Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Tioga County (PA) 1908 Directory
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
Numbers on the Map correspond to road as given in the line entry. Note that the road # changes at each intersection as the road names did until PenDOT renamed them all in modern times (mostly incorrectly, I might add). Town in address on line entry corresponds to PO which may be in another township or even another county.
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p. 308

Ade, Ray E. (Lettie I.) barber & shoemaker O H & shop.
Alexander, Harry laborer emp R.N. Miller.
Alexander, John R. barber bds Smith Hotel.
Artley, George (Amanda) ret farmer O H&L.

p. 309

R. F. Bastian, Funeral Director, Liberty, Pa. Long distance as well as local calls receive our immediate and careful attention.

Artley, Mary S. dau George.
Artley, Miles E. (H. Agnes) carpenter (Mfgr cement walks) O H&L.

Bastian, Addie M. wid Wm W. O 80 & O House.
Bastian, Byron B. son B. F.
Bastian, B. Frank (Ella) Prop meat market O H&L F T.
Bastian, Clara M. student son Addie M.
Bastian, Emma M. dau Addie M. student.
Bastian, Gladys M. dau B.F. telephone operator.
Bastian, Lida M. dau Addie M. sch teacher.
Bastian, Romain F. (Mayme E.) funeral director & embalmer also gents’ furnishing clothing etc O H&L both ‘phones (See top lines.)
Brion, Clarence M. (Sadie H) carpenter & Prop meat market O H&L F T.
Brion, Edwin W. (Mina) carpenter O H&L.
Brion, Edgar R. (Rosina) son George F.
Brion, Elva S. dau Henry E. 
Brion, Eva G. dau John W.
Brion, Fay Burton son George F. carpenter.
Brion, Floretta M. dau Henry E. clerk in P O.
Brion, George F. (Laura Z.) carpenter O H&L.
Brion, Henry E. (Sarah E. dressmaker) carpenter.
Brion, John W. (Anna) clerk T.
Brion, Kate I. dau Henry E.
Brion, Louise M. dau Henry E.
Brion, Lula M. dau John W. cook.

Clark, Leda Belle dau Wm Clark.
Clar, Wm (Hannah L.) laborer O H&L & 66.
Clark, W. Ross son Wm laborer.

Dandois, Dr. G.F. (Jennie M.) physician & surgeon T.

Fich, Albert L. (Clara C.) O H&L farmer.
Forer, Amanda dau Israel M.
Forer, Israel M. (Susanah) ret farmer O house.
Foulkrod, Wm (Sarah E.) O H & 70.
Freer, Henry (Mary J.) carpenter O H&L.

Glechler, Christian D. (Catherine) farmer O H.
Goldberg, George (Harriet) salesman O H&L.
Gurnsey & Hartsock (J.W.G. & D.O.H.) Mfgrs Gurnsey Automatic Wagon Brake F T (See Adv.)
Gurnsey, J. Walter (Mary C.) blacksmith (Gurnsey & Hartsock) O H&L (See Adv.)
Gurnsey, Viola M. dau J. Walter.

Hartman, Mary A. wid Samuel O H&L.
Hartsock, Daniel O. (Addie S.) jeweler (Mfgr Gurnsey & Harsock Automatic Brakes) O H&L F T (See Adv.)
Hartsock, Edith M. clerk B.D.S.A.A. Fich.
Hartsock, George B.D.S.A.A. Fich.
Hartsock, Henry (Clara) laborer T.
Hartsock, Linn son Henry stenographer.
Hartsock, Mildred dau Henry.
Hartsock, Qintillus C. (Gertrude N.) miller O H&L.
Hayes, Dr. J.E.M.D. (Madolin H also M.D.) physicians & surgeons O H.
Heyler, Florence bds C.T. Glechler.

Keagle, Charles L. (Harriet V.) laborer T.
Keagle, Emma wid J. Elmer bds Rebecca Ostrom.
Kohler, Mary wid John T.
Kreger, Mary wid Jonathan O H&L.

Maneval, Addie E. O H&L.
Maneval, Charles W. (Phuma H.) farmer & mechanic O 37 & O H&L.
Maneval, Romaine (Martha S.) farmer.
McCracken, George W. (Callie) (McCracken & Son general merchants) O H.
McCracken, Homer B. (Nina) (McCracken & Son general merchants) O H.
McLain, Rev D.E. (Anna M.) Liberty Brick Sebring Hartsfield & Nauvoo Lutheran Churches parsonage.
Merithew, Miss Cora B. milliner bds W.H.
Merithew, William H. (Harriet C.) clerk O H&L.
Merrell, Harry L. (E. Grace) carrier State R Blossburg to Liberty O H & rents room.

p. 311

Miller, Charles A. (Clara F.) Postmaster drug store general store saw & planing mill O 166 & O 50 & 140 Lycoming Co O H & 13 both ‘phones (See Adv.)
Miller, Fred B. (Harriet) clerk T Water St.
Miller, Merlin R. son Nathaniel.
Miller, Nathaniel farmer (Mary J.) O 70.
Miller, R. Merton son Charles A.
Miller, Royal N. (Lottie M.) Prop foundry & machine shops O factory.
Miller, Sebring & Seasholtz (C.A.M.G.S. & Wm S.) O 1500 unseated Lycoming Co.
Miller, Walter R. son L.I.
Mitstifer, Claude son Lawrence, farmer
Mitstifer Clayton C. (C. Edna) Genl Mdse bds G.F. Brion (See Adv.)
Mitstifer,  Lawrence (Harriet L) farmer O 75.

Narher, Charles E. (Minnie A.) laborer O H&L.
Narher, Wm C. son Charles E. student.

Ostrom, Henry W. laborer bds Rebecca.
Ostrom, Lillian E. dau Walter A.
Ostrom, Miss Pearl granddaughter Mrs Sarah C.
Ostrom, Raymond J. salesman & sch teacher son Walter A.
Ostrom, Rebecca A. wid Daniel O H & 9.
Ostrom, Mrs Sarah C. wid David O 5.
Ostrom, Walter A. (Dora M.) plasterer & paper hanger Mfgr cement walks O H&L rear Semsey Hotel F T.

Raker, Wilson laborer O H&L Water St.
Reed, Cora E. dau Robert sch teacher.
Reed, Ida M. dau Robert sch teacher.
Reed, Martha J. dau Robert student.
Reed, Robert (Sarah M.) wagon maker O H & 9.
Rice, Hiram stage driver bds Smith Hotel.
Ridge, Mrs Fanny wid O H&L.

Sawyer, Amos (Emma E.) (Sawyer Bros hardware & furniture) O H.
Sawyer, Hiram B. (Sawyer Bros hardware & furniture) O 100 & O H.
Schartel, Daniel (Dossie) carrier RFD 2 O H & 30 Water St.
Schiek, Moses (Alice A.) (harness Mfgrs & dealers) T H Main St.
Sebring, Grant farmer O 57 O 96 & O 13 bds C.A. Miller.
Semsey, Alfred (Nellie) Prop Semsey Hotel O 15 F T (See Adv.)
Semsey Hotel (Alfred Semsey Prop) ($1.25 per day) F T (See Adv.)
Sheffer, Alfred blacksmith O H.
Smith Hotel (M.H. Smith Prop) ($1.25 per day.)
Smith, M. Hillery (Carrie) Prop Smith Hotel ($1.25 per day.)
Snyder, Mary wid George T H.
Snyder, Freddie son Mary sch teacher.
Snyder, Frank E. son Mary student.
Snyder, Anna M. dau Mary sch teacher.

p. 312

Thomas, John (Susan) ret farmer (O 225 Union & O 41 Jackson Lycoming Co) T H.

Valsing, Walter (Alice M.) butter maker T H.

Weaver, Anna wid Henry O H.
Weaver, Floyd D. son Anna sch teacher.
Weaver, Grace V. dau Anna stenographer.
Weaver, Grace V. dau Anna stenographer.
Weaver, Sarah J. dau Anna dressmaker.
Werline, Mrs B.F. O 1.
Werline, Harriet A. wid I.B. bds H.L. Merrell.
Werline, Jacob J. (Eva) O H & 18.
Werline, Mabel D. dau Mrs B.F.
Werline, Marion M. (Winnefred) hardware merchant O H & store Both ‘Phones.
Wheeland, Isaac F. (Adella) jeweler justice of peace register of vital statistics district No 855 O H&L.
Wheeler, Chauncey W. bartender Semsey Hotel bds Semsey Hotel.
White, Thomas bartender Smith Hotel bds Smith Hotel.

Yaudes, Emeline F. wid Jacob O H&L Water St.

Zuker, Fred son Sarah A. laborer.
Zuker, Hiram son Sarah A. laborer.
Zuker, Martha dau Sarah A.
Zuker, Sarah A. wid John J. (O 175 Jackson Lycoming Co) T H.
Zuker, Wm H. son Sarah A. laborer.