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Subj:  Order of Scottish Clans grave Marker
Date: 02/27/2001 6:30:57 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Steven & Julie Akins of that Ilk)


     The Order of Scottish Clans grave marker shown in your photograph on the fraternal organization flagholders was used to indicate that the deceased (in this case a Mr. Wallace) was a member of this organization. The initials B.O.S.C. stand for "Benevolent Order of Scottish Clans" and the design on the marker is the group's emblem, consisting of a rampant lion on an heraldic shield (the Scottish Coat of Arms), which rests on aN "X" or St. Andrew's Cross, as St. Andrew was the patron Saint of Scotland and the X-shaped cross was his emblem and is found on Scotland's national flag. The thistles shown are the national flower of Scotland.
     I have a relative who belonged to this organization and who has an identical grave marker on his grave. I also have a small brochure or booklet that belonged to him that explains the purposes of this organization (which were charitable and fraternal, among persons of Scottish descent - basically a life insurance society). It states that the group was first organized in St. Louis, Missouri, in 1878, and that the group had been in existence for over 75 years when the pamphlet that I have was printed, dating it to the 1950's. It was entitled "Nae Folk Like Oor Ain Folk - The Order of Scottish Clans - A Fraternal Order, Founded November 30, 1878.
     I hope that this may be of some help to you.


Steven L. Akins 

Subj:  BOSC
Date: 08/22/2000 4:28:05 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Dick McCracken)
To: (JoyceTice)


I suggest that the BOSC marker represents a clan of the Order of Scottish Clans.  The lion rampant on a shield and the thistle blossoms would suggest scottish.  The logs may represent craftsmen; the Order merged with the Independant Order of Foresters in 1972.

Wonder if the deceased way Scottish (name?) and if he died before 1972.

Dick  (Answer from Joyce. The man died 1945, surname Wallace, which fits with the Scottish Clan idea.)

Subj:  BOSC
Date: 09/18/2000 1:13:04 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (J Russell White)

Has a collection of Scottish Badges.  On this page at the bottom left is a badge of Cumming of Altyre MOTTO: Fearless, which has the same lion as depicted on the flag holder, same stance and tail curves (but that could be a standard).
Also on this page is neat music.
Is a listing of Scottish Coat of Arms (link has not been updated on the onlinepub, above, page).  Look at "Holmes" coat; lion only and side trimmings have ball and tail (tassels) as in flag holder.
Bromhall top middle - possibly the "B" factor in the emblem.  But still can't account for the crossed pipes/sticks/logs
Ezpeleta  Bottom left
Lewis (2) bottom left
Ha-a-ah WALLACE! top middle - note the ball and tail at the top of emblem but still no log/pipe/stick. There is a raised border around this emblem, it's a reach but could be logs.  The guy did mention this is from a guy named Wallace.

(100+ pages, 6 coats each, whew - I stopped at page 100)


Subj:  Scottish Badges web site changes
Date: 09/19/2000 12:24:17 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (J Russell White)


This is about the site "Joanne's Collection of Scottish Badges".  I had written to her about a broken link on one of her pages.  This is her reply:


Joanne Elliott wrote:

> The site you visited will cease to exisist on September 30th, 2000.  The new site address is  the current email address is:
> Another link for more clan badges on our site is
> Sincerely,
> Joanne

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