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Elmira Star Gazette 17 AUG 1917
Retyped by Cathy Knights
Company L Photos at Camp in Spartansburg S.C. from Charles Stanton collection sent in by his son, Don Stanton
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Quota Is 270 and Plucky, Patriotic Pennsylvania Boys Are Rapidly Qualifying to Fill Ranks—Result of the Board Examinations.

Wellsboro, Pa., August 17—The following Tioga county young men were examined by the exemption board Wednesday, with the following results:

William A. McClure, Rutland, accepted, exemption filed; Francis H. Eaton, Wellsboro, accepted, exemption filed; Glen R. Marvin, Blossburg, accepted; Ernest H. Rogers, Covington, accepted; Axel E. Johnson, Morris Run, accepted, exemption filed; Oscar A. Taylor , Sabinsville, re-examined and rejected; Willard J. Sutton, Lawrenceville, accepted, exemption filed; Radford G. Marvin, Covington, accepted, exemption filed; S. G. Houghtaling, Westfield, accepted; Heming A. Dahlgren, Arnot, accepted, exemption filed; Felix Swinsick, Morris Run, re-examined, accepted, exemption filed; Homer D. Wheland, Liberty, re-examined, rejected; Mark VanDusen, Osceola, accepted; Lester W. Schanbacher, Westfield, in service in France; Lewis B. Abbott, Westfield, accepted, exemption field; Charles C. Copley, Crooked Creek, re-examined, rejected; Clarence J. Priest, Wellsboro, re-examined, rejected; Ray Brockway, Lawrenceville, accepted; William F. Wilcox, Mansfield, accepted, exemption filed; Will E. Townsend, Wellsboro, accepted, exemption filed, Carl L. Coolidge, Wellsboro, R.F.D., accepted, exemption filed; Arthur C. McConnell,  Wellsboro, R.F.D., rejected; William L. Kelly, Lambs Creek, re-examined, rejected; Herbie Slocum,  Deerfield township, accepted; Jesse L. Stout, Rutland, re-examined, rejected; Lynn W. Warriner, Tiadaghton, accepted; Harold M. White,  Wellsboro, re-examined, rejected; Frank E. Losey, Tioga, accepted, exemption filed; Leon Wheeler, Jackson Summitt, accepted; William M. Leslie, Nelson, accepted, Russell E. Gee, Sabinsville, already in service;  Stanley K. Romel, Morris Run, re-examined, rejected; Joseph D. Campbell, Lawrenceville, accepted;  William H. Mock, re-examined; rejected; Earl Bolt, Fall Brook, accepted, exemption filed; Charles W. Bowers,  Wellsboro R.F.D., accepted; Abe Gell, Blossburg, accepted; Benjamin Hutchenson, Arnot, re-examined,  accepted, exemption filed; James F.  Howland, Westfield, accepted;  George J. Myers, Mansfield, accepted, exemption filed; Samuel D.  Seamans, Morris, accepted; George L. Harris, Wellsboro, R.F.D., re-examined, rejected; Ray M. Ball, Mansfield,  re-examined, rejected; David Anderson, Arnot, accepted, exemption filed; Harold F. Austin, Wellsboro, R.F.D., re-examined, rejected; Walter Deats, Lawrenceville, accepted; William W. Hanson, Arnot, accepted, exemption filed; James R. King Westfield, accepted; George W. Randall, Canton, accepted; Harry L. Compton, Wellsboro, accepted, exemption filed; Frank C. Henry, Atrim, accepted, exemption filed; Ward C. Roupp, Liberty, accepted, exemption filed; Jake D. Trimmer, Westfield, accepted; Raymond H. Runyan, Elkland, re-examined, rejected; Marshall W. Button, Wellsboro, R.F.D., accepted, Cecil Montgomery, Lawrenceville, accepted; Cletius M. Hayier, Liberty, R.F.D.,  accepted; James Vandgrift, Wellsboro, R.F.D., accepted, exemption filed;  Ferris Breman Hazlett, Elkland, accepted; Hughes G. Meaker,  Tioga, re-examined, rejected; John Bema, Morris Run, accepted; Frank B. VanDruff, Tioga, accepted; John H. Jones, Mainesburg, accepted, exemption filed; Francis Cerutti, Elkland accepted, exemption filed;  Arthur R. Combe, Antrim, accepted, exemption filed; James E. Wieskopff,  Covington, R.F.D., accepted; Logan F. Metcalf, Westfield, accepted, exemption  filed; Walter L. Bailey,  Wellsboro, accepted, exemption filed Frank Dsiadsio, Elkland, accepted; Carl M. Sampson, Covington, R.F.D.,  accepted, exemption filed; Frederick E. Steel, Blossburg, accepted; Victor Anderson, Wellsboro, R.F.D., re-examined and accepted; Grant E. Stone,  Elkland, accepted; James Hadley,  Morris Run, re-examined, rejected;  Burno M. S. Codispiti, Elkland, accepted, exemption filed; Tracey R. Mase, Liberty, accepted; Laverne A.  Phoenix, Austinburg, accepted, exemption filed; Mike Symarck, Morris Run, accepted, Francis M. Van Dyke, Nelson, did not appear, made application to the board to be transferred to Emporium, Cameron county;  Gerald A. Short, Little Marsh, R.FD.,  re-examined rejected; Clarence J. Apgar, Wellsboro, re-examined, rejected; Samuel D. Wells, Mansfield,  re-examined, rejected; Walter F.  Labuski, Wellsboro, R.F.D., accepted; Fred J. French, Wellsboro, re-examined,  rejected; Delmar E. Blackwell, Leetonia, accepted, Philip H. Hadley,  Blossburg, accepted, exemption filed;  Henry L. Smith, Westfield, re-examined, rejected; Donald B. Horton, Wellsboro, accepted; Robert R. Van  Vechten, Union township, accepted;  Earl R. Cook, Elkland, re-examined, rejected; Howard J. Detweiler,  Mansfield, re-examined, rejected; Floyd V. Gerow, Wellsboro, R.F.D., re-examined accepted, exemption filed; Theodore Lutonski, Morris Run, re-examined, accepted, exemption filed; Albert L. Atherton, Wellsboro, R.F.D.,  accepted, exemption filed; Roy Willia, Covington, R.F.D., re-examined rejected; B. R. Herrigan, Liberty, transferred to battle creek, Mich.; Harry Eldridge, Osceola, accepted, exemption filed; Raymond F. Beuter, Mansfield, R.F.D., accepted, exemption filed; Stanley B. Bailey, Mansfield, accepted.
 Howard Padgett, Tioga, re-examined, rejected; Alfred Haas, Covington,  re-examined, rejected; Walter L. Nichols, Tioga, accepted, exemption filed; Nathan T. Reynolds, Little Marsh, accepted; Russel C. LaBarr, Knoxville, accepted; Lyle O. Watkins, Mansfield,  R.F.D., accepted, exemption filed; William A. Kennedy, Wellsboro, R.F.D.,  re-examined, accepted, exemption filed; Lawrence Keagle, Arnot, accepted; Leroy E. Whitney, Middlebury, accepted, exemption filed; Harry I. Roupp, Liberty, accepted, exemption filed; Lynn L. Austin, Wellsboro, R.F.D., accepted; William G. Shearer, Arnot, re-examined, rejected; Joseph J. Kyofski, Elkland, accepted; George Button, Osceola, accepted, exemption filed; Harry H. Sherer, Knoxville, accepted; Wallace Elliott, Osceola, accepted; John B. Spaulding, Westfield,  accepted, exemption filed; Harold K.  Johnson, Westfield, R.F.D., re-examined, accepted, exemption filed;  Earl Bush, Knoxville, Star Route,  accepted, exemption filed.
 The following did not appear for examination Wednesday with no sufficient reason given: Dilson Button, Elkland; Arthur E. Dalaba, Westfield; Frank Carrow, Morris Run; Francis M. Vandyke, Nelson; Early Lynch, Tioga; Valentine Zaubi, Leetonia; Emilio Antonelli, Liberty.
 The total number examined by the board up to Wednesday evening was 342.  One hundred of this number were rejected, this making 34 per cent of those examined up to that time unfit for service because of some physical disability.  The Tioga county quota is 270.

 The following men were accepted and passed by the board:
 John Williams Rennie, Blossburg; Frank Oscar Johnson, Wellsboro, exemption filed; Joseph Elphaz Davis, Little Marsh, exemption filed; John squires, Morris Run; Claude E. Wilcox, Middlebury; Clifford E. Morgan, Elkland, exemption filed; R. W. Brearley, Millerton, exemption filed; John William Fischler, Wellsboro, exemption filed; Car F. Van Norman, Mansfield, exemption filed; Stephen F. Lewis, Westfield; Samuel W. Hackett, Middlebury; Lester Guy Brown, Mansfield; Oscar H. Newberry, Elkland, exemption filed; Harry Walter Baker, Lawrenceville; Clarence M. Doran, Westfield, exemption filed; George Alanson Parker, Westfield; Lewis Sperry, Deerfield township; Roy Thomas, Blossburg, exemption filed; Dwight V. Balch, Westfield; Verne Cleveland, Covington; Wilbur Loucks, Leetonia; Guy H. Ford, Covington; James S. Boyd, Morris Run, exemption filed; Warren E. Stevens, Mansfield; William B. Rarick, Jackson Summit, exemption filed; Myron F. Bailey, Wellsboro, exemption filed; Alexander Walker, Arnot;  Emerson Kieffer, Roaring Branch; James Walter Dewey, Gaines, exemption filed; Carl B. Wetherbee, Wellsboro; Charles Emory Ames, Lawrenceville; Marcus H. Tetor, Mansfield, exemption filed; John J. Majkowiak, Morris Run, exemption filed; Edward Joseph Owens, Covington; Harry Clyde Haucher, Liberty; Charles D. West, Tioga, exemption filed; Ernest Coolidge, Wellsboro, exemption filed; Robert c. Wilcox, Wellsboro; Humphrey Curry, Little Marsh; Riley Campbell, Wellsboro, exemption filed; George Frank Jankowrak, Blossburg, exemption filed; Daniel Rosetti, Wellsboro, exemption filed; Sidney Henry Powlison, Wellsboro, exemption filed; Charles L. Ackley, Westfield; Charles Hubbard Gill, Westfield; Harold Coles Wetherbee, crooked Creek, exemption filed; Charles H. Johnson, Morris Run, exemption filed; Frank D. Fosburg, Arnot, exemption filed; Charles H. Morrow, Wellsboro, exemption filed; Carlos L. Dickinson, Mansfield, exemption filed; Willia G. Kendall, Elkland; Joseph E. Benson, Leetonia; Frederick W. Beisswanger, Wellsboro; Robert Fulton Smith, Wellsboro, exemption filed; William H. Carpenter Elkland, exemption filed; Fred Ernest Wheeler, Elkland; Otto Burnside, Westfield; Myron E. Webster, Wellsboro, exemption filed; Edward J.  Jenkins, Morris Run; Charles Bystrom, Arnot, exemption filed; Horace B. Manley, Westfield; Antonio Grantomasi, Elkland, exemption filed, Gmseppe DeSera, Elkland; Alfred Pequinot, Blossburg, exemption filed; Joseph Jarkiewic, Morris Run; Orville F. Lyons, Liberty, exemption filed.

Thomas Edward Carlson, Morris Run; exemption filed.
Robert Cole, Tioga; exemption filed.
Chris Keck, Middlebury; exemption filed.
Raymond S. Wingate, Wellsboro.
Winfred E. Dewey, Gaines.
Marcus G. Strange, Mainesburg; exemption filed.
Cowden J. Bross, Osceola; exemption filed.
Ivan L. Wilson, Wellsboro; exemption filed.
Glen S. Kane, Westfield; exemption filed.
John Burgeson, Arnot; exemption filed.
Burr E. Carl, Deerfield township.
Stefanosorvatins Erbane, Leetonia.
Ford Johnson, Millerton.
Minor Stratton, Wellsboro; exemption filed.
H. Jaerner Isacson, Morris Run, exemption filed.
Luigi Mione, Elkland.
Charles Wheeler, Tioga.
John W. Olson, Morris Run; exemption filed.
Ralph Eugene Campbell, Wellsboro; exemption filed.
Charles H. Hawley, Mansfield; exemption filed.
Leo Guski, Arnot; exemption filed.
Bruno Codispoti, Elkland.
Verne R. Schonher, Lawrenceville; exemption filed.
Walter Lelland Mallory, Elkland; exemption filed.
Thomas M. Rood, Morris.
Floyd Roy Kniffen, Canton; exemption filed.
Darwin F. Horton, Lawrenceville; exemption filed.
Thomas W. Graves, Tioga.
Evan Jones, Wellsboro; exemption filed.
Wilbur D. Smith, Wellsoboro; exemption filed.
Herman McNeal, Mainesburg.
Oscar F. Kleingensmith, Arnot; exemption filed.
Fred Wallace Baker, Tioga; exemption filed.
Lealan C. Olmstead, Tiadaghton.
John Rudnicki, Morris Run; exemption filed.
Harold Gee, Wellsboro.
Asaph T. Metcalf, Knoxville; exemption filed.
Max Garrison, Millerton; exemption filed.
Harry Tripp, Blossburg.
Fred Charles Adams, Tioga.
William V. Eckman, Morris Run; exemption filed.
Arleton L. Skinner, Potter Brook; exemption filed.
Robert J. Allen, Elkland.
Eugene Tanner, Leetonia; exemption filed.
William R. Fisk, Antrim; exception filed.
Levi Merrills, Mainesburg; exemption filed.
Glen Edward Moore, Westfield.
Leon Edward Dewey, Wellsboro; exemption filed.
Ray Victor Roberts, Westfield; exemption filed.
Leon Webster, Crooked Creek.
Paul Isbau, Blossburg; exemption filed.
Linus Lever Wilcox, Wellsboro; exemption filed.
Stanley F. Cecoski; Morris Run.
Manley F. Crippen, Columbia XRoads; exemption filed.
George A. Stevens, Middlebury; exemption filed.
Lee vanDusen, Cowanesque.
Ross A. Bush, Austinburg; exemption filed.
Emory E. Griffen, Austinburg; exemption filed.
Randolph P. Grace, Mansfield.
Adelbert Smith, Elkland, exemption filed.
Jacob D. Snyder, Lawrenceville.
Robert Lawson, Morris Run; exemption filed.
Arnold L. Blackwell, Lloyd.
Melvin Eugene Abbott, Osceola.
Elmer E. Seely, Tioga; exemption filed.
Jay Newman VanNess, Mansfield.
Lewis Bryan, Elkland.
John G. Putnam, Tiadaghton.
Carl J. Bohman, Arnot.
William Williams, Antrim; exemption filed.
Howard B. Connolly, Mansfield.
Lawrence Dominoski, Morris Run; exemption filed.
Harry E. Wheaton, Sabinsville.
Giacorno Paola Troplett, Wellsboro; exemption filed.
Herbert J. Newman, Elkland.
Daniel E. Sheehan, Westfield; exemption filed.
William Brown, Wellsboro, exemption filed.
Floyd R. Burrell, Wellsboro.
Frank N. June, Leolyn.
John Morley, Tioga; exemption filed.
Reuben S. Harris, Middlebury; exemption filed.
Paul Sebastian Dwyer, Antrim.
Fred Leon Robinson, Sullivan; exemption filed.
Roy Frost Cummings, Tioga; exemption filed.
 The following were examined prior to Monday and were accepted: Verne O. Field, Wellsboro; Cecil O. Roberts, Wellsboro; Harry Tripp, Blossburg.  The following were examined previous to Monday and were rejected: Leon Roff, Wellsboro; and Harry Weiskopf, Blossburg.

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Published On Tri-Counties Site On 11/18/2003
By Joyce M. Tice

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