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Bradford County PA
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Tioga County PA
Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Diaries & Letters of Tri-Counties
From Joyce M. Tice's Sullivan-Rutland Genealogy Project
Emerson Smith of Rutland - Age 28
Diary of Emerson Smith
Township: Rutland Township, Tioga County PA
Year: 1889
Transcribed by Joyce M. Tice
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Roseville Postcard sent in by Creig Crippen
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This diary was in the possession of Roland Smith of Roseville, son of Emerson. Roland died recently and his son, J. Harlo SMITH, loaned this and other diaries of Emerson to Sullivan-Rutland Genealogy Project. Emerson was also father of Erma SMITH who married Lee D. TICE and was step-grandmother of Joyce.
1889 - Emerson Smith
of Rutland Hill
Age  28

Mon. Jan. 14, 1889 - Hired to James Queal for one Month at 12 Dollars per Month or if Oscar Richmond  Would Help me to Cut Saw to go for 50 cts.Per thousand and our dinners   Split wood at the door  warm and Pleasant

Tues. Jan. 15, 1889 - Helped Jim Butcher his 2 Pigs Warm and Pleasant

Wed. Jan.16, 1889 - Went to Mansfield with a Load of wood for John Argetsinger    Bought a Cross cut Saw for 4 1/2 dollars to cut the sawlogs with    Warm and Pleasant

Thurs. Jan.17,1889 -  Sawed a drag of wood at the door  A Part of a tree near the sugar House  Warm and Pleasant

Fri. 18, 1889- finished sawing the Maple near the sugar House and Hauled it up to the door   Jim had Charles Kelly to show him where to Place His Logs   Warm and Pleasant

 Sat. Jan. 19, 1889 - Commenced cuting the Logs With Oscar Richmond   Cool and Pleasant

Sun.Jan.20,1889 - Stayed at Home    Cold and Windy

Mon. Jan.21,1889 - Cut logs

Same on 22, 23, 24, 25, 26

Sun. Jan. 27, 1889 - Stayed Home  Rainy

Mon. May 6, 1889 - Helped Move Clarence Smiths Saw Mill from Lewis Roblyers to Elery Wilcox above Roseville

Tues. May 7,1889 - Went down to Roseville to Help Run the Mill   did not Commence Seting the Mill until afternoon  Clarence and Myers Worked

Wed. May 8, 1889 - Worked with he Mill

 Same on 9,10, 11

Sun. May 12, 1889 - Stayed at Home

Sun.June 23, 1889 - Went over Home had a horse and got my trunk for to Commence Work for P.S. Ripley

Mon. June 21, 1889 - Cultivated and hoed a Part of the Potatoes

Tues. June 25, 1889 - Hoed in the Beans it was tough Hoeing  there was so many Canada thistles

Wed. June 26, 1889 - Finished Hoeing Beans   Crescent Helped me inthe forenoon  and he Commenced Sowing buckwheat in the Afternoon

Thurs. June 27, 1889 - Cleaned out a ditch below the big Spring on the side Hill. Mended the floor in the bull Stable and Plowed Potatoes

Fri. June 28, 1889 - Finished plowing Potaotes   Cultivated the Corn and Mowed weeds in the Orchard

Sat. June 29, 1889 - Hoed the Corn  Eli Benson Helped Me hoe  on the Hill   Crescent finished Rolling buckwehat

Sun. June 30, 1889 - Stayed at Home while Ripley Went to Church

Mon. July 1, 1889 - Plowed potatoes   it Rained about 2 o’clock  after it Slackened i went with one horse and the lumber wagon down to Powers  to get a load of Shavings and a butter Firkin

Tues. July 2, 1889 - Hoed a Piece of Beets by the lower House in the garden and Hoed in the garden by the Brick House   Crescent overhauled the Mowing Machine and Helped me in the garden awhile

 Wed. July 3, 1889 - Commenced Haying Mowed the Piece a Part of it by the lower Barn  and hoed in the Garden   Crescent finished Sowing the corn ground to buckwheat and started for the fourth

Thurs. July 4, 1889 - Mowed Weeds in the Orchard and above the Milk Shed   Stirred the Hay and Hoed a few Potatoes

Fri. July 5, 1889 - Finished Hoeing the Corn and Hoed some  Potatoes and Hauled in the Hay

Sat. Dec. 14, 1889- Received this day of Emerson Smith for a Horse Harness Wagon Plow and other things Ninety Dollars and I guarantee the same free from all Debts or Encumbrances
Sarah F.  Reynolds

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