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Post Cemetery, Sheshequin Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania
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Post Cemetery 1998 Listing

View of Post Cemetery 
October 1999 by Joyce M. Tice

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Cemetery reading was performed by Norma Jean HEATH Maryott and Jo Ellen Preston on May 25, 1998. Recent restoration and maintenance on this cemetery has been done by Norma's husband Albert D. Maryott. He now has all stones standing and has even added a flower garden! Typed for on-line use by Bruce Preston of Missouri. Formatted for the web by Joyce M. Tice

Row 1          
Shores Mariah P.   May 12, 1883 61y1m10d Wife of Richard Shores - A light from our household gone A voice we loved is stilled A place is vacant in our hearts That never can be filled.
Shores Richard    Jan. 3, 1859 38y11m5d  
Shores Henry F.   Mar. 19, 1851 9m6d Son of William D. and Mary A. Shores
Shores Edward   Feb. 14, 1871 19y4m11d Son of William D. and Mary A. Shores
Row 2          
Shores Peter   Nov. 3, 1836 46y4m15d Dearest friend thou has left us And thy loss we deeply feel But tis God ??????????? He can all our sorrows heal.
Row 3          
Bexter M. Alzuma   May 24, 1851 1y?m8d Daughter of John and Almeda Baxter
Baxter Joel   Mar. 23, 1857 0y0m20d Son of John and Almeda Baxter
Row 4          
Shores Tabatha D.   Oct. 19, 1861 63y Wife of Nath Shores
Shores Anna   Sep. 7, 1825 1y7m19d Daughter of Nath and Tabatha D. Shores
Newell Amanda   Mar. 16, 1835 1y9m2d Daughter of Eliwha and Anna Newell
Kilmer David       Co. C. 127th ILL Inf.
Row 5          
Rippeth Polly   Feb. 13, 1860 62y5m18d Wife of Wm. Rippeth
Rippeth William   Jun. 23, 1838 46y9m28d Friends nor physicians could not save. This mortal body from the grave. Nor can the grave confine me here When Christ the judge do appear.
Rippeth William   Jun. 23, 1838 46y9m10d (Has two stones, the age differs)
Rippeth John   Sep. 24, 1838 13y3m27d Son of Wm. Rippeth - No more the smiling son is come Behold the silent tomb The tender plant so fresh and green Has met his early doom.
(Top of stone missing)     Oct.?,???? 13or43y10m19d  
Shores Eli   Nov. 12, 1872 64y4m0d  
Row 6          
Post Henry C.   Feb. 14, 1849 0y6m16d Son of L. D. Post
Row 7          
Shores Abram   Dec. 27, 1891 73y At rest
Shores Jane   Oct. 20, 1886 70y6m8d Be you also ready For in such an hour As you liveth had The son of man cometh.
Shores James W.   Feb. 11, 1854 1y0m21d Son of Abram and Jane Shores
Shores Dorsey   Sep. 19, 1851   Son of David and Marinda
Row 8          
Shores Horace   Mar. 15, 1853 0y2m22d Son of Adarine and Eliza Shores - Sleep on sweet babe And take thy rest.
Row 9          
Preston Margaret A. (Post)   Aug. 3, 1860 24y2m13d Wife of C A. Preston (Charles) - My Children dear assembled here A mother's grave to see. Though you are living I am here, But soon you'll be with me. Why was she called from earth so soon? How could she leave her babes? Why was she lowered to the tomb, T
Post Cynthia   Oct. 4, 1849 43y10m19d Wife of Aaron
Post Aaron Aug. 28, 1798 Dec. 29, 1884    
Post Nancy E.   Mar. 2, 1856 28y0m4d Wife of L. D. Post
Smith Martha W.   Apr. 13, 1868 39y4m12d Wife of Andrew D. Post
Post Lorenzo Dow Feb. 14, 1825 Sep. 28, 1894   Gone but not forgotten
Vosburg Lucretia E. Post Mar. 19, 1823 Feb. 25, 1908   Wife of Stephen Vosburg
Post Emeline M.   Mar. 13, 1850 1y11m13d Daughter of Wm. and Josephine
Post Ella May   Oct. 9, 1861 2y3m23d Daughter of Wm. and Josephine Post - Dear Ella how it grieves our hearts Today you be the Lamb (line not readable) Thy savior called thee home.
Row 10          
Shores Frances C.   Nov. 15, 1863 15y5m2d Daughter of Samuel and Kaziah
Shores Kaziah May 8, 1830 Oct. 8, 1883   Wife of Sam'l - She hath done what she could.
Shores Sam'l   June 12, 1893    
Shores David   Sep. 9, 1866 49y4m27d  
Delpuech John D.   Mar. 19, 1833 3y0m3d Son of Francis and Marrie Ann
Row 11          
Smith Rebecca   Jul. 13, 1850 68 Wife of James
Smith James   Oct. 1, 1860 76y7m0d  
Smith Martha J. May 4, 1840 Jul. 30, 1844    
  Catherine C. Apr. 22, 1848 Aug. 15, 1851    
  Eva B. Oct. 1, 1858 Nov. 3, 1862    
Smith James Aug. 24, 1821 Nov. 21, 1905    
Smith Diana Shores May 3, 1820 May 10, 1890   His wife
Smith Martha J.   Jul. 30, 1844   Daughter of James and Diana
Row 12          
Gard Mary M.   May 27, 1856 3y4m23d Daughter of George and Ann - Dearest sister thou art gone to rest.
Gard Sarah E.   Feb. 8, 1857 1y9m1d Daughter of George and Ann
Row 13          
Post Peter D. Aug. 21, 1869 5/21/14   Gone but not forgotten.
  Seymour       Child of L.L. and Lodesca
Post Seymour L.   Mar. 30, 1870 7y10m0d Children of L.L. and Lodesca
Post George A.   Oct. 24, 1871 10y3m0d Children of L.L. and Lodesca
Post Lucretia   May 3, 1871 18m Children of L.L. and Lodesca
Post John W. 1865 1907    
Gore Lysle C. 1886 1918    
Gore Abe 1853 1918    
Gore Emma 1859 1937    
Row 14          
Post Elias   Apr. 15, 1862 71y4m0d  
Post Jos.       Co. D. 17th PA Cav.
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA

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