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Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Diaries & Letters of Tri-Counties
From Joyce M. Tice's Sullivan-Rutland Genealogy Project
1901 - Emerson Smith of Rutland - Age 40 
Diary of Emerson Smith
Township: Rutland Township, Tioga County PA
Year: 1901
Transcribed by Joyce M. Tice
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Roseville Postcard sent in by Creig Crippen
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This diary was in the possession of Roland Smith of Roseville, son of Emerson. Roland died recently and his son, J. Harlo SMITH, loaned this and other diaries of Emerson to Sullivan-Rutland Genealogy Project. Emerson was also father of Erma SMITH who married Lee D. TICE and was step-grandmother of Joyce.
1901 - Emerson Smith
Age 40

Tuesday, Jan. 1, 1901 - Double Boarded the upper Part of the cow stable next the Door on the West side  A nice Day and Very Cold

Wednesday 2 - Double Boarded the Lower Part of the Cow Stable next the old Horse stable Part   Weather a Little Cooler

Thursday, Jan. 3, 1901 - Double Boarded the Door to the old Horse Stable  Hauled up 1 Drag of Wood from the Woods  & Sawed it up Mostly   Cool But Pleasant

Friday 4 - Hauled up some Drags of Wood up to the Door   Cool but Pleasant

Saturday, Jan. 5, 1901 - Went to Mansfield to Mill  took 2 Bushels Wheat   Father Went along went in to the Farmers Institute a few minutes   Cool But Pleasant  nice wheeling

Sunday 6 - Stayed at Home

Monday, Jan. 7, 1901 - Hauled up some Drags of Wood up the Door   Cool but Pleasant

Tuesday 8 - Hauled up some Drags of Wood up to the Door   A little Warmer  wind in the South

Wednesday. Jan. 9, 1901 - Chored around the Barn Fixing the Stable Doors to Make them Warmer in the Cow stable   Warm & Thawing

Thursday 10 - Chored around the HOuse & Barn Smoking the Pork Hams  Fixed the Cross Cut saw & cut a Little Wood    it Rained a Little most of the Day

Friday, Jan. 11, 1901 - Went to Mansfield  Daniel R. went along  it Was the day Roxanna Ames was Buried   Mother was going but Gave it up as it was getting Late   Bought Bed Springs for Three Dollars of Rolason & Shaw

Saturday 12 - Chored around the Barn & Cut a little Wood   Nancy Benson Rose & Ida VanNess came on a visit

Sunday, Jan. 15, 1901 - Stayed at Home   Weather a little Cooler but Pleasant

Monday 14 - Sawed Wood at the Door   Daniel Helping

Tuesday, Jan. 15, 1901 - Sawed Wood at the Door   Daniel Helping   Warm & Pleasant

Wednesday 16 - Sawed Wood at the Door  Daniel Helping   Warm & Pleasant

Thursday, Jan. 17, 1901-  Helped Daniel saw Wood in Wills  Woods   Warm & Pleasant

Friday 18 - Helped Daniel Saw Wood in Wills Woods   Cold & Windy

Saturday, Jan. 19, 1901 - Chored around the House & Barn & Fixed the Cross Cut Saw   Cold & Windy  Daniel didn’t want to work

Sunday 20 - Addie gave birth to a Baby boy at a quarter to Five o’clock in the Morning. Went over to Makeley then down to Manford Jones & got their girl Luella & Brought her Home to help Mother do the Work   Cold & Windy

Monday, Jan. 21, 1901 - Chored around the house & Barn  Lady Cow the 3 year old Calved. it was a Heifer. think I Will Raise it   Henry Makeley Came over & got Ruth & Took her Home with him to stay a Spell   Warm & threatening Rain.

Tuesday 22 - Hauled 2 Loads Wood for Welby Lawrence   Chored Around the House & Barn

Wednesday, Jan. 23, 1901 - Chored about the House & Went to Roseville to See Docter Nye about the Baby     Warm & Plesant

Thursday 24 - Hauled a Couple of Drags Wood from the Woods up to the Door   A Little Cooler but Pleasant

Friday, Jan. 25, 1901 - Hauled up some Drags wood to the Door

Sunday, Jan. 27, 1901 - Stayed at Home

Monday 23 - Chored around the House & Barn

Tuesday, Jan. 29, 1901 - Went up to Henry Makeleys to See Ruth  She was all Right so i Left Her there as they wanted to keep her longer   George Brown  Died at eleven o’clock  Russel Niles was Buried

Wednesday 30 - Done the Chores & Sat by the Fire

Thursday, Jan. 31, 1901 - Manford Jones & Wife Came up   Set up the Sleigh & Visited with them

Friday, Feb. 1 - Went to Mansfield  sold Roses 18 # Butter @ 18 cts = 3.24   Bought 1 Pair of Tall Boots & Snag Proof Rubbers = 3.00    Sleighing

Saturday, Feb. 2, 1901 - Went to Mansfield with a Veal Calf wt. 130 # @ 6 cts = 7.90  Changed the Boots for a Bigger Pair of the same kind   Pretty Good Sleighing

Sunday 3 - Stayed at Home   Eugene Phillips & Wife & Baby & Wife’s Sister & uncle William Came on a Visit  Pretty Good Sleighing

Monday, Feb. 4, 1901 - Cold & Windy  Hauled up some Drags Wood up to the Door

Tuesday 5 - Chored around the house & Barn & Sat by the fire

Wednesday, Feb. 6, 1901 - Cut Some Wood at the Door & done the Chores   Luella Jones Went up to Lishers to Ride down Hill in the evening    it was Cold & Stormy

Saturday 9 - Went to Mansfield to Mill

Monday 11 - Went to Mansfield

Tuesday, Feb. 12, 1901 - Cold & Windy

Thursday, Feb. 14, 1901 - Cold & Windy

Saturday, Feb. 16, 1901 - Done the chores   I Shoveled the Snow out of the Road Leading into the Woods     Weather Warmer

Sunday 17 - Mother Makeley & Gertie came over on foot   took them Down to the Old Bartlett Place to Enos Cleveland on their way Home as the Road over the Hill was Drifted up

Monday, Feb. 18, 1901 - Hauled up 1 Load of Slab Wood   & 1 Load of Pole Wood up to the Door   Done a Churning & the Chores   A Little Warmer   Nice Sleighing

Friday, Feb. 22, 1901 - Went up to W. H. Hatfields Sale. E.L. Nash went with me. did not buy any thing. Lisher Bought 3 Cows with their calves.

Saturday 23 - Went down to Russell Niles Sale  Henry Makeley came over and Went Down with me   did not buy any thing

Sunday, Feb. 24, 1901 -  Stayed at Home

Monday, 25 - Cut Wood at the Door & Fixed the cow stanchions to keep the Hay from getting under their feet

Tuesday, Feb. 26, 1901 - Cut Wood at the Door

Wednesday, 27 - Cut a Little Wood at the Door

Thursday, Feb. 28, 1901 - Cut Wood at the Door     A Nice Day   thawed a Little

Friday, Mar. 1 - Hauled Wood up to the Door

Saturday, Mar. 2, 1901 - Hauled a Load of Wood  2 Cords seasoned Wood down to John Stout & Got the Horses Shod All Round & Had Chain Link Put in

Sunday 3 -  Stayed at Home  O.A. & Wife, Grant, and Tracy came over. Draper came down & Brought his Accordeon with him

Monday, Mar. 4, 1901 - Went to Mansfield After some Grain feed for the Cows  Sold PRoses 3 # Butter @ 18 cts = 5.40
    Bought of Roses  400 # Bran = 4.00
                                 600 #     “ = 6.30
                          200 # Meal = 2.00
                                  2    Bags =    12

Tuesday 5 - Went down to Roseville with Addie to do some trading

Wednesday, Mar. 6, 1901 -  Went sown to Roseville after Doctor Nye   Addie was not feeling Well. got some Medicine for her from the doctor   got Ella Lawrence to Come down to Help Her

Thursday 7 - Chored around the House & Barn    Addie got Better    Star cow took the Bull

Friday, Mar. 8, 1901 - Hauled some Wood up to the Door

Saturday 9 - A Rainy Day   Chored around the Barn turning Water & done a churning & Put some new Stamping Plank in the Horse Stable

Sunday, Mar. 10, 1901 - Stayed at Home  it Rained almost all of the Night

Monday 11 - Hauled up Some Wood from the Woods in the Log   Got Stuck in the Creek and Pulled the Coupling ??? out of the Sleigh tongue   Had to Put a Bolt through to Hold it in   Warm and Cloudy

Tuesday, Mar. 12, 1901 - Cut some Maple trees & Hauled 1Log of it up to the Door  & Tapped the Maple Shade trees along the Road & 15  Maples along the Creek Below the House  But it did not Run much

Wednesday 13 - Hauled 3 Loads of Sap Wood to the Sap Arch & 2 Loads of Stove Wood up to the Door   the Sap Ran a Little but not very good

Thursday, Mar. 14, 1901 - Gathered the Sap down under the Bank & Hauled the Pails & Boiling Pans down in the Woods & Tapped a Part of the Flat  The Sap Ran Pretty Well

Friday 15 - Finished the Flat & Hauled the Pails up in the Wood & Tapped a Part of the Upper Woods   The Sap Ran Pretty Well

Saturday, Mar. 16, 1901 - Finished Tapping the Rest of the Pails that I had up in the Woods   Washed out the Boilers to get them Ready for Sugaring

Sunday 17 - Stayed at Home

Monday, Mar. 18, 1901 - Gathered a Part of the Sap using the Small Store tub to Haul it in   Boiled a Little of it

Tuersday 19 - Finished Soaking the Drawing tub so that i used it to Haul sap in

Wednesday, Mar. 20, 1901 - Worked at the sugaring   gathered the Bush all over

Thursday 21 - Wprked at the sugaring  Syruped off 11 Pails   Daniel Came down about Noon & Wanted to Work so Had to Let Him Work as i Had his Pails & he Could not get Work without them

Friday, Mar. 22, 1901 - Went to Mansfield to Mill Sold 4 gals Maple Syrup @ 1.00 a gallon   Bought of E. M. Fellows 100 # Crushed Oyster Shells   100 # Crushed Flint  11 # Ground Meat scraps for 1 Gallon of syrup = 1.00   Daniel Went along

Thursday, Mar. 28, 1901 - Gathered & Boiled Sap   Mother Sprained her Ankle pretty Badly   it will be a Long time before She can step on it again.

Monday, April 1, 1901 - Gathered & Boiled Sap

Tuesday 2 - Gathered Sap  Six tubs  full & Boiled what we could   Spencer Cleveland helping at 10 cts a day & Board

Wednesday, April 3, 1901 - A Stormy Day   Done the chores & Put up the Spouts to carry the Water from the Barn to the Well

Thursday, 4 - Dumped the Snow out of the Dishes & Hauled 2 Loads Wood   Syruped off  ?? Pails  Spencer Cleveland Helping

Friday, April 5, 1901 - Gathered the Flat over & Boiled it with the Rest   Had 3 Pails   Tapped a Few more trees  the dishes that were down along the creek under the Bank   Spencer Clevelend went home at noon

Saturday 6 - A Rainy Day   Carried up the Syrup from the Woods & done the Chores   it Rained all Day

Sunday, April 7, 1901 - Stayed at Home   Lon & Sate came over a Little While   Enos Cleveland came up & got the tub of Butter that they Bought Last fall   they Lack 2 Dollars of Paying for it

Monday 8 - Dumped the Rain Water out of the Dishes & Cut a Little wood at the Door   Spencer Cleveland & Goldie came up but went Home again at night and did not come again the next day

Tuesday, April 9, 1901 - Leveled up the Seperator and Done the Chores   Father Makeley Came over a Little While    Sate & Jenny & John & Jane called in a few Minutes on their way home from Lishers

Wednesday 10 - Went to Mansfield   Bought a Woven Wire Spring Cot Bed for Mother to Sleep & Lay on  2.25  Sold 2 tubs ? each 60# @ 18 cts = $ 10.90

Thursday, April 11, 1901 - Cut the sap trees over & Cut a Little Sap Wood   Sawed the Little 2 year old Red Heifers Horns off

Friday 12 - Gathered & Boiled Sap Gathered about 10 Barrels

Saturday, April 13, 1901 -  Gathered & Boiled Sap

Sunday 14 - Finished Boiling Sap  Had 5 Pails Syrup   Henry Makeley & Hired man came over a Little While   they were Breaking Oxen   Mother Makeley came over a foot al little While   Lon & Sate came over to see Mother

Monday, April 15, 1901 - Went to Mansfield with the Hog  Sold  him to W. F. Rose wt 209 # @ 5 cts = $10.45   Lee Reynolds Rode over With me

Tuesday 16 - Sorted a few Potatoes in the Cellar to get them Ready for Market   Jason Watkins Came Here Selling Medicine   so Bought $2.50 worth of Medicine as Addie was Sick and Had got Ready to go for the Doctor   Huffs & Armstrong Medicine   Gertie Came over to Help Addie

Wednesday, April 17, 1901 - Dolly Cow Calved
Thursday 18 - Gathered the Sugar Dishes & the Sap that was in them   Gathered them & the Sap with the Wagon

Friday, April 19, 1901 - Went down to Roseville to Welby Lawrences after his girl Edith but as she Wanted $1.50 per Week would have come very Reluctantly at  $1.25 but i did not Hire Her as i wanted her to come at 1.00.

Saturday 20 - Boiled the last little drib of sour sap that Gathered with the Dishes & Packed up the Storage Tubs & cut some Sap Wood by the Arch

Sunday, April 21, 1901 - Went down to Manford Jones after his Smallest girl to come and Work for us & She Came Home with me  it was Pretty Muddy as it Rained the Most of the Day

Monday 22 -  Set the Old Horse Power to get ready for Churning  Ross SMith wanted to Work for Six Dollars Per Month but i did not Like to Pay him quite So Much  So he did not stay

Tuesday, April 23, 1901 -  Cut wood at the Door   Daniel Helping   it was a Rather Stormy day  Had Light Sprinkles of Rain almost all Day    Daniel Helping

Wednesday 24 - Cut Wood at the Door   Draper Helping

Thursday, April 25, 1901 - Sorted Potatoes in the Cellar   Ira SMith Bought 36# Sugar @ 6 cts = 2.16 to Apply on Wagon Repairing

Friday 26 - Went to Mansfield with 16  Bushel Potatoe   Sold Roswell Ripley 10 Bushels @ 50 cts = $5.00  He did not Pay for them   Sold Roses 6 Bushels @ 50 cts = $3.00  Bought  $6.08 worth of Grass Seed & Bought 600 Bran @ 6.30.  400 Meal  4.00 = 10.30  Owe $3.30 yet   Daniel Working

Saturday, April 27, 1901 - Cut Wood at the Door  Daniel Helping. Bought Daniels Sugar Dishes @ 8 cts Each & Boiling Pan @ $2.50  60 Buckets @ 8 cts = 4.80 & Pans 2.50 = $7.30

Sunday 28 - Manford Jones Wife & little Boy came up. Matilda came down  the little Baby boy Died    Jenny Styres & Bert came over a little While  Went over to Makeleys to tell them

Monday, April 29, 1901 - Sent out an order for seeds  Went with Draper up to the Graveyard to Show Him where to dig the little grave & to Mansfield with a veal Calf. Telephoned to Mainesburg to Elder Gard  to come  Mate Ashley came up & Helped & Mother Makeley Came over & Stayed over night . Matilda Came down also.

Tuesday 30 - We Buried Our 3 Month Old Deformed Baby Boy   Elder Gard Preached the Sermon   Had Wesley Sherman for undertaker   Addie did not Like it at all

Wednesday, May 1, 1901 - Plowed a Little above the Oat corn ground Across the Road but as it was Rather Wet so that the side Hill Plow did not scour at all & did not Plow after Noon  Carried the Democrat Wheels over to Ira Smith for Repairs.

Thursday 2 - Dragged a part of the House Lot  it was Rather Wet & it Rained Toward night so that  can not Drag in 2 or 3 Days.

Friday, May 3, 1901 - Cleaned over Oats to get Ready for Seeding & Cleaned a Little Wheat

Saturday 4 - Cleaned over the Rest of the Wheat & Went to Roseville  Sold Blood & Avery 51 lbs, Buter @ 16 cts = $8.16 & 18 doz. Eggs @ 11 cts = 1.98.

Sunday, May 5, 1901 - Went up to Father Makeleys & Addie & the children Went along  & Gertie as she was there Having Stayed over night with us.

Monday 6 - Fixed the Fence on the McConnell Line  in the field & Helped Daniel Fix a Part of the Brush fence next Lishers & Dragged a Part of the House Lot Plowing   Went up & Got Daniel to Help on the Brush fence  Hauled Some Poles with the Horses  He came at noon

Tuesday, May 7, 1901 - Dragged in the House Lot   Turned the Cows out to Pasture  Marked the Patch next the Road   mulched  for Garden & Addie & Eva Planted a Part of it

Wednesday 8 - Spwed the House Lot & Brought the Smoothing Harrow down off from the Hill to Get it ready for use

Thursday, May 9, 1901 - Planted the Oats in the House Lot & Fixed the Smoothing Harrow   it Rained a Part of the Day & Dug up some Ground in the front yard next the Road  for Addie a Posy Bed & Plowed on the Oat Ground across the Road.

Friday 10 -  Finished Plowing the Oat Ground & Dragged a Part of the Fall Plowing on the same but it commenced to Rain again towards night so Had to quit.

Saturday, May 11, 1901 - Plowed in the Field Below Wesleys for Corn as it was too Wet to Sow Oats

Sunday 12 - Stayed at Home  Luella Jones & her Mother came up to see Eva

Monday, May 13, 1901 - Veal Calves Ready for Market  Went to Mansfield with 2 Veal Calves wt 275  @ 4 1/2 cts = 12.37   Addie went along   got some Eggs to Lons to set   Ross Came Here to Stay I Guess

Tuesday 14 - Went over to Will Halls after some pigs  But he did not Have any  Went to Jim Averys & found one & over to Roseville but did not find any & Went over to Harmon  Updykes and found some i guess Will go again in the Morning to See updyke about them. & Sowed a Part of the Oats   Ross Dragging with the horses while i was gone

Wednesday, May 15, 1901 - Went over to Harmon Updykes and got 2 Pigs Had to Pay $3 each $6 for 3 & then around by George Frost to Roseville & got one for $2.50  Ross went over to Seymours & got his Clothes. Finished Sowing the Oats across the Road

Thursday 16 - Ross Dragged the Oats with the Smoothing Harrow & i Set up the Wheel Cultivator Drag & Dragged a Part of the Potatoe Ground with it for Potatoes again  Sprayed the Plum & Cherry & apple trees Around the House

Friday, May 17, 1901 -  Marked a Part of the Potatoe Ground the Part that i had Dragged & Furrowed out & Dropped & Covered the Potatoes using the Small Cultivator  Ross, Addie, and Eva helping.

Saturday 18 - Plowed for Corn Below the Road acros from Wesley

Sunday, May 19, 1901 - Stayed at Home   Eva Came Back from Makeleys

Monday 20 - Plowed for Corn Below Wesleys   Wesley is Tearing down his Old Horton Barns there was a man Had one of his Horses Taken Away from him as he was coming up the [road] Between the House & the Corner Below Here

Tuesday, May 21, 1901 - Plowed for Corn Below Wesleys

Wednesday 22 - Finished Plowing for Corn Below Wesley’s it Rained in the P.M.  Fixed Addies Shoes   Luella Jones Came up at night & Stayed over night.

Thursday, March 23, 1901 -   Went to Mansfield   Eva & Luella Went Along   Bought 1 1/2 Bushels Seed Corn Leaming @ 65 cts.

Friday 24 - Hauled Manure on the Corn Ground Below the Road   it Rained a Hard Shower in the Afternoon So that Could not Work

Saturday, March 25, 1901 - Plowed for Corn Across the Road Below the Oats But it Was Very Wet  and commenced Raning again so did not Plow all day & Sorted Potatoes in the Cellar

Sunday 26 - Stayed at Home & Churned  John Styres & Jenny came over a Little While   Rained almost all night

Monday, May 27, 1901 - Fixed the Rail fence on the Line Next Will Reynolds & Fis the Brush Fence next Lishers & Sorted a few Potatoes in the cellar   the Goround so Wet Cannot Work it.

Tuesday 28 - Cleaned out the Wood House & Tore out the Floor & Cleaned out the Chip Manure so that could put in a New Floor & Make it Larger cover it all over

Wednesday, May 29, 1901 - Finished cleaning out the Wood House & Built a Foundation for the Seperator & Put in the Floor   Raised the Seperator up Higher than used to have it   Wet Rainy Gloomy Weather

Thursday 30 - Set up the Churn   Ready to Churn   Split & Piled Wood & Sawed Some  Ross Helping   Ira Smith came & got 2 Busheld Potatoes @ 5 cts   Eva Jones went to Roseville to Decoration

Friday, May 31, 1901 - Cut Wood at the Door   Went down to Roseville Baptist Church to hear Mrs Scott Lecture on the Negro question in the evening. Ross, Eva, & Addie & the Children went along.

Saturday, June 1 - Cut Wood at the Door  Went down to Wells Ashley to see if i could find Manly Smith to Get him to take care of his sheep & found him down to the Bailey Barn he was Moving the Barn  Had Victor Welch Moving it with his Tools. he said he would take Care of the sheep when he got Time

Sunday, June 2, 1901 - Went down to Manford Jones with Eva. Addie & the Children Went Along.  Picked a few Winter greens   Paid Ella 2 Dollars on Eva’s Work   it Rained a Shower in the Afternoon.

Monday 3 -  Fixed the Road Fence Along the Barn Lot & Piled up the Fence along the Road  Below Wesleys   Piled it up to get it out of the Way   A Nice Pleasant Day

Tuesday, June 4, 1901 - Went to Mansfield   Sold  R.W. & M. F. Rose 1 Tub Butter wt 51 @ 16 = 8.16   Boutht of Shipbanks1 Straw Hat 25 cts  & Ross 1 Wool Hat 1.00   Cuff Buttons 25 cts.

Wednesday 5 - Commenced Dragging on the Corn Ground but it was Wet.  Went to Plowing across the Road  finished that & Went to Hauling Manure   Joe McConnell’s Bull got in with my cows & Ross drove him back home. Stern Ashley Borrowed the Drill to Plant Corn With.

Thursday, June 6, 1901 - Dragged on the Corn Ground Below the Road it was Rather Wet but had to Work at it as it is so Late  Cant wait for it to Dry up, but Commenced Marking it but Broke the Marker

Friday 7 - Too wet to Plant  Filed the Saw & Sawed a Little Wood & Hauled a little Manure it was too Wet but Had to Haul as it is getting so Late

Saturday, June 8, 1901 - Hauled Manure on the Corn Ground Below the Road for Sowed Corn & Went down to Roseville to Caucus Election   Addie went Along

Sunday 9 - Went over to Lons  Addie Rosss & Eva Went aalong & Brought the Old Folks Back   Eva came Back on Foot around to Elk Run to Children’s Day & ADdie Gertie & Ross went with me over there at night

Monday, June 10, 1901 - Planted the Part right Below Wesleys to Field Corn  Planted the New Land  Marked the same  Ross tried but could not use the Planter so Had to Plant with the Hoe  Had Lee Reynolds to Help. Lewis Roblyer & Elmer VanValkner Had a Lawsuit at Roseville.

Tuesday 11 - Dragged the Patch for Corn across the Road & Marked it & Planted a Part of it. Planted the Package of ?oura Seed that we Bought of Gregorys   Stern Ashley came & Borrowed the Grain Drill to Plant Corn With

Wednesday, June 12, 1901 - Finished Planting Corn Across the Road & Hauled Some more Manure on the Field Below the Road & Dragged on it the Rest of the Day   Will VanNess Borrowed the Wheel Cultivator to Cultivate Corn With

Thursday 13 - Finished Dragging the Piece Below the Woods for Sowed Corn & Sowed the Corn with the Grain Drill  Planted a few Potatoes along the edges to turn Around on

Friday, June 14, 1901 - Hauled the Horse Manure on the Rest of the Potato Ground & Plowed it in

Saturday 15 - Dragged & Furrowed the Potatoe Ground & Planted it to Potatoes & Beans & Corn & Hauled 4 Loads of Manure on the Potatoes & Cultivated the Gardens

Sunday, June 16, 1901 -  Went Down to Manford Jones with Eva to take her Home to Stay   Owing Her on Work 1.00  Ross Went Along. Ovid Comfort was there, the Blind Boy    Came Home by Makeleys & they Gave us some Cabbage & Tomato Plants

Monday 17 - Will VanNess Brought my Cultivator Home & Helped Put the Rest of the Teeth on for Dragging & i Went up on the Hill to Drag the Wheat up for Sowed Corn but thought Would plant so came Back down & got the Plow and Plowed it.  Ross Picked Stone off the Garden &  fixed on Calf Stanchions.

Tuesday, June 18, 1901 - Dragged the Wheat Patch for Corn & Sowed it to Corn in the forenoon & Cultivated Potatoes Back of the Barn

Wednesday 19 - Plowed a Part of the Orchard for Buckwheat  Eugene Cleveland Came Over from Will VanNess and Helped Ross Hoe Potatoes to Pay for the use of the Cultivator   Father Makeley Came over to see about getting the Bull to Use a While

 Thursday, June 20, 1901 - Plowed a Piece Below the Road for Sowed Corn, But it is raining as i Write & i dont know as i can Sow it as it might be too Wet  Skinned the Calf that died   Archie Makeley came & got the Bull

Friday 21 -Plowed in the upper part of the Orcahrd with the flat Plow. Churned a churning at noon  & FDragged the Piece Next the Road for Sowed Corn & got out the Drill to Sow it But then it Rained a Long Heavy Shower so could not sow   Ross went over to Makeleys and got some Leaming Seed

Saturday, June 21, 1901- Went to Mansfield   Addie & Ross Went Along   Ross Stayed over there to see his sister   Went up in the Orchard to Plow but it was so Wet that i quit

Sunday 23 - Went over to Makeleys  Father & Mother & Addie Went along

Monday, June 24, 1901 - Finished Plowing the Orchard for Buckwheat   Sherman Marbles Woman came & got Mother’s Old Loom

Tuesday 25 - Plowed on the hill Above the Oats & Next the Wheat Ground  Sowed Corn

Wednesday, June 26, 1901 - Finished Plowing on the Hill for Sowed Corn  & Dragged over the Piece Below the Orchard & Sowed it to Leaming Corn in drills 3 Feet apart   Uncle Warren Smith and Wife came Here a little While

Thursday 27 - Dragged the Corn Patch on the Hill between the Oats & Wheat FGround  Sowed Corn & Sowed it to Corn with the Grain Drill  A Very Hot Day   Had a Shower of Rain in the Evening  C. J. Beach Came and took 2 New Notes on the Seperator one of 50.00 5 Months one of $46.80 on one Year  no interest

Friday, June 28, 1901 - Had a Shower of Rain   too Wet to Work much  Trimmed off a few Apple Limbs and Trimmed out 2 Old Dry Apple trees & Piled the Brush for Burning & Set around the House the Rest of the Day

Saturday 29 - Hauled the Brush out of the Orchard & Burned it up & Dragged the Orchard over for Buckwheat

Sunday, June 30, 1901 - Went over to Elk Run to Meeting & S.S.  Mother & Ross Went Along. Allen Seely Came to get my Wheel Cultivator but could not Spare it

Monday, July 1 - Finished Dragging the Orchard for Buckwheat & Sowed it to Buckwheat & Cultivated Some Potatoes with the Wheel Cultivator   took Father & Mother over to Lyman Smiths to a Birthday Party  Addie Went over After them at night   Very Warm

Tuesday, July 2, 1901 - Finished Cultivating the Potatoes Back of the Barn & Went to Mansfield. Bought 2 Hundred Pounds of  Plaster for the Corn & 1 lb Paris Green for the Potatoes & 4 Butter Tubs   A Warm Day

Wednesday 3 - Cultivated Corn Below the Road With the Big Cultivator   Rained a HEavy Shower in the Afternoon  too Wet to WOrk     Shut up 1 Road Sluice & Hoed in the Garden a little While

Thursday, July 4, 1901 - Hoed Potatoes Back of the Barn

Friday 5 - Hoed Potatoes Back of the Barn. Had a Shower in the Morning and Another in the Evening

Saturday, July 6, 1901 - Sprayed the Potatoes in the Garden & Back of the Barn & Hoed on them a While   Hauled Some Plaster & Ashes Across the Road to Put on the Corn next the Road & Ross Put Some of it on

Sunday 7 - Stayed at Home   Sarah J. Reynolds Came at Night

Monday, July 8, 1901 - Cultivated Corn Below Wesleys   it Rained in the Afternoon   Went in Wesleys Barn through the Showers    had a heavy Shower   Jud Oldroyd was there through shower   Mowed the Road Below the Corn Below the House   Sarah J. Reynolds was here

Tuesday 9 - Archie Makeley Brought the Bull Home  Went to Mansfield to Mill  Sarah J. went down to Jerome Bryants with me   Bought a new Chain for the Barn Well   Tried to Cultivate Corn across the Road from the House but it was so Wet that could not Work it & Also Below the Road the sowed Corn Part but it Was too Wet the  most   Had a Swarm Bees

Wednesday, July 10, 1901 - Shovel Plowed the Potatoes Back of the Barn & Helped Ross Hoe on the Rest of the late Planted ones next them

Thursday 11 - Cultivated the Fodder Corn on the Wheat ground on the Hill & a Part of the Piece across the Road from the House  Mowed the Road up to the Line by Wesleys

Friday, July 12, 1901 - Finished Cultivating the Corn Below Wesleys with the Little Cultivator & Finshed Cultivating  Corn Across the Road from the House & Cultivated Fodder Corn Below the Road With the Big Cultivator. Finished Shovel Plowing the late Potatoes Back of the Barn

Saturday 13 - Finished Cultivating the Fodder Corn Below the Road & cultivated in the Rest of the Piece   Hauled in the Hay that Cut along the Road

Sunday, July 14, 1901 - Stayed at Home

Monday 15 - Cultivated the Rest of the Corn Below Wesleys & Commenced to get Ready for Haying

Tuesday, July 16, 1901 - Finished setting up the Mower & Ground the knives & Mended the Hay Rack & Picked a few Cherries  it Rained at Night

Wednesday 17 - Picked some Cherries & Fixed the Pump again & Mowed a Little Grass with the Scythe in the House Lot

Thursday, July 18, 1901 -Cultivated the Corn Across the Road with the Wheel Scraper until i Was taken Sick with the summer Complaint

Friday 19 - Sick did not Work   Addie & Ross Took the Bull over to Sell   Rockwells got $30 for him   Weighed Eleven Hundred & 20   1120 Pounds

Saturday, July 20, 1901 - Still sick did not Work laid in bed the most of the A. M. & did not do much in the P. M.  Ground the Reaper knives & Put them in the Reaper again   Nora & Cora Styres Came and Staid a Part of the Day then Went up to Lishers

Sunday 21 - Stayed at Home

Monday, July 22, 1901 -  Cut the Piece of Wheat by the Orchard with the Reaper & Hauled 1 Load in the Barn & as it was so much Green Weeds in it did not Haul  any More  Mowed a Part of the Grass Below it & Looked like Rain i quit

Tuesday 23 - Finished Mowing the Grass Below the Wheat & Hauled 3 Loads of it in the Barn  1 Load yet in the Field  Hauled in the Rest of the Wheat all but the Scatterings

Wednesday, July 24, 1901 - Mowed a Piece above the Wheat Part of the Orchard & Hauled it in Hauled the other Load Below  Raked the Wheat & Hay Scatterings & Hauled them in

Thursday 25 - Mowed the Clover in the Barn Lot & Broke a Mower Guard doing it   Went to Mansfield  i got the guard & Shoe for the End of the Cutter Bar  Had the Horses Shod at Kiff & Case for 1.50  A Cool Cloudy Day

Friday, July 26, 1901 - it Rained Almost all Last Night & Part of this Morning  Went down to Roseville to Get the Papers & a Barrell for the Soft Soap  Paid 50 cts for it   Went on Wills Hill a Berrying  A Cool Cloudy Day

Saturday 27 - Stirred out the Clover Hay in the Barn Lot after the Rain to get it Cured & Dried   I Raked & Cocked it as it was not Cured Enough to Haul in the Barn it Being a Full Hay Day & the Hay was So Wet & Green that did not dry much

Sunday, July 28, 1901 - Stayed at Home

Monday 29 - Put some New Mower knives on the Cutter Bars & Ground up 1 Set & Stirred out the Clover in the Barn Lot & Hauled it in got most all in then it Rained again &  got the Rest of it Wet. But there wasn’t much left

Tuesday, July 30, 1901 - Mowed 1 Load of Hay on the Hill & Hauled it in & Hauled the Rest of the Clover in & tried to Fix the Barn Well Pump but Could not as it was Fastened so that had to Split the Log to get the chain out

Wednesday 31 - Mowed 2 Loads & one fag of Hay & Hauled it in  & Ground the Other set of Mower Knives & Mowed a While in the Evening

Thursday, August 1, 1901 - Finished Mowing the Land & Hauled it in  Had 3 Loads & Mowed a While i the Evening

Friday 2 - Mowed a While & Hauled it all in Had 4 Loads   Wat Roses son Came to Buy Butter

Saturday, August 3, 1901 - Finished Mowing the Land & Raked the Scattering with the hay & Hauled them, 1 load in. Mowed around the Rest of the Field & Hauled it in one Load. One More Days Work Left.

Sunday 4 - Went down to Roseville with Mother to have the Doctor see her ankle  Addie Went along  Lucille Jones Rode down with us.  did not get Home until 12 o’clock at night

Monday, Aug. 5, 1901 - Went to Mansfield with 6 tubs Butter  sold to Rose @ 16 & 17 = 54.46. Paid C. J. Beach 50 Dollars on Seperator Acct.  Mother Went along.

Tuesday 6 - A Rainy Day Sat in the House & Read the Papers.

Wednesday, Aug. 7, 1901 - Finished Mowing the Grass on the Hill & as it did not Dry off Enough to Rake it up Mowed in the House Lot & Cradled around the Oats in the House Lot.

Thursday 8 - Went up on the Hill & Raked a Jag of Hay A Loaded a Part of it on & then it began to Rain  A Rained by Showers the Rest of the day so that could not Haul it in.

Friday, Aug. 9, 1901 - Finished up the Haying  Addie Was taken Sick last night, Miscarried  Went down to Roseville and Had the Doctor come up & Went over to Selah Frosts to get Luella Jones to come & Work

Saturday 10 - Went over to Austinville to the Smith Reunion   Father, Mother Ross Matilda & Hattie Went along. Nellie Tears came down & Stayed With Addie  While we were gone. Had a Pleasant day  cloudy & Rained a Little shower but not much.

Sunday, August 11, 1901 - Churned & Helped Wait upon Addie   Went over to Frosts to See why the Jones girl did not come  found her gone   She Came in Night by Herself

Monday 12 - Sent Ross With the Team over to Frosts after Luellas Clothes   Cut the Oats in the House Lot & across the Road & Put the Reaper Back under the Shed

Tuesday, Aug. 13, 1901 - Went to Mansfield to Mill  Bought a Barley Fork for 1.00   Built  a Box on the Hay Rack to Haul Loose Oats in

Wednesday 14 - Hauled oats hauled them in across the Road & 1 Load in the House Lot.

Thursday, Aug. 15, 1901 - A Rainy Day  Could not go to the Reynolds Reunion as it Rained so Much the Babies Put some irons in the Churn Power & it Broke so had to Churn by hand. Mended it again & Laid a Bed the Rest of the day

Friday 16 - Commenced Plowing for wheat over Back of the North Hill   Ross & Luella went after Black Berries but did not get much

Saturday, Aug. 17, 1901 - Plowed for Wheat over Back of the Hill it Rained through the Day and at Night

Sunday 18 - Went over to John Styres  Father  Mother & Ross Went along  Father & Mother Stayed over there.

Monday, Aug. 19, 1901 - Plowed on the Hill for  Wheat

Tuesday 20 - Plowed on the Hill in the A. M. & Stirred Oats & Hauled in One Load it Rained A Little Went down to Ashleys When they was threshing & Went with the threshers up to Wills to see about Helping Leon Thresh.

Wednesday, Aug. 21, 1901 - Went up & Helped Leon Thresh until they Broke down then Hauled in Oats from the House Lot  Luella Jones Helping  Ross Went up in the P.M. & Helped Thresh

Thursday 22 - Raked over the Oat Stubble in the House Lot unloaded the Load in the Barn Hauled in the scattering & Went up to Bert Tears with a Pail & Harvest Pears  Ross Went over to Estel Everetts to Stay until Sunday  Luella Jones went over to Austinville

Friday, Aug. 23, 1901 - Plowed on the Hill   Rained at night and almost all Night  fed the Cows some Sowed Corn

Saturday 24 - Went down to Roseville with Addie to send out letters to Change the Address of the Papers for Free Delivery  Plowed a little on the Hill & Cut some Fodder Corn for the Cows

Sunday, Aug. 25, 1901 - Styaed at Home  Vurt Styres Came over & Brought the Old Folks Home   Ross came Back from Estel Everets.

Monday 26 - Built a Fence across the Barn Lot from the Barn yard Fence across next the Drive way by the Potato Patch to Make a Pasture for the Calves

Tuesday, Aug. 27, 1901 - Plowed on the Hill in the A. M. & Hauled some Sowed Corn to feed the cows & Went up on the Mountain to Gene Woods & Stayed over night to Pick Black Berries

Wednesday 28 - Went from Genes over to Koons Camp after Berries & Came home at night  Gene Went along  did not get many Berries as there Had Been so many Pickers

Thursday, Aug. 29, 1901 - Finished Plowing the Wheat Ground   Went up to Wills & Borrowed his Bush Schythe to Cut Brush  along the Longwell line.

Friday 30 - Went with Addie & the Children over to Father Makeleys  & went over to Paul Jupenlaz to Buy a Bull Calf found one but did not know as would buy it   it Rained in the Afternoon & Evening.

Saturday, Aug. 31, 1901 - Went over to Will Van Ness to See Gene Bailey about the Lumber bought in the Longwell Place & chored about the House & Barn    it Rained a Heavy Shower at Night

Sunday, Sept. 1 - Went over to Sarah Clevelands with Addie & the CHildren   Sarah Cleveland came Home with us

Monday, Sept. 2, 1901 - Went to Mansfield to Mill  Ross Went along  Bought 1 Shirt for him     @ 50 cts & one for Myself at 50 cts.   the R. F. D.  Started.

Tuesday 3 - Helped E. L. Nash thresh Ross Helped also   Addie Went over Home With Aunt Sarah   Ruth Stayed over there

Wednesday, Sept. 4, 1901 - Went over to Paul Jupenlaz after a Bull Calf  Bought him for 12 Dollars & Spoke for 2 Pigs to be gotten on or About the 24

Thursday 5 - Went over to Mansfield after Father & Mother

Friday, Sept. 6, 1901 - Worked on the Road with the Big Scraper from the Corner  Below the Hugh Argetsinger House to W. B. Reynolds  Ross Working   Had L. W. Baileys team & Bentworth Stallion   Leon Durfee with his Team to Help

Saturday 7 - Went to Mansfield in the afternoon   Addie & Owen went along.  Bou=ght a Pair of slipper shoes for Addie   Bought a New Tubinne  and Curb for the Barn Well. David Ames & Wife Came & Len & Sate With them but did not Stay Long

Sunday, Sept. 8, 1901 -  Stayed at Home   Mother Makeley & Archie Came over to bring Ruth Home   Ross Went off with Olan Smith at night   Weather Cool  threatens frost

Monday 9 - Worked on the Road from Wesleys to the Town Line & over to Lisbees & across to Wills  Had Lishers & Jimmy Longwells teams to Help   Bailey Worked old Bentworth the Big Clydesdale Stallion

Tuesday, Sept. 10, 1901 - Went over to the Oscar Richmond Sale & Bought one Old Tanning Mill for 1.75 &   one Set of Platform Scales weighing 800 lbs for $7.00.

Wednesday 22 - Hauled Stone off the Wheat Ground on the Hill

Thursday, Sept. 12, 1901 - A Lowry Drizzly Day   Went up on the Hill & Dug out a Rock in the wheat Ground & Fixed the Bed Cord & Worked on the Well Pump at the Barn Well             Charly Argetsinger came down & got Mother

Friday 13 - Finished Fixing the Barn Pump & Round & Set up Some Sowed Corn  Below the Road that Ross had cut down a few days before   it Rained towards night   Tapped my Shoes

Saturday, Sept. 14, 1901 - Cut a Part of the Buckwheat in the Orchard & Ross Raked it up.

Sunday 15 - Went down to Horace Smiths in Hubbard Run  off hard scrabble but found them Sick with the Measels so that as did not want the children to get them we Came Back Home  but the old folks did not

Monday, Sept. 16, 1901 - Finished Cutting Raking the Buckwheat  Ross Gathered a few apples by the House

Tuesday 17 - Rained a Part of the Forenoon   Fixed a Corn Cutter & Cut the Sweet Corn in the Garden & then Cut Sowed Corn Below the Road    A cool Night

Wednesday, Sept. 18, 1901 - Finished  Cutting Sowed Corn Below the Road & Went down to Roseville in the Evening  Bought 1 doz, quart Cans to can Pears in & 4 Pinkcins ??? Bought 5 # Binder twine to Bind Corn with  Paying 60 cts for it  Mother Went down to see the Doctor about Her ankle

Thursday 19 - Commenced Cutting Field Corn Below the Road & then Went with the Reaper up & Cut a Piece of Buckwheat for Lisher as he was afraid of Frost  Lisher Cut Corn for me until the Hay Presser Came about 4 o.clock  Had a Frost at night

Friday, Sept. 20, 1901 - Cut Corn Below the Road

Saturday 21 - Cut Corn Below the Road in the A.M. & Bound & Set up Sowed Corn Below the Road in the P.M.   Cut a Little Corn across the Road by the House in the Evening

Sunday, Sept. 22, 1901 - Went over to Paul Jupenlaz & got @  4 weeks old Pigs   Paid 3 Dollars for them

Monday 23 - Cut Corn Below the Road in the A. M. & Bound sowed  Corn in the P. M. inthe same field

Tuesday, Sept. 24, 1901 -Bound & Shocked up some corn Below the Road

Wednesday 25 - Bound & Shocked up Sowed Corn & Cut a Little Corn   Addie Went to the Fair  Ross, Father, & Ruth went with her   Father & Ross stayed over   George Rud Sherman Brought some Pictures that he had taken of the children

Thursday, Sept. 26, 1901 - Cut Corn Below Wesleys   Dean & Millard Helped a Little While Towards Night             Ross & Father Came Home from the Fair

Friday 27 - Finished Cutting Corn Below Wesleys  & Cut on the piece across the Road by the House          Millard Came down at 20 Minutes Past 5 o’clock & Worked until Seven

Saturday, Sept. 28, 1901 - Finished Cutting Corn across the Road by the House & Cut the Sowed Corn Below the Orchard & Bound up a Part of it

Sunday 29 - Finished Cutting Corn across the Road by the House & Cut the Sowed Corn Below the Orchard & Bound up a Part of it

Monday, Sept. 30, 1901 - Finished Binding & Setting up the Sowed Corn Below the Orchard & Cut a Part of the Piece on the Hill on the Wheat Ground

Tuesday, Oct. 1 - Finished Cutting Corn in the Wheat Ground &  Cut the Piece Below

Wednesday, Oct. 2, 1901 - Bound Corn on the Wheat Ground & Set up a Little   Ross gathered Hickory nuts     it Rained at Noon pretty wet to Bind Corn but thought i would work to get it done

Thursday 3 - Finished Binding & Setting up the Corn in the Wheat Ground  & Bound & Set    up a Part of the Piece Below

Friday, October 4, 1901 - Finished Setting up the Rest of the Sowed Corn Around a Corn Horse in the forenoon & Went to Roseville in the Afternoon   Ross Gathered a Few Apples   Ella Jones came along peddling Tomatoes

Saturday 5 - Went to Mansfield   Sold Tom Judge 4 Tubs Butter at 18 & 1 at 19 cts Per Pound  Came to a Little over 39$  Addie & the Children Went along   Bought Some Shirts & Underwear & Bought of Sun Milling Co.  6 Bushels Rye at 60 cts.

Sunday, October 6, 1901 - Went over to Father Makeleys with Addie & the children

Monday 7 - Dragged the Wheat Patch over Back of the Hill to sow the Rye on took up the Rye & Drill but did not get any Sowed   Brought the Rye down agin in the democrat Wagon   Ross Gathered a Few more apples   Gene Cleveland Bought 3 lbs Butter & did not Pay

Tuesday, Oct. 8, 1901 - Sowed the Piece to Rye & Furrowed it out   Sold Bert Benson Some Chickens

Wednesday 9 - Went doen to Roseville with the Chickens $6.19   Hauled in the Buckwheat 2 Loads & Dug a Few potatoes    Husked a Little Corn in the Evening

Thursday, Oct 10, 1901 - Dug a Few Potatoes back of the Barn   I Went down to Roseville & Paid the Taxes   mine was $8.08 & Fathers was 21.13.

Friday 11 - Dug Potatoes Back of the Barn

Saturday, October 12, 1901 - Went up on the South Hill & Gathered Hickory nuts  Addie & Ruth went Along   Helped FGather a Little over One Bushel   Husked a Little Corn at night   Ross Dug a Few Potatoes   the calves got out & Ross got them Back & Fixed the Fence   Ross went up to Dan  Fosters at night to a Party

Sunday 13 - Stayed at Home  Ross stayed away all Last night & all the Day to day

Monday, Oct. 14, 1901 - Went to Mansfield to Mill   Sold 1 1/2 bushels Hickory nuts at 1.00 Bushel    Paid Emma Richmond the Note Given for 1 platform Scales & Tanning Mill $8.75 on Six Months Given Sept 10   Ross Went up & Helped Bert Tears Thresh

Tuesday 15 - Dug Potatoes Back of the Barn

Wednesday, Oct. 16, 1901 - Went up & Helped Lisher Thresh Buckwheat   He had 124 Bushels  Ross helped also  Dug a few Potatoes Back of the Barn

Thursday 17 - Dug Potatoes Back of the Barn   Dean Helping in the Afternoon   Dug 24 Bushels  it Rained a Little   got the Potatoes Wet some

Friday, Oct. 18, 1901 - Dug Potatoes Back of the Barn  dug 22 Bushels all that was Left of the First Planting

Saturday 19 - Dug a few Potatoes Back of the Barn until it Rained & then Husked Some Corn for the Hogs

Sunday, Oct. 20, 1901 - Went up to Horatio Ames   Father & Mother went over to Mansfield to see Hannah Lawrence

Monday 21 - Dug Potatoes Back of the Barn   Ross Ran away to go to School

Tuesday, Oct. 22, 1901 - Dug Potatoes Back of the Barn

Wednesday 23 - Dug Potatoes Back of the Barn & got Ready for Threshers & Threshed a Part    Ross came Back but did not work much

Thursday, Oct. 24, 1901 - Finished Threshing had 75 bu Oats  10 bu Buckwheat  & 7 Wheat & Paid Jim Wilson $3 for doing it & Hauled his Thresher down to O. Ides for him   Lisher & Daniel Helped Finish Digging Potatoes had 160 bu & Daniel Helped gather the Garden & Haul 1 Load of Sowed Corn

Friday 25 - Cleaned up the barn floor & Hauled in Some Corn to Husk

Saturday, Oct. 26, 1901 - Husked some corn in the Barn & Hauled in some More

Sunday 27 - Went down under the bank along the Creek & Gathered a few Beechnuts & Picked up & Cracked a Few Hickory nuts from the Big Hickory on Ashleys field next the Line in the Corner of the House Lot

Monday, Oct. 28, 1901 - Hauled in Some Corn from the Piece below the Road & Hauled Some Manure on the Oat Stubble across the Road

Tuesday 29 - Finished hauling Manure on the oat Stubble & Went down to Roseville to get a new Plow Point   Bought Ross a new Cap at Sweeleys for 25 cts

Wednesday, Oct. 30, 1901 - Hauled in 2 Loads Corn & Plowed a Little on the Potato Patch back of the Barn   Ross Went down to Roseville to Change his Cap

Thursday 31 - Plowed on the Potato Patch Back of the Barn   Mended the Plow Wheel & it took all the A.M.  almost   Ross Went to School & Went up to Lishers to Play with Dean in the Evening it being Halloween
Friday, Nov. 1, 1901 -   Hauled        in 1 Load Corn from Below the Road & Finished Plowing the Potatoe Patch back of the Barn & Husked Corn in the Barn

Saturday 2 - Hauled 1 Load Corn & 1 Load Wood from the Woods    Tinkered the clock to get it Running & Husked Corn in the Barn afternoon & Evening   Ross Went ofer to Estel Everetts to stay a Week

Sunday, Nov. 3, 1901 - Went up  to William Smiths all of us but Ross

Monday 4 - Husked some Corn in the Barn & Hauled in 1 Load then it Rained a Little

Tuesday, Nov. 5, 1901 - Went to Mansfield to Mill & Had the Horse Shod all Round at Chas. Bakers @ $1.50   Bought a Plow Wheel & Hub & Ordred a New Lazy Rack Cushion and Dash of U. S. Snover & Addie Ordered a Tomb Stone for the Infant that Died

Wednesday 6 - Plowed on the Hill

Thursday, Nov. 7, 1901 - Plowed on the Hill on the last Piece of Sowed Corn Stubble

Friday 8 - Finished Plowing the Last Sowed Corn Stubble & Commenced Plowing the Orchard

Monday, Nov. 11, 1901 - Went over & Helped Makeley Finish Threshing   it Rained most of the Afternoon but did not stop them Threshing  it was so dark & Rainy that I stayed over night & Daniel loaded 40 bu oats & 21 Rye

Friday, Nov. 15, 1901 - Plowed in the Orchard   Ross Went over to John Styres to get him to be his Guardian

Saturday 16 - Finished Plowing the Orchard

Sunday, Nov. 17, 1901 - Went over to Lons with Father & Mother   Found Lon sick with the Measels

Monday 18 -    Sorted & Cribbed some Corn & Hauled one Load

Tuesday, Nov. 19, 1901 -  Finished Hauling Corn     to Husk from below the Road & Hauled one Load of Fodder Corn from Below the Road & Commenced Banking the House with Saw Dust

Wednesday 20 - Finished Banking the House with Saw Dust & Went with Father & Mother over to Lons to  see how  he  was getting along with the Measels  found him Better

Tuesday, Nov. 21, 1901 - Butchered the largest of the 3 Pigs. It Weighed 205 Pounds  When Dressed    Ross Stayed  & helped Me

Saturday, Nov. 23, 1901 -  Husked Corn & sorted some & Set up the Shocks that were down across the Road  Ross Ran Away & Would not help   he pulled the Front Door Knob off

Sunday 24 - A Stormy day   Stayed at Home

Monday, Nov. 25, 1901 - A Stormy day   Husked Corn in the Barn   Ross Came Back  he had been over to Lons all the time & they all sick with the measels

Tuesday 26 - Went to Mansfield to mill with a Little Corn   Bought 2 New Pairs Felt Boots & Rubbers  one for myself & one for Ross at 3 Dollars Pair  6 Dollars & 1 new Rubber Belt  33 at Feet 14 cts Foot = 4.62 & 1 New Cap at 50 cts

Wednesday, Nov. 27, 1901 - Went to Mansfield with a Load Potatoes  Had 26 Bushels @ 50 cts = $13.04   Bought Ross 1 Pair Mittens  50 cts & 3 Pr Socks 25 cts   Sold 25 Bushels @ 60 cts  Delivered Next Week at X Roads

Thursday 28 - Mother Makeley & Gertie Came over a Little While in the Afternoon on foot & Addie & I went & Took them Home & Stayed a Little WHile in the Evening   Cool & Windy

Friday, Nov. 29, 1901 - Hauled 1 Load Wood from the Woods on the Sleds & Found one Shoe of the front sled so could not Haul any more   Husked a Little corn in the Evening  Addie went up to Daniels to help Kattie as she had a sore Finger & went up with the lantern after her

Saturday 30 - Husked Corn in the Barn   Ross helping a Little

Sunday, Dec. 1, 1901 - Went over to Elk Run to Church all of us But Father

Monday 2 - Hauled in the Corn across the Road & Hauled the Husked Stalks & Stacked them Back of the Barn    Bower came and Wanted tthe Potatos Delivered on the Morrow

Tuesday, Dec. 3, 1901 - Went to the X Roads With 30 Bushels Potatoes sold to Bowers of Williamsport  got 60     cts per Bushel it was a Stormy Day  Snowed Most of the Time Going & Coming

Wednesday 4 - Sorted a Little Corn & Husked a Little   Ross Went up to Lishers to a Party  Cold & Windy

Thursday, Dec. 5, 1901 - Went over to Makeleys to Help him Thresh  Addie and the Babies went along          Daniel  Rode  over Also  Threshed his Wheat had 44 bu & Threshed Buckwheat  Had 56 bu Stayed over  night     A Cold night

Friday 6 - The Engine got Broken by the Frost so could not Thresh    Helped Pitch the Wheat Straw Back into the Horse Barn & then Came Home      had to put my team in Will VanNess Barn as  his Barns  were all  Full

Saturday, Dec. 7, 1901 -  Sawed some  Wood at the Door & Husked & Sorted a Little Corn

Sunday 8 - Stayed at Home   Warmer

Monday, Dec. 9, 1901 - Went over & Helped Makeley Finish His Threshing       it Rained  Mostr of  the afternoon but as he had a Canvass over the Belt did not Stop     it was so   dark    & Rainy that Staid over there over night  & Daniel too  Had   40 bu Oats & 2 Rye

Tuesday 10  -    Husked Corn in the Barn    Warm & Pleasant

Wednesday, Dec. 11, 1901 - Husked Corn in the Barn   Warm & Pleasant  Went over to get Ira Smith     to come   & Butcher Hogs but could not get him until Friday as he was Busy Butchering

Thursday 12 - Husked Corn  in the Barn  Went over to Ira Smiths in the Evening to get him to come on the Morrow to Butcher Hogs   Warm & Pleasant

Friday, Dec. 13, 1901 - Butchered the other 2 Hogs & 197 #  had Ira SMith to Butcher

Saturday 14 - Went to Mansfield & Bought a Sausage Grinder & Butcher Knife   it Rained Very Hard  Came Home in the Rain   Did not   Reach Home until after dark  it Rained Very Hard  had to come  around by Sopers Corners

Sunday, Dec. 15, 1901- Went  over  to Makeleys with Addie &  the Children   The Road was washed so bad that could not Hardly travel them

Monday 16 - Husked Corn in the Barn   Star Cow Calved

Tuesday, Dec. 17, 1901 - Went down & helped Wells Ashley Work on the Longwell Bridge by the Horse Barn   The  Rest of the Bridges being all washed & gone on the Longwell Flat

Wednesday 18  - Husked   a Little Corn in the Barn   Pleasant but Cold

Thursday, Dec. 19, 1901 - Husked a few shocks of Corn but too cold to do much   Clear & Plesant

Saturday, Dec. 21, 1901 - Cut Wood at the Door

Sunday 22 - Stayed at Home

Monday, Dec. 23, 1901 - Husked corn in the Barn

Tuesday 24 - Went to Mansfield  Addie & Ruth went along    Bought Ross  a Pair Arctic Overshoes 1.25

Wednesday, Dec. 25, 1901 - Went over to Makeleys  All of us   to Christmas  Went with the sleigh

Thursday 26 - Husked Corn in the Barn

Friday, Dec. 27, 1901  - Husked Corn in the Barn

Saturday 28 - Husked Corn in the Barn

Sunday, Dec. 29, 1901 - Stayed at Home

Monday 30 - Husked Corn in the Barn

Tuesday, Dec. 31, 1901 - Finished Husking Corn in the Barn  Cold & Clear   Cut a Little Wood at  the Door       & Sat by the Fire   Good Sleighing

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