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Formatted & Published by Joyce M. Tice 

Name description PO Address Township  Classification
Carlson William   Antrim off r 3 1-2 Duncan Apiarst
Mitchell Samuel    Antrim 15 F Duncan Apiarst
Ridell John   Antrim off r 3  Duncan Apiarst
Sandquist Frank   Antrim 3 South Duncan Apiarst
Curtin Michael   Antrim off Main Duncan Barbers
Cameron William R   Antrim  off Main Duncan Cigars and Tobacco
Marvin Frank H   Antrim Main  Duncan Cigars and Tobacco
Williams Mary T Mrs   Antrim 35 Main Duncan Confectionery, Fruit & etc
Cameron William R   Antrin  off Main Duncan Confectionery, Fruit & etc
Blair Annie M   Antrim 41 Main Duncan Dressmakers
Coupe Annie H   Antrim 51 Main Duncan Dressmakers
Jenkins Margaret   Antrim 42 Main Duncan Dressmakers
Mack Bridgie A   Antrim 46 A  Duncan Dressmakers
Marnin Nellie T   Antrim 1 Morris Duncan Dressmakers
Swanson Augusta   Antrim 72 A Duncan Dressmakers
Watson Rachel S   Antrim  33 Main Duncan Dressmakers
Young Sarah Mrs   Antrim 27 Main Duncan Dressmakers
American Express Co W R Cameron agt Antrim F B R R station Duncan Express Agents
Bowers Henry   Antrim rear 15 F Duncan Florists
Fall Brook Coal Co   Antrim   Duncan General Merchants
Hallock Eva A Mrs   Brownlee r 1 Duncan General Merchants
Lake Birney E feed Brownlee r 1  Duncan Grist and Feed Mills
Antrim Hotel John F Dwyer propr Antrim Main Duncan Hotels
Wilson John Jersey cattle and Chester white hogs Brownlee r 5 Duncan Live Stock Breeders and Dealers
Perry Fred   Antrim 29 A Duncan Livery, Sale and Boarding Stables
Marvin Frank H   Antrim  Main Duncan Meat Markets
Dickerson May Mrs   Antrim  64 A Duncan Milliners
Estep Inez E Mrs   Antrim 11 Main Duncan Milliners
Lynch Annie I   Antrim 20 Main Duncan Milliners
Nash Mary T   Antrim 27 A Duncan Milliners
Van Wert J I   Antrim  13 Main Duncan Physicians and Surgeons
Cameron William R   Antrim off Main Duncan Railroad Agents
Antrim Sand Co   Brownlee  r 6 Duncan Sand Dealers
Lake Birney E   Brownlee r 2  Duncan Shingle Mills
Marvin Frank H   Antrim Main Duncan Stoves and Tinware
Fenner John    Leetonia r 6 Elk Boarding Houses
Shaut & Co   Leetonia r 6 Elk General Merchants
Shaut & Co   Leetonia r 6 Elk Meat Markets
Jackson Charles   Marshfield   Elk Saw Mills
Hasselbarth F H   Leetonia r 6  Elk Shoemakers
Cedar Run Tannery   Leetonia   Elk Tanneries
Campbell John E   Marshfield r 1 Elk Veterinary Surgeons
Elk Township Page
Published on Tri-Counties Site on 1/24/2007
By Joyce M. Tice