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Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Diaries & Letters of Tri-Counties
The Words & Stories They Left Behind
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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Nelson Welch Diary Extracts 1872-1920s
Diary: Nelson Welch - Extracts
Township: Sullivan Township, Tioga County PA
Year: 1872-1920s
Submitted by Don Stanton
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The location of the original diaries is not know, but Don found these extracts only in a house he owned in Sullivan Township.

Extracts from Diaries of Nelson Welch


Sunday Mar. 3rd Fanny Slingerland Died

Monday Mar 18th John Dewey Died


Wed Jan 22 Stephan Palmer Died

Sat Mar 15 Harry Welch Died (SRGP 03450)

August 6th Placed monument for him


Tue Jan 27 Dr. Straite Buried

Wed Feb 25 William Welch Died (2376)

July 4th Susan Welch married William rubnam

Sept 23 Minnie King Buried

1875 Mar 13th David Palmer Died

1876 Jan 29 Deed from Nathan Palmer for piece of land

Jan 30th Jane Ashley Died

Mar 12 Mrs. Hill Died

Sept 22 Wallace Welch Died

Oct 19th Burt Slingerland Killed by pitch fork in head (9871)


Thur Mar 8th Joseph Gregory Killed, load of bark tipped over on him

Mon July 30 Delbert Moore Died

Sept 21 Victor Welch Died (2378)


Tue Nov 5th Uriah Welch Died (4710)

Tue Aug 8th G. F. Redington Buried


Tue Feb 13 Ellis Welch married Ellen Walker

Mon Nov 17 David Welch Buried (3469)

Mon Dec 15 Peleg Doud Buried (7256)


Sat Jan 31 Mrs. Slingerland Buried


Apr 23 Staked out ground for new house

July 1 Mr. Wheeler and Mr. Samerson moved horse barn

Sept 14th Morris Decker started cellar wall

Sept 28 Edwin Rumsey began building house

Oct 8th Sills on cellar

Oct 13 Raised house

Nov 2 Finished shingling finished floors Nov 4th

Moved in house Fri Mar 24, 1882


Mar 7th began painting house

Fri Mar 3rd Clare ? Orvis Buried

Wed June 14 William Dewey Buried

Sun Sept 10 Mr. Chaples and Mrs. McCraney Buried


Wed Apr 18 Lyman Reynolds Died

Wed May 2 Jefferson Welch Died

Thur June 21 Jennie Slingerland Died

Tue July 3rd Cyrus Doud Died

Thur Sept 13 Josiah Welch Died

Fri Sept 21 Delliah Hall Died


Sat Jan 12th Reuben Nash Died

Sun Jan 20th Mrs. William Welch Died

Tue Feb 26 Syntha Dewey Died

Thur May 22 Dan Woodwaard Died

June 14 Bought organ $100

Wed July 9th Frank Gafford’s boy killed by falling tree

Wed July 13 Walter Dewey Died


Fri Mar 6th Mrs. Oliver Rumsey Died

Fri Mar 13th Dan Welch Died

Wed Apr 1st Adaline Palmer Died

Fri Apr 24 Harriett King Died

Mon Apr 27 Dr. Gray poisoned himself Died


Thur Jan 28 Freeman Welch Died

Fri Jan 29 Mrs. Sperry Died

Fri Feb 26 Mr. Goodspeed Died

Mon May 3 Mr. Tubbs Died

Sat May 15 Marinda Tubbs Died

Fri June 11 Asenia Welch Died

Fri Oct 1 Selestia Straite Died


Tue Feb 8th Mrs Fayette Gray Died

Sat Feb 12 Samuel Jackson Died

Fri Mar 11 Mrs. Orrin Ruggles Died

Wed Mar 30 Garwood Hill Died

Sun Apr 3 Mr. William Childs Funeral

June 29 raised barn for Frank Palmer


Sat Feb 11 Ripley Doud Died

Tue Feb 14 Mrs. Cyrus Rumsey Died

Sun Feb 26 Kate Jacklin Died

Sat Mar 11 Volney Welch Died

Wed May 16 Shepherd Howe Died

Tue Sept 11 Lee Welch born Died Sat Sept 29

Tue Dec 11 Betsy Welch Died

Mon Dec 17 Harriett Tinkham Died


Sun Jan 6 David Slingerland Died

Sun Mar 3 Charles Welch Died

Sun Mar 24 Mrs. James Dewey Died

Thur Apr 11 Mrs. Nathan Palmer Died

Wed June 5 Mr. Sperry Died

Sun Nov 17 Ladorna Welch Died


Sat Jan 11 Mrs. Alford Ripley Died

Wed Jan 15 Polly Keyes Died

Mon Jan 13 James Dewey Died

June 1 Milton Pierce Funeral

Mon July 21 H.W. King Died (Harry)

Sun Aug 17 Marinda Orvis Died

Tue Sept 30 George Robbins Died


Thur Jan 29 Inez Bristol Died

Tue Feb 3 Nathan Palmer Died

Mon Sept 28 Mrs. Goodspeed Died


Wed Feb 10 Nabby Moshier Died

Thur Feb 11 Charles Strange Died

Sat Feb 27 Huldah Scouten Died

Same day Sam Tinkham Died

Thur Mar 3 Mrs. Albert Dewey Died

Sat Mar 19 Mrs. James Bristol Died

Sat Apr 9 Mrs. Anson Palmer Died

Wed May 4 Mrs. Dan Welch Died

Tue June 7 Mrs. Ellen Smith Died

Sun June 12 Alanson Palmer Died

Fri July 22 Isaac Smith Died

Sun Sept 4 Stephen Welch Died

December 1892 Built a sugar house


Feb 13 Mariah Ellis Died

Apr 22 Lester Palmer Died

Apr 23 William Dewey Died

Apr 26 David Fletcher Died

May 23 Will Sutton kicked by a horse and died May 24th

June 12 Albert Dewey Died

Aug 22 Bell Palmer Case Died

Sept 13 Sarah Dewey Whiting Died


Sun Jan 14 Lorena Dewey Jones Died

Mon Feb 26 John Ellis Died

Thur Mar 15 Sanford Dewey Died

Mon May 2 Clayton Seymour and family moved over beyond Austinville

Sun Apr 29 Abraham Slingerland Died

Mon July 30 Frances Dewey Died

Fri Aug 17 Ase Slingerland accident on Bailey Hill. Mrs. Jo Card killed and her daughter and Kit Card badly hurt.

Mon Oct 8 Mrs. William Williams Buried

Thur Dec 6 Charles Ellis Died


Mon Jan 7 James Ballard Died

Fri Apr 19 Huldah Dodge Died

Sun July 28 Celly Hager Died

Wed Sept 11 Perry Klinger’s Baby buried

Wed Sept 25 Vaughn Smith Died

Sat Nov 9 James Welch Died


Thur Jan 16 Amanda Welch Died in Tennessee

Fri Apr 3 Richard Gafford Died [SRGP 11194]

Thur May 21 Mary Rumsey Blower Buried

Sun Oct 4 Thomas Reynolds Died


Thur Jan 7 Samuel Pomeroy Died

Thur Mar 4 Washington Doud Died

Sun Jan 22 Lyman Dewey Died

Mon Feb 8 Mrs. Walker Died

Wed Feb 17 George Stauffer Died

Wed Mar 10 Tom Comfort Died

Mon Mar 15 Fred Shaw Died

Thur Mar 18 Mary Dewitt Died

Sun July 18 Mrs. Byron Smith Died

Fri Aug 10 Hiram Welch Died

Fri Aug 20 Boon Fletcher Died

Sun Aug 29 Mary Ashley Died

Wed Sept 15 Henry Larance Killed

Wed Oct 20 Levi Palmer Died

Wed Nov 4 Mrs. Orson Dodge Died

Wed Nov 24 Nancy Welch Snover Died

Sat Dec 18 Henry Hall Died


Fri Feb 11 William Bradford Died age 89

Fri Feb 18 Lucy Fletcher Died

Mon Feb 28 Mrs. Edwin Dewey Died

Fri Apr 1 Henry Card Died

Wed Apr 5 Ezekiel Strange Died

Sun July 10 Mrs. Moshier Funeral

Mon July 18 Mrs. Obedia Smith Died


Feb 14 James Dewey Died

Sun Apr 9 Jennie King Funeral

May 7 Eleanor Welch Thayer Funeral

Sat June 18 Addie Morgan James Died

Sat June 25 Susan Reynolds Died

Thur July 27 Thomas Lewis Died


Sun June 15 Helen Welch Died

Wed Sept 10 Fanny Dewey Funeral

1901 July 14 2 boys and a girl of Rich Ashley’s baptized

1901 Measles at the Seymours

1904 Helen and Maude typhoid fever

1907 Oct 25 Ellen and Nelson Welch married

1908 Maude Seymour taught Red School

1912 Earl Welch went to Tennesee

1915 The Seymour family moved to the Nelson Welch place Apr 19

1917 Minnie Seymour fell down cellar stairs and broke wrist and skull

1918 Tue Jan 15 Sylvia Wilkins born at Baker Hill

1918 Elmer Rose began drilling well

1919 Mrs. Minnie Seymour visited Hazel and Maude at the Samaritan Hospital in Detroit Fri Jan 17 to Feb 3.

1921 Wed June 15 Relford Seymour appendectomy Blossburg Hospital

1923 Helen Seymour in school at Mansfield
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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