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From Mansfield Advertiser Scrapbook
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Ross Bailey, U. S. Marine

Went Through Big Fight Without a Scratch

 Ross B. Bailey, son of Mr. And Mrs. Dwight Bailey, was in the big fight, and for some time after his parents had grave doubts as to his safety, but the following letter puts their minds at ease.   Ross if probably in Coblenz, Germany, now as the Second Division, to which his is attached, is a part of the Army of Occupation.
      Somewhere in France,
       Nov. 19, 1918
Note: article ends here, not continued.

Pvt. Ross B. Bailey

Private Ross B. Bailey Is In Germany With Marines, But Says It Has No Charms for Him Now.  Wants the Advertiser Sent to Him There.

Leutesdorf on the Rhine, Jan. 3, 1919.
Mr. E. S. Coles, Mansfield, Pa.
Dear Sir:
 I am over here in Germany on the Rhine now and just received three papers from home today, and needless to say they were certainly welcome. I do not know how long I will be over here, but wish you would send the paper until I get back to the States.
 I was some surprised in reading the papers that so many boys from home are over here. The 9th and 23rd infantry are near us somewhere and the 15th field artillery are up the Rhine a short distance, but I have never happened to see Leo Bailey or Rusty Hitchcock of the 9th or Crossley of the 15th field artillery, but I could probably have found them before it I had known they were with the 2nd division. For they were usually somewhere near the marines when they were away from the front lines and besides them on the lines.
 I got over in time to see what war is like and did not expect to see the Leutesdorf, which is about the same population as Mansfield, but not as large other ways. The people here treat us fine, we have electric lights, a good stove and a good dry place to sleep, also good chow and the drill is not hard, but when we are through over here, the beauty of the Rhine Valley will not have charms enough to keep me here, and the little Tioga Valley will look better than it ever did before. Hoping to hear from you often through the paper, I remain,
   Respectfully yours,
   97th Co. 6th Marines, Amer. E. F.

Personal History from the files of Sullivan-Rutland Genealogy Project of Joyce M. Tice
  1.  Ross Byron1 Bailey, son of Dwight Hoard Bailey and Sadie Mabel Bowen, (#31711) was born in Richmond Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania 1 NOV 1897.   Individual flags: WW1.

 He married twice.  He married Stella Whittaker *.  (Stella Whittaker* is #34888.)  He married Mildred Leona Whittaker * 25 AUG 1920 in Wellsboro, Tioga County, Pennsylvania.  (Mildred Leona Whittaker* is #34885.)  Mildred was born 17 AUG 1896.  Mildred died 7 AUG 1974 at age 77.  Ross was born on the Bailey Farm - See Tioga County Court House Index p 428, Book 17,8278 for marriage record. Of Mansfield PA 1952.

      Ross Byron Bailey and Mildred Leona Whittaker* had the following children:

      2  i.  Lawrence Ross2 Bailey reference B1.1251414331 (#34886) was born 31 Aug 1921.  He married Dorothy Gardner*.  (Dorothy Gardner* is #39537.)  Of Shinglehouse PA.
      3  ii.  Leonard Morell Bailey reference B1.1251414332 (#34887) was born 08 Jan 1925.  He married Shirley Husted*.  (Shirley Husted* is #39541.)  In 1978 Leonard was principal of Braodway School in Elmira NY. Leonard and Shirley adopted Steven and Mark.

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Published On Tri-Counties Site On 11/16/2003
By Joyce M. Tice

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