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Please submit HIGH resolution JPG scanned photos, biographical material and WW1 history for inclusion in this section of the site. If you are submitting information about a person, be sure to include his/her township within our three counties so we can link it from the appropriate township page as well. Birth, Death, Parents, Burial location, etc. Attention to the civilian effort in the war is also an important part of what we want to include in this section of the site. 
Elmira's World War Victory Arch
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World War One 1917-1918
Bradford County PA
Bradford County WW1 Draft Registrants
Troy's World War One Soldiers
Bradford CountyVeterans Database
1918 Troy Gazette Register Articles
21 FEB 1918 - Draftees to Fort Meade
June 1918 - New Draftees in Order Drawn
Sept 1918 - Troy Draft Registrants under 15-45 Law
Letters from Bradford County Soldiers
1919 Brooks-Flick Post 49 American Legion Formed in Troy
Obits of World War One Military
Honor Roll at Baptist Church, Waverly NY
1919 List of 384 Bradford County WW1 Veterans
Canton - World War One Soldiers
Troy - Red Cross Parade
Chemung County NY
Chemung County WW1 Draft Registrants
Steuben County WW1 Draft Registrants
Elmira Area Enlistees April 1917
St. Peter & Paul's Honor Roll of World War One Soldiers
First Church of Christ, Elmira, Honor Roll
Horseheads World War One Soldiers
Elmira Star Gazette Articles
Elmira Advertiser April 1917 Articles
More Elmira April 1917 Articles
Elmira Star-Gazette - April 1917 Articles
Aug 1917 - Company L Boys Given Big Send Off
Letters from Chemung County Soldiers
1917 - Obits & Marriages
Chemung County Obits for World War One Military
04 Aug 1918- Elmira Draftees to Fort Slocum
Tioga County PA
Tioga County WW1 Draft Registrants
Mansfield's World War One Wall
World War One Roll NE Tioga County
Draft Registrants 13 JUN 1917
83 To Camp Lee, Virginia  June 24
Draft Registrant Status 17 AUG 1917
World War One Draftees
Letters from Tioga County Soldiers
28 AUG 1918 - 71 More Men Called
Mansfield Advertiser Scrapbook
Wellsboro Agitator Articles
Who Is Overseas
Who Returned - Who Still Over
Tioga County Obits of World War One Military
Blossburg Boys Arrive Home
Raymond Lawrence Guernsey, who has been overseas for thirteen months arrived home Tuesday.  Mr. Guernsey was captured by the Germans and held prisoner for eight months, working nearly twenty-four hours a day and living on very poor and scanty food.  He has some very interesting experiences to relate.  Mr. Guernsey has the distinction of being the only Tioga county man to be held prisoner b the Germans.  Machine Gunner Glen Ellis, of the famous 77th, arrived home Tuesday, after seeing thirteen months service in France.  Mr. Ellis was wounded in the battle of the Argonne Forest.  Fred Bryant arrived home Tuesday after thirteen months service overseas.  Mr. Bryant was severely wounded in the battle at Chateau Thierry.  He was also gassed and was in a hospital for several months.  Sergeant Kimbal Marvin and Frank Roberts arrived home Wednesday evening.  Both men saw some hard fighting in the Argonne Forest.  [undated]

Men of World War I
From Wellsboro Gazette
Thursday November 3, 1955

Twenty-five members of the 314th Infantry Regiment gathered last week for their annual dinner.  Hosts were R.A. Conevery and Emory Rockwell, Esq.  Music and talk of WWI vintage filled the air as the “old-timers” filled their marching stomachs on roast beef at the Penn Wells.  From left, they are: Front row – Stanley Cominski, Art Gridley, Bob Allen, Gilbert Gremainn, Geroge Hazlett, M. O. Bohart, H. A. MaHaffey, Harry Baker, R.S. Ryder.  Back row – Charles Gill, Emory Rockwell, J. L. Good, W. P. Johnston, Jesse V. Gruver, S. Porter Shooter, Melvin Riddell, Bob Lentz, H. B. Seitzer, Dr. Albert C. Haas, R. A. Conevery, and “Squiz” Jenkins.

The War Effort on the Home Front
Financing the War - Liberty Bonds The War Chest Victory Gardens
Aircraft Industrial Service Pin American Red Cross Home Defense Corps
S.A.T.C. at Mansfield Normal School WW1 Timetable Canning Club
Elmira Born Doctors Serve inWW1 Costs For Soldiers in World War One
Souvenirs & Memorabilia of the World War One Era
Eugene Crippen Draft Registration 1917 Lewis Burton Draft Notice 1918 WW1 Posters
1918 Thanksgiving Dinner Menu for Company L  National Guard Leave Slip Field Service Post Cards
1918 WW1 Era School Souvenir Booklet 1918 Air Show Ticket
Tri- County World War One Military Personnel- Photos and Biographies
Bradford County PA
Louis Aumick of Troy
Joseph E. Barker of Troy
Wilford Brewer of Troy
Lt. Hugh Cameron of Troy
Scott F. Comfort of Troy
Stephen W. Congdon of Warren Center
Earl Cowl of Troy
Homer J. DeWitt of Troy
Milan W. Flick of Troy
Clarence Foster of Troy
Charles T. Gates of Springfield
Clarence & Harry Huntley of Troy
Walter E. Kinne of Athens
Foster E. Lewis of South Creek
Lawrence C. Meeker of Troy
Herbert Morris of Troy
Seth L. Norris of Granville
John S. Parke of Troy & Elmira
Russell J. Parmenter of Columbia
Harold R. Peters of Troy
Robert L. Putnam of Troy
Allen H. Ross of Burlington
Carlton Sherman of Troy
Charles Stanton of Troy
Charles Stanton, D.S.C.
Edward Stanton of Troy
Harry Steele of Burlington
Guy F. Walburn of Sayre
Archie G. Ward of East Troy
Frank E. Ward of Troy
Walter Weaver of Armenia
Ora L. Wooster of LeRoy
Chemung County NY
Earl L. Bates of Elmira
Edward W. Eldrett Sr of Horseheads
Clifford Elliott of Elmira
William J. Hanigan of Elmira
Floyd Manning of Elmira Heights
Bert Rightmire of Elmira 
Windy Smith, Aviation Pioneer
Tioga County PA
Leigh Allen of Mansfield
Ray A. Allen of Rutland
Robert Anderson, relatives in Mansfield
Gerald N. & Homer R. Austin of Sullivan
Lee G. & Jesse L. Austin of Sullivan
Wesley Avery of Wellsboro
Gordon L. Bailey of Mansfield
Leo J. Bailey of Richmond
J. O. Wright Bailey of Mansfield
Raymond C. Bailey of Richmond
Ross Byron Bailey of Richmond
Fred W. Baker of Jackson
Victor Bartlett of Mansfield
Stephen H. Beach of Mansfield
Hiram E. Benson of Mansfield
Edward F. Bolt of Sullivan
Arthur M. Brion of Liberty - Killed in Action
J. W. A. Brown, relatives in Mansfield
Ross E. Bryan of Sullivan
William Bunn of Mansfield
Lee E. Clark of Mansfield
Wayne R. Cleveland of Mansfield
J. Bryce Cogswell of Mansfield
Howard B. Connelly of Sullivan
Andrew Earl Cook of Mansfield
John F. Cox of Mansfield
Arthur E. Dalaba , relatives in Mansfield
John H. Doane of Mansfield
Ernest Dorsett of Mansfield
Percy Earley of Mansfield
Grant Fethers of Sullivan
Walter Forrest of Mansfield
Lynn A. French of Sabinsville
Walter F. Gardner of Mansfield
Howard Hanyen, relatives in Mansfield
Robert Andrew Harer of Liberty
Richard K. Hayes of Mansfield
Donald V. Hoard of Mansfield
Elwin F. Howard of Mansfield
Francis Marion & Milford James Hulslander of Little Marsh
Frank Inscho of Canoe Camp
Colie L. Jenkins of Rutland
Oley Johns of Rutland
Wade W. Judge of Mansfield
Fred A. Jupenlaz of Mansfield
Walter Leach of Mansfield
James A. McConnell of Sullivan
Ernest (Shorty) McConnell of Mansfield
Lewis McConnell of Mansfield
Ray W. Miller of Mansfield
Warren L. Miller of Sullivan & Richmond
Roy Nash of Sullivan
Sylvene Nye of Rutland
Kenneth Odell of Mansfield
Robert Palmer of Sullivan & Richmond
Ellis W. Plank of Mansfield
Morris G. Schucker of Sullivan
Lewis V. Seeley of Rutland
Oscar R. Sherman of Sullivan
J. F. Sigsbee of Mansfield
Fay Slingerland of Mansfield
Glen I. Smith of Sullivan
Rayburn F. Smith of Mansfield
Albert J. Stilwell of Jackson & Richmond
F. Richard Stilwell of Jackson & Richmond
Harold G. Strait of Mansfield
Arthur Swan of Mansfield
Roy Thomas of Blossburg
Myron E. Webster of Sullivan, Rutland & Richmond
Gus Welch of Sullivan
Claude H. Whittaker of Richmond
Orson Wilcox of Wellsboro
Military Trucks off to War - N. Main Street, Mansfield
Postcard from Chester P. Bailey collection
American Expeditionary Forces Marker
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Subj:  Thank You For Latest Pages
Date:  11/11/2003 9:34:37 AM Eastern Standard Time

Dear Joyce,

I started reading your latest additions relating to World War I and 1918 news late last night.  I found myself crying aloud while reading them. Most of us can see  dates in a cemetery and think of birth and death, However, your website makes those deaths personal experiences, especially when it comes to our relatives and their neighbors.   People on your pages become living individuals to those of us who never had a chance to meet them during their lifetime.

1918 must have been quite a traumatic time for the tri-county area with young men being lost on the battlefields of foreign shores  and influenza taking the lives of young and old residents at home.

Again, another job well done by you and your wonderful contributors.
Joyce Besley,  Ocala, Florida

Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA

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