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The 1918 Boys in the Order Their Names Came from Bowl.
Troy Gazette-Register 04 JUL 1918

 The names follow of the boys in the First District of Bradford county who having reached the age of 21, registered for military duty on June 5th.  The numbers indicate the order in which they were drawn from the bowl in Washington last Thursday and the relative order in which they will be called into service.  Not all of them will be called to the colors, some will not measure up to the physical requirements and others will be given deferred classification on account of dependents
 Until the questionnaires now in their hands are returned and acted upon by the Draft Board, the men will not know with certainty just where they stand.
 It is probable that these men will be given the same opportunities to enlist that have been given the registrants of earlier classes.

1. Taffe, Thomas, New Albany 83. Vanderpool, Richard D. Wyalusing
2. Thurston, James Delos, Powell 84. Stone, Harry C., Powell
3. McGill, Fay S., Towanda 85. Curren, Alonzo Burr, Gillett
4. Flick, Frank Harold, Troy 86. Bates, Claude E., Sugar Run
5. Jones, Willard L., Troy 87. Borgeson, Edward Warren, Troy
6. Smith, John, Sayre 88. McMorran, Wm. F., Ulster
7. Bardwell, Michael Leal, Troy 89. Hankinson, Glenn, E. Smithfield
8. West, Milo U., Laquin 90. McCarthy, F. L., Sayre
9. Biddle, Ivan Fidello, Canton 91. Gustin, Harry G., Burlington
10. Bailey, George William, Troy 92. Sherman, Leona H., Ulster
11. Coleman, Alba F., Monroeton 93. Wetherbee, John R., Grover
12. Palmer, Grant A., Columbia X Roads 94. Rockwell, Archibald C., Troy
13. Brace, Alfred Manley, Columbia X Roads 95. Jennings, Frank, Milan
14. Davies, Robinson LaRue, Troy 96. Berry, Paul J., Columbia X Roads
15. Horning, James C., Canton 97. Campbell, Stanley L., New Albany
16. Hawkins, Philip Paul, Canton 98. Wheat, Frank, Canton
17. Craig, Samuel, Gillett 99. Kinsman, Frank G., Towanda
18. Johnson, Fisher, Wyalusing 100. Fox, William F., Wyalusing 
19. Mandeville, William, Canton 101. Finlan, Lawrence J., Towanda
20. Hicks, Perlee Carl, Troy 102. Epler, Arthur, Laquin
21. VanHorn, Luther G., Troy 103. Canedy, John Sylvester, Sylvania
22. Watkins, Stephen A., Ulster 104. Coleman, Edward T., Towanda
23. Arnold, James Jacob, Troy 105. VanNoy, Edwin M., Granville Summit
24. Murphy, John, Sayre 106. Marcellus, Chester A., Pine City, N.Y.
25. Watson, Wayne W., Gillett 107. Russell, Harry, Canton
26. King, Harry Mark, Troy 108. Wright, Meylert Benson, Canton
27. Landon, Clifford V., Canton 109. Bardaxe, Louis, Towanda
28. Morse, Frank E., Troy 110. Cunningham, Garnet, Overton
29. Rockwell, Lyman P., Troy 111. Norconk, Charley, New Albany
30. Reynolds, Arthur E., Alba 112. Talada, Ollie F., New Albany
31. Soper, Charles L., Columbia X Roads 113. Hoyles, Rollin O., Troy
32. Updike, Foster L., Gillett 114. Cummings, Roy Harold, Gillett
33. Bailey, Wm. McKinley, Troy 115. Sando, Joseph T., New Albany
34. Greeno, Page Henry, Troy 116. Duart, John Wesley, Canton
35. Sheridan, John C., New Albany 117. Lynch, Francis C., Towanda
36. Nailen, Edward J., Canton 118. Eddy, Leonard B., Wyalusing
37. Burgan, Glenn Matthias, Troy 119. Hoover, Ernest, Wyalusing
38. Wrisley, Alfred J., Ulster 120. Streby, Herbert D., Overton
39. Wilson, Charles, Millerton 121. Burgess, Ralph U., Towanda
40. Ayres, Lou Thomas, Alba 122. Slater, Wm. Walter, Towanda
41. Northrop, Henry S., Monroeton 123. Ball, John Fenton, Towanda
42. Everets, Walter Byron, Gillett 124. Stull, Roderick H., Canton
43. Bennett, Edgar, Wyalusing 125. Smiley, Rodney L., Towanda
44. Burnham, James, Wellsburg 126. Utter, Wm. J., Troy
45. Smith, Ernest E., New Albany 127. Peterson, Hans Earl., Pine City, N.Y.
46. Bullock, Charles A., Canton 128. Benjamin, Richard, Towanda
47. Acla, Delos, Wyalusing 129. Sullivan, John A., New Albany
48. Davidson, Roy, New Albany 130. Hibbard, Mac, New Albany
49. Wilcox, DeVerne, Milan 131. Bullard, Milton Walter, Mainesburg
50. Flannery, Ed. Francis, Towanda 132. Lee, Floyd, Troy
51. Benson, Homer, Millerton 133. Grenell, Volney L., Granville Center
52. Schaffmaker, Floyd E., Canton 134. Taddeo, Ralph, Laquin
53. Morse, Lyle C., LeRoy 135. Allen, Fred B., Ulster
54. McGee, Maurice J., Troy 136. Wilcox, Tracy A., LeRoy
55. Shay, Arthur L., Towanda 137. Tillotson, Oscar A., East Canton
56. Jackson, David, Canton 138. VanNoy, Alfred J., Troy
57. Kithcart, Arthur, Wyalusing 139. Johnson, Wesley, Towanda
58. Covell, Ross, Wellsburg 140. Card, Julius Linn, Sylvania
59. Strope, Perry G., Powell 141. Bartlow, Arthur, New Albany
60. Johson, Irvin, Wyalusing 142. Bailey, Portus Leon, Towanda
61. Purvis, Fay O., Troy 143. Harris, Edward John, Granville Summit
62. Furman, Howard, Gillett 144. Garrison, Foster W., Columbia X Roads
63. Jelliff, Elton F., Gillett 145. Ross, Arthur, Wyalusing
64. Cox, Roger Joseph, Towanda 146. Leonard, Lawrence E., Gillett
65. Hanlon, Howard, Wellsburg 147. Besseck, Raymond J. Jos., Troy
66. Campbell, Obadiah, Troy 148. Sherman, Medford H., Troy
67. Chamberlain, Guy Charles, E. Smithfield 149. Hopkins, Arthur L., Towanda
68. Allen, Wilkie C., New Albany 150. Hillman, Abner W., Gillett
69. Anderson, Charles David, Powell 151. Ward, Leon Edward, Troy
70. Gilbert, George O., Powell 152. Freeman, Theron Chas., Granville Summit
71. O’Connor, Charles D. , Towanda 153. Greenough, Elton LaVerne, Troy
72. Bennett, Charles, Wyalusing 154. Bruce, Merton Kerry, Troy
73. Varney, Ira D., Powell 155. Pelton, Joseph H., Laquin
74. Bouse, Frederick, Wyalusing 156. Seeley, Earl, Granville Summit
75. Batterson, James Leon, Troy 157. Vineski, Francis L., Troy
76. Potter, Lewis, Sugar Run 158. Slocum, Clifford W., New Albany
77. Brown, Rodney Mercur, Burlington 159. Pierce, Chester J., Towanda
78. Sanders, Howard W., Laquin 160. Lewis, Wesley J., Towanda
79. Frawley, Paul A., Towanda 161. Gernert, Chas. W., Jr., Columbia X Roads
80. Lyles, Allen L., Troy 162. Crockenberg, Henry A., Towanda
81. Schucker, Merle V., Sylvania 163. (Missing from newspaper)
82. Shoemaker, Arthur L., Granville Summit 164. Piatt, Leslie L., Troy
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA

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