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The John Elliot - Elizabeth Snyder Family

From History of Sheshequin 1777-1902; Heverly; pub.1902; Towanda, Pa; pp. 174 -179

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John ELLIOTT History of Sheshequin 1777-1902; Heverly; pub.1902; pp.174-179, ELLIOTT

   John ELLIOTT -- The family from whom John ELLIOTT descended came from the north of Ireland during the early colonial period and settled at Albany, NY. "John ELLIOTT and his brother, William, living near the Connecticut line, heard much of the Susquehanna country in its praise, more especially that part of it claimed by that State, and, therefore.  the former and Joseph (the oldest son of William) packed their knapsacks and started on foot in the spring of 1803 to view the land for themselves, with a view to bring the families for settlement.  They arrived in due time in Wysox, where John rented a farm of the widow MOGER.  He raised some corn and sowed some rye, and in company with his nephew cleared eight acres of new land and sowed it to wheat -- the sowing produced good crops of both cereals.  They returned to their homes late in the fall, and preparations for the removal of the families to the new country at once where commenced.  Three span of horses and as many sleighs were loaded with the household goods and supplies and the two families, numbering in all twenty persons, young and old, among them an aged grandmother.  They crossed the Hudson and Catskill on the ice, as well as every other stream in their way, and drove on the ice from Old Sheshequin to the cabin of William MEANS at Towanda, where they were furnished entertainment for the night."  William rented Mr. MEANS' farm in Wysox, where he remained one year, then removed to Rome Township, where he died at the age of 95 years.  John continued to reside in Wysox till 1814, when he removed to Sheshequin and followed the occupation of shoemaker. His residence of different times was Hornbrook and Ghent.  His wife was Elizabeth SNYDER, a German woman..  She died April 14, 1818, in her 47th year, and Mr. ELLIOTT, July 4, 1857, in his 88th year.  Their children were: Joseph, Hannah, Lucinda, Polly, Rachel and Lucretia. Joseph married Jemina, daughter of Elijah M. HORTON.  He owned the Elsbree farm at Hornbrook, which he sold in 1871, removed to Kansas with his family, where he died two years later.  Their children were:  Isaac, William H., Joseph M., Urbain, Sally (Mrs. Ulysses HORTON) and Jemima (Mrs. Thomas McMAHON).  Isaac died in Sheshequin; Sally resides at Hornbrook; the others removed to Kansas, Urbain since having died.  Hannah married Isaac  S. HORTON, lived at Ghent, died Mar 7, 1877, in her 85th year. Polly married William RUSSELL of Rome.  Rachel married Daniel HILL of Sheshequin, died July 23, 1869, age 55 years. Lucretia married Elias POST.

For Burial of John ELLIOTT & his wife Elizabeth SNYDER see Ghent Cemetery
For Burial of Elias POST see Post Cemetery.

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