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From Mansfield Advertiser Scrapbook
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Leo J. Bailey
 A new picture of Leo Bailey shows him since recovering from his wound.  The stripe, given to all wounded men, is visible on his coat sleeve.
Leo Bailey, who was in France, has been made corporal, and his brother, who is in Camp Meade, has been made corporal, too.  Ed’s address is Kelly Field, No. 1, South San Antonio, Tex.
Leo Bailey Writes.

  France, January 6, 1918
Dear Mother;
 Your cablegram of December 22nd was given to me yesterday.  I am very glad Ed has enlisted, and presume that a letter is now on the way telling me more about it.  I will write to him next week, addressing the letter home and you can send it to him.
 Your Christmas package has not yet arrived, but I think it will for last week I received packages from the Williamsport Red Cross, Father, Aunt Emma and Frances.   Frances’ package was a sermon in itself, for she sent me handkerchiefs, tow  wash cloths, a tooth brush, and a small ruler; (paper torn) a hint to stick to the straight and narrow path.  There was some candy to soothe my feelings.  Dad’s package was all eats; and Aunt Emma’s also; the Red Cross, a knitted set and some candy.
 Our Christmas turkey arrived yesterday and I a few minutes we will go down and exterminate them.  The Advertiser also came yesterday.   We had a hike on Friday, which was very hard as the roads are very slippers.  (censored). The first time the tow teams of our platoon destroyed a prune box at about 100 yards, and on Friday we peppered a bacon can at same distance.
 Several of us attended church on New Year’s day.  We had planned a hike to a big town, but our passes were delaped until to late.
 Some tobacco fund back in the “States” presented us each with a box of smokes last week.  I gave mine to a wounded French soldier.
 It has been very cold here during the last week, but we don’t mind it much.  Gee, I bet ED will miss the home comforts.  They don’t keep your breakfast waiting in the army, or pay attention to the kicks about the eats.
 Billy Brown, of Wellsboro, is here again and is quartered close to me.
 I got up for breakfast this morning because we had oatmeal, the first we had since we left the “States”.  Gee, Mom, but it seemed like home.
 After dinner, --Three of us walked to the town where Russell is stationed and spent the afternoon with him.  He is coming over to visit me next Sunday.  We got home too late for supper, so we are having hot chocolate and cakes.
 When I returned a fellow gave me Ed’s letter of December 6.  He said he had the army fever and believed he would enlist; also one from Agnes and a drawing of a soldier by Jim, and one from Aunt Katie.  She said she sent a box.  Maybe it was the one I thought Aunt Emma sent.   It was badly damaged and the only mark was DeBruce.  Frances’ package was also badly broken and had to be readdressed to me.
 Happy birthdays to Ed and Jim.  I must close now, with love to you and the rest.

     Your son,
      Leo J. Bailey,
 Co. M, 9th Inf U. S. Inf., A. E. F.

General Hospital No. 2
       Fort McHenry, MD
Mrs. James Bailey,
Mansfield, Pa.
Dear Friend;
 Your son Leo, and I have been intimate friends for the past five months and I left him in France.  He asked me to write to you and tell you that he was well and happy, and I think he will come home all right.  We slept together and were the best of friend.
 You ought to be proud you raised a boy, Leo.  I will put your address in his own handwriting in this letter which he gave to me.
 Hoping you will receive it at an early date, I am very truly yours.
       Chas. W. Gregg
P. S.—I carried this address all the way from France
Professor Leo J. Bailey has been supervisor of agriculture at the Mansfield Senior High School since 1924.  He is a graduate of the Mansfield State Teachers’ College and Pennsylvania State College.  He saw service in France, and is now active in the work of the American Legion.  He is a past commander of Austin Cox Post No. 472, American Legion, of Mansfield, and now holds the office of chaplain.
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 11/16/2003
By Joyce M. Tice

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