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Year: 1856 to 1949
Transcribed & Submitted by Wendell Evans
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0054Article of an agreement made this 3rd day of June AD 1847 Between Cyrus Evert M Evert of the township of Covington County of Tioga and the State of Penn. Of the first part, and Joseph R. Crane of the Township of hopewell Ontario County State of New York of the second part witness that the said partys of the first part agrees to sell to the party of the second part a lot of land containing fifty two acres and nine tenths of an acre. The lot which the said Evert now occupyes, in consideration whereof the said Joseph R. Crane promises and agrees to pay Cyrus & James M Evert the sum of six hundred dollar to paid by the first day of April rent, possession given when paid for…
Whereof the said parties have set their hands and seals the day and year above mentioned
Cyrus Evert {seal}
James Walker     James M Evert {seal}
      Joseph R Crane {seal}
[] Transcribed on December 31, 2003, by Wendell R. Evans []

0062 Poem on the Deah of Elizabeth Miller by James Nobles
Lines written on the death of Elisabeth Miller a member of the Covington School Who died December 23th 1849

Oh what a fearful thing is death
None can escape his murderous hand
We all must draw the parting health
And in the monsters presence stand
The old and young alike must all
Fall prostrate neath the Tyrants flow
The rich must yield the Kings must fall
When the dead mandate bids them go
When the dead mandate bids them go

A warring comes unto this school
One has been numbered with the dead
One of our number has been called
To pass through Jordan watters dread
Calmly she sank to his last rest
Placid her marble face and form
No more the pulse if felt to beat
And no more flows the safe blood warm
And no more flows the safe blood warm

Angles waited to convey her home
From this feeble form of clay
To the bosom of her God above
To portals of eternal day
Let us be ready for the day
None knoweth when giving death will come
Then shall we go with my [___] more
To realm by mortal man unknown
To real by mortal man unknown

She’s gone her seat is vacant now
Her place can never more be filled
Her form legs mouldering in the ground
But deathless spirit liveth still
One fortnight gone and she was here
As lively as her schoolmates were

But now she’s gone to unknown climes
To mansions brighter and more fair
To mansions brighter and more fair

Weep not for her then friends most dear
For she is happier better far
Than when she so journed with us here
For there no foul contentions man
There all is peace and love and joy
There these things are at rest
These now she sings without alloy
Her praise to God in Jesus breast
Her praise to God in Jesus breast

Peace to her ashes lightly tread
The ground where Elisabeth now lies
For though thus sowly lies her head
Her spirits resting in the skies
Here let her rest till that great day
When all shall rise above the sod
The will she leave this bed of clay
And rise to live forever with God

Covington Jan. 1th 1850  Jas G. Nobles
D. H. Walker
[] Transcribed on January 3, 2004, by Wendell R. Evans []

0059 These apparently are poems copied by Delos Walker in 1850
On the Death of Inna Smith
Daughter of Deacon Stephen Smith of Hampton
Who departed this life after a short but distressing
Illiness February the seventh A. D. 1811
Aged ninteen years

1 That mournful sounds moves thro the air:
That mournful tidings strike the ear!
That painful thoughts bear down the heart:
Then friends from life to death depart!

2 From deaths arrest no age is free,
It takes the brightest flowers away;
The old, the young, the great, the small
By death’s all conquering arm must fall

3 No youthful beauty eve so bright,
Can stop the conqueror in flight;
No loving ties tho ever so dear,
Can stay him in his swift career

4 Not fervent tears, nor brothers cries
Can stop deaths arrow when it flies;
Swift is its flight it strikes us down,
And lays us low beneath the tomb.

5 The truth of this we all have seen
A youth whose age was but ninteen,
Alas must hear her fatal down:
And sleep within the silent tomb.

6 The fatal shaft alas, it flew.
And friened her dayey body thro;
She from her learning then retived
And in the pangs of death expired,

7 She was abound with ruddy cheeks
With sparkling eyes and rudy lips,
But these we see could not prevail,
Then death came up they turned pale.

8 Her fluent tongue once spoke with ease,
Her converse seem’d the mind to please,
Her mind was great her genious bright
Her presence even gave delight.

9 The limbs wave active bright and fair
No pains for learning would she spare;
Twas her delight to spend her time
In things that might improve the mind.

10 her person we might eve behold
Within the temple of the lord,
With pleasure she d attend the word
And sing the praises of her god

11 But when the conqueror, death drew near,
And drew his bright and gliting spear,
Those earthly blessing soon did pride,
She in the dust must lay her head!

12 Her cheeks grew wan, her lips grew pale,
By swift degrees her nature failed,
Her fluent tongue was pavehed dry,
Alas, this lovely youth must die!

13 Her pavements by her now did stand,
With wepping eyes and tremling hands,
To se her gasp her vital breath
Into the arms of cruel death

14 her active limbs are cold in death,
That conquering warrior holds her breath,
She has received her just reward,
By Jesus Christ our Saviour Lord.

15 Her active limbs and blooming age,
No more will grace an earthly stage,
Her soul released from earth is gone,
Her body laid within the tomb.

16 May we my friends who all have seen,
Our friend cut down whilst in their prime
A wake and stand whilst we are spared
In readiness to meet the Lord.

17 May we enquire and seavely to know,
They we escaped the fatal blow,
And force our harden’d hearts to tell,
That we had been if we had fell.

18 to us my friends death calls aloud,
Be ye fine hard to meet your god,
Perhaps for you I next shall call,
And strike my arrow thro your soul.

19 this is the call to you I send,
I take away your pleasant friend,
Short warning unto her I gave,
Prepare for death likewise the grave.

20 my friendly consoles now embrass
And line the ways of truth and grace.
You soon among the dead must be,
And lanunched into eternity

21 may this a warring be to all,
To stand prepared when god shall call
That when this mortal body dies
Our souls may be with ghost on high

Jane A Nancy
 A Harry

22 this call we all must soon attend,
Our sinful ways then let us mend,
 That when our mortal bodies die,
 Our souls may live with God on high.

Covington January 18th 1850 James M Evert

 When Napoleon was fleing
 From the field of Waterloo
 A British Soldier dying
 To his brother fade adieu

 And take he said this token     Sylvester Melissa
 To the maide that owns my faith
 With the words that I have spoken
 In affection’s lates breath

 Sore mourned the brothers heart
 When the youth beside him fell
 But the trumpet warned to part
 And they took a sad farewell

 There was many a friend to lose him
 For the gallant soldier signed
 But the maiden of his bosom
 Wept when all their tears were dried

Delos H. Walker Covington Feb. 14th 1850
[] Transcribed on December 31, 2003, by Wendell R. Evans []

0456 Lines to Julia For her Album

Tis sweet to write in Friendship’s book
Where, in lone hours we are prone to look;
But passing sweet it were to know
That friend to friend never proves untrue

True friendship based on mutual worth
Survives the fleeting hours of mirth;
Per adverse hours more closely clings;
And to the heart new treasures being

These may it be with you dear Julia
That each hour friends appreciate truly
The sincere purity of thy inmost heart
Which seems to be of Heaven a part.

Yet should those to flattery descend friend
Who now may call themselves thy
Remember this: There is One above
Whose great immortal name is Love

Elmina R. Packard (SRGP 08995 - Married Isaac Rumsey 1861)
Mainsburg Oct. 1st 1859
Transcribe on September 17, 2003, by Wendell R. Evans

0457 Lord what is life tis like a flower
That blossoms and is gone
We see it flourish for an hour
With all its beauty on
But death comes like a winking day
And eats the pretty flower away.

Lord what is life if spent with thee
In duty, praise and prayers
However long or short it be
We need but little care;
Because eternity will last
When life and even death are past

Julia Walker
Transcribe on September 17, 2003, by Wendell R. Evans

0461 Delos to Julia
Canton Tuesday night 15 o’cloc, Nov 25th 1856
Absent Friend
 As time passes rather slowly just now I thought that writing to an absent friend might make the dull hours of night pass more pleasantly and keep the shades of sleepiness from getting the upper hands of heavy eyelids and dealing her homeopathic doses sweet forgetfulness. But perhaps you will enquire why are you not dreaming away the silent hours of night rather than following the dull lines of this sheet of paper. Well my reasons are good I am setting up with the sick. John is having a of the Bilious fever so that we have had to be up with him for about a week but he is now on the gain and they are in hopes he will soon be well. I have been to a little party this evening rather better feeling than at the candy party at least we had a very pleasant time. Especially the coming home part for it rained all the evening and the mud was not quite to the tops of my boots but lucky for me I had no one but D. H. W. to get along. Oscar and I had a_ fines [_ tramp] the day we left Covington got home about 2 o’cloc (oh how it rains) Excuse these scattered and broken sentences will you. As it is getting rather late (or early) I should have said I will adjourn my scribling till some future time so good night (or morning)
 Wednesday 1 ½ o’cloc at school if you please I will scrible a little more and then draw my elegant epistle to a close; such a buzzertegabering in the school room that I cant think of anything, but now is the time for the grammar class to recite so I must go. Once more I take my pen to finish my scribling and now permit me to ask a few questions and then answer them will you.
 1st how does Melis and Joseph get along well I hope. 2ndly how about Silas and his house. 3rdly does your deaf sister get along can she read yet. 4th have you had any more candy parties. 5th when does your school commence and who is going to teach my advice is don’t get called up for whispering, if you should happen to don’t get mad about it will you. 6thly and lastly how do our good friends of that vicinity get along I hope they feel better than they did when I was at home. When at home I gave them as good foundation for talk now it is your share to let me know how well they build there on don’t you think so.
 I heard from Alonzo last week by way of Mr Bassett who teaches singing school in Springfield, I am going to commence my school next Monday. Extraordinariness excepted the school here closes on Tuesday next, well I guess you will say enough by the time you have studied these scribling this [___] so I will begin to think of stopping please excuse and correct mistakes and answer this soon.
 So I will draw my elegant scriblings to a close by subscribing myself your friend
  D. H. Walker
   To Julia Frost
NB please excuse the abominable[___]

 D. H. Walker, Canton

[] Transcribe on November 12, 2003, by Wendell R. Evans []

0458 Melissa to Delos
Covington, Jan 31st 1857
Friend Delos
 Saturday evenning and I find my self trying to scribble a few lines in answer to that long letter of yours which was received Thursday night this leaves the folks all well except bad colds you must not expect enny news then you will not be disappointed but I guess I will tell you how we have improve the time for the last week well to commence Monday night we to Arithmetic School. Tuesday night to meeting Wednesday night went to a Donation Party at Elder T Eenneys had a first rate time Thursday went up the Creek to a Spelling School and Friday night down the Creek so you see that we have improve the time for the last week but I shall have to stop writing for the present.
Sunday afternoon and now I will try and scribble a few lines more and what shall I write that will interest you but I suppose that I shall have to write something if it is not quite so funny it has been so cold here that we do not have enny news so you must not blame me for not writing them we had a good snow storm Friday night but it is quit pleasant to day. Delos would you believe it Melis went up and taught School for Joseph last Thursday is that not funny. Delos it is very lonesome to day I wish you was here but I must stop writing now and go up to your house and see if I cannot think up some news. Delos as we have a chance to send this to the office & as James is not here with your permission I will finish this you will like to have a little of my scribbling by this time of course. Jay says write soon for this is his [___] and I am willing that he should own in Nov Delos write & not wait as long as common.
Monday morning
Good morning to you Delos a few lines to you this morning only a few I shant call this a letter but will write you a long one soon O I wish that you would hurry & get done teaching for we want you out this way I guess we have been talking of coming to Canton probally may in the course of two weeks I am not at school to-day for there is none our teacher has gone home to stay till the middle of the week we are going to have school an other month you will be here before it is out will you not. He has as much as six weeks more to teach yet. Well I kept school Thursday thought I would see if I had not forgotten how but they all minded me well. Joseph as well as the rest he is a very good scholar in school. I tell you I wish that you were here to go with us to spelling & there was a jolly load of us down the creek only 18 our friend in the holler went with us. Martha is rather a pleasant companion is quit good to me for she wont say one word but she need not  take on for I don’t care for her if she don’t for me. I never shall ask her to do me the favor to talk with me. I do not feel willing to humble myself enough for that yet so let her go I say would not you. O I must tell you Julia came & stayed with me Friday night after spelling school in the morning got up & found the snow well I don’t know how deep so that Jule couldn’t get home. Jay had to get up the oxen & take her home & you may imagine how they looked going off in the morning before [___]. Delos if we come to Canton you must be ready to go up to Uncle Elans with us we shall come Friday when we come cant stay long this time don’t look for us though. Now my sheet is full & it is time for me to go to getting dinner so you will excusse these few lines for I only wrote this to tell you that I would write soon but you cant find much fault with me for I miss two letters to your one you know. I almost forgot to tell you we talk of going up elk run to morrow & Wednesday night have an invitation to go up [___] holler to a [___] a spelling school will you go say good bye to write soon will you from your friend

(The following lines have been written on the sides of this letter)

Nancy [_lle_] is very sick.

Please give my respects to Mr Brown. I am sorry to hear of his misfortune certainly but am glad that it is not said to me for it is so seldom that anything had happens that is not said to my charge.

Dinner will soon be ready will you step we [___] take some with us. I almost forgot to tell you that J. G. Noble had been here Emm has gone home with him [___] is no better excuse haste  [___] don’t forget to write

Don’t wait for us to come before now. write for perhaps we shall be disappointed about coming.[]
Transcribe on November 9, 2003, by Wendell R. Evans

0465 Julia to Delos
Covington Feb 3rd 1857
Friend Delos
 To night finds me trying to answer that long neglected letter, quite an effort for me at the preasant time, Tis anyhow well now to answer the questions that were asked, as to school it is much the same as when you was here. Meliss & Jule have not deserved a whiping as yet so of course they have not received any is this satisfactory or not. No I have not been to meeting any more neither do I want to But please let me tell you where I have been, one place was to a donation party another was to a spelling school down the creek & just give a guess who went in the load (will you) I’ll tell you any how (this is real funny to read) the boys were Ken, Isaac (Mary & Martha) John & Ben, Billy, Harris Dartt & the schoolmaster, Bridget Cushion, Sarah & May, Melissa & James, Seth Morgan & Mr J completed the Frost hollow load yes & Rod I guess there was some good feelings for Marty never spoke to Meliss only just once then she said some do too, don’t you think we all had a good time, well we did (that’s so)

Ps when you open this letter perhaps you will think there is news in it but you will be some what mistaken I am thinking when you peruse it nothing more at present.

Oh as to how your friends felt about that visit is better known than described they did not feel [slated] however that’s so for they said it them own selves Julia

When you go to read this elegant epistle commence in the morning for it will then take you till night, now remember what I till you for if you think of reading it by candle light your eyes will be sore for a week it is such delicate writing good night.

If you don’t say this side is full enough to [said] you don’t know what you would call full & I guess you will have a hard work to read it too Julia

Yes Joseph has left off preaching just where he commenced he don’t believe in the old maxim  try try again. I havent had any more pleasant sleigh rides in a wagon now I believe I have answered all the questions that were written in the part of the letter. You say it is easy enough to put on  a long face I am glade tis for you if you are destined to be a school teacher but it is the hardest work that I can do when I am a schoolmarm even then I suppose you know what a propensity I have for laughing do you not…. Delos I am not called on the floor in school only to the black board and you know that is real funny don’t you. You say you would like to change works with me don’t believe I should have objected to it for I had to stay at home from school and work just as hard as I could all the time for two weeks back Mother has been staying with sister Nancy health is very poor did not expect her to live for some days she is some better now she was taken on her bed in a sleigh and brought home last Saturday we hope she will recover soon well this can not be interesting to you is it. No Delos I do not wish to take your place for you like school teaching far better than I if old Mrs Brown don’t think your patience was tried some time with your naughty children she also said they liked you much in Canton guess you had better stay hadn’t you (Say) did you visit Mr Rockwell’s school as you thought of & how did you like it…. When are you going to Lons school when you do go just behave better than you did in Josephs school will you not (say till) well now to tell the truth I would not wonder I Lon would set you with the girls for a punishment that is all of the story I believe & you say you didn’t blush oh no of course not up to Josephs school I call it you didn’t for you never do (that’s so) I am sory that Mr Browns visit was so hard for him sure I be tell him next time to fulfill his agreement & I think it will be for his health also tell him that hollow log is up in the road as yet I think it was  the last time I went that way I should not wonder if that candy had a bad affect on Mr. B. well it will learn him to eat less another time don’t you believe it. Meliss & me have drawn cuts for that school and both got the short stick wont that nice they have a school there now John Haverly teaches perhaps you know him do you not! Joseph was glad to hear of your reform he hopes it is lasting oh I should not wonder if he thinks his preaching had some thing to do with it (now would you)

Excuse good writing when you find it in this letter & I guess that you wont have to excuse a great deal?  Will you say I want to know.

If it wont just for the name of writing a letter and then not sending it you would not never see this simple mess that is so just try and see if you can beat this the sense I writing also
J. A. Frost

Now who shall I get up a yarn about, let it be Meliss for I like to tell or write any thing concerning her you know. The first is she did not play up to Nathan Whiting & Joseph was there perhaps that is reason suficient to give is it not you know it was for the sake of good manners up to the candy visit the reason of her not playing she took them along to the donation well they went to Elder Kinneys to one did not intrude that time so don’t know what did happen there nothing of importance only [Josep] got pay to drive home and the horses were so bad that they like to tiped over & that aint all the next day Rod & Meliss went to Josephs school & staid till evening spelling school they had a good one I believe oh then was the time she went & staid with Mary, I staid with Melissa last Friday night & we had a good old time I can tell you & oh let me tell you of an other sleigh ride John Wilcox came to the school house the other day with a horse & cutter Meliss & I got in it and took a real ride he made the old horse run so as to get back before the school master [raped] don’t wisk to see the sight

p.s. excuse poor writing for my pens are very poor & read it if you can. Now this letter is three words to your one so if there is not much sense it will make up in the number of sentences will it not.

Read the crop work first if you can in this letter do you believe you can.

Oh let me tell you about Billy he was sick yesterday but is well to day he just came in & said who are you writing to at this late hour of the night has warmed and gone to bed.

Give my best respects to all that inquire of me & them that dont ask just tell them to mind their own business oh I forgot to tell you that I was glad to hear that your cousin was better hope he will still continue so to be.  Julia

To a friend put on your speck to read this wont you  to Delos

Well I have now come to the last side I think I can hear you say don’t write any more but if I do write it you are not bound to read it are you if you get tired put it in the stove as Meliss did Burley’s (will you not) it is now eleven oclock and Ma says go to bed Julia so good night for the present.

 Wednesday eve I have now a leisure moment which I will spend in writing to yourself we are to have an arithmetic school this evening wouldn’t you like to attend well if you would you cant for our teacher is of the opinion that every teacher may have their own schools now you see the inconvenience of being a schoolmarm don’t you oh Delos you are going to have company next week so slick up your old house & I suppose you will ask my authority for saying so Melissa & Jay told me my news & I went to school to day for the first in a good while & didn’t the wind blow some I think it did the snow has thawed enough to pack good this afternoon (that’s so) the schoolmaster is here and says it is time to go up to school so good bye   yours truly
   From Julia Frost to Delos Walker esq.

& sit is no more in this past [___] you long one any thing it is him I for place to let me [p___] [___] for I feel ones [___] about him that so & can you blam me for it read this if you & if not it will be a [___]

forever I think for I cant read it good bye to  Delos W.[]
Transcribe on December 14, 2003, by Wendell R. Evans

00460 - Covington Feb
 Friend Delos
  I did do as I saw fit about reading your letter have read it quite a number times was glad to think that you could answer my letter once in time & also write one longer than mine but I’ll bet that you cant write an answer longer than this is destined to be if nothing happens until I get finished. Well with your letter laid before me in order not to miss any of the questions I will now proceed to business in the first place I will thank you for your kind wishes in regard to my happiness & wish you also much of the same through life no I didn’t have a very pleasant time staying with Mary after the spelling school should though if I had staid with her I presume Delos I do certainly feel much obliged to some kind hearted person in our vicinity who keeps you so well pasted up hope that after this they will merely state matter of facts which I prefer to fiction some times at least. No the horses did not stop at Uncle Strattons barn coming from Donation nor was there any one feigning in the bottom of the sleigh guess if there had been they wouldn’t have been much riser don’t you? G Joseph does not play at any of our parties yet perhaps he may when he gets old enough & as for myself I do as often as it is convenient to do so. You said your letter would be scrible when your questions were answered I think it is in a fair way to become so what think you? I shall answer every one & perhaps more shall ask some myself. I hardly think you would be as steady if you were here perhaps you might wish so call at the white homes as is your custom once in the while. You asked if we had any meetings in our place Sunday there were two funerals here on that day Old Mr Cleavland was buried in the afternoon (Elder Kenney preached & it rained all the afternoon) his disease was the long fever. In the forenoon Elder K. preached a funeral sermon at Mr. Frosts Nancys youngest child was buried she has been sick all winter got letter came home. The Sunday before her babe was taken sick & died Mrs Frost is quite sick now had the Doctor yesterday.

Do you have summer out your way? We do warm weather & [____] enough at that but I don’t care only so it is warm please tell Calvin that I am afraid that his service will be in the rain erecting your dwelling if

If you wish to know what makes my writing look so much more than common (& it always looks bad enough) It is because I am very near sick I have got a sever throat than I like to have but I think it will get better [____] morning so that I can go to school & arithmetic school in the evening as usual. Yes we will save you one if you will hurry home. the last month of school commenced day before yesterday time to learn some yet before school is out Joseph’s will be out Tuesday I believe. But now I must go & get dinner for you see it is Sunday & I am not at church. We have no meeting here to day & it is too muddy to go very far. Thursday afternoon, Delos I think this will be news when you get it. It is sometime since I commenced this scribble but as paper is rather scarce & ink cost something I will finish this so I don’t get tired out & if I do will get my best friend Julia to write for I always go to here for help in my difficulties now do you think you can manage to read this for I have characters of the [___] roof & the [____] roof & many others. Now I will rest me while Jule writes for we are at [____].

Friday morning before school you see Delos that I have been almost a week writing or rather scribbling this & had to get help at that but if you knew how bad my head has asked all the time you blame me now I don’t want you to be as long answering this if you do I shall not get it until you get home now will you please answer this as soon as you get it say I almost forgot to tell you about the wedding that took place the other evening Clarissi Cleaveland was wedded to a Joune Harvey that [____] that you have seen him often Ben Cleaveland merried them he thought it in fun but I believe it was in earnest well I heard that they lived together two or three days & then perted print that pretty well done if I think it [____].

Now Jule is hearing a class read & I will write a little while she makes as fine a schoolman you asked if I had got acquainted with Marg [___] I have some think her quite a pretty girl she is at school to day.

Well Delos, Melissa is real tired so to be kinder friendly you know I will help her just as she would me. If I were in the same conditions yes I received your answer to that said letter thought it much better than I could have written not withstanding I had racked my poor brain to answer it before I received yours but wish I had not now for it is to bad to have one letter get so many answers it surely is don’t you think so well in future please to write all of them will you not say. Melissa has already told you that we were at school & now let me tell you what all of the scholars are doing wont you want to know well I don’t care if you don’t I’ll tell anyhow Meliss has got Bob up to the black board to do a [___] for her & she is looking on Palins is studying his grammar lesson Isaac & Billy are both marking on the slates Mary Jane & Sarah also, Mary is whispering to Mrs. Mary Lee she has only come in to see the school this afternoon yes I guess she is wide awake enough not to get sleepy in the day time I like her well so far am not much acquainted however no that log is not at its destination I believe so you may send Mr. Brown over if you choose I have got the worst pen you ever saw to write with & don’t you believe it by the looks of this.

Melissa blotted this paper her own self she did.

Excuse all of this silly mess will you not good bye Julia.

The girls have just come in so I thought I would turn my paper the other way do you care say tell well what do you spose Billy cares whether you drink or not I don’t believe he does do you oh I have herd from Lilas but I guess he is mad for he staid yo cousin Lucy’s the other night & never called itoo bad & he is going to Kansas in the spring his house is no nearer finished than when you saw it he has given up getting them gothic fixings I believe aint you sorry for me if you can make sense of this twill be funny for every minute I have to do something else & this writing looks like it I think Oh! Delos how does Miss Adelia Denten get along & have you been to any party’s of late well you had not ought to go so often that’s all yesterday I saw Mrs. Nancy Dartt she was almost as good as at the candy party last fall. is your school as pleasant as ever hope so, well if you can read this just send me word will you.

He does not move that log soon for it is all going to decay.

What made you have the sleighing go off so soon --- [___] I got almost ready to come to Canton but now it is such awful going that we cant but it is school time now so I must go & I guess that you will be glad of it when you get this I wished that I had [____] sooner it snows this morning & I guess we shall have a little sleighing. James will answer your letter soon he says soon will you excuse the pen crooked marks & burn them when read or before if you like. Please give my respect to all of the folks & answer this soon will you! now will you now I will now close this by telling you not to escort any of the girls home while they say Mr. Walker are you ready ha ha
  Good bye
 Your folks are well from melisa
Note that this letter was written by two persons to Delos. The letter was also written over each other in two directions on the same page.
Transcribe on November 25, 2003, by Wendell R. Evans

0466 - Canton Dec. 7th 1856
Sunday Afternoon 1 o’cloc
 Friend Julia
With pleasure I received your letter last evening and at the same time one from James and Melissa and was right glad to hear once more from some of the Covington folks and thought I would take the earliest oportunity of answer them. Answering did I say. Come to think they were but answers to mine but never mind I am a great fellow to write letters I guess you will begin to think so by this time (wont you) well last night I wrote to Melis this morning to James, and now who do you think I am scribling to (can you guess) well I have just returned from meeting had rather a cold one and for my part I like to froze to death wouldn’t it been a pity if I had well that partly account for this miserable writing and when I give you a discription of my writing desk it will account for [___]
consists of at large book held in one hand, and with pen in the other am making these crooked marks at lngth the first long week of school has passed, and tomorrow an other is to commence I think I shall have a very pleasant school after I’ve once get started but you know it takes one or two weeks to get regulated you may imagine a little old school house about as the one in which we spent our youthful days with one row of seats around the out side and the desks next to a wall so that a good share of the time the schoolars are backs toward me and then imagine 31 scholars all on one seat and me and the old stove sole occupants of the midle of the house but for all inconveniences and so on. I am well suited with my school last night I was up all night or at least until 4 ocloc with John he is now on the gain and they are in hopes he will soon be well I guess if Meliss shows you her letter you will think I was busy all night well tomorrow morning at 9 o’c I think I can see you all gathering around the old school house yes and now I hear the rap rap rap on the window and then the clatter of noisy feet crossing the floor now I see each schollar in their place. All except Jo’s Darky (but I guess he’ll take the pulpit) and now the first three hours have passed and I can if you all hover round the stove for it is now noon and a rather cold one too. Next we see you hit the master on the lip and then laugh all the afternoon because he is rather thick lipped and now it is night and I can see you all disperring to your several homes so we will leave your school by saying I hope you will have a first rate one far better than you had last winter for there is need enough of it that’s certain. So good bye to your school and all the scholars.

This is from your friend
 Delos H. W.
  To Julia F.
And now I come to the last page and what shall I write upon it, oh the first I will ask if you have been to any prayer meetings if so did you get the shakes again I hope not for I have just learned to pity any one that shakes for I had a fine time shaking in meeting this forenoon. Oh do excuse those miserable I’s will you only see 1 2 3 4 5 6 in going round here once did you see the beat. I heard from Alonzo again to day he is going to teach school this winter, tell Melis will you. As to the question you asked I don’t know how to answer it for I don’t know what you meant nor who you meant so I guess I am excusable aint I. now my school. Boy days are over and I have to put on a long face and keep sober but it comes rather hard at first you know don’t you it comes rather hard too. To get right among strangers again just as I began to get acquainted but let her rip I don’t care, I am glad that our kind friends have sunk into slumber and oh may they have pleasant dreams and peaceful rest from all their toil. Now if you want to read this you must read right around and then I am thin king it make poor sense give my respects to the pretty girl you spoke of will you and mabee I’ll [___] her wont call her the Devl tho I shall look for an answer soon, excuse mistakes.

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0468 - Covington
   Wednesday at school
To an absent friend
 Well Delos once more I have told a lie & again I ask pardon but you will excuse me I know when I tell you the reason of my not fulfilling my promise in writing Sunday. The reason was simply this Saturday night I staid with my best friend (Julia of course) & we did not get in time to write a letter before meeting time as Elder Kinney preached at our school [&] in the afternoon the cause of our sleeping so long was this we had not been to bed at all in two nights we sat up at Mrs Newels both nights. The old lady is dead she died last Thursday Jule & I were there when she died set up that night came home in the morning went to school as usual then went again the next night the time passed, very pleasantly wish that you could have stepped in just about that time don’t you.

Now let me think what shall I say next Meliss says write while I hear Ella read so I guess I will well I seen her go to sleep one time but if I tell she will be mad so excuse me will you not. Ella is done now and this as all Julia
 Now I will write while Jule is learning her lesson for she has a long one but that is good for her is it not! Last Monday evening we had an arithmetic school an excellent one now we are to have them two in a week perhaps you would like to know who is in the school. Well Jule & I come first of course & Sarah & Mary, Rob & Isaac M.J. Joseph & Julius & Billy quite a school. To night there is to be a donation party at the village for the Presbyterian Preacher & next Friday evening there is to be one at Mr Nathans Whiting think we shall go. Only think Meliss says Nathan’s Whiting Melissa is not that real funny for a schoolmarm she says that I must write some first because she stayed with me Saturday night so will just to accommodate her (that all)

I this evening received a letter from Fanny they are well & then were almost the only ones in the neighborhood, that were it is very sickly there but the worst of all the small pox in around them.

Ten ocloc just returned from school had a fine time & tomorrow evening expect another if I have the good luck to get to Elder Whitings whish I expect I shall wish that I could see my friend Delos there also but expect to be deprived that pleasure but never mind Julia will be there in your place.

I is sever cold weather now an Irish man was taken up for dead at the village one day this week he was almost frozen is going just alive & Elder Jacob Johnson has got badly hurt by the fall of the tree now I cant think of any more news to tell.

O! I am so glad that Johnson is getting better my best wishes to Mr J Hazleton folks I am cold & sleepy so must go to bed don’t forget to do my errands to Calvin will you excuse mistake & poor writing & answer this soon from your friend as ever Melissa Emils Mr. D. H. Walker
good bye

Now I will write this way while I answer some of your many questions if you please. No I have not had any more sasses candy have not been up the creek to meeting since you went back yes had to mend our dresses to wear to the donation certainly I will go to school for you if you wish it & set sit by the side of Julia for you two now don’t you think that I love to oblige a friend say! When Joseph has another meeting I will endeavor to let you know he is mad as [pions] as he was that night at our house for I have seen him since when he acted as bad as you & I do but he is done preaching now I expect well our friends in the [loller] are still as nice since they got over feeling bad about the candy party was rather touchy for a little while but I guess they will even out right in the spring hope so at least you said fill a sheet & if this is not filled I don’t know how to fill one if it is not filled with sense it is with nonsense but it will help [___] [___] away reading it. I am sorry to hear that Calvin was sick glad to hear that he is better now didn’t think that Josephs preaching would have such an [___] [___] give him my respect now I must go to the school so good bye till I get back.

Your folks are well your mother received a letter from cousin Eliza to day with some wedding cards in & when I get married I will send you some.

Perhaps you wont thank me for scribbling (will you) I just had to go to the black board to say my lesson and my hand trembles some you’ll excuse that of course for you cant help it. Mr Miller looks awful + and Meliss is getting her grammar lesson first so excuse me for stopping writing so soon I like present parts [espaly] you see only think Jule makes so many new fashion words herself & then lenghs at me for putting I on the wrong word when both words signify the same thing well just let me criticise her writing a little in the first place she says ral for real in the next beause & the funniest of all she went to the black board I have often heard of white poets but she recites to a black one how funny the black folks in our school can dance  better than they can sing. Would you like to know how she protracted meeting gets along. I hear from there often but have not visited them since you left they have immersed & of help not as much interest there I should think as there has been but it is now time recite in [__] so good bye till.

Writing I says strengthen out your hand so I am & just beginning to learn to write & when I am learning then will write you a nice letter.

O dear I never had such a time writing a letter but I will write only a little this this time & after you write I will tell you all the news. Please tell Mr Brown to be a good boy & watch Delos for fear he may loss his breath in some of his sleigh rides if he will take care of you I will of Julia now do you tell him this will you have had any sasses candy of late? We have nice sleighing & it snows now O’ Elder Emmey is soon to have a donations visit at his home. I almost forgot to tell you that Julia had an invitation to go with the watch meeting load again this evening I think that she will soon be excused however I should think it would make them feel conspicuous to ask her.
 Thursday evening there is an arithmetic school this evening and as it is not quite time to go I will write a little to my friend this evenings mail brought me a welcome letter from Delos was very glad to get it but my conscience mites me for not writing when you are so good to keep your promise but I will not lie to you again my friend so please write often should have written when I promised but you know how I must have felt after not sleeping any for two nights now have I your foregiveness h:

Now I must stop writing & you will write soon will you not remember that you owe me one letter already now write & I will answer it closly it as now bed time so good night  & pleasant dreams to you my friend.

But what shall I do my sheet is full I have only commenced writing but you can read it as you are a good schollar if I write it twice over can you not the ere soon of my writing looks so much worse than common is this the teacher came along [while] I was.
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0469 - Covington Nov 30th 56
Friend Delos
 To night with pen in hand I am seated to try to answer your (but oh mater pen tho) well I was glad to hear of your preasent welfare & enjoyment but that candy party is not to be found in Canton nor one that will surpass it either I asure you of that fact in the commencement do you think it is as to good feeling at the said party why Delos did you feel bad as for me I never enjoyed myself better & am sure Nancy and her friends were well pleased to have our company there don’t you think. They was of course you to. Am glad you had a pleasant journy back was sorry to hear of your cousins illness hope he is still gaining & for you must feel rather sleepy I imagine if you have been up nights a whole week slept some of that I presume did you not.
 Now I will answer your questions if I can as to Joseph he is the same as ever Meliss stays with Marg occasionally I believe Gilas has nearly completed his house all I think is lacking is the Gothic trimings of course they will have to be sent for before I go there have not seen him since you left however as to Sally she is quite deaf but you know a school man can do almost any thing can even teach the deaf to read you may think this rather strange but she has improved wonderfully under my instruction she is so that I had left her to finish her education under the instruction of a little sand like lady.
 Have you had any more candy party’s why no they only get that up on your account they knew that you wanted to see all the friends and so just fir to accommodate yourself (will you now make fun of it) our school commence one week from to morrow Mr Miller is the teacher he is to uncle J’s to night came over to find the time of commencing. he is awful tall oh what a big whip he can use [___], think of that will you your advice is duly apreciated by me but you ought to have told me some thing easier than to not get mad about each thing as being called up on the floor for you know how mad I am at our teacher of last winter do you not excuse me if I do not follow the council of a friend but I will if I can remember it. Oh Delos you had all your labour for your pains for your good friends did not think enough of the foundation you laid to build an air castle on it even they have said all they could think of I guess and so let the matter rest altogether a wise conclusion I think don’t you agree with me in this opinion they are [insted] to slumber by the wontony of their own [___] (an easy slumber I hope)

Burn this as soon as you read it will you not. Not in anger as Meliss did however

Delos this is not fit for any body else to see but you

P.S. don’t read the crop mark in this epistle will you. all I write any for is so you will know where to [___] to [___].

I cant think of any thing interesting so will close for this time Good Night

 Wednesday afternoon
Delos I will now finish writing if possible suppose you are in school now & perhaps have called some one on the floor before this time don’t whip them will you for it would make them cry I am afraid.
Is your school as pleasant as you anticipated hope so. Oh don’t you think we shall have good times going to school friend Meliss will go but we wont play one bit some of your friends talk of attending Randall & don’t know but Martha it may be that we shall have a better school than last season and so on.
 How does it happen that you was at that party without the lady you spoke of when at home the same that Mr H would be writings for don’t you remember well how does she get along good I hope. We had a snow storm yesterday & last night it rained most all the time Meliss was here yesterday she feels good as ever.
Meliss and me went down to see the women that called you the D v l. oh how she scolded me for telling you of it & she has the prettiest little girl you ever saw Clara Johnson is going there to board and go to school oh what good times in this place. Josephs Negro is to attend school here oh I forgot to tell you how bad Mr J W Whiting is hurt Mrs Whiting was here yesterday said they thought his ribs were broken he was sawing a board instead and did not think to take his knee from it and fell he could not up in a long time to hard lack for Joseph don’t you think it is Melissa will feel so bad wont she poor girl I pitty her most as much as I do him.
Well Delos if you can read this you will do better than the writer if you don’t call this long simple letter I don’t know what you will
Excuse mistakes and rectify blots will you not
From now your friend
  To Mr D. H. Walker
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0470 - Canton Jan 8th 1856
My Cousin
 Being at home to day and not feeling very well I came to the conclusion that I would write a little to Delos about matters and things. I am rather unwell to day have had no school since Saturday last. I intend to go to my school this afternoon (extraordinaries excepted) Delos how did you spend your Christmas and New Years. I had one of the best times imaginable on Christmas had no school stayed at home pretty much all day at night went over to town got a quart oysters had one of the best feast you ever saw. Our folks were gone to the post on a visit two of my cousins on mothers side of the question were here at that time. One by the name of Alonzo Gray a young man of about 24, the other Lorene A Reynolds a young lady of about 16 years of age pretty good company. The former is engaged in the Canton Academy Teaching school. The latter is boarding at our house and going to the same school. That was our Christmas. Good wasn’t it, Yes now comes the New Years day. Well Monday night we (meaning myself and Alonzo) hired a man with a nice span of mules and went to watch meeting about three miles from here, we had one of the loud times you better believe. Next day stayed at home all day pretty near at night Lorene and I went over to town to spend the evening at one of our neighbors. I went up to town calculating to stay but a few minutes saw Mr. T. Elliott now says he just come ut my house and we will have some Oysters. Up we went we had a very fine party. That was the most of my doings on the hollidays. The next day being Wednesday I was the sleepiest fellow you ever saw. Now a little about my school I am teaching at a place balled Beach Flats the same school that cousin Lizie taught. I have a very large school. I have had 70 different schollars. It keeps me busy now. I tell you don’t you believe it John is teaching about 1 mile and ½ from mine he has about 40 schollars some difference between his and mine you perceive. I wish I knew what you were about, but never mind I shall know before a great while. I’ll tell you what you may expect, you may expect to see Cousin Lorene and I at your house next Saturday at dinner. We shall leave for Sullivan at 2 or three o’clock, shall make a visit of about two hours. Pretty long visit but I guess you can stand it. This will come unless sickness or something worse prevents. I guess I’ll not write any more this time, so here I stop
S. L. Hazleton
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0480 - Canton Jan. 13th 1857
Tuesday morning 8 o’cloc
Friend Julia
As I have nothing to busy myself about for an hour to come thought I would spend the time in scribling a few lines to an absent friend. But my fingers are so cold guess I shall make some crooked marks. I am all alone in my old house no company save pen and ink. But soon the scene will be changed and the silence broken by noisy scholars and cross school master what a contrast but so it is this world is full of changes, and now what shall I write that will interest you. There is no news but catching counteiferters, and that is not very new. Oh there is to be a donation to morrow about half a mile below here will you attend. Think I shan’t but now one page is written and I must go and warm my fingers or cant write.

Now a few questions how does your school go off have you and Melis got whiped yet if you have not I presume it is not because you have not deserved it, have you been up the creek to meeting any more has Joseph given up preaching have you had any more sleigh rides in a lumber wagon answer these and maybe I shall think of some more. But now the scholars are coming and I must begin to put on a long face and that is easy done you know that by experience do you not. So I will bid you good morning, and say to you go to school and get your lessons, but don’t get called on the floor heed the counsels of a friend will you so no more at present.
D. H. Walker
Tuesday noon
 Once more if you please I will scrible a few more lines an other half day has gone. I would like to change work’s with you this afternoon but should not like to get the long lessons you told about. Guess you don’t get them first rate do you oh I would like to have you take my place, just one day and see how you would get along with a large school in a small house it would be fun for me to go to school one day

Next Saturday am going to attend the school taught by Mr. Abel Rockwell if nothing happens more than is expected if it had not been for school should (good grammar) went to Springfield yesterday with Mr Bassett should like to have gone to Lon’s school would’nt I have had a time.

But would not have set with the girls that’s so no I wouldn’t Blushed as you did in Joseph’s school and that so to I didn’t Blush did I say.

Now try and see if you can fill a sheet better I need not have said Better but fuller DHW

Say enough by the time you get this far but I don’t care Calvin is stiring around as usual has been sick guess his visit was to hard for him I see him every day and he enquires if I have heard from home, as yet I have had to answer no but hope that the tune may turn soon ask Melis if she has done as she agreed and sent a letter last Sunday. But such miserable work I never did see. But you must excuse poor writing and broken sentences for you know there is always some noise in a school house at noon. But one o’cloc is near at hand so I must stop good noon   Like, W.
4 ½ o’cloc, after the labors of an other day are done, have swept my house got kindlings ready for morning and thought I would scrible a few lines more. Have had only 35 scholars to day just enough to keep me busy. Have you & Melis drawed cuts yet to see who should teach that school, ifs who got the short stick.

N. B. read this and then commit it to the flames, for I never did see a long stuple mess.

Tell Billy that I have given up drinking and concluded to lead a sober life. Tell Joseph that I am not as wild as I was, now you see I have commanded you to do all this and now you may do as you please about it. But now I shall have to lay writing aside and make havoc with some body’s provision store for keeping school is havenous business, so will stop by saying good good night. Your friend Delos H. W.
I suppose one good is sufficient but if one is good 2 is better

Wednesday morning 8 o’cloc Julia if you please I will scrible a few lines more. It is rather cold weather this morning and the old house has not got very warm yet so you must excuse poor writing and such ink I never did see yet it is the best in the house. I suppose you will have a new school mate about next week a young lady from this place she is sister to Wm. Lee and a loud one too; have the folks found out about the candy visit yet if so what did they say. Have you been to any more watch meetings; why don’t you and Melis and Jay come and visit my school it is a first rate time now and good sleighing should like to have you come would let you stand on the floor that is if you chose to. As I am getting my sheet most full shall be under the necesity of drawing my elegant Epistle to a close and guess you will say don’t write an other when you come to read this aint that so now I epect you to remember to recollect to not forget to think to write me a great long letter as soon as you receive this; I expect to have one from Melissa to night that is if I go to town and guess I shall have not heard from Lon yet forgot to say any thing about John he is getting better as fast as can be expected, and now I will stop writing by saying good bye.
Your’s & C
This from your friend Delos  to Julia    D.H.W,
Long and simple

Wednesday noon though I would finish filling my paper if this is not a full letter then what is, please excuse grammatical errors will you for you know I seldom make any only 47 scholars to day
D. H. W.
J. A. Frost
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0467 - Feb the 7, 1857
Dear Absent Cousin
 I will now try and adreas a few lines to you after having waited so long a time perhaps my scribling will not be agreable to you if so I shall know it by not receiving an answer what did you think had become of us when you went home lat Saturday night and did not see us I would have liked very much to have seen you again before we came away but it was not so ordered did not you think I was a curious girl for taking your ring away from you I guess you did but I did not want to take it without seeing you again but your mother told me I should do so I hope you will not be mad at me you wont will you I guess you wont never want me to come to (Pa) again will you but I want you to out here the very worst way you don’t know how I want to see you and all the rest of the folks Eliza has not done much wash since we came home she has not been able to rest of us as well as usual hope you are enjoying the [___] blessing suppose you & Jule are as good friends as ever ere you not there are some real pretty girls out here not including myself to which if you will come out here I will introduce I do wish you was here to go church with me tomorrow we do have to best minister you ever did see I think wont you come when you get through working to Doc Kilbourns, it is just as pleasant as it can be to day while I am in the parlor writing to a dear friend which if you was with me I could tell you more and ask more questions than you can imagine if I receive an answer from this I will try an write a longer one but will say good by for the present give my love to all inquiring friends if I have any except a share for yourself
From your unchanging Cousin Laura

Direct to Albion Orleans Co. NY
I a friend,
Will affection still enfold me,
To the day of life declines,
When old aye with ruthless rigor,
Ploughs my [f___] with  [fur___] lines,
When the eye forgets its seeing,
And the hand forgets its shell,
When the very words prove rebels,
To the mind once kindly will
When our idols, broken round us,
To all amid the ranks of men
Until death uplifts the curtain
Will thy love endure till then
pround friend
By Laura A Week

[] Transcribe on November 28, 2003, by Wendell R. Evans []

0472 - Sunday night Feb the 22nd 1857
 Canton Penn
Friend Julia
 Last Evenings mail brought me a welcome letter from you and Melissa and I have answered her part to day and as I am to sit up to night thought I would scrible a few lines for your edification my awakeitiveness night before last was up until 4 o’cloc and to night am going to try it again. The boys are so that we don’t have to sit up all of the time can lounge down but I cant sleep much in that way for I have to keep fire and give medicine and that keeps me awake all of the time, will now endeavor to answer some of your questions. The one of the most importance shall be answered first. How is Miss Den I believe she is as well as usual although I have not seen her for a whole month. Hope I shall have the pleasure to before my school is out. Tell Mary Lee that she had better hide when she sees me coming for she will get her hair pulled, (that’s so) the next question about my writing all of the letters yes I’ll do it if I agree to, but I’ll agree not to agree to it (so now drive on) as to Silas’s going to Kansas I think that quite a good notion tell him to kinder hold on and like enough I’ll go with him. You say his house is no nearer done than when I saw it. Well then I should judge that he can go to keeping house before long for when I saw it. it was in the shape of a hemlock trees growing finely by this time they must be quite large and if hollow he might go to the house keeping (that’s all) Enough of this I guess you will say. Two weeks more of school and then I think some of making a short visit in Covington. Was sorry to hear of your folks illness think it must have come hard for you to work as hard as you could for two weeks, for yesterday I worked all of half an hour and that blistered my hands so that I had to quit work and I guess (I can beat you that’s so) oh haint we had fine weather for a couple of weeks. I tell you it is nice weather for keeping school, if you keep the scholars in the house you do pretty well & that so to. And now I will begin to draw my scriblings to a close for my pen is so poor that it is no fun to write and I’m so near blind that I cant see the lines and if you can read what I have written straight you’ll do pretty well, has Melis staid with Mary since spelling school, (oh you had quite a fine load of boys the night you went down the creek, didn’t you guess you’d had some girls along if I had been there, but this is not finishing my letter now I will stop by biding you good night
(Respect to all)
   Yours truly,
    D. H. Walker
To Julia Frost    Canton

Transcribe on November 20, 2003, by Wendell R. Evans

0485 - Feb. 22nd 1857
 D. H. Walker
It is now 10 oclock and Pa and Ma me and James have gone to meeting and as I have nothing to busy myself about as you say I Thought I would answer your letter Melissa has gone over to see Julia and I suppose you will be glad when your school is out so that you can go and see her wont you now I will answer some of your questions if I can. I do not go to school this month school has got to keep 17 days longer we have not had any spelling schools lately Belinda and Fred live on the mountain yet you said that you must stop writing and eat your dinner but I never knew before that folks eat there dinner at Midnight rod is a cphering he will get through the arithmetic this winter you said that I must write over a large sheet of fools cap but I cannot afford it this time I cant think of any thing more to write so I will stop good by write again
D. H. walker
Mary A Walker

Tuesday 23
Mary thinks she cannot fill out her sheets so I will write a few lines I staid with Mrs Kineg Sunday night she has a fever but not dangerous at present think likely the well get along soon Nannette Canfield was here last week is still at her fathers does not enjoy herself very well I guess is very glad that Julia likes hen home and that they like her she has not found places for her other children tell Uncle Roswell if he knows of any one that wants a little girl or boy to send word she wants to find places for as soon as she can Her husband is at Nalseg Valley practicing we have heard I suppose you would like a little news Master Gesould has brought home a wife lately from Mantrose she is a granddaughter of Mrs Crandall I have not told you that Clomsa Cleveland is married to a young Nancy I suppose that will be interesting uncle Lyman Frost had a letter from Nathan last week ___ting that he had been out on the prairie in Iowa and got hardly frozen had to put up at Webster City and pay 9 doll’s a week for his board hant going west I think I hope the example will satisfy all the rest of the boys don’t you write and tell as how the sick get along and if Mrs W stays with Aunt Julia & the hope rest will all keep well & the suppose you will come home when your school is out our teacher has a vacation of a few days now respects to all we expect Aunt Polly here soon Aunt Polly and her girls are going to move back to Alhicon
 From your Old Mother

Wednesday 24
Melissa said to tell you that she will dare you to answer some of her letters.

Delos I thought I would tell you that Old Mrs Brown visited me yesterday she said Marg had been quite sick with the erysipelas but I guess she is getting better for she went on a visit last evening with James and Melissa and Roswell to see Lucy Norteg Mrs Frost girls and Arvailla W were there also uncle Lewis has Bought him a Carriage so perhaps your cousins will wide to see you when you get home for they have not been here since you left I suppose you know that Warren Bloss is married, El’s has been quite sick with his leg again but they are just commencing their sugaring they talk some of all selling out on the mountain this is the second time I have sat down to give you the posticalors
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