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Article Submitted by Esther MAYS Harer
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This is part of an article which appear in the Wellsboro Gazette in 1917
Men who left from Wellsboro 1917 For Camp Meade, Maryland Verne 0. Field after they were given a dinner at the Hotel Wilcox and Cole House. The stores and other business places were closed from 9 to 11:30 to permit the employees to participate in the exercises.
John W.. Rennie, Blossburg

John's Squires, Blossburg

Charles E. Wilcox, Middlebury

Stephen F. Lewis, Westfield

Samuel W. Hackett, Middlebury

Lester Guy Brown, Mansfield

George A. Parker, Westfield

Dight Vernon Balch, Westfield

Verne Cleveland, Covington

Wilber Loucks, Leetonia 

Edwin Schott, Sabinsville

Alexander Walker, Arnot

Charles E. Ames, Lawrenceville

Edwin J. Owens, Covington

Harry Clyde Hancher, Liberty

Ernest C. Coolidge, Wellsboro

Robert C. Wilcox, Wellsboro

George F. Jankowiak, Blossburg

William J. Kendall, Elkland

Joseph D. Benson, Leetonia

Fred W. Beeswanger, Wellsboro

Edward Jenkins, Morris Ron

Horace Bartlett Manley, Westfield

Guiseppe deSera, Elkland

Joseph Jankiewicz, Morris Run

Raymond S. Wingate, Wellsboro

Winfred E. Dewey, Gaines

Burr E. Carl, Deerfield Township

S. Ebrane, Leetonia

A. Ford Johnson, Millerton

Lenigi Mione, Elkland

Charles Wheeler, Tioga

Homer Morris Run Rood, Morris R.D.

Verne 0. Field, Wellsboro

Thomas W. Graves, Tioga

Herman McNeal, Mainesburg

Harry Tripp, Blossburg

Fred C. Adams, Tioga

Robert J. Allen, Elkland

Glenn E. Moore, Westfield

Stanley F. Giboski, Morris Run

Rudolph B. Grace, Mansfield

Francis Early, Morris Ron

Arnold L. Blackwell, Lloyd

Melvin E. Abbott, Osceola

Lewis Bryan, Elkland

Basil B. Brooks, Wellsboro 

Carl J. Bohman, Arnot

Howard B. Connolly, Mansfield

Andrew Applanalp, Wellsboro

Glenn Reynolds Martin, Blossburg

Draftees Continued

Ernest H. Rogers, Covington

Carl E. Coolidge, Wellsboro

Herbie Slocum, Deerfield Township 

Lynn W. Warriner, Tiadaghton

Leon Wheeler, Jackson Summit's

Joseph D. Campbell, Lawrenceville

Abe Gell, Blossburg

Samuel D. Seaman, Morris, RD

Walter Deats, Lawrenceville

George W. Randall, Canton, RD

Marshall W. Button, Wellsboro

Terris B. Hazlett, Elkland

John Banna, Morris Ron

Frank Dziadzio, Elkland

Grant Eugene Stone, Elkland

Mike Symarek, Morris Run

Walter F. Labuski, Blossburg, RD

Delmar E. Blackwell, Leetonia

Donald Bartles Horton, Wellsboro

Robert Royal Van ActonVechten, Union

Ermlio Antonelli, Liberty

Russell C. LaBarr, Knoxville

Lawrence E. Keagle, Arnot

Joseph J.Kyofcki, Elkland

Harold J. West, Wellsboro 

August W. Berguson, Arnot

George Gershan Hazlett, Elkland

Stanley Dominikoski, Morris Run

George T. Kathenel, Fall Brook

Daniel N. Berquist, Arnot

Barton L. Campbell, Wellsboro

James J. Losinger, Wellsboro, RD

Harry E. Sherer, Knoxville

Mervin R. Yaudes, Liberty

Jacob Horwitz, Wellsboro

Thomas D. Steadman, Wstfield

Purley B. Campbell, Morris, RD

Paul Miglitette, Elkland

Floyd L. Bostwick, Lawrenceville

Joseph Komisareck, Blossburg

Elmer Crumm, Wellsboro, RD

Ellsworth W. Losey, Wellsboro

Jacob Felker, Wellsboro Rd

Clyde Emersaon Doty, Sabinsville

Wm. Tate Jr., Wellsboro

Paul Dwyer, Antrim

The for exemption before the district board had been disallowed and men certified
for service under the first call thus completing the list of 123:

James S. Boyd, Morris Run

Charles H. Gill, Westfield

Charles H. Johnson, Morris Run

Myron E. Webster, Wellsboro RD

Frank Boinski, Blossburg

Clyde H. Johnson, Covington

JosephCryczka, Blossburg

Lee F. Effingham, Roaring Branch

Asaph T. Metcalf, Knoxville

Francis Henry Eaton, Wellsboro

Roy Thomas, Blossburg

Charles H. Morrow, Wellsboro, RD

Carol O. Bystioni, Arnot

Hemming A. Dahlgren, Arnot

Fred L. Robinson, Leolyn

William W. Hanson, Arnot

Logan F. Metcalf, Westfield

Carl F. Webster, Rutland

Clarence W. Doran, Westfield

Leon J. Bartlett, Tioga

Hiram Benson, Mansfield, RD

Wallace Elliott, Osceola

Harold A. Smith, Wellsboro

Floyd P. Tomlinson, Mansfield

Robert A. Harer, East Point

Walter Leach, Mansfield

Martin L. Rexford, Liberty, RD

George M. Hall, Middlebury

James C. Bertch, Westfield, RD

John Sturn, Wellsboro RD

James N. Costley, Nelson

John H. Sticklin, Gaines RD

Stanley S. Kullney, Morris Run

William D. Dexter, Crooked Creek

Frank A. Perry, Asaph

Elmer C. Conklin, Mansfield

Luke R. Kennedy, Tiadaghton

Earl Allen Thornton, Wellsboro

Charles H. Hackett, Middlebury

Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA

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