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.Diary of Emma FIELD Sherman for the year 1903

This is my first attempt at transcribing an old diary. I will try to identify some of the family members and friends named in the diary, and I would value the help of anyone who can further identify them. To the best of my ability I will reproduce the spelling and style of the original. Very little punctuation is present in the diary, but I have tried to reproduce the spacing of the original that indicates natural breaks in the thought.

Emma FIELD Sherman spent most of her life on Armenia Mountain. When I was five years old in 1945, I spent a few days staying in what had been her home just northwest of the intersection of Fallbrook Road and Mountain Road (also called Covert corners or Sherman's corners) in Covert, Armenia Township. Her house was destroyed by fire, I believe, not too long after 1945. The house on the northeast corner of the same crossroads belonged for many years to Emma's son Milton SHERMAN and daughter-in-law Libbie ROSS Sherman. That house still stands (September, 2005) and is now a hunting lodge known as Four Corners Camp.

At the time of this diary Emma was in her mid-fifties and all but the youngest of her eight living children were grown and had left home. Her youngest child, Lida, age 19, was still at home and attending school, possibly the Normal School at Mansfield. Emma was living in or near Mansfield and as the diary shows was working nearly daily at the Normal School. I can only assume that Emma's husband, Simeon L.SHERMAN was still living at the family home on Armenia; it is not clarified in the diary, but other documents show that he was there in 1900 and also in 1907.

The Diary 1903

Thursday Jan 1, 1903--At home all day John Lyon (1) was here had chicken for dinner.

Friday 2--At home Ironed in the forenoon cut Lida (2) a shirt waist John Lyon here to dinner

Saturday 3--Made bread & partly cleaned the kitchen--Went down town Bailey paid me 5.00 Emory (3) came on the train.

Sunday Jan 4--Had breakfast at nine o'clock read a chap in the bible did up the work Emory was here

Monday 5-- Work at the Normal in the morning Made Lida an apron Emory was here to breakfast

Tuesday 6-- Worked at the Normal Ed Cass was here to supper Stayed all night Washed Got a letter from Effie (4)

Wednesday Jan 7--At the Normal Ed Cass here to breakfast pressed 4 pair of pants

Thursday 8-- Worked at the Normal Cold Weather

Friday 9-- At the Normal Still Cold

Saturday Jan 10-- At the Normal Frank (5)came tonight & Bert Bristol got a letter from Ray (6)

Sunday 11--The wind in the South Snow storm Frank went home this morning

Monday 12--Bought a ton of coal paid for it. It has been a cold day. Lida came from school at 11 o'clock.

Tuesday Jan 13--Worked to day Cold as it can be pressed 2 pair pants

Wednesday 14--Worked at the Normal till after 2 o'clock pressed two pair pants

Thursday 15--Worked at the Normal Ironed in the afternoon

Friday Jan 16--At the Normal in the forenoon 2 boys expelled went home today Titman & Prevost for gambling & Miss Reed was expelled.

Saturday 7--Got home from the Normal half past 1 got a letter from May (7) It thawed today Colder at night

Sunday 18--Went to church in the morning text the harvest is great but the laborers are few cold and windy Wrote to Ray

Monday Jan 19--Went to the Normal at home at half past 10 worked Cold & still

Tuesday 20--Partly done my ironing Nettie (8) & the children were here awhile in the afternoon Mr. Henchings called

Wednesday 21--Rained this morn & water was under the snow Fixed 2 coats & 1pairof pants colder tonight

Thursday Jan 22--Worked at the Normal

Friday 23--Cleaned a classroom Warmer today Got a letter from Ray (9)

Saturday 24--John Lyon brought over a letter they got from Carrie all well Pressed 2 pair pants Snowed at night

Sunday Jan 25--Stormy in the morning Staid home all day Addie was over in the afternoon Wrote to Ray Lida went to Church in the Evening

Monday 26--Done my work at the Normal. Washed at home Pressed 3 pair pants fixed a coat & washed & ironed 1 shirt

Tuesday 27--Worked at the Normal in the forenoon Ironed in the afternoon Swept a room for Ridington

Wednesday Jan 28--Had a hard days work Swept and dusted washed the windowes in Crockets rooms Cleaned a class room

Thursday 29--Isabel (10) has a boy baby born last Sat Got a dispatch that I was needed at Lates (11) Warm & rainy

Friday 30--Went to Morris run on the train Harry met me there got to Lates about 4 o'clock Dr Barker was there in the evening

Saturday Jan 31--May (12) was feeling pretty good the baby cried all day & most all night She (the baby) was born last Wed night 

 Sunday Feb 1--It stormed some the baby was good all day Agnes  (13)    went up to the Church

 Monday 2--rained most all day Washed & baked bread baby good

 Tuesday Feb 3--Libbie came down to Lates & stayed all day while Milt  (14)  went to the mines made pies

 Wednesday 4--Colder this morning

 Thursday 5--ironed today baby good

 Friday Feb 6--Milt went to the mines Libbie sent down 2 cakes & can milk worked some Baked bread

 Saturday 7--Colder this morning Late went to Troy with some oats for Barker mad cookies & a pie ironed some

 Sunday 8--Stormed most all day Came home started at 4 o'clock got here at 8 the wind blew awful

 Monday Feb 9--the wind was blowing ha(r)d yet washed & partly ironed

 Tuesday 10--Went to work at the Normal Nice day all day Fixed 2 pairs of pants Lida sick all day did not dress all day

 Wednesday 11--Lida was sick again today Warm & nice but it rained some Wind in the South

 Thursday Feb 12--The wind in the South thawed all day Lida is better Wrexie & Mr & Mrs Hall called tonight pressed 1 coat

 Friday 13--Warm today Lida is better has worked all day but did not go to School did not have a very hard days work at the Normal today

 Saturday 14--Warm today Got a letter from May Went to town & up to the Normal to supper 4 pants

 Sunday Feb 15--Stormed all day snowed Did not go to church read up from Slavery about sick today

 Monday 16--Went to the Normal in the snow this morning it is snowing again tonight wind in the north E Pressed 4 pair pants

 Tuesday 17--The snow deep and drifted had quite a time to get up to the Normal Washed this afternoon Cold tonight 1 pants

 Wednesday Feb 18--16 below zero this morning & tonight the wind is blowing a hurricane moped the study hall this afternoon I staid up to the Normal to supper

Thursday 19--Awful cold this morning but still & cold tonight Got home at 1 o'clock laid down till after 3 & then made cookies & a pie

Friday 20--Some warmer Worked all day at the Normal Got a letter from Florence (15)She was married the 18th

Saturday Feb 21--Got home after dinner ironed some went to town Lida & I went to the N to supper snow squalls all the afternoon

Sunday 22--Cold this morning but pleasant all day Han (16) was here in the afternoon

Monday 23--Warmer today Nettie & the children come down tonight & are going to stay all night

Tuesday Feb 24--Got a letter from Ray today how I would like to see him Nettie went home this afternoon 4 p warmer

Wednesday 25--Cold tonight but warm in the day Cleaned a class room in the afternoon 1 pair

Thursday 26--Cold this morning but warmer tonight Cleaned study hall this afternoon 3 pr

Friday Feb 27--Warm the wind in the South Worked till half past 2 finished the ironing tonight

Saturday 28--Warm & rainy The water is high Harry (17) & Belle (18) were her(e) today Emory is here tonight

Sunday Mar 1--Emory was here Wrote to Florence Went to Church in the Evening a temperance man preached Cold & the wind blew

Monday Mar. 2--Mrs Hasley began work this morning Washed this afternoon been a fine day Emory went home this morning

Tuesday 3--Partly ironed. this afternoon went to town paid 3.00 for coal Went to Addie's a little while warm today 3 pants

Wednesday 4--Warm today Got a letter from Florence & Frank Funeral today Mr (?) Jelliff 1 coat

Thursday, Mar. 5--Rained most all the forenoon Got home at half past 1 warm yet tonight Lida over to Heney (?) to supper

Friday 6--Warm wind in the East Frank come tonight was glad to see him 1p Letter from Effie

Saturday 7--Wind in the East Frank went home this afternoon Lida sick all day some better today

Sunday, Mar. 8--Stormed all day was at home all day Lida sick all day

Monday 9--Mon morn went to the Normal got home at one o'clock worked & went to the play Romeoa & Juliaett in the evening 1pr

Tuesday 10--Got home half past 10 mopped & ironed some Got a letter from Ray 1p

Wednesday, Mar. 11--Still warm & muddy Got a letter from May Read all the afternoon & evening

Thursday 12--Awful muddy Cleaned Class rooms this afternoon Lida has neuraliga to night 1 pr

Friday 13--Still warm Cleand Classroom Examineation today

Saturday Mar. 14--Warm wind in the east Paid the rent tooday Got a letter from Ray today

Sunday 15--Warm Lida went to church this morning Nettie & the children were here today Addie & John & Late

Monday 16--Washed today Cleaned a student room rained a little Darned 2 pair socks

Tuesday Mar.17--Warm & cloudy Ironed some Cleaned 2 small class rooms

Wednesday 18--Still warm

Thursday 19--Wind in the south Got a letter from Florence to day it don't seem possible she is married

Friday Mar. 20--Wind in the South Miss Lamb call also Mrs. Randall Pressed 2 pair pants

Saturday 21--Wind still in the South rained most all the afternoon 1 p

Sunday 22--Wind in the north East colder Lida went to Church this morning wish I could have been home to Church today on the M(oun)tain

Monday Mar. 23--Rained all the fore noon & part of the PM Washed Lida was sick all day did not go too school 1 p

Tuesday 24--Still warm Lida was sick again today

Wednesday 25--Colder Snowed this forenoon but melted as fast as it came 1 p

Thursday Mar. 26--A very nice day Sun shine all the day Han was over this afternoon & staid to supper 2 p

Friday 27--Still warm Went to the cabbage patch it was fine Got a letter from May 2 P & 1 C

Saturday 28--Warm but the wind in the East Went to town got me a new calico dress got a letter from Florence

Sunday Mar.29--Cold this morning frosse hard had lots of callers today Han & Ab (19) John & Addie (20) Mace & Gertie & Rasol K (?)

Monday 30--Cold this morning Rained all the afternoon Washed today Addie & Fidee were here to supper Addie was cleaning

Tuesday 31--Rained this morning but cleared of this afternoon & the sun shone dried the clothes Worked for Mason on curtain 10 c

Wednesday April 1--Cleaned 2 Class rooms warm Got a letter from Effie O the dear children

Thursday 2--Lida was sick all day warm the wind in the South

Friday 3--Lida was some better but did not go to school Thunder shower very warm Wesley's birthday

Saturday April 4--The wind in the north Cold & the wind blows How I would like to see the Children

Sunday 5--Been home all day Lida went to Church the text was in 71st Psalms 8 verse Mr & Mrs A D Randall were here

Monday 6--Rained Washed this afternoon

Tuesday April 7--Ironed some John (?)Wan moved today

[no entries April 8, 9, 10]

Saturday 11--Got a load of coal too day did not pay for it Nice day Emory came tonight

Sunday 12--O my Father how can I let this girl go thou alone knowest It cant be thy will O help I pray Easter Sun

Monday April 13--Emory still here to night Cloudy today Why dont he go & leave us alone

Tuesday 14--This has been a rainy day Washed to day It is still raining to night Emory went this morning Bess was here today

Wednesday 15--Still rainy & mud mud

Thursday April 16--Raining yet & cold

Friday 17--Nice day went to the Trial by jury to night Mrs Cagswell gave the help tickets very good

Saturday 18--Nice again today Cleaned all the forenoon at the N finished my dress in the afternoon frost

Sunday April 19--Went to Church this morning very good sermon The sun shines & nice day

Monday 20--Nice day got home at 11o'clock finished my dress went back in the afternoon & cleaned in study hall frost letter from Florence

Tuesday 21--Another nice day Washed this afternoon

Wednesday April 22--Wind in the East cold Got home at noon Ironed this afternoon

Thursday 23--Nice day helped some about Mrs Mahon work

Friday 24--helped to day about Mrs Mahon work Went to the lecture at the Church in the evening Rosengrant

Saturday April 25--Cleaned all the forenoon went to town in the afternoon paid my coal bill 1.85 Saw Wesley all well

Sunday 26--Nice day Staid home all day went to Church in the evening

Monday 27--Wind in the north Washed to day Pressed 3 pairs of pants

Tuesday April 28--Warm to day but it was frosty this morning Cleaned Crockets rooms this afternoon

[No entries April 29, 30]

Friday May 1--Cold to day Got a letter from Florence

Saturday 2--May came this morning had a good visit the babe is nice & nice looking Cold wind in the South

Sunday 3--Did not go to church May went home it is raining to night & warmer

Monday May 4--Cleared off cold Washed today pressed 3 pair pants

Tuesday 5--Got home at 10 o clock ironed this afternoon Worked 2 shirts for Koles wind in the north

Wednesday 6--Cold this morning Cleaned all the forenoon Wesley staid here all night

Thursday May 7--Warmer today

Friday 8--Still warmer but the wind is in the east pressed 2 pair pants

Saturday 9--Warmer Went to town got Lida a white dress & shirtwaist & ordered her hat

Sunday May 10--Did not go to Church this morning wrote to Ray did not get any letters this last week

Monday 11--Washed all day washed a quilt for Bert Flower & pressed pant for Onell

Tuesday 12--Ironed some today Got a letter from May all well very dry & quite warm

Wednesday May 13--Cleaned most all day at the Normal Got a letter from Ray he sent me $5.00 still dry

Thursday 14--Cleaned one room up stairs awful warm & dry

Friday 15--Put the things back in the bedroom Got a letter from Effie warm

Saturday May 16--Awful warm Lida cleaned our bedroom

Sunday 17--Had a headacke all day Lida went to Church Harry Sherman & wife was here a few minutes

Monday 18--Washed to day Rained this afternoon & it is cooler tonight for which we are thankful

Tuesday May 19--Warm today Partly cleaned the hall up stairs & took the clothes off the cross & rinsed them Got a letter Florence

Wednesday 20--Done a little of everything to day & not much of anything Been a nice day Wesley was down to night

Lida graduated from 
Mansfield Normal School in 1903

[No entries May 21 through May 27]

Thursday May 28--Lida sick all day & we are trying to clean house Got a letter from Ray The little Whitting boy was buried today

Friday 29--Lida some better today We heard too night that Jim Lyon was buried today he died (?) Tues morning

Saturday 30--It has been quite cold today Lida put the sitting room carpet down today Got a letter from Effie today

Sunday May 31--Wesley folks was here today Had a lame back Nice day Lida went to Ch. wrote to Effie

Monday June 1--Did not feel like washing so cut Lida out a white skirt Nice day

Tuesday 2--Washed to day Went to town to night got a letter from May Wind in the East

Wednesday June 3--Done extra work at the Normal to day Dry & warm

Thursday 4--Got a letter from Florence today

Friday 5--Still dry we need rain very bad Put the dining room carpet down today

Saturday June 6--Finished Lida white skirt today Got a letter form Frank

Sunday 7--Have read & slept all day did not feel like going to church rained all day more at night

Monday 8--Washed to day washed a quilt for Kirel (?) rained some

Tuesday June 9--Hard Shower to night Lida went to Covington with Hattie Hall It was very dark when it rained

Wednesday 10--Rained again to day Ironed my dress Lida had her picture taken Mace Carrie (21) & Maude called

Thursday 11--Got a letter from Ray rained to day

Friday June 12--Lida went Examineation & I worked all day Cleaned the Gym almost dead Rained to day

Saturday 13--Cleaned all day Got a letter from May rained all day

Sunday 14--Rained all day Children day Lida went

[No entries June 15 through June 21; June 21 appears to have been erased; the surrounding pages are written in pencil.]

Monday 22--Cleaned a society room this forenoon rested all the afternoon rained some

Tuesday 23--Ironed tooday rained tooday

Wednesday June 24--Went up & looked in Garrisons room for the opal he lost rained

Thursday 25--Washed some & read a book partly through rained Lida got her markings to night

Friday 26--Ironed this morning Wesley was here this morning Clear & bright

Saturday June 27--Lida sick all day Dr Flower was here Pleasant too day Got a letter from Effie

Sunday 28--Lida feels better this morning It is cloudy & rains a little Went too Church too night

Monday 29--Washed in the forenoon went on the Mt in the afternoon Rained

Tuesday June 30--Went from May up to Franks went too Troy & had the deed made out & paid the money

Wednesday July 1--Was up to Milts went strowberrying got enough too can 5 quarts went down to Late & staid all night

Thursday 2--Came home this morning Nice day

Friday July 2--Cleaned the kitchen & moved the stove out in woodshed a very hard shower too night Got a letter Florence

Saturday 4--We had a picnic too day Johns' folks (?) & Wesley was here to din had ice cream

Sunday 5--It has been a dismal day Rained all the afternoon

Monday July 6--Washed too day washed a carpet beside the regular washing Fine day & is cool too night

[ No entries July 7, 8.]

Thursday July 9--Wesley came down too day & is mowing for Henry & John he staid all night with us

Friday 10--Wesley still working at the haying nice day

Saturday 11--Got all the hay up but ours

Sunday July 12--Went up to Wesley's tooday

Monday 13--Washed today Nice & cool

Tuesday 14--Ironed tooday cool

Wednesday July 15--Mace & Carrie came over this afternoon they are going too stay all night Cold as greenland

Thursday 16--Got a message this morning Aunt Adaline is dead Lida went up with Mace & C

Friday 17--Addie was sick too day Baked bread S L went to court

Saturday July 18--Rained all day Addie was sick again too day

Sunday 19--The sun shines part of the time too day Lida got home tonight

Monday 20--Begin cleaning at the Normal too day

[No entries July 21, 22, 23]

Friday July 24--Florence is sick got a letter today

Saturday 25--Bert started on his trip

[No entries July 26 through August 4.]

Wednesday August 5--Got a letter from Effie to day Dett (22) had his arm broke

Thursday 6--Hard shower too day

Friday 7--Worked at the Normal cleaning Got a letter from Florence

Saturday August 8--Still at the Normal Got a letter from Florence

Sunday 9--Have been lazy all day Had quite a little shower quite cool but the sun shone a little while too night

Monday 10--Worked at the Normal Rained too night

Tuesday August 11--Cool this morning & looks nice too night Lida got a letter from E too night

[No entries August 12, 13]

Friday August 14--Finished cleaning too day

Saturday 15--Went too Covert this afternoon found them all well

Sunday 16--Went to Church this morning heard a good sermon went up to Detts in the afternoon

Monday August 17--Came home this morning nearly sick & all tired out

Tuesday 18--Washed some this morning & washed 2 strips of carpet for Grant

Wednesday 19--Finished washing Grants carpet Got a letter from Ray

Thursday August 20--Finished sewing the carpet together It was warm today Frank birthday too day

Friday 21--Cleaned the pine room too day Lyle is here Came yesterday

Saturday 22--Lida sick too day

[No entries August 23 through September 11]

Saturday September 12--Nice day quite warm

Sunday September 13--About sick with cold Nice day

onday 14--Washed too day Very hot Ironed some

Tuesday 15--Lida was sick all day & last of the night warm

Wednesday September 16--Still warm Lida is better Have been reading Barriers burned away finished too night

Thursday 17--Got a letter from Effie Rained all the forenoon Colder too night

Friday 18--Cold this mornig but warm in the middle of the day rained some

[No entries September 19 through November 28]

Sunday November 29--Lida was sick too day

Monday November 30--It is a nice day Washed this afternoon

Tuesday December 1--It has been a nice winter day Went too town got Lida a new skirt

Wednesday 2--Another nice day Went too the Normal in the afternoon Cleaned a room for Urell 25 cents

Thursday December 3--Still nice weather 1 suit of clothes 2 pair pant too prees

Friday 4--Still nice weather Got a letter from Libbie

Saturday 5--Colder too day Worked hard all day Went to town in the evening pressed 4 pair p

Sunday December 6--Was about sick to day did not go too Church Warmer the wind in the South

Monday 7--Washed this morning Sold 1 peck of apples Wesleys too Brown 15 cents

[No entries December 8, 9]

Thursday 10--Lida hto her a coat this morning It is still cold

Friday 11--Nice day Have not felt very good too day

Saturday December 12--Worked hard all day am very tired too night Will be thankful when I get too my own home

Sunday 13--There was quite a blissard this morning but cleard awa & is quite nice but cold

[ No entries December 14 through December 31, 1903] 

Transcribed by Margaret L Spencer with revisions through October 13, 2005

1. John Lyon, probably the Civil War veteran (1846--1922),Emma's cousin, husband of Emma's aunt, Calista FIELD Lyon; father of Emma's son-in-law Layton LYON.

2. Lida Belle SHERMAN, Emma's youngest daughter

3.  Emory (or Emery) J. LYON 1882--1953 later became Lida's husband.

4. Effie Agnes SHERMAN born 1872, married Burt BURNHAM, Emma's daughter. In 1903, Effie was living in Westchester, PA.

5. Frank Adams SHERMAN, 1875--1960, married Ada B. MORGAN, Emma's son. In 1903 Frank lived in Covert.

6.  Ray Field SHERMAN 1881--1957, Emma's son, my maternal grandfather. He had left Armenia and moved to Phila., PA where he resided for the rest of his life.

7. May was Emma's daughter Lillie May SHERMAN 1870--1952 who married Layton Romaine LYON on June 3, 1894 marriage performed by Oliver Dutton FIELD (Emma's father) at Covert, Armenia.

8. Nettie was Emma's daughter in law. Nettie Celia RICHMOND (born Nov. 2, 1874 died 1951) married 1895 John Wesley SHERMAN (born April 3, 1868 died March 9, 1946). In 1903 Nettie's children were Lyle Bert SHERMAN born Jan. 14, 1897 (married Iva SMITH born July 9, 1902) and Oscar SHERMAN born Nov. 11, 1900 (married Roselle ISHLER). Nettie's 3rd child, Florence Ella SHERMAN was born Jan. 21, 1906 (married Earl TICE born Feb.14, 1900 died Sept. 4, 1950).

9.  In 1903 Ray Field SHERMAN was unmarried, working as a trolley conductor on a suburban line out of Philadelphia.

10.Isabel RANDALL Killbourn, Emma's niece.

11. Layton R.LYON, Emma's son in law

12. 12 Lillie May SHERMAN Lyon was Emma's daughter; the baby, Emma's grandchild, was Leone LYON Rockwell (1903--1976) who married Hilton M. ROCKWELL (1894--1954). Leone was my mother's first cousin, and my middle name (Leone) was given for her. As a child, we visited Leone and Hilton at their dairy farm in East Troy. In the 1950s, Leone worked at VanNoy's store in East Troy where my cousins and I would walk to get candy or groceries.

13.  Agnes is probably May SHERMAN Lyon's older daughter, Agnes LYON, born August 3, 1895 who later married Walter Everts. Agnes LYON Everts attended the 100th Abiezer FIELD Reunion held July 24, 1988 at the Holmes farm "Woodburn" at Covert. She was the oldest relative in attendance.

14. Libbie ROSS Sherman (1875--1974) married Milton S. SHERMAN (1873--1937), Emma's son.

15.  Florence SHERMAN born Oct. 3, 1880 was Emma's daughter who was a nurse living in 1903 in Westchester, PA. Florence married John Crawford GRIEVES.

16. Hannah FIELD Randall, Emma's sister.

17. Harry LYON, , Emma's cousin, son of John H. LYON

18. Belle LYON Kinch, Emma's cousin, daughter of John H. LYON

19. Hannah FIELD Randall and her husband, Abner D. RANDALL

20. Adaline FIELD VanNess and her husband John R. VAN NESS, Emma's sister and brother-in-law

21. probably Mason L. LYON and Caroline LYON, the youngest two of John H.LYON and Rosanna NEWELL's children, Emma,s cousins

22. Burdette FIELD, Emma's brother.
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