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November 2008
I found a book at the Knights farm which is entitled "Early Connecticut Marriages" by Frederic W. Bailey Published in 1896.  I have made a listing of all the marriage from 1697 to 1800 in New London  (New London County) Connecticut.  These records were derived from the first Congregational Church which was organized at Gloucester, Mass in 1642 which removed itself in 1650 to New London, Ct.    Basically New London marriages covered 37 pages of the book and as you can see there are a lot of others left.  The book itself has 138 pages.
Let me know if this is something you are interested in for your site.
Cathy Knights
Joyce's Search Tip - January 2008
Do You Know that you can search just the Marriage Records and  Marriage Clippings on the site by using the Marriage button in the Partitioned search engine at the bottom of the Current What's New Page? Be aware that you will also find some marriage notices in the Clippings partition and on the Bibles pages.

Since so much of our ancestry in this area is Connecticut based, I am including these records on this site. JMT
New London County 1697 1720 1727 1734 1743 1758 1763 1770 1791 1796
Last First Last First Date Married By: Original Entry Comments from Book
Sayre Ichabod Hubbart Mary March 31, 1697 Gurdon Saltonstall Son of Francis Sayre of Southpton, on Nassau Island with Mary being from New London CT
Crocker Thomas Carpenter Mary April 8, 1697 Gurdon Saltonstall Mary was daughter of David
Tubbs William Roach Lydia Septemer 27, 1698 Gurdon Saltonstall  
Star Jonathan Morgan Elizabeth January 12, 1699 Gurdon Saltonstall  
Young Daniel Frink Judith January 12, 1699 Gurdon Saltonstall Young from Southold on Nassau Island and Judith of New London
Hachly Peter Baker Elizabeth April 13, 1699 Gurdon Saltonstall Baker (a widow)
Comstock Daniel Prentice Elizabeth May 23, 1700 Gurdon Saltonstall  
Osmar   Prentice Ann   Gurdon Saltonstall Osmar of Hartford & Ann, daughter of Capt. John Prentice of New London
Backley John Prentiss Patience   Gurdon Saltonstall Daughter of Capt. John Prentiss of New London
Robbins   Carpenter   April 1702 Gurdon Saltonstall Robbins of Lyme
Spencer Jared Douglas Sarah August 1702 Gurdon Saltonstall Jared Spencer of Saybrook & Sarah daugher of Deacon Douglas
Spencer Thomas Douglas Ann September 3, 1702 Gurdon Saltonstall Thomas Spencer of Saybrook & Ann daughter of Deacon Douglas
Young John Wheeler Anne November 26, 1702 Gurdon Saltonstall  
Pickett Adam Turner Susanna November 26, 1702 Gurdon Saltonstall  
Griffin Ebenezer Hubbell Mary February 10, 1703 Gurdon Saltonstall Widow Mary Hubbell
Keney John Rogers Naomi February 17, 1703 Gurdon Saltonstall Widow Naomi Rogers
Atwel Richard Baker Elizabeth March 11, 1703 Gurdon Saltonstall  
Chappel George Douglas Mary June 10, 1703 Gurdon Saltonstall  
Douglas Thomas Spencer Ann November 25, 1703 Gurdon Saltonstall Thomas Douglas of N.L. & Ann Spencer of New Haven
Jones Thomas Potter Mary December 30, 1703 Gurdon Saltonstall  
Baker John Douglas Phebe January 17, 1704 Gurdon Saltonstall  
Mayhew John Latham Sarah May 26, 1704 Gurdon Saltonstall  
Brooks Henry Chappell Eleph May 30, 1704 Gurdon Saltonstall  
Avery Thomas Shapley Anne July 12, 1704 Gurdon Saltonstall  
More John Beckwith Elizabeth September 25, 1704 Gurdon Saltonstall John More of N.L. and Elizabeth Beckwith of Lyme
Prents Thomas Rogers Mary January 31, 1705 Gurdon Saltonstall  
Manwaring Oliver Hough   March 14, 1705 Gurdon Saltonstall  
Crossman Bartholomew Rogers Elizabeth April 17, 1705 Gurdon Saltonstall  
Dart Ebenezer Golding Mary May 15, 1705 Gurdon Saltonstall  
Wickwire John Haughton Abigail December 27, 1705 Gurdon Saltonstall  
Fox Isaac Jones Mary February 28, 1706 Gurdon Saltonstall  
Stedman John Bebe Mary July 28, 1706 Gurdon Saltonstall  
Minor Joseph Turner Susanna August 22, 1706 Gurdon Saltonstall Widow Susanna Turner
Dible Ebenezer Hatton Annie August 29, 1706 Gurdon Saltonstall Dible of Colchester
Palmer Jonathan Manwaring Mercy December 1, 1706 Gurdon Saltonstall Palmer of Stonington
Holt William Tomlin Phebe December 25, 1706 Gurdon Saltonstall  
Dennis Ebenezer Hough Sarah February 10, 1707 Gurdon Saltonstall  
Crocker William Keney Sarah May 22, 1707 Gurdon Saltonstall  
Beebe Thomas Hobson Anna December 17, 1707 Gurdon Saltonstall  
Harris Asa Stanton Elizabeth March 17, 1709 Eliphalet Adams  
Goodrich Richard Bulkley Hannah May 18, 1709 Eliphalet Adams Goodrich & Bulkley both of Glastonbury
Minard William Strickland Priscilla October 13, 1709 Eliphalet Adams  
Adams Eliphalet Pygan Lydia December 15, 1709 Eliphalet Adams  
Beebe Samuel Tubbs Sarah May 29, 1710 Eliphalet Adams  
Fox, Jr. John  Clark Elizabeth January 16, 1711 Eliphalet Adams  
Larabie John Hatch Mary May 22, 1711 Eliphalet Adams Larabie of Windham
Lester John Munsel Abigail July 6, 1711 Eliphalet Adams  
Vibber John Williams Joanna August 9, 1711 Eliphalet Adams Vibber of Groton
Ropp or Rapp Jonathan Avery Ann November 21, 1711 Eliphalet Adams Jonathan of Norwich
Williams Thomas Rogers Sarah December 12, 1711 Eliphalet Adams  
Pember Thomas Turner Hannah March 12, 1712 Eliphalet Adams  
Grant Thomas Williams Patience March 15, 1712 Eliphalet Adams  
Pike John Spencer Hannah 1712 Eliphalet Adams Hannah Spencer of Machamoodus
Daniell Thomas Kenny Hannah 1712 Eliphalet Adams  
Jachlin Robert Wright Mary September 7, 1712 Eliphalet Adams (negroes)
Minor Joseph Turner Grace September 8, 1712 Eliphalet Adams  
Leach, Jr. Thomas Munsel Mary April 2, 1713 Eliphalet Adams  
Nobles John Williams Mercy April 29, 1713 Eliphalet Adams  
Smith John Munsel Deliverence June 8, 1713 Eliphalet Adams  
Rogers, Jr. James Holiboat Freelove June 29, 1713 Eliphalet Adams  
Williams Samuel Camp Bathshua July 17, 1713 Eliphalet Adams  
Emms John Stebbins Paltiah July 20, 1713 Eliphalet Adams  
Stratford Clement Horton Sarah July 30, 1713 Eliphalet Adams Stratford a sailor
Strickland Samuel Williams Elizabeth August 6, 1713 Eliphalet Adams  
Rogers William Harris Elizabeth August 27, 1713 Eliphalet Adams  
Jarkin Robert   Hagar October 13, 1713 Eliphalet Adams (negroes)
Daniels Samuel Butler Sarach November 26, 1713 Eliphalet Adams  
Tolman Joseph Mayhew Joanna December 1, 1713 Eliphalet Adams  
Holt William Butler Katharine January 1, 1714 Eliphalet Adams  
Calkins John Leach Frances February 10, 1714 Eliphalet Adams  
Coit Solomon Short Elizabeth August 8, 1714 Eliphalet Adams  
Grey John Christophers Mary October 21, 1714 Eliphalet Adams John Grey of Boston
Mighil  Samuel Prentis Mrs. Sarah November 2, 1714 Eliphalet Adams  
Way Ebenezer Harris Mary November 9, 1714 Eliphalet Adams  
Ferfo, Jr. Moses Camp Elizabeth December 1, 1714 Eliphalet Adams  
Butler Thomas Minor Elizabeth December 20, 1714 Eliphalet Adams  
Beebe Stephen Leach Mary November 15, 1715 Eliphalet Adams  
Dean Jonathan Douglas Sarah January 17, 1716 Eliphalet Adams Dean of Plainfield
Adams John Green Sarah June 15, 1716 Eliphalet Adams  
Ingles Benjamin Stebbins Mary July 5, 1716 Eliphalet Adams  
Huntly David Munsel Mary July 11, 1716 Eliphalet Adams Huntly of Lyme
Bartlet Thomas Plombe Elizabeth October 9, 1716 Eliphalet Adams  
Appleton Joshua Shapley Jane February 5, 1717 Eliphalet Adams  
Dillamore Henry Edgecomb Joanna February 14, 1717 Eliphalet Adams  
Dart Thomas Turner Elizabeth June 13, 1717 Eliphalet Adams  
Minard William Woodworth Lydia June 13, 1717 Eliphalet Adams  
Dodge John Stebbins Elizabeth June 25, 1717 Eliphalet Adams  
Dart Roger Beckwith Prudence July 24, 171 Eliphalet Adams  
Boole Thomas Cahppel Hopestill September 12, 1717 Eliphalet Adams  
Comstock Kinsley Crocker Rachel September 18, 1717 Eliphalet Adams  
Campel Archibald Campbel Sarah November 21, 1717 Eliphalet Adams  
Howard Nathan Calkins Hannah November 26, 1717 Eliphalet Adams Howard of Endfield
Beebe, Jr. Samuel Lester Ann January 1, 1718 Eliphalet Adams Beebe of Long Island
Daniels Jonathan Potts Mary January 1, 1718 Eliphalet Adams Mary Potts of Groton
Keeney John Waller Hannah February 5, 1718 Eliphalet Adams  
Bayley Joseph Champman Mary February 20, 1718 Eliphalet Adams Bayley of Groton
Church Joseph Latham Sevil April 27,1718 Eliphalet Adams Sevil Latham of Groton
Joyner William Eads Elizabeth July 15, 1718 Eliphalet Adams  
Scipio (a mulatto) (an Indian) Hannah August 29, 1718 Eliphalet Adams  
Hough John Denison Hannah September 4, 1718 Eliphalet Adams  
Preston John Champman Hannah September 9, 1718 Eliphalet Adams  
Morgan Benjamin Giddens Sarah October 27, 1718 Eliphalet Adams  
Chappel George Beckwith Hannah November 5, 1718 Eliphalet Adams  
Hough Samuel Woodworth Kezia February 26, 1719 Eliphalet Adams  
Fox Ebenezer Stedman Jane March 25, 1719 Eliphalet Adams  
Coit John Christophers Grace July 2, 1719 Eliphalet Adams  
Lester Timothy Willoughby Abigail August 31, 1719 Eliphalet Adams  
Goller Robert Andross Hannah September 8, 1719 Eliphalet Adams  
Raymond Joshua Christophers Elizabeth September 8, 1719 Eliphalet Adams  
Campel John Allen Agenes November 19, 1719 Eliphalet Adams Agnes Allen of Stonington
Edgecomb Samuel Prentis Elizabeth November 24, 1719 Eliphalet Adams  
Boham Thomas Sale Sarach December 1, 1719 Eliphalet Adams  
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
Published On Tri-Counties Site On 11 NOV 2008   
By Joyce M. Tice
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