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Emmaline SINCEBAUGH "Ellison" of  Spencer NY
Emeline's Diaries
1931 - 32
1946 & Addendum
Helen BARBER "Ellison" - 1952
Transcribed by Melissa June ELLISON Merritt
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Diaries From Emmaline Eulalia Sincebaugh Ellison (wife of John James Ellison)(Mrs. J.J. Ellison)

Born May 18, 1868 West Danby, NY

Died April 28, 1960

Elmira Star-Gazette

Woman, 91 Dies of Burns

Waverly- Mrs. Emeline E. Ellison, 91 of 101 N. Main St. Spencer, died at Tioga General Hospital early yesterday morning, a little over a month after she was admitted for treatment of burns suffered in a fire at her home March 22. Mrs. Ellison, who died at 11:36 a.m., had been treated for first and second degree burns of her head, neck and chest. Mrs. Ellison, who lived alone, was preparing her noon meal when her apron caught fire from gas stove blaze. The elderly woman ran outdoors and threw herself in the snow to extinguish the garment fire, then hurried to a nearby trailer for help.

Dated Friday Evening, April 29, 1960

 1946 Diary

  Jan 2 1946 McKinley & Bettie started today on their trip to California. It was a lonely place after they left.

  Jan 16 McKinley and Bettie arrived in California today.

  Feb 24 Today my freedom. Johnie came about 4 o’clock to Buffalo for me. We ate dinner and started back home about 4. Arrived after 9 o’clock tonight found the house warm and stayed home.

  Feb 25 The electric man came today. I bought 50 gallons of fuel oil and 40 gal of kerosene of the co-ops. Today Terry connected up the water system and I have a warm house & happy to be home.

  Feb 26 This morning Mr. Eals came at 8:30 and connected the telephone up. There is a blizzard like storm and bad weather outside. Mr. Eals sent him up here Mr. Vine stayed here tonight.

  Mar 8 Johnnie and Jean came over tonight and stayed all night.

  Feb 27 Mr. Vine an accountant from Syracuse stayed here last night he could not find a place to stay. I sent Kinney a letter today. I am cleaning all the furniture. Mr. Head is buried today.

  Feb 28 Blanche Manning brought nearly all my plants home today. With polish yesterday & today.

  Mar 9 John left for Elmira at eleven o’clock they are to buy their little home today. Edna Graham came on the 5 o’clock bus tonight.

  Mar 10 Weather very fine. Well my relatives sure gave me a surprise today. Edna and I were visiting over breakfast then Toot walked in. Then came Glen, Ed, Martha and Mabel. Later Fred & Bettie then Jimmie and I were alone again.

  Mar 11 Very cold this morn. Jimmie and I both are feeling badly. Richard & Pat came this afternoon to get Jimmie. He went home tonight I am alone again.

  Mar 12 Fair and cool. I felt miserable all day laid down all day.

  Mar 13 Sunshine and moderate. Terry came this forenoon and fixed the water system.

  Mar 14 A beautiful day. Spring today and a robin hopping around. I called on Mrs. Hodges this evening.

  Mar 15 Weather dark rained during the night and day. Cooler tonight. Got a letter form John & Albert today. Making a meat loaf for supper. John and Jean just came over with a trailer behind.

  Mar 16 Weather fine I made a batch of fried cakes today. I went down to see Mrs. Snyder tonight.

  Mar 17 Very cool air. I went to church first since Nov. George, Helen and John & Jean came just as I was getting lunch. Then took back a load of trash. Dewitt and Mary came this afternoon. So the day was all took up.

  Mar 18 I didn’t do much of anything today. Blanche brought the sweat plant up today. I fixed up with some dirt.

  Mar 19 I went down town this afternoon. Paid the telephone bill bought a lot of groceries. I sent Kinney a letter 1 to Auburn 1 to G.L.F.

  Mar 20 I cleaned out the cellar Hatch way this forenoon. Burned some rubbish brought the Lady Washington geraniums from over from Warren’s cleaned and repotted them.

  Mar 21 I washed out a few pieces today. Richard has been all the afternoon up to Michigan Hollar localing ??? the Beaver dams. I burned the grass down by the creek today and the rubbish pile.

  Mar 22 Warm sunshine and cloudy. I found my black tulip bulbs and took them up and put them in a pan.

  Mar 23 Cooler today. Could not work out doors. The old Funish woman called to see about renting the little house.

  Mar 24 I went to church today. Albert Jr. and Eulalia called before I went to church to tell me Toot was again to the hospital tomorrow.

  Mar 25 Very cool night. The co-op brought 100 gal oil tonight. Eulalia called me up at 5 o’clock to tell me her father did not have the operation today. I went down town today.

  Mar 26 Dark cloudy day. I bought more groceries. Nasty day. Albert sent the chair cushions up today. Mr. Warren brought it up.

  Mar 27 Billy’s Birthday I have called on 5 neighbors this forenoon. This afternoon I have raked leaves and burned them all day.
  NOTE: William Roger Ellison. Richard and Pearlena Grippen Ellison’s son born Mar 27, 1941.

  Mar 28 Weather fine. I raked and burned leaves today again. I saw a butterfly today and tonight I had a mosquito in my bedroom to bite me.

  Mar 29 Weather ideal. I have worked another day until tonight. I am just sick I burned the north lawn over and got a lot that way.

  Mar 30 Cooler 40. Very high wind today no work today. Daffodils are all ready to burst open. I just got an express package from A R Ellison form California. Preserved or dried fruit of all kinds.

  Mar 31 First daffodil bloom. I went to the Federated Church today to hear Mr. Hoover. Came home and was alone all day. Fred came and tried to get the old auto up the hill but failed again.

  Apr 1 Very cool this morning. Temp nearly freezing misty cold rain the afternoon. Dark and gloomy. Albert called NY tonight as they are planning to start to California tomorrow. I did not sleep a wink tonight.

  Apr 2 Weather some warmer today. Albert is to start to California. I have not been able to work all day. Timmy has another attack of cold and bad breathing.

  Apr 3 Very cold air. I made a batch of oatmeal cookies. The daffodils are nearly all in bloom. Blanche called today. Timmy was sick all day.

  Note: Dr. Albert R Ellison Died on his trip to California on April 6th, 1946

  Dr Albert Ellison Dies on Way to West Coast

  Las Vegas N.M., April 6 - Dr. Albert R. Ellison, 54, of 916 Humboldt Pkwy., Buffalo, a surgeon died Friday aboard a Santa Fe train shortly before it reached Las Vegas. A coroner's jury said the death presumably resulted from a heart attack. Accompanied by his wife, Mrs. Kathryn Ellison, the physician was en route to visit his brother William in Burbank, Calif. Dr Ellison who maintained offices at 916 Humboldt Pkwy was a native of Spencer, Tioga County, and came to Buffalo as a child with his parents, the late John J and Mrs. Emmeline Ellison. He was graduated from the University of Buffalo Medical School in 1917. He served as medical examiner for the Pennsylvania Railroad for some time. He was a first lieutenant in the Army Medical Corps in World War 1 and served overseas with a machine-gun battalion, returning to Buffalo in May 1919. Dr Ellison opened offices, in East Ferry St. near Humboldt Pkwy. He later moved to the Humboldt address. He served more than 20 years as
 chief physician for the Dunlop Tire & Rubber Corporation. He was also on the surgical staff at Deaconess Hospital. The doctor was a member to the American Medical Association, The New York State Medical Society, the Erie County Medical Society, the Buffalo Academy of Medicine, Spencer Lodge 294, F & A M, Ismailia Temple to the Shrine and Gethsemane Evangelical Church. He was a 32d degree Mason. Survivors are his wife, the former Kathryn Span, whom he married in 1942, his mother and three brothers William H. and George and Simeon of Elmira.

  June 1 Cold enough tonight for first I saw a blue morning glory blossom tonight. Richard was here today.

  Oct 21 I sent Kinney Spencer Needle and to continue to subscription as I can not see to read it.

  Oct 23 McKinley sent me a box of roses from California they were beautiful. Dr. Cargo called today.

  Nov 5 Election Day. Weather very bright and sunny. I heard a radio story of two ladies coming off a steamer ship from over the sea 1 Sarah Burnhart Mrs. Abraham Lincoln.

  Nov 22 Diamond John Brady. His love for Lillian Russell this I heard on the radio with blind eyes I write this the pen of my fingers he was diamond king John Brady.
  NOTE: Very hard to read as her eye sight was failing.

  Dec 13 2 great disasters today. Train wreck in Cincinnati. Ice house fire in NY and a boat at went down.

  Dec 14 Our first snow storm Terry Gibbs just put he new brushes in the water system.

  Chief Dr. Garrott 1946 Director Dr. Erwin Eddie Haycraft blind soldier industrial heard by radio Mar 23 Eddie story of his experience and how he learned to be and how he learned to be useful in this dark world.

  Important Events

   World War No. 2 Aug 19 1945 Thanksgiving day.

  1945 Jonathan R. Wainwright on his return to the USA made his speech at Washington Sept 10th at the House of Representative over WJZ NY he is 62 years old.

  General Pershing birthday is being celebrated today. Sept 13th 1945 hero of the first War No. 1 age 85.

  The constitution of America was founded Sept 17 the greatest of all days.

  Petra wine the mild sweet afternoon treat.

  How many feathers in a peacocks tail, this many with eyes 150 answer.

  March 3rd 1945 Today my 3 cows left their home they had with me for a new one Mr. Richard Russell bought them yesterday price $300.

  1945 Japan’s War surrender came from today Aug 14, 1945

  Peron’s Switzerland Emperor heirs hits of the Imperial Palace Tokyo, Japan

  Dean Smith world traveler.

  Addresses and Phone Nos.

  Helen Ellison John Ellison first wife. BST bldg. Butler PA  c/o Dr. Robb

  Mr. McKinnley Ellison
  729 N. Parish Place
  Burbank, California  His new home.

  Mrs. Dolores Polovick
  1153 Sherman Ave
  Universal Village
  Elmira, NY

  Albert Ellison Jr.
  Seman 2 D Class
  Trenton, NJ

  Mrs. Rosa Elya
  Hudson St.
  Ithaca, NY

  Nelson & Vita Andrews
  Standish 431
  Elmira, NY

  Glen Ellison
  Slaterville Phone No. 11-Y-4

  Miss Dawn Ellison
  7638 Hamilton Ave
  Pittsburg, PA

  More important events
  William Sidney Porter was the poets right name that used O. Henry as his author name. Heard on radio Dec 13, 1944

  Sept 11th Gen Togo Japans war criminal of the Pearl Harbor instigator tried to commit suicide form his revolver went through his body.

  PL Lavell French traitor who deceived his own country to Hitler died by a shooting squad after trying to commit suicide by poison. Oct 15th, 1945.

  Birthday’s to Remember

  Geo.            John Ellison April 7th, 1920
  Toot’s         Jack Ellison  Dec. 14, 1922
  Geo.            Frederick Ellison Feb 16, 1922
  Toot’s         Richard Ellison July 5, 1910
  Geo.            Dolores Ellison March 31, 1926
  Toot’s         Eulalia Ellison Sept 5, 1926
  McKinney  Dawn Ellison Aug 22, 1929
  Toot           Albert Ellison April 24, 1928
  Richard      Isabell Ellison May 19, 1924
  Richard      James Ellison March 7, 1940
  Richard      William Ellison March 27,1941
  Richard      Kenneth Ellison May 26, 1942
  Jacks          Alma Joyce Ellison Sept 14,1940
  Freddie       Kenneth F. Ellison June 27,1944
                     Pearlena Ellison Jan 17, 1911
  Delores       Kevin Steven Polovick Aug 27, 1945
  Eulalia’s son Jack Gordon Mac Donald Oct 2 1945
  Georgia Marie Ellison July 9,1945

  I wrote the first letter since March today Wed 9 of Oct to Bettie.

  Mrs. Ada Wordon Jan 23 1945 Breakfast at Sardies age 91 years
  Mrs. Josie Brown Feb 1 1945 89 years
  Mrs. Emma Hill Feb 2 1945 93 years she lived in Ohio in early life.
  Etta Pratt Feb 7 1945 86 age
  Mrs. Crosky Feb 8 age 85
  Mrs. Clara Rowe Feb 9 age 84 Miresville, PA she had 7 sons, 1 daughter
  Mrs. Emma LaClair Feb 12 1945 age 80 today
  Feb 13 1945 Mrs. Eurvella Homes 84
  Feb 13 1945 Mrs. Airs age 90 Jan
  Feb 13 1945 Mrs. Phelps age 92 June
  Feb 19, 1945 Edith Waldren 84
  Feb 21, 1945 Mrs. Ella Bellingham age 84
  Feb 26 Mrs Ella Dawne 81
  The Brown twins girls 1944 89 years heard on radio breakfast at Sardies Dec 20 they got a box of roses.

  Mrs. Carylin Fryer Feb “37 age 84
  Mar 13 Mrs. Kathryn Gilrade 99
  Mar 14 Mrs. Libbie Williams 94
  Mar 15 Mrs. Loretta White 99
  Mar 20 Miss Inge 101

  More important events

  To whom it may concern
  Who was the man that made the remark I never meet a man I didn’t like. Answer Will Rogers.

  Today is the 4th of July 1956 and I am 88 4 months and I can’t write this or read a word. Mother Ellison

  1951 April 29 Claude Tompkins died Friday evening at 9 pm age 48. Funeral Monday in Federated Church Largest funeral ever in Spencer.

  President Truman’s Birthday 61 years today
  VE day May 8th 1945

  On Thursday Nov 3, 1944 We had a blizzard during the night before and in the morning the heavy snow was impossible to hardly get out the house the electric wires in the street was so heavy loaded they broke every where the Co. worked 2 day and nights to restore lights and heat and water systems that were put out of working order. Toot was with me nearly all the week sick with near pneumonia and we suffered for warmth in the house all I had was my little lantern oil stove and didn’t I have it hard to get to the barn to tend my cows in the snow.

  June 1 1945 Will be the first number for the Readers Digest on the new subscription Expires in 1947.

  Mrs. Howard Warren was taken to Willard Hospital this afternoon Dec 20, 1944

  Elic and Era Sherlock twins heard on radio Jan 7, 1945. They told of their experience in their flying together in war flights always allowed to make every trip together.

  Received the 2 blankets from the New Process Co. Jan 20, 1945.
  The largest vessel of American just released for a carrier 1000 feet long.

  Heroheto congressional medal he won CMH highest honored soldier in the Allied Army lived in Detroit died Sept 12th 1944.

  My son Dr. Albert R. Ellison was baptized by Rev Whitemore Sunday June 1, 1913

  Jan 19, 1945 Mary Flanagan breakfast at Sardies 97 years old

  Dr. Andries Roadenburg
  23 Nelson Avenue
  Cooperstown, NY this is Albert new assistant Dr.

  This address is from a young man in Phoenix Arizona 1425 E Apache St. that received a bible from Albert through the Masonic Lodge

  I shelled the sunflower seed the 8 – 9  of Nov 1944

  Penicillin sulpha drugs for the wounded soldiers.

  Jan 4 1945 Rosalee was bred the second time today.

  1944 Rosalee was breed artificially Nov. 24. This is the first Brown Swiss of Margo’s the second one was born June 22 1944

  Dolores was married Dec 3rd 1944 Sunday night at 8 o’clock.

  1944 Mrs. Emily Fow’s is in the Peoples Hospital in Waverly she has been there over 3 weeks and today Friday Sept 29 she went through and operation at 9 am and her leg was took off above the knee.

  Isabell was taken Arnot Ogden hospital tonight Sunday August 27th for polio.

  Eulalia was took to the Memorial Hospital at Ithaca tonight Tues August 22 1944.

  My first blue morning glories came out Aug 9, 1945

  7 years ago the 7th July 1939 the war broke out in China the Japs made an invasion to search for some of their soldiers.

  Rosalee Margo’s first brown Swiss calf was born August 7th 1943

  Dawn was born June 22 1944 this is the second brown Swiss calf of Margo’s

  Albert Mitchell the answer man.

  Mr. Howard Warne Just moved in our house next door they came to see Toot’s house Saturday Nov. 18, 1944

  How deep is the Ocean 12,450 ft estimated at the deepest place.

  Margo’s second little brown Swiss calf was born today June 22 1944 on Wednesday her name is Dawn.

  July 11th, 1944 I received a letter from Dolores today in appreciation of the gift I sent her for her Graduation a beautiful sentiment from her heart of the happy days she had spent with me during her early childhood days.

  I answered Mrs. Geo. Arliss letter today Oct 16th 1944 concerning the price on the Auburn property. 

  This was my Great Great Grandmother. I have had a wonderful time transcribing these diaries for you all to read enjoy. Contact me if you have any other information you would like to share with me or need more information on the family.  My email is please put in the subject line Genealogy as I get overloaded with emails.

  Thank you so much,
  Melissa Ellison Merritt

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