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Will of Mortimer Elliott 1920
Mortimer Elliott was the son of Nathaniel Elliott & Anna Myra Hart of Tioga County. He was born Sept. 24, 1840, and died Aug. 5, 1920.

Mortimer went to Alfred University. He was admitted to the bar on June 2, 1862. In 1872 he was elected a member of the Constitutional Convention and served with credit in that distinguished body. In 1890-91, he accepted a position as attorney for the Standard Oil Co., his headquarters being at Oil City, PA.

Last Will and Testament of Mortimer F. Elliott Deceased

Francis E. Watrous and Charles White Executors #6987

Register's Office, August 9, 1920

This day was presented the petition of Francis E. Watrous of Wellsboro, representing that he is one of the executors named in the Last Will and Testament of Mortimer F. Elliott late of Mansfield, who departed this life at his residence August 5, 1920. The value of the personal property of the estate is six hundred thousand dollars and the value of the real estate is seven thousand three hundred dollars and consists of town property located in Mansfield valued at seven thousand dollars and wild land located in Elk Township valued at three hundred dollars. The petitioner therefore prayed that said will be proved and letters testamentary granted to the petitioner and the other executor named in said will. Said will as follows:

I, Mortimer F. Elliott, being of sound mind, memory and understanding hereby make, publish and declare this my last Will and Testament, hereby revoking and making void all former wills by me made.

Item 1. I first direct that my funeral expenses be paid in a manner in keeping with my estate.

Item 2. I give, devise and bequeath unto my brother, Dr. F. G. Elliott of Mansfield, PA, the house and lot on the south side of Wellsboro Street in Mansfield where he now resides, to him and his heirs forever, also the sum of one thousand dollars ($1000.00) in money and a legacy of one hundred dollars ($100.00) per month during the term of his natural life.

Item 3. I give, devise and bequeath to my sister, Fannie E. Whitnall of Syracuse, NY, the sum of fifty thousand ($50,000).

Item 4. I give and bequeath unto my nephew Charles W. Elliott, son of my brother F.G. Elliott, the sum of ten thousand dollars ($10,000)

Item 5. I give and bequeath to my nephew Harry Elliott, also son of F.G. Elliott, the sum of ten thousand dollars ($10,000) and to each of his three children the sum of five thousand dollars ($5,000)

Item 6. I give, devise and bequeath unto my friend and former law partner, and who is still very dear to me, Mr. Frank E. Watrous of Wellsboro, PA, my law office and the lot upon which it is situated together with my law library at present situated therein. Said property is situated in Wellsboro, Tioga County, PA.

Item 7. I give and devise unto my friend and faithful nurse, Martha A. Rose, the house and lot on the east side of Main St. in Mansfield, PA, where I now reside, being the same property that I purchased from Ross Brothers, to her and her heirs forever.

Item 8. I give and bequeath unto the Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hospital proposed to be build at Wellsboro, PA, and for which a charter is now being applied for, the sum of fifty thousand dollars ($50,000), payable as soon after my decease as convenient. I have long desired to do something of a permanent character for the benefit of my fellow men, especially for the good people of Tioga County, with whom I have spent the greater portion of my life and who have been very kind and good to me. This bequest is entirely voluntary on my part, and not on the solicitation of any person or persons whatsoever. I have the highest regard and admiration for the soldiers and sailors and marines who risked their lives and gave up their business and parted from their families and friends to save their country, and I deem this a fitting occasion to do something that will be of material benefit to them.

Item 9. All the rest and residue of my property and estate, real and personal, I hereby give, devise and bequeath unto the children of the brothers and sisters of my late father, being my full cousins: and any of my said cousins who may be dead at the time of my decease leaving a child or children, such child or children or their descendants, shall take the same portions of said residue that its or their parent or parents would have taken if living.

I hereby nominate, constitute and appoint my friends, Frank E. Watrous of Wellsboro, PA, and Charles White, whose business address is 26 Broadway, New York City, to be the executors of this my will.

This will, except for the bequest to the hospital is practically the same that I made in 1917 and a codicil in 1918, and is made after the fullest reflection and consideration on my part of my estate and of my duty to my relatives.

In Witness Whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 23rd day of July 1919.

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Tioga County PA

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By Joyce M. Tice

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