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Property Sale - John Smith to E. L. Nash
Note from Joyce M. Tice - Elisha Nash was son in law of John Smith having married Caroline Matilda Smith, " Til" in 1878. He had previously been married to Louisa Smith who died in 1875. In the above 1875 map, he is shown living next door to his future wife and parents in law. The property of John Smith had originally come from the property of his wife's family, Harriet Reynolds.
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This is a transcription of the 1882 Sale of Property in Rutland Township, Tioga County, PA transcribed by Jane Webb

John Smith to Elisha L Nash

An article of agreement made
Entered into this 27th day of Nov 1882 Between Jon Smith of Rutland Township Tioga County and State of Pennsylvania of the first part and Elisha L Nash of Mansfield Tioga County & State aforesaid of the Second part The conditions of this agreement made and entered into is as follows: to wit The Said John Smith has & doth by these presents Sell to the Said party of the Second party his farm in the Township of Rutland in Tioga County Penna Bounded on the west by S. K. Longwell on the South by James McConnel on the East by E L Nash & Walter Horton and on the North by Bennit Reynolds containing about one hundred and four acres be the same more or less together with all the Stock except the hogs, including all the farming tools and the implements for the Sugar Works and all the old traps and also all of the grain that is now on the farm except what the Said Smith wants for his own consumption for the coming year the Said Smiths carpenter tools he reserves for his own use The Said Nash of the Second part agrees to pay to the Said Smith Four Thousand dollars in the following manner for the above mentioned and described property he the Said Smith also Sells all of the lumber and Shingles that is now on the farm The Said Nash is to pay the Said Smith Eight hundred dollars by the first of April Eighteen hundred and Eighty Three and four hundred dollars annually thereafter with interest on the payments as they come due until the full amount of four thousand dollars & the interest is paid on the whole - The Said Nash is to have the privelege of going on to said farm and plough & do such other work that is necessary the interest on the amount above Stated is not to commence until April 1st 1883 And it is hereby agreed by the Said John Smith his heirs assigns Executors or Administrators to make out and deliver to the Said Nash his heirs executors or Administrators a good & Sufficient Warrantee Deed for the above discribed premaces after the whole amount of the purchase Money is paid and the Said E.L. Nash agrees for himself his heirs and assigns to pay the above amount of four thousand dollars together with the interest as above agreed upon And it is further agreed to by the parties that the Said John Smith is to have the use of the house and the privilege of occupying a portion of the barn that is on the Said farm and also the garding Spot during the Natural life of the Said John Smith and Harriet M. Smith the wife of the Said John Smith unless it is otherwise agreed upon by the the [sic] parties to this contract

Witness our hand and Seal this twenty Seventh day of Nov Eighteen hundred and Eighty two
Witness present O.A. Smith
John Smith X his mark (Seal)
Elisha L. Nash (Seal)

And now to wit January 18/95 It is agreed by the parties to the within contract that whereas there is $3800. & interest from April 1/94 due on this contract & E L Nash is desirous of surrendering his claim under this agreement in payment therefor & said Smith is willing to take said farm back it is agreed that this contract is hereby cancelled so far as the rights of said Nash is concerned & said land is surrendered to said Smith
John Smith (Seal)

p.o.a.s. (Seal)

E. L. Nash (Seal)

And now March 29 1894 It is hereby agreed by the parties hereto that in settlement of all payments made on the within there is due on the within April 1. 1894 the sum of Three thousand & Eight hundred dollars $3800.
O. A. Smith
E. L. Nash

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