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Photo of Vermilion Mushroom
by Warren D. Nash of Sullivan Township
Deceased January 2001

1907 Bradford County Directory
New Albany Borough
Transcribed and Submitted by Patty Shumway
1907 New Albany Borough Directory

(Incorporated December, 1879.)

M. Brink, Assistant

Post Office Address, New Albany

(For explanation, etc., see page 15.)

Acker, Rev. Edward, h Front, pastor Methodist Episcopal church

Ackley, Adelbert, near Main, laborer, bds Orrin

Ackley, Emma, near Main, bds Orrin

Ackley, Joseph, Main, laborer, h and lot

Ackley, Orlando, near Main, laborer, bds Orrin

Ackley, Orrin, near Main, manufacturer

Ackley, Walter, h Fawcett Ave., laborer

Allen, Birney, Front, laborer, bds Calvin

Allen, Calvin, h Front, laborer, wife owns h and lot

Allen, Charles, h Mechanic, blacksmith, shop, h and lot, councilman

Allen, James, h Front, laborer, veteran, h and lot, councilman

Allen, J. Melvin, general merchandise, dry goods, ladies’ furnishings and millinery

Allen, Lowell C., h Hubler, merchant, (Corson & Allen), h and lot

Allen, Wallace J., Front, blacksmith, bds Calvin

Bender, Charles M., bds Hotel Wells, agent for Penn. Mutual Life Ins. Co., of Phila.; most liberal forms of policies issued consistent with safe business methods

Benninger, Richard J., h Lawrence, sawyer, h and lot

Bennett, Darius, h Railroad, veteran, h and lot

Bennett, George E., Railroad, painter, bds Darius

Bennett, Phillip, h Division, mason, wife h and lot

Biddle, Harry, Lawrence, clerk, bds George H. Terry

Billings, Elmer J., h Main, dealer, (Billings & Kelder), school director, h and lot

Billings, Jay, Main, laborer, bds Elmer J.

Billings & Kelder, (Elmer J. B. and Thadeus A. K.), Division, hay, grain and flour

Billings, Lamont, Main, clerk, bds Elmer J.

Billings, Minnie, Main, student, bds Elmer J.

Brink, Mrs. Elizabeth, Front, bds Maurice

Brink, Harry W., Front, student, bds Maurice

Brink, Maurice, Front, merchant, store, h and lot, tax collector

Brink, Rodney L., Front, clerk, bds Maurice

Bryan, Mrs. R. E., h Fawcett Ave., h and lot

Camp, Orrin, h near Main, laborer, wife h and lot

Campbell, Archie A., Main, laborer, bds Hotel Wells

Campbell, E. S., h Front, general dealer, store, h and lot

Campbell, John, h Fawcett Ave., tinner

Campbell, Joseph, h Front, laborer, veteran, h and lot

Campbell, Ode, h Fawcett Ave., laborer, h and lot

Caster, Frank A., h Division, clerk, h and lot

Caster, Jessie, Division, teacher, bds Frank A.

Chilson, Edward, h Lawrence, laborer, veteran, h and lot

Church, Baptist, Main, Rev. George Ballentine, Milan, pastor

Church, Methodist Episcopal, Front, Rev. Edward Acker, pastor

Corbin, Frank N., Front, laborer, bds William

Corbin, William, h Front, laborer, h and lot, councilman

Corcoran, Frank P., h Hubler, farmer, store, h and lot

Corcoran, John P., Hubler, laborer, bds Frank P.

Corson & Allen, (Millard M. C., and Lowell C. A.), Front, hardware merchants

Corson, Elmer, h Front, laborer, h and lot

Corson, Grace, Front, student, bds Millard M.

Corson, Lura, Front, teacher, bds Elmer

Corson, Millard M., h Front, merchant (Corson & Allen), store, h and lot, school director

Corson, Perry, h Fawcett Ave., farmer, h and lot

Corson, Phaon, Front, student, bds Elmer

Covey, Jacob H., h Front, rfd mail carrier

Cranmer, Charles H., h Front, clerk

Cranmer, Chester W., Front, mechanic, bds Orval C.

Cranmer, Grace, Front, dressmaker, bds Orval C.

Cranmer, Orval C., h Front, merchant

Creamery, Dairy Despatch, Main, Richard Snyder, mgr.

Davidson, Mrs. Frank, h Division, h and lot

Davidson, Mrs. Edward, h Main, h and lot

Davidson, Olive, Main, bds Mrs. Edward

Davis, Charles W., h May, laborer

Davis, Emma, May, dressmaker, bds Charles W.

Davis, Mabel, May, dressmaker, bds Charles W.

Davis, Wesley P., May, jeweler, bds Charles W., store and lot

Demorest, Rev. Henry, h Front, clergyman

Dixon, David J., h Front, laborer, h and lot

Dodge, H. T., h Lawrence, blacksmith

Dodge, Rinaldo M., Lawrence, laborer, bds Mrs. Viola Esley

Doty, A. S., h Front, laborer

Eilenberger, W. H., h Front, carpenter

Ely, Ernest, h Mechanic, laborer

Ely, Mrs. James, h Mechanic

English, Anna, widow Alexander, h Front

English, Cameron, member Co C, 12th Reg. N.Y. Vol. Cavalry, house corner Hubler and Main, farm 71 acres in Albany twp.

English, George, h Lawrence, laborer, wife, h and lot

English, John, h Main, laborer, h and lot

Esley, Mrs. Viola, h Lawrence

Estell, Ahira M., h Lawrence, farmer 40

Estell, Samuel L., h Lawrence, barber

Evans, S. B., h Front, laborer

Fawcett, Abraham L., h Front, merchant, school director, h and lot

Fitzgerald, Ella, Lawrence, dressmaker, bds John

Fitzgerald, John, h Lawrence, laborer

G. A.R. Swarts Post No. 72, Joseph T. Hested, commander

Hall, Elma F., h Front, milliner

Haman, James H., h Hubler, painter

Harshberger, Lloyd, Main, dental student, bds Wilson F.

Harshberger, Wilson F., h Main, physician and surgeon, h and lot, school director

Heverly, George I., h Front, shoemaker

Hewitt, William, h Front, farmer, h and lot, veteran

Horton & Norton, (Richard H. and Nelson N.), May, coal dealers

Hotel Exchange, Front, Fred Schrader, prop

Hotel Wells, Front, Henry Wells, prop

Hubler, Alfred B., h Hubler, prop grist and feed mill, owns mill, h and lot

I. O. O. F., New Albany Lodge No. 682, James M.Wilcox, sec’y

Johnson, Arthur, Front, mechanic, bds Charles

Johnson, Charles, h Front, carpenter

Johnson, J. S., Front, laborer. bds Charles

Johnson, Olive, Front, student, bds Charles

Johnson, William, h Front, laborer

Keeler, Charles, clerk, bds Elisha A.

Keeler & Co., (E. S. K. and J. K. Newell, Towanda), Front, general merchandise

Keeler, Elisha S., h Front, merchant, (Keeler & Co.), postmaster, veteran, store, h and lot

Keeler, Leroy, Front, clerk, bds Elisha S.

Kelder, Thadeus A., h Main, dealer (Billings & Kelder)

Kinney, Ezra, h Front, liveryman, lot and barn

Long, C. H., h Main, dealer in hardware; harness; farm implements, paints and oils; agent for Sherwin-Williams Paints and Castile plows

Lynch, Edward, h Main, laborer, veteran

Magee, Fay, Front, laborer, bds James Allen

Magee, Miss Lee, Front, telephone operator, bds James Allen

Marcy, Libbeus F., h Front, dealer, h and lot

Martin Brothers, (George J. and Irvine E.), dealers in choice groceries, flour, feed, fresh meats, confectionery and baked goods; shippers of butter, eggs and farm produce

Martin, George J., h Front, merchant

Martin, Irvine E., Front, merchant, (Martin Brothers), bds George J.

Merrick, Wilson H., h Fawcett Ave., laborer

Merrithew, S. S., h Railroad, laborer, veteran

Messersmith, John, h Front, merchant and miller

Miller, Mrs. Jemima W., h Front, h and lot

Miller, Ray E., h Front, farmer 40, dairy

Molyneux, Jabex M., Front, clerk, bds Hotel Wells, h and lot

Molyneux, Carrie, widow O. J.

Moon, J. Lloyd, h Division, laborer

Murphy, John, h Fawcett Ave., farmer, h and lot, councilman

Murphy, John, Jr., Fawcett Ave., canvasser, bds John

New Albany Mirror, Front, F. L. Taylor, editor and pub.

Norton, George L., h Main, livery, store, h and lot

Norton, Henry, h Main, merchant, (H. Norton & Son), h and lot

Norton, H & Son, (Henry and Hiram), Front, Merchants

Norton, Hiram, h Front, (H. Norton & Son), school director

Norton, Nelson, h Front, dealer, (Horton & Norton), councilman

Norton, Olive, Main, student, bds George L.

Ormsby, John B., h Main, express agent, h and lot, burgess

Ormsby, Mame, Main, student, bds John B.

Ormsby, Sevellen S., justice of the peace, corporal in Co. K, 50th Reg. Penna Vol Infantry; h and lot Mechanic

Osborn, Miles B., h Main, laborer, h and lot

Packard, William F., h Main, blacksmith

Park, Mrs. Sarah M., Front, domestic

Platt, Lewis, h Front, laborer, veteran

Plummer, Cyrus A., h Front, farmer, h and lot

P. O. S. of A., Camp No. 203, Walter J. Lilley, New Albany sec.

Sadler, George, h Front, laborer

Sadler, John, Front, student, bds Mrs. Lena

Sadler, Mrs. Lena, h Front, telephone operator

Schrader, Charles, Front, laborer, bds Hotel Wells

Schrader, Fred, prop Exchange Hotel, Front

Shepard, Edward L., h Lawrence, dealer, lot

Shepard, Lina, Lawrence, bds Edward L.

Shepard, Percy W., Lawrence, laborer, bds Edward L.

Shultz, Ezra, h Division, foreman, h and lot

Silvara, John K., h Lawrence, merchant, h and lot

Smith, Bryce A., Front, student, bds Henry A.

Smith, Floyd, Front, laborer, bds Henry A.

Smith, Henry A., h Front, dealer

Snyder, Richard, Front, mgr creamery, bds Hotel Wells

Sterigere, Mrs. Jeanette B., h Front, h and lot

Sterigere S. D., h Front, justice of the peace; pres. First Nat. Bank, Dushore; treas school board; store, h and lot

Streevy, Edward E., h Cottonwood Park, wholesale groceries direct to consumers; mention where you saw this adv and write for price list. New Albany Park for reunions and picnics; write

Strong, Mary, Front, domestic, bds Andrew Wickizer

Sturdevant C. E., Front, laborer, bds Edmond S.

Sturdevant, Edmond S., h Front, wagon maker, shop, h and lot

Sturdevant, Grace, Front, teacher, bds Edmond S.

Sturdevant, Ned L., Front, laborer, bds Edmond S.

Sumner, Charles J., h Division, salesman, h and lot

Swackhammer, John T., h Front, painter

Taylor, F. L., h Front, editor and pub. New Albany Mirror, h and lot

Terry, Frank, h Main, liveryman

Terry, George H., h Lawrence, veteran, h and lot, councilman

Terry, Leroy, Lawrence, laborer, bds George H.

Thorp, Mrs. James, h Railroad, h and lot

Turner, I. H., h Front, wagon maker, h and lot

Underwood, Adelbert C., h Front, rfd mail carrier

VanDyke, Benjamin, h Front, mechanic, h and lot

VanDyke, Bert, Hubler, carpenter, bds Edgar W.

VanDyke, Cameron, h Hubler, painter

VanDyke, Clyde, h Hubler, mechanic

VanDyke, Edgar W., h Hubler, carpenter

VanDyke, Elmer, Hubler, carpenter, bds Edgar W.

VanLoon, Harpin R., h Front, carpenter, h and lot, councilman

Vargason, Miles, h Front, mason, h and lot

Waltman, William, h Front, laborer

Wayman, Archie, Front, laborer, bds Mrs. Orlando

Wayman, Mrs. Orlando, h Front

Welch, Cyrus, h Front, laborer

Wells, Henry R., prop. Wells Hotel, Front

Wells, Ivy, bds Wells Hotel

White, Mrs. John, h Fawcett Ave.

White, William, Fawcett Ave., laborer, bds Mrs. John

Wickizer, Andrew, h Front, veteran, h and lot

Wickizer, George, Front, laborer, bds Andrew

Wilcox, Boyd W., h Front, farmer 140, dairy 14

Wilcox, Ezra P., h Fawcett Ave., laborer, h and lot, veteran

Wilcox, Freeman C., Overton, farmer, h and lot, school director

Wilcox, Freeman N., Overton, farmer 70, veteran

Wilcox, George H., Overton, farmer, bds Freeman N.

Wilcox, Harry, Overton, laborer, bds E. P. Wilcox

Wilcox, James M., h Front, constable, h and lot

Wilcox, Leon, Front, farmer, bds Boyd W.

Wilcox, Ray S., h Front, druggist, telephone pay station

Wilson, Erastus, h Main veteran, h and lot

Wood, Azra, Mechanic, laborer, bds Christopher C.

Wood, Christopher C., h Mechanic, manufacturer, owns planning mill and crate factory, h and lot

Wood, Fred, Mechanic, laborer, bds Christopher C.

Wood, Lydia, Mechanic, telephone operator, bds Christopher C.

Yaw, Ella, Mechanic, dealer in books, bds Mrs. Harriet

Yaw, Mrs. Harriet, h Mechanic, h and lot

Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA

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