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Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Diaries & Letters of Tri-Counties
Seth WHITTEKER of Canoe Camp
The 1888 Diary of 
Seth Whitteker of 
Richmond Township, Tioga County PA

Submitted by Harold Hooper

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Photo by Joyce M. Tice April 2001
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.Diary of Seth Whitteker, 1888

Jan 1. Wife and I and Sarah at home all day. My leg broken last April still in trouble.

Jan 2. Nell took honey to Wm. Jaquishes to sell. Link has new farm house and wife Jane And baby (new)

Jan 7. Lena Phelps with us from Tioga. Celia apparently at Link’s. Nell and Link hauled Wood a lot. Quite cold winter.

Jan 11. Wife & Nelson went to school house to the funeral of Mrs. James Cleveland. Mike Jepson’s cold team ran away.

Jan 12. Letter from A.J. Whitteker, Ahouet, Minn. Colton Co, doing lumbering near Duluth. James came up carrying 2 youngest boys down to Barneys with James.

Jan 16. Link went down to Canoe Camp, put Lena Phelps up from Tioga on noon train.She and Celia up from Links in evening. He hired his teams to draw lumber and Got paid for the month before. Lena back to Tioga the 20th. Celia took his horse & Cutter to take her to the depot.

Jan 24. James in, a Mr. Horton leasing land for oil and gas. He didn’t water several days. James did the 28th.

Jan 29. E.G. Thomas in awhile.

Jan 30. Edna came up for her grandma to come to look after Annie’s baby (Lena).Not well, but not very sick.

Feb 1. Wife and Ralph went down to James a visiting. In to Canoe Camp.

Feb 2. Link came for his cutter to take Jane to Burt’s. Frank Whitteker help Nell draw Wood.

Feb 3. Wife and I went to Canoe Camp to Aunt Cintha Lawnsbery’s funeral. 80 odd Years old.

Feb 4. Link came and got Nell to go get Jane and 2 youngest children, gone to _____A couple of days ago.

Feb 6. Walked over to Links. Wife and Ralph went too.

Feb 7. Sam Gardner(?) at Nells to work a few days.

Feb 8. Celia home from Link’s today. They have a woman to help.

Feb 10. Link came up & helped Nell shell corn, & took it to Mill.

Feb 13. Link got Dr. Townsend for Jane. Says she has the hives.

Feb 14. Ed Jaquish is drawing corn(?) from a ? at Canoe Camp with 4 teams. Link is Helping.

Feb 16. Link and Ray in.

Feb 17. Mr. Bartlett of Cory Creek electioneering for himself for Constable in Richmond.

Feb 20. Nell killed and dressed a hog. Sold it.

Feb 21. To Mansfield to election.

Feb 23. TO Covington, called on Mrs. Cate Barbie (?) and Will Whitteker pool room. Got mail at Canoe Camp.

Feb 24. Mrs. A. M. Spencer died 22nd, buried at Mansfield. To Mansfield and bought a Bucksaw for Link’s wife, hurt by Gipson’s dog pushing her down steps. Had been At Ed’s with Annie, just hurt her knee.

Feb 26. He had to lift her into bed. Cash was in awhile today. Ellis doing the work.

Feb 27. Jane had painful finger. Link went after Dr Townsend for her and mother.

Feb 28. He came. Wife’s left knee still bad. Left medicine.

Mar 3. Link went for Dr. again for Jane’s hand. A bad condition.

Mar 4. Carry & Ralph to her father’s other 2 boys with them. Ed Thomas in awhile. Nell’s hired man came. 17 years old.

Mar 5. Link took Jane to Dr. Townsend and had hand lanced.

Mar 6. Celia over to Gel Websters, Ellen Whitteker’s husband with Cash Whitteker, Julia & Frank.

Mar 7. Charles Jaquish talked in front of his house with Link.

Mar 8. Celia home from Barney’s today.

Mar 12. Ed was in awhile about 5 oclock as he came from his school. Said Link had got A letter from Almeron.

Mar 13. Link brought letter. A.J. at Eloquet drawing team for big lumber mill.

Mar 14. Celia at Barney’s.

Mar 16. To Mansfield, cashed money order from A.J. to pay $100. He’d sent Almeron 3 Years ago.

Mar 19. Creek up. Nell to Mansfield. Bruce drew manure. Ed was in.

Mar 21. Creeks out. Nell & Celia to Mansfield.

Mar 23. Nell & James to Mansfield with some Hardwood (?) lumber. Got it planned for Bee hives. Bruce (Nell’s hired boy) went home. Has boil on his hand.

Mar 24. Link, Lee & Celia to Canoe Camp. Celia took the cars to Westfield to visit an old School mate by the name of Rushmore. Link and Lee on to Mansfield. Did not Get his money order cashed yet.

Mar 25. Link, wife, and 2 youngest to Jimmy Cadro folks. Let Ray & Libby there. Ed Thomas, wife and children came on visit, so had 3 grandchildren. (3 of Nelsons, 3 of Annie & Eds, and 2 of Links.)

Mar 26. Bruce came back. Nell took 16 lbs. Of butter up to Ed’s at 20 cents.

Mar 28. To Mansfield. Got money order cashed. Wife and Wayne, Nell’s boy, rode Down to James’ with me.

Mar 29. Walked out to E.W. Jaquishes & paid & took up a note he had for the $100. He’d lent to A.J. Whitteker 3 years ago.

Mar 30. Drove (?) Bess out to Mansfield to get rope for well.

Mar 31.Nell, Carry and Ralph to Mansfield to get a suit of clothes for Ralph.

Apr 2. Link trimmed the orchard.

Apr 3. He went down to Ed’s.

Apr 5. Nell and Bruce making bee hives.

Apr 6. Nell & Bruce cleaned out the well. Nell went to mail letter. Celia at Westield.

Apr 7. Nell & I ride to Mansfield. Wife stopped at Manson Gillettes to see Matilda who Has a broken arm or wrist. He bought 5# timothy seed.

Apr 8. Ray and Libby here awhile. Nelson & family to Knowlands to visit. Bruce to Crompton. Link to Elams & put some maple syrup to sugar off.

Apr 9. One year ago had leg broke between knee & ankle. Now walk with a cane.Down to Link’s. Ed’s and Barney’s.

Arp 10. Link & Nelson drew wood to Martin Cass.

Apr 11. Nell & Ed & I to Canoe Camp. Sent by Harry Blackburn $1.50 to Wellsboro to Pay for the gazette, and Ed sent his deed by Harry to be recorded.

Apr 12. Nell & Bruce repaired fences. Lilly Knowlton was in, in A.M. In P.M. she and Carry went to see about getting up a school in this district.

Apr 13. To Ed’s on foot and to Charley Jaquish, and home. Boys plowing and planting.

Apr 14. About 2 inches in snow. Did not stay.

Apr 16. James & Ada Whitteker had a boy baby this A.M. (3 of our boys have 7 boys,. Nell 3, James 3, Link 1 and Link 3 girls)

Apr 18. I and Nell and Link and Libby found the corner stake. (?)

Apr 19. Nell, Bruce, Ed, and Link have been at work on the creek, changing the channel.

Apr 20. Bruce took his Jane mare & Buggy to dance.

Apr 21. Bruce got back after daylight.

Apr 25. Got the boots half soled that I’d had on when this leg was broke. Had on 1 time Since. Had heel raised ½ inch higher.

Apr 27. Link & Nell sowed 4 bushel wheat then oats.

May 3 Afternoon Nell helped me & Ed measure out the land I sold to Annie, Ed’s wife. We put up 3 stone corners.

May 6. Link’s family went visiting. Libby & Brad (?) stayed with them. Wife wrote to Celia, still with her old school mate.

May 7. Wife & I to Covington at L. L. Barbers (?) Wife at Merritt Robinson, and me at Floyd Phelps, P.O., Drug Store.

May 9. Link & Mala (?) had a flareup last night. Mala and his sister (who’d been helping Jane) left. Nell and Bruce making fences. Ed has the oxen to draw a load of Slabs he got of Mrs. Weeks for fencing.

May 10. Link & Ed to Covington, got 2 loads of sand for Ed.

May 12. Sorted potatoes for seeding. Nell has an Irishman called Davy Brown staying With him tonight.

May 14. Nell and Link to Elvin Jaquish’s and got 2 pigs a piece at $2.50 each.

May 15. Link has Horace Hululander to work.

May 17. To Mansfield with Nelson & Link. Borrowed $80 from bank on note. $25 to each Boy to be paid back in fall.

May 20. Sunday E.G. Thomas family visited. Fruit trees blooming full

May 22. Nell & Link to Mansfield. Took tub of butter, 22 cents pound.

May 23. Wife and I to Mansfield - - to call on James Cudworth, found him quite out of Health. Cut his finger on fence, had blood poison (Dr. Musgrove)

May 24. Ed has the oxen to draw stone for his cellar. Nell has Ed’s horse to put with Jane for corn.

May 27. Ed’s family rode out east out upstate Road and home.

May 28. Nelson & Bruce Rosa settled up and Bruce quit work, as Nell didn’t like Bruce’s Way of doing business, so Nell is without help on the farm at present.

May 29. Frank Whitteker had his left arm broke by the fall of a limb. Dr. Townsend set it.

May 31. James came up. He & Nell & John Whitteker planted corn.

Jun 1. Mrs. Scudder was here to dinner. Wife went with her up to Amos Robinson to See Mrs. Robinson as she is quite low with consumption.

Jun 3. Wife came home this A.M. from Amos Robinsons. Nell planting potatoes.

Jun 5. To Canoe Camp. Found Nancy Gillette at her son’s and brought her back.

Jun 6. Took her in the buggy to James Cudworth’s. She came back. Then down to Barney’s. Mrs. Amos Robinson died today.

Jun 8. To Mansfield. I hear President Cleveland is nominated again for President and Thurman as V.P.

Jun 9. Wife and I to the Baptist Meeting House to Amos Robinson’s wife’s funeral. Ed Thomas came up and got 2 planks to make a hatchway door.

Jun 10. Nelson and family up to Mr. H. P. knowltons.

Jun 11. Nell & Carry to Mansfield and back to see school directors about school in this Place.

Jun 12. Link & I went to (?) Link hired a Swede to work. Wife and Sarah went down to Barney’s

Jun 14. To Mansfield. Letter from A.J. Whitteker.

Jun 16. To Mansfield and got powder and shot to kill hawks, and squirrels. Nell worked For Ed drawing stones.

Jun 17. Nelson to Covington to Dr. Townsend, medicine for (?) lance boil in 1 ear.

Jun 20. The women went out in the meadow, picked some strawberries. I can’t stand the Hot sun.

Jun 21. Mr. Marcus Kelly was buried today. Elias Lownsberry’s little girl fell and broke Her arm at the joint above the elbow.

Jun 23. Heavy rain. To Canoe Camp for mail.

Jun 25. To Mansfield with 2 bushels wheat and had it ground.

Jun 26. Painted bee hives. Boys hoeing.

Jun 28. Mr. Orwell Mainard raised a barn he is putting up for the Meeks estate. A good crowd turned out and no accidents.

Jun 29. To Canoe Camp for papers. Republicans have nominated Benj. Harrison of Indiana. Levi P. Martin of N.Y. last Monday. So the racers are on the track. I think Cleveland will win.

Jun 30. Nell plowing for buck wheat. Ed has been up to Blosser up to the miners Fiddling today.

Jul 1. Sunday, Ed’s family up awhile afternoon. He sold dozen of eggs for 17 to 18 cents More than he paid. Didn’t pay very well. Will quit.

Jul 4. To Grange picnic grounds near village of Mainsburg. Quite a crowd, 2 speeches A Mr. Backer of Wellsboro and a man from Lancaster Co. He went with Link’s Wife’s folks. Sarah at home.

Jul 6. Letter from Celia. Will come on noon train tomorrow.

Jul 7. Went in for Celia. Nell & Ed cultivating corn. Link comes with horses for the Mowing machine and they run away but no damage.

Jul 8. Link brought little girls up and went for drive. Celia went back with them to James.

Jul 9. Sold some beans. Ralph cut up some (?) and had some with him.

Jul 10. Elmer Gardner came today to work for Nell at $1.50 per day. Link haying clover.

Jul 11. Nell mowing.

Jul 15. Elmer & Oliver Gardner put the hay in. Carry’s sister and husband & Smith here.

Jul 17. Both boys with 2 men each getting on with haying etc. Repairing reaper.

Jul 22. Sunday. Nell & family and the Knowltons, Gardners, got in 2 load of hay. Ed and Family here to dinner.

Jul 25 – 26. Link mowing on lower farm, got it in on July 27th.

Jul 29. Sunday. Ed & family In awhile. Ed has been huckleberrying. He and Frank Whitteker got about 90 gallons.

Jul 31. Letter from A.J. Whitteker. Is O.K. Wrote and asked him to come home this fall.

Aug 4. James T. Frost died yesterday, was buried today.

Aug 6. Nell to Covington glass factory to get a box of glasses for honey. Celia to Mansfield with Link.

Aug 8. Nell & Ed & I made barned for huck (?), reaping. Wife went out calling as far Down as Dewey’s.

Aug12. Sunday. Steu Whiteker here awhile. Ed’s folks were up. Geoge Buch and Chas Jacquish..

Aug 14. Link to Burt Webster’s to reap for them.

Aug 15. Down to Ed’s

Aug 18. James Cudworth & wife here on a visit. James very well now.

Aug 20. Rather poor. Caught some cold and believe kidney trouble working on me some

Aug 23. To mill and P.O.

Aug 24. To Mansfield. Saw the sham fight between the Grand Army men.

Aug 26. Sunday, James & wife and children visiting. Annie & children & Ed came up.

Aug 29. Went as far as Barney’s, and Chas. Jaquish’s to see Elvin J. Link getting ready To thrash tomorrow.

Aug 30. Daniel Lownsberry commenced thrashing about 2 oclock. Thrashed 240 Bushels at Jaquish farm.

Aug 31. Thrashed oats at ours and Links at Ordway barn. 474 bu.

Sep 1. Finished thrashing. 46 bu. Spring wheat & 96 bu oats.

Sep 2. Link up awhile. Celia down at Links. Wife, over to Ed’s Carry & Nell to Knowltons

Sep 4. To Ed’s & on to Barney’s. Dinner there.

Sep 5. Out to back woods. Ed picked 8 quarts blackberries in 2 sq. rods. A Mr. Charles Frasier came here today from Oleanes township. Will stay over Night. Annie and children here today.

Sep 6. Celia went away with Mr. C. A. Frasier of Climer (?) Township this morning. Will be married to him and return with him to his home. He has the appearance Of being a good man.

Sep 8. Wife washed her week’s washing, mopped floor.

Sep 9. Sunday. Link drove up and left his 2 girls while he, wife and Eliza Jaquish went Up to Gipsons. Nell got a letter from A.J. Whitteker, is well and doing well.

Sep 10. Down to Ed’s and watched Silas Cleveland lay stone in Ed’s cellar.

Sep 11.Went with wife and Sarah to Bloss with horse & buggy (?) so see Emma Gilburn And Harriet Anders.

Sep 12. Ed’s horse is sick tonight.

Sep 13. Ed’s horse (blind) died last night.

Sep 14. To Mansfield - - left watch with Mr. Olney to be cleaned.

Sep 16. Sunday. Nell wrote A.J. Whitteker. Wife wrote Cate. Read news.

Sep 17. Nell over west of river to Peter Whitteker’s., and down east rim to Ingles Looking for sheep to buy.

Sep 19. To Mansfield with 2 bu. Apples, 50cents each in trade. Got watch. Buckwheat has been whitening.

Sep 21. Ed worked for J. Dewey taking up buckwheat.

Sep 22. Took butter to Canoe Camp. Sent it to Celia.

Sep 23. Nell & Ed cutting corn (Sunday) for fear of frost.

Sep 24. To Mansfield with 3 bu Maiden Blush Apples. Sold to Bus Bailey, 50 cents cash

Sep 25. Got horse shod in Canoe Camp. Sold 1 ½ bu. Apples in Mansfield.

Sep 26. James came up and took me & wife, Sarah, Ed, Annie, 3 children, and James And Lee carried us down to the Fair. Brought us home at night.

Sep 27. Nell & I & Ralph went down to James. James took us & his boys down to the Fair then came home and back at night. Saw the balloon go up.

Sep 28. Nell & Carry & Ralph & Wayne with Link’s to the Fair. Balloon man went up And let himself down with parachute. Came down on the Beil’s farm I and wife And Sarah stayed at home with Claud.

Sep 30. Sunday. Water froze. Ed in awhile.

Oct 1. Link sold 4 pigs to Peter & John Whitteker for $8 I got $4. Nell went to Mansfield & got boxes to send Celia’s bedding, etc.

Oct 2. Packed Celia’s things, she’d left here. Sent them from Mansfield to Westfield Today. Also sent her a money order on Westfield P.O. Nell and I to town with The boxes. I took $20 out of Ross & Williams bank for 30 days.

Oct 8. Wife was taken just before daylight this A.M. with dizzy head and sick to her Stomach.. Vomited. Ate nothing. Better tonight.

Oct 9. Frank Whitteker is to work for Nell. Picked apples. Have about 50 bu of Baldwines

Oct 10. George Robins’ wife insane. Cut her baby’s throat.

Oct 12. Nell & Frank took out 22 lbs honey.

Oct 13. To Mansfield with Nell he got boots. Celia hasn’t written since I sent the money

Oct 15. Nell to Bloss, sold butter, 20 cents. And honey 200lbs @ 9cents. Apples, 30 Bu @ 50 cents.

Oct 16. Ed didn’t move his house

Oct 19. My 70th birthday.

Oct 23. Sold 3 pigs to Mr. Jonathan Libby for $5

Oct 24.Paid Bank loan & taxes on farm (2nd ½ ) Link & Plyne digging potatoes on Jaquish farm.

Oct 25. Letter from Celia.

Nov 1. Shingling shed roof - - Nell, Frank and Lee. Carry making apple sauce.

Nov 2. A.M. Spence’s mill broken into and $400 large amount notes, etc. taken.

Nov 3. Nell to Canoe Camp. Took 49# tub of butter - - sent to Wilhelm in Elmira.

Nov 4. Down to Link’s helping set out cherry trees. Lost my glasses & case.

Nov 5. Found them.

Nov 6. To elections at Canoe Camp. Did not bet. Thought Cleveland will win.

Nov 7. Carry to Mansfield. Says reports are Harrison has won, but no returns yet. Digging potatoes all week.

Nov 15. To Canoe Camp for mail. Harrison elected.

Nov 17. A.J. Whitteker came home on the noon train. 8 years, 5 ½ months away in Minnesota and Dakota.

Nov 18. Almiron down to Links.

Nov 19. The boys down to Mansfield.

Nov 20. Almiron took the horse and buggy and went to Mansfield to the train and got his Trunk. Nell & Ed pulled beets and carrots and topped them. Put in cellar.

Nov 21. Wife taken with spell. Dr. Townsend sent pills.

Nov 22.Wife a little better but quite poorly.

Nov 23. Almiron and Link to Jame’s and helped him butcher hogs. Annie and children Came up in A.M.

Nov 24. Wife getting around the house slowly. Pain in right side, probably liver trouble.

Nov 25. Almeron & Nell took a load of straw down to Ed’s & filled in his hatchway to His cellar and banked the west side of his barn.

Nov 29. Thanksgiving Dinner. Self, wife, 4 sons, and 2 daughters, & 3 daughters-in- Law & 1 son-in-law & 13 grandchildren.

Nov 30. Almeron & Nell building sheep shed.

Dec 7. Read the President’s message today.

Dec 10. Almeron has commenced cutting wood for me.

Dec 15. Wife went down and stayed with Annie’s children while she, Ed and Almeron Went to Mansfield.

Dec 18. A.J. & Nell went down and moved Ed’s privy onto his lot.

Dec 20. Link butchered.

Dec 21. E.G. Thomas came up this A.M. & I loaned him & Annie, his wife $25. And Took of them a judgement note due in 4 months.

Dec 22. Link went up to the Welch mines and got a load of coal.

Dec 23. Nell & family to James’ and Ed & family came up awhile.

Dec 24. Ed & Almeron went to Knoxville(?) today with horse & buggy. Ed to get a School and got one at $18 and board and room or $24 and boards himself to Commence 1 week from today.

Dec 28. Wife has been doing some washing & scrubbing.

Dec 30. Frank Parkhurst & wife & son were here on Sunday visit today. Almeron took Ed with horse & buggy over part way to his school.

Dec. 31. To Mansfield and bought new diary for 1889. Got 10# sugar at Pitt’s store. Almeron stayed with Annie last night through today.
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