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Diary of Thomas B. Hulsander
Township: Sullivan Township, Tioga County PA
Year: 1900
Transcribed by Alison Seymour in 2014
Sullivan Township Page
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Thomas B. Hulslander 1900 Diary

Mon. Jan, 1, 1900

The weather is very cold. I am now at Cohocton to work for telephone company which gives me seven dollars per week and board. This is a leagle holiday but we work just the same.

Tues. Jan. 2, 1900

The weather very cold wind blew and snow flew all day, but we worked all day puting on cross-arms and setting poles my left knee pained me so that I asked George to give me some other job than climbing this afternoon and he did.

Wed. Jan. 3, 1900

Weather quite warm I dug one hole help set three holes and have been stringing wire rest of day

Thursday Jan. 4, 1900

Weather warm we strung wire and tied it an raised three holes. I wrote home last Saturday but have not heard from there yet George, Taylor, Ayers and Conway went to Bath tonight received our pay for week ending Dec. 29

Fri. Jan. 5, 1900

Weather warm we have been takeing down old poles and puting on Guy wire and pulling up and tying in wire today. There is to be another dance in Opera House tonight I don’t expect to sleep very much.

Saturday Jan. 6, 1900

Weather warm we dug a few holes sat three poles put on guys and strung more in front of Warren House at ? Leo went to Bath again tonight The dance did not bother me very bad last night

Sun. Jan. 7, 1900

Weather warm and rainy it has been a very long day I have not been out of house today I received a letter this morning from mother sating they were all pretty well excepting Father who is not feeling very well.

Monday Jan. 8, 1900

Weather colder again we raised poles strung an dtied in wire I wrote Home to mother again tonight

Tues. Jan. 9, 1900

Weather quite cold we strung and tied in wire George, Green and Drake went to Wagners? At 11.45 today to begin some work there I have been skeatering  tonight it is a nice moon light night.

Wednesday Jan. 10, 1900

Weather rained untill eleven oclock then we went to work seting poles untill  noon in afternon I dug a deadman hole down by Erie Depot I bought a Book tonight called a little Irish Girl.

Thurs. Jan. 11, 1900

Weather cold cool this afternoon it has hailed and snowed but we kept to work. ? went to ?. Today is Teachers ?? here and tonight the house is crowded with them Received a letter from Nell yesterday.

Friday Jan. 12, 1900

Weather cold we have been to work puting up wire for cable Geo Green, Guy drake and Ayres went to Hanells? To finish work down there. I wrote Home to Nell last night good sleighing today everything is covered with ice.

Sat. Jan. 13, 1900

Weather comfortable we finished the line down by Erie Depot and strung wire on Renyolds line. The Boys have all gone to Bath tonight except Gaughler? And I fine sleighing

Sunday Jan. 14, 1900

Weather warm snowed some. I hardly went out of doores. I read a story called a little Rebel pretty lonesom I packed my cloes mended my leggings and flirted with the girls in coptage? Hotel across the street.

Mon. Jan. 15, 1900

Weather warm I have been digging holes all day from Erie Depot to G.S.I.W.? depot This afternoon Taylor, Conway and Ayres went to Bath again to be gone untill Wednesday night

Tuesday Jan. 16, 1900

Weather warm rained all last night. We finished digging holes and set poles today I let George ? have $ 25 tonight to keep for me untill I want it I received a letter from Vera & Harry today

Thursday Jan. 18, 1900

Weather warm tied in wire and run jumpers I worked on junction pole at Willcox office all afternoon Tom helped me then we did not get done. Bought a pair of rubbors tonight.

Fri. Jan. 19, 1900

Weather very warm we finish tiering in link on Dob? & on line today noon have been to work on main line this afternoon straiting up the corner pole & drawing up wire.

Saturday Jan. 20, 1900

Weather warm rained all day not hard but drizzled We did not go out to work any I read a book called Drothys Jewls written by Mrs Georgie Sheldon. Received our weeks pay ending Jan. 13 today

Sun. Jan. 21, 1900

Weather a little cooler today did not go out of dores but once. Then took a walk around the squar received a letter and two Mansfield papers today from Nell.

Monday Jan. 22, 1900

Weather comfortable warm. We took down the pole by D.S.I.W. RR. Depot and put up another one we had spliced The Warner House is a busy one to get anything to eat. but Ruth Cummings is a nice little girl she is as smart as can be for being 9 yr old.

Tues. Jan. 23, 1900

Weather warm & cloudy we have been doing odd jobs The boys are haveing awful times in dineroom trying to get enough to eat they told Mr Cummings that they had the same chicken for supper we had for dinner

Wednesday Jan. 24, 1900

Weather warm we finished our work here today and tonight have our own tools packed we do not know where we are going yet Received a litter from Fanny today The boys are haveing great times in dinering room.

Thurs. Jan. 25, 1900

Weather warm and rainy we left Cohocton? On Erie train at 11.24 and arrived here at

Savona a little after noon it rained untill 4 P.M. we did not try to do any work I wrote home to Vera & another tonight we are boarding at Danoth Hotel. Savona fine place.

Friday Jan. 26, 1900

Weather cold twelve degrees above zero and wind has blowed a perfect gale all day we worked untill 4 PM digging holes I thought I had froze my face two or three times today Fame? Hotel here plenty to eat it’s the largest building in this place its made of brick.

Wed. Jan. 31, 1900

Weather cold have not done much our car load of Poles came this afternoon we then went to work unloading an distributing them wrote to Ralph York tonight Jim & drake rooms with me now he is a fine fellow

Thursday Feb. 1, 1900

Weather cold we raised poles all day Gellipsie & Thomson was here. Received a letter from Corpal A.A. Sopilly? A soldier in the Phillipennes I ? also a few lines & welesboro & Mansfield paper from Nell

Fri. Feb. 2, 1900

Weather cold zero. We finished digging holes and finished seting all poles at 4. P.M. then begun putting on crossarms Conway was sick I have quite a cold Geo went to Bath tonight

Saturday Feb. 3, 1900

Weather not quite so cold we finished putting on crossarms and changed wire if nothing knew turns up we will get through Geo went to H. Port this afternoon Jennie played the mandolin last night it was all right she is a nice girl.