to mansfield to Mill I took four Bushels of Wheat I got liddia a diary. I went to Spencers Mill.

Tuesday 22 - I Drawed wood for Clinton Reynols in the four noon I went up to the grange.

Wednesday 23 - Ruben and Clinton Reynols Cut Drags of Wood and I Skided them and Drawed down Some Cold and Blustry.

February 1876 - Thursday 24 - I halled Logs of Wood from the hill I Drawed twelve loads.

Friday 25 - I Drawed Wood in the four noon in the after noon I went to Mainesburg.

Saturday 26 - Wesley Drawed Mynewer in the four noon. I went to troy in the after noon With luis Beech.

February 1876 - Sunday 27 - it Stormes Some in the after noon it hailes Lewis Beech Went home.

Monday 28 - I Drawed three loads of logs from Georges Woods n the four noon. Father and Mother Wilson and Carry Sheley Burton and

Tuesday 29 - I went to Troy and Clinton and Wife in the four noon. We Went Down to lons Morrison at night. Geo. Smith paid that ten Dollars.

March 1876 - Wednesday 1 - Carry and Lyman Sheley in the after I Split Wood.

March 2 - I went to the Saw mill in the four noon in the after noon Wesley Went to the Mill. Bradford Edgeton folks at night Went and took Cary up home.

March 3 - I went to Mainesburg With to Loads of logs.

March 1876 - Saturday 4 -I hawled a load of logs in the four noon. I Split Wood and Wesley Drawed Mynewer. Smoked the hams.

Sunday 5 - Wesley Went home he road Cit. We Fodered out of the new barn for the first.

Monday 6 - We taped the Sugar Bush. I taped Loyds Boots, Minty Smith Was here.

March 1876 - Tuesday 7 - I Drawed Stone. We Shogerd of. Verry Muddy. Warm South Wind.

Wednesday 8 - I was about house . I went up in the Sugar bush at night.

Thursday 9 - I took a load of goods for Clinton Reynols. Wesley Went after the Sirup.

March 1876 - Friday 10 - I went to AustinVille to a vandue.

Saturday 11 - I and Wesley Drawed Stone from the hill We went up to Wilson halls

Sunday 12 - We Come home Wesley Went home Its Verry Mudy

March 1876 - Monday 13 - I Cut and Sharpened fence post in the four noon in the after noon I Drawed Stone from the hill it frose up hard

Tuesday 14 - I halled Mynewer in the four noon in the afternoon Went to the funreal of Mrs. Hill I went to the barying ground up on the State road. Big roan heifer come in.

Wednesday 15 - I trimed apple tree Brush and Burnt them in the four noon. We Went to Mr. Hager funeral in the after noon the house was full.

March 1876 -Thursday 16 - School Was Out Emma Went up to Loyd. Caty Was Down here Wesley went and took her home. Spotty Come in.

Friday 17 - I and Wesley Went to troy. The little roan Cow come in. Clark Burton Was here.

Satruday 18 - It was Cold and blustry. James Burton come here . Loyd Brought Emily C. Squires home

March 1876 - Sunday 19 - Wesley went home. Clark Burton had my Bugy henry Dart and Frank Wilson ws here. Doctor bats took Dinner here. Wesley stayed all night

Monday 20 - Wesley Come Back he Drawed Wood in the four noon it Snwed the Geo Cow Come in

Tuesday 21 - We Drawed to Loads of Wood in the four noon. I Drawed Loyd a Load of Straw and drawed four Loads of Wood.

March 1876 - Wednesday 22 - I went to Austinville bought a new ax and one Bushel of Corn of Charles Smith.

Thursday 23 - I Drawed one load of logs to Mainsburg in the four noon. John Hunts folks Was here. Wesley Drawed a load of logs to the Mills in the afternoon

Friday 24 - We Drawed Wood in the four noon got Isaac Corn Sheller and Shelled thirty four bushels of Corn at night. It Commence Snowing

March 1876 - Saturday 25 - I went to manesburg to Mill and brought it Back not ground. I went with the bobs Sleads. Mudy in the road

Sunday 29 - Wesley went home, road Cit. I went up to Isaac Squires (can’t read two words) got Down and could not git up

Monday 27 - I and Wesley Went up in the woods and cut two trees for Sils and Drawed them Down. Wesley Went up to G. (illegible)

March 1876 - Tuesday 28 - I went to Troy and got the grass seed. I took 10 Bushels of Corn to the flat and got ground. It rained at night.

Wednesday 29 - Wesley and I Cut and Draw Stake Cuts in the four noon. We washed the harness and greesed it in the afternoon.

Thursday 30 - Wesley Drawed mynewer and I went over to the Sale and went back to harrison Smiths and took Dinner. We traded calf.

March 1876 - Friday 31 - Mary and Emma and I went Over to Daniel burton. I got a pir of boots for wesley at Mainesburg at Clarks at 375 cts.

April 1876 - Saturday 1 - I and Welsey Sawed Wood Line Back Come in. Wesley Went Down to Williams and Went to Chandlersburg.

Sunday 2 - Wesley Went home, Doctor bats was here.

April 1876 - Monday 3 - We Sawed Wood. Dolley Beech came in.

Tuesday 4 - Sawed Wood in the four noon in the afternoon Wesley Split Wood and I split Stakes 260.

Wednesday 5 - I went to the flat after a load of boards in the four noon. Wesley Split Wood in the afternoon Cherry Come in. Very Muddy.

April 1876 - Thursday 6 - We Cut and drawed down Some Sticks for Shed Sills. They bilt Saap.

Friday 7 - I went to the burg With a tub of butter. It weighed fifty pound at 38 cts a pound it coe to 1900. David Brown here.

Saturday 8 - I and Wesley Skored timber. William hewed it. Frank Wilson here. I Lent George Smith one dollar.

April 1876 - Sunday 9 - We Shogered off. Clark Burton frank Blar Frank Wilson Doctor Bats

Monday 10 - Wesley and I Skored timber in the four noon. William hewed in the after noon and Wesley drawed Stone. King hokom

Tuesday 11 - We drawed Stones. Daniel B Was killed the Cars run over him near (?goos) town

April 1876 - Wednesday 12 - I Went and took Clark Burton over to Mansfield. I went Back by father Wilsons to let them know when the funeral.

Thursday 13 - We went to the funerial and it rain in the afternoon. We took dinner at aaron Squires.

Friday 14 - We drawed Stone on the east Side hill.

April 1876 - I and Wesley drawed Stone from the hill n the four noon I went to Mainsburg and got the horses shod.

Sunday 16 - We went up on the hill an beach was there. Clark Burton and Wesley Burton was here.

Monday 17 - I went to troy to mill I took four bushels of Wheat 8 bushels of buck Wheat

April 1876 - Tuesday 18 - I and wesley drawed Stone from the Wall. Frose quite hard.

Wednesday 19 - We drawed Stone from the Wall

Thursday 20 - We drawed stone from ther Wall the fournoon finish it in the after noon. Wesley drawed .. May Beach, Sary and Wilson Hall

April 1876 - Friday 21 - I went to Mainesburg and put on the Logs. I took a tub of Butter 50 pounds at 33 cts a pound in the afternoon we fixed fence. Bilt Sap. finished on hill

Saturday 22 - We fixed fence, Bilt Sap William Wilson was here. Bats took supper.

Sunday 23 - Wesley road Cit up home and got the mare. We Shogered of.Geo. Squires Cut my hair

April 1876 - Monday 24 - Wesley plowed on the hill, I worked on the Shed. Sills Willie Stayed all night. Burt was here

Tuseday 25 - Wesley plowed in the four noon I and Wesley framed the Sills for Shed and pryed up the Shed. Red heffer Come in

Wednesday 26 - We Moved the Shed, William helped

April 1876 - Thursday 27 - Wesley plowed I and William pryed up the shed and framed the Sill for the house

Friday 28 - Wesley plowed I took the pottoes out of the Cellar and took the back Sill out and took ot the Wall out from under the Sill. Showery.

Sunday 29 - We Sowed the wheat and the peas. I helped George drag. Drag ¾ day on the hill.

April 1876 - Sunday 30 - Wesley went home it Snowed Some it frose at night hard enough to freeze potatoes in the Corn house.

May 1876 - Monday 1 - I and George went to the Saw Mill and piled the lumber and drawed a load home. Wm worked on the Sill in the afternoon

Tuesday 2 - Wesley plowed William and I put the Sills under the house. Long Leg Come in.

May 1876 - Wednesday 3 - Wesley plowed till Supper time and I Went over to the burg took a tub of butter and got a Load of boards. Wm. Laid Stone under the house.

Thursday 4 - We gethered up the Sugar dishes and Load 12 Bushels of oats. I killed Long Leg and Sinned her.

Friday 5 - Wesley drag til nin o’clock and plowed til noon on the hill in the afternoon I went to the Stone quarry. Father Wilson, Wife. William Laid Stone.

May 1876 - Saturday 6 - Wesley plowed on the hill. Wm and I leyyed Stone. Sent the Cow kill to troy. It Come to 240.

Sunday 7 - I and Mary Went to the funeral. Wesley went home. Emma Stayed at home.

Monday 8 - I and Emma Went to troy got Back at noon. Sowed Oats in the afternoon. Sow 7 Bushel

May 1876 - Tuesday 9 - Wesley plowed in the four noon in the after noon We Load Oats. We finished. I and Wm. Laid Stone in the four noon.

Wednesday 10 - We roaled the wheat ground in the fournoon the afternoon it rained. I plastered.

Thursday 11 - Wesley plow I laid Stone

May 1876 - Friday 12 - Wesley plowed. Frank Willson laid Stone in the afternoon after Supper I Went to the burg with a tub 57 pounds of butter 26 cts

Saturday 13 - Wesley plowed half a day and William worke on Stone finish the hatch way.

Sunday 14 - Wesley Went home. We went up to father Wilson and went to Isaac Wheelers

May 1876 - Monday 15 - Wesley howed I and William Worked on Shanty

Tuesday 16 - I and Wesley fixed fence. I let the Cows go in the parsture, quit fodder

Wednesday 17 - Wesley plowed in the fournoon. I sowed grass Seed in the afternoon I went and got Some Shingles

May 1876 - Thursday 18 - Wesley plowed William and I Shingled the Cook Room Wesley Went to Chandlersburg to get Some nails Road Cit

Friday 19 - Wesley plowed finished the hill I and William worked on the Shanty

Saturday 20 - Wesley rolled the the oats I set the onions and planted the potatoes in the garden.

Sunday 21 - Wesley Went home Bats took dinner it Showered some in the after noon.

Monday 22 - Wesley Draged Corn ground after Supper I took a tub of butter to the burg it Weighed 50 at 26. I got boots. Worked on Shead

Tuesday 23 - Wesley Dragged Corn ground. I hung the Dors in the Shed

May 1876 - Wednesday 24 - We draged and planted potatoes and pop corn. William Commenced planting Corn

Thursday 25 - Wesley drawed Stone in the fournoon I and Wesley planted Corn in the afternoon

Friday 26 - Wesley and I planted Corn finished planting

May 1876 - Saturday 27 - Wesley drawed Stone. Big roan heffer Went a Whay. Dolley Beach Went a Way

Sunday 28 - Wesley road Charley home. Wesley Burton Was here. Bats took diner. Butter Cup Went aWay

Monday 29 - I went to troy to Mill I took 4 Bushels of Wheat & Buck Wheat

May 1876 - Tuesday 30 - Wesley and I Drawed Stone in the fournoon. Wm and I and Wesley fix fence Back of the Woods.

Wednesday 31 - Wesley plowed in the Meader. I boarded the end of the Shed up

June 1876 - Thursday 1 - Wesley plowed ..illegible..

June 1876 - Friday 2 - Wesley plowed I planted the Beans

Saturday 3 - Wesley plowed till four o’clock. Broke the plow points. I Went and got Some Grass .. Supplement Corn –illegible—

Sunday 4 - Wesley road Cit to the post office. Lay Cow Went aWay

June 1876 - Monday 5 - I went to troy in the four noon. Mary and Emma Went to the flats and got there hats Wesley plowed in the after noon

Tuesday 6 - Wesley finished plowing in the four noon and Drag in the afternoon I went to troy and got a Cultivator

Wednesday 7 - Wesley Draged

Thursday 8 - We Drawed Minewer on the buckwheat ground

Friday 9 - We drawed Mynewer in the four noon in the after noon Wesley Draged up on the hill

Saturday 10 - Wesley draged had a litter of pigs 11.

June 1876 - Sunday 11 - Wesley Went home henry Dart and ---illegible – Shelly had a litter of pigs 10.

Monday 12 - Soad Some buck Wheat 3 1/2

Tuesday 13 - Soad on the hill 6 bushels, Draged

June 1876 - Wednesday 14 - Wesley finish Draging buck wheat. I Went over on the State road

Thursday 15 - I Went Down to Aarons

Friday 16 - I went out to ridgeberry. I got thare a bout five o’clock.

June 1876 - Saturday 17 - I and James went to Waverley. I went to the paper mill.

Sunday 18 - I Was at jims rained all day

Monday 19 - I Come home I got home a bout 2 o’clock

June 1876 - Tuesday 20 - I killed my veal Calf. I went and got my horses Shod at Chandlersburg

Wednesday 21 - Mary and I Went to troy. Father and Mother and Carry Come down.

Thursday 22 - We worked on the road. I Drawed a load of plank

June 1876 - Friday 23 - We worked on the road at night I went and took l—Cahill home

Saturday 24 - We Went over to harrison Smith red heffer Went a Way

Sunday 25 - I and Wesley Went on the mountain to meeting.

June 1876 - Monday 24 - We worked onthe road

Tuesday 27 - I went to troy – Load plaster

Wednesday 28 - We worked on the road up by ruggles.

June 1876 -Thursday 29 - I went down on mill crick and got some Shingles.

Friday 30 - I went to Mill took four Bushel of Wheat I got a barrel of Sale to baileys Mill.

July 1876 - Saturday 1 - I put the paris green on the potatoes Went up on the hill and Stayed all night. To [two] Swarms of bees.

July 1876 - Sunday 2 - We Come home. Went home and Stayed all night.

Monday 3 - Wesley hoad [hoed] potatoes. Cherry Went away.

Tuesday 4 - Mary and I and Lyddia Went to tioga.

July 1876 - Wednesday 5 - Wesley hoad in the garden and hoad the beans.

Thursday 6 - I shingled on the Shed. Wesley hoad beans

Friday 7 - We Shingled on the Shed

July 1876 - Saturday 8 - I and Wesley Went to the vandieu on mill Crick brin Went a way.

Sunday 9 - 

  Wilson Hall, brother-in-law of Lafe. Mary Jane Wilson, Lafe’s wife, and Sarah Wilson were sisters.
  This means that the snow has melted off the roads.
  Nettie Squires, sister of Lafe, was married to William Harrison Smith and they lived in the house I now live in that was purchased by my grandparents from Will & Nettie in 1917.
  Henry Dart was brought up in the household of Mary Jane’s parents Emily Burton and James Wilson as a foster child. The exact nature of his relationship has not yet been determined by me.
  I don’t have a clue what this means.
  This is another example in Lafe’s ongoing experimentation in the spelling of manure.
  I believe that Lafe means shoe leather.
  I think that both Mary and Lafe use hail when we would say sleet. In present day language, hail only occurs in the summer and sleet is the frozen rain that occurs in marginally cold winter weather.
  To settle up was to  add up all the many debits and credits against one another that occurred in the daily exchange of trade and services and determine who owed what to whom.
  I believe that Lafe refers to the Grange in Mainesburg . Possibly the store was in the same building as the grange and not necessarily a function of the grange. Further information needed on this issue.
  Reached breeding condition
  Philetus Hager
  Probably Dr. Bates
  Probably the cow he got from George
  Sylvania, formely called Columbia Flats, retained the short name “flats” for a long time. It is in Columbia Township near the Bradford County / Tioga County line.
  Apparently cow named Line Back came in heat.
  This is the earliest name of the area first called Chandlersburg, then Elk Run, then Bungy. In the nineteenth and early twentieth century it included stores, blacksmith shop, post office, school house, church and grange. A store remained in to the 1940s.  The School closed in the 1940s, the Elk Run Methodist Church closed in 1992, and the East Sullivan Grange closed in 1996.
  Boiled sap (for maple syrup and sugar)
  To “sugar off” is to reach the temperature at which boiled maple sap will crystalize for sugar. To go beyond this point would burn it.
  King Holcomb (Lafe’s daughter Emma, married Bert Holcomb as second husband. King may be Bert’s father or brother - more info needed.)
  See Daniel Burton’s 1873 diary. He made ax and pick handles and sold them in the mining towns going by train.
  Son of Daniel
  Emily Burton was sister of Daniel. She marrried James Wilson and was mother in law to Lafe.
  “up on the hill” apparently refers to visiting the parents-in-law James Wilson and Emily Burton as Mary’s diary for the same day says they visited her parents.
  Dr. Bates
  They are apparently replacing the foundation walls of at least part of the house, building a hatchway access to the cellar.
  Ridgebury Township in Bradford County.
  Rural landowners were required to work on road maintenance to pay off part of their taxes.
  Ruggles family lived on same road as Lafe east of himat the bend by the fork of the  road into Bakerburg.
  Mill Creek is an area in Rutland Township near the Sullivan Township border.
  A poison to kill insects.
  Probably refers to going to Mary’s parents’ home.
  Probably means that they returned to their own home and then went to the home of his parents.