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Submitted by J. Kelsey Jones
Joyce's Search Tip - January 2008 
Do You Know that you can search just the Legal Documents on the site by using the Legal Documents button in the Partitioned search engine on the Current What's New Page? This section of the site includes wills, deeds, pension applications, township records and minutes and other related subjects.
The following document was found in the library of the Pennsylvania Historical Society, Philadelphia, in manuscript. It presents the Yankee side of the Connecticut-Pennsylvania land controversy in its secondary pr expiring phase. In its primary phase these signatories owned the lands they were on under the Connecticut title. Numerous evictions in the court at Williamsport had preceded this paper. Its only claim is, to be allowed to fix or arbitrate the price of the lands and for the "betterments." But this document represented a unanimous sentiment among those who dwelt here and upon them, the county organization was imposed. All of them dwelt in the valleys.


The undersigned and Inhabitants of the township of Tioga, County of Lycoming and State of Pennsylvania, think proper for the sake of peace and to promote good order and social intercourse with the good people of the State of Pennsylvania and more especially the Landholders, do hereby make the following proposals, that is –

We do agree to purchase the lands that we are now in possession of at full value, as they were in the state of nature, that is, if the same was not Vacant at the time the settlers began to occupy the same; on these conditions that you produce sufficient Pennsylvania titles and authentically establish the legality of your Claim for same; and if you will send an Agent among us with sufficient Vouchers and powers as the law directs we will amediately purchase of him on reasonable terms, and if we can not agree as to the value thereof we will refer the same to disinterested persons and comply and abide their decision. Likewise we would suggest this idea – that there is in this County several Inhabitants that can not probably meet your Wishes in regard to payment – therefore if any such Settler chooses he or they will dispose of their Improvements to you on your satisfying them for the labor they have done on same; and for which; if the parties can not agree as to the betterments which has been bestowed on the lands then the subscribers will agree to have the labor appraised as before mentioned by disinterested persons and will amediately leave your premises on your performing as above state.

July 7, 1803.

Jesse Losey Titus Ives Robert Mitchell
(undecipherable) John Wilson Jordan Liberty
Hopestill Beecher Lyman Prichard Thomas Mitchell
Timothy Ives Zebulon Cady George Bregher
Bennajah Ives Stephen Lane Abner Blancher
Nicholas Pluchman John Gordon Ephraim Alderman
Dorman Bloss John Cady Timothy Coates
Elihu Marvin Gideon Haynes Wm. Cady
Thomas Beecher Joshua Andrews Abner Blanchards, Jr.
John Ives Joseph Lane Daniel Straight
John Jay Thomas Willson John Gardner
Samuel Bartlett Jacob Reepe Jobe Phillips
Pems Bardwell James Jennings Benjamin Ives
Nathan Niles Benjamin Kinyon William Allington
Waitstill Bardwell Daniel Jordan Wm. Burlingame
James Van Kampen Levi Doty Daniel Holiday
Gad Lamb William Rathbun Amasa Culver
Aaron Gillett Stephen Losey Nicholas Plutsman
John Ives, Jun. Joseph Kelley John Van Kamp
James Rogers Richard Mitchell Elisha Serle
Pems Bardwell, Jun. Elisha White, Jun. Benjamin Van Camp
Ambrose Ives Elisha White Abel Cadey
William Willard Timothy Culver John Allington
Uriah Spencer John Stiles John Elliott
Joseph M. Ross Aaron Stiles  

Source: Papers and Proceedings of the Tioga County Historical Society, Part I, Volume II. Wellsboro, Pa., 1909.

Joyce, I thought I had sent you that document on the 1803 Petition a long time ago but I guess not. To add to Kelsey's documentation this is the book that I located at NEHGS Library in 1998. It had the exact same document.

Charles Tubbs, Wellsboro and the Wells family (Wellsboro, PA; Advocate Print. 1909) pp.16-17 Appendix A

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