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Welcome to Albany Township

in Bradford Coutny PA

Created from Asylum in 1824 and Mother of Overton in 1853
Albany was named for the old Connecticut town of that name, which included in its boundaries the present township (the area was once claimed by Connecticut) The old town was named by former residents of Albany NY who had purchased a large tract of land in southern Bradford County. Albany is derived from the Celtic and means a country of heights.
Photo taken by Joyce M. Tice September 1999
Albany Township Histories
Albany Township History - by H. C. Bradsby
Albany Township History- by D. C. Craft
Albany Township History from Seven County Outline..
Albany Township Articles
Dr. Bird of New Albany Honored
Albany Township Postcards & Photos
Unidentified Building built by Phillip Bennett
The 1942 Tree
New Albany Postcards
Post Offices
Laddsburg (1850)
New Albany (1826)
Hibbard Town (1870 census)
Evergreen (1871)
Some residents of Albany Township received mail at Dushore PO in Sullivan County
Villages Past & Present
New Albany (Borough) 
Albany Township Census Records
1800 Wyalusing, Luzerne County Census 1860 Albany Township Census
1870 Albany Township Census
1820 Census (See Asylum) 1880 New Albany Borough Census
1830 Albany Township Census 1880 Albany Township Census
1840 Albany Township Census 1900 (Dave Bailey volunteered)
1850 Albany Township Census 1910 (Dave Bailey volunteered)
1920, 1930 Volunteers Needed
Albany Township Directories
1900 Albany Township Directory 1900 New Albany Borough Directory
1907 Albany Township Directory 1907 New Albany Borough Directory
Township Tax Records
Albany Township Cemetery Records
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Bump/ Scriven's Hollow (1999) Bump / Scriven Obituaries
Evergreen Cemetery (1999) Evergreen Cemetery Obituaries
Forest/ Furscht Cemetery Cemetery (Name Unknown)(1999) - Probably Forest (left)
Hakes/ Teeter/ Evergreen Cemetery (1999)
(on John Kipp farm)
Hatch Hill Cemetery (1999) Hatch Hill Cemetery Obituaries
Hibbard Cemetery Henry H Corson Family, private
(on Walter Lilly farm)
Hart Cemetery
Laddsburg Cemetery 2001 Laddsburg/ Miller (Partial 1878) Laddsburg Cemetery Obituaries
Corbin/ King Cemetery (1999) Teeter Family Cemetery (1999) Teeter Family Cemetery Obituaries
Hillcrest/ New Albany in New Albany Boro. (2002) Hillcrest/ New Albany in New Albany Boro. (Hoagland - partial listing)
Hillcrest Cemetery Obituaries Zadock & Betsey Corson Family (1999)
Old Wilcox/ Stephenson Cemetery (1999) Old Wilcox/ Stephenson Cemetery (Hoagland)
Albany Township Schools
1907 Stevenson School - New Albany 1920s New Albany School Photos
1912 Brown School, Laddsburg Bahr School No. 8 - 1916
1869 School Districts
No. 1- Kellogg District No. 2 - Laddsburg District No. 3 - Hibbard Hill District 
No. 4 - Ormsby District No. 5 - Hatch Hill District No. 6 - Moon District
No. 7 - Waltman Hill No. 8 - New Albany District No. 9 - Corson Hill District
No. 10 - Sweet District
Albany Township Business Histories & Photos
Johnson & Sons Furniture Crakinole Boards F.T. Maynard Roller Mills
1907 Albany Businesses 1907 New Albany Businesses
Hotels in Albany Township
Norton's Hotel in New Albany
Township Organizations
Township Churches
Histories, Records, Photos
Township Family Bible Records
Albany Township Families & Individuals,
1898 Lee /Woolsey Reunion
Albany Township Marriages & Anniversaries
Albany Township Diaries & Letters 
1892 Autograph Book of Mertie Wayman
Albany Township Wills, Deeds, Legal Documents 
Albany Township Land Warrants 1794-1795
Albany Township Military Records
Albany Regiments in Civil War
Adrial Lee, Civil War Soldier of Albany
1819 Robert Potter Pension Papers
Township Population Statisticss 
1887 New Albany Borough = 222 1887 Albany Township = 1464