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Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Diaries & Letters of Tri-Counties
From Joyce M. Tice's Sullivan-Rutland Genealogy Project
1900 - Emerson Smith of Rutland - Age 39
Diary of Emerson Smith
Township: Rutland Township, Tioga County PA
Year: 1900
Transcribed by Joyce M. Tice
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Addie MAKELEY & Emerson SMITH photo submitted by J. Harlo SMITH
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This diary was in the possession of Roland Smith of Roseville, son of Emerson. Roland died recently and his son, J. Harlo SMITH, loaned this and other diaries of Emerson to Sullivan-Rutland Genealogy Project. Emerson was also father of Erma SMITH who married Lee D. TICE and was step-grandmother of Joyce.
Introductory Note - Emerson Smith of Rutland Hill, Rutland Township, Tioga County, PA, was 39 years old when he wrote this turn of the century diary. He lived with his wife, Addie Makeley, and his parents, Harriet Reynolds and John Smith, on Rutland Hill just north of the Sullivan Township border. The land on which the Smith house was built was originally part of the old Reynolds Homestead and was given to Harriet on the occasion of her marriage. Most of the people who enter into Emerson's diary are the relatives and neighbors who lived nearby. As each new person is introduced, I will try to give you a brief explanation of who that person was. I will also annotate items of historical interest as I know them.

The farm diary of the nineteenth and early twentieth century, which represent the bulk of my collection, served as a record of farm tasks and events as well as of family gatherings and public events. You will find that opinions or observations other than just what happened, are very rare.

If any readers are descendants of the people in this diary, please contact me for Sullivan-Rutland Genealogy Project.

High Points of 1900: William McKinley relelected President of U.S. Boxer Rebellion in China against Europeans. Oscar Wilde died. Joseph Conrad wrote "Lord Jim." Sigmund Freud published "The Interpretation of Dreams." The Impressionist school of art was in full swing in Paris. Max Planck formulated the Quantum Theory. Fessenden transmitted human voice via radio waves. The Cake Walk becomes a fashionable dance. (Taken from The Timetables of History, Third Rev. Ed.1946, 1963,1990)

1900 Diary of Emerson Smith of Rutland Hill

Monday, Jan. 1, 1900 - Mother had a Wedding Party it being 55 years since her and father were Married. John Styres, wife 2 children O.A. and family E.L. Nash, wife 4 children Hugh Argetsinger Wife Warren Smith Wife and 2 children Hannah Lawrence were among the number. (Notes: Emerson Smith's parents were Harriet Reynolds and John Smith. John Styres was married to Emerson's sister Jennie Smith. O.A. is Emerson's brother, Orrin Alonzo Smith who owned the creamery on the Rutland-Sullivan border. He was married to Sarah Styres, sister of John Styres. E. L. Nash lived next door with his wife, Matilda Caroline Smith, also Emerson's sister. Warren Smith, husband of Julie A. Davies, was Emerson's uncle, brother to John Smith. Hugh Argetsinger was a neighbor from the Lawrence Corners area of Rutland. Hannah "Lawrence" was Hannah Argetsinger, sister of Hugh and wife of William Lawrence also of the Lawrence Corners area. In the custom of the time families were referred to only by the name of the husband-father even if the woman of the family was one's own sister. It sounds very odd to us, but was the custom of the time.)

Tuesday 2- Went to Mansfield to the Farmers Institute it being the last Day in the Afternoon bought of Chas. Rogers an Eight Day Spring Alarm Clock for $3.5 gave the old one for $1.00 owing 2.50 for Watch Crystal .25 total 2.75 Cool and Blustering Sleighing

Wednesday, Jan.3,1900 -Fixed up the Cow Barn to make it warmer Put straw over head and Built a Partition Between the Cow and the Old Horse Stable Port Frank Makeley got 2 3/4 Pounds Butter at 20 cts Pound to apply on Wood Cutting Weather a little mild (Note: Emerson's wife was Addie Makeley and Frank was her first cousin. The Makeleys lived just a bit over, still on Rutland Hill.)

Thursday 4 - Hauled Slab Wood from the Woods 1 Load 16 inch to the Barn 1 Load 18 inch to the House. Moved the Cupboard in the Kitchen up by the stove the bureau in the Kitchen Secretary in the Sitting Room Lee Reynolds was there to talk about cutting wood Danny Austin got Fifty Cents on wood cutting with Makeley Warmer (Note: Lee Reynolds {1876-1964} was son of Wesley Reynolds and Eliza Orvis. Wesley was another of Emerson's first cousins. Lee Reynolds wrote a genealogy of the Reynolds line of Rutland which has provided extensive information to our research. Danny Austin, born about 1878, was son of Adam Austin and Mahala Furman. He was of the neighborhood)

Friday, Jan. 5, 1900 - Hauled 1 Load of Wood up to the door and then Hauled Wood for Daniel 1 Load from Home and 4 Loads from Wills Woods Daniels wife is Sick and Mother Stayed up there last night and to day Helping Her came Back with me at night Weather warmer thawing some (Note: Daniel is Daniel Reynolds, son of David Bennet Reynolds [called Bennett] and Margaret Richmond, and a nephew of Harriet, therefore first cousin to Emerson Smith. His wife was Harriet Newell, daughter of Uriah Newell and Abigail Reynolds. Will is Will H. Reynolds who lived on the old original Reynolds Homestead on Rutland Hill. It came through him via his wife Sallie Reynolds, daughter of David Bennett Reynolds and Margaret Richmond. Sallie Reynolds was sister of Daniel. Will was son of Norman Reynolds and Anna Argetsinger and first cousin to his wife.)

Saturday 6 - Went up to Elliots on the Peter VanNess farm to a Vendue did not buy anything Addie went over to her folks left the team there Henry Makely bought a Cider Mill went with the sleigh but it thaw so that it was Poor Sleighing. (Note: Harriet's sister, Celia Lull Reynolds, was married to Peter Vosburg VanNess.)

Sunday, Jan. 7, 1900- Warm and thawing Rain a little Stayed at home Addie Went up to Lishers to Carry his Papers which Lewis Lawrence brought from the office (Note: Twelve year old Lewis Lawrence was son of Welby Lawrence and Lavinia Benson of Rutland.)

Monday 8 - Went in the Wood after a Load of Slab Wood. Found Lee Reynolds ready to Skid Wood so Skidded Wood for him to Saw by the Cord at 40 cts Per Cord Boarding Himself Millard Nash wanted to help Lee but had no Place to board as his father Drove him off Hauled the Load of slabs at night after dark finishing (Note: Millard Fillmore Nash, born 1879, was son of Elisha [Lisher] Nash and Caroline Matilda [Til] Smith, a first cousin of Emerson. At this point in the diary he and his father were at odds and Millard had been sent away.)

Tuesday, Jan. 9, 1900 - Cleaned out the Clothes Press and nailed up the Mouse hole so that mother could keep her Clothes there and not have the mice gnaw them. Shelled some corn to have ground for the Cows, Lee Commenced Sawing Wood. Millard and Ross Lawrence Helps (Note: Eighteen year old Ross Lawrence was sib ling of Lewis, mentioned above.)

Wednesday 10 - Shelled Corn and Put up a Grist took it over to Welland Woods mill he was not Ready to Grind had not the Well finished moved the old store across the Road to use as a mill Left the Grist got a bag of feed to Last till i could get the Grist. Addie was about Sick Sore throat Lame back Head ache (Note: Welland Wood, born 1870, was son of Lemuel Wood and Emma Doty whose letters are seen elsewhere on this site.)

Thursday, Jan. 11, 1900 - Went in the woods skidded some Wood for the boys to saw Hauled one Load of Hemlock and Hard wood together. then it Commenced to Storm Snow and Sleet could not work the team for the storm Split some wood and then in the shed and Piled up the Rest by the Churn Power (Note: Emerson's Churn Power was a horse-driven one which required the horses to go around and around as the butter churned. There were also dog powered churns of which I have a photo. Emerson purchased his Horse Tread Power form John Styres on 25 March 1899 for $10.00)

Friday 12, 1900 - Went in the Woods and got 2 Cords of the wood that Lee and Millard cut and Hauled it over to Colie Beach. it was Birch and some what Rotten and Punky he found some fault with it. it was icy and Slippery Pretty Good Sleighing. they were putting up the telephone between Jeralds and Vanness. (Note: Colie Beach, son of Stephen Beach and Helen Jeanette McConnell, lived in Sullivan Township not far south of Emerson's place. The VanNess and Jeralds properties were on Rutland Hill.)

Saturday, Jan. 13, 1900 - Put up a Grist and took it over to Welland Woods Mill left it and Brought the other Back. was going to have the Horses Sharpened but the Blacksmith was Drunk one of them the other one did not want to so could not get them done icy and Slippery (Note: Emerson used blacksmith shops both in Roseville and in Elk Run and it is not clear where he went on this day.)

Sunday 14 - Stayed Home it was so icy and Slippery down the Bank could Hardly get the Cows down to the Creek to Water one of them Slid down the side hill for 2 Rods or more. Hattie Nash Came down with the Papers. Mother is in a worry about her Club for the Zions Watchman Hattie Nash sent the letter did not get it right she wanted to go to Roseville. (Note: Hattie Nash [Harriet] was daughter of Til Smith and Lisher Nash, sister of Millard. She was 16 at the time of the diary and a granddaughter of Harriet Reynolds [Smith])

Monday, Jan. 15, 1900 - Hauled 2 Cords Wood over to Elk Run to the new Blacksmiths. Got the Horses Sharpened. Charge 1.00 Wood 2.00. Brought home the Grist from Woods mill. Hauled a Load of Sap Wood for Draper from the Woods to the Barn for C. J. Beach. Welby Lawrence , Millard nash Lee Reynolds cut Wood 4 Cords (Note: Draper Reynolds, brother of Sallie Reynolds and Daniel Reynolds, was another of Emerson's first cousins.)

Tuesday 16 - Hauled 2 Loads of 2 Cords each to the top of the big Hill. it was getting Poor Sleighing. Afraid to go on down. but guess Could Hauled 2 Cords up to the Barn. Not feeling well. Headache. Almost Sick. Millard, Welby and Lee Cut Wood 4 Cords

Wednesday, Jan. 17, 1900 - Sick all day did Nothing but the chores and Hung the Hams in the Smoke House. Millard, Ross, and Lee Cut Wood. Lee came up at night to Have me Skid More Wood

Thursday 18 - Went up in the Woods and Skidded up some More Wood for the boys to Saw Went to Bed after dinner and Slept till almost night Warm and thawy Rain a little

Friday, Jan. 19, 1900 - Went up in the Woods with the Wagon after Wood got too big a Load Broke the Wagon Wheel and tongue the wheels cut the frost. thought it would not. Hurt my Head and Bruised my Leg a Little. Brought the Wheel and Tongue up to the Barn in the Democrat Wagon. Lee, Millard, Ross Cut Wood. Skidded some Wood for them. Warm and Pleasant.

Saturday 20 - Went over to Ira Smiths with the Broken Wheel and tongue to be Mended then went down to Roseville to get the Mail thinking it might be Caucus but was not Paid C. B. Hanyen $6.09 on Acct. with Oliver Ide A Rainy Day Rained all day mostly (Note: Cornelius B. Hanyen ran the store in Roseville. His wife was Eliza Jane Reynolds, daughter of Norman Reynolds and Anna Argetsinger, sister of Will and Wesley previously mentioned. Oliver Ide, husband of Charlotte Crumb, was a blacksmith. See the Will Walker Memories for further references to Oliver.)

Inside the C. B. Hanyen store in Roseville as Emerson would have seen it. 
Photo provided by H. Louise PALMER Harris, a Hanyen Descendant

Sunday, Jan. 21, 1900 - Stayed at Home Addie was sick with a Swollen face and nose Headache Lame Back Draper came down to see about getting some Pork to Eat Pleasant Weather

Monday 22 - Skidded Some Wood for the Boys to Saw Built a new skid way on the upper side of the Woods close to the Hill Draper got 2 Pounds and 10 ounces of Pork at 6 cts Per Pound. Addies face and Head got Worse Being very Painful Nice Pleasant Weather

Tuesday, Jan. 23, 1900 - Went down to Roseville after the Doctor for Addie she Has the Erysipalis in her face the Doctor came in the afternoon. Bought 3 new Buckets for the Barn Well Pump and Put them in the Pump. Lily Cow Calved. Has a Bull Calf. ( Note: The Doctor in Roseville at the time was Orrin Nye.)

Wednesday 24 - Went over to Henry Makelys to see about getting Sarah Cleveland to come and Help Addie from there to Mansfield. got a Breast Pump for Addie 2 Rollers for the Bottoms of the Cow Stable Doors . Saw the telephone Wires for the first time between Mansfield and Mainesburg. Millard went along. (Note: Henry Makeley and Susan Emily Beardslee were parents of Addie Makeley. Makeley was nursing her second child, Owen Roosevelt Smith, born 11 August 1899. Owen died in 1963. Sarah "Cleveland" was Sarah E. Beardslee, sister of Susan Beardslee and therefore Aunt of Addie. Sarah was married to Adin Elisha Cleveland)

Thursday, Jan. 25, 1900 - Went up in the Woods and Skidded a few Drags of Wood on the upper side of the Woods for the Boys. then it Commenced to Rain Rained the Rest of the day a Mr. Warner took dinner with us he was Selling Medicine Bought 3 Packages of him for $1.40 Dr. Huffs of Elmira

Friday 26 - A Cold Windy day. Sat Around the fire. did nothing but the Chores Archie Makeley Brought Sarah Cleveland over from his Place Addie getting Better

Saturday, Jan. 27, 1900 - Cut some wood at the door and Went over to Ira smiths and got the Wheel and Tongue that i had fixed then went down in the Woods and Hauled Some Way Logs along the Dug Road it being so icy Could Hardly get over it Brought up the Wagon and Put it under the Shed (Note: Ira Smith, son of Tristram Smith and Sally Burton, was first cousin to Emerson)

Sunday 28 - Mother Makeley, Archie and Gertie came over to see Sarah Cleveland Hubert Hagar and Wife Called a few moments Went up to Daniels to get him to help Haul in a Stack of Hay on the Morrow he had to go Away Could not Come until Tuesday. (Note: Susan Beardslee was "Mother Makeley". Gertrude and Archie were siblings of Addie. Steven Hubert Hagar, called Hubert, was married to Ethel Harvey. Hubert was son of Horace Hagar and Caroline Matilda Brewster. Ethel Harvey was daughter of Harriet Beardslee and Asa Harvey and a first cousin of Addie. )

Monday, Jan. 29, 1900 - Hauled in a stack of Hay from off the North Hill. Millard Helping Put on the Big Dray Wood Rack to go at Hauling Wood on the Morrow Cold and Windy

Tuesday 30 - Hauled the 2 Cords Wood had on the Sleds and some more from the top of the Hill to Colie Beach. drove over to town got a Bottle of Peruna for Father and a Ball Shoe Wax and 10 cts Worth of bristles for Daniel was 1 cent it Snowed when i was Coming Home

Wednesday, Jan. 31, 1900 - Hauled 2 Cords Wood to a man living in the Schuler House next the Beach Apartment House. did not know his name got one Dollar a Cord it was a Cold Blustering day

Thursday, Feb.1 - Went over to Henry Makeleys with Sarah Cleveland stayed to Dinner Hauled 2 Cords Wood from the Woods to the Barn Betsey Cow Calved in the Evening A Cold Windy day

Friday, Feb. 2, 1900 - Went to Mansfield to Mill 2 Bushels Wheat 1 1/2 bushels Buckwheat Bought Lamp chimney Stove ? cts a doll Baby for Ruth 10 cts and 10 gal Oil at 12 cts gal $1.20 and sold 9 lbs Butter at 20 cts = 1.80 Nice Wheeling but cold and Windy Barney Van ness Rode Home with me (Note: Barney VanNess was grandson of Nancy Reynolds and Elijah Benson mentioned following day. Their daughter, Ida Flora Benson, was mother to Barney and wife of William VanNess. Ruth Smith was the eldest daughter of Addie and Emerson. She was born 1898 and died 1961.)

Saturday 3 - Cut some Wood at the door Went down to Roseville to a Magic Lantern Show Elmer Bensons Addie Went Along Bought 2 Pairs Overalls 1 for Myself 1 for Father (Note: Elmer Damon Benson, husband of Mary Berry, was son of Nancy Reynolds and Elijah Benson. Nancy was sister of Wesley and Will H. mentioned earlier. Elmer was brother to Lavinia Benson, wife of Welby Lawrence, both mentioned earlier.)

Sunday, Feb. 4, 1900 - Stayed at Home Warm with threatening of Rain. Rained a Little at night

Monday 5 - Hauled 2 Cords of Wood to Ira Smith to Apply on the Wagon Mending then Went over to Elk Run to the Blacksmiths to get the Horses Sharpened. they were talking about Starting a New Cheese Factory Paid Lee 2 Dollars on Wood Cutting

Tuesday, 5, 1900 - Hauled 3 Cords 14 inch Wood up out of the Woods and Loaded it on to the Wagon and Hauled it to John Bixby he Paid 2 1/4 Dollars for it (Note: The Bixby genealogy of eastern Tioga has not been completed in my Sullivan-Rutland Genealogy Project. Presently I have two John Bixby names in the database but neither fits as to age.)

Wednesday 7 - Skidded some Wood for the Boys on the upper Skidway and Hauled 2 Cords Went up to the Barn had to haul it to the edge of the Woods on the Sleds the Rest on the Wagon Very good Wheeling

Thursday, Feb. 8, 1900 - Rained most all night and until 9 o’clock made the Roads Pretty Muddy Hauled the 2 Cords on the Wagon to the top of the Hill there Part on some More and Hauled it to C. J. Beach Pretty hard Wheeling

Friday 9 - Went up in the Woods and Skidded some More drags for the Boys to saw Had a Hard time getting them down off the side Hill Lee and Millard Helped Skid them. Millard Fell in the Creek Carl Cleveland Came at Night (Note:Carl Harvey Cleveland was son of Sarah Beardslee and Adin Elisha Cleveland. He was first cousin of Addie and had come to take his mother home, probably)

Saturday, Feb 10, 1900 - Skidded a few Drags of Wood for the boys and Hauled a few up to the door Nigger Cow Calved Paid Ross Lawrence 25 cts Via Brother Lew on Wood Cutting

Sunday 11 - Went over to Father Makeleys Warm Pleasant Weather almost like Sugar weather

Monday, Feb. 12, 1900 - Hauled some Drags up to the door and Went down and Hauled a Load of Green Beech Pole Wood for Frank Makeley. from the Longwell Woods it Rained towards night and almost all night

Tuesday 13 - Went down to Roseville. Addie Went also and Bought a Package of Kow Kure a medicine for the cows. Addie Bought her a set of Silver Knives and Forks of Burdell Smith for $4.00 Sold Welby Lawrence 4 Lbs Butter to be Paid for in Wood Cutting. Awful Muddy. (Note: Burdell Smith was of one of the Springfield/Smithfield Smith lines as was his wife Iva R. Smith. Iva was daughter of Lucinda Watson of the Roseville population. Welby Lawrence, husband of Lavinia Benson, has been mentioned previously. He was son of Hannah Argetsinger and William Lawrence, also mentioned previously)

Wednesday, Feb. 14, 1900 - Hauled up some Drags of Wood to the door and some Poles to the Sap Arch

Thursday 15 - Hauled some Drags for the Boys on the upper Skidway and Hauled 2 drags up to the doors Hauled 3 Cords Wood from the upper Skidway up to the Barn Paid Lee one Dollar on Wood Cutting

Friday, Feb. 16, 1900 - Cut Wood at the Door Had Welby Lawrence and Frank Makeley to Help. Welby to Pay for the Butter and Makeley to Pay for Hauling Wood. Welby Borrowed the Iron Lasts

Saturday 17 - Cut some Drags ond Hauled them up to the door cut the Old Hickory and a Couple Beeches Frank Makeley got 5 lbs Pork to be Paid for in Cutting Wood Cold and Windy snowed a Little (Note: The phrase "at the door" or "to the door" is commonly used in the diaries I have worked with for this period. It refers to bringing something to what we would call the lawn, and probably is derived from dooryard.)

Sunday, Feb. 18, 1900 - Stayed at Home Cold and Windy

Monday 19 - Hauled 2 Loads of Wood from the upper Skidway up to the Road Cut some Wood at the door Welby Lawrence took my Wagon and 1 Veal Calf to Mansfield for me He had one to take for Himself did not bring the Wagon Home

Tuesday, Feb. 20, 1900 - Went down to Roseville to Election Father Mother and Hattie Daniels’s Wife Went along Ross Lawrence Brought the Wagon and Pay for the Veal Calf wt 90 lbs at 5 cts = 14.50 A Nice Pleasant day

Wednesday 21 - Hauled Cord Wood up out of the Woods and 1 Cord Seasoned Wood by the Barn to Morgan Rose at Mansfield Rained at Night Paid Lee Reynolds $4.00 on Wood Cutting (Morgan Elliott Rose, husband of Nellie Miller, was also son on Laura Ann Morgan and Elliott Sedgewick Rose of Sullivan Township. He was a storekeeper at Mansfield, and also Mainesburg. The Rose Building on Main Street in Mansfield burned just last year.)

This turn of the century photo of Main Street in Mansfield shows the Rose Building
at the far end of the block. This postcard was sent in by Creig Crippen

Thursday, Feb. 22, 1900 - A Rainy Day the most Water inthe Creek since the June flood so some has said Chored about the Barn and fields turning Water so that it would not Wash Snowed a Little at night

Friday 23 - Chored about the Barn took the Hickory Lumber out of the old Horse Stable and Piled it under the Shed Went up to Daniels in the Eveining He Wants me to go to Mill for him

Saturday, February 24, 1900 - Went down to Roseville with a Grist for Daniel Melvin Updyke Ground it there at Roseville. Bought 1 Package of Kow Kure on credit. got the 10 Bushels Buckwheat from Wills and Brought it Home. the Roads Very Muddy (Note: Melvin Updyke of Roseville was husband of Harret Mariah Hakes. His parents were Druzilla Wood and William Updyke.)

Sunday 25 - Stayed at Home Cold and Windy

Monday, Feb. 26, 1900 - Still Cold and Windy the Thermometer down to zero and Very Windy Chored about the Barn and tapped my Felt Boots with Leather

Tuesday 27 - Hauled 4 Loads Wood for Daniel Reynolds and filed the Saw and Made a new C? Hook Stock Went down after Welby Lawrence to get him to Cut Wood to Pay for the Butter he to Come the next day Ross Lawrence got 3 lb Butter 10 in all

Wednesday, Feb. 28, 1900 - Cut Wood at the door Welby did not Come had to Work alone the Wind in the South Stormed at night a Little

Thursday, Mar. 1 - A Stormy Day. Rain and Sleet the Water Rose High in the Creek Hung the Doors between the Cow stable and the Old Horse Stable

Friday, Mar. 2, 1900 - Hauled Wood 2 Cords over to Ira Smiths to Pay for the Wagon Repair and 5 Cords up to the Road Pretty good Sleighing

Saturday 3 - Hauled 2 Loads Wood up from the woods and Split Wood in the afternoon. Had Welby Lawrence and Ross his boy to Help to Pay for Butter

Sunday, Mar. 4, 1900 - Stayed at Home warm and Pleasant but cloudy Snowing a Little at Bedtime Betsey Cow took the Bull

Monday 5 - Cherry Cow Calved Went to Mansfield with the Veal Calf he Weighed 130 lbs at 6 cts = 7.80 also 18 lbs butter at 22 cts 3.96 Sold the Butter to A. W. and M. F. Rose. the Calf to Warren Rose Bought a Package of Kow Kure and 4 Pounds of feed for the Cows for 3.80 there was Sleighing most of the teams with Sleighs i Went with a Wagon Paid full 1.80 in wood. (Note: Warren Dennis Rose was brother to Morgan Elliot Rose mentioned previously. He was also a merchant)

Tuesday, Mar. 6, 1900 - Hauled 3 Cords Wood up from the Woods left it in the Road Side. done a Small Churning by Hand Put a Ring in the Bulls nose Warm and thawy

Wednesday 7 - Hauled 2 Cords Wood up from the Woods and Left it in the Road side. Cleaned out the Wood House Ready to Start the Milk Seperator Frank Makeley Bought 5 Pounds Pork from the Barrel at 8 cts Pound. to be Paid in Wood Cutting

Thursday, Mar. 8, 1900 - Cut Wood at the Door Had Frank Makeley to Help he to Pay for the Pork that he Bought A Warm Pleasant Day Sap Weather Paid Millard Nash 50 Cts on Wood Cutting with Lee

Friday 9 - Shelled Corn and Put a Grist to take to Mill for the cows about 34 bushels. Millard Helped a Little Welby came up to cut Wood Split a little then his boy came up and told him his Horse was sick and he Went Home A Nice Sap Day

Saturday, Mar. 10, 1900 - Went down to Melvin Updykes Mill at Roseville with 47 Bags Grain for the Cows Sold Smith and Sweeley 30 lbs Butter at 22 cts = $6.60 Bought 4 Tie Chains .50 1 file 10cts 1 Butter tub .25 Had the Horses Shod at Stouts Old Shoes Reset 1.00 Weather a Little Cooler (Note: J. Mack Sweeley was a storekeeper in Roseville.)

Sunday 11 - Stayed at Home Cold and Windy. the Roads Very Rough and Hubby Alonzo and Sate Came over and Burt and Effie Styres Stopped in a moment on their way Back from lishers (Note: Alonzo Smith and Sarah Styres have been mentioned earlier -See January 1- Burt and Effie were children of Jennie Smith and John Styres also mentioned on January 1. Burt and Effie were nephew and neice to Emerson and to Alonzo.)

Monday, Mar. 12, 1900 - Went up in the Woods and Cut a Little Sap Wood then Went up to Daniels and got his Sap Dishes and Boiling Pan to use in Sugar A Little Warmer but Not Sugaring yet

Tuesday 13 - Looked over the Pails and Tubs and Mended them up to Have them Ready for Sugaring

Wednesday, Mar. 14, 1900 - Split Wood at the door and Cut a Little Sugar Wood Cold Raw Wind Sun Shone Bright but not Warm enough for the Sap to Run

Thursday 15 - Cut Some Sugar Wood and filed the Cross Cut Saw it Commenced Snowing about Eleven o’clock and Continued until Night and Still it Snowed at Bedtime Not fast but Cold and Blustering Storm

Friday, Mar. 16, 1900 - Hauled the Manure that Cleaned out of the Stable. Hauled 2 Drags Wood down to Welby Lawrences there Was about 1 Foot Snow Fell it Settled down Some. Cold Raw Wind did not that much

Saturday 17 - Went down to roseville Addie Went along Sold 1 tub 30 lbs butter at 22 cts = 6.60. Bought 2 Packages Kow Kure for 90 cts 2 Snaps for the Bail Straps and one Bail Strap for 8 b at Blood and Averys and 1 Shade 1 pair Shoes for Ruth 1 yd overall cloth 6 yds Calico at 6 cts 2 1/4 yds Gingham @ 7 1 Pr overalls 50 cts 1 doz Sap Spouts 25 cts 1 tub 25 cts = 2.47 by cash 4.13 = 6.60 the amt of the butter Cold and Windy good sleighing

Sunday, Mar. 18, 1900 - Stayed at Home through the day Went up to Wesleys at night to Pay Lee some on the Wood Cutting Paid him Six Dollars Weather Cool but Pleasant Good Sleighing

Monday 19 - Hauled 2 Cords Wood to Colie Beach from the top of the Hill went with the Sleigh but Had Pretty Poor Sleighing the Snow Melting Rapidly Almost All Bare Ground Coming Home

Tuesday, Mar. 20, 1900 - Hauled Frank Makeley Goods from the white House on the Longwell Place to the Jim Smith House He to Pay in Work Warm and Muddy Hard Wheeling Welby Lawrence other Horse Dies wanted me to Haul Him off

Wednesday 21 - Went down to Welby Lawrences and Hauled His Dead Horse off to the Woods for him Went down to the Red School House to a Entertainment in the Evening (Note: The Red School in Sullivan Township was at the foot of Ashley Hill. This is where the children of Addie and Emrson attended school at least in some years. It was apparently closer than any school in Rutland Township.)

Thursday, Mar. 22, 1900 - Cut Sap wood in the Woods

Friday 23 - Tapped the Flat part of the Sugar Bush hauled the Sap Dishes down in the Woods Addie Finished Papering the Sitting Room

Saturday, Mar. 24, 1900 - Went down to Roseville with a 30 lbs tub Butter and then Down to the Bailey Sale on the Lawrence Farm. Bought a Wheel Cultivator for $25 Dollars Paid $5.00 down Gave my note for $20.00 on Nine Months time. Daniel Reynolds Commenced work at 35 cts a day to work through Sugaring

Sunday 25 - Went over to Makeleys With Addie and the Babies

Monday, Mar. 26, 1900 - Hauled the Sap Pails and Tubs around the Wood to the trees and Hauled and Cut Sap Wood Daniel Helping Cool and a Little Snow So that it Helped the Sleigh about Running

Tuesday 27 - Tapped the Rest of the Bush Daniel Hauled Wood in the forenoon and Helped me about Tapping in the Afternoon The Sap Flowed quite good

Wednesday, Mar. 28, 1900 - Patched up the Sap Arch and Chimbley Gathered the Sap on the flat and Boiled it Partly down Daniel Cut some Sap Wood. a Poor Sap day. W. O. Wakeley of Elkland Candidate for Sheriff Called (Note: This is the start of the Maple Syrup/Sugar season when the sap was gathered and boiled down into useable products)

Thursday 29 - Gathered the Bush over and Boiled it down Had Bad Luck got it Half Burned up. Had 1 Pail of Sugar the Rest Burned Tapped a few more trees Daniel Hauled Some Sugar Wood Sold Daniel 6 lbs Sugar at 7 cts per Pound in Work

Friday, Mar. 30, 1900 - Gathered the Sap on the flat along the Creek and Cleaned out the Burned Sap out of the Boiler A Poor Sap day wind in the East Sap did not Run much Daniel did not Work

Saturday 31 - Gathered the Bush over and Boiled it down. Daniel Syruped it down did not finish til 9 o’clock. Had 2 Pails Syrup. Went with Addie down to the Lawrence Corners Baptist Church to a School Entertainment in the Evening

Sunday, April 1, 1900 - Went with Addie over to O.A. Smiths Jessie Marsh and Gertie was there

Monday 2 - Went over to Mansfield with a veal calf and tub Butter 8 Gallons Maple Syrup Sold it for $1.00 gallon and can thrown in Bought 1 Gallon Seperator Oil of C. J. Beach for 80 cts Gallon. 200 lbs Bran for $1.80 Daniel working

Tuesday, April 3, 1900 - Gathered 1 Tub Sap and the Flat and Boiled it had Six Pails Syrup. Cut Some Wood at the Sap Arch Daniel Working Lily Cow took the Bull (Note: I don’t have to explain this do I? Even for the non-agricultural among you.)

Wednesday 4 - Cut Wood at the Door did not go in the Woods Daniel Working

Thursday, April 5, 1900 - Cut wood at the door Daniel and Frank Makeley Sawed the Logs Makeley went away at noon. Helped Daniel finish Sawing the Wood and Chored around the Barn Cut a Hole in the Hay Mow so that could feed Cows below

Friday 6 - Gathered the Bush over and Boiled it in Daniel Gathered and i Boiled and tapped a few more trees Had 4 Pails Syrup

Saturday, April 7, 1900 - Went down to Roseville with 12 Gallons Syrup Sold one to John Stout to be Paid out of the Shop at one Dollar the Rest i brought Home could not Sell it for 1.00 in trade for Sugar at the Same Rate Mother went up to Henry Sopers and Stayed over night Daniel Split Wood at the door (Note: John Stout is probably John Truax Stout, Jr. 1855-1934, husband of Ellen Lumbard and son of Polly Benson and John Truax Stout, Sr. The only reference I have to Henry P. Soper of Rutland is his Oct. 1868 marriage to Lottie A. Wylie of Wells. The Soper family was long in Roseville and he is no doubt of that line, possibly also related to the Smith-Reynolds family. )

Sunday 8 - Stayed at Home Mother Makeley Archie and Gertie came over and O.A. and Family came over to Eat Warm Sugar Sugared off went down to Roseville after Mother at Night Met her Coming Home (Note: The event of the first sugaring off of the season is mentioned as an event of celebration and socialization in the many years of diaries I have for the area and time. )

Monday, April 9, 1900 - went to Mansfield With the Syrup Sold it to Martin Wheeler for 80 cts Gallon and Bought 200 lbs of Granulated Sugar at 5 1/2 cts for Daniel Daniel Cut Sap Wood (Note: The only Martin Wheeler in my database at this time was son of John W. Wheeler and Sophia Warner of Mansfield.)

Tuesday 10 - Hauled Manure in the House Lot Cut Wood in the Woods Daniel Working

Wednesday, April 11, 1900 - Went to Mansfield and Bought 600 # Meal for 5.70 800 # Bran 50 cts 7.20 Sold 30 # butter to R. W. and M. F. Rose at 18 cts = 5.40 Gave my Note to Morgan Rose of $12.00 on one years time for a Deering 10 1/2 foot Horse Rake Daniel Cut Sap Wood (Note This R.W. Rose is probably the same as the A. W. I have in an earlier reference. It is apparently a handwriting interpretation problem)

Thursday 12 - Gathered the Bush over and Boiled it down did not quite Finish took off 2 Pails Syrup Daniel Hauled Sap

Friday, April 13, 1900 - Gathered the Flat over and Boiled it with the Rest Had 4 Pails Syrup Daniel Hauled 1 Load of Wood and helped cut a Little Wood at the Sap arch He not Feeling Well had a Little Snow in the Morning

Saturday 14 - Cut Some of the trees over and tapped a few more trees Daniel did not Work. Sick i guess

Sunday, April 15, 1900 - Stayed at Home Burt & Effie Styres came over to Eat Warm Sugar

Monday 16 - Cut over the Rest of the trees and Gathered the Flat and Boiled Some on it Daniel Gathered the Rest of it Had 2 Draw tubs Full got it all in the pans but did not Wait to Syrup it down as it was going to make it Late Paid Millard one dollar in wood cutting with Lee Bought a New Set of Points for the Old Perry drag

Tuesday, April 17, 1900 - Brought the Syrup up from the Woods. Had 3 Pails. it Rained in the afternoon and it Rained Almost all Night Last Night Mother went with Eliza Brace down to Hetty Mansfields to Stay and Help Care for Her Awhile as She is Sick. Ella Jones and Sally Ann came on a Visit Daniel did not Work (Note: Hetty "Mansfield" was Mehitable Ann DeWitt, widow of Rev. Amos Mansfield. She lived from 1833 to 1909 and was daughter of John Bostwick DeWitt and Anna Goble. Eliza "Brace" was Eliza Jane Tanner, daughter of George Tanner and Jane Elizabeth Mansfield - thereby granddaughter of Amos Mansfield and his first wife . Eliza was the second wife of Nelson E. Brace. Nelson's first wife had been Elizabeth Makeley, aunt of Addie.)

Wednesday 18 - Daniel Went with the Stone Boat & Brought his Family down to Make a Visit Went up in the Woods with the Sleds after a Load of Fence Posts Broke the Sled Reach Could not get them. Fixed the Board Fence along the Bank back of the Barn by the Potato Patch. Foster Garrison Bought 10 Bushels Potatoes in the deal with Bruce for Drag Tooth point Daniel Working (Note: Foster Garrison [1835-1904] was a Civil War vet who lived in the northern part of Sullivan Township bordering Rutland Hill. He was son of Harriet Updyke and William B. Garrison of Jackson Township. His wives were Charlotte Pellett and Melvina Queal.)

Thursday, April 19, 1900 - Gathered the Bush over Emptied the Water out and got the Sap what there was and Boiled. Had 1 1/2 Pails syrup Hauled the Fence Posts down on the Stone Boat and Split & Sharpened them Daniel Working

Friday 20 - Hauled the Posts up & took a Part of them along the Road fence Around the Barn Lot Fixed the Fence along the Road & Hauled some Stone & Filled a Mud Hole in the Road and Plowed a Furrow & Hoed it out. Burt Tears & Wesley Came and Talked about Election Daniel Working (Note: Adelbert Tears lived next door to Foster Garrison in Sullivan Township. His wife was Nellie Queal, niece of Malvina Queal mentioned above. Burt was son of Isaac Nelson Tears and Olive Updyke.)

Saturday, April 21, 1900 - Went to Roseville to Primary Election Father & Addie went along Sold 1 tub Butter 10 1/2 doz. Eggs Bought 125 lbs Timothy at 1.60 & 50 lbs Clover at $5.50 Per Bushel = 9.83. Paid $2.97 bal due 6.86 Bought of Blood & Avery 1 umbrella for 1.00. Had it charged it Rained all Way Home. Fixed Fence in the Forenoon Daniel Helping. He went to Election in the Afternoon. (Note: Frank C. Avery was one of the principals in the Blood and Avery store at Roseville. He was son of Chlorinda Bailey and William Avery. He died in 1902. Henry Lee Blood was a merchant both in Roseville and Elmira.)

Sunday 22 - Stayed at Home Dolly Cow Calved

Monday, April 23, 1900 - Gathered the Sugar Dishes Daniel Fixed the Board Fence between the Woods and Barn Lot Field Henry Cow Calved (Note: Cute, Emerson and Addie apparently did not take gender into consideration in naming their cows.)

Tuesday 24 - Fixed the Hog Pen & Made it Larger. Turned the Hogs out. Fixed the Little Gate that Goes to the Barn. Took up the Barb Wire fence from the Shop to the Road Daniel Working

Wednesday, April 25, 1900 - Made a new Platform to the Barn Well & Changed the Pump Curb for the Old House Well Curb from the old Shop. Lost the Chian in the Well so could not use it after all Daniel Fixed fence Along the Gully Bought of S. F.Knepley 30 lbs Vicks Favorite Potatoes for 3.00

Thursday 26 - Finished Fixing the Pump Put the Sugar Dishes up Stairs & Plowed the Rest of the Garden. I Helped Daniel take the Banking away from the House

Friday, April 27, 1900 - Hauled Banking away from the House & Went down to Roseville to Get the Horses Shod & A few Bolts for the Drag. Bought some Garden seeds & 2 cans of Kow Kure for 90 cts Daniel fixed fence on the South Hill & along the Woods next the Meadow

Saturday 28 - Fixed the Drag Put the New points on it & some new Bolts. Cleaned over some Oats for seed Daniel had the team to Plow His Garden. then he Dragged in the House Lot on the Sowed Corn Ground. Addie had a Sewing Bee to Help about her Sewing

Sunday, April 29, 1900 - Stayed at Home Enos Cleveland Came after Some Butter & Butter Milk (Note: Enos Cleveland [1848-1941] was son of Alice Dike and Henry Cleveland of the Mainesburg area.)

Monday 30 - Finished Dragging the House Lot for oats & Sowed the oats & Grass Seed Daniel Not Working Addies Black Cow Calved

Tuesday, May 1, 1900 - Hauled the Stone off the Oat ground in the House Lot & Garden the Bob tailed Cow Calved Daniel not Working

Wednesday 2 - Made a Smoothing Harrow & Floated the oat Ground in the House Lot & Dragged the oat Ground in the Barn Lot & Hauled a few Stone

Thursday, May 3, 1900 - Finished Hauling Stone on the Barn Lot Between the Drive Way & the Road & Dragged it Once Over

Friday 4 - Finished Dragging the Barn Lot & Sowed the Oats & Floated it down with the Smoothing Harrow Cold Sour Weather

Saturday, May 4, 1900 - Sowed the Corner field Next Daniel Reynolds for E. L. Nash sowed it to Oats

Sunday 6 - Stayed at Home Washed the Democrat Wagon

Monday, May 7, 1900 - Cleaned out the Hen House and cleared around the Barn & Sowed a Piece of Oats for Wesley Reynolds 2 1/2 Acres above the Charly House Cellar and up towards His Barn

Tuesday 8 - Rolled the Oats for Wesley & Planted a Part of the Grain

Wednesday, May 9, 1900 - Dragged the Ground for Potatoes Back of the Barn & Marked it & Furrowed a part of it Daniel Helping in the Afternoon Charley Brace Brought the Seed Potatoes that i Ordered of S. F. Knepley 30 lbs $3.00 (Note: Charles W. Brace [1849-1918] was son of Sophia Richards or Rogers and Norman Brace. His wife, Mary A. Smith was daughter of Jesse Smith and Polly Nichols. This is a different Smith line altogether than Emerson's.)

Thursday 10 - Furrowed out the Potato Ground & Planted the New Kind & the Daniel Kind & a Few of the Makeley Kind Daniel Helping

Friday, May 11, 1900 - Finished Planting the Potatoes Daniel Helping

Saturday 12 - Went up to Daniels Plowing Lee Will Reynolds team and Myself & team Plowed about one Acre & Hauled A few Loads of Manure on the Stone Boat Finished Paying Lee for Wood Cutting Lisher Hauled Stone away from the Road Side Went to Roseville in the Evening with 2 tubs Butter at 16 cts

Sunday, May 13, 1900 - Went over to Father Makeleys with Addie & the Children John & Jenny & Grant & Jenny came While we was away Weather getting Warmer (Note: Jennie Smith and John Styres mentioned previously. I can't think who Grant and Jenny were just now.)

Monday 14 - Commenced Plowing for Corn in the House Lot next the Lomgwell Line Warm & Hot

Tuesday, May 15, 1900 - Plowed for Corn in the House Lot Warm & Hot

Wednesday 16 - Finished Plowing for Corn in the House Lot Across the Ditch next the Road

Thursday, May 17, 1900 - Went to Mansfield to Mill Addie went over to John VanNess on a Visit Daniel Fixed Fence Along the Bank below the Oats in the House Lot Along Below the South Meadow (Note: John VanNess [1856-1906] was first cousin to Emerson. His parents were Celia Lull Reynolds and Peter VanNess mentioned earlier. His wife was Adaline Field.)

Friday 18 - Worked for Daniel Hauled Manure on his Corn Ground & Dragged & Marked it for Him

Saturday, May 19, 1900 - Hauled Stone off the Corn Ground in the House Lot & Dragged a Little on it Went down to Roseville in the Evening Bought a Bushel Leaming Seed Corn = 75 cts

Sunday 20 - Went down to Horace Smiths. & Found them Gone to Church then Went down to Manford Jones on a Visit Had a Light Sprinkle of Rain it was Cold and Raw. (Note: Horace Smith, son of Polly Nichols and Jesse Smith was brother to Mary A. Smith, mentioned earlier. His wife, Sarah Makeley was aunt to Addie.)

Monday, May 21, 1900 - Finished Hauling Stone off the Corn Ground in the House Lot then Dragged on it Some Hauled a Few Loads Manure on the Stone Boat to Finish it Cool & windy

Tuesday 22 - Finished Dragging the Corn Ground and Marked a Part of it

Wednesday, May 23, 1900 - Finished Marking the Corn Ground and Planted it Daniel Helping

Thursday 24 - Dragged a Part of the Winter Wheat Ground for Corn & Hauled one Load of Manure on it then Hauled Stone Daniel Fixed Fence Along the Creek Below the Meadow & through the Woods along the McConnell Line & the Line Next Lishers (The McConnell line was the part of Emerson and Addie's property that adjoined the Joe McConnell, Lib Weaver property to the south in Sullivan Township. Lisher [Elisha Nash and Til Smith] were to their east.)

Friday, May 25, 1900 - Finished Hauling Stone & Dragging on the wheat Ground. Ready to Sow the Corn with the Drill to Husk Daniel Finished Fixing the Fence Around the Cow Pasture

Saturday 26 - Shelled some Seed Corn and Set the Grain drill for Planting Corn then Planted the Lower Half of the Wheat Ground to Corn & Went with Addie down to Roseville do Some Trading & Attend a day School Entertainment at the Baptist Church Daniel Fixed a Little Fence on the North Hill

Sunday, May 27, 1900 - Stayed at Home

Monday 28 - went to Mansfield with 4 Veal Calves wt 544 # at 5 cts = 27.20 Sold them to Warren Rose Bought 1 Strainer Pail for 80 cts of Strait & Wood 1 Pair Sweat Pads of G. A. Clark 1.00 Came Part of the Way Home in the Rain

Tuesday, May 29, 1900 - Went up to W. H. Reynolds & got His soap Kettle then over to Lishers to get some Pigs found them all gone Hauled 2 Loads Rails to Fix the Line Fence in the North Next to Wills. then over to Mark Smiths and Bought 2 Pigs 5 Weeks Paid Him 6 Dollars for them

Wednesday 30 - Dragged the Buckwheat Part of the Wheat Ground over once & Hauled 2 Loads Manure & Hauled off a Part of the Stone from it

Thursday, May 31, 1900 - Hauled Manure on and Stone off the Wheat Ground for Corn Brownie Cow Calved (Note: Just speaking strategically, I hope Emerson picked up the stones to haul off before he spread the manure.)

Friday, June 1 - Worked on the Road With the Big Scraper Had Claude Elliot & Leon Reynolds with their teams & Wesley it Held Scraper. Graded from Hugh Argetsinger Place to the Town Line & From Wesleys to Lishers (Note: Leon W. Reynolds [1879-1961] was the son of John Durfee and Celia Reynolds. He was adopted by his maternal uncle Will Reynolds and his wife Sallie Reynolds when his own parents divorced. Annually the rural people borrowed township equipments to maintain their own roads. For this labor, they got a tax reduction.)

Saturday, June 2, 1900 - Finished Hauling Stone off the Wheat Ground for Corn Hauled one Load Manure & dragged Some on it. it Rained a Little made it some Wet to Drag Had to stop Divided the Line Fence Between the Ashley Part of the Longwell Place. (Note: The Longwell place is the property at the end of the road from Emerson and Addie. It is directly on the Sullivan -Rutland Border on the Elk Run Road. The Ashley name comes from Welch Ashley who was married to Margaret Smith with whom he migrated to Minnesota as pioneers. Margaret Smith was Emerson's aunt. The Longwell/Ashley place was on Emerson and Addie's western boundary)

Sunday 3 - Stayed at Home Cool & Cloudy

Monday, June 4, 1900 - Hauled 1 Load Manure on the Wheat Ground for Corn & Finished Dragging them Sowed it to Corn Daniel in the Afternoon Worked on the Longwell Line Clearing the Old Fence away to Build New

Tuesday 5 - Went over to Mainesburg and Bought 262 Pounds Barb Wire at 3 1/2 Cents Wire Stretcher at 90 cts 4 lbs Staples = $9.21. Went down to Clark Colbys & Bought 100 Oak Fence Posts Sharpened for $5.50 Daniel Made Holes for the Posts a Part of the Way

Wednesday, June 6, 1900 - Went up and Hauled 1 Load of Stone for Daniel to Flag his Cellar Bottom & Hauled 3 Loads Wood in the forenoon then He Plowed Corn Ground for me in the Afternoon Planted in the Skip Corn Hills in the House Lot

Thursday 7 - Worked on the Road with the Big New Scraper from the Longwell Corners by Clark Colbys Place to the foot of the Hill going to Will VanNess Daniel Worked on the fence in the forenoon Went Home in the Afternoon. (Note: Clark Colby [1855-1935] and his wife Elva Mott [1859-1936] were parents of Maude Colby, wife of Ross Lawrence previously mentioned. )

Friday, June 8, 1900 - Worked on the Longwell Line fence Daniel Helping

Saturday 9 - Worked on the fence Daniel Helping Went to Roseville in the Evening

Sunday, June 10, 1900 - Went over to Elk Run Church to the Childrens Day Exercise in the Evening Went over to Henry Makeleys in the day time

Monday 11 - Cultivated the Potatoes with the Big Cultivator & Cultivated in the Garden & House Lot Corn with the Little one Daniel Helping in the Forenoon Had Fanny Horse in the Afternoon to Cultivate His Own

Tuesday, June 12, 1900 - Finished Fixing the Line Fence Along Will Reynolds Field then Plowed for Corn & Hauled 2 Loads Manure Will Reynolds & Leon Hoed Potatoes in the Afternoon

Wednesday 13 - Went down to George Crippens with the Drag from the Bailey Barn Working on the Road Counting half a days Work then Finished Plowing for Sowed Corn & Hauled 2 Loads Manure Lee Reynolds Hoed Potatoes (Note: George Crippen [1833-1902] was son of Asa Crippen and Betsey Backer of Roseville. He was married to Diantha Dann and to Susan (surname unknown))

Thursday, June 14, 1900 - Hauled 3 Loads Manure on the Corn ground & Cultivated Corn with the Big ? Cultivator Lee & Leon Hoed Corn

Friday 15 - Finished Cultivating Corn in the House Lot used Little Cultivator & Hauled Manure on Corn Ground Lee & Leon Hoed Corn Paid Leon One Dollar & Lee Three. The Rest of Leons to go on exchange Work

Saturday, June 16, 1900 - Hauled Manure on Corn Ground and Hoed in the Garden

Sunday 17 - Went with the Folks up to Sanford Smiths (Note: Sanford Smith, son of Morris Smith and Matilda Carrie Gaylord, was another first cousin of Emerson. His first two wives, Sally A. Smith and Emma Keturah Smith were both daughters of Keturah Rebecca Hodges and George Smith. Both died in childbirth. His third wife was Mary Elizabeth Smith, daughter of Mary Abbot Bradford and Alexander Cumstock Smith of Sullivan Township. She had been married to and divorced form Frank Avery mentioned above as a storekeeper in Roseville. She died in 1896 after which he married Joanna, real surname unknown, but she had been previously married to a Mr. Chapman.)

Monday, June 18, 1900 - Finished Hauling Manure on Corn Ground & Dragged a Part of it

Tuesday 19 - Finished Dragging the Corn Ground & Sowed it to Corn with the Drill sowed the Leaming Kind

Wednesday, June 20, 1900 - Worked on the Road from the Bailey Barn to Will VanNess. With the Big Scraper. Finished the Tax. then Finished Covering the Sowed Corn With the Hoe Frank Lawrence, Will VanNess Leon Pruyne. Helped Scrape. (Note: Frank Lawrence [1855-1904] was son of John Norris Lawrence and Belviette Lewis. His wife was Frances Brace. Emerson's reference to the tax indicates that he had done enough work on the road to cover his taxes for the year, as mentioned earlier)

Thursday 21 - Cultivated Corn Above the Road on the Wheat Ground With the Big Scraper. then Hoed a part of the Same

Friday, June 22, 1900 - Oiled the Churn power Hoed in the Garden Hived a Swarm of Bees and Mowed a Part of the House Lot in the Cherry Orchard it Rained at Night

Saturday 23 - Mowed the Grass in the House Lot and put Paris Green on the Potatoes Back of the Barn (Note: Paris Green was a poison used to kill insects.)

Sunday, June 24, 1900 - Stayed at Home Had 2 Swarms Bees One Went away on the Hill & alighted on a Hickory tree Carried up a Hive and Hived them

Monday 25 - Went up & got Daniel & Carried the Bees down. then Went to Mansfield with a Veal Calf & Grist of Wheat to the Era Mill Veal Calf wd 100 # at 5 cts = 5.00

Tuesday, June 26, 1900 - Plowed the Potatoes Back of the Barn Daniel Planted in a Part of the Corn above the Road Planted 1/2 Bushel but did not Have Seed Enough

Wednesday 27 - Finished Plowing the Potatoes then Went down to Roseville with 2 tubs Butter Sold Smith & Sweely 103 lbs at 16 cts = 16.48 Bought 1/2 Bushel Pride of North Seed & Planted in a Pert of the Second Piece of Sowed Corn

Thursday, June 28, 1900 - Set up the New 10 1/2 foot Deering Horse Hay Rake Millard Nash Came down & Wanted to Help so Went at it then he got out the Mowing Machine. Daniel Came down in the Afternoon & Hoed Potatoes awhile

Friday 29 - Saturday, June 30, 1900 - Went over to Lambs Creek to Asa Harveys. Father Went over to Lons. Mother Went to Jesse Marshs to get a New Bonnet Daniel Hoed Corn Paid John Vanosten 4 Dollars on Daniels Acct Weather Dry & Windy (Note: Asa Harvey [1853-1933] was married to Harriet Beardslee [1856-1916], sister of Addie's mother Susan Beardslee, thereby Addie's aunt. Jesse Marsh was married to Gertrude Styres, sister of John previously mentioned. Lon is the nickname for Orrin Alonzo Smith, brother of Emerson)

Sunday, July 1 - Went with Addie down to Roseville to Childrens Day to the Baptist Church in the Evening

Monday, July 2, 1900 - Made a New Grass Board for the Mower Ground the Knives then Went up to Daniels & Mowed the Piece Below the Oats Above the Corn Still Dry & Hot with Cool Nights No Rain

Tuesday 3 - Went up to Wills & Sowed a Part of his Buckwheat Ground Sowed 5 1/2 Acres did Not Finish it Still Dry Signs of Rain but does Not Come

Wednesday, July 4, 1900 - Finished Sowing Buckwheat for Will & Raked the Hay for Daniel & Hauled it in Had 1 Load there was a Celebration at Roseville it Rained at Night Had a good Soaking Shower

Thursday 5 - Mowed a Part of the Field Below the Road Below Wesleys and Raked & Bunched it Cleaned off the Barn Floor & Rigged the Wagon for Drawing Ground the Mower Knives thought it would Rain but did Not Daniel Helping

Friday, July 6, 1900 - Finished Mowing the Field Below Wesleys Below the Road and then it Rained Had a good Soaking Shower tapped my Shoes Daniel Helped until it Rained at 2 o’clock

Saturday 7 - Hauled in the First Load of the Piece Below the Road and Picked Cherries

Sunday, July 8, 1900 - Raked the Rest of the Piece Below the Road And Bunched it Lee Helped Rake it and Daniel Helped Bunch it Rained again at night

Monday 9 - Mowed the Piece Below the Corn on the Wheat Ground & the Road it Rained While Mowing & Sprayed a Part of the Potatoes Daniel Stirred the Clover out and Bunched it up again in the Afternoon

Tuesday, July 10, 1900 - Hauled in the Clover & the Piece Below the Corn & Mowed the Piece Below the Orchard & the Sowed Corn to the West of the Orchard after 5 o’clock Daniel Helping after he Sprayed His Potatoes

Wednesday 11 - Sprayed the Rest of the Potato Patch and Hauled the Hay Below the Orchard and the Fodder Corn it Rained Before we got it quite done Had 6 Cocks left out

Thursday, July 12, 1900 - Mowed the Orchard and then a Strip Clear across the Field above the Orchard and Corn Patches Hauled in the Balance of the Hay with the Scatterings Daniel Helped in the Afternoon

Friday 13 - Mowed a Little More Part oft another Strip & Raked the Orchard & All the Rest of it & Hauled it all in Daniel Helping

Saturday, July 14, 1900 - Mowed a Part of Another Strip across the Field around the Big Stone Heap & Hauled it in Daniel Helping

Sunday 15 - Stayed at Home Addie Went up to Daniels in the Evening

Monday, July 16, 1900 - Finished Mowing the Strip around the Stone Heap & Mowed a Part of Another Strip Had One Load left out went up and Bunched it after dark it Sprinkled Rain while doing but did not Rain after all Nora & Cora Styres came at night (Note: Nora and Cora Styres, daughters of Jennie Smith and John Styres, were nieces of Emerson. Their twelve year old brother, Roy, had been struck and killed by lightning the year before in 1899. They lived on the North Road, now called Hulslander Road in Sullivan Township)

Tuesday 17 - Finished Mowing the Land that Had Commenced it raking down to the jog by the Woods But did not get the yesterday’s Load in With it. Think it Will Rain Nora & Cora Went up to Lishers in the Afternoon Daniel Helping

Wednesday, July 18, 1900 - Hauled in the Load that had out & Raked after & Hauled them in & Mowed a Part of the Lower Jog Part thought it Would Rain in the Morning but Did not Daniel Working

Thursday 19 - Finished Mowing the rest of the Big Field & Raked it & Hauled 3 Loads Daniel Helping

Friday, July 20, 1900 - Finished haying Daniel had a Lame Back and Had Lisher Come down to help him a little and between them both had the Most of it to do Alone

Saturday 21 - Went to Mansfield and Had the Horses Shod all Round had it done by Kiff & Miller at Bakers old Stand Sold the 2 big Hogs to Warren Rose and Spoke for 2 Pigs at William Jeralds. they to be taken away about the 12th of August the old Hogs to go on Monday next (Note: William Benjamin Jerald [1834-1914] was son of Thomas Jerald and Matilda Wilson. His wife, Elvira Howe [1846-1895] was daughter of Lodema Smith and John Cotton Howe who had been instrumental in the founding of the Normal School in Mansfield.)

Sunday, July 22, 1900 - Stayed at Home All Day

Monday 23 - Went to Mansfield with 2 Hogs for Warren Rose Wt 595 lbs 4 1/2 cts = 26.77 Paid 30.00 on Seperator Note to C. J. Beach Paid it to his Woman and took her Receipt then Went up to Daniels and Mowed a While Towards Night

Tuesday, July 24, 1900 - Went up to Daniels & Mowed in the forenoon Raked a Part of it and Hauled 1 Little Jag in after it Commenced to Rain it Sprinkled a Little Towards Night. Fan pulled off a Shoe Had to Come Home & get nails & Hammer to Set it again Changed the Pigs over to the Old Pen Dan Helped

Wednesday 25 - Cultivated Corn with the Big Cultivator in the Forenoon it Rained while i Was at Work and Rained a Shower After Dinner So that it was wet to Cultivate Sowed Some Turnip Seed in the Potatoes Back of the Barn

Thursday, July 26, 1900 - Hauled in the Hay that got Wet & Hauled a Little Jag & Mowed Around Another Big Land until Night Jim Palmer & Wife Came to Daniels on a Visit

Friday 27 - Finished Mowing the big Land and Hauled it all in Lent Daniel 2 Bushels Oats Hannah Lawrence came down from Welbys to Visit with Mother (Note: Hannah Argetsinger, wife of William Lawrence and mother of Welby Lawrence, has been mentioned before)

Saturday, July 28, 1900 - Finished Daniels Haying Worked until Nine o clock Left the Mower & Rake up there

Sunday 29 - Stayed at Home

Monday, July 30, 1900 - Set up the Reaper & Cut the Oats in the Horse Lot Millard Came Along & Helped Set up the Reaper Daniel Helped Set Rockwell Came & Looked at Manly Smiths 2 year old Heifers but did not buy them Manly Came & got them at night Paid $3.25 for Pasturing.

Tuesday 31 - Cut the Oats in the Barn Lot & Hauled in the Oats in the House Lot Daniel Helping Manlys 2 year old & yearlings got out & Came back again drove them down & Put them in Ashleys Field

Wednesday, Aug. 1, 1900 - Hauled in 2 Loads Oats in the Barn Lot in the Afternoon Worked Alone Raked the oat Stubble in the Barn Lot & Churned & Chored around the House in the Forenoon

Thursday 2 - Finished Hauling in the Oats in the Barn Lot Raked the Stubble and Hauled them in Finished all up. & Shelled 5 1/2 bushels Corn 2 of it for Daniel Daniel Helping

Friday, Aug. 3, 1900 - Went to Mansfield to Mill to get a Little feed Ground for the Cows as it was so dry the Grass about all dried up had to feed them Something and Had no corn fodder as yet to Feed. Went down to Lafe Baileys to Pay that note but found him gone Sold D. W. Reynolds 95 lbs Meal for 95 cts (Note: LaFayette Bailey, husband of Alta Peck, was the son of Sylvester Bailey and Mercy Newbury. He probably lived on the old Bailey place just north of the juncture of Emerson's road with the Elk Run to Roseville Road.)

Saturday 4 - Chored about the House stopping Mouse Holes & Fixed Fence on the Line next Lisher Charley Reynolds & Wife Came at night & Stayed Over Night. (Note: Charles F. Reynolds [1854-1932] was brother of Will and Wesley and Eliza and Nancy and Celia all mentioned earlier. His wife was Kate Wood but I have not determined her ancestry at this time.)

Sunday, Aug. 5, 1900 - Went up to Hubert Hagars on the Hill by george McConnels in Ransom Bryants House. (Note: Ethel Harvey, cousin of Addie was married to Hubert Hagar, both mentioned earlier. D. Ransom Bryant [1859-1928], son of Lucinda Smith and David Bryant was married to Sarah Horton and Grace Precit. George C. McConnell [1854-1918] was son of Hannah Bryant and Justus McConnell. Ella F. Briggs, his wife, was daughter of Anna Wood and John Briggs.)

Monday 6 - Went to Mansfield for Daniel to carry his 2 Lambs to Market he Sold 2 & Bought 2 More in their Place Draper went along also

Tuesday, Aug. 7, 1900 - Fixed the Corn Sheller so that the Ears of corn would not Slip in back of the Wheels & Sat around the House Hot & Dry

Wednesday 8 - Went over to the Mill in the Longwell Place to see them Saw they Had not got their Mill all Set up yet they Had to Haul water from the Big Creek to Saw With

Thursday, Aug. 9, 1900 - Went to Roseville with 1 tub butter 53 # @ 18 cts $9.54 then Went over to the Mill on the Longwell Place after a Load of Saw Dust for Bedding Danny Austin Bought 10 # Butter @ 18 = 1.80

Friday 10 - Went down to Troy to the Smith Reunion in the Fair Grounds Father & Mother Went Along Addie Staying to Home Matilda Rode Back from John Styres Father & Mother Staying over there

A Troy scene, turn of the century
Postcard submitted by Creig Crippen

Saturday, Aug. 11, 1900 - Went to Mansfield to Mill & to Get 2 Pigs from William Jeralds Oscar Richmond Died at 4 O Clock (Note: Oscar Richmond [1852-1900] was son of Sally Ann Tears and Annanais Richmond. He died of stomach cancer. His first wife, Florence Ella VanNess [1852-1885] was daughter of Celia Lull Reynolds and Peter VanNess, making her a first cousin of Emerson. Oscar's second wife was Emily Howe [1855-1902] daughter of Lodema Smith and John Cotton Howe.)

Sunday 12 - Stayed at Home John Styres Brought Father & Mother Home Had a Nice Shower

Monday, Aug 13, 1900 - Layed around the House all Day

Tuesday 14 - Pulled Weeds out of the Corn

Wednesday, Aug. 15, 1900 - Went to Mansfield after Seed Wheat Bought of Straight & Kingsley Five Bushels Wheat for Five Dollars Got the Balance Wheel to the Corn Sheller fixed got a new Set screws

Thursday 16 - Fixed Brush Fence on the McConnell Line

Friday, Aug. 17, 1900 - Went over to the Mill on the Longwell Place with Lisher and Pulled Weeds in the Corn

Saturday 18 - Shelled Some Corn and Chored Around the House

Sunday, Aug. 19, 1900 - Went over to Elk Run to Church They was a Talking about Picnic & So did not have Time to have any Preaching they to Have a Picnic in Byron Smiths Grove on the 25 Hattie Nash went with Mother & Myself (Note: Byron Smith [1849-1940] was son of Charles Ganoung Smith and Sallie Chandler. His first wife was Maria Smith [1851-1907] daughter of Isaac Smith and Julia Ann Mosher. In 1898, Byron married Ida May Kilgore daughter of Dunning Kilgore and Helen M. Van Kirk. They lived on the Gray Valley Road part of Sullivan Township just south of Elk Run. )

Monday 20 - Pitched some Bags and Picked the Plums

Tuesday, Aug. 21, 1900 - Went to Mansfield to Mill to Have Grain Ground for the Cows

Wednesday 22 - Went to Elmira to Eldridge Park & the Reformatory on the Odd Fellows Excursion Addie Went also Left the Children with Mother Welby Lawrence & 2 of his Girls Rode over to Mansfield with us Left the Team at Hotel Allen the Threshers came at noon.

Thursday, Aug. 23, 1900 - Threshed the Oats Had 42 Bags Went up and Helped Lisher thresh His Oats he had 76 Bushels

Friday 24 - Sat around the House all Day

Saturday, Aug. 25, 1900 - Went over to the S. S. Picnic in B. G. Smiths Woods. All of us

Sunday 26 - Stayed at Home

Monday, Aug. 27, 1900 - Cut a Part of the Late Sowed Corn Next the Orchard With the Corn Cutter it Rained Gene Wood & Family Came & Stayed to Dinner

Tuesday 28 - Finished Cultivating the Late Corn with the Reaper and Put up a Swing in the Front yard on the Balsam Trees

Wednesday, Aug. 29, 1900 - Picked Stone off the Acre of Wheat Ground on the Hill

Thursday 30 - Went to Mansfield to the Reynolds Reunion Father Mother & Welby Lawrences Wife & Boy & Baby Girl Went Along

The entrance to Smythe Park in Mansfield turn of the century.
Many family reunions were held her. Postcard sent in by Creig Crippen

Friday, Aug. 31, 1900 - Cut up Corn in the House Lot Had Lee Reynolds to Help in the Afternoon did not Finish

Saturday, Sept. 1, 1900 - Finished Cutting Corn in the House Lot Lee Helped Finish

Sunday, Sept. 2, 1900 - Stayed at Home

Monday 3 - Went to Mansfield with a Grist for the Cows

Tuesday, Sept. 4, 1900 - Dragged & Plowed on the Wheat Ground

Wednesday 5 - Hauled Some Water from the Creek and Hauled some fence Posts & Boards from the Gully along the Longwell Line for Repairing the Board Fence Along the Road Below Welbys House went down to Wells Ashleys after His Post Bar but did not find Him Home. (Note: Wells Ashley lived on the Ashley place just below Emerson. His wife was Mary Wilson, but I have not identified her parentage. Wells was son of Orange Ashley and Eliza Ann Burley)

Thursday, Sept. 6, 1900 - Plowed for Wheat on the Corn Stubble Daniel Cut Corn above the Road

Friday 7 - Sowed Wheat next the Orchard

Saturday, Sept. 8, 1900 - Picked the Peaches Plowed for Wheat on the Hill

Sunday 9 - Stayed at Home Asa Harvey wife & little girl & Hubert Hager Wife & little Boy Came Some Boys & Girls Came to Swing in the Balsam Trees

Tuesday 11 - Plowed on the Hill for Wheat a little while in the morning then Cut Corn

Wednesday, Sept. 12, 1900 - Cut Corn Finished the Field Corn & Commenced on the Fodder Part the Wind Blow very Hard thought it Would Rain but it did not going to have a Frost i am afraid but it did not come

Thursday 13 - Cut Corn & Hauled a Cask of Water from the Creek & Fixed the Line Fence next Lishers Goldy Cleveland Bought 10 # Butter @ 20 cts = 2.00.

Friday, Sept. 14, 1900 - Went to Mansfield with the Butter Had 5 Tubs wt 55-53-57-58-55 = 278 # @ 20 cts = 55.60 Bought 1 Ton feed. Bran & Meal for $19.00 Bought a new Cap

Saturday 15 - Hauled a urn of Water Cut the Sweet Corn in the Garden & Went to Roseville Addie Went Along then Went over the Hill to Makeleys around Back Home Paid the Taxes $29.73

Sunday, Sept. 16, 1900 - Went over to Lons Addie & the Babies & Father Went Mother went over to Church with Lishers Folks Annie Crippen came Home with Her

Monday 17 - Went to Roseville and got 1 dozen quart Fruit Cans for 75 cts at Bloods & Cut Corn

Tuesday, Sept. 18, 1900 - Finished Cutting Corn & Finished Plowing the Patch up the Hill for Wheat

Wednesday 19 - Went over to Elk Run to Get Some Groceries and down to Jerome Bryants to Get Ashleys Post Bar and Set Some Posts Along the Road Below Wesleys (Note: Jerome W. Bryant [1850-1926] was son of Lois or Sarah Richmond and William Whitlock Bryant. He lived on the Bryant homestead settled by his parents in Sullivan Township at the foot of Ashley Hill. His wife, Stella Brainard, was the last person to drive horses to church at Elk Run long after everyone else had cars well into the thirties. The horse barns had to be left up much longer than otherwise for her benefit. She did not marry Jerome until 1903, after the point of this diary)

Thursday, Sept. 20, 1900 - Churned & Went over to Aunt Carolines With Father & Mother to See her She was Sick Mother Stayed over there. They Gave Father 1 Over Coat & 2 Hats that Had Been uncle Tristrams Hauled a Load of wood on the Stone Boat (Note: Emerson's uncle, Tristram Smith, mentioned before, died in 1898. His first wife, Sally Burton had died before him and I know his second wife only as a Miss Decker. Perhaps her first name was Caroline??)

Friday 21 - Hauled Some Saw Dust from Bailey Mill on the Longwell Place

Saturday, Sept. 22, 1900 - Hauled a Load of Saw Dust then Went over to Lons and got His Tanning Mill

Sunday 23 - Stayed at Home

Monday, Sept. 24, 1900 - Fixed Fence along the Road Below Wesleys & Went over to Baileys Mill on the Longwell Place after Saw Dust Got One Load then Went after a Load of Wood But the Wood all Sold could not get any

Tuesday 25 - Tuesday 25 - Fixed Fence along the Road Below Wesleys & Commenced Digging Potatoes Graper Helping in the Afternoon

Wednesday, Sept. 26, 1900 - Dug Potatoes Dug 15 Bushels Draper helping

Thursday 27 - Dug 15 Bushels Potatoes Draper helping 27 Teams Went by going to the Fair

Friday, Sept. 28, 1900 - Went to the Fair. Father & Mother Went Along Draper & Dean Rode over Had a Very Nice Day Gaicedo the Wire Dancer Was there & Fox & Foxie the Great Bicycle Rider Rube Hilton

Saturday 29 - Dug Potatoes Lee & Draper Helped until it Rained at 2 o clock

Sunday, Sept. 30, 1900 - Stayed at Home all Day

Monday, Oct. 1, 1900 - Finished Digging Potatoes Had 15 Bushels in All Lee & Draper Reynolds Helped Dig them. then Attend the 2 Shoaty that came from Jeralds (Note: I believe shoaty are pigs)

Tuesday, Oct. 2, 1900 - Cleaned up the Barn floor and Hauled in Some Corn & Dragged the Wheat Ground on the Hill over and Hauled up a Little Manure on the Stone Boat Draper Commenced Picking Apples on Shares But was Sick and quit

Wednesday 3 - Finished Dragging the Wheat Ground and Sowed it to Wheat

Thursday, Oct. 4, 1900 - Hauled in the Piece of Corn across the Road Below the Part that Was Planted for Fodder & Hauled 2 Loads from the House Lot

Friday 5 - Went to Mansfield with 2 Tubs Butter wt 111 # @ 20 cts = 22.20 Bought 300 lbs Meal = $3.00 Took 2 Bushels Wheat & One Bushel Corn

Saturday, Oct. 6, 1900 - Hauled Water from the Creek & Spring & Went down to Wells Ashleys to see them Thrash Corn he had 36 Bushels after it was Threshed Finished hauling in the Corn in the House Lot

Sunday 7 - Stayed at Home

Monday, Oct. 8, 1900 - Husked Corn in the Barn it Rained All the Forenoon Castrated the Little Dog Snip (Note: Under the circumstances, Snip was probably a good name for him, and this was done without anesthesia, something no present day dog owner would consider, but it was done at that time. )

Tuesday 9 - Hauled the Sowed Corn and Bunched it Back of the Barn

Wednesday, Oct. 10, 1900 - Built a Fence around the Sowed Corn Bunches Back of the Barn

Thursday 11 - Went over to the Bailey Mill & Bought 1 Load of Wood for Kindling Gave 30 Cts for it & Had about 1 Cord of it when Corded Went to Roseville with 130 # tub Butter Bought 1 Roll of Barbed Wire & A New Work Coat for Myself = 3.25

Friday, Oct. 12, 1900 - Put one Strand of Barbed Wire on the Line Fence next the Longwell Place Above the Road

Saturday 13 - Hauled Manure on the Wheat on the Hill & Went down to Bailey mill on the Longwell Place to try and Buy some Lumber but did not buy any as it was all Sold but one Pile of culls did not Hardly Want that

Sunday, Oct. 14, 1900 - A Rainy Day Stayed at Home Bated the Cattle Across the Road Awhile & Kept them in the Barn over Night and fed them Some Sowed Corn

Tuesday, Oct. 16, 1900 - Bought of Eugene Bailey 1 Pile of Cull Lumber for 15 Dollars Paid 10 down and owe the Balance (Note: Eugene F. Bailey [1868-1925] was son of Griffin Bailey and Alvira Aylesworth. His wife, Edith Lillian Strait [1872-1964} was daughter of Frank Strait and Sarah.)

Wednesday 17 - Finished Plowing the Potatoe Ground and hauled 1 Load Manure on the Wheat on the Hill & Hauled 2 Loads on the Potatoe Ground.

Thursday, Oct. 18, 1900 - Hauled Manure on the Potatoe Ground Back of the Barn & Fixed the Line Fence Next Wesleys

Friday 19 - Hauled Manure on the Potatoe Patch

Saturday, Oct. 20, 1900 - Hauled Manure on the Potatoe Patch

Sunday 21 - Stayed at Home

Monday, Oct. 22, 1900 - Finished Hauling Manure on the Potatoe Patch for Rye

Tuesday 23 - Sowed the Potatoe Patch to Rye then it Commenced to Rain Husked Corn in the Barn

Wednesday, Oct. 24, 1900 - Went to Mansfield Sold R. W. & M. F. Rose 81 # butter @ 20 cts = 6.20 Had the Horses Shod at Miller & Kiffs Finished Paying Eugene Bailey for the Lumber $5.00 Father & Mother Went over to Lons Sold Morton Wheeler some chickens

Thursday 25 - Went to Mansfield with some Chickens Sold 52 # to Morton Wheeler @ 6 cts = 3.12 Bought of Rolason & Shaw 1 Folding Childs Bed for $3.75

Friday, Oct. 26, 1900 - Hauled away the Old Waste Lumber from the Cow Stable floors to the Wood Pile & Hauled 1 Load of Gravel from the Creek to Grade around the Barn

Saturday 27 - Hauled Gravel to Grade up around the Cow Stable Door

Sunday, Oct. 28, 1900 - Stayed at Home

Monday 29 - Commenced Plowing in the House Lot on the Corn Ground & Cleaned out the House Well Warm & Pleasant Goldie Cleveland Commenced Work for the week at 50 cts

Tuesday, Oct. 30, 1900 - Plowed in the House Lot Elsworth Cleveland Died & Goldie had to Go Home

Wednesday 31 - Plowed in the House Lot

Thursday, Nov. 1, 1900 - Plowed in the House Lot

Friday 2 - Plowed in the House Lot Warm & Pleasant

Saturday, Nov. 3, 1900 - Hauled Stone in the Water Course in the Field Below Wesleys

Sunday 4 - Stayed at Home

Monday, Nov. 5, 1900 - Plowed on the oat Stubble in the Houselot

Tuesday 6 - Hauled Stone in the Water Course in the Field Below Wesleys & Went with Father to Rutland to Presidential Election (Note: In 1900 William McKinley was reelected as President. Women could not vote yet, but were actively working toward that goal.)

Wednesday , Nov. 7, 1900 - Husked Corn in the Barn A Rainy Afternoon

Thursday 8 - Went to Mansfield Sold D. C. Tomlinson 331 # Old Iron at 40 cts a Hundred Bought 2 Plow Points & Wheel Barrow Wheel Bought of R.W. & M. F. Rose 21 Hundred feed for 16.50 of Strait & Wood 1 Rip Saw at $1.50

Friday, Nov. 9, 1900 - Commenced Plowing the Corn Stubble Across the Road Weather a Little Cooler

Saturday 10 - Plowed on the Corn Stubble across the Road

Nov. 11, 1900 - Stayed at Home Mother Went over to Elk Run to Church with Daniels Folks

Monday 12 - Plowed on the Corn Stubble Across the Road Went to Roseville with Mother

Tuesday, Nov. 13, 1900 - Plowed on the Corn Stubble across the Road

Wednesday 14 - Finished Plowing the Corn Stubble & Commenced Plowing the Field Below the Road Below Wesleys

Thursday, Nov. 15, 1900 - Plowed a Little on the Field But it was Frozen So that it did not Plow Good Sold George palmer 3 Cows at 12 Dollars Per Head Cherry Betsy & Nigger

Friday 16 - Worked on the Old Tread Power Making some new Lags Helped Palmers Drive the Cows a Piece

Saturday, Nov. 17, 1900 - Finished Making the Lags & Put them in the Tread Power & done a Churning with it Then Sorted Some corn in the Barn Warm & Pleasant

Sunday 18 - Stayed at Home

Monday, Nov. 19, 1900 - Sorted & Cribbed the Corn & Cleaned out the Corn Crib Had about 40 Bushels Warm & Pleasant

Tuesday 20 - Worked with the Old Tread Power Moved it out to the Barn and Set it up Ready to Run & Put Fan on a Little While But as She did not go good did not get much done Daniel Wanted a Horse to Plow with

Wednesday 21, 1900 - Cut Stalks with the Tread Power using Jim tried Fan but she Would not Work Daniel Helped me Had a Shower of Rain it Was a Very Windy Day the Wind Blew so that could scarcely Work it was Warm till Evening Growing colder at Bed time

Thursday 22 - Went to Mansfield to Mill Had 3 Bushels Wheat Ground Sold 31 # Butter to Roses @ 21 & 16 1/2 # in the R? @ 20 cts = $9.81 Bought 2 Rolls Paper Sheathing and some Rubber & Rubber Molding to Stop the Cracks Around the Doors

Friday, Nov. 23, 1900 - Cut Stalks with Jim Draper Helping in Daniels Place While he Had Fan to Plow With Millard was there he helped a Little the Folks went down to Mary J. Bryants to Help her on her quilt Daniel Took them down.

Saturday 24 - Took the Siding off the Old Folks Bedroom on one Side and Put on Building Paper and Replaced the Siding again it Snowed and Rained together all the Afternoon Put some Rubber around the Doors in the House Daniel Had Fan and Plowed all Day

Sunday, Nov. 25, 1900 - Stayed at Home A Stormy Gloomy Day

Monday 26 - A Rainy Day Chored around the House and Barn and turned the Water Away from the Buildings

Tuesday, Nov. 27, 1900 - there Was a Little Snow Fell Last night Weather a Little Cooler Finished Putting the Building Paper under the siding on the Old Folks Bed Room

Wednesday 28 - Set Stakes & Put Boards Around the House for the Banking of Saw dust & chored around the House & Barn

Thursday, Nov. 29, 1900 - Hauled Saw dust 2 Loads from Manley Smiths on the Longwell Place

Friday 30 - Finished hauling Saw dust to Bank the House Hauled 1 Load & then Hauled 2 Loads for Daniel to Bank His House Daniel Piled up a Little Wood along the Road Warm & Muddy

Saturday, Dec. 1, 1900 - Hauled 1 Load of Wood for Daniel & Hauled 1 Load up from the Woods to the Door Daniel Piled up the Slab Wood in the Barn Lot i Hauling a Part of it to the Door on the Stone Boat

Sunday 2 - Stayed at Home

Monday, Dec. 3,, 1900 - Plowed in the field below Wesleys Warm & Pleasant

Tuesday 4 - A Stormy Day it Rained all the forenoon of the Day & Snowed the Rest Worked in the Rain Turning the Water Opening the Sluices & Fixing Fence to Keep the Cows at Home & Piled some Slab Wood in the Power Shed

Wednesday, Dec. 5, 1900 - Chored around Warm & Muddy

Thursday 6 - Chored around Warm & muddy

Friday, Dec. 7, 1900 - Worked in the Cow Barn Buttoning it up to Make it Warmer

Saturday 8 - Went to Roseville With Mother to Get Her new Bonnet that Mrs. Frank Argetsinger had been Making Her. (Note: Emma Andrus [1861-1824], daughter of Robert Andrus and Mary Blanchard, was married to Frances Winnie Argetsinger {1836-1922], son of James Argetsinger and Catherine Winnie.)

Sunday, Dec. 9, 1900 - Stayed at Home Weather getting a little Cooler

Monday 10 - Hauled out a Little Manure & 1 Load of Wood the Ground Being Frozen a Little

Tuesday, Dec. 11, 1900 - went to Roseville Addie Went along Bought a Pair of Red Blankets @ 60 cts

Wednesday 12 - Hauled up 1 Drag of Wood to Set the Pans on to Butcher the Hogs With & Hauled 1 Load of Sap Wood to Heat the Water With Went after Ira Smith to Butcher the Hogs he to come on Friday if the Weather was suitable

Thursday, Dec. 13, 1900 - Cut Stalks. Finished them & Moved the Power Back under the Shed Daniel Helping

Friday 14 - A Cold Day too Cold to Butcher done the Chores & Set by the fire

Saturday, Dec. 15, 1900 - Chored around the Barn & Wood pile the 2 Year old Heifer Calved

Sunday 16 - Stayed at Home John & Jane Styres came over (Note: Jennie Smith, Emerson's sister was named Ella Jane Smith. Sometime she was called Jane and sometimes Jennie, which is a standard nickname for Jane.)

Monday, Dec. 17, 1900 - Chored around the Barn & House

Tuesday 18 - Getting Warmer Butchered the Hogs Ira Smith done the Work killed 2 Hogs

Wednesday, Dec. 19, 1900 - Cut up the Meat and Packed it down Henry Harts Wife came on a visit. (Note: Euphemia or Rhena Jones [1866-1921] was married to G. Henry Hart [1865-1927]. Euphemia was the daughter of DollyAnne Wood and George Jones. Henry was the son of Amelia Pierce and Daniel Hart.)

Thursday 20 - Chored around the Barn and House

Friday, Dec. 21, 1900 - Went to Mansfield Bought Eaves Troughs for the Cow Stable on the West Side & 3 inch Tile to Carry the Rain Water from the Barn Eaves into the Well & Paid Morgan Rose up for the Horse Rake & got the note

Saturday 22 - Put up the Eaves trough on the Barn Hauled up one Drag Wood to the Door

Sunday, Dec. 23, 1900 - Stayed at Home

Monday 24 - Put in A Window on the West side of the Cow Barn & Double Boarded & Put Building Paper in Between them along the Part where the Window is Weather warm & Muddy

Tuesday, Dec. 25, 1900 - Put a Window in the South End of the Old Shed Part of the Cow Barn Putting Building Paper between the Boarding Weather Warm & Muddy

Wednesday 26 - Put a Window in the South end of the Cow Barn beyond the alley way. Putting Paper between the Boarding Weather a Little Cooler

Thursday, Dec. 27, 1900 - Put a Window in the East side of the Cow stable. it Looking under the Shed. Putting Paper between the Boarding Weather cool but not very Cold

Friday 28 - Double Boarded Below the Window Part on 2 Coats Boards & Building Paper between Weather a Little Warmer

Saturday, Dec. 29, 1900 - Double Boarded & Buttoned the Rest of that Side

Sunday 30 - Stayed at Home Star Cow Calved

Monday, Dec. 31, 1900 - Went to Roseville to Pay up the Balance Due Smith & Sweeley on store trade $3.83 Warm & Thawy


Jan 18 Sold to Burdell Smith 3 doz and 3 Eggs Welby and Ross Lawrence Cut Wood Half a day on the Butter Acct

Feb 16 Welby lawrence Helped Cut wood on the Butter acct it was 10 lbs at 20 cts = 2.00

Paid C. B. Hanyen Six dollars and Nine Cents for Oliver Ide

Jan 24 Bought of G. L. Strait 2 Rollers and track and 3 Botton Rollers for Barn doors

Mar 24 Bought of L.W. Bailey a Wheel Cultivator for $25 Gave note for $20.00 on 9 months

April 11 Gave Note to Morgan E. Rose for $12.00 on one years time

July 23 Paid 30.00 on Seperator Note to C. J Beachs Wife
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