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Numbers on the Map correspond to road as given in the line entry. Note that the road # changes at each intersection as the road names did until PenDOT renamed them all in modern times (mostly incorrectly, I might add). Town in address on line entry corresponds to PO which may be in another township or even another county.
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Tioga Borough Directory

Abrams, George (Edith S.) rural carrier R F D No 3 O H Park St.
Adams, Frank H. clerk bds Main St.
Adams, Frederick C. student son John C. Berry St.
Adams, John C. (Mary E.) farmer O H Berry St.
Adams, Walter C. (Katherine F.) general merchandise Main St.
Alford, Bessie B. sch teacher bds Broad St.
Alford, Horatio S. (Mary E.) agent Erie R. R. O H Broad St.
Alford & Inscho coal dealer yards at Erie Depot
Baker, Albert F. (Laura V.) wagon maker T H Center St.
Baker, Frank P. laborer son Joseph bds Park St.
Baker, John W. butcher son Joseph bds Park St.
Baker, Joseph Jr. emp tannery son Joseph Sr. Park St.
Baker, Joseph laborer T H Park St.
Baker, Mary L. dau Joseph Park St.
Baker, Theodore F. bookkeeper son Joseph bds Park St.
Baldwin, Henry L. (Mollie) Atty at Law office Wickham Block Res Cowanesque St. (In Twp.)
Banker, Mrs. Caucloce T H N Main St.
Banks, Joseph A. (Bertha C.) general hardware Main St B T
Baptist Church preaching 10:30 AM & 7:30 PM S S 12:00 M Baptist St.
Barden, Caroline A. wid Dr. O. P. O H Cor Walnut & Cowanesque St.
Barrett, Olive M. wid George C. bds R. F. Cole S Main St.
Batterson, Wm farm hand C. E. Smith S. Main St.
Beckwith, Carrie M. dressmaker dau Henry Cowanesque St.
Beckwith, Henry (Henrietta) ret merchant O H Cowanesque St.
Beers, Judd (Ercie L.) emp saw mill O H&L Park St.
Berry, Daniel Mgr hardware O H S Main St.
Berry, Erma E. sch teacher bds S. Main St.
Berry, Louise bds Main St.
Berry, Martha student bds S. Main St.
Bishop, Lois A. wid Wm. O H Park St.
Bishop, Lou A. sch teacher bds Park St.
Boughton, Hannah J. nurse bds Cowanesque St.
Boughton, Harriet L. sch teacher bds Cowanesque St.
Boughton, Sarah A. wid Louis O H Cowanesque St.
Brahaney, Wm. (Mary T.) roller in tannery O H Center St.
Brennan, Marion I. wid Abner T. H Main St.
Brigham, Edwin D. (Inez B.) blacksmith O H Berry St.
Brigham, George W. (Adelaide) O H Park St.
Brunner, Wm. H. (Anna E.) mason O H&L Summit St.
Burke, Alfred track foreman N. Y. C. R. R. bds Park Hotel
Caldwell, Henrietta M. wid Samuel S. O H & 14 S Main St.
Campbell, Albert F. (Sarah) foreman tannery O H Berry St.
Campbell, Edna M. student dau Albert F. Berry St.
Campbell, Harriet L. wid James O H Summit St.
Cannedy, Estella trained nurse bds Baptist St.
Cannedy, Lucretia wid Mordecai M. T H Baptist St.
Carey, Lula M. house maid N Main St.
Carleton, Arthur H. (Mary) emp tannery O H Berry St.
Carleton, Charles H. carpenter bds Berry St.
Class, Jennie wid Frank P. H Berry St.
Clemens, Fred J. (Minnie) blacksmith T H Center St.
Cole, Adelia wid Clark bds Main St.
Cole, James M. (Jessie B.) musician & cigar manufacturer O H&L Center St.
Cole, Ranson F. (Dulcenia M.) ret moulder O H S Main St.
Cole, Wallace J. (Mary L.) carpenter O H Summit St.
Collins, Daniel (Mary E.) emp tannery T H Park St.
Cornelius, Charles H. (Augusta F.) Atty at Law office Main St. O H S Main
Croletto, John (Clementena) emp tannery T H Center St.
Cummings, Milton (Grace M.) rural carrier R F D No 2 T H Cowanesque St.
Daggett, George H. carpenter T H Baptist St.
Dailey, Norman M. (Adelia) ret machinist O H&L & 1 Baptist St.
Dates, John A. laborer bds Cowanesque St.
Dates, Lafayette draying T H Cowanesque St.
Deming, Marion S. (Ella M.) contracting carpenter O H&L Center St.
Dewey, Charles J. (Ella R.) pattern maker O H Cowanesque St.
Dibble, George W. (Mary J.) ret beam hand O H Summit St.
Eaton, Victoria L. wid Fredrick M. T H S Main St.
Ellis, J. Frank (Mary H.) farmer & emp Mrs. H. M. Caldwell S Main St.
Episcopal Church Main St.
Farr, Abraham (Jennie L.) ret tannery Supt bds S Main St.
Farr, Lafayette ret farmer O H&L Baptist St.
Farr, Nida M. bds Baptist St.
Field, Earl C. (Leah A.) general merchant Wellsboro St. T H Broad St. Both Phones
Field, Erving M. (Jennie M.) traveling salesman T H Wellsboro St.
Field, Minor S. farmer (O 300 Middlebury) bds Wellsboro St.
Fish, Edgar C. (Johanna) ret shoe merchant O H Broad St.
Fish, Edgar C. (Emma M.) clerk T H Broad St.
Fisk, Henry S. (Rose A.) lamp lighter T H Baptist St.
Friends, Charles (Louise J.) undertaker O 100 T H N Main St.
G A R Hall Wicklam Block
Grange Bank of Tioga Dr. S. P. Hakes Pres Main St. Next to Post Office 
Grange Hall Wellsboro St.
Gee, Claude L. (Alice M.) drayman O H & 2 Baptist St.
Gee, George S. (L. Maud) laborer T H Center St.
Graves, Emma M. dressmaker O ½ H&L Baptist St.
Graves, Fred Jr. compositor bds Summit St.
Graves, Fred L. Editor & Publisher Tioga Argus O H Summit St.
Graves, M. Flora photographer Wellsboro St. bds Summit St.
Graves, Raymond J. compositor bds Summit St.
Graves, Sarah A. dressmaker O ½ H&L Baptist St.
Green, Frank L. (Eliza E.) real estate salesman T H S Main St.
Green, Grace G. bds Baptist St.
Green, Jerry (Minerva) ret farmer O H&L Baptist St.
Green, Lewis J. telegraph operator bds Baptist St.
Hakes, Jenette O H S Main St.
Hakes, Dr. S. P. (May) Physician & Surgeon President Grange Bank of Tioga County Health Officer State Dept Health O H Main St. 
Hardenburg, Lyman L. (Mollie M.) teamster tannery T H Park St.
Harvey & Odell (P. V. H. & V. B. O.) general merchants Main St. F T
Harvey, Paul V. (Anna) (refused information) H Broad St.
Hathaway, Albert emp tannery O H N Main St.
Havens, Frank (Daisy) engineer tannery T H Wellsboro St.
Hogencamp, D. Ernest (Filinda) blacksmith Cowanesque St. T H Park St.
Holloran, Wm M. (Rose A.) laborer O H Center St.
Holmes, Henrietta dressmaker dau Lewis Berry St.
Holmes, Lewis (Lydia E.) laborer T H Berry St.
Holmes, Mary E. dau Lewis Berry St.
Holmes, Theodore L. machinist son Lewis BerrySt.
Ingles, Anna dressmaker bds Park St.
Ingler, Ernest H. telegraph operator bds Park St.
Ingler, Gustave H. (Mary) cabinet maker O H&L Park St.
Ingler, Louise clerk bds Park St.
Ingler, Mary S. bds Park St.
Inscho, John L. (Mary E.) dealer in food (O 210 Tioga) O H Cowanesque St.
James, Charles F. agent T H (moved from Mansfield)
Johns, Elma monotype operative dau Henry A. Wellsboro
Johns, Henry A. (Celestia A.) bridgeman T H Wellsboro St.
Johns, Lulu glove operative dau Henry A. Wellsboro St.
Johns, Myron son Henry A. bds Wellsboro St.
Johnson, Grace bds Berry St.
Kenney, George A. (Maria) laborer O H&L Church St.
Kimball, Dayton C. ret farmer bds Summit St.
Kimball, Jesse (Fannie R.) foreman Wicklams lumber mill T H Summit St.
Kraiss, Anna bds Wellsboro St.
Kraiss, Edward M. furniture & undertaking Wellsboro St.
Kraiss, Helen sch teacher bds Wellsboro St.
Kraiss, Paul (Helen) ret merchant (O 80 & 150 Twp) O H Wellsboro St.
Krebs, Elmer P. (Ella) laborer T H Cowanesque St.
Krieger, Fannie bds Wellsboro St.
Krieger, Fredrick sch teacher bds Wellsboro St.
Krieger, Joseph Harness Mfgr Wellsboro St. House Do
LaBaron, F. Harry student bds Berry St.
Layton, Rosiniah wid John T. bds Baptist St.
Leonard, Helen J. wid Chester P. T H S Main St.
Leutner, Lewis mail clerk bds Park St.
Leutner, Max bakery & restaurant Main St. H Park St.
Levergood, Nelson M. carpenter bds Wellsboro St.
Lind, August (Matilda) emp tannery O H Berry St.
Livermore, Phidus O. (Mary F.) telegraph operator N .Y. C. R. R. T H Park St.
Love, Estella L. wid Samuel W. bds Oak St.
Lovejoy, Elun (M. Elizabeth) mason & carpenter O H & 2 T H Berry St.
Lovejoy, Herman laborer son Elun
Lovejoy, Henry J. (Marion) emp tannery Berry St.
Lovejoy, Renia dau Elun Berry St.
Lovejoy, Robert C. railroad hand son Elun Berry St.
Lyon, Harry C. (Sarah) emp tannery O H Summit St.

Mantor, Salena I. wid Peter N. (O 52 Tioga Twp) T H S Main St.
Masonic Hall Adams Block
McCarthy, M. M. O H S. Main St.
Methodist Church Main St.
Michelfelder, Bertha housemaid C. E. Smith S Main St.
Michelfelder, Wm (Mary A.) emp tannery T H Wellsboro St.
Middaugh, Thomas (Julia M.) ret farmer O H S Main St.
Miller, Alvin (Jennie M.) roller tannery T H Wellsboro St.
Miller, Harry J. (Gertrude E.) lumber jobber O H&L Church & Park Sts.
Mitchell, Wm E. plumber etc T H Park St.
Morrison, Clarica housemaid Wellsboro St.

Nearing, Fred L. (Olive B.) casher Grange National Bank bds Cor Walnut & Cowanesque St.
Newell, Dr. Oramel dentist H Mansfield office Wickham Block every Tuesday
Niceley, Sara A. wid Wm E. bds R. F. Cole S Main St.
Nobles, Daniel L. (Emma J.) farmer & tobacco grower O 17 & O H&L S Main St.
Nobles, Wm H. (Thresa) farmer T H S Main St.
Norton, Ann wid Michael bds Center St.
Odd Fellows Hall Smith Block
Odell, Verne B. (Harvey & Odell) H S Main St.
Parks, Mary A. wid Benjamin bds Wellsboro St.
Park Hotel & Livery R. D. Urell Prop Main St.
Peck, Jennie D. sch teacher dau John M. N. Main St.
Peck, John M. (Mary S.) grocery & meat market O H N Main St.
Pettibone, Max (Eva) telegraph operator Erie R. R. T H N Main St.
Phillips, David F. (Sylvia) laborer T H Wellsboro St.
Phillips, James F. shipping clerk son David F. Wellsboro St.
Phillips, Katie dressmaker son David T. Wellsboro St.
Phillips, Sollie laborer son David F. Wellsboro St.
Poggendorf, Wm. M. (Jennie) bridge foreman N. Y. C. R. R. T H Cor S. Main & Summit Sts.
Presbyterian Church Broad St.
Prutsman, Jason A. (Jane E.) ret farmer O H Oak St.
Putnam, John H. Att’y & Fire Insurance office & Res S Main St.
Ramsdell, Erna bds N Main St.
Ramsdell, Mabel bds N Main St.
Ramsdell, Lula, bds N Main St.
Ramsdell, Wm. J. (Hattie A.) farmer WOS 200 & O 85 & O H&L T H N Main St.
Rarick, Cassius P. emp Park Hotel son George F. Wellsboro St.
Rarick, George F. Jr. emp tannery Wellsboro St.
Rarick, George F. Sr. (Elizabeth E.) carpenter & plumber T H Wellsboro St.
Rawson, Celestia A. dressmaker rents rooms N. Main St.
Rawson, Lila B. student
Reynolds, Earl H. emp tannery son Fred S. Broad St.
Reynolds, Fred D. barber O H Center St.
Reynolds, Fred S. (Esther E.) foreman tannery O H Broad St.
Reynolds, George G. (Emeline) ret barber O H Center St.
Reynolds, Lucille A. operative dau Fred S. Broad St.
Rhodes, Charles T. (Eva B.) drayman O H Summit St.
Rhodes, Gertrude B. clerk bds Summit St.
Rhodes, Waldo E. student bds Summit St.
Rich, Rhoda wid Dr. Wm. B. O H Berry St.
Richards, Sarah A. wid Otis rents rooms Broad St.
Rightmire, Wm. M. (Caroline B.) laborer T H Wellsboro St.
Roman Catholic Church Cor Center & Chestnut Sts. (Rev. W. F. Manley Elkland) services 2nd & 4th Sundays 10:30 AM & 4:00 PM
Salmon, Rev. Franklin J. pastor Baptist Churches Tioga Holiday & Hammond bds Summit St.
Saxton, Archie D. laborer son James D. Broad St.
Saxton, Carrie M. clerk P O bds Park Hotel
Saxton, G. Gellett (Victoria E.) postmaster O H S Main St.
Saxton, James D. laborer (Arabelle) laborer O H Broad St.
Saxton, Phebe A. bds James D. Broad St.
Shappee, Nathan R. (Caroline J.) ret soldier O H Broad St.
Shaw, Delow W. (Tula R.) mason & foreman N. Y. C. R. R. O H Broad St.
Sheldon, Dr. Charles W. (Myra J.) physician & surgeon T H Center & Chestnuts Sts.
Silverman, Harry clothing etc Wellsboro St.
Stevens, Harry D. (Gertrude A.) trained nurse bds N. Main St.
Stevens, Horace L. (Laura) farmer (O ½ 112 Lawrence) T H Park St.
Stevens, John tailor & justice of the peace O 200 Lawrence & O H Oak St.
Stevens, Leroy J. farmer son Horace O ½ 112 Lawrence
Smith, Ellen wid Robert B. O H Broad St.
Smith, Elmer B. (Caroline P.) insurance agent O H & store Wellsboro St.
Smith, Emma E. wid Elias M. O H N Main St.
Smith, Harry L. laborer emp H. G. Miller Baptist St.
Smith, Lucy M. wid Harry bds S. Main St.
Smead, Susan A. wid E. A. general hardware Wellsboro St. O H do.
Spencer, Ray A. laborer son Wm. H. Berry St.
Spencer, Wm. H. (Jessie M.) carpenter O H Berry St.
Snyder, Andrew R. (Nellie) bookkeeper T H Cowanesque St.
Stull, John W. principal Borough Schools bds Park Hotel
Szedlak, Mike (Libbie) beam hand T H Wellsboro St.
Taylor, Mrs. W. H. (Kittie) millinery etc Main St.
Taylor, Wm. H. (Kittie millinery) traveling salesman T H Main St.
TenBroeck, Henry H. (Oella M.) Supt Elk Tannery Co. O H Wellsboro St.
TenBroeck, Mary E. nurse dau Henry H. Wellsboro St.
Tioga Argus Fred L. Graves Editor & Publisher Wickham Block F T
Tomlinson, Edward (Inez E.) fireman tannery T H Summit St.
Tuberculosis Dispensary (58 Saturday 12:00 M & 1:00 PM Dr. S. P. Hakes)\

Urell Bros (R. E., C. A., & T. M.) groceries stationery etc. Wellsboro St.
Urell, Charles A. (Urell Bros) groceries stationery etc bds H. L. Baldwin Cowanesque St.
Urell, Richard D. (Emma) Prop Park Hotel & Livery Main St.
Urell, Robert E. (Urell Bros) groceries etc T H Main St.
Urell, Tom M. (Maud B.) (Urell Bros) groceries etc Wellsboro St. O H Broad St.
Urell, Walter T. Mgr Park Hotel

VanDyke, Daisy operative bds N Main St.
VanDyke, Wm. H. glass worker bds N. Main St.
VanOsten, Abram (Julia E.) ret drayman O H&L Oak St.
Valentine, Frank (Alice) stock dealer O 500 & O H S Main St.
Village Improvement Society Reading Room S Main St.
Vincent, Anna J. housekeeper bds Oat St.
Vincent, Franklin laborer T H Oak St.
Vincent, Hannah wid Jack lives Oat St.
Webster, Lee V. (Ethel D.) telegraph operator N. Y. C. R. R. T H Broad St.
Wells, J. Eppes (Faith M.) (Wells the Live Druggist) drugs, stationery, etc H do
Wells, The Live Druggist Main St.
Westbrook, Alta L. sch teacher O H Broad St.
Westbrook, M. Edna dau Willis H. Wellsboro St.
Westbrook, Willis H. bookkeeper & clerk O H Wellsboro St.
Wheeler, Harriet N. wid Henry C. O H Cowanesque St.
Wheeler, Henry F. (Ella) emp tannery O H N Main St.
White, John V. (Eva) Automobile Agent Repairs Etc. O H&L cor Baptist & Oak Sts.
Whitehead, Waldo M. student S. Main St.
Whipple, Ernest E. medical student O H Summit St.
Whipple, W. Henry (Ellen C.) emp tannery T H Summit St.
Wickham, Thomas A. (Nancy) Retail Lumber Dealer With Mill Cor Coleman & Summit Sts. O H&L S Main St.
Warters, Alba D. (Mary A.) farmer O 62 T H Wellsboro St.
Warters, Alva (Mary) farmer O 60 T H Wellsboro St.
Warters, Belma bds Wellsboro St.
Warters, Velma L. dau Alba D. Wellsboro St.
Wood, George Swipe bds Park Hotel
Young, Alfred (Anna) laborer T H Wellsboro St.